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Tonight Show
April 30, 1998
Carla, Linda and Vicky meet Stevie after the Tonight Show

Carla, Stevie, Linda and Vicky

Two days after the release of her Enchanted CD (notice Carla is holding the box set which Stevie did autograph). The photo was taken in front of Acapulco Mexican Restaurant in front of The Tonight Show Studio. We flew from San Antonio, TX to Los Angeles the same day just to see Stevie hoping to meet her. That didn't happen at the show. When the show was over we were happy to at least see her perform "STAND BACK''. We were sad because we were not able to meet her then.... After the Show we needed to put gas in the car. The gas station was in front of the studio also in front of the Mexican Restaurant. While we were filling up, a black limo passed right in front of us and turned into the restaurant. I walk towards the street to see who was in the limo. When it parked at the restaurant (mind you I was calm and never imagined that it might be Stevie) When the limo driver opened the door I saw a woman with Long Blonde hair step out and my heart stopped I realized it was STEVIE NICKS AND SCEAMED TO MY SISTERS ' ITS STEVIE RUN , GRAB THE CAMERA AND THE BOX SET RUN.... RUN.... RUN... I didn't even know I could run that fast, I started crying from the joy I was feeling. My sisters were right behind me. As I approched they were guarding Stevie and escorted her in the restaurant and the limo driver stood in front of the door and would not let anyone in, there were alot of other people who also noticed Stevie so the place was instantly packed. Anyway, remember I was crying and I walked up to the door and told the Limo driver, please let me in, I flew all the way from SA, Tx with a dream to meet her. He just smiled at me and knoded his head, so I lifted his arm out of the way and let myself in and my sister followed right behind me, and there she was, "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! and I froze, her assistant came up to us Stevie had her back to us and she could hear what we were saying , we told her assistant that we had come all the way from SA, TX with a dream to meet her or get an autograph, she turned and looked at Stevie and Stevie said "O.K." and she asked us our name and she took the ENCHANTED BOX SET TO HER AND WE STOOD THERE AND WATCHED STEVIE SIGN IT AND SHE TURNED AND SMILED AT US. Anyway we said Thank you and went outside and did you think we were going to leave "NO WAY! so we waited for her to finish eating along with about ten other fans waiting impatiently. When she was done her assistant came out and said that Stevie had agreed to give us autographs if we would for a single line, so everyone rushed to get in line, I waited because I wanted to be the Last one with hopes that I could have a conversation with her and I did it was the most, most wonderful experience of my life. She was so sweet and genuine, after all was said I asked her if I could give her a hug and she said "SURE" and she hugged me, I have never had a hug like that, it was so comforting. When my siser Vicky saw Stevie and I hugging she became overwhelmed with emotion, because she knew what all this meant to me and she Told Stevie Thank You for making my Sisters Dream come true, and Stevie said "NO, THANK YOU' and my sister asked her if we could take a picture with her because no one would ever believe we met you and she said "yes" so her assistant said give me the camera and I will take the picture so all three of you can come out and so there it is ..... This is about a short of a version that I could put this in, but no words could ever express this enchanting experience. "WE WILL NOT FORGET THIS NIGHT,.... DARE OUR WILD HEARTS..... LIKE A PHOTOGRAPH SO RARE.

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