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Fleetwood Mac Concert Reviews

October 25, 1997 and later
Las Vegas, MGM, October 25

Hello John and Nicks Fix Fans!!

The Las Vegas show ended about 2 hours ago. I have to tell you all that it really was the best show Theresa and I have seen so far! Stevie looked and sounded so good!

The Chain - She wore the black dress like in the Dance video. Stevie entered stage left. She was looking at Lindsey and singing to him on the first chorus. She wore those beautiful bracelets that sparkled. At the end of the song Stevie said " Welcome. Thank you for coming". Oh yeah..the show started at 8:30 (it was suppose to start at 8)

Dreams - Beautiful! Black dress believe tan boots. Stevie pulled on the mic scarf. She pulled her head back like she normally does on the high note of "...washes you clean..". Cool. At the end she said "Thank you very much. Welcome to our party".

Everywhere - In the beginning of the song she stood between Mick and Lindsey. She sang lower than we've seen on the "aah aaah" parts. That was kinda neat.

Gold Dust Woman - Lindsey was facing her when the song started. Stevie wore the gold sparkley shawl that is now so famous. She pulled on the mic scarf some. She danced slowly towards John on just the musical part. Ooh Stevie was rockin'! She threw her head forward on the "home" parts so that all of that 'golden' hair was covering her face. Then she shook it back into place! It was really, really cool!

At the end of the song Stevie sang "Someone say something about Gold Dust.." then she twirled seven times (slowly) faced Mick and her hands above her head when the song ended. Rad! Awesome! Then she took a bow.

So Afraid - Stevie stood behind chris while Lindsey did his schpill..then she slowly came out playing her black tambourine. Stevie sang her parts over her shoulder..kinda facing Mick. Then she exited stage right.

Temp. One. She was facing Chris. Stevie and Lindsey looked at eachother on some parts of this song. It was sweet. Bleed to Love Her - Stevie was way in the shadows..even behind John when Lindsey was talking. She played the glow in the dark tambourine. She was doing the high, two handed slaps on the tambourine. It was alot of fun!

Gypsy - Stevie was already at the mic when the lights came up. She smiled alot during this song. She said thank you very much when it ended. I have to tell you that hearing Stevie sing "so I'm back to the gypsy that I was.." It will give you goose bumps..being a big fan and all of Stevies I'm sure ya'll know what I mean. She pointed to the audience "and it all comes down to you". Way cool! Landslide - Stevie talked for a bit but all I could understand was "it's my Landslide and it's for you (the audience) EVERYONE went crazy! Lindsey gave her (what we were all looking forward to) hug. She said " We thank you very much ". She was wearing the red/black lacy overcoat like thing. She looked real pretty.

Sweet Girl - Red overcoat like thing...Stevie was holding the mic scarf while singing...she stayed by the mic when it was just music. She looked really pretty and the audience loved the song. When it was over Stevie said "Thank You".

My Little Demon - Stevie rocks!

STANDBACK! You have to know that this is the song where Stevie really rocks! She sang this song so well tonight in Vegas! She doesn't dance around the stage during this song so much...but she is vocally ALL THERE! When the song was over..this is kinda funny.. Stevie said "thank you very much..I'm about to have a heart attack now" ( I think thats what she said) She was smilin'. It was totally awesome! Oh yes she wore the black and gold shawl.

Rhiannon - Stevie wore the brown shawl/overcoat. Instead of singing "dont go" first she said "stay"..and then "Rhiannon...don't go". ooh caught me off guard. There were yellow lights shining on her. She twirled around..the lights were blue, green and purple. This song is..truly amazing. Stevie rocks at the end..almost like the early days. I'm not kidding..you got to check this out! It's a gift! "Dreamer..you can't leave her"..

2nd hand news - Stevie kept one hand on the mic most the time..she looked at Lindsey and sang..she was playing the glow in the dark tambourine! It was great!

Silver Springs - Brown overcoat/shawl...on the first music part Stevie fanned her shawl..she was sway dancing and watched Lindsey play his guitar. This song will blow you away on the drama..seriously. On the last part " you could be my silver spring..." Stevie stood still and Lindsey was playfully walking towards her. They put forehead to forehead while she sang. They were so close to eachother..it was quite charming. She sounds so good in concert!

Tusk - Stevie stayed pretty much to the right of Micks drum set. She did dance around and stayed on that side when Chris, Lindsey and John were jamming. But hey Stevie was jammin her ownself! At one part of the song..Lindsey put his head on her shoulder.

Go Your Own Way - In the beginning she was very still to the right of the stage. She wore the black jacket and red boots. Lindsey and Stevie looked at eachother and sang "packin up shackin ups all you wanna do"..Stevie was jammin' on that tambourine on the bass/drum part..almost at the end of the song she put one foot on Micks drum set..you know..gonna send this song out with a bang! Stevie did her one hand tambourine shake alot. In the end..she had both feet on the ground and on the last beat..she kicked up on leg! She's so cool! Stevie waved goodbye after this song and said thank you for coming and thank you for sharing the concerts with us.." The band left the stage and crowd was just going nuts...people had their lighters lit, standing up clapping..no one wanted this to be over..

Don't Stop - Stevie and Lindsey came out together. She played her glowing tambourine. She was facing Mick at the first part of the song. She was did the single tambourine shake.. She was really rockin in this song too. She was over by John really getting into it! You go girl! Then she exited stage right. Before Farmers Daughter..Stevie and Lindsey came out holding hands. Then she took Micks hand and they all bowed. Before they started singing..Mick was playfully teasing her..he was holding out his hands like "this is Stevie Nicks"..she stood still and was looking at him from the corner of her eye ..kinda..and was smiling..I was laughing. She is pretty funny! After the song she held Micks and Christine's hand and took a bow. Then waved goodbye.

This was my favorite concert so far. The above is taken from my notes..I was far away from the stage but I had the binoculars, a note pad and pen. I did get an autograph for my book. It's been about 10 dayus since we've been home..we fly back to Seattle tomorrow..well actually today in about 4 or 5 hours. Thanks for coming along with us. Next stop..Dallas! November 4th. Talk to you then!


from DiggyYa
I arrived in plenty of time to rest up and shower. I had one ticket reserved for myself and had to find one for a friend. We went to the box office and all they had left was the $75 seats practically on top of the stage. I wasn't crazy about that for my friend so I though we'd chance it. We went back later and they had some floor open but I freaked out because they told me my reserved seat (through ticketmaster) was in the stands! they said they could upgrade it but there was no guarantee that I would get credited for the bad one!!! I had a fit demanded to see the manager and bitched like crazy. After all, it was for the mac! Meanwhile overheard a guy who wanted buy one seat from this other guy who wanted to sell two. In between juggling yelling at the clerk and then the manager we were negotiating with the guy who wanted to sell. So to make a long story a little shorter, they exchanged my seat for a floor 3 4th row and we also ended up getting floor 5 (center!!!!) row 1!! It was also on the aisle!!! All in all I don't see how we could have done better. Later on I noticed two open seats in my row! It's so frustrating. Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi came flying by as did Hulk Hogan!! I never expected to see that!

The show was soooooo good! I saw them earlier in Bristow, Va- but this was so good. Nothing beats being this close. The lighting is really good and I finally understood what everybody was talking about regarding the disco lighting during Stand Back. Every song was great. Fortunately, I was on the aisle so I stood for almost every song and didn't block any body else who paid $150! I was also lucky because people in my area were really nice and we danced and did lots of high 5s! The people behind me were contest winners from Florida and there was another nice couple to whom I gave my nicks fix badge. Unfortunately, I didn't meet anybody else from the fix there.

Lindsey had a few gear problems but everything else went smoothly. They all seemed in great moods and sounded great.

After the show, we went around to the stage door but there wasn't any action. I threw in the towel and we walked back around the outside of the mgm. We were on our way to our car when we both recognized Sharon Celani waiting (with her mom I think) outside! My friend said, "You were in the show weren't you?" and I said, "Sharon, Sharon Celani!". She was really nice and shook hands and smiled when we told her how much the show meant. I then told her I would see her in Buffalo and Cleveland!!

It was a fabulous experience.

from Jane
I've just returned from Las Vegas where I was blessed with a front row center seat (right in front of Stevie!) for the concert. That was the best night of my life! Stevie never looked so radiant and beautiful! Her voice was perfect! I wept during Landslide, my favorite song, I was drained after Stand Back where Stevie was absolutely rocking the place and the intense energy of Silver Springs touched my soul. Her outfits were spectacular and she even had a little diamond on her forehead- really elegant. She smiled and acknowledged her fans throughout the night. It was so great being that close to her - It's beyond words. I'll never forget that night as long as I live. The memories will live forever in my heart. Stevies parents were there- I even got to say a hello to her mom as she passed by- what a classy lady. I hope Stevie knows how much she is adored and loved. I've had my life enriched for 20 years with her music and I know they'll be plenty more.

Denver, McNichols Arena October 29

from Lauren Leichter
Wow!! I don't know where to start!! Well, let me start from the beginning! Let me also say I am a HUGE Lindsey fan, so will mention all the Lindsey points I noticed of course.

I went with my friend Sallie to the show here in Denver, Colorado at McNichols Arena (nicknamed Big Mac, quite appropriately!). We got there early and had to wait outside for a bit for them to open the doors and it was cold, but it didn't bug me, I was sooo excited!! We got in at 7:30 (the show was to start at 8:30) and I went and got a tshirt. I wanted the one with Lindsey and Stevie hugging, but the one that really stood out for me was the white Dance one and I loved it with the songs on the back and I was glad to see a white tshirt finally! I couldn't decide between that one and one of the tour ones , but wanted a recent pix of Lindsey, so got the Dance one. Ok, so got that and we went to go to our seats and Sallie gasped as we were looking down to our seats near the stage and how close they were. I have NEVER in my life been that close. I couldn't believe it even as we sat.

We were in the 3rd row, the 2 aisle seats near center on Christine's side, but McNichols is sooo small that we were close to all of them. I could see Stevie almost right in front of me and Lindsey not too much farther, he was over the center section, not the right. Great seats! Anyway, before it started these 2 security guards were flirting with Sallie and I, haha, and we were talking to them about security (it's tight, no going NEAR the stage) etc. and glad we befriended them cause whenever I got in the aisle they didn't make me go back to my seat but they made all these other people go back, haha!

We waited and waited and several false alarms and screams were had and about 9PM the lights went out and we heard the infamous crickets!! We all stood up and I was looking to the right for them to come out. First came Chris, Mick and John to the left. Then to the right came Stevie and Lindsey holding hands. The lights were not on them yet, but I could see them and knew the moment had arrived. The audience went nuts to the Chain. Perfect! They all looked so incredible!! Stevie is gorgeous, her jewerly was gorgeous too and her hair had gold dust or something in it. She wore black and had on those yellow-cream platform shoes she had on the cover of RS. Christine is beautiful, had a red velvet jacket and black velvet pants. John, same outfit as Dance and Mick had a velvet little outfit on with those dingle balls and tights, what a character! Lindsey had the black pants and black top unbuttoned (hee hee) on and, well.....he's even more handsome in person!! And so charasmatic!! The Chain was followed by Dreams and again, the crowd went nuts. Then Everywhere. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show, even Fleetwood Mac! Lot's of smiles and nods of affection between them. Lindsey seemed to be having the time of his life. He smiled at Stevie and the audience so much I couldn't believe it! I can't remember the entire song order after this, but here goes!

Let me interrupt here....at this point the guy in front of us decided to smoke a big old joint. So by no choice of our own, Sallie and I were probably stoned through the whole show too, haha, but I was having too much fun and didn't really care.

Gold Dust Woman! Gorgeous shawl that Stevie had on of gold and stones. Just beautiful. She really does shine. Lindsey's guitar playing was awesome. The song seemed a bit shorter to me than in the video, but maybe it's cause time was just flying last night, but everyone went wild at the end when she twirled and she seemed to stand with her back to us to Mick's drums for what seemed like an eternity at the end. Lindsey really enjoys watching her in this song.

I'm So Afraid. What can I say. Incredible. BETTER than the Dance. 10 times better if that's possible. You have to see this song live. He got a standing ovation halfway through and was playing at the edge of the stage at the end....it was amazing. When he was done we were all clapping and shouting. I put two hands up and smiled and he nodded a thank you my way, what a treat! He really poured his heart out on this one. It was like he and the guitar were one. Amazing.

Ok...next songs.....Temporary One and Bleed to Love Her. Both great. Lindsey did his little speech, but it was a bit varied from the Dance. He got a large amount of applause for it. He sang Bleed to Love her to both Chris and Stevie. His voice was perfect! That is my fave song on the Dance of his.

Gypsy was incredible, everyone got up and danced to that one. Lindsey kept wiping sweat off him during that song at the beginning and before starting the guitar and he was playfully looking at Stevie and smiling. Very cute!! Her turns were great. Beautiful song, one of the best guitar songs too, especially at the end.

