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  • On a recent episode of Drew Carey, a part of the show has the cast in a repeatable rut, the music in the background is that of the Fleetwood Mac song "World Turning".

  • As part of Wisconsin Public Television's semiannual pledge drive, they broadcasted The Dance and, based on the amount viewers would pledge, they would receive The Dance VHS/DVD and/or The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac CD.

  • On December 29th, MTV2 was at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with Vanessa Carlton performing. They showed a dress of Stevie's and Vanessa said, "I love Stevie! I would definitely wear that."

  • In The Looks Book - Whole New Approach to Beauty, Image and Style by Rebecca Odes, Esther Drill and Heather McDonald, there is a photo of Stevie and the following paragraph:
    Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac reclaimed the Faerie Princess from it's association with victims and gave it a rocker-girl edge. She says she deliberately chose her look in order to stand out. "I said, 'Instead of going in the direction that a lot of the women singers are going in being revealing 'I'll be very, very sexy under 18 pounds of chiffon and lace and velvet. 'I will have a mystique'.

  • In the 20th Anniversary Edition of Trivial Pursuit, one of the Sound & Screen questions is:
    What did Stevie Nicks tell Vanity Fair she'd like to be, if she were reincarnated - Joan of Arc, Lady Godiva or a Yorkshire Terrier?
    Answer per the game - Yorkshire Terrier

  • In a London Times review of The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers the following was found:
    "As for women, they weren’t merely marginalised in The Fellowship, they were so far out on the outskirts they were script surburbia. Here, once again, the chick input is reminiscent of an under-attended Stevie Nicks convention, with Aragorn only briefly managing to exchange hot glances with Eowyn, the king’s niece (Miranda Otto), and pine for the elf princess Arwen (Liv Tyler) before the climactic battle breaks out."

  • On the VH1 show "I Love The 80's: I Love 1984", while talking about the movie "Purple Rain", a clip from the movie premiere was shown and Stevie could be seen in the crowd waving.

  • Watch the Sunday, December 15th edition of the Plain Dealer in Cleveland for an article by Cris Glaser that profiles Maria Taddeo, the house masseuse at Blossom Music Center outside Cleveland. There is a picture of Stevie with Maria at the venue and an accompanying caption in which Taddeo comments on Stevie.

  • The Fashion Trends section of the Newport News website mentions Stevie as the inspiration for the "Gypsy Chic" clothing.

  • On page 74 of the December 13 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is a small mention of the Dixie Chicks' upcoming TV special, in which the cover of "Landslide" is referred to as "pure honey."

  • The VH1 program Women Who Rocked 2002 showed a video clip of Stevie singing Landslide with the Dixie Chicks at Vegas Divas Live.

  • On December 9th episode of The VH1-Classics channel's Headliners, a half hour block of Fleetwood Mac videos were played.

  • The December 8th Burlington County Times (NJ) had a mention of an upcoming Dixie Chicks special which included the following quote regarding Landslide:
    "I heard this song my whole life and it never affected me like when I was 27," singer Natalie Maines tells the audience. "I spoke to Stevie Nicks, and she said she wrote it at 27."

  • Rolling Stone's "Rock and Roll Yearbook 2002" has a small photo of Stevie in a small article that talks about the DVD-Audio release of Rumours.

  • The Six Feet Under online trivia game at the HBO website lists the following question: "Nate's raspberries are associated with whom?" Stevie Nicks is the answer.

  • The latest issue of US Magazine (Mariah Carey cover) mentions Stevie as one of the celebs who sent best wishes to Mariah during her hospitalization for her nervous breakdown.

  • In the December 1st Sunday comic section in Newsday, a Kidsday interviewer question to Vanessa Carlton was "Who is your idol or hero?" She responded, "Anyone who continues to push themselves, grow and become a better person. I don't have one person. I respect people in terms of their careers. I admire Neil Young. But I admire my mother and father as much as I admire Stevie Nicks."

  • The November 25th issue of People magazine has a review of The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac album.

  • Stevie was mentioned recently on VH1's "Bubblegum Babylon."

  • "Rooms on Fire" was on the PBR Rodeo Championship from New Orleans on November 24 on NBC.

  • Stevie was "People Profiles: Today's Star" on the People.com website on November 20th.

  • The John Cusack movie "The Sure Thing" has a Wild Heart promo poster on the wall when JC arrives at his friend's college in LA.

  • In an article about the Indianapolis band, Suburban Smackdown, on Nuvo.net, Stevie and Fleetwood Mac are mentioned.

  • The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine has a review of The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac. It received 5 stars.

  • On Public Radio International's nightly stock market report, called Marketplace, they used the instrumental bridge from "Landslide" coming out of a story on the election results after the November 5 elections.

  • Stevie was mentioned on the postcard on the main page of the Relics of the Post Age website. It also listed the Nicks Fix as the cool site of the week.

  • Stevie is mentioned in the November 11th issue of US Weekly on page 38. The mention is about the November release of the VH1 Divas Las Vegas CD.

  • The November 8th issue of Entertainment Weekly lists Fleetwood Mac's new "Very Best Of" CD in their holiday gift guide. There is a picture of the band from 1987, and the write-up calls non-singles Storms and Gold Dust Woman "essentials."

  • The November issue of Rosie magazine has a calendar page that Rosie creates with a date reserved for "Pick up sticks with Stevie Nicks".

  • The November 2002 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, has a mention of Stevie referring to Kirstin Dunst's clothing changes:
    Kirsten Dunst: "She still has that Stevie Nicks-meets-Shirley Temple thing going on- but it's more stylish"

  • MSNBC's The Scoop had the following regarding the Rumours musical on Oct 29th:
    Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” may be heading to Broadway. There are plans to turn the songs from the wildly popular 1977 album into a musical, roughly in the same way lyrics from various Abba songs were used to make the Broadway hit musical “Mamma Mia,” a source tells The Scoop.

  • The latest issue of People magazine in an article about Faith Hill where Faith talks about her daughter Gracie, who has a voice like Stevie and says she may be the next Stevie Nicks.

  • "Stevie Nicks" was a topic on the Donny Osmond hosted game show, The Pyramid, on October 27th.

  • The November 14th issue (No 909) of Rolling Stone magazine has a picture of Stevie and a mention that she was at Tom Petty's L.A. show.

  • While performing at The College Of William & Mary In Virginia on Saturday, October 26, The Pat McGee Band performed "Landslide" during their set and it got a very warm response from the crowd.

  • The November issue of Vanity Fair magazine has two mentions of Stevie. One is in a cover story titled "Nine Girls and A Guy." Stevie Nicks is mentioned in the Sheryl Crow section of this article on page 125. Also in an article about "A Very Special Christmas", which talks about a new one, Stevie is mentioned as being on the original release.

  • The latest issue of JEEP Magazine (courtesy mag sent to Jeep owners), has is a list of road-trip worthy music the article Jeep Culture. It mentions Stevie as a guest vocalist on the Sheryl Crow song "Diamond Road".

  • On October 20th on CNN, Stevie was seen in the Bootylicious video in a piece on the fashion sense of Destiny's Child.

  • The October 28th issue of People magazine has a picture of Stevie with Warren Zevon on page 111. The article is about Zevon's battle with cancer.

  • The October 18th episode of Good Morning America had a video clip of Stevie at Red Rocks during an interview with Betty Ford.

  • On the American Idol tour, Nikki McKibbin sings Rhiannon.

  • Stevie is featured in Rolling Stone's Women in Rock, but she is also mentioned in interviews of two of the other artists who are featured, Macy Gray and Sheryl Crow:
    Question: What other female musicians do you most admire?
    Sheryl: "Stevie Nicks. She's always working and growing up, and when she's writing she doesn't edit herself according to what people are going to think."

    Question: Which female musicians do you admire?
    Macy: "...I really like Stevie Nicks--you know that song "Dreams"? That's one of my favorite songs ever."

  • Stevie's Timespace album was one of the few choices on the personal in-flight entertainment system on recent USAirways international flights on the new Airbus A330 planes.

  • In the film "Knockaround Guys" there is a part of the film that takes place in a bar. When one of the characrters goes to the jukebox to play a song the "Stevie Nick's Greatest Hits" CD cover can clearly be seen twice.

  • In the November 2002 issue of Spin magazine, Tori Amos lists "Rumours" as one of nine works (albums, books, etc.) that influenced her.

  • In the first chapter of Stephen King's book, Desperation one of the characters is said to look like Stevie Nicks.

  • On October 4th, in an interview with Heart on the Bravo channel, it was mentioned that the song These Dreams was offered to Stevie to record before Heart recorded it.

  • Commercials for The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac album have started running on TV.

  • On the series premiere of "The In-Laws", the new son-in-law is granted permission to drive his Father-in-Law's Fleetwood automobile. His mother-in-law congratulates him on receiving this privilege, and tells him from now on she will call him "Fleetwood Matt".

  • On the September 30th episode of MTV's show "Real Life", Stevie's song "Everyday" was played in the background.

  • On the September 30th episode of The View it was stated that Stevie Nicks was still a hot rocker.

  • The September 27th episode of the gameshow "Hollywood Showdown" on the PAX network, had the following final round box office questions:
    "What group had Stevie Nicks as a lead singer?"

  • Radio station Magic 106.7 in Boston been running a Television ad which features Stevie singing Landslide from the Dance concert.

  • In the November 2002 issue of Teen People magazine, Nikki McKibbin from American Idol mentions that she would like to work with Stevie Nicks.

  • The September 30th episode of the Match Game onthe Game Show Network had the match-up choices of "Stevie - Blank", "Stevie Wonder or Stevie Nicks."

