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July 4, 1998: Coral Sky - West Palm Beach, FL

from Dreamstr
Through the haze of smokey skies, Stevie's voice filled the air with an incredibly strong voice and a very talented band. A very warm and mellow crowd enjoyed the entire show singing along with their favorites. Rhiannon was perfect, and her mix of songs for the Enchanted Tour really give the audience a chance to get to know the real Stevie, displaying her true talents through her acoustic songs like "After the Glidder Fades". With the smokey steamy skies as a constant reminder, Stevie gracioulsy dedicated "Landslide" to the Firefighters fighting the Fires in Florida. Her charming personality and smile shined through the entire show and she is more beautiful than ever. This show is the very best Stevie Concert that I have ever been to.......
from Linda
Stevie in West Palm Beach was fabulous! We had 5th row seats but stood in front of the stage for half of it. She was beautiful!! A packed house at Coral Sky. She enchanted everyone!A beautiful lady!
from Courtney
Stevie was amazing this Fourth of July. She enjoyed herself immensely throughout the entire show, very full of energy. She opened with 'Outside the Rain' and then went into 'Dreams,' singing her heart out. I was lucky enough to be in the ninth row, an aisle seat. I danced the entire show, except for the acoustic set. The music was so great there was no way I was sitting for this show. She was very thoughful about our state's wildfires, she thanked everyone for coming to the show and said she was glad to see that "at least this group of Floridians was safe." She dedicated 'Landslide' to all of the firefighters, who are trying to save "our beautiful state and its beautiful people." I can't pick a favorite song, all of them brought the house down. She rocked with 'Gold&Braid' playfully holding up her hair on certain lines. During 'Stand Back' she did a lot of dancing, and this woman can sure still move!! Stevie was also very gracious throughout the set, explaining each song and their meanings. Her clothing was beautiful, the dress she had on for the acoustic set was a burgundy gown with woven flowers. She was startlingly beautiful, especially being so close to her and the stage I got to see her better. She is very thin and has such a lovely face. I managed to sneak past the security guard to the stage for 'Edge of Seventeen' and she shook hands with so many. I got to touch her, and she smiled at all of us and kept saying "Thank you." She is obviously very grateful for her fans, not conceited in the least. She ended with 'Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You' thanking the fans, asking us to keep healthy so we can all do this again and not to forget her. Not that we ever could!! And she said at the end of her song, "Well, they ask her about the men in her life. And they do ask. So she tells them, 'Well they were poets...yet they were priests of nothing. But they are all legends.'" Well, Stevie, you are one of the few great legends in your own time. Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring music. I will never forget you.
from Juan Carlos
On July 4th I had planned on going to a relative's house for a little party. Of course, in Florida, the fireworks this year were banned due to the terrible fires. But my cousin looked up at me the day before and said, "Wanna go see Stevie Nicks?" I, of course, being the Fleetwood Mac fan that I am, said yes. So we began making arrangements. That day we got tickets for the sixth row. The moment those tickets met my finger tips, a part of me changed: a part that will never return to its older ways. I was in Miami at the time and, of course, had to go to West Palm Beach to see Stevie. I can tell you honestly that I didn't know what to expect. A part of me was aching with curiosity as to what the woman who I adored on the latest Fleetwood Mac album, "The Dance," would be like up close and live. I got there during the last song of Boz Scaggs. When the lights went down for Stevie the whole place roared. And then there she was. The definition of the word "enchant" was read to the audience and then she appeared, walking delicately on to the stage, illuminated by light and the roar of fans. I think what impressed me most of all was how personal she was with the audience. When she spoke I felt as if she were speaking to me. But the most memorable part of the evening was when she bent down to shake people's hands. I ran to the stage, as a lot of people did, when I saw that she was shaking hands and when she came to me I grabbed both of her hands graciously and mouthed the words, "I love you." I'm only 16 years old, so I doubt she took it in an offensive way. When I said it to her she smiled and held on to both of my hands tighter, then moving on to the person beside me. I was so close that I could smell the cloth of her costume. And when I held her hands I thought to myself, "This is her. This is the woman who wrote 'Silver Springs,' one of the greatest songs on this planet and for this one moment in time she has her attention focused on me." Her hands were delicate and lovely. She is a true lady in every sense of the word. I'll never forget the few moments I had to myself with one of the most beautiful women in the world, Stevie Nicks. I love you, Stevie.
from ARH
STEVIE WAS FABULOUS! Though the air was filled with smoke from the fires, Stevie looked and sounded AWESOME! She did mention that the fires made her nervous and she was glad in knowing we were all right. She managed to make everyone feel extremely special, especially when introducing her acoustic set. It was nice to hear her explain the story behind those songs, it made the set seem incredibly intimate. Her voice was very strong, much stronger than I ever remember it being. I have always loved Garbo and Sleeping Angel, based on how well she performed these songs, it was apparent that see loved them too! She seemed extremely happy and at times a little surprised by the response from her fans. It was obvious that Stevie was a bit hit in West Palm Beach. I was surprised by the turnout, the place was packed. Aside of the acoustic set we were on our feet the entire show. Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen really rocked! My cousin, Stefanie, has been singing the words to Edge of Seventeen since she was 4 years old and told me it was still her favorite song. Stevie amazed me yet again, by her dedication of Landslide to the firefighters that were battling the fires in Central Florida. She closed with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. I have always loved this song because it is a gift to her fans. In closing words, Stevie said "Stay well and lets do this again". She is a real class act, and one that deserves nothing but praise for her delivery and longevity. She still has the power to captivate those that are within the reach of her voice. There are reasons why even the Angels don't give up at all. . .
from LostLNE
I know you have reviews from many, but I wanted to tell you all that this concert was everything that I thought it would be. My friend Kate and I did not sit down thoughout the whole show. It was very special when Stevie sang the acoustic set, Garbo and Rose Garden are two of my favourite songs. IT MADE FOR A VERY SPECIAL 4th of July for me...definintely a memory day. Stevie was very sweet and gracious to us here in Florida....her concern for the fire victims and how she spoke on the radio in reference to donating money to the Red Cross, was so sincere and heartfelt to us here. I was in the 25th row, but I was able to get to the front to see her when she sang "Has anyone ever written..." She is the best! Thanks Stevie for a great show!
from Diane
Stevie was awesome in West Palm Beach, Florida on the Fourth of July. She kept mentioning the fires. We were all welcomed warmly (true Stevie Style) and she said that she was glad that we were all safe from the fires that were burning across our state. Stevie put her money where her mouth is, too, by helping the drive for the Red Cross donations. I couldn't help but shed a few silent tears when Stevie dedicated Landslide, the song that I've heard her dedicate to her father so many times, to the firefighters who were fighting the fires.