Big Love and Go Insane were incredible, as I knew they would be. Lindsey got standing ovations for both and after Big Love the applause would not stop and he was trying to recite his poem for Go Insane and he started to giggle since everytime he'd try to talk, the applause got louder. He finally got through it.

Landslide was beautiful. Stevie dedicated it to her friend Debbie in Denver and told us that she wrote the song here in Colorado! Also, during the song, when she holds her part at the end "snow covered......" Lindsey was making faces at the audience to keep applauding louder and louder and we kept doing it so she couldn't finish and we were all laughing and she turned to look at him and he made this sweet face and then she finished "hills". Then of course they hugged. I didn't see them as being really intimate through the show at all, but very close friends. Very sweet hug and you can tell they really care about each other.

Say You Love Me, was great! I kept expecting the slow motion camera during the one part! Very nice and everyone in the crowd went nuts to this and to You Make Loving Fun. Those were real big dancing songs. John's bass in You Make Loving Fun combined with Lindsey's guitar is just incredible live. I was in disbelief.

My Little Demon was great, but here is where Lindsey's voice didn't seem to be able to get to the range he did on the Dance. Stevie kept looking at him in the beginning as if to see if something was wrong and I was worried! But he got through it fine, just sounded a bit strained, but only on that song. I think it must be the notes are hard for him with his throat still. Sweet Girl was great too but Stevie slowed part of it down some so it's a bit different now. But everyone seemed to like it.

Not sure when these next few songs came on, but will mention them here. Stand Back!! Everyone went nuts!! Lindsey and John switched sides of the stage and I was thrilled as Lindsey was right in front of me and smiled and nodded when I waved! He was talking to Christine the whole time and making cute faces at her. They had strobe lights zooming back and forth too. It really rocked. Not that Funny was great! I had forgotten about this song so was surprised when it came on as I was not sure what it was. I do like the live version better that Lindsey used to do, but this was wonderful! His voice was PERFECT in it too! After Lindsey sang his part he tried to look real tired, like a rag doll and kept swaying back and forth....then he went and laid down on the right. A security guard went over and talked to him about something. Then Mick got nuts with his drums and drum pads and came out and got the audience wild with his antics!! He's a riot to watch! He had us all going nuts! Then I saw Lindsey get up towards the end and grab his guitar and he and Mick finished the song. It was great. Second Hand News...one of my faves and I was waiting for this one! Everyone went nuts! Lindsey basically sang it to Stevie and they made sweet faces to each other. Very nice.

Rhiannon! Wow!! Stevie came out in red during this one!! It was incredible. Her voice is just beautiful. This is my good luck song as I won my tickets by being the first caller to this song but it gets better!! During the part when Stevie was singing the verse "say would you even try" and Lindsey was playing he looked my way again and I smiled and he nodded and smiled to me a huge smile then he was late getting to the mike to sing the Rhiannon verse haha!!!!! I nearly died!! Everyone went nuts at the end of this one too.

Silver Springs....great song!! Crowd went crazy when it started and Stevie looked at the audience the whole time while she was singing and not Lindsey - only during the end did she look at him and it seemed shorter (the follow you down, was I just a fool, parts). Ok, here's the funny part that happened to me that I will never forget!! (Lindsey you are a doll!). During the part "you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you" Lindsey was looking my way and I was singing along to those words and our eyes locked for a moment and he gave me that "oh really" nod and smile and I shook my head while smiling as if to say "no" (kinda serious kinda sarcastically) and he started to laugh and then so did I!!! I was dying. Then they proceeded to continue the song back and forth to each other. Lindsey seemed amused by the song, not threatened by it. Then he went over to her right before the song ended and went up to her and she stopped short of the last line and he put his forehead to hers and kissed her and she finished the song. Then they hugged! Very cute ending!! But I will NEVER forget my Lindsey moment there!!!

Go Your Own Way rocked!!! My fave of all their songs!! It was incredible. What can I say!! Lindsey was real cute and looked at Stevie during "baby if I could, I'd give you my world" and then after that he said to her something away from the mike, I couldn't make it out, but it was like "yes, I would" or something like that. It was sooo very cute! I thought, how sweet and his guitar on this again, just amazing. After this they left the stage. When they came back, Stevie and Lindsey were holding hands. He's such a gentleman.

Forgot to mention Tusk and Oh Daddy! Great songs, but for some reason, didn't stay with me as much as the others and I can't recall any particular details, but they were very nice.

Don't Stop!! Awesome! Everyone went nuts!! Again, I got another Lindsey moment here when he sang "yesterday's gone" I got another smile and nod!! That was my last one of the night (sniff). But it was enough for me, believe me!

Songbird was beautiful and Chris was at her baby grand on that. I loved when she said "Goodnight Denver, we love ya"! So nice. And then they all came out for Farmer's Daughter which I always liked but never loved and this was just perfect. I love it now. Their voices were in great harmony and they looked like they were having so much fun there. Then they all said goodbye. We all waved. I got tears in my eyes when Mick thanked us and told us to be nice to each other and to be happy. Thanks Fleetwood Mac, you are more than I ever hoped for! And thank you Lindsey for the smiles, you'll never know how much that meant to me!

San Antonio, Texas, The Alamodome October 31

from Sarita
Fleetwood Mac Reunion Tour 1997
Concert: San Antonio, TX- Alamodome
October 31, 1997 (8:00 pm)

Actual Concert Time- 8:32pm

The stage is set up with Mick's drums in the middle (his drums were orange and white). Christine's keyboards were off to the left of the stage. Stevie's mike was next to Lindsey's (with some distance in between) and had black streamers hanging down. Her mike was so short that the staff guy had to bend down so that he could test it. Front row seats were about 6 feet away from the stage. The crew walked around testing the mikes, keyboards, drums, and guitars. Stevie's glow-in-the-dark tambourine was white and had off-white/purplish colored streamers hanging down. Lindsey and John's guitars are off to the right hand side of the stage (Lindsey's banjo from Say You Love Me is brown with a white middle) and Lindsey's guitar case is sitting on a box. The drums for Say You Love Me and Tusk are off to the right hand side of the stage, while still somewhat behind Mick's drum set.

Stevie: 1st wore: a black lowcut dress with rhinestone bracelets and black shawl, beige high heel boots (like the ones she wears on Rolling Stone). Then changed into: maroon dress with black embroidery with purplish- blackish shawl, maroon high heel boots (like the beige ones

Christine: 1st wore: maroon velvet jacket with tails, black pants, black boots, white blouse (like the outfit she wore on The Dance). Then changed into: green velvet jacket with tails (everything else the same).

Lindsey: blue shirt unbuttoned quite a bit and untucked, tight blue pants, and black boots.

Mick: 1st wore: black pants with black sparkly vest (looked like diamonds were on it), gold balls hanging down like on the Rumours album, red elf shoes. Then changed into: black velvet vest that was embroidered.

John: black vest, blue jeans, blue jean cap.

The Chain: Opening song. Stevie played her glow-in-the-dark tambourine that was on the cover of The Dance.
Dreams: Stevie said, "Welcome, everyone" before song; at the end, said "Enjoy it, thank you for coming."
Everywhere: Christine said, "Welcome, San Antonio!" before song; at the end, said, "Thank you very much!"
Gold Dust Woman: Stevie changed into her mustard-gold colored shawl with tassels. Messed on the line "Rock on Ancient Queen"- sang "Rock on Gold- Ancient Queen..." instead- covered up very well; Stevie sang to Lindsey throughout song.
I'm So Afraid: Stevie harmonized backup with Lindsey; left during the middle of the song and walked offstage into a white room under the stage that had a white director's chair in it. She left with her black tambourine. At the end, Christine yelled, "Lindsey Buckingham!"
Temporary One: Christine said before she began the song, "This is off of The Dance CD..." She continued to count off to begin the song. At the end, she said, "Thank you very much!"
Bleed To Love Her: Lindsey gave a speech that was similar to the one he gave on The Dance concert on TV: "...It all felt pretty good and here we are..." During the song, Chris motioned to John with her hand to move away from the amps. Stevie and Lindsey were singing directly to each other!!! Chris sang with her hands behind her back the whole time. At the end, Lindsey said,"Thank you very much!"
Gypsy: Stevie added the line, "You say hey!" right before she sang, "You see your gypsy!" Stevie did her signature swirls with her shawl. After the song ended, Mick walked off stage holding hands with Stevie.
Big Love: Lindsey alone on the stage with his guitar (everyone had left the stage).
Go Insane: Before he began Go Insane, Lindsey recited his gorgeous poem!
Landslide: Stevie and Lindsey alone on the stage; Stevie dedicated the song to the audience: "I would like to dedicate this song to all of you because Texas is the most fun place to play." During the song, Stevie and Lindsey kept singing, smiling, and looking at each other. During Lindsey's guitar solo, Stevie went up to Lindsey really close and touched him. Stevie pointed at Lindsey during the song while she sang; Lindsey leaned over to her towards the end of the song. At the end of the song, Lindsey and Stevie hugged and kissed each other for a very long time.
Say You Love Me: Chris counted off the song, with everyone playing out in the very front of the stage.
Sweet Girl: Lindsey and Stevie sang to each other. At the very end of the song, Lindsey's shirt lifted up when he took off his guitar.
You Make Loving Fun: At the end of the song, Chris yelled out, "Christine McVie!"
My Little Demon: Before beginning the song, Lindsey gave a speech similar to the one that he gave on The Dance concert on TV: "This next song is about inner demons...it's important to fight for the positive choice..."
Stand Back: During the song, John and Lindsey gave each other high-5's. Stevie said, "Thank you very much!" at the end of the song.
Oh, Daddy: different color of lights flashed on Christine as she sang by herself.
Not That Funny: everyone slowly left the stage until only Mick and Lindsey were left. During Mick's drum solo, Lindsey fell onto the ground "head over heels" and just laid there with his guitar as if he were asleep. Mick ran around the stage motioning for the audience to cheer. At the end of the song, Mick said, "I know he doesn't like this, but I do...thank you to Mr. John McVie!!"
Rhiannon: Stevie smiled at Lindsey throughout the song while she sang. She also did her signature swirls.
Second Hand News: This version was much faster than the version off of Rumours. During the lines, "When times go bad, when times go rough..." Stevie and Lindsey sang to each other. Stevie used her black tambourine during this song.
Silver Springs: During the lines, "You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you," Lindsey looked at Stevie, and "Was I just a fool?" Stevie looked at Lindsey. At the end, Stevie walked right up to Lindsey and put her hand on his chest (any closer and they would have been kissing!).
Tusk: Before beginning the song, Lindsey said, "We are happy...We would also like to thank you for being a part of it...we'll do a few more and then we'll go..." Stevie and Chris sang backup with Lindsey just as they did on the Tusk album version (different from The Dance version). Chris (with accordion), John (with bass guitar), and Lindsey (with electric guitar) all formed a triangle and played to each other; Stevie played next to Mick with her tambourine.
Go Your Own Way: Stevie and Lindsey looked at each other; Stevie sang back- up harmonizing vocals with Lindsey during the lines, "...packing up, shacking up's all you want to do..." while looking at each other. At the end of the song, Lindsey said, "Thank you and goodnight!" Mick and Stevie walked off stage holding hands.

Don't Stop: Stevie and Lindsey walked back on stage together.
Songbird: Everyone left the stage, except for Christine, who dedicated the song to everyone in the audience. She played on a black upright piano. Towards the end of the song, she said, "Thank you, San Antonio!" before singing the very last line, "...Like never before..." At the end of the song, Mick came up behind Chris and when she was done, he threw his arms out as if he as conducting a symphony. Christine blew a kiss at the audience and Mick gave her a big hug and kissed her.
Farmer's Daughter: John, Lindsey, and Stevie walked back on stage, with Lindsey and Stevie holding hands looking very close. When it came time for them to retake their places on the stage, it looked like they didn't want to part away from each other. At the end, they all joined hands (from left to right-
John, Christine, Stevie, Mick, and Lindsey) and took a bow. Then, they walked off stage (Stevie and Chris were holding hands) and the concert was over.

from Stacey Vernick
My friend Karen and I had 3rd row center seats. We knew we were going to be close, but did not realize how close until we got there. Usually at concerts, there is a pit in front of the stage with a wall in front of it. Well, that was not the case here. There were a few very large security men leaning against the stage and that was it.

While were milling around before the show, I got to meet John Kinney, who does this web site. We chatted for a few minutes at one of the T-shirt booths.

Karen was dressed like Stevie. She was wearing a shiny dress with a black velvet cape and black velvet platform boots that look like they were stolen straight from Stevie's closet! She's already 5'11", I'm sure those boots made her 6'4"! I was dressed up as a flapper chick, with a black sequined, purple-feathered headband, long purple false eyelashes, black dress and red feather boa. I'm 5'4" and my shoes made me 5'8". I didn't see too many people dressed up for Halloween, just a few. I know this helped us get noticed by the band, since hardly anyone up front was dressed up.

