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                                                     Thanksgiving Eve 2004

Dear all Armed Forces Members~

On this Thanksgiving Day Eve~ here in Phoenix, my family and I are preparing to have a big celebration tomorrow~ and we are having lots of fun tonight getting it all ready. Pies are being made (most important) and all the food is being made ready tonight so tomorrow won’t be quite so crazy. We are having 25 people here so it seems to have turned into a party somehow. I am excited. It smells like Thanksgiving, and probably that is the best part about it. These particular smells cause memories to be made~ and memories to be remembered. That pumpkin pie makes me remember so many Thanksgivings gone by. I know each of you feels that, probably more than any of us here will ever know. So as I go about my duties as party planner for several different generations tomorrow, I think strongly about all that you have given up to be there. I can honestly say that before 9-11 I really never thought that there would ever be another real war, but on that day that childlike innocence drained out of my body. That morning in New York changed every thing. The oceans had failed to protect us. The Gods cried.

Many many times in my life when I have been sad or unsure about what I was doing, my Mom would say, “You are on a mission Stevie, you always have been~ it is your destiny.” So what is happening seems to be our destiny, yours and mine. It is what is happening to us now. Again I say, I wish the guardian angels to stand at your side~ I wish that you remain safe~

Click it for larger image “And down the glorious pathway flew three singing birds. One was white, and one was green and one was gold as morning. Their singing was sweet, the thundering of hooves was loud~ the sound flowed like cool delicious water over his tired aching body. Words of his old nurse came back to him: The birds of Rhiannon…They wake the dead and lull the living to sleep. When he awoke, the battle was over. The pain was gone and all that remained was the song. In it’s tender radiance the Birds of Rhiannon hovered and sang.” This is the legend of the great Welsh Queen Rhiannon and her birds. I send you this. Tomorrow I will hum Rhiannon to myself and think of you…

         Thank you so much
                 For everything that you do~

                          All my love,
                                 Stevie Nicks



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