  • The September 10, 2002 edition of the L.A. Times "Ask Robert Hilburn" column had the following:
    The perception of Stevie Nicks has changed dramatically the last five years---from airy fairy to respectable. Do you have any ideas why? --J. Whitaker, Los Angeles

    Two things have happened. The first may sound like a joke, but it's true: she's pretty much kept a low profile, so that when people think of her, they think of her best music and not the sometimes spacey image. Secondly, lots of younger artists have expressed their respect for her, including Sheryl Crow and Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks. The Chicks, in fact, have recorded "Landslide" as their new single. They did it on Leno the other night.

  • The college textbook Introduction to Mass Communication: Media Literacy and Culture, by Stanley J. Baran and published by McGraw Hill, has the following passage about the cultural value of the book:
    "Books are an important cultural repository. Want to definitively win an argument? Look it up. We turn to books for certainty and truth about the world in which we live and the ones which we want to know. Which countries border Chile? Find the atlas. Stevie Nicks' band before Fleetwood Mac? Look in The Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll."

  • On VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists, the results of a US Weekly Reader Poll of the "Sexiest Voices" was shown and Stevie was #5.

  • The September 22nd edition of the New York Times, has an article about India Arie and Stevie Nicks is listed as one of India's influences.

  • In Rolling Stone Issue 907 (October 17th, 2002), the results of the Readers' Poll is listed. 'Rumours' is #43 on the list.

  • In the October 2002 issue of InStyle magazine, there is an article written by the designer Anna Sui about her favorite moments in rock. There is a picture and the following about Stevie:
    Stevie Nicks (1981)
    "She was the fairy or the witch--you really couldn't tell. In the 'Gypsy' video, she wanders through the bedroom in these filmy clothes, and everything's sort of draped, and there are flowers everywhere. I think that's one image she had, but then she would also wear the same kinds of things but all in black. It's the duality that I liked. She must love fairy tales, but she's also into the mystical. She definitely popularized flowing chiffon dresses and scarves--that's very Stevie Nicks to me--and inspired a kind of new age look."

  • In the movie Banger Sisters there is a Buckingham/Nicks photo on the wall in Suzette's (Goldie Hawn) home.

  • On the September 17th episode of the Comedy Central game show, Beat The Geeks, the following question was asked:
    "In what 1982 song did Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks sing about stop doing what to my heart?"

  • There is an article inthe September 20th Daily Mail in the UK which reports that theatre producer Robert Fox is wanting to turn Rumours into a "play with music".

  • Stevie is #52 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.

  • The October 2002 issue of Sound and Vision magazine has an article on recording engineer Elliot Scheiner, who did the DVD video version of The Dance. The article contains the following quote from Elliot:
    "When I mixed Fleetwood Mac's The Dance for DVD-Video, the band wouldn't have anything to do with it at first; they were getting ready to do the tour. I said, 'Please, on my last night, come and listen.' They didn't even know what 5.1 was. So they came. They heard the first song, and their mouths dropped. After the program was over, Lindsey Buckingham said to me, 'I don't know how it's going to be possible to go back to stereo.' "

  • On September 12th, the TV Guide channel had a short interview with Stevie about the upcoming Fleetwood Mac album and tour.

  • In the October 2002 issue of Vanity Fair, in the article "The New Establishment", Stevie is mentioned in the bio for Doug Morris.

  • The September 9, 2002 issue of US Weekly, has the following from Nikki McKibbin in an American Idol article:
    "I've been trying to get clearance from Stevie Nicks [to sing "Edge of Seventeen"] for the whole series, and last night she said yes!" an exuberant Nikki told US before the August 21 show (when Tamyra Gray was voted off). "It's the most wonderful thing."

  • The October 2002 issue of Spin magazine, has an article titled "It's Over Dude: The Most Influential Band Breakups of All Time" which includes a photo of Fleetwood Mac and mentions of the band's relationship breakups.

  • The September 8, 2002 Sunday edition of the San Diego Union-Tribune homescape section had this opening paragraph in an article for a style of home decor called Gypsy Chic:
    Imagine Cher dressing the part as she belts out "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves." Or think Stevie Nicks with dangling earrings, velvet, beads and fringe. Translate these stars' love of beads, bangles and baubles into home decor and you've got "Gypsy Chic. Be prepared to lay your money down-the gypsy invasion has only just begun. The sizzling look, which works for all ages and incomes, has been sneaking quietly into the sidelines of interior design the past two years.

  • The October 2002 issue of Vibe magazine has the following mention of Stevie in a small article called "A Roundup of Artists Going Solo." :
    "May have given Beyonce some ideas on the set of the video for 'Bootylicious'. Joined her former bandmates at Bill Clinton's 1993 inauguration, staying for a reunion tour and an upcoming studio album." (There is a small photo of Stevie from the Live at Red Rocks concert)

  • Stevie was mentioned on the Howard Stern show on Friday, September 6th. David Lee Roth was a guest, and they were commenting that his love life has always remained very private. They asked him if he ever slept with anyone famous, like Stevie Nicks. He said no.

  • This week there were several articles in newspapers, CNN, etc. about Camper van Beethoven's new album which is an entire remake of Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" album. See the album on Amazon.

  • On the September 2nd episode of the Caroline Rhea Show, Caroline had on an outfit with flowing sleeves. During the cooking segment the man she was cooking with held her sleeve away from the grill. She quipped, "You should not be dressed as Stevie Nicks while cooking barbecue... is that what you're suggesting?"

  • The September 2002 issue of Movieline Magazine Style issue has an article called "Under the Influence" about style trendsetters. There is a paragraph about Stevie and a small photo of her from the 80s.

  • In VH1's show Rock Bodies, when discussing "older rockers" over 40, they showed a short clip of Stevie from the Every Day video.

  • The September issue of Redbook magazine has a story called "Will My Son Ever Fit In," about a boy who has been labeled everything from gifted to autistic to disabled. In the article the mother talks about the song Dreams and mentions Stevie.

  • There are a lot of articles and mentions of the Dixie Chicks cover and performance of Landslide in magazines and TV lately...too many to list seperately.

  • The Infobeat Daily poll had the following question on the week of August 29th: "This band's monstrous #1 album and oft-cited book "Rumors" stayed at the top of the charts for 31 weeks." (The answer was Fleetwood Mac)

  • American Idol contestant Nikki McKibbin sang Edge of Seventeen on the August 27th episode of the show. Judge Paula Abdul said "I love that song! I love Stevie Nicks!" She said that Nikki should select songs in which she could sing in a way that would make them her own as "Edge of Seventeen" was so easily identifiable as a Stevie Nicks song and no one could do it justice the way she does. Paula then stated that "that is why Stevie Nicks is an American Idol".

  • The August 27 Issue of The Hartford (Connecticut) Courant, has a staff writer's comments on the three remaining American Idol contestants. He describes Nikki's wardrobe as:
    "Mixing Mad Max separates with torn, faded jeans, Nikki has created her own daring look. Combining lots of bare midriff and peek-a-boo numbers has worked to her advantage as the show's grunge Stevie Nicks. Great makeup and terrific hair."

  • The September 2nd issue of US magazine mentions Stevie and Lindsey on a when talking about VH-1's Behind the Music's 5 year anniversary Heartbreaks special. There is a photo of Stevie from her episode of Behind the Music.

  • The October issue of Guitar One, has a special on the greatest acoustic songs in the world. Fleetwood Mac is one of the bands included and there is a small photo of Stevie and Lindsey.

  • On August 22nd, the CMT channel showed clips of the making of the Landslide video with the Dixie Chicks during the top 8 countdown.

  • On the August 24th Today Show, the Dixie Chicks were talking about Landslide and Matt, the host, said that Landslide from Fleetwood Mac is one of his favorite songs.

  • In a CNN.com review of the Dixie Chicks album, Home, contained the following Stevie mention:
    "And the Chicks' harmonies on Stevie Nicks' great weepie ''Landslide'' blend to approximate Nicks' own burred, modulated wail -- their pleasure in the song could not come through more vibrantly."

  • In a CNN.com interview with Sheryl Crow, the following was found:
    Crow: It feels kind of otherworldly, you know what I mean, because I can totally register in my body how it felt to go to the Blakemore drugstore and pick up Cream Magazine and Rolling Stone and just pore over pictures of Stevie Nicks and Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles and Bob Dylan and scrutinize pictures of Led Zeppelin, you know, right down to the tight jeans. It's pretty unbelievable.

  • The September 10th issue of Rolling Stone magazine mentions in "From the Vault" that The Dance was umber one 5 years ago.

  • The September 10th issue of Rolling Stone magazine has Fleetwood Mac listed as #29 on the 'Rock's 50 Greatest Meltdowns' list regarding relationship breakups. There is a photo of Stevie, Lindsey and Mick receiving their star on Hollywood Blvd.

  • The September 3rd issue of Country Weekly has the following paragraph from an article on the Dixie Chicks regarding some of the songs on their new CD:
    The CD's second single will be "LANDSLIDE" written by Fleetwood Mac's singer Stevie Nicks. "I've heard 'Landslide' my whole life", explains Natalie [Maines], " but I never connected to it the way I did last year. The line "I'm getting older too" resonated with me. I sure feel like I'm changing with the years, being a wife, mother and businesswoman."

  • The August 23/30 issue of Entertainment Weekly (# 668/669), has a review of the Dixie Chicks' new CD, which mentions their cover of "Landslide."

  • In an article on People.com about Chris Isaak's show being renewed for a 3rd season on Showtime, Stevie is mentioned as a guest who appeared on the show.

