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Calendar Giveaway

Week 5

The Calendar Contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The Nicks Fix is having a contest to give away 5 of the new Stevie Nicks calendars. The photographer, Herbert W. Worthington, had donated the calendars for this contest. The calendar contains 14 previously-unavailable photos of Stevie. The calendar runs from June 2007 to May 2008 and each month has its own 12"x12" photo. The calendars are autographed by the photographer.

The calendars will be given away one at a time with a different contests for each calendar. The first four calendars have already been given away (see the first and second, third and fourth week's winners). To get in the drawing to win the final (fifth) calendar, correctly answer the 10 questions below about Stevie Nicks or Stevie-related topics. For the final contest, the questions may be harder and there may be trick questions...so be careful. A winner will be randomly selected from the correct entries received. Just submit your answers below. Entries for this final contest must be received by midnight EST on August 11th. The winner will be announced on August 12th and they will be contacted by email for shipping information. If there is no response from the winner, after seven days they will forfeit another winner will be selected. Winners must allow their name to be listed here. Good Luck.

The winner to this contest is Lynn Williams. Congratulations Lynn!!

Answer the questions below.

Answers in red

1. Which song written by Stevie contains all of the following words in the lyrics: road, skin, eyes, hands, heart Violet and Blue

2. Name Stevie's percussionist (bongos, not drums) during the 2007 Crystal Visions tour. Lenny Castro

3. What commercially available Stevie Nicks concert had Peter Frampton as a special guest? Stevie Nicks Live at Red Rocks

4. There is a song where Stevie mentions that it seems like someone has been gone for about 2.73973 years (not a direct quote). What is the song title? Thousand Days

5. Some song or album titles could be expressed using different words. Name the 3 titles that could also be said this way:
a. The back of a shiny surface, The Other Side of the Mirror
b. A winged heavenly body on a paved surface, Street Angel
c. A water source that looks like shiny metal. Silver Springs

6. Name the song that includes "all" of the following words in the lyrics (in any order): fall down the stairs broken sounds like ooo ooo rains like the sea tears no answer. Edge of Seventeen

7. In what city was the first show of Stevie's 2005 summer tour? Philadelphia (also acceptable is Grand Rapids because it was the first show without Don Henley)

8. Name the song that includes "all" of the following words in the lyrics (in any order): fury power strong battle beautiful young sensitive silence Battle of the Dragon

9. Name the song that includes "all" of the following words in the lyrics (in any order): mountain hills snow sky ocean Landslide

10. Name the song that includes "all" of the following words in the lyrics (in any order): young consume evil death sin pain broken shame stop Trouble in Shangri-La


If you don't win a calendar, you can order one from the calendar website.



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