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West Coast Stevie Fan Party '99
June 19, 1999

The West Coast Stevie Nicks Fan Party was held under the stars on the balcony at the Burbank Bar & Grill on Saturday June 19,1999 starting at 7pm.

I must start by saying that in addition to the actual party, we hosted a silent auction and raffle to benefit ST. Jude's in honor of Stevie Nicks. All the money we raised is being donated. I don't have a final count but it is over $600.00! The biggest portion coming from the silent auction, where you could bid on an original hand colored signed print by Johanna Pieterman. The high bidder was Theresa Mancuso! She is now the owner of a wonderful rare collectible. I must also thank all those who donated and made this a success. It was important to me that we celebrate Stevie in a way that she would be proud, and I know that donating to one of her charities in her honor far outweighs any other gift we could have given her.

Now for the party!

We arrived and started decorating for the party about 6:30, my husband had gotten his boss to make up two banners, one of which that would be signed by fans and will be given to Stevie, along with a guest book and video of the event. We also had stars streamers and balloons, but the best decoration was the clear sky full of stars and a brilliant moon, most definitely, a Stevie sky!

Guest started arriving and were a little shy at first, there was a menu available and a bar for refreshments. I tried to get around to everyone and introduce myself and point out Marisa, that way they would all at least get a name, however, both Marisa and myself found ourselves having to ask for everyone's email address so we could make a connection! As more guests arrived, I put my husband in charge of getting the guest book and banner signed. Unfortunately, there were far too many pretty girls around, and everytime I saw him he was trying to strike up conversation with another girl! I laughed as I heard him using a very imaginative pick up line, "Have you met my wife, she's the one that bought Stevie's jeep!" He claimed he was just helping break the ice, but I am still not sure.

The night went really fast, we all shared our "Stevie Stories", we laughed, we cried, and then we all laughed some more. It seems that every person there-- but me, has already met Stevie,so the stories were very private and touching. Not everyone had a good experience on their first meeting ( yes some had met her more than one time!) It never occurred to any one of them to love and admire her any less. In the end, the moment when they got that next chance and they looked her in the eye and poured out their hearts to her,nothing else mattered.

After we all shared stories,we went on to discuss her music. It always amazes me to hear why someone likes a certain song, and in what ways it affects and touches them. It gives me new appreciation and insight into the actual depth each person takes a song to. Stevie has always had a special way of connecting to her fans through her music that goes far beyond just making a song sound good, I feel they are so much a part of her that the unspoken as well as the spoken sometimes touches us in ways we may not immediately realize, but when your world starts spinning out of control, and you put on the CD, the answers and comfort are there.~ She never ceases to amaze me.

I am so glad that I had the chance to meet and share with other Stevie fans. If there is a fan party near you I strongly suggest that you attend. It will be something you will cherish.


Here are some photos of some of a few the fans who attended:
westcoastparty99c.jpg - 5132 Bytes
Tawnya (nchanted@olypen.com)


westcoastparty99a.jpg - 30892 Bytes
left to right
back row: Scot Hart (promoscot@aol.com), Lili (Lilush14@aol.com), Tawnya nchanted@olypen.com
second row: Jason, Marisa
third row: Billy Corona (former Bay City Roller!), David (striker298@aol.com), Donna (DUSTY950@aol.com), Kathy (Gypcwch@aol.com), Christine (boop@olypen.com)
Front: Anna (FOOL413@aol.com)


Photos and names sent by Tawnya


westcoastparty99b.jpg - 31958 Bytes
Meredith MAUTRY28@aol.com), Marisa (lovecat723@aol.com) and Jason        Meredith and Bella Donna

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