  • A review of a Melissa Etheridge concert by Tomothy Finn had the following: "Etheridge is 40, but her voice hasn't lost any of its leathery force. She can still howl like Janis Joplin or Sam Kinison or croon like Stevie Nicks, as she did on the piano ballad 'Ready to Love.' "

  • The August 10th Fox News article titled "Music Industry Out of Tune" mentions Stevie as one of the creators of the Recording Artists Coalition (RAC), which is fighting with record companies for better contracts and more creative control for musicians.

  • The Arts Network's Ovation, had a feature on The Corrs which showed them performing their version of Dreams. They talked about how their parents used to listen to Fleetwood Mac.

  • The Dixie Chicks made their debut on the Grand Ole Opry on August 10th. Natalie Maines, lead singer, made the statement that she thought that they might be making history by playing this song on the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. Then they performed "Landslide" .

  • The August 22nd issue of Rolling Stone, issue 903, (page 47) has a photo of Stevie and Mick Fleetwood in a section called Siblings and Spouses. It contained this about Fleetwood Mac:
    "Drugs, sex and great songs about drugs and sex. Christine McVie divorced John McVie. Stevie Nicks split with Lindsey Buckingham. Mick Fleetwood left his wife for Stevie. How do you top THAT?" Fleetwood Mac's score was 19 out of 20.

  • An interview with comedian Greg Portz in the MMC Monitor (Marymount Manhattan College's newspaper) included this:
    MMC: Who do you listen to?
    GP: Anything and everything, but my favorite is Stevie Nicks/ Fleetwood Mac. I could listen to her forever.
    MMC: So Stevie Nicks inspires your comedy?
    GP: Yes she inspires everything. I don't think there is one person who hasn't been inspired, maybe indirectly, by Miss Nicks. She is an amazing person. She is beautiful. I wish I could be like her.
    MMC: You do have the microphone stand to prove that.
    GP: Yes…many scarfs tied to it. I haven't started to wear shawls… in public anyway. And I can't spin that well in platform boots, I've tried. And I do play a mean tambourine.

  • Singer/songwriter Ari Hest performs Landslide at some of his live shows. [listen]

  • In an August 2nd article on CNN.com about songwriter Laura Nyro, the following mention was found:
    "Today, echoes of her music can be heard in singers ranging from Stevie Nicks to Tori Amos to Ani DeFranco."

  • On a recent episode of the MTV show GRAB THE MIC, a show about the history of rap music, a clip of Stevie's Stand Back was shown when talking about how MTV was once dominated by rock stars.

  • On the TV Guide channel interview, singer RES mentioned that people have told her that her music sounds a lot like what "Stevie Nicks did with Fleetwood Mac." RES said she took that as a compliment.

  • The August 2002 issue of MAD Magazine (Number 26, page 9) lists "Completely unnecessary box sets by easily ignored bands filled with 'rare' live performances, alternate takes and acoustic versions of songs their own mothers can't even hum." The list includes Enchanted.
    (Stevie fans, don't protest....Mad pokes fun at the best)

  • In Michael Musto's August 6 gossip column for The Village Voice, he mentions a revue currently running in New York City at The Slipper Room called Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves revue. Musto quips "No it's not about Stevie Nicks, Pamela Lee and Winona Ryder - but Gypsy Rose Lee and Cher, and more Cher."

  • The August 1st edition of the Green Bay Press-Gazette Weekend section had a photo of Stevie with the following:
    "Pick your fave arena show. OK, spill: What was the best or most memorable concert you ever saw at Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena? Was it Fleetwood Mac in '76, Def Leppard in '88, Reba in '92 or Korn in '00?"

  • The book Shattered Badges ~ Broken Hearts (an officer's nightmare), by retired Police Officer Donna Arlene Wudyka, mentions Stevie in the acknowledgements page.

  • In the book "How to set your Wedding to Music (the complete wedding music guide and planner)", the "Father/Daughter Dance category includes "Landslide."

  • There is 15 set of teen books called "Circle of Three" by Isobel Bird and five of the books in the series mention Stevie.

  • On the July 26th episode of BBC's program 'Would Like To Meet' in the UK, The Chain was played while a contestent was commentating on motor racing.

  • At the Heart concert in Minneapolis on June 25th 2002, Ann and Nancy did a portion of Rhiannon.

  • The August 2002 issue of Maxim Blender has Sandra Bernhard list of her top 10 albums. Belladonna is listed and Sandra say's the following about Stevie:
    "She captures the mystery and sexuality and innocence of rock and roll. You feel that she's hanging on by a thread but is much stronger than she lets on. Belladonna is a classic. I interviewed her once for MTV - She's a little remote, but I liked her alot."

  • Stevie's "Stand Back" can be heard in all Gap stores for the next month.

  • On the July 24, 2002 episode of the game show network's Russian Roulette the following final reound question was used: "Name two of the five members of Fleetwood Mac in 1977." The contestant missed it.

  • The Soft Surroundings catalog has the following in the description of their China Seas Robe:
    "Revel in the pure femininity of this gorgeous, open-style silk wrap, an exquisite find reminding us of Stevie Nicks....."

  • The July 30th issue of Soap Opera Digest had the following in a description of Sarah Buxton (ex-Morgan on B&B) in the Star Style section:
    "Stevie Nicks, Carol King and Cher all rolled up into one..."

  • In the AOL user poll "Who should play Martha Stewart in the upcoming NBC TV movie of her life"? Stevie Nicks is one of the 6 choices.

  • The August 2002 issue of Maxim magazine, has an interview with Beyonce Knowles of Destiny's Child which mentions Stevie in reference to the song Bootylicious.

  • The latest Rolling Stone magazine mentions that Mirage was the number 1 album twenty years ago.

  • At the Texas Rennaisance Festival there is an herb and incense store called Rhiannon's (no actual relation to Stevie, but cool).

  • The July 25th San Diego Union-Tribune had an article about Heart, which included the following sighting: "In a world of macho swagger, Ann and Nancy were the lusty alternative to rival Stevie Nicks' wispy witchy waifiness."

  • On VH1's Mojo 40, Sheryl Crow was listed as number 13 and she talked about how she had a chance to work with Stevie. Video clips of Sorcerer and a Stevie interview were shown.

  • On the American Idol website, contestant Nicky McKibbin lists the first concert she attended as Stevie Nicks and also the last concert she attended as Stevie's Trouble in Shangri-La.

  • The July 25 issue of Rolling Stone has a spotlight on an issue from 25 years ago on the last page. It mentions "Rumours" being the No. 1 album and quotes Ann Wilson as saying she hates Heart being compared to Fleetwood Mac.

  • The July 7th episode of "The Weakest Link", had the question: "What performer sang back-up vocals with Stevie Nicks in her song, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." The contestant didn't know the answer.

  • The July 26th issue of "Goldmine" (issue # 574) has a review of Sheryl Crow's "C'mon, C'mon" CD, which mentions that Stevie Nicks is a guest on the album.

  • The band Stampede, from Richmond, VA., has been doing a cover of Landslide in their concerts.

  • The Los Angeles Daily News Entertainment section on Sunday, July 7, 2002 - had the following:

    "Star Spottings: Rock icon Stevie Nicks shopping for shoes at the Kenneth Cole boutique on Sunset Boulevard, snapping up his "Supper Club" open-toe, 2-inch-heel sandals in red, black and russet. Last time Nicks came by, she snagged several pairs of Cole's "Venus" style platform slides."

  • The August 2002 issue of Interview magazine has Bonnie Raitt interviewing the Dixie Chicks. In the interview, while talking about Divas Live, Bonnie says "I love that Stevie Nicks sang "Landslide" with you on that show."

  • The August 2002 issue of Harper's Bazaar had the following quote:
    "At Gucci, models strutted down the flokati-rug runway to the sounds of Stevie Nicks's "Edge of Seventeen" in black skintight satin pants that hugged every inch except the ankles, luxe mink knit sweaters, towering stilletos, kohl-rimmed eyes, and sexy bed-head hair."

  • The book, Set Your Voice Free by Roger Love (page 149) mentions Stevie Nicks as being a "great singer", etc.

  • The American Idol website had the following post from a viewer about contestant Christina Christian:

    "She didn't have to strain to hit the notes, and she stayed in tune! That shouldn't be a cause for celebration in a contest that supposedly located thirty above-average semi-finalists, but sadly, it is. Christina was excellent, tho, the song suited her voice and style, and she didn't sound like she was doing an imitation. She does have that Minnie Ripperton/Stevie Nicks vibrato going on , but she kept it under control last night. Plus she looked great and the camera loved her."

  • The July 1st episode of E!'s Revealed, with Jules Asner, featured Alyssa Milano, who said when she was about 5 years old she would dance around the house like Stevie Nicks.

  • The Country Music Channel's website (CMT.com) had the following about the new Dixie Chicks studio release due this August:

    "August will be hot. The Dixie Chicks hatch a new studio album, the highly anticipated Home, on Aug. 27 (Open Wide/Monument). In addition to "Long Time Gone," the project revives Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" and Bruce Robison's "Travelin' Soldier."

  • The July 9, 2002 issue of ABC Soaps in Depth had an interview with Ty Treadway, host of a new Soap Net talk show. He was asked who is on his list to have on the show and said "Stevie Nicks she is a Huge soap fan. I'd love to get her on."

  • The new Julianna Hatfield greatest hits CD, Gold Stars -The Julianna Hatfield Collection, has the following in the liner notes for track 10, Sneaking Around: "The Stevie Nicks bit was a conscious homage."

