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Stormy Weather CD
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The Stormy Weather concert was promoted by Don Henley to benefit the Walden Woods project and the Thoreau Institute at Walden Pond. Stevie performes one song on the CD, At Last. There has been a lot of anticipation over the release of the live CD. The CD was just released in February 99 as a promotional gift to users of AT&T Personal Network (it has not yet been seen available elsewhere). Some people have even received it without being a member. Here is the information sent to the Nicks Fix by Kathy Watkins of Sidney, Ohio. Thanks Kathy!


AT&T Personal Network CD
Includes a live benefit concert for the Walden Woods Project and the Thoreau Institute.

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The song list is as follows:

Almost Blue ~ Gwen Stefani
You've Change ~ Paula Cole
But Beautiful ~ Shawn Colvin
Good Guy ~ Trisha Yearwood
Is That All There Is? ~ Sandra Bernhard
Good Morning Heartache ~ Sheryl Crow
They Can't Take That Away From Me ~ Natalie Cole
At Last ~ Stevie Nicks
Gloomy Sunday ~ Bjork
Stormy Weather ~ Joni Mitchell

Produced by: Don Henly for the Walden Woods Project
Recorded live at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles

The following letter was enclosed with the CD:

Dear Kathy Watkins:

You call from your home. You call from the side of the road. You e-mail friends and family. Let's face it, when you're better connected you can do so much more.

That's why I'd like to introduce you to the AT&T Personal Network. It gives you the freedom to communicate however you want. With a premier level of service.

You can pick up any phone, anytime you need to for just 10c a minute. Whether it's your home phone or a pay phone. You can count on one personal service number. One low rate on all your calls. One simple bill. And you'll earn rewards every time you use your network.

Your network also includes another way to better connect yourself with the world around you. A fast, connection to the Internet with AT&T. The software that gets you started is on the enclosed CD.

All for just $19.90 a month.

And to celebrate the debut of the AT&T Personal Network, the CD also includes a live benefit concert for the Walden Woods Project and the Thoreau Institute. It features some of today's most accomplished female artists. So be sure to give it a listen.

Get your own network. For details, see our brochure. Then call 1 800 4ATT NOW, ext. 64875.


John Moodey
AT&T Personal Network Director

The back of the letter details AT&T General Information, Wireless Services, and Minute Rewards. It also contains the following sentence at the top, explaining why Kathy was one of the lucky ones to receive this CD :

You were selected for this offer because information in your consumer credit report indicates that you meet AT&Ts requirements for the offer.

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