After getting drinks and having one last cigarette, we went back to our seats and then the crickets started. Most of the 2nd row was still empty, which was fine with us. When those people did show up, they stayed in their seats until Go Your Own Way!

The lights went out and the crowd roared. Lindsey and Stevie came out holding hands.

The set list and costumes were all the same - here are some highlights - If I've skipped a few songs, it's only because there wasn't anything particularly noteworthy about them:

The Chain - The sound mix wasn't quite right - everyone's vocals seemed low. Stevie said, "Welcome to our party" at the end.
Dreams - The sound was much better. Stevie sounded great.
Everywhere - This was our first glimpse of the roadie who was wearing a Bill Clinton mask and suit jacket all night. When Christine came up to the front microphone, she looked right at us and smiled!
Gold Dust Woman - Stevie rocked this one! She wailed the "and go hoooome" better than the video. I actually counted 9 twirls at the end of the song. Like I mentioned in my post, that rhinestone dot on her forehead looks more like a big, snowflake shaped glob of glitter. Her bangs were covering it all night, but it was definitely a large area of her forehead that was shining.
Bleed to Love Her - During Lindsey's speech, Stevie came over to John and put her forehead on his shoulder for a few seconds. I said to Karen, "What's with Stevie?" Then, she turned around and fanned herself with her hand and said to John, "It's hot."
Gypsy - A girl in the front row was waving at Stevie and she winked at her, it was cute. She sang, "Hey baby", instead of just "Hey" like the video. I think this was when Karen noticed Stevie wearing an ace bandage on her left hand, across the palm. I told her I'm sure it was only there for the tambourine. (I have a glow in the dark one just like Stevie's and I have severely bruised myself after only playing for 5 minutes.)
Landslide - Stevie dedicated it to the audience and said something like, "I can honestly say that Texas is my favorite place to play, because you're all so much fun!" During Lindsey's solo, Stevie had her back to us and was doing that thing with her hands like the video. She was a little late coming back for the last chorus. Karen and I were motioning her to hurry - she saw us and smiled and made a face like "Oops." Yes, they hugged at the end and there was a quick kiss on the cheek. Lindsey practically ran to go grab his banjo.
Say You Love Me - More eye contact with Christine!
Sweet Girl - Stevie sang, "I still hear their words", instead of "your words."
You Make Loving Fun - This song rocks in concert. Lindsey totally shredded his guitar on this one. The audience went wild when it ended, Christine looked genuinely surprised at the crowd's response. It was nice to see that, since Stevie usually gets the most attention.
My Little Demon - Lindsey went a little crazy with the demon noises at the beginning of the song. He twisted up his face and was snarling right along with the sampled sounds.
Stand Back - More eye contact with Stevie and a lot with Lindsey! When Lindsey came over to Chris, I had eye contact with him on the "la la las" I was singing along to with Stevie. A couple seconds later, Lindsey and Karen had a little nodding, bopping thing going on that lasted a good 5-10 seconds. It was so noticeable, that the girl on my other side reached over to Karen to give her a high-five for her Lindsey moment. Every time Stevie sang, "Stand Back", several of us were punching our fists in the air and she noticed that and did it back to us and smiled!
Oh Daddy - I forgot they did this and was wondering what song it was until I remembered. It was very eerie and interesting to hear live.
Not That Funny - This was when I noticed my cousin Michelle was sitting in the 5th row, about 12 seats to my left. After Mick's drum solo (which was great!), Lindsey came out and hid behind Chris' monitor and then started sneaking around behind Mick. Then, he jumped out in front of Mick and scared him. Mick and Lindsey were "dueling" drum pads and guitar at the end of the song.
Rhiannon - Better than the video.
Second Hand News - More eye contact with Stevie on the "bow bow bow" parts. She was nodding her head at me while we sang along.
Silver Springs - The "never get aways" were intense! At the end, Lindsey came over to Stevie and they didn't touch foreheads, but he got like 2 inches away from her face and was staring intently into her eyes (sigh).
Tusk - Chris, John and Lindsey formed a little circle on Chris' side of the stage - they all looked like they were having so much fun.
Go Your Own Way - At the end, Mick did a little skip toward Stevie and they held hands while walking off the stage. Stevie and Lindsey came back holding hands for Don't Stop.
Songbird - Chris said something like, "Since it is All Hallow's Eve, I'd like to dedicate this song to all of you here for spending it with us." We were so close, that all I could see of her was below the waist. We were practically sitting underneath that piano!
Farmer's Daughter was flawless!

Security was very tight. I saw lots of film and cameras being confiscated. The security guard in front of us told someone if they took another picture, he would thrown them out. I had my camera, but was too chicken to use it. However, during Don't Stop, there was some commotion in front of Lindsey - maybe people trying to rush the stage. I whipped out my camera, pointed it at Stevie and clicked. I just hope her hand wasn't in front of her face or anything.

As for the flowers - a few bouquets made it to the stage. I didn't see anything being collected by security before the concert. After the concert, we were near the backstage area waiting to get a cab. Three limousines and 2 vans, along with 2 police escorts raced out the gate. Still waiting for a cab, we kept noticing several ushers and security people going home with bouquets and stuffed animals.

I also ran into George Kane, he lives here in Austin and sells a lot of FM/Stevie memorabilia. He is the one who told us that Christopher Nicks was not handling the merchandising and was very pissed-off about it. We suspect this is why no programs are being sold - Chris always did such a good job with them.

Oh well, a few days rest and then we were off to Dallas...

Houston, Texas, The Summit November 2

from Sylvia Priwo
I was lucky enough to have a 3rd row seat, right between Stevie and Lindsey, for the Houston concert. What a great show!!!!!!!!!!! Stevie smiled a lot. She looks absolutely beautiful!!! She's definitely lost more weight since The Dance video was taped. Her clothes were stunning. She was wearing the rhinestone on her forehead that other people have mentioned. About halfway through the concert she came out and had one on the outside edge of each eye too. She really sparkled. Christine's hair is longer now and she looks gorgeous. What a classy lady. Lindsey was wearing all black and looked VERY handsome. He gave Stevie a lot of those "looks" where he raised his eyebrows and then smiled. Mick was beaming the whole night. John was in fine form (as usual).

I won't list the whole songset, but here are some of the different things that I remember happening:

Gold Dust Woman: One of my all-time favorites. Stevie really belted out the "go home" part....even more than on The Dance video! It gave me chills!

I'm So Afraid: Lindsey put so much into this song. He stood in front of me during the solo, right at the edge of the stage. He kept his eyes shut and played with so much emotion. He was covered with sweat by the end of the song.

Big Love: Lindsey got a standing ovation for this one. His poem afterwards also got a lot of applause.

Landslide: Lindsey started to put his hand under his chin, like he did in The Dance video, but changed his mind. No hug after this one, but there was a hug during an earlier song (can't remember which one) and LIndsey didn't let go of Stevie for a long time. Stevie looked out at the audience during it with a BIG smile on her face.

Say You Love Me: There was an older guy (probably in his 60's) dancing in the aisle during this one. He was actually jumping up and down while he was dancing. I could tell he loved this song!! Mick was grinning at him from the front of the stage.

My Little Demon: This song rocked!!!!!!!! I love the chorus of this one!!! Stevie and Lindsey sound so good together and Mick really pounds away at the drums.

Stand Back: This was a crowd favorite. The lights were flashing. Lindsey stood by Christine and some of the girls on the front row were trying to get him to come over by them during the song. He pointed to himself and said "Me"? Then he was laughing and shrugging his shoulders like he was saying "I can't....I've got to stay here and play the guitar". Stevie started to sing the second verse before she realized it was still the chorus. She smiled and got back on track.

Not That Funny: Lindsey was lying on the floor during Mick's solo....kicking his feet up in the air every few minutes. Then he got up and started chasing Mick around the stage. It reminded me of LIndsey's video "Wrong", where he's playing guitar with himself. (If you've seen the concert already, you know what I mean.)

Silver Springs: At the end, when Stevie's singing "You'll never get away...never get away... never get away" she's slowly fading further and further back (towards Christine) while she's singing to LIndsey. Very dramatic.

Go Your Own Way: Lindsey stood on the drum kit towards the end of the song, and I noticed he had one foot on Stevie's "Gold Dust Woman" shawl that was lying there. I remember hoping that Stevie didn't see that, and also hoping that Lindsey wouldn't slip on it when he jumped off. Thankfully he didn't.

Songbird: Dedicated to a Houston family that Christine knows.

Farmer's Daughter: A beautiful way to end the concert. It's an emotional song because we don't know if we'll ever get to see them again as a band.

Thank you, Fleetwood Mac, for a wonderful concert. I'll never forget it!!!

Dallas, Texas, Starplex Amphitheatre November 4

from Stacey Vernick
Our seats were 31 rows back - way on Lindsey's side. The sound was "crisper" than San Antonio and much better. It probably helped that this was at an outdoor venue. We decided San Antonio was the "visual" show, while this was the "audio" show.

Karen and I were both wearing black tails. I was also wearing a top hat with a shiny gold and black scarf tied around it.

Lindsey dedicated Bleed to Love Her to "Don, Sharon and the kids." (Whoever they are).

Stevie dedicated Landslide to Gordon Perry and said something like, "Gordon, even though you've heard this song a thousand times and to all of you for being here tonight." After "snoooooow covered hills", Stevie put her arm out to Lindsey as if to say, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Lindsey Buckingham" and then he did the same thing back to her. Then she sang the end. I was looking through binoculars and they hugged, but it didn't look like there was a kiss.
Rhiannon - When Stevie came back out, she had brushed her hair off her face and added more rhinestone dots. She had one at the corner of each eye.
Not That Funny - Lindsey was on his back and when Mick was saying, "Are you still with me?" - Lindsey would raise his leg up.
Silver Springs - It looked like Lindsey was beating his chest while Stevie was singing, "was I just fool...". It was hard to tell with his back toward me, but it looked like he would hit a chord, beat his chest once, hit another chord, beat his chest again...I don't know. Maybe someone who was closer can add to that?

Security in our section seemed nonexistent. I took a picture at the beginning and another one of Mick and Lindsey "dueling" at the end of Not That Funny.

To those of you who haven't gone yet, I'm jealous! If you don't have seats up close, try to upgrade if you can - it makes such a difference!

Nashville, Tennessee, The Arena November 6

from Debbie in Mississippi
Great! On the way to Nashville from Mississippi, the trees were in full Autumn color, beautiful sight to see. I was so excited, I had not seen Fleetwood Mac since the early 80's. I had my skirt and platform boots, and my black velour shirt on, I was ready to Rock n Roll. Then the rain started in, then the traffic mostly work, it was about 5:30. I stood in line, got my T-shirt and Best Buy card for the CD. I didn't want to be late, got seated, they started about 8:30pm, then the sound of the crickets started, everyone went crazy! I had my binoculars ready to see them walk on, we were on the 3rd level, then the Chain started, wild! They all looked great! I don't remember the exact order of songs, but it was close to the Dance CD, with Gypsy and Second Hand News added.

~~ Stevie gave John McVie a big hug early on. She wore a black dress thru most of the concert, and early on she put on a long coat looked like it was red with black lace over it, beautiful. Stevie had a diamond stud on her forehead and it look like some at the corner of her eyes, and those diamond bracelets shined! Early on I saw her do one big kick, and no big spins at all. Even on "Stand Back" she didn't move around at all, just at the mike. She wore a black shaw on this. The crowd went wild on "Stand Back" as on Rhiannon, it sounded like the crowd was singing along with her on the parts..."Rhiannon, Rhiannon...." Great! She dedicated Landslide to her Grandfather , great vocals, she and Lindsey did hug afterwards, I think Lindsey was more emotional than Stevie. And when Stevie sang "Silver Springs", when it came to the part..I'll follow you down to the sound....Lindsey sand along also pounding his chest, thru those parts, then he went over to Stevie at the end when she was singing "You could be by Silver Spring, blue green colors....Lindsey was up in her face looked like he was trying to put his head on her chest, at that point he backed away, she said "thank you" and he was behind her, put his hands thru his hair and looked very emotional. Stevies voice was in fine form, she did not try to strain it at all except a little wild on Gold Dust Woman, great. She was all over the stage walking around and playing the tambourine. At the end she wore a short black jacket. Most of the time she walked off stage with Mick, and came back holding hands with Lindsey.

~~Christine, I think Songbird was wonderful live. This is not my favorite song but tonite it sounded great. They brought out a piano for this one and she sang to perfection. She was dressed in a Black jacket and white shirt. She looked really pretty.

~~Lindsey, he was the focal point of the show to me. He sang "Insane" in a slower version, and I loved it! Then recited a poem, I didn't understand it all. Then it was "Not that Funny", I don't like this song, but it was the high point of the show, he did a great guitar solo, I think he broke another guitar string on this one, he was wonderful. Then Mick kicked in with his drum solo, and his vest drum solo, he was cute in his little red shoes! Lindsey laid on the floor kicking around from time to time. Letting Mick do his solo part, a great song all together. Lindseys "Big Love" was like the Dance version, great. Lindsey shined tonite!