  • The July 2002 issue of In Style magazine has is a short fashion article about the Dixie Chicks. It mentions that they will be covering "Landslide" for their new album, Home. It also said that they appeared with Stevie on Divas Live.

  • There is a photo and a small article about Stevie in Hemisphere's magazine, an inflight guide aboard United Airlines. She is also featured on the inflight entertainment network in VH1 Storytellers.

  • The July 9th issue of Country Weekly magazine has an article (page 24) about the Dixie Chicks. There is a photo of them at Divas Live backstage with Stevie. The caption refers to Stevie as "rock legend Stevie Nicks".

  • In the June 23, 2002 edition of The Providence Sunday Journal (R.I.) an article by Bill Van Siclen discusses the facelift Rolling Stone Magazine will be getting. Van Siclen presents his argument thusly:

    "Granted, the '60s are over. But does that mean T&A is better than R&B? Or that Fleet Street beats Fleetwood Mac? Or Britney's jiggle beats Aretha's soul?"

  • On the June 20th edisode of The View Anastacia was on and she mentioned that she used to work at a hair salon which Stevie used to use. She said she talked to Stevie at Divas Live and told her she was the one who used to answer the phone when she'd call for an appointment.

  • On the Sheryl Crow/Willie Nelson edition of "Crossroads" on CMT, clip of Stevie performing with Sheryl is shown briefly and Stevie is mentioned as having worked on Sheryl's album.

  • The documentary movie "On The Bus," has three of Stevie's songs played in the background. The songs are Blue Denim, Stop Dragging My Heart Around and Wild Heart.

  • The June 2002 issue of Women Who Rock magazine has a Sheryl Crow interview. In it, Sheryl is asked who she would like to play poker with and she mentions Stevie.

  • In the Summer 2002 issue of Teen People, there is an article about Michelle Branch where she lists her top 10 moments of the past year. She lists her most memorable event as taking her parents to see Stevie on tour in Las Vegas.

  • There is a brief mention of Fleetwood Mac in Goldmine magazine (issue #572) in an article on the 70's. The same issue also has a review of Lori Mckenna's CD, Pieces Of Me, which compared her to, among others, "a more countrified Stevie Nicks."

  • Stevie's Storytellers is being shown this month on overseas flights on US Air. Stevie is also listed in the US Air onboard magazine.

  • The June 19th episode of NBC's Today Show with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric, had a portion of the show called "Today Throws a Wedding" where viewers hear how several couples met and at the end, vote for one to get married on the show. During the background for Rick and Dori they played "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You."

  • In the July 4th issue of Rolling Stone, Fleetwood Mac is mentioned in an article about VH1.

  • A&E's Biography, with Peter Frampton, had a mention of Peter Frampton opening for Stevie in 1985/1986. It included a photo of Stevie.

  • The June 14th issue of the Daily News had an article which listed the 12 reasons why there is no way the Lakers win a fourth consecutive title. Reason #3 was: "Phil Jackson elopes with Stevie Nicks, breaking the hearts of Shirley MacLaine and Jeanie Buss, and throwing the organization into chaos."

  • The current issue of Entertainment Weekly, describes the new Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish) album as "dull, adult R&B, closer to soggy Brian McKnight than pert Fleetwood Mac."

  • Stevie's song, "Every Day", was played in the background of this week's (June 10) VH1 Top 20 Countdown.

  • A picture of Stevie and other artists at Divas Live appears in the June 17, 2002 issue of US Weekly with the following caption:
    "Stevie: The Fleetwood Mac front-woman-who turned 54 three days after the concert-sang 'Landslide' with the Dixie Chicks."

  • There is an editorial about Stevie in the "Easy Style" section of the Newport News.

  • The May 2002 issue of Lucky magazine has a section about floral tops which calls a flutter sleeve blouse "Slightly Stevie Nicks and perfect with low-slung jeans."

  • On June 5th the UK TV show called God Save The Queen (on BBC) discussed the music people in the UK listened to in 1977 and it featured some video clips of Fleetwood Mac from that era.

  • On June 5th the VH1 Vogue Fashion show mentioned Stevie's fashion and said she will be around when she's 70 still wearing her lace.

  • Stevie was mentioned on a recent episode of the Rosie O'Donnell show where Susan Lucci was a guest. Susan was thrilled to hear that Stevie watched All My Children.

  • The July 2002 issue of Playgirl magazine has a photo layout (page 67) of a disk jockey with several albums, including The Wild Heart.

  • The June 10th issue of People magazine has an article about Divas Live (page 62) which mentions that Stevie has reservations with the term Diva.

  • The May 20th edition of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver has a small article titled "Chicks team up with Stevie Nicks". The article mentions the upcoming VH1 Divas Live in Las Vegas special.

  • The May 27th issue of People magazine has a small photo of Stevie in an article about celebrity diets where she mentions her success with the Atkins Diet. She is listed as one of "Hollywoods Shape Ups".

  • The May 27, 2002 issue of US magazine, has the two following Stevie sightings:

    The Fashion Police section (page 62), has a photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt at a movie premiere wearing a white knitted shawl over jeans with the caption "If she's not at a Stevie Nicks concert, this is unforgivable."

    The "Then and Now" section has photos of various rock stars. For Stevie they show a circa 1970 photo and a 1998 photo and it says: "Then: long, blonde and bangs. Now: long, blonde and bangs."

  • The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine has a Hall of Fame article about Rumours.

  • On a recent Learning Channel show about giving birth around the world, a Manchester, England couple names their first baby girl "Rhiannon."

  • The current issue of College Bound Magazine, has a review of Trouble in Shangri-la with a small photo and the following:
    This powerhouse Bella Donna is back, full steam ahead! And she's got some great friends like Sheryl Crow and Natalie Maines belting out some awesome tunes with her. Listen to "Too Far From Texas" for a new and catchy Stevie-style song. The magazine gave the album 4 out of 4 stars.

  • The VH1 website had the following on Today in Music for May 15th:
    1975 - Fleetwood Mac debut their new lineup in El Paso, Texas. It's the first incarnation of the band that includes Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and John and Christine McVie.

  • The May 14, 2002 episode of "The Weakest Link" had the following question: "What lead singer of Fleetwood Mac wrote and sang the song 'Landslide'?" The contestant answered the question correctly.

  • The May 14, 2002 episode of Jeopardy had the following:
    Answer: Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen" was sampled in 2002 by this groups single "Bootylicious".
    Question: Who is Destiny's Child.

  • People.com has a bio page for Survivor contestant Gabriel Cade which says "Why we like Gabriel - Because he likes Stevie Nicks."

  • In a recent episode of Bravo - Musicians, Nancy Wilson mentioned "These Dreams" being offered to Stevie to record.

  • The April 2002 issue of the UK magazine "Classic Rock" has an article about Stevie and a full page photo.

  • On the April 3rd episode of NBC's Late Friday, one of the comedians was talking about recently moving in with his girlfriend, who apparently had a lot of candles in the house. He said "Stevie Nicks is jealous of my house."

  • On United Airlines audio programing this month (May 2002), Sheryl Crow is the featured artist. Sheryl mentions Stevie in several soundbites and "Gold Dust Woman" from the "Sheryl Crow & Friends - Live in Central Park" CD is played in full as one of the selections.

  • The May 23 issue (issue 896) of Rolling Stone magazine has a couple of sightings:
    The "Love Letters and Advice" section has an editorial for the 50 coolest records and Rumours is mentioned as a record that wasn't on the list.

    Then in "Recordings, Rumours is the latest for the Rolling Stone Hall of Fame with 5 stars and Tusk, Fleetwood Mac, and Kiln House are featured for the further listening.

  • The June issue of Seventeen magazine contains the following quote from Sheryl Crow:
    "When I was seventeen, my role models were musicians like Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac and Chrisse Hynde of The Pretenders. I looked up to women who rocked."

  • On page 171 of the current bestseller Stupid White Men by Michael Moore, as Moore describes the arms race during the seventies, "By 1978 they (USSR) had a whopping 25,393 nuclear warheads, while we had running water, Stevie Nicks, and a comfortable 24,424 nukes.

  • On page 136 of Molly Jong-Fast's novel, Normal Girl, there is the following Stevie mention:
    "She speaks like a rich Texan but looks like Stevie Nicks in mourning with her black sweat pants and long black T-shirt."

  • The April 18th Richmond VA Times Dispatch had the following in the Weekend section in an article about Sheryl Crow's and her new album:
    "Sheryl Crow still isn't sure if she wants to be the heir to Stevie Nicks - in leather instead of lace - or the fourth Dixie Chick. It doesn't really matter, but it does make her material both intriguing and a little frustrating."

  • The May 2002 edition of Spin magazine, has a review of Sheryl Crow's album "Cmon Cmon" with a mention of Stevie.

  • The Spring 2002 issue of ELLE Girl had the follwoing in an interview with Gwen Stephani:
    ELLEGIRL: Who else inspires you? Lets play a word association game with the names of some stylish ladies.
    GS: I don`t know everybody, but ok.
    ELLEGIRL: Stevie Nicks.
    GS: I love her. Cool as hell. I relate to her alot. There are alot of similarities in the stories of our bands. [Laughs]

  • On a recent episode of "Tracy Takes On", there was a poster of The Dance shown several times in a skit at Tracy's boyfriend's house.

  • The current issue (week of April 14-20) of the Philadelphia Weekly, has a photo of Stevie in an ad for the restaurant Beau Monde.

  • On April 17th, on the channelone.com website, Rhiannon had over 20,000 votes and was the number one requested song to be played on their All Request Thursday show.

