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Trouble in Shangri-La was released in the US on May 1st. The album features guest vocals from Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Macy Gray and Natalie Maines. A tour will follow the release, starting early July and running through the summer.
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Stevie's tour will begin in early July and continue through the summer.

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1. Trouble In Shangri-la (Lyrics)

2. Candlebright (Lyrics)

3. Sorcerer (Lyrics)

4. Planets of the Universe (Lyrics[listen*]

5. Every Day (Lyrics[listen*]

6. Too Far From Texas (Lyrics)

7. That Made Me Stronger (Lyrics)

8. It's Only Love (Lyrics)

9. Love Changes (Lyrics)

10. I Miss You (Lyrics)

11. Bombay Sapphires [Lyrics]

12. Fall From Grace [Lyrics]

13. Love Is (Lyrics)

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