Well, Stevie, the fires stopped buring just days (on Wed) after you left our neck of the woods and I think that maybe some of that "enchantment" wore off on Mother Nature who saw fit to douse our state with much rain. (We are well above the norm in our area in WPB for the month!)

Stevie was (and is) a princess and while sitting at the concert, there was a lovely family just beside me. I heard the father say to the child, "This lady has been singing for a long time. She was popular when mommy was growing up. She sings beautifully." That was when I realized the impact that Stevie has made upon this world. She truly is the "queen of rock-n-roll." Stevie's songs helped me through very difficult times growing up. I'd listen to Firefly and realize what a fighter I really was. Gypsy gave me the strength to go on. Gold Dust Woman made me realize that it *is* ok to keep on loving. And Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night for me even still. It's always been as if I've known Stevie because she's experssed herself so clearly in her music. It is wonderful to see her doing that same thing for many of the newer generation of people. Stevie is timeless just like her beauty.

The Tour Book is incredible. I find myself going over and over it again. It's fun to see that many of the same things that she has in her house, are also in mine (the two blue votive holders on the mantle, one of a sun and one of a moon; crystal ball, just a few of the things that I also have!). It was an incredible show and now, two weeks later, it's still fresh in my mind as though the concert happened only yesterday! Thanks, Stevie, for a lifetime (and an evening) of memories, Diane

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