For the encore, they came back out and sang "Don't Stop", everyone left and then Christine came back out to sing "Songbird", then they all came back out to sing "Farmers Daughter."

I noticed a few folks brought flowers in to give to Stevie and Christine, but no one put anything up on stage. You were not allowed to take pictures , but I did bring my camera and took one shot, hoping not to get caught, later my husband told me someone came around with a flashlight looking for me I guess, but I got away with it, hope it turns out! A few ladies were dressed as Stevies. Not as many as I thought there would be. A lot of jean wearing. I noticed the crowd had all age types, it was great! Overall, all their voices were perfect, no major mistakes that I noticed. A must see performance, Fleetwood Mac!!!!

~~As for the backup singers, Sharon and I forgot the other girl's name, they were great. Most of the time they were up dancing and singing.

They all left the stage, I watched thru my binoculars as Stevie walked off stage, then thru the hallway at the back of the stage, I could see her blond hair flowing, as she walked away, thinking this may be the last time I ever get to see her, she was so beautiful. I was in total awe, I loved it!

Orlando, Florida, Orlando Arena November 9

from Bonnie Brown
WOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still reeling and excited from the best Fleetwood Mac show I have ever seen ( and I have seen them all (in Florida). O.K. Here we go......

Showtime was 7:30, the cricket sounds started around 8:15 and the lights slowly went down. Everyone in the close to sold out arena was on their feet for the opening with "The Chain". Stevie looked absolutely beautiful, her hair was blonder and more in place than in" The Dance " video. Tan suede platform boots and the black dress were the attire for the 1st 3 songs. Her voice was in fine form. Next song, "Dreams". This song was filmed for the local news broadcast @ 11:00 p.m. And it was TERRIFIC!!! "Everywhere" was next, then came, what was in my opinion, the show stealer, and the best vocals by Stevie, "Gold Dust Woman". This was the song that received the most applause. Wait until you see it in Dallas. Let me know if you think it was the best, I love to compare notes. The rest of the concert was predictable which no one minded as we were having so much fun. "Rhiannon" was wonderful as was" Go Your Own Way". Stevie was in fabulous form all evening. "Silver Springs" and "Sweet Girl" were as perfect as one could get. The big bracelet she had on was gorgeous and her clothing impeccable. She is a true lady in all senses of the word. She looks healthy and can still rock your socks off. I pray that they can find their way to continue to make so many people happy with their music. I treasure them......

St. Louis, MO - Kiel Center November 17

from Tim Bucci
We arrived at Hooters in Union Station (just for the hot wings, of course) at about 6:00pm. Our waitress was the first to tell us that President Clinton was in town, too, appearing at the Fox Theater for some yet unknown reason. I got a little nervous about security issues tying up traffic, as I had forgotten our FM tickets back at the hotel. We were told that the White House had called and checked all the restaurants in the area for a possible dinner visit from the President (like he'd stop at Hooters - what a PR blunder that would be). I began to wonder how "ironic" it was that the President was in town the same night as his favorite band. Coincidence? I think not.

We arrived at Kiel without problems around 7:15pm. An absolute swarm of people poured into the building (and immediately I noticed the age demographics of attendees was a bit older than the average concert - something I liked, actually). People unlucky enough not to get a ticket could be heard outside trying to buy any extras that concert-goers might have had. After buying the slate-colored concert T-shirt, we made our way to our seats. Although the concert was scheduled to begin at 8:00pm, the spotlight crew didn't get into place over the stage until nearly 8:40pm. The show started twenty minutes later with an eruption from the audience as the band, led by Mick, walked onto the stage.

And so the night began, with the drum-engine himself laying down the opening beat for "The Chain." There was an absolute roar from the audience when this song started. I didn't take notes during the show (so sorry!) so my recollection of the song line-up is a bit fuzzy - but it is so similar to other reports I've read that any variation would have been slight.

About the members: Lindsey was the energy, the catalyst, the lunatic, the balladeer, and showman. He was upstaged only once when Mick did his crowd-pleasing drum-vest bit (my sister, who has no rhythm at all, was so impressed by Mick's performance that she asked me if people could buy vests like that ... SHA-RIGHT!!!), and even then Lindsey was involved with the on stage "duel" with Mick to segueway (sp?) back into "Not That Funny." I've heard this said before about this tour, but it was evident from the beginning that this was Lindsey's party. He had an absolute blast and so did we.

Christine was absolutely stunning. What a knockout she has become! This is definitely not the same woman found on the inside sleeve of the "Time" CD (yes, I bought one of only 32,000 copies sold, thank you) in 1995! Her keyboard work was wonderful, and her voice was as perfect (no pun intended) as ever. And when she smiled at us she looked so happy. She was fantastic. "Songbird" never, ever sounded so good.

What can you say about John McVie? His bass was ever-present, powerful, and perfect ... but you get the feeling that ol' John would play from backstage if he could. He was cool, if not a little shy. At the end of the show, when Mick bode farewell to us, he said that John was his "longtime co-hort in crime" and also his best friend.

Back to Mick - I had a cymbal blocking the view of his face for most of the evening, so I was irritated I was missing out on his patented, bug-eyed expressions. We got our fair share when he stepped out from behind his drum kit, though. I was hoping for a longer "drum vest session (for lack of a better description)." The one he performed for the Tango tour seemed to last a very long time (the crowd loving every second, of course). But the fun he had with us during this bit was priceless. It wouldn't be an FM show without it.

Finally, there was Stevie. Radiant, beautiful, timeless ... I could heap praise and "thank yous" on this woman all day. She was definitely not competing with Lindsey for attention from us, and really didn't need to ... the audience was so enchanted with her when she took center stage, anyway. And even though the Center was jam packed with thousands and thousands of adoring fans, she has that way of making you feel like she is singing just to you. Pretty cool. Of course, we were very willing to give up her attentions when she turned and sang "Silver Springs" entirely to Lindsey as he faced her playing his guitar. What a powerful song about them! They appeared to be in their own little world for the duration. The anger, power, and conviction of the song seemed very much alive for her twenty years later. I can honestly say it sent a rush down my spine. If I forget anything else in my life, I will never forget those few moments of the two of them on stage during that song.

All told, what an unbelievable performance! The show of a lifetime! I wonder if the President finally got to meet Lindsey ....

Moline, IL, Mark of the Quad Cities, November 18

from Greg Lebrick

An Honest & Indepth Concert Review

The following points were the biggest impressions made on me throughout the evening (in the order they occured) as witnessed from my 4th row seat directly in front of Linsdey:

1. Lindsey looked younger and thinner in person then he did on the video. Stevie looked a little bit older and slightly fuller. (After seeing the airbrushed pics in Harper's and Rolling Stone, I was expecting her to be somewhat ageless. She aging very gracefully, and it's great to see that she's no different from anybody else.)

2. The sound was a little muffled, but that was probably do to indoor acoustics and the fact that we were close to the stage.

3. Linsdey is a total flirt with the audience. He continuously reacted off of the women and men seated close to him.

4. We had an excellent audience with big reactions to every song (even the new stuff).

5. The audience was very PC. We stood through the entire show except for Big Love. But by the time it ended the audience was back on it's feet and never sat down again. Stevie, Christine and Lindsey were all getting huge applause for their numbers. There really didn't appear to be an audience favorite. People were just enjoying the complete experience.

6. My friend and I have never seen Christine smile so much throughout a show before. And she looked more beautiful than ever.

7. Stevie's clothes were cooler than what she wore on The Dance video. And how does she walk in those shoes?

8. Linsdey is a spaz (in a good way). He was definitely going for the Oscar.

9. Wow, Mick gave everyone in the front row a free shower. He spits a lot when he does his "Not That Funny" routine, but it was great!

10. I got tired of seeing Nazi like security guys grab flowers from fans and take the gifts away from the stage. Don't waste your money bringing gifts like flowers and stuffed animals. I really doubt the band ever sees them. I don't understand the sudden change of not shaking hands and receiving gifts from fans. If anything, the audience is a little more mature than most, and would be less likely to pull something stupid. Does this have anything to do with Stevie getting more recognition than other members, so they wanted to try and prevent any hard feelings among the band?

11. Stevie was singing very well, the best I've heard in a while. I felt like she was holding back a little, simply because she wasn't willing to steal the focus (eventhough I think she still did unintentionally). She seemed very willing to share the stage. Just an interesting note here: I remember when my sister saw the Mirage Tour in '82 with a friend. I asked her friend what she thought of the show, and she felt that Linsdey and Stevie were competing with each other for the audiences attention. Hmmm....interesting. Maybe Stevie just isn't willing to play those games anymore.

12. Stevie seemed to try to make a lot of eye contact with Linsdey, but he was to busy playing with the audience.

13. Wow, this is the first Fleetwood Mac/Stevie concert I'd ever been to where I didn't smell pot in the air.

14. So this is the Fleetwood Mac that people went crazy over in the 70's. I wondered if they were this good back then.

15. Damn, I should have brought my camera! People all around me were taking pictures.

The four hour drive was worth it, as was the 32 year wait to see this band perform together for the first time in my life. I'd seen other incarnations of this band in '87 and '90, but they were something different.

We ate at a trendy restaurant called Sydney's (it had Australian theme) and we loved it the minute we walked in. They played Fleetwood Mac CDs the entire time. We tried several other restaurants first, but every place was packed because of the concert. Fleetwood Mac was THE EVENT in Moline last night.

After eating we went to the arena. It was a pretty mixed crowd. We had 17 year olds to our right, 30 year olds to our left and in front of us, and fifty year olds in back of us. Several people in our area were dressed like Stevie.

When the concert began, the audience of course went crazy. When Stevie & Linsdey walked out, they were holding hands, and Linsdey kissed her hand before she walked to her mic.

The concert was 2 1/2 hours of solid rock. I was amazed at the energy displayed by the band members. I really felt, on the most part, that they were holding nothing back. I was also very pleased with the audience. I think they can often make or break a concert. The crowd was feeding offf of the band and the band was feeding off of the crowd.

The Chain: It jammed, but I never completely enjoy the first number because I'm too busy freaking that they are actually there. I also have to come to the realization each time that, hey, they are real people. I know that sounds weird, but when all you see are tv specials and magazine pictures of someone, it's always weird to see them in person. Oh yeah, and Stevie's glow in the dark tamborine was fun too.

Dreams: Stevie sounded great and made her one and only mistake of the evening during this song. Instead of "It's only me who wants to wrap around your dreams" she sang "It's only right that you should ..." twice.

Everywhere: Cool! The audience was still standing...it's going to be a great night!

Gold Dust Woman: Cool shawl that really belongs in my apartment. It would go great with my couch and chairs. Stevie looks beautiful. Best hair I've seen on her in a long time.

I'm So Afraid: Lindsey out of control. Jammed ten times more than on the video.

Temporary One: Audience absolutely loved it. When Stevie sang "and the bridge will bring us back together" she made it a point to look over at Linsdey and smile, kind of like "Yep, it did.". Hmmm.

Bleed To Love Her: Nice job.

Gypsy: Lots of smiling from Stevie and very confident singing.

Big Love:Loved it!

Go Insane: Linsdey plays the part of the totured artist very well.

Landslide: Every note was hit perfectly. I've heard past versions of this from other tours where that was definitely not the case. It's good to have a new and improved Stevie.

Say You Love Me: Liked this one a lot more live than on the cd. The audience was totally dancing and singing. Christine had big smiles going on.

It gets foggy from this point on. Remember, I didn't smell any pot throughout the concert. It was a long show and I didn't take notes. This is also where they broke away from The Dance set list and started changing things around.

My Little Demon: I'm starting to love this song. It jams in concert.

Sweet Girl: Some nice changes on Stevie's vocals. The audience cheered when she sang, "I chose to dance across the stages off the world".

You Make Lovin' Fun: I loved Linsdey's guitar parts here. Major dance song.

Stand Back: My friend freaked out. She wasn't expecting it and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. Stevie cranked on vocals. It made me excited for her next solo tour.

Go Your Own Way: Linsdey imitated my arm gestures and smiled and winked at me. My friend screamed. He's very cool. He was so different than on The Dance video. He spazzed out in the end and broke was of his guitar strings. The man is a maniac on guitar.

Not That Funny: Jamming guitar. Lindsey was like a little kid in this song. Right when Mick's solo starts, Linsdey falls on his back and starts kicking his legs up in the air. Very funny stuff. Mick was a blast and had the audience totally screaming and rockin'. I loved the dualing guitar and electronic drum sequence.

Tusk: So much better than on the video. All the three of them sang and it sounded much fuller and jammed a lot more.

Second Hand News: Upbeat and fun. It just reminded me how incredible the whole Rumours album was and continues to be.

Silver Springs: For some reason, I thought Stevie would never be able to top the MTV special version of this song, but I was totally wrong. She sang this so well that I was standing there with my mouth hanging open. The ending was 10 times more intense than on the video. She made it look effortless.

