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Stevie Nicks Videos

Stevie Nicks: Live in ConcertIn Concert video

U.S. CBS FOX 7136 (1983)
U.K. CBS FOX 713650 (1983)

Tracks: Gold Dust Woman / Gold And Braid /I Need to Know / Dreams / Stop Draggin' MyHeart Around / Sara / Edge of Seventeen /Outside the Rain / Rhiannon.

from back cover: Musical Enchantress in her recent concert tour!
Stevie Nicks is an enchantress. Her songs, some of the biggest hits in recent rock history, are filled with passion and atmosphere. And like her music, she exudes a sensual, mystical charm. WHITE WING DOVE, her recent concert tour, truly captures this provocative performer in all her glory. Decked out in her billowing chiffon and flowing shawls, she seems to float around the stage. One moment she is bouncing to "Edge of Seventeen's" pulsating beat, next she is strutting to the spirited "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." When the pace slows, as in the melodic "Sara" her face is etched in anguish, while her eyes moisten for a heartfelt intro to "Rhiannon." WHITE WING DOVE runs the gamut from Nicks' Fleetwood Mac songs to hits from her recent solo album, Bella Donna. It shows her off as the dynamic artist that she is, in a performance music critics are calling one of the best pop-rock shows in years.
(60 minutes)

Stevie Nicks - Live at Red RocksRed Rocks  video

from Lightyear Entertainment
(60 Minutes)

Tracks: Outside the Rain / Dreams / Talk toMe /
I Need to Know / No Spoken Word /Beauty and the Beast / Stand Back /Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You /Edge of Seventeen.

from back cover: Stevie Nicks Live At Red Rocks captures this sensual, poetic artist in the breathtaking, natural surroundings of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. The state-of-the-art special effects set the stage for Stevie and her special guests, Mick Fleetwood, and Peter Frampton. Your music video collection shouldn't be without this superb film performance. From the Rock a Little tour

Red Rocks Video CD
Enhanced CD Rom
Red Rocks DVD


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I Can't WaitI Can't Wait video

from Lightyear Entertainment

  • includes a compilation of Stevie Nicks' music videos
  • (26 minutes)
Tracks: Stop Draggin' My Heart Around /Stand Back / Leather and Lace / If AnyoneFalls / Talk to Me /
I Can't Wait.

from back cover: In the mid-70's, when Stevie Nicks joined the already popular Fleetwood Mac, her highly distinctive, deeply sensual voice, and her intensely personal songs immediately helped propel the band to supergroup status. For her part in their immense popularity, she has emerged a major figure in contemporary music. As of 1986, she has released three albums on her own and they all achieved platinum-record status. Each is distinguished by several huge hit singles and videos, and they have been collected here for the first time. From "Bella Donna" comes her concert video of "Leather and Lace" and her haunting duet with Tom Petty on "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." Hits from "The Wild Heart" album are the defiant "Stand Back" and the sensually choreographed "If Anyone Falls." From "Rock A Little," two hits are featured, "Talk to Me" and the title track video of "I Can't Wait." Both are stunning visual extensions of Stevie's compelling and truly unique mystique. In all of rock and roll, there is no one quite like Stevie Nicks. Now her solo video debut is here. And the wait is over.

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Stevie Nicks - The Soundstage Sessions: Live in Chicago [DVD]

- released March 31, 2009
- Warner Brothers Records

    1. Stand Back
    2. Enchanted
    3. If Anyone Falls
    4. Rhiannon
    5. Crash
    6. Dreams
    7. Sorcerer
    8. The One
    9. Gold Dust Woman
    10. I Need to Know
    11. Circle Dance
    12. Landslide
    13. Sara
    14. Fall From Grace
    15. How Still My Love
    16. Edge of Seventeen
    17. Rock and Roll

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Fleetwood Mac Videos

Fleetwood Mac Documentary and Live Concert

U.S. WEA PEV 4022 (1981)
U.K. Warner Home Video PEV 4022 (1981)

Tracks: Sisters of the Moon / Walk A Thin Line /Angel / Save Me a Place / Tusk / Songbird /The Chain / Go Your Own Way / Never MakeMe Cry / Sara / Think About Me / Not That Funny.

Note: Available on RCA Selectavision VideoDisc (1981)

In Concert: Mirage Tour 1982

U.S. RCA Columbia Pictures Home Video (1984)
U.K. RCA RVT 10134 (1984)

Tracks: The Chain / Gypsy / Love In Store /Not That Funny / You Make Loving Fun /I'm So Afraid / Blue Letter / Rhiannon / Tusk /Eyes of the World / Go Your Own Way /Sisters of the Moon / Songbird.

Note: Available on RCA Video Disc 12139 (1982)

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Tango In The Night
Tango In The Night Video

U.S. Warner Reprise 120809 (1988)
U.K. Warner Home Video 9381493 (1988)

Tracks: The Chain / Everywhere / Dreams /Seven Wonders / Isn't It Midnight / WorldTurning / Little Lies / Oh Well / Gold DustWoman / Another Woman / Stand Back /Songbird / Don't Stop.

