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Sounds of Summer Preview 98
ABC - June 6, 1998
Stevie Nicks on Sounds of Summer Preview 98
June 6, 1998:

Sounds of Summer Preview 98 anchor talking:

Stevie Nick's boxed set, "Enchanted," is a collection of material from her six solo albums plus several previously unreleased tracks. We join her tonight as she kicks off her summer concert tour, and after last summer's Fleetwood Mac blockbuster, she's more popular than ever. Accompanied by Mr. Lowdown, Boz Scaggs, you can be sure this is one summer concert tour you won't want to miss.

[Clip of Stevie singing Gold Dust Woman from current tour]

[Tour dates flash on screen]

ABC was recently lucky enough to sit down and talk with Stevie Nicks about her new boxed set, "Enchanted," and here's what she had to say.

Stevie: When I came home from the Fleetwood Mac tour on the 1st of December, um, we had decided, um, myself and Atlantic, to put out the boxed set of my six records. Um, so we started that day..me and all my friends..making lists of what everybody would pick so that I got kind of an idea from a bunch of people what they would pick off of all those millions of songs, you know, to put on three discs.

[Clip of Stevie singing Enchanted from current tour]

Stevie: We also had to do a booklet that goes with it, a 68-page booklet of old photos, so we were also really looking everywhere for any interesting old photo that we could find or photos that, you know, really came from a certain time or were at a certain, you know, a certain song or a certain something like that that people hadn't heard, so um, it was a big project.

[Clip of Stevie singing Enchanted from current tour]

Stevie: I love my music. I've really given up everything for my music, and I don't say that in a, you know like poor, sad me. I just really have given up pretty much everything to do this music, so I must really love it.

End of show:

Sounds of Summer Preview 98 anchor talking:

The Stevie Nicks' concert is still rockin', but I'm already exhausted. Well, I hope you made your dates to get Stevie Nicks tickets..... (anchor goes on about other artists)

[Clip of Stevie singing Dreams, then credits flash.]

Thanks to Amy Thompson for transcribing this interview and sending it to The Nicks Fix.
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