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Stevie Nicks Singles, Extended Singles etc.   [View the singles]
  • Blue Denim (1994) - Blue Denim (Album version), Inspiration , Thousand Days (unreleased) [import CD]
  • Blue Denim (1994) - Blue Denim (Album version), Mirror, Mirror [cassette only]
  • I Can't Wait (1986) four versions: Rock Mix, Dance Mix, Dub Dance Mix and Dub Rock Mix, plus The Nightmare (remix version mixed by Stevie, new vocals and music) [USA]
  • I Canít Wait (1991) - I Can't Wait (Time Space Version), Edge of Seventeen (Live/previously available as b-side to Edge of Seventeen 7" single), I Can't Wait (12" Version/fade), Sleeping Angel (fade) [import CD; vinyl?]
  • I Can't Wait (1985)(Extended Version)/Rock a Little (LP Version)/I Can't Wait (7" Mix) [UK 12" Vinyl]
  • I Can't Wait (1985) with I Can't Wait (TimeSpace version), I Can't Wait (dub mix), Sleeping Angel [Europe 12" vinyl] (includes two color photographs)
  • Long Way to Go (1989) - Long Way to Go (remix), Long Way to Go (7" Version/same as album version), Real Tears (unreleased) [UK import/12" issued as gatefold; vinyl]
  • Long Way to Go (1989) with Long Way to Go (Album version), Real Tears, No Spoken Word (live from Red Rocks), Long Way to Go (extended version) [3" CD single]
  • Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind (1994) - Maybe Love (Album version), Inspiration [CD]
  • Rooms on Fire (1989) with Alice [Japanese 3" CD single]
  • Rooms on Fire (1989) remix with Alice and live Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You (poster included [import])
  • Sometimes Itís a Bitch (1991) - Sometimes It's a Bitch (album version), Desert Angel (unavailable on vinyl and cassette), Battle of the Dragons (from American Anthem) [UK import CD; vinyl]
  • Stand Back (1983) original album version with Garbo and Wild Heart [import]
  • Talk To Me (1985) original version with One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star and Some Become Strangers [import]
  • Two Kinds of Love (1989) with Real Tears, Ooh My Love [U.K. 12"]
  • Whole Lotta Trouble (1989) remix with Edge of Seventeen and Beauty and the Beast live [import] (vinyl release includes a double-sided poster)
  • Stand Back Remix (2007)

Stevie Nicks Promos
  • Blue Denim - Remix (4:22), Album Version (4:22)
  • Edge Of Seventeen (8:07), Edge Of Seventeen (5:57)
  • If Anyone Falls - 12" Vinyl promo picture sleeve. Picture is same as found on U.S. 7" single
  • Imperial Hotel (Album Version)/I Can't Wait (Vocal Rock Mix 5:57)
  • Little Lies (Promo compact disc on picture card). Contains an extended remix version of the song. The picture card contains the group shot found on the U.S. 7" single for the song.
  • Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind - Radio Remix (4:12), LP Version (4:18) The Radio Remix is the same version that appears on the import Maybe Love part 1 & 2.
  • Reconsider Me
  • Rooms on Fire (Radio Promo - CD)
  • Sisters of the Moon (Remix Long Version 4:40/Remix Edit 4:14) [WBS49500]
  • Stand Back (Long Version 4:47)/(Short Version 4:18)
  • Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - 12" Vinyl promo picture sleeve promo. Picture is the same as found on the U.S. 7" single
  • Talk to Me - 12" Vinyl promo picture sleeve. Picture is same as found on U.S. 7 "single

Fleetwood Mac Extended Singles
  • Landslide (1997) Contains four versions of Landslide: The Dance album version, remix, string mix and analog mix.
  • Big Love (1987) Big Love extended remix, Big Love house on the hill dub, Big Love piano dub, You and I, Part 1 (additional Stevie Nicks vocals on all Big Love versions) [USA]
  • Family Man (1988) Family Man extended vocal mix, Family Man - I'm a Jazz Man dub, Family Man extended guitar mix, Family Party bonus beats, Down Endless Street (Additional vocals by Stevie on all Family Man mixes.) [USA]
  • Fireflies (1981) remix, long version with edit [USA]
  • Little Lies (1987) Little Lies extended version, Little Lies dub, Ricky (New additional Stevie vocals on Little Lies) [USA]
  • Sara (1979) promo (original recording both sides) photo on cover from Tusk photo shoot not found on album [USA]
  • Seven Wonders (1987) Seven Wonders extended version, Seven Wonders dub, Book of Miracles instrumental written by Lindsey and Stevie. (New vocals on Seven Wonders) [USA]

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