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Yahoo! Internet Life magazine
March 2001

"Sites We Love"

"Our selections divided neatly into three categories: eminently useful sites like URBANBABY.COM; diversions with universal appeal, like the word games on BOXERJAM; and sites that cater to individual obsessions, such as THE NICKS FIX, a shrine to the divine Stevie that executive editor David Thomas visits daily."

The Nicks Fix (nicksfix.com)
David Thomas, Executive Editor

yahoo_mar2001_photo1.jpg - 23663 Bytes I've become a crazed Stevie Nicks fan. The web made me do it. Back in 1983, my music collection consisted of three Carpenters 8-tracks and a Donna Summer live LP. Then my sister Diana turned me on to Stevie Nicks's The Wild Heart. Her otherworldly vocals and Moog-driven melodies transmigrated me straight out of Baytown, Texas, into a fantastical place entirely of her own design. I didn't even realize Stevie was in Fleetwood Mac until I heard her sing "Rhiannon" in concert in 1986.

See, before the Net, obsessive fans were born, not made. Unless you were proactive about it-subscribing to Tiger Beat, say-no one knew what a rock star's terrier was named, or what twisted melodrama caused "Silver Springs" to become a mere B-side instead of going on Rumours where it belonged. Then the web came along, and when I innocently searched Yahoo! for some Stevie lyrics, I clicked through to the Nicks Fix.

It was like falling into David Koresh's lap. The Nicks Fix's most seductive distinction is that creator John Kinney is a true documentarian. He gathers the facts - lyrics, set lists, reviews, and a mind-boggling collection of ephemera - and lays them out for you to interpret. For stickiness, Kinney compulsively logs every site update (love those Stevie Sightings, John). He knows his limitations, too, ceding the music-file field to the comprehensive STEVIE NICKS: THE QUEEN OF ROCK & ROLL! (queenofrock.com).

I get my Nicks Fix every morning, and I love it. (How else would I know that Stevie was an answer on Jeopardy! last night?)


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Thanks to Al Lovelace for sending the article.

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