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The Wild Heart Affair
May 26, 2001

The Wild Heart Affair was a West Coast's Fan Party that took place in the Whitcomb Ballroom at the Ramada Plaza Hotel International in San Francisco. Here is a review from a fan who attended.

from Deborah I won tickets to The Wild Heart Affair this year. It was fantastic I arrived at The Wild Heart Affair with myfriend at 8pm. There were Stevie pictures everywhere and Stevie and Fleetwood Mac music and videos going continuously. They had a few raffle drawings but the 1st main event was the lip sync contest. I entered and did Stand Back. I did not come in at any of the 1st three spots but I did get a TISL promo poster. A guy and girl won for singing Leather and Lace. Then they had a Stevie look alike contest. I did not dress like her this year other than my platform boots because I wear boots all summer long. They then showed a clip of the upcoming movie Gypsy 83. After that we sang Happy Birthday to Stevie and then ate the cake. VH-1 was filming everything that includes my version of Stand Back! I then had to leave as I was taking public transit back home and that only ran to where I was going until the witching hour! Bummer! I had an Enchanted evening though and as far as next years event goes all I can say is I Can't Wait... I Can't Wait...Well I've got to know when I can see you again...


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