Oh Daddy: Loved this song live. I never really cared for it that much on Rumours. Stevie's little "instrumental" solos with whatever she's holding during this song were cool too.

Rhiannon: Stevie's vocals were stronger here than on the Dance video. She rocked out a little on the ending. Very cool bergundy robe outfit.

Don't Stop: This song has gotten slammed for being Clinton's theme, but it should be celebrated for it's true meaning. Great song with great lyrics.

Songbird: Totally beautiful, but it means it was coming to an end.

Farmer's Daughter: I was drained by then (in a good way). We were totally into the show and I was amazed by the display of enerygy the band displayed. They made ME feel out of shape and I'm 32.

This band is special and, more importantly, incredibly talented. They know it. We can only hope they'll continue to share it.

But if this is all that's meant to be, I can always say I saw the real Fleetwood Mac and they lived up to every expectation of what an incredible band could and should be and will be.

from Angela
My name is Angela. I am fourteen and attended the show with my mom, thirty four.

They used the same set list as all the other concerts in the reviews, except for "Eyes of The World". They played "Second Hand News" instead. I thought that Stevie looked really good, and she sang very well. The other band members are looking very good also.

The show started a little late, and the crowd was yelling for them to come out. Finally, they did. They started out with "The Chain", and it sounded as good as ever. The crowd was going wild after that. Next was "Dreams". The song sounded great, except for the minor mess up in the second verse. When Stevie was supposed to sing "It's only me who wants to wrap around your dreams and.....", she sang the first verse instead. But Stevie kept on going, and the crowd kept on loving every minute of it.

Next came Tango in The Night Ablum's "Everywhere", followed by "Gold Dust Woman". Stevie changed into a gold cape for that song. My mom's favorite song by Lindsey, "I'm So Afraid" came by after that. It was a jam. I normally don't enjoy a long guitar part, but this one jammed!

Christine's "Temporary One" followed that, everyone singing the chorus in unison. It was a very good song. Lindsay's new song, "Bleed to Love Her" came after that. Lindsay was on stage all by his lonesome, and also for "Big Love". I liked the new version of this song better. And then came song where you see your "Gypsy". I personally liked the old version better, although both are very good. "Go Insane" was next, and then Stevie came back on stage with "Landslide". Stevie had blowdried her hair when she came back on, even though I thought that it looked ok before.

Next came Stevie's new "Sweet Girl", sounding very good. I like this song. I wonder when her new solo is going to come out? The old, but still rocking, "You Make Loving Fun" song was next, then followed by "Stand Back". I was really suprised that they did this song, but I think it was sounding really cool. They put some checkered lights on the stage. It was awesome.

Next was a song that I haven't heard for such a long time. "Oh Daddy". And then, probably the funniest part of the concert, "Not That Funny". They all started on stage, but then Christine, John, Stevie, and Lindsay left, leaving Mick on stage with his little drum part. He was walking across the stage with some bongos. I think he was trying to hype up the crowd. It sure worked. Lindsay came back on stage, and Mick started playing an air guitar, mockin Lindsay. Lindsay chased Mick across the stage, and finally he fell on the floor and put one of Stevie's shawls on his face. Then the rest of the band came back on stage and finished the end of the song. It was jamming! Lindsay even broke one of his guitar strings off his guitar! But he kept on playing. I'm not quite sure when they played "Rhiannon" or "Second Hand News", but those songs both rocked. I like the new version of "Rhiannon".

"Silver Springs" came next. I thought it was almost as good as the ablum version. "Tusk" came next, but it wasnt the same without the marching band. Then came the auidience's chance to sing in "Go Your Own Way". Everyone was singing along to the chorus. They were also singing along to "Don't Stop". The band left inbetween those songs, and some people were leaving untill Christine came back out to sing her "Songbird".

Their last song was "Farmer's Daughter". I was suprised that they sang this song also, but my mom knew that they were going to.

I hope I haven't forgotten any major details. Stevie had and Ace Bandage on her hand. My mom thought that it might be from playing the tambourine to hard! There are also shirts for sale, keychains, and hats, but no tour books. My mom was dissapointed about that, and so were some other people.

And at the end of the concert, my mom took one of those posters off the wall. I was suprised, but she said somebody else would have done it, right? Right. We are also looking forward to getting our CDs in the mail. That is about it. E-mail me, or my mom, if you would like to talk about the concert.
My address

Mom's address

Chicago, Rosemont Horizon November 20

from Sharyn
First and formost they were fantastic. The light show was incredible. Lindsey was great, Mick was great, Stevie was fantastic and so was Christie. They sang every song from Rumors. Mick did a drum solo with a computerized drum machine attached to his clothes along with the bongo player. The song Silver Springs was breath taking. Most everyone had a lighter and swayed back and fourth.

Couples were hugging and kissing on most of the romantic songs. The age group was teens to 60's. The Rosemont horizon in Rosemont, IL was packed to capacity. I think it holds around 20 thousand. STEVIE got most of the standing ovations. They did ( Make loving fun), the same way as the VH1 concert. They all lined up together on the stage. I think it was worth the money we paid. The seats were main floor. The only draw back to the is only being 5"3, when the average height is 5"7 and taller. So I stood on my tiptoes!

from Karen N.
I attended the concert on Thursday night November 20th in Chicago at the Rosemont Horizon, and I don't think I have ever had so much fun! FLEETWOOD MAC and STEVIE just ROCKED! The entire audience seemed to be into it, and just having a ball! It started about a half hour late at 8:30, and ended at 11:00! What a show! The show was very similar to a lot of the other shows I have read reviews for, but it was so neat to actually hear it live! There was so much energy! All 5 of them gave it their all.
from Barb
Fleetwood Mac was fantastic! All five members were absolutely wonderful and totally into being with their audience. John was subdued, as usual, and stayed mostly in the background. Mick was manic! I thought at times that he might have a heart attack on stage; he works so hard. Christine is beautiful and oh so skinny, almost skeletal. Lindsey was on fire! And Stevie, Stevie was awesome!!!! Stevie seemed very happy and very much into performing. (Unfortunely, the woman next to me continually bumped into me, crowded me, and put her arm and sometimes her whole body directly in front of my face. Move over, you think, but she was trying to push me farther away from Stevie. I was pissed, I paid $450.00 for my fourth row ticket, and because of this moron, I felt like I was in the fifth row. I was quite distracted for much of the show.) The entire crowd in the front section stood for the whole show, except during Big Love and Go Insane.

My favorite parts of the show were Silver Springs, Stand Back and Farmers Daughter. Stevie made a mistake during Stand Back and even tho it's possible that Stevie herself felt bad for messing up "her song", I felt privledged to be a witness. I guess I felt privledged because I saw my idol being very, very human. My best Stevie friend, Alicia, was next to me and we looked at each other in wonder and amazement. We could almost see Stevie's thought process. Please don't get me wrong. I am a big, big fan of Stevie. I am a Stevie impersonator in my band. I love Stevie with all my heart and I hope she didn't feel too bad and I hope she knows, that I, for one, thought seeing her make an error was really cool. Does that make any sense at all? I hope so.

Overall, Stevie was way cool. She wiggled her way backwards to her mike to sing The Chain. She smiled, laughed, gestured and waved, I'm sure, to me. (Don't we all think that?) I hope and pray someone videotaped this show. It was truly a night I will never forget.

Again, I loved the show, I love Stevie and I always will. I am so happy she's so obviosly enjoying herself. Rock on!!!

from Jackie
I saw Fleetwood Mac on November 20th, 1997 at the Rosemont Horizon. I went there with my parents; I myself am only 17. This was my first live Mac experience. We went inside and got our coupons for the free Best Buy CD. I bought a couple of shirts and a hat, then we went to our seats. Some funky music was playing over the speakers, then the crowd started cheering. The Mac were not insight. However, the light crew started making its ascent into the rafters. The show would soon begin.

At 8:30, the lights were cut off and the crowd roared. We had good seats. A little off center, in between Stevie and Christine. I used binoculars and it was just like watching it on TV. I'll list a few things about the show.

In a break between songs, Stevie was talking to John over by Christine's keybords. She was teasing him, and all of a sudden, he forms a cross with his fingers. Sort of telling her to "stand back". :) Thought that was cute.

During "Gold Dust Woman" and "Rhiannon", Stevie was doing her famous twirls. You wouldn't believe how the crowd cheered when she did this. She practically got a standing ovation, just by spinning.

Throughout the entire concert, Christing seemed more animated than on "The Dance" video. She smiled a lot and seemed surprised at all the applause she got.

"Stand Back" had an awesome light show. Stevie was great. The crowd did some major dancing to this one.

The crowd sang throughout most of the show, but especially on "Go Your Own Way", "Tusk", and "Don't Stop".

People would be going for beer and food during some of the songs, but no one, and I mean NO ONE left during "Rhiannon".

Mick's drum solo was cool. He really is a wild man. Every time he'd scream, the crowd would scream back. It was almost like a dual to see who could scream louder.

Landslide was beautiful. During Lindsey's solo, Stevie went behind him and put her hands on his shoulders. He leaned back into her, and they rocked back and forth a bit. At the end of the song they hugged.

Silver Springs was awesome. During the "never get away" part, Lindsey walked over and stood face to face with Stevie. It looked as though he leaned in, as if trying to kiss her. When she didn't move, he backed away and scratched his head. Then she finished the song.

Lighters were out on many of the songs, but on "Songbird" is was particularly beautiful. The combination of that song and the lighters was an awesome sight.

"Farmer's Daughter" has now become one of my favorite Mac songs. The harmonies on this song are awe inspiring.

Well, that's about it. I have never had so much fun at a concert before. I think that it sucks that I was just a kid for most of the time that the Rumors incarnation of the Mac toured, but I hope that they will continue to tour in the future. I'd love to see them many more times.

Albany, NY, Pepsi Arena, November 26

from Amanda
Well, I know it's the end of the tour and some things haven't really changed, but I figured I'd let everyone know that the Albany concert, the fourth from the end of the reunion tour, was still amazing. I just wanted to pass along a few exciting points of the evening and will try not to repeat what's already written! First off, my Nicks Fix pass fooled quite a lot of people! One lady told me to be careful because someone was liable to beat me up for it...she asked if I was Steve's daughter or something! I laughed and told her to read it. Anyway, I guess nothing really prepares you for when they take the stage. The temperature rose a few degrees in the arena as htey came out! All night my focus was on Stevie...she was so amazing! The light kept catching her jewelery, her bindi, and her eyes, sending sparkes across the arena. Her voice was smooth, hearty, and full of incredible emotion! During "Sweet Girl" she put so much feeling into "Everyone said I'd never learn..." and she really showed herself in "Gold Dust Woman." However, I think the highlight was "Stand Back." What power she has with her voice and her words! During the guitar solo in "Landslide," she put her arms around Lindsey's shoulders...and during "Silver Springs" he got right up close to her. After Mick took the stage by himself during "Not That Funny," he announced to the audience it was John's birthday! So the entire audience sang to John, who blushed on the side of the stage! It was great. Chris had control over the emotions of the entire audience in "Songbird," which nowords can describe. After the encore, Stevie said "We love you all," which made everyone go nuts! "We couldn't have done this without you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you." It was sad to see them go, but the concert was worth the wait! Afterwards there was no way to get to stage door, so a bunch of us watched anyway. I couldn't see them getting into the limos, but I did watch sadly as four black limos pulled away, with a hand waving out of each. Screaming for Stevie, I regreted that the evening had to end. However, I wish happiness and love to each of them as they finish their successful tour. I think everyone will agree in that this was an irreplaceable event, and will be remembered forever! Such music never dies, and will be sung forever in the hearts of those who follow. I hope everyone enjoyed the concert... take care and remember always the power of music, and the power of people working together. It was proven to us now.

from Dorothy Keveny
It has been over a week since my last Fleetwood Mac concert. It was the fifth time I've seen the band on this tour. I did want some time to go by to gain perspective on a very magical evening. It was by far the best of the concerts I've attended. Having seen four concerts in the month of September, I was particularly interested to see how the songs were progressing, if there were any subtle changes and in general what was different.

Well the fifth time was charmed. I had the good fortune to upgrade my ticket to 2nd row center directly in front of Stevie. It was completely thrilling to feel as though you were so close you could practically touch Stevie and Lindsey. In fact one of the fans in my row went to the edge of the stage to shake hands with Lindsey after "Bleed to Love Her". Lindsey graciously extended his hand. Later, when the same fan tried to get to Stevie after one of her songs, he was intercepted by security and sent back to his seat. Lindsey often came to the edge of the stage, making eye contact and smiling at fans who were acknowledging his prowess. It seemed to me that Lindsey managed to push his guitar playing up a notch if that's possible. As a matter of fact the whole band has managed, amazingly, to raise their performance to a higher level.