- filmed at The Cow Palace in San Francisco
12/12/87 & 12/13/87
- (60 minutes)

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Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

Warner Reprise VHS Video 1997 (3-38486)
(106 minutes)
Filmed in front of a live audience at Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA

Tracks: The Chain / Dreams / Everywhere / Gold Dust Woman / I'm So Afraid / Temporary One / Bleed to Love Her / Gypsy / Big Love / Go Insane / Landslide / Say You Love Me / You Make Loving Fun / My Little Demon / Silver Springs / Over My Head / Rhiannon / Sweet Girl / Go Your Own Way / Tusk (with U.S.C. Trojan Marching Band) / Don't Stop (with U.S.C. Trojan Marching Band)/ Songbird.

DVD - Video Reprise Video (38486-2)
A double-sided DVD-Video disc:
- Side A is DOLBY Digital 5.1B
- Side B is LPCM Stereo

Song list is the same as for the VCR Video

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Fleetwood Mac Rumours
VHS Video

Rhino Home Video 1997
ISBN #1-56605-384-6

  • Recounting the journey of a legendary music recording
from back cover: Fleetwood Mac's multimillion-selling Rumours was recorded by the band in Sausalito and Los Angeles in 1977, at a time of intense inner turmoil. Rumours eventually went on to sell 15 million copies worldwide, spending a staggering total of 433 weeks on the U.K. charts and 130 weeks on the U.S. Billboard album chart. It was also voted Album of the Year at the 20th annual Grammy Awards in 1978. Fleetwood Mac had already been in existence for over a decade by the time that Rumours came out. After several personnel changes, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, and Christine McVie were joined by Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. It was 1974, and the stage was set for a new chapter in the band's career. The eponymously titled Fleetwood Mac, the first album with the new lineup, went platinum in 1976 and gave birth to hits like "Rhiannon" and "Say You Love Me." However, it's success was soon overshadowed by that of Rumours. Released in February 1977, Rumours reached #1 in the U.S. album chart in April of that year and found equal success in the U.K. In January 1978, its hit singles included "Go Your Own Way," "Don't Stop," "Dreams"(which reached #1 in the Billboard Hot 100), and "You Make Loving Fun." Ironically, Rumours was recorded during a period when John and Christine McVie were separating, and Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham's relationship was also breaking up. It was the album that almost never made it. This is the definitive story of the making of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, and album that has truly earned its place in the pantheon of rock music history. Also featured are specially recorded versions of Christines McVie's haunting "Songbird" and Lindsey Buckingham's wonderful new acoustic version of "Never Going Back Again," along with "You Make Loving Fun," "Rhiannon," "Dreams," "Don't Stop," and "Gold Dust Woman." (75 minutes)

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Fleetwood Mac - Destiny RulesDestiny Rules cover

Studio: Bmg Distribution
DVD Release Date: September 14, 2004
After 17 Years Fleetwood Mac Heads Back to the Studio in VH1 Special Documentary Presentation - 'Fleetwood Mac: Destiny Rules'

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Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston
DVD Video

cover The Live in Boston show was taped at the Fleet Center in Boston and portions have aired on PBS as a soundstage special event. It is available with two VD and an audio CD.

Track List:

DVD Disc: 1

1. Chain [DVD]
2. Dreams [DVD]
3. Eyes of the World [DVD]
4. Peacekeeper [DVD]
5. Second Hand News [DVD]
6. Say You Will [DVD]
7. Never Going Back Again [DVD]
8. Rhiannon [DVD]
9. Come [DVD]
10. Gypsy [DVD]
11. Big Love [DVD]
12. Landslide [DVD]

DVD Disc: 2

1. Say Goodbye [DVD]
2. What's the World Coming To [DVD]
3. Beautiful Child [DVD]
4. Gold Dust Woman [DVD]
5. I'm So Afraid [DVD]
6. Silver Springs [DVD]
7. Tusk [DVD]
8. Stand Back [DVD]
9. Go Your Own Way [DVD]
10. World Turning [DVD]
11. Don't Stop [DVD]
12. Goodbye Baby [DVD]

CD Disc

1. Eyes of the World
2. Dreams Listen Listen Listen
3. Rhiannon Listen Listen Listen
4. Come Listen Listen Listen
5. Big Love
6. Landslide
7. Silver Springs
8. I'm So Afraid
9. Stand Back
10. Go Your Own Way

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Stevie's epic Soundstage Sessions concert in Chicago!
The DVD features over 2 hours of stunning footage from this legendary concert! The CD includes brand new studio versions of classics like "Stand Back", "Sara", "Landslide" and MANY, MANY MORE! Order from Amazon.

View the song lists:
- Soundstage Sessions audio CD song list
- Live in Chicago DVD song list

Midnight Special

Fleetwood Mac's Midnight Special performance of Rhiannon is available on the Midnight Special video. The video is available at www.midnightspecial.com

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