  • The April 19th issue of Entertainment Weekly (#649) has a huge one page review about Sherly Crow's new CD " C'mon C'mon" which has several mentions of Stevie Nicks and her influence over Sheryl.

  • The April 15th edition of the New York Daily News and USA Today have articles about Sheryl Crow which, of course, have several mentions of Stevie.

  • Sheryl Crow was on the April 15th episode of the Rosie O'Donnell show promoting her new CD. Rosie asked her about Stevie, and Sheryl mentioned how she loved her, and she's a great friend. She also mentioned when the two of them are on stage together people give Stevie Tiffany Lamps and jewelry, and all she gets is t-shirts and hats.

  • The webpage for Chez 106 FM in Ottawa Canada (chez106.com) has the "CHEZ Top 500 Rock Songs of All Time", as voted by the listeners. Stevie has three songs on the list: Edge Of Seventeen, Rhiannon and -Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Dreams is also on the list.

  • NYC's Cable channel known, METRO, aired the latest fashion shows of Paris and Milan and, while GUICCI's Fall 2002 line was introduced, the models walked the runway to Stevie's music. The two songs they played over and over again were "Edge of 17" (Live from 1981) and the "Rhiannon" piano version from Enchanted.

  • On Vh1's Ultimate Albums, Def Leopards Pyromania, while talking about how much it cost to record the album, they compare it to Fleetwood Mac.

  • There is a brief mention of Stevie in an article abotu Sheryl Crow in the April 15th issue of Newsweek.

  • Stevie Nicks was spotted at the wedding of hairdresser, Eilynn Palmer, and artist Timothy Chapman at Craig Pearson's home on March 30.

  • At the Sheryl Crow webchat the following two questions were found:
    Laura Willan asks: Pleeeeaase ask who Sheryl's favourite female artist is, thankyou!
    Sheryl says: Of all time is probably Stevie and Linda Rondstadt. Today, I would say Aimee Mann and Lucinda Williams.
    Joanne Sinclair asks: Hey Sheryl, any truth in the rumour that you'll be singing with Fleetwood Mac on their new album?
    Sheryl says: Hey Joanne. That would be a RUMOUR - as in Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours'! There wouldn't be any replacing Christine McVie. I spend a lot of time with Stevie Nicks personally and professionally, so that's where that comes from.

  • The April 2002 issue of EVE Magazine in the UK has a few mentioned of Stevie in an interview with Sheryl Crow.

  • The liner notes of Sheryl Crow's CD, C'mon, C'mon has the following:
    I don't know what to say about Stevie Nicks so I'll just say I love you dearly.

  • In the April 3rd episode of That 80's Show, Cory, who works in a record store, was making out with girl who works there said "this is like working with Fleetwood Mac."

  • A story from April 1st Reuters News Service regarding Shana Morrison's (Van Morrison's Daughter) new album had the following Stevie mention.

    "During the sessions, her stereo boasted compact discs by the likes of English pop singer Dido and Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, although she doesn't think she sounds like them."

  • The Dec. 29, 2001 issue "Special Double Holiday Issue" of Billboard Magazine has a photo of Stevie and the following quote about touring after 9/11.

    You can feel the collective consciousness change.
    You step out onstage and it's undeniable. Every note you play feels monumental. Every face in the crowd becomes a vivid picture in your mind. You can never go back to just thinking, Oh, this is another gig on my tour. It's an accumulation of bringing something forward to the world that's precious.

  • The April issue of Sound and Vision Magazine has a test report on a new DVD player that has capability to play the new DVD Audio disks. The report tested this feature using the DVD Audio release of Rumours and included the following: "Compared with today's highly sampled, almost pointillistic pop music, and its typically bright high end, this 25-year-old album sounds positively Wagnerian, with dark, dense melodies weaving in and out of the gloom."

  • On the March 28th episode of Will and Grace, Will discovered his parents were both having affairs and he said, " My parents are turning into Fleetwood Mac."

  • In the reprint of Sanda Brown's book Seduction by Design, a young girl asks her friend, "Should I perm my hair like Stevie Nicks?"

  • The "Rock and Roll at 50" issue of Life magazine listed the Top 100 Rock and Rollers of All Time. Fleetwood Mac was listed as #85.

  • Tiffany was a guest on the talk show The Other Half on ABC on March 20th discussing her new CD. When asked about her musical direction she said that she was getting away from the light pop sound and heading for more of a rock sound because she was a huge fan of Stevie Nicks and wanted to be like her when she was a kid.

  • The April 1, 2002 edition of People magazine has the following in the Picks & Pans - Week at a glance section:
    Saturday, April 6, 2002
    Sheryl Crow and Friends
    VH1 (10pm ET)
    Should be rockin' with Stevie Nicks also on the concert bill.

  • Stevie is mentioned a couple of times in the Ask Tai section of Tai Babilonia's website.

  • Stevie was spotted at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony on March 18th.

  • The March 23rd issue of Billboard magazine includes the following two Stevie mentions:
    -There is an article on Page 13 about Jude Johnstone's debut album, "Coming of Age." It mentions that the first single is "Cry Wolf," and says that it was previously recorded by Stevie.

    -Stevie is mentioned on Page 63 in a blurb about all the guest stars who have appeared on "The Chris Isaak Show."

  • On the March 21st episode of the Game Show network's 'Hollywood Showdown', in the category 80's music makers, the final question for the jack pot, or 'box office' (over $18,000) was:
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers teamed up on the hit 'Stop Dragging my Heart Around' with this female singer.
    -The contestant had a huge smile on her face and answered Stevie Nicks. When they came back from a break the host said "She was thinking 'Whatever the question is, let the answer be Stevie Nicks'."

  • The April 11th issue of Rolling Stone magazine has a photo of Stevie onstage at the Concert for Artists Rights.

  • In the liner notes of Darren Hayes' solo debut album, "Spin", the following is written when thanking Rick Nowels:
    Hey Rick Nowels. It was a childhood dream to write songs with you. First time I ever heard Stevie Nicks' "Rock a Little' album (I was about 13) I knew two things. Firstly, that I loved Stevie. Second, that one day I wanted to write songs with this guy R. Nowels. Well, I still love Stevie and now I'm lucky enough to have created some of that magic with you and to call you friend. "Never change, never stop." You are a magician.

    Also, at darrenhayes.com, Darren says Stevie is one of his favorite singers.

  • The April 2002 issue of Premiere magazine (page 36) has the following in the "If You Ask Me" column, while talking about Lord of the Rings:
    There are almost no girls in the movie, except for brief appearances by Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett, who both play fairy-princess figures, wafting miles of Stevie Nicks chiffon sleeves.

  • On the March 17th episode of "The Weakest Link", the question was asked "What band released the best selling 1977 album Rumours"? Josh Evans who plays Timmy on the soap opera "Passions" answered 'The Beatles'.

  • In the April issue of Lucky magazine, Casey Johnson was picked as the "Lucky Girl." Her interview contained the following:
    "The CDs I'm listening to now are: Stevie Nicks, Trouble in Shangri-La, and Mamma Mia!, the soundtrack to the musical."

  • The March 22, 2002 issue of Entertainment Weekly had a mention of the post-show Grammy party on February 27th at at Mondrian's SKYBAR and Asia de Cuba and listed Stevie as a guest.

  • There was a photo of Stevie on the main page of Pollstar.com on March 14th.

  • The Pop Life section of the February 28th New York Times had an article on the Recording Artists Coalition by Neil Strauss with the following Stevie mention:
    The show at the Forum stuck to a formula of nearly nonstop classic hits. The ever odd Ms. Nicks, who was introduced by Tom Hanks, sang "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" with Tom Petty for the first time in about 17 years. She was joined by (Don) Henley for a highly effective "Leather and Lace," which she dedicated to Waylon Jennings, for whom she wrote the song.

  • The lyrics to Gold Dust Woman appeared in the March 13th strip of the online comic, "Exploitation Now."

  • The April 2002 issue of Playboy has an interview with the teen pop princess, Tiffany which includes the follwoing Stevie mention:

    "Tiffany released 'Color of Silence', which finds her more in the company of Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette." In talking about her background, she says, "I come from a country background, but my dream was to be a rock singer. I used to twirl around in my room and pretend to be Stevie Nicks."

  • The March 2002 issue of Cosmo Girl magazine has a page on female singers. It lists the must-have albums, by year, from 2001 to 1967. Bella Donna was listed as the must-have album for 1981.

  • There is an article in the Washington Post which talks about Stevie inspiring the singer Tanya Donelly.

  • The March 18, 2002 issue of US Weekly has an article titled Woman on Top about the 2002 Grammys. On page 50 there is a mention of the Warner Music Group Grammy party held at the Mondrian Hotel with the following quote:
    "Stevie Nicks said she had recovered from performing the previous night at the Forum with the Eagles, John Fogerty, and Tom Petty, It was amazing, like 1979 again she said about the concert, which raised money for the Recording Artists Coalition, a group that helps disgruntled artists wage legal battles against their record labels."

  • On a recent episode of MTV's ''Becoming'', Stevie's song ''Everyday'' was playing in the background.

  • On a recent episode of Revealed w/ Jules Asner on E!, they talked with Destiny's Child about using Edge of Seventeen in Bootylicious and about getting Stevie in the video.

  • On the March 3rd episode of ABC's Alias, a non-Stevie version of Landslide was played.

  • "Don't Stop" was playing in the background of a scene in that Monica Lewinski tell-all show on HBO.

  • In the March issue of Billboard Magazine, there is an article about Sheryl Crow, and Sheryl talks about Stevie in the article.

  • The February 24th issue of the Tulsa World newspaper has a small photo of Stevie and a mention of the Grammy nomination.