When the band came on stage before "The Chain" intro started Stevie was having a good laugh with John. Later we learned that it was John's birthday and ,in fact, after his drum solo Mick sang "Happy Birthday" to his long time friend. Stevie smiled so much all evening and seemed to be very content. "Gold Dust Woman" was as always incredible. Stevie is so into this song. She was doing lots of dancing and was very animated. "Gypsy" is a crowd favorite and at the end of the song Stevie said something like, "When you see your gypsy go back to the floor." While introducing "Landslide" she spoke to the effect, "I know I say the same thing every night but I really mean it. Lindsey and I are so happy you have given us a reason to do this song." She then did another emotional "Landslide" with Lindsey leaning into her shoulder as she stood behind him during his guitar solo - another magic moment.

Before "Say You Love Me" Stevie was trying to get help for Christine who was having an equipment problem. But the band went right into the song and played it flawlessly. At another point in the concert during a very brief technical adjustment Stevie took the microphone and said, "Now we can talk." It was so endearing. Stevie is breathing lots of life into "Sweet Girl". It was exciting to see how another of Stevie's songs takes on a life of its own when done live. Lindsey in introducing "My Little Demon" declared that the song is now officially about Mick's demon. Stevie included a big kick in her dancing during this song.

"Rhiannon" continues to mesmorize fans and touch hearts. Needless to say "Silver Springs" was another highlight. Stevie is so committed to this song. She was backing away from Lindsey during the dramatic "...never get away..." Lindsey seemed to be trying to get her to smile. She finally does when he is inches from her face. After the song Stevie said, "It's different every night."

You know how Lindsey and Mick go back and forth during "Not That Funny". Well somehow a brassiere found its way on stage. Lindsey was tangling it in front of Mick sort of like a toreador waving a cape in a bull fight. The crowd of course went wild. Eventually Lindsey put it around his neck and walked away. The bra fell and was wisked away by a stagehand - a little bizarre twist for NTF.

While expressing how thrilled the band was at the success of the project, Lindsey said, "We always knew we could deliver the music but we didn't know who would be there for us." During "Go Your Own Way" Stevie opted to sing the "...open up everything's waiting for you..." line rather than "packing up...".

Before the first encore two fans in the row behind me were saying, "It has to be 'Sara'. They haven't done 'Sara' yet. "Sadly I knew there would be no "Sara". I'm just one of the many fans who would love to have heard "Sara" - my personal favorite. Once again Stevie and Lindsey came back on stage hand in hand. After all the thank yous and bows, as the band left, Stevie accepted flowers by the side of the stage and walked away.

As has been expressed this Reunion Tour was a healing experience for the whole band. What a thrill it must have been for the five of them to get a second chance to captivate their fans and to be able to appreciate and enjoy it. Thank you Stevie, Lindsey, Christine, Mick and John for so many precious memories and for the timeless, haunting music.

New York, NY, Madison Square Garden, November 27

from Virginia
The show started around 8:25. I was seated up above and behind Christine. With the good binoculars I brought, I had a real good close-up of Stevie - close enough to see the remains of the layer cut from her permanent days that is nearing the waist-length part of her current c-cut.

It was quickly apparent during "The Chain" that the band and the crowd were 'electric' and feeding off each other. Stevie smiled more and thanked everyone for coming out on Thanksgiving. That was greeted with a roar and this was only the beginning.

The first standing ovation was for Lindsey's "I'm So Afraid" - marvelously done and vigorous to the point of a broken string near the end of it, which he played around skillfully. The 'electric' feeling went up more points and kept rising after that.

The entire band was obviously getting high with these high, party-mode feelings. The dialogue was revised and often 'winged'. Christine and Lindsey exclaimed over the crowd and how much they were all enjoying the evening. We could all feel the loose-ness of the band. My previous 'visit' was September 30 at Continental Arena in New Jersey, and now there was no comparison to the feelings in the air and the relaxation and high party-mode level of the band.

Stevie was very relaxed and smiling more than ever seen before, I'm sure (with the possible exception of the Landover to come). She dedicated "Landslide" to the crew "as this is our third-to-last performance and they have been so great." Lindsey, equally relaxed, said in 'winging' the dialogue that this tour and reunion had been great and beyond their expectations.

Lindsey and Christine sang very well, obviously influenced by the audience. Stevie did all the high notes, but the bottom of her voice sounded somewhat thick, like a cold. But you would never know if she had a cold beyond that; she was constantly on the move.

All of us were on our feet for "Standback". We were all rocking, and Stevie was dancing quite freely (far more than Sept. 30), only restricted by the microphone's range and those incredible platform boots she wears.

"Rhiannon" sparked another rock response. Stevie was really into everything she did.

Mick was even wilder during "Not That Funny". He abandoned dialogue during the band introductions, and commented a lot on the spirit felt everywhere. One band member whose talent has grown on me is Mr. Castro on drums/percussion. He is extraordinary.

My only bad experience from either concert I attended was from a couple seated at first just above the couple next to me. First, there was the delicious smell from the joint they smoked. There were empty seats further along that row and they kept moving back and forth. Every time they moved, they'd bump the person in front. At one point, I felt a foot on my shoulder, and discovered my hair under it. I gave the gal a real dirty look and a shove, and she removed her foot. Finally, all of a sudden, an FM-age man further down my row got up and said to them "STOP HITTING US" and went on from there. He got so heated from that couple's flippant attitude that we were afraid a fight would break out. Then I noticed the woman who was with him had summoned the ushers, and the troublesome couple were ejected. After the show, I saw a vodka bottle by their original seats, 2/3 empty.

This audience was comprised of Fleetwood Mac-age down to 20's, and probably younger. I knew the couple next to me, victimized the most by the ejected couple, were young; at the end of the show, I asked the girl how old she was. I found out that the girl was 26. I told her I was FM age, and how did she get into their music. She said her mother was FM age range, and she raised her on Rumours when it came out. I'm sure that was true of all the younger members of the audience.

"Silver Springs" has become my top favorite. It is so melodious and intense and I love to harmonize to the chorus. Stevie really sang her soul out and you could hear some of the audience singing or humming in harmony during the choruses. At the end just before the final 'You could be my Silver Spring...", she turned to Lindsey, who had moved up behind her, and looked at him for several seconds before she sang the final lines. Then there was a long embrace, cheered on by the audience.

We were all up on our feet for "Go Your Own Way" and you could hear the audience join in the choruses; the Band openly encouraged it. What a feeling to hear everyone singing above the speakers. It happened again, even stronger, during "Don't Stop". "Tusk" brought everyone up for rocking and dancing.

When it was time for "Songbird", Christine spoke and thanked us for a wonderful time. Then she sang, and we all wrapped ourselves in the melody - I can never get through this song dry-eyed. The rest of the Band entering together for "Farmer's Daughter" were holding hands, and looked relaxed and obviously happy. Mick spoke lovingly to us after the finale, then joined a waiting Stevie to leave the stage. It was all over much too soon.

from Brian Lemna
Thanks for the great web site. I found out so much about the reunion from you that, in some ways, I feel like I owe you this. I saw all of Fleetwood Mac's appearances in the NYC area and they were great, but Thanksgiving night was one of the most amazing things I have ever lived through. I'm still in a stupor. I was in the first row, stage left at Madison Square Garden. I was level with the stage and Lindsey was about fourteen feet away from me at his mic. He came over and played to me a couple of times when he wasn't singing, and I almost died of complete mortification. The woman next to me asked me if I knew him, because he kept coming over. He was playing his guitar and looking right at me, but I had to look away for a moment, I couldn't take it. I've heard that performers often pick someone to perform to, but it was too much for me right then. After all, they were RIGHT THERE!! Toward the end of the show, I felt like I was almost on the stage myself, it was only nine or ten feet away, and I was eye-level with Lindsey, Stevie, and Christine. I was floating, almost out of body.

A few things about the performance:

I think they were excited about being in Madison Square Garden in New York City, about the fact that the tour was going to end after two more peformances, and about the holiday. The band was unusually loose and extremely confident, performing most of the songs with a little more flair than I had seen earlier. They seemed to have tinkered with the end of "Gold Dust Woman," making it a bit more concise and powerful, fading out with Mick on drums as Stevie chanted "something about gold dust." "Sweet Girl" had a much harder edge than earlier in the tour, verging on electric at one point in the song. Throughout the show, Mick and John added fills and flourishes where there were none before. Occasionally, they played games with the timing and drove the others to more intense and playful performances.

Lindsey's vocals were much clearer and somewhat more powerful than the other shows I saw, and his guitar solos on "I'm So Afraid" and "Go Your Own Way" were absolutely blazing. He windmilled his right arm and broke strings at the ends of both solos. I think he was showing off for his family, who had flown in from the west coast for the holiday and the show. Unfortunately, he seemed to pay for it at times. He frequently shook out his right hand as if it was causing him some pain, and he avoided backup vocals on "Gypsy" and "You Make Loving Fun," focusing his attention on his guitar instead.

Stevie seemed particularly happy and thanked the crowd for taking time from their Thanksgiving holiday to show up. During the evening, she consistently phrased her lines at tones a little higher than usual, often scatting the lines that were in the lower tones. She did sound a bit coarser and less melodic with certain phrases, but sang clearly and took little effort to hit the high notes elsewhere. She hopped from foot to foot on those huge platforms, getting down with the mic stand, using an edge she usually reserves for her solo stuff. She looked even thinner than on the video and the earlier shows I saw -- my brother saw her the week before in Chicago and remarked that he also thought she looked thinner than the New Jersey show. Lindsey looked thinner as well.

Some playful and different moments:

During the middle of "Gold Dust Woman," when Stevie walked over to John before he played that distinctive bass part to start the second verse, he took a little while to get to it, and when he finally hit it, Stevie went spinning across the stage to her mic. I haven't seen her spin like that for a long time -- she must have spun around seven or eight times, the black and gold were flying, and the arena went wild. With a big grin on her face, Stevie looked over at Lindsey. He didn't react much, so she just smiled and started singing, "Rock on ancient queen..."

At the end of "Say You Love Me," a song which brought the crowd to its feet to dance from its first notes, Stevie accepted flowers from someone in the first row on the floor and hid them behind her back so Lindsey wouldn't see them. Then she gave them to Mick before he went back behind his drum kit. Christine thanked the crowd for making that song so much fun.

At the end of "Go Your Own Way," Lindsey was playing his solo standing on the equipment stacked in front of the stage at Stevie's mic. She was dancing behind Chris and John at the rear of stage right, working the crowd in that corner, when she turned and noticed Lindsey standing on the crates. She looked a little concerned and came back across the stage and checked out Lindsey's guitar wire and his stance, which was off the edge of the stage. She seemed satisfied that all was well and ran back to where she'd been.

The best moment:

During that last, turgid, operatic act of "Silver Springs," while Stevie sang her aria, Lindsey followed/chased her around the stage until they ended up in front of Christine's piano where Stevie stopped him by placing her hand over his heart and singing, "You could be my silver springs, my blue green colors flashing." It was heart-wrenching and lovely, musical and dramatic.

The crowd was ecstatic at that moment, collectively out of their minds. A drunken man behind and above me was calling out, "Pop the question, Lindsey! Pop the question!" It was a little embarrassing for humanity, that bit, but vivid, ridiculous, and fascinating at the same time. The whole crowd seemed to have eaten and imbibed more than their fare share of Thanksgiving cheer. The energy level was rioutous, noticeably higher than the shows in New Jersey or the one on Long Island. Many people were cheerfully buzzed, some were a little past the point of public propriety, but it was the most exciting and amazing entertainment event I've ever attended. I may never get over it.

from Jodi
On the eve of Thanksgiving I was lucky enough to be visiting my parents in NY ( I live in Phoenix), so I was able to go to the show at Madison Square Garden. This was my 7th and final show and to top that off it was a holiday. My friends and I hopped on a train and headed to the City for one final night with Fleetwood Mac.

The show started off earlier than usual with the crickets chirping at about 8:15 instead of the usual 8:30. After the Chain, Stevie came up to the mic and she was so excited and childlike, and thanked us all for coming out on Thanksgiving to be with them. She had a hug smile on her face, and kept this smile for the rest of the show.

Though the set was the same, each show has its many unique moments and I will try to share some of these. The crowd was quite mellow for awhile which my friend and I could not understand. We figured maybe the turkey everyone ate for Thanksgiving had everyone a bit tired. But towards the last hour of the show, probably from Stand Back on, Fleetwood Mac had the crowd roaring. Now Stevie usually dedicates Landslide to the audience/ the fans, but she said on this night, since it was the third to the last show, she wanted to dedicate Landslide to the Fleetwood Mac crew since they had been so great this tour. Landslide was more beautiful than ever this show and Stevie put her arms around Lindsey as she usually does. My friend and I has tears in our eyes, the music was so beautiful. And we knew this was our last night to hear this song for awhile.

Lindsey dedicated Bleed to Love Her to his family who he said had flown out from the West Coast. Lindsey was pretty wild as usual, and broke about three strings on his guitar throughout the night.

