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Review of Fleetwood Mac's Unplugged taping

On May 22 and 23 Fleetwood Mac taped a special for MTV.

The Thursday session as seen by Craig Hermes

I just came from the Thursday evening taping of Fleetwood Mac:The Reunion. The show was phenomenal-Stevie was in better voice than when she was touring in the mid-Eighties. Quite a few celebretants in the audience: Winona Ryder, Jacob Dylan, Luke Perry, (Courtney Love is going tomorrow...) and Stevie's mom & dad.

I found much of the show emotionally draining, as I basically relived much of my life as a Fleetwood Mac fan-going on 22 years of fandom. The group was having a good time-it was loose and friendly(even when Stevie couldn't remember the lyrics to 'Dreams') Lindsey kidded Stevie saying "Hollywood, learn while you earn..."

The emotional high point was when Stevie dedicated "Silver Springs" to her mom, and assured her that it would be on the next album. Lindsey also had his moments, too, among them an incredible acoustic version of Go Insane. Christine, as usual, was flawless...in fact, she's even more beautiful now than she was 20 years ago(actually, she looks exactly the same...a bit spooky)

Short of being wordy, I'll present the set list.

All in all- an amazing, drenching, heartwarming, fun event. I feel so fortunate to have see a group that I thought would never perform together again.
Hope this is of interest!

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