  • The February 28th edition of the Independant newspaper, in the UK, had a nice 5x9" photo of Stevie in her Gold Dust Woman with the caption: "Stevie Nicks formerly of Fleetwood Mac performs at a benefit for a new union set up to negotiate better recording deals."

  • Sandra Berndardt was on the february 26th episode of "The View" and the ladies on the show asked Sandra if her daughter listens to Britney Spears. Sandra said, "Oh no! She listens to Stevie Nicks. She sings 'Stop Draggin My Heart Around' all dressed up in feathers and Stevie clothes."

  • There is a game on VH1 that is called Guess the Rock Star, "Kid Rockers" which has a couple of questions about Stevie and a photo.

  • In the new spring 2002 Kenneth Cole catalog, there is a men's soft polo sweater on page 22 called a "Slee-ve Nicks" and a pair of women's sunburst wrap sandals on page 6 called "Bella Donna". They can also be seen in the Kenneth Cole online catalog.

  • The new Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix (in the collier center on the corner of 2nd and jefferson) has some new Stevie items on display. There is a pair of Stevie's red satin gloves, a picture of her, an all access pass from TOSOTM tour, a picture of Fleetwood Mac, an all access FM pass from the Tango in the Night tour and a FM greatest hits gold record.

  • On the February 21st MSNBC's daily crossword, number 18 across was "Stevie of Fleetwood Mac."

  • There was an article about Sheryl Crow as she was Billboard.com's Artist of the Day on February 19th. The article mentioned the rumors about her joining Fleetwood Mac.

  • In the March 2002 issue of CosmoGirl, there is an article titled "It's a Girl's World" which talks about powerful female singer/songwriters in music. Stevie is mentioned and it sites "Bella Donna" as a must-have album. There is also a small picture of Stevie.

  • On MTV's Making the Video with Pink, "Don't Let Me Get Me", Pink was wearing a flowing white chiffon top, and said "me, in my Stevie Nicks wings."

  • At the December 28th Jeffrey Gaines Concert, at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg PA (his hometown), You Make Lovin Fun and Sweet Girl were the last two songs played as walking music just before the show started.

  • Sheryl Crow was interviewed by Matt Lauer on the February 15th Today Show after her performance following the Medals Ceremony in Salt Lake City. She spoke about her work with, admiration for and relationship with Stevie.

  • Stevie is mentioned in an article from Hour about Howie Klein, president of Reprise/Warner Records for over a decade.

  • On February 14th, Stevie did the Five O'Clock Free Ride for 95.5 WPLJ (New York City). At 5:00, Stevie said, "This is Stevie Nicks for the 95.5 PLJ Five O'Clock Free Ride. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!"

  • The February 15th Arizona Daily Star had a mention of Stevie in an article about Don Henley.

  • At the 2002 Chicago Auto Show, the Mercedes Benz booth had a large video screen above it playing the Sorcerer video in rotation.

  • There is a small photo of Stevie and a mention of the grammy nomination in this week's TV Guide (Feb 10-16).

  • Fleetwood Mac's Songbird was played on the February 10th episode of the ABC show Alias.

  • The special features on the DVD of the movie, Almost Famous, includes a 1977 interview with Fleetwood Mac from Rolling Stone magazine.

  • The February 2002 issue of Interview magazine (Nicole Kidman on cover) has an interview of the new singer/musician Ryan Adams conducted by Elton John. Mr. Adams makes this statement regarding his potential commercial success:
    "I've heard this said by a lot of really fantastic people who are icons in a sense, people like Stevie Nicks or Emmylou Harris, Tom Waits or Neil Young. These people have had hits, but one of the things that's maintained them was that it seemed that they had a course that they absolutely wanted to take."

  • In an interview in The Globe and Mail, Ellen Reid, formerly of Crash Test Dummies, lists Stevie as an influence on her style.

  • One of the contestants on the new Survivor Marquesas show, Gabriel Cade, lists Stevie as a favorite singer.

  • On the February 5th episode of the television show Roswell, Maria and the sherrif were discussing a possible set list for their band. He suggested "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" as one of the songs they could do as a duet. Maria agreed by saying, "Classic."

  • The Grammy website has the following:

    Love, loss and a quest for personal peace are strong themes on all of the tracks nominated in the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance category. Melissa Etheridge couldn't be any more direct with her moving "I Want to Be in Love" and PJ Harvey is equally, emotionally forthright with "This Is Love." Tori Amos boldly reworks a female perspective into the Stranglers' "Strange Little Girl," the title track to her powerful collection of similarly re-gendered covers. Stevie Nicks is in fine solo artist form on "Planets Of The Universe," and Lucinda Williams works all her soulful, rootsy charms on "Get Right With God."

  • The January 30, 2002 edition of the New York Daily News had a mention in the Daily Dish section of Grammy Award winner Stan Cornyn's upcoming book, "Exploding: the Highs, Hits, Hype, Heroes and Hustlers of the Warner Music Group" which included the following highlight:
    "The Faces were barred from so many hotels-including the entire Holiday Inn chain- that the Warner act had to frequently check in under the name 'Fleetwood Mac'".

  • On January 30th, the Street Smarts game show had the following question: "What busty country singer starred in 9 to 5 and the Best Little Whore House in Texas?" One of the contestants answered with "Stevie Nicks." The host said "Well I don't really think that she is a country singer." (The correct answer was Dolly Parton)

  • The Travel Channel website has an interview with Samantha Brown, where Samantha lists Stevie as one of the three people she'd most like to have at her table for dinner.

  • The Feb/march 2002 issue of Blender magazine (Kid Rock on cover) has a small photo from the '80s of Stevie with a fan. Also, the issue spotlights the top 100 American rock albums. "Rumours" is not among them because it is a 60% British band. There is a "Rumours" era group shot above the explanation as to why it didn't make the list.

  • There is a small article about Sorcerer video shoot in the January 24th issue of OK magazine (in the UK).

  • There were many recent mentions of the lobbying for California artists' rights legislation in the media, including on CNN and others.

  • The book "Treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe'", has a photo of one of Stevie's dresses on page on page 164.

  • There is a photo of Stevie with DJ Tracy Young on the Tracy Young website.

  • The January 23rd episode of E! showed Stevie along with Sheryl Crow and Don Henley lobbying for the rights of the artists against the music industry at the California capital.

  • There is a nice photo of Stevie with Dakota Moon in the gallery section of the Dakota Moon website (www.dakotamoon.com).

  • On the January 9, 2002 Jeopardy show, the category of 70's Albums had the following $1000 question:
    This Fleetwood Mac Album topped the charts in 1977, selling over 18 million copies.

  • Landslide played during one of the segments in the mini-series, The 70s, on NBC.

  • On January 16th KFOG FM aired part of the KFOG's Concert for Kids show as a part of their "Live from the Archives" show. They played Enchanted, Gold Dust Woman, Everyday, Sorcerer, Rhiannon and Stand Back.

  • The March 2002 issue of In Style Magazine says "coming next month: Stevie Nicks - Scottsdale home."

  • One of the commercials for the upcoming television show, That 80's Show has a Fleetwood Mac poster in the background.

  • On January 13, 2001 E! aired the show "True Hollywood Story - Fast Times at Ridgemont High", and they mentioned how actor Sean Penn was taken to a Fleetwood Mac Halloween costume party while filming the movie and dressed up as his character "Spiccoli" in order to learn the part more. Also, the camera pan over the cover to the "Fast Times.." soundtrack where Stevie's name is visible.

  • There is a mention and a photo of Stevie and Lindsey on the Much More Music Backtrax page.

  • In a January 12 review of Lord of the Rings, The Times (UK newspaper) had the following Stevie mention:
    "The boy hobbits looked like David Essex and the hobbitesses looked like Stevie Nicks — but seen in a fairground mirror."

  • Planets of the Universe and Sorcerer made the WRLT Radio's (in Nashville) Top 100 songs of 2001.

  • The January 10th, 2002 episode of MTV's "True Life - I'm a Little Person" had the song "Everyday" playing in the background during one of the scenes.

  • On the January 6th episode of The Sopranos, on HBO, Rhiannon was heard playing in the background in a scene in the restaurant.

  • Pollstar magazine listed the top 40 North American concert tours of 2001. Stevie's tour was listed at #27 ($14.1 million, 38 shows), ahead of Bob Dylan, Sting, Elton John, etc.

  • The January 4th episode of Entertainment Tonight, had Stevie on discussing the Grammy nomination announcements. They also mentioned that she was nominated for a Grammy and showed a short clip of Sorcerer.

  • Clips from Trouble in Shangri-La, Planets of the Universe and the Edge of 17 riff from Bootylicious were used as background music in the Year-in-Review montage edited for the Today Show on NBC on New year's Eve.



  • On December 29th MuchmoreMusic had a show on today called "Rock Star's Records of 2001" where they asked artists to say what music they listened to this year. Stevie named David Gray as her favorite because she said it reminded her of early Buckingham Nicks.

  • In the December 30th edition of the Toronto Sun there was an article of the top ten CD's of 2001. Stevie's new album was given an honourable mention.

  • The E!Online website had the following in the Fashion Police section on Dec 29th:
    Laura Dern and Ben Harper make a cute pair of new parental units at Mick Jagger's Los Angeles bash. Dern looks like a rock star's main squeeze in a burnt orange Stevie Nicks gown with a leather duster....

  • On the December 28th edition of Extra, there was a 5-story mansion in Encino, California shown for sale that was previously owned by Stevie. See the article on the Extra page.