Though I may talk about Stevie alot, I do not want to leave out Christine Mcvie who looked beautiful as usual and had a smile on her face the whole night as well. She is quite a woman, charming and wonderful. She plays to perfection at each show. (To those of you who have seen the show), you know how it seems like some of the crowd always leaves before the enchore, well not at this show. I did not see one person leave their seat, and Christine Mcvie and Songbird received the loudest roar from the crowd out of any of the 7 shows I had seen!! Christine, before songbird said "since it is Thanksgiving, I want thank you all for coming." At the end of the song she said to us, New york New York, (and chuckled), thank you.

Gypsy was awesome as it always is, and at the end of the song Stevie said to us "you could all still be that Gypsy if you want to." You can tell that she loves this song by the expression and smile on her face as she sings it. One of my favorites is Sweet girl, Stevie goes off at the end of this song. If you ever have seen a show, you''ll know what I mean.

My favorite of all is Silver Springs, a very emotional song both for Stevie and for me and all her true fans I am sure. As she sings- You'll never get away, never get away, never get away- she is walking backwards on the stage dragging her mic back with her, singing- you'll never get away- while looking at Lindsey. He immediatly runs across stage after her and looks directly at her and is so close to her ( face to face) as she sings the final verse of the song. Wow, I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Well I have probably babbled on about the show enough. I hope I captured some of the special moments of this Thanksgiving eve show, which I was so very thankful to be at!! I was with some wonderful friends and with this wonderful band. I had alot to be thankful for on this night. It was a sad feeling during Farmer's Daughter which Stevie, Lindsey and Christine harmonized so beautifully, not knowing when I would see Stevie and the band again. I just want to remember this night always. At the end of the show Mick and Stevie were the last to walk off as they usually are, and Mick made me smile and laugh, ( he is so wild) as he kissed the microphone, not once but twice, and led Stevie off the stage, back into The Other Side of The Mirror.

from Rochelle
Madison Square Garden was the very best of the three shows I attended which were Camden NJ, NYC, and Atlantic City NJ!!! There was so much more energy and intensity from the whole band, and Stevie was absolutely on fire for this show!!!! It was perfect from start to finish, every single song! The stage was very roomy to the side of Lindsey so Stevie did alot of dancing around on that side of the stage! All the songs were flawless!!!

With the cricketts in the background the band walked on stage in the darkness. Stevie's bracelett sparkled even in the dark, then the lights went up for the Chain!!! I was surprised to see her wearing the chiffon long black sleeves she wore in the Dance video. For the previous concert I went to she didn't have that on. Stevie thanked everyone for coming on Thanksgiving she was smiling and seemed very excited!! The songs were the same as the other shows, except everyone seemed so much more relaxed and totally into the show! Gold Dust Woman was awesome!!!! All the lights were gold, yellow, and orange with a little blue thrown in here and there. Which all looked so cool with Stevie wearing her gold shawl. This was one of the highlights of the show!!! Stevie really put so much into it, and yelled out go home! She was twirling around and at the end of the song, when she says someone said something about...gold dust, she put her hand up in front of her, so with the lights it looked like gold sparkling from her hands! Gypsy was a little different, I believe she was wearing the red/grayish black coat by this time. Lindsey did not sing the lightening strikes maybe once, maybe twice line. Stevie seemed to sing it a little different, so maybe thats why.

After the song she said and you know you can still be that Gypsy if you want to!!!!! Sweet Girl was the best I have heard!!! She was really belting out the song as she was all night. So much emotion for this song that I never saw before! Landslide, she was talking to Lindsey before she began the song, and when she went to her mic she said she had to check with the boss first, and wanted to dedicated the song to the crew who had worked so hard!!

This time for Rhiannon she was all in black, and it was fantastic! Stand Back the lights were flashing and Stevie went all out for this one, the crowd loving every minute of it, so full of energy!!! Silver Springs was very touching! During the guitar solo, she went behind Lindsey and put both her hands on his shoulders! She was yelling out, never get away, never get away... At the end she turned her back to the audience and Lindsey walked up to her face to face for the last line of the song! She thanked everyone from both of them!!

Lindsey's family had flown in from the west coast he said, he dedicated Bleed to Love Her to them! His solo's were incredible!! Christine was fantastic! She has such a beautiful voice. Mick did his drum solo dance which everyone loved! John played kind of in the background except for Say You Love Me and Farmers Daughter.

This was the best show I have seen!!! I hope someone has a video, because everyone has got to be able to see this one!!!!!

Atlantic City, Atlantic City Convention Center, November 29

from Gail & Charlie Cahill
Hi everyone! It's the morning after the Atlantic City concert and I'm still mystified. We had 5th row seats, two seats to the right of Lindsey. The stage was not very high at all and there was only about three feet from the first row to the sage. We were extremely close and had a great view of everyone on stage. The band came on about 9:35, and, of course, it began with the crickets. The set was the same and the costume changes from Stevie were the same, but she did change from the cream boots to deep rose boots. Stevie again had the wide rhinestone braclets on and a rhnestone sparkle on her far head. There was a surprise of the evening and I'll get to that later.

I was almost in tears during "The Chain". We saw Fleetwood Mac in the 4th row during the Behind the Mac Tour, but in all my years seeing the band I never was this close to Lindsey and I was beside by self because he looked wonderful and now I was seeing him pick the hell out of his guitars. I got to see his facial expressions and playfulness with the audience on our side. It was truly an exprience for me.

All I can say is WOW! The band looked and sounded fabulous. They all seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Stevie especially. She was all smiles. And, so was Christine. They all had their chance to talk and Stevie kept saying Thank You after her songs. Lindsey thanked all of us for making this reunion a success and he gave us a hand. His talking of how the reunion came about and how as the tour progressed Mick became the little demon. Lindsey also gave a chilling rendition of the "poem" before "Go Insane".

Again, everyone was in top form. Stevie absolutely sounded superb. She every song with a fever. She ROCKED on "Stand Back" and brought the house to their feet. She dedicated "Landslide" to a little girl in the audience and said that if would have had a little girl the name would have been the same. "Kelley Ann" Also, during "Landslide" where Lindsey has his solo guitar, Stevie went around his back and put her arms around him. And he was leaning back into her as he played.

I was just happy to see Stevie happy and having fun. She definitely did a ton of twirls throughout the show. Played the heart out of her tambourine and a set of castanets during Chrintine's "Oh Daddy". She move frequently around the stage, talked with everyone in the band and made many gestures and facial expressions (eye contact) with the audience. I got one of them during "You Make Lovin' Fun" when the lights were up bright. She nodded and smiled and shook head approvingly. I gave the same back. She apparently took notice to my Nicks Fix Pass, which a friend of mine made up with blue paper with black lettering and had laminated.

Mick was engrossed with drum pads and kept asking us if we were "ready" and "are you with me" during "Not That Funny". I still don't like this song, it was a bit drawn out. But, Lindsey did get me laughing because he began to act as if he was possessed. You saw just the whites of his eyes as he blinked through his solo and moved around like a puppet's strings being pulled as he returned to play at the end of Micks' solo. Both he and Mick were having a fun time facing off with each other while playing.

Christine was extraordinarily "Perfect". She's a crooner. Just a pleasure to hear her sing and harmonize. John, with his jeans, hawaiian shirt and cap was brillant. The bass man was on! John was first in the line up during "Say You Love Me", then Chris, Stevie, Mick & Lindsey.

Well, here it comes, the surprise...Stevie was really into "Silver Springs". She sang some of the lines a bit differently by drawing them out as she sang. The change sounded great and she was still in line with the tempo. Well, at the end when Lindsey joins Stevie to sing "you'll never get a way from the sound of the woman who loves you" and Stevie begins to rant "never get a way, never get a way" I could tell she was getting very emotional to a point where she didn't know how to continue her ranting. As the music turned softer at the end where she sings the last verse she had moved to over to Christine's stage mic grab it and turn her back slightly to the audience, she had the mic tilted to her level. Lindsey sensing something was up walked over to her (he was facing the audience) and even from where we sat you saw her tell Lindsey at least three times that "I can't do it, I can't, no". So, Lindsey finished the song looking her dead in the eye, "you could be my silver springs, my blue/green colors flashing"! Absolutely fantastic! He sang it in a tiny voice almost matching the way Stevie sings it. At the end Stevie put her arm and hand out to him and he took hand and touched in face with it then kissed it. Very emotionally. I believe Stevie had some tears and when Lindsey came back over to his mic he place both hands over his face, then shook off the moment. I had chills! What a thrill!

Stevie blasted "Rhiannon". I almost thought I was back in 1977. Lindsey had the housing rockin' with "Second Hand News" and "Go Your Own Way". Lindsey said their time was almost up before they did "Go Your Own Way" and after the song as the band was leaving the stage Stevie again thanked everyone for coming. Of course, they came back in about five minutes with "Don't Stop" which had everyone on their feet. They once again left the stage. Christine came out a few minutes later with "Songbird" and graciously thanked everyone for coming and said there was still another song, maybe two. The stage was already set up for them to do "Farmers Daughter". The band did a fabulous job with this song. And it's still a great concert closer for this reunion tour.

Everyone thanked us again. Stevie said, "as I've said many time of the course of this tour...thank you so very much, be well and safe". The band took closing bals after "Go Your Own Way" and "Farmers Daughter". Everyone was leaving the stage as Mick said his last thank yous and good-byes, but Stevie again waited for him off the side and they exited the stage together.

I was drained last night and I am now. I can't say enough about the concert. The second to the last show of this reunion tour (as it stands right now) and the band was in rare form. The sound was great, their voices were great, their personalities were great, the evening with Fleetwood Mac was awesome! It's permanently burned in my memories as one of the best concerts I've seen them perform.

I wish everyone is the band well and god speed to their individual homes after the Landover, MD show tonight. You lucky dogs. I also wish the band the very best this Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year! For me, I look forward this new year to the solo projects of Lindsey and Stevie, but I'll be wishing to hear news that possibly this band will record another album. This tour proved that they can over come anything and that they do indeed have staying power.

Thank you from a very loyal fan. Cheers to All!

from Chris Dougherty
As always, it is a total thrill to see Stevie and the gang on stage. This is the second concert that I've seen on the tour, the first one being at the Continental arena in Rutherford NJ about two months ago. While the Atlantic City venue itself is not the most wonderful setup for a concert, (the ceiling is a domed mile high, and the seating is a huge floor and a little bit of bleachers far far away from the stage) the acoustics were amazingly good, and the music was wonderful.

Stevie looked amazing as always, hair straight over to one side, bright red lipstick and a very sexy lowcut outfit, a few sparkley bangles and just awesome as usual. She had the beige boots on at first and then changed into burgundy ones halfway throught the show to match a burgundy and black robe. Really beautiful. And the rest of the band looked and sounded great. Christine looked especially beautiful this past Saturday nite also.

The musical set was the same as before, Dreams and Stand Back were awesome, as were all of Stevie's other contributions, including Rhiannon and Silver Springs. Landslide was particularly sentimental and touching, her embrace with Lindsay towards the end especially long, and she dedicated a song to someone in the audience named Kelly whom she referred to as someone very special to her. The crowd was on their feet most of the concert enjoying the music and just plain Rocking Out.

The ending included amazingly hard hitting, thrilling versions of Don't Stop and Go Your Own Way, and then finally a beautiful rendition of Farmer's Daughter. Their voices together harmonized so beautifully on Farmer's Daughter. Stevie ended the show with a comment to the crowd expressing her sincere appreciation and love for everyone in the audience, and a hope for us all to be well until the next time we all can come together again. All in all, another awesome Fleetwood Mac experience and memory for the archives. With any luck, FM will be back again very very soon. We can all hope for the best.

Landover MD, US Air Arena, November 30

from Keith
"You must believe in the five to survive the distant.."

How appropriate were these words, as I settled into my seat just feet away from the stage where Stevie and the rest of the band on the last night of this very intense tour would be performing. I realized this was the closest I had been to Stevie since I saw her on the Rock a Little tour, and I knew it was going to be special. I was closer to Christine and Lindsey at the other shows, and tonight I knew the focus for me would be Stevie. Coming off the heals of a somewhat disappointing Atlantic City show (the band was great, the fans - if you can even call them that -were boring and pathetic (sorry, but my honest feelings about a crowd who acted like they were at church). I realize I stand up and dance, not to be inconsiderate or rude, but because that is my honest reaction to this band when they are on stage - they totally absorb me and make me move. I have no control over myself. They are just too powerful. As I sat there, I thought about the band, and wondered what they were thinking and feeling. I always get this "unexplainable, but incredible" feeling knowing that they are so close…and then I heard that sound…….and then I heard the drums…and then the guitar riff……

The Chain brought me to my feet, as I listened to those incredible hopeful words "never break the chain." As usual, Stevie drew me in. Her beauty, her power, her vulnerability, her words so powerful and demanding. I had to pinch myself over and over, "is it a dream, have I been here before" am I actually this close to her. You know she is there, but it’s like being in shock, and then you finally get settled down (somewhat) and enjoy the show. But, she is still right in front of you. Seeing the Mac on Thursday and Saturday, I can say with complete confidence that Lindsey is by far the best live guitarist of them all. Will the critics please take notice!! He deserves it!! Just as Stevie’s power and emotion is her voice, Lindsey’s reveals himself through his guitar. I have never seen a man play with such intensity and raw talent. Buckingham is the Guitar God. Period. Christine was stunning, her voice blending with Stevie and Linsdey in this opening number as she played her keyboards with such confidence. John was hiding in the shadows, (but he didn’t stay there, he had his moments) and Mick was the heart "beat" of this band, with his wicked smile and dominant drumming. I didn’t care about what those around me were going to do, I was going to enjoy this show. Dreams was next, and I knew from Stevie’s facial expressions that she was really going to give her fans a "special" performance tonight. At times the song reminded me of "nightbird", it was just a feeling… Everywhere was great, as Christine came out from her keyboards, welcomed the crowd, and the song was pretty much what I expected. Gold Dust Woman was Stevie at her best. She really got into this number, and her face expressed the uncertainty and pain that is so much of this song. Its funny when you are so close to someone that plays such an important part of your "musical" life. It’s like how you see most everyone else in black and white, but there is that one person who you see in color. That is how Stevie is to me. I mean, you know she is right there in front of you, but you just can’t believe it. And you know these songs that she is singing, but when she is right in front of you, she becomes transparent, and vulnerable, and you feel them in a way that you can’t even begin to explain, because no one would probably understand, but that is part of the magic of her music. Anyway…..I’m So Afraid was next, and this is probably one of my favorite songs from the band, and Lindsey’s guitar playing here is just amazing. I can honestly say that he could play the ending of this song for hours and I would never want it to stop. Temporary One, which I have dubbed the reunion song, was next followed by Bleed to Love Her, which I think would be a great single. The sound was mixed perfect here, focusing on Lindsey’s guitar which is so crucial to this song. I simply loved it. Next was "Gypsy" and this is where I began to get emotional. Listening to this lovely song by Ms. Nicks and hearing her say "and a memory is all that is left for you now" totally got to me. I know she probably didn’t even notice me, but it was like she was singing to that empty place in my heart that was being filled temporarily by her words. That empty space that wants this band to continue, but not knowing if it will. This woman who was sitting next to me (and seemed somewhat bored), was watching me and gave me one of those "phony" smiles, but my "real" tears were more of a "thank you" to the band than of sadness. Big Love and Go Insane were Lindsey at his best. He is simply amazing on these two songs and his guitar soared throughout the venue. Amazing man. I will definitely be first in line if he comes to town for a solo performance. Well, Landslide was…well, what can I say…since I am "getting older, too". This is probably the best I have ever heard Stevie sing this song. It wasn’t that her voice was stronger or anything, but it was like she was thinking "this might be the last time I sing this song with these four individuals, and she sang it that way, with a little fear and acceptance".. Say You Love Me had that "country banjo-picking" feeling to it, and was followed by Sweet Girl. This song is so outstanding live! From seeing one of the earlier shows to seeing the last show, I can honestly say this band has gotten better and Sweet Girl demonstrates that. I find it amazing that Stevie wrote this song a week before the band got back together. It is definitely her life as a "rock and roll star" song. I simply adore it!! You Make Loving Fun was great, and My Little Demon showed a playful Stevie and John with Lindsey tearing up his guitar. Stand Back was a highlight!! At all four shows, this song was strong and got the crowd moving. The rest of the band steps into the background and lets Stevie deliver this very powerful number. It was great!! Oh Daddy and Not That Funny was great - Mick doing his "solo" thing, and Rhiannon was incredible. Stevie didn’t cut loose like she did in New York City, but she still sung her little heart out. Second Hand News kind of came and went - this song could be a little longer because it is really great live. Silver Springs was powerful and I started crying when she sang "tell myself you never loved me," words that I can so relate to. Her and Lindsey were really into the emotion of this song, and it was so genuine. Well, I was exhausted at this point, but Tusk and Go Your Own Way gave me energy that I didn’t even know I had in me. All five members were into Go Your Own Way, with Lindsey leading the way. Total power. Total Emotion. Total Love for their fans and for each other…The band said goodbye, and I think they said something to the effect that they would be back, but not really sure if that is what they said or what I wanted to hear, and the encores were Don’t Stop, Songbird, and Farmer’s Daughter. Christine and Lindsey said something about the holidays and the reunion, but I just kind of sat in my chair feeling a little numb, not wanting to move, not wanting it to be over, part of me sad, but a bigger part of me extremely thankful to Lindsey, Mick, Christine, John and Stevie for getting back together and doing this tour and giving me four very special evenings. "So I’ll try and say goodbye my friend, I’d like to leave you with something warm………" And that they did….

from Bridget
I took my 9 year old daughter to the Fleetwood Mac Novemeber 30th Show at the U.S. Air Arena in Maryland. How incredible that was. First of all, the band was GREAT! They had even more energy than the September 30th show I saw.

It was nice to share this with my daughter. People kept watching her because she sang EVERY SONG!

The song line-up was the same as the other shows, but with even more power. I guess since this was the last show on the tour, they gave so much more.

Lindsey Buckingham is a master, I've never seen someone so into their art.

Needless to say, Stevie looked and sounded better than ever. The raw emotion in this woman's voice is beyond words.

Christine's voice is so sweet. She hasn't lost a thing. John was a little more invloved. Him and Lindsey were playing off of one another at one point and it was nice. Mick....well, what can you say about the man who brought this group to us? He was wonderful.

The funniest part was when Lindsey was running around the stage to all the members and then ran over to Stevie and grabbed her and gave her a big hug. She was caught off guard, so it wasn't the usual hug after a song.

The fans loved the show and had a ball. People were dancing everywhere.

I have a strange feeling, this wasn't the last we've heard of FM.

from Greg Lebrick
Well, I always wondered what it would be like to do something crazy...like pay a whole lotta money for a front row ticket to a Stevie/Mac concert and then a whole lot more money for lodging and airline tickets. What did I learn besides I'm broke? I learned that it was worth every cent and I'll do it again if the opportunity presents itself!

First I absolutely have to begin by thanking the individual who sold me the front row center ticket to a very special concert; the Mac's last stop in Landover, Maryland on November 30. Not only did he sell me an incredible ticket, but extended the whole experience by inviting me to hang with him and his two friends before and after the show. (You won't believe what happened after the show!) I was prepared to attend the concert on my own, but sharing the experience with three other people made the whole adventure a lot more personable.

Before I begin the review, I just want to add that I'm explaining what I observed at the show and what I saw after the show. I'm not going to claim to know what any of the members of the band were thinking or feeling...just what I saw them doing. Okay, here it goes...

After having dinner with my new Mac buddies and reviewing all their Mac/Stevie memorabilia, we headed for the arena. I didn't realize it, but the Landover USAir Arena is the same facility that housed the 1992 Inaugural Ball. So, the last time the Mac performed there was when they sang "Don't Stop" for the president. I thought that was kind of cool tidbit.

The arena was sold out so there were people everywhere. Our curiosity got the best of us, so we decided to head down to the stage to see just how close we would be sitting to the stage. Nothing beats front row center seats. You're literally right there. I was right between Stevie's mic and Christine's mic that she used when she came up front for Say You Love Me.

The audience was excellent. They were ready for a good time and their applause for all the performances made that quite obvious. We stood through the entire performance, with the exception of Go Insane, but by the end of that tune, we were back on our feet for the remainder of the concert.

The sound was crystal clear, a huge improvement from when I had seen them in Moline just a couple weeks before. You could understand every word that was being said and sung.

Because it was the last night of the tour, Christine, Stevie and Lindsey all made reference to the fact that the night was very special because it was indeed the last night. Linsdey dedicated a song to the band members (don't hate me...I can't remember which one), Christine dedicated Songbird to Stevie, John, Linsdey and Mick; and Stevie dedicated Landslide to the crew "which makes the band sound and look so good."

Stevie was really in her witchiest best singing voice. Even Sweet Girl had a more wicked, intense tone to it that I hadn't heard previously. Lindsey was once again going for the Oscar, definitely giving it his all in every song. Christine was perfect on every song, and was still smiling through most of the show. She really seems to be enjoying this whole reunion thing a lot. The new songs all got loud applause, and when Silver Springs (did you know that it was a road sign in Maryland that read "Silver Springs" that inspired Stevie to write the song?) began the audience roared. I was freaked. It has really found its home in many people's hearts.

As far as surprises throughout the evening, there were a couple. I was freaked when Linsdey blew ME a kiss after I flashed a piece sign to him. I turned to my concert buddies and said "Did he just do what I think he did?" They responded with "I think you've got a date tonight after the show." It was very funny. Another advantage of front row seats is that when you scream their names, they actually hear you and look, even waving at times.

During the Landslide guitar solo, Stevie went behind Linsdey and rested her chin on his right shoulder. It would have been a great picture. When the song was finished, they hugged extra long and both said something indepth to the other.

A very interesting and entertaining, even shocking thing that happened, was during Go your Own Way. Towards the end, when Linsdey is totally jamming, he ran up to Stevie, grabbed her head and planted a huge wet one on her cheek. Stevie looked absolutely shocked when he grabbed her and TOTALLY PISSED when he let go! It was truly a classic moment. The mischevious little boy in Lindsey was very present that night.

When they were ready to sing Farmer's Daughter, Stevie sang the first note a beat too soon. She had an embarassed look on her face, but it didn't last long because they went right into the song.

All in all, I think I can say it was the best concert I had ever been to, and it will be very hard to top that experience. (And in '94 Stevie gave me her bouquet of flowers and a guitar pick all in the same show. I had front row center then too. Nothing beats it people.)

Are you ready for what happened after the show?

I'm generally a pretty reserved and shy person, but my new Mac buddies weren't. They were prepared to wait for the band to exit to their limos and then follow them to their hotel. Eventhough I had never done this before, and I had reservations about doing it then, I just kind of let myself go with the flow.

Sure enough, the band came out to their limos, waved to fans and drove off. And sure enough, my Mac buddies were determined to follow them. We were at a safe distance behind them the entire way to the motel. I was freaking out that they had undercover security that were going to pull us over and accuse us of stalking the band (I can be a spaz at times). But if there were any, we were obviously too good for them. Ha! We got all the way to the hotel.

Stevie's and Christine's limos were the first and closest to the hotel doors, so they got in before we got to see them. But we did see Linsdey, Mick and John walk up to the doors. We were standing right there, at the doors watching this happen. There were other fans there to hoping for autographs. Mick was the only one in a generous mood that night. He probably signed about ten items for people before going in. Sharon Celani (Stevie's back up singer) posed for a photo with my new Mac buddies and talked for a few minutes. She's very down to earth and willing to share whatever information she knows. She wasn't aware of any more touring that might occur.

Okay, that was pretty exciting. It's time to go now...right? Wrong. My Mac buddies were determined to get autographs or at least meet all the band members. We then headed for the hotel lounge. After sitting there for three minutes, the hotel manager came up to us and told us that we could stay, but if we did any harassing, we would have to leave. I was beginning to feel like a criminal, but we weren't being obnoxious or acting out of line. We ordered drinks and conducted ourselves as well as could have been expected when you know you're about to see one of the greatest bands ever in a personal setting.

Part of the lounge had been partitioned off. It was clear that something special was going to be happening. By this time it was about 1 am. Sure enough, within one half hour, the band members began walking down to the lounge. First Christine, then Mick, Linsdey, John and Stevie who was holding hands with her hair/make up guy. They were literally walking right by us as we sat at the table. We were very good at not looking obvious. We didn't go out of our way to stare or oggle. We basically just blended in with what was happening.

It turns out that my Mac buddies recognized one of the guys in the Mac entourage. He used to be a bartender at a DC club and now he's a messeur; Stevie's messuer to be exact. He works in New York now and she hired him for the tour.(Must be nice!)

One of my Mac buddies, was feeling extra adventurous that night. He went up to Mick and Christine towards the end of the evening when the party was breaking up. Mick was kind of short with him, but Christine actually kissed him on the cheek and told him to "just relax, don't be so nervous." Can you believe it?!? He basically just thanked her for the music.

Around 3 am, the party started breaking up. The band members all left separately. As far as I noticed, none of them spent much, if any, time talking to each other. Granted, there were probably 45 people attending the party. There is more to the "Mac" then just the five members that we see on stage. There are a lot of people behind the scenes. I believe there were friends, personal assistants, business people, etc. attending this little get together.

I never saw Stevie leave, but Linsdey left with two women holding him up on each side. I think he had a little too much to drink. Mick left by himself. A man went running after him and patted him on the back and continued walking with him. Christine left with two men (I think one was her husband) and they were all laughing. John I never saw leave either.

It was a pretty tame party, nothing that would have probably compared to a wrap up party 20 years ago. It left me wondering what was in store for the Mac in the future. Are they getting along? Do they really appreciate one another? Can they at least get along long enough to put out a new cd? Do they realize (even now) how many fans they have? Do they have any idea of just how good they are when they work together?

Thanks for the memories.

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