  • The Director's Cut version DVD set of "Almost Famous" has a list of Cameron Crowe articles he wrote for Rolling Stone magazine. One was a 1977 Fleetwood Mac article.

  • On December 26th, MSN had a "Top ten" music lists called "Songs to get you ready for Lord of the Rings," which had "Sorcerer" is listed at the second song.

  • The movie Slapshot with Paul Newman has a scene in a van where Rhiannon is playing in the radio as it speeds off.

  • Stevie's "Sorcerer" was listed as #48 on VH1's list of the Top 50 videos of 2001.

  • Planets of the Universe is included in Slant Magazine's Year End Review.

  • The December 16th edition of UK's Sunday Times had the follwoing in the 'Culture' Section:
    Tracks of the Year, the 'Upbeat collection':
    STEVIE NICKS: Trouble in Shangri-La (Trouble in Shangri-La) With lyrics that allude to the twisted relationships in Fleetwood Mac, this slice of superior adult-oriented rock will please anyone who owns Rumours. (That's a lot of you, right?)

  • In the book titled "Beginnings" by Charlotte Mae there is a character who enjoys listening to Stevie Nicks music and specifically mentions the song "After The Glitter Fades."

  • On Eonline the Ted Cassablanca gossip columnist had the following quote:
    Kirstie Alley, digging through the funky frocks at Urban Outfitters, Pasadena. In a gypsy-style getup, à la Stevie Nicks, the Cheers comic looked a tad tired as she walked with her two kids.

  • The December issue of Q magazine, in the UK, has a photo of Stevie and has her listed as #9 in the "100 Sirens Women who rock your world" as voted in earlier issues.

  • On December 2nd's episode of "Hollywood Confidential" with Leeza Gibbons, Leeza talked about where certain stars were during the September 11th tragedy. She mentioned Stevie was in New York and talked to Stevie about it.

  • On the December 3rd "Morning Becomes Eclectic" radio show on KCRW-FM (89.9 Los Angeles), Sandra Bernhard was on with the host, and mentioned how much she loved Stevie, and said "Stevie is my daughter's favorite singer." They then played "I Miss You" in full.

  • The January 2001 issue of Seventeen magazine has a small photo of Stevie and calls her a "Patron Saint" of women's rock.

  • On VH1's reruns of the "Arsenio Hall Show", "Arsenio Jams", (Thursday, November 29, 2001, at 10:00 pm CST) Rosie O'Donnel and Madonna were guests and Madonna asked Rosie what she was wearing. It was a long black jacket-type dress and Rosie said it was a cross between the Adams Family (Mortuary Adams, maybe???) and Stevie Nicks. She then proceeded to get up off of the couch and sing "Edge of Seventeen" while twirling her dress like Stevie.

  • The November 28th episode of Beat the Geek on Comedy Central, in the 'Music Geek' category, had a picture of Stevie and the contestant was asked to "identify this singer". He mistakenly said Wynonna Judd, but the other contestant got it correct.

  • The December 1-7 issue of TV Guide mentions the recent South Park episode which included Stevie and Fleetwood Mac.

  • The December/January issue of More magazine has a short article titled "You're the Inspiration." It describes the inspiration to some rock songs. It discusses how Lindsey Buckingham wrote "Go Your Own Way" about his breakup with Stevie.

  • The December 2001 issue of Genre Magazine, has an article titled "In the Groove" which lists the magazine's Grammy *predictions* (page 24). Stevie's album, Trouble in Shangri-La was on the list.

  • The December/January 2002 issue of Girl's Life Magazine has a quiz to "Scope Out Your Signature Scent." One of the questions is: "The dressy ensemble you're putting together for this year's Snow Ball consists of: (A). A glam red gown. (B). A flowing '70s inspired getup that's total Stevie Nicks. (C). Really simple yet elegant black pants and a dressy sweater. (D). A futuristic, silver mini-dress you designed and stitched yourself."

  • The November 13th episode of Vh-1's morning "Jumpstart" show with Alison Stewert had a 30 second news flash about Stevie's upcoming 2001 AHI benefit conert. The clip showed the "Everyday" video and shots of Lindsey, Don Henley and Sheryl Crow as the guests of the show.

  • Stevie is the featured Artist of the month for Columbia House Music for November. There was a flyer for Trouble in Shangri-la with a nice photo of Stevie sent to members.

  • The November 6th episode of SouthPark had a skit that took place in Afghanastan and involved US Troops there and a few mentions of Stevie and Fleetwood Mac (don't ask).

  • The new issue of Uncut Music Magazine in the UK has a small article about the new Sheryl Crow album being released in February 2002 and it mentions that guests include Stevie Nicks and Natalie Maines.

  • On the Simpsons' Halloween Special XII (Nov. 6) the kids go to the Springwort school of Magicry. Lisa is casting a spell on Bart, and Montgomery Burns is watching her in his crystal ball. He says "Lisa Simpson, that girl has more wicked witchery than Stevie Nicks"

  • In the November 5th edition of the Austin American-Statesman, had a review the Tori Amos' concert which included the following::
    The show concluded with an enthusiastic and energized version of Stevie Nicks's "Landslide" - a cover that doesn't reek. Why couldn't that have made it onto "Strange Little Girls?"

  • Stevie was on Entertainmant Tonight briefly on October 29th when they were talking to celebrities about the US troops overseas. Stevie said "I appreciate so much what you guys are doing...oh no im getting sad now...thank you." (she was teary eyed).

  • The October 26th episode of Jeopardy had the following answer: "As one word its a poisonous plant called nightshade and two words its a Stevie Nicks album." The question, of course, was "What is Bella Donna."

  • In the November 2001 issue of Stuff magazine there is an interview with Brooke Burke of E!'s Wild On. On page 54 is a list of her favorite things and under the category of Favorite Songs, "Landslide" is listed as number 1. A small photo of Stevie is pictured next to it.

  • People magazine and the People website had an article on Celebrity Tipping, which included the following:
    A steakhouse waiter in Arizona raved on the Web about rock queen Stevie Nicks being "nice" and "mellow" at his place . . . and topping off her big bill with 20% for him.

  • In the November 2001 issue of NASCAR Winston Cup Illustrated, there is a section titled "getting personal", by Shirley Westfall. In this section, driver Mark Martin lists his favorite musical group as "Stevie Nicks" and his favorite song as "Anything by Stevie Nicks." Also Ward Burton lists his favorite musical group as "George Thorougood & Fleetwood Mac."

  • On the style.com website, there is a slide show of romantic styles that includes one slide of Stevie.

  • The November, 2001 issue of MORE Magazine (page 25) has is a section called "Museum of My Life" where they asked five famous women: What would you give to a museum celebrating your life? Stevie Nicks, 53, musician is quoted as saying, "A shawl, because it's all-purpose and it's a signature item for me. Of course, what Stevie Nicks museum could exist without a pair of suede platform boot!"

  • The October 12th issue of R&R Magazine has a huge ad for "Sorcerer" with a new picture. The ad also states that the VH1 Stevie Nicks and Friends concert will tape November 8th in NYC to be aired in December. It also lists her nominations for the upcoming My VH1 Awards.

  • There was a reference to Stevie and Fleetwood Mac on the ESPN NFL Pre-game show on October 14th. Chris Berman made a comment about the background music on the Tampa Bay Buccaneer report and said he expected Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac to show up in the studio. The music had a riff similar to The Edge of 17.

  • The local ABC Chicago TV station (ABC-7 NEWS), does a music archives/trivia section on their morning show. On October 11th they showcased "Rhiannon" as their music archive song of the day.

  • On WCYB-TV 5 from Bristol, VA, a commercial for WQUT 101.5 fm has been playing regularly. The camera slowly goes through a "museum" and as it rounds a corner a picture of the cover for "The Dance" is on the wall and the opening of "Rhiannon" is briefly played.

  • On page 20 of the October 15th issue of People Magazine there is an article about Liz Rosenberg ending her role as Madonna's publicist. The article mentions that she "plans to do some volunteer work and will continue working with other Warner Bros. recording artists like Cher, Stevie Nicks and Chris Issak."

  • On October 6th, MTV's "War: Coping with Terrorism" had Stevie's song "Every Day" playing in the backround of one of the segments segment.

  • Stevie's song, I Miss You, was played on the Season premier of the WB show, Charmed, on October 4th.

  • Tori Amos sang "Landslide" as her final encore at the Atlanta GA concert on October 2nd.

  • The October America West Airlines in-flight magazine has a nice ad for the Stevie Nicks and Friends concert.

  • The Sept 22 Washington Post had the following:

    This Rumour Proves True
    Singer Stevie Nicks---staying at Washington's Ritz-Carlton hotel before her concert last Wednesday at the Merriweather Post Pavillion---was touched when she spied the firefighters of the Engine 1 company at 23rd and M streets NW from her window. They were outside collecting donations for their New York comrades lost in last week's attacks. Nicks ordered some room service and took it across the street herself.

  • The October 25, 2001 issue of Rolling Stone (the issue about the Sept. 11th attack, issue 880) has a photo of Stevie in concert on page 32 with the caption:
    "Let me take you away from the pain" said Stevie Nicks on Saturday in Atlantic City".

  • The September 29th issue of the Radio Times (in the UK) listed Rumours as #6 on the Best Selling Albums ever.

  • The September 27th edition of the Arizona Republic had a large ad for the Stevie Nicks and Friends concert, plus a small mention in the "tickets on sale" section.

  • The Fall 2001 special issue of ROCKRGRL magazine has an article entitled "Women Who Rock." It features '100 Essential Women in Music.' On page 77 they devote the entire page to Stevie and Christine. There are two pictures of each of them, and a short article, including the following quote:
    "I've always dressed kinda crazy and I always carried a big straw bag because I wanted to have everything with me, and so I was kind of odd. Even in high school, I was always almost in the really popular group, but I was never really in it. You know?" - Stevie Nicks

  • There is a bio of Stevie on Classmates.com.

  • On September 28th, Stevie was on the the VH1 show, The Hit List time talking about the song Sorcerer and working with Sheryl Crow. The Sorcerer video was played.

  • Issue 2 of the magazine Maxim Blender, with Gewn Stefani on the cover, has an artical about the 50 Sexiest Artists of all time (page 98). Stevie is listed as #48 with a caption and photo.

  • There was a huge Stevie billboard on the way into Atlantic City.

  • In the September 10th issue of People magazine there is a story about Aaliyah on page 67 with a photo of fans signing a large panel with an ad for Aaliyah's new cd. Beside it is a smaller panel with an ad for Trouble in Shangri-la.

  • There are several Stevie songs playing in rotation at PetsMart stores.

  • There is a Stevie Billboard on the edge of Las Vegas.

  • In the March 1997 edition of Vogue Australia, Courtney Love says the following about how she fashioned Althea's character in 'The People vs Larry Flynt':
    "With Althea, she had this wacky Rhoda and Mary [Tyler Moore] kind of thing. With the shawls and that kind of thing, I was working in Stevie Nicks".

  • There is a large billboard for the Stevie Nicks and Friends benefit in Phoenix at Grand Ave and Van Buren. There's another one at Indian School Road near 16th Street and one at Washington Avenue and 15th Street.

  • The September 16th issue UK's Sunday Times' magazine section has a regular feature entitled 'A Life in the Day' which had Alice Cooper, describing his day as follows:
    "Home is Arizona. A place called Paradise Valley, which I always think sounds like a funeral home. I have some cool neighbours - people like Stevie Nicks and Leslie Nielson."

  • The October 2001 issue of Vanity Fair has a small picture of Stevie on the horoscope page.

  • The August 31st edition of the Wall Street Journal had a small article about Trouble in Shangri-La.

  • There is a new magazine out called The 100 Greatest Woman of Rock N" Roll which has a photo of Stevie and a mention of Fleetwood Mac and the band's solo careers.

  • In the book "The Real Beach Boy - Dennis Wilson," by Jon Stebbins the following appears on page 183 as Jon is talking about Dennis' relationship with Christine McVie:
    "...Dennis eventually moved into Christine's guest quarters, outfitting a tiny garden room with an upright piano, Tiffany lamps, and bits of silk and lace. A friend described the effect as 'very Stevie Nicks.'"

  • The October 2001 issue of Lucky magazine has the following mention on page 53:
    I want this now
    Designer Rebecca Taylor is feeling very "Helena Bonham Carter in A Room With A View meets Stevie Nicks" this fall. "I'm a little tired of the whole T-shirt and jeans combo," she says. "These pieces are a bit more sophisticated."

  • Stevie appears in the annual People Magazine's Best and Worst Dressed issue (page 148).

  • There is an interview with Bob Schneider on the HIP Online website and Stevie is mentioned.

  • There is a review of Trouble in Shangri-La in the September 21, 2001 issue of Goldmine magazine.

  • The September 17, 2001 issue of Forbes magazine has an article on aging rockers and mentions Stevie a couple of times.

  • The August 30th edition of Access Hollywood, they had a report about the highest grossing summer tours. They mentioned how the Backstreet Boys made 6 million dollars on they're first ten dates, then they showed a clip of Stevie performing and said "That's what Stevie Nicks made in 12 dates."

  • On the August 30th episode of Entertainment Tonight a portion of Stevie's Sorcerer video was shown and the making of the video was discussed..

  • In the Fall 2001 issue of Glamour Do's and Don'ts, Stevie is pictured on page 97 with a caption which reads: "Do team up with your "shero" like Sheryl Crow with Stevie Nicks.

  • In the new Kurt Cobain biography "Heavier than Heaven" it states that the poster for Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is one of the posters that Kurt saw hanging on the wall at Sound City Recording Studio.

  • On The August 28 2001 episode of Live with Regis and Kelly, Sandra Bernhardt was a guest and mentioned her daughter likes Stevie Nicks, and said she would like to have Stevie as a guest on her new show.

  • In the August 24-26th editon of USA Weekend there is an article about the group Evan & Jaron. It talks about how they are Jewish and that they observe the Sabbath and how sometimes it conflicts with their work. Jaron said "It definetley hurts us...we had to turn down a tour with Stevie Nicks this summer because we couldn't play Friday nights."

  • The Heart website (www.annandnancy.com) has a forum where the Wilson sisters talk with fans. Ann left the following message regarding Stevie's illness:
    One of the worst feelings in the world of a performer is to have to cancel a show. You feel to blame...so responsible, even though you are ill. To get up to the level of energy it takes to do a good show is not easy, and no performer wants to not give people their best. touring doesn't always allow for humanity. I hope Stevie feels better real soon!   -Ann

  • The current issue of "Scottsdale Life" magazine has an article about Stevie Nicks living in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Delta Airlines has recently been showing a Stevie interview on their flights in the business class section.

  • In the August 11 issue of 'The Age' (Melbourne, Australia) there is an article on professional autograph hunters. One of the hunters is pictured with signed guitars and pics on the wall. Included is a picture of Fleetwood Mac from the Tusk era with several signatures.

  • The Utne Reader has a section called "Last Call" (on the last page of the mag) where it re-prints interesting quotes from people currently in the spotlight. The July issue has a quote from Stevie (taken from Interview Magazine) regarding how she deals with fear.

  • Stevie song "Too Far From Texas" is being played in rotation recently at Chili's restaurants.

  • The remix of Planets of the Universe has been playing in rotation recently in the MAC (make-up) stores.

  • On MTV in Europe there is a show called "Data Video" (similar to "Pop Up Video") which showed the Destiny's Child video "Bootylicous" with a pop-up of a picture of Stevie and a sample of Edge of 17.

  • The August 20th episode of The Weakest Link had the following question:
    "Lindsey Buckingham wrote "Go Your Own Way" after his breakup with which Fleetwood Mac singer?

  • The original mix of Planets of the Universe has been playing in rotation in the Bath & Body Works stores.

  • The August 18, 2001 edition of the newspaper, the FW Star-Telegram, had an article titled Decorating in the Home section that talks about interior designer vocabulary. It included the following quote:

    "I'm obsessed with lighting. I'm constantly shopping for different lightbulbs. I love rainbow lightbulbs. And also, one should not live without dimmers. Life is all about lighting." - Stevie Nicks telling Vanity Fair magazine about her greatest extravagance.

  • The Planets of the Universe remix is on the August soundtrack of the music played in Guess? clothing stores.

  • Recent commercials for the American Express Blue for Music promotion feature a clip from Stevie's new Sorcerer video.

  • The September 2001 issue of the new Maxim magazine, Blender, has it's list of the 50 sexiest rockers of all time. Stevie is included on the list.

  • There is an interview with Stevie in the August 16th edition of the LA Times, Calender Section, entitled "How Tom Petty Helped Stevie Nicks Beat her Demons."

  • The Rumours DVD-Audio cover is pictured on page 70 of the August 18, 2001 issue of Billboard Magazine. The article is titled "The Audio Angle" and it talks about millions of people replacing their scratchy Rumours records for the Rumours CD and that now they are getting significantly improved master tape quality sound at home on the Rumours DVD-A.

  • The August 20th issue of US Weekly has a small photo of Stevie with a quote on page 35.

  • The September 2001 issue of the British Vogue magazine's 'Listed' page featured Jo Reynolds (the face of Jil Sander). One of her 5 favourite albums is Rumours; one of her 5 'bands she wishes she'd played for' is Fleetwood Mac; one of her heroes is Stevie Nicks.

  • On the August 9th episode of VH1's special From the Waist Down: Men, Women & Music, Stevie talks about a couple of other artists.

  • On the August 9th episode of MTV's Undressed, Stevie's song, Every Day, was played inthe background.

  • On the August 4th episide of VH-1's Cover Wars one of the competing bands was asked to sing "Don't Stop" in a lounge act style.

  • On a recent episode of the Simpsons, Bart had gone overboard with drugs designed to make him calm down and be a good boy and he goes on a rampage with a tank through Springfield. While he's running over mailboxes with the tank he's singing a few lines from "Don't Stop."

  • On the August 20th episode of MTV 20: Below the Waist, Stevie talked about what makes male rock stars sexy.

  • The A&E website has collectible Celebrity Eggs listed, which includes a Stevie Nicks egg.

  • Rolling Stone reports that Cracker will record the Fleetwood Mac Tusk album, track for track.

  • The August 11, 2001 issue of Billboard magazine has a mention of Stevie in the Chartbeat section about Stevie's chart accomplishmants.

  • The book, Blueberry Bridesmaids, by Farrah Lehman, has the following on page 101:
    "I am listening to a Stevie Nicks mix tape I made when I was sixteen years old."

  • In the special "MTV Turns 20" issue of People, there is a section that discusses the 5 original VJ's of MTV. In Nina Blackwood's section, there is a quote made by former VJ Mark Goodman that describes her by saying, "she had that Stevie Nicks vibe."

  • On the July 30th episode of MTV's Spyder Games, Stevie's song, Every Day, was played inthe background.

  • The 2001 Chastain Park Concert Series magazine that was handed out at the Atlanta concert on July 30th has an article and picture of Stevie (pages 18-19).

  • There is a full page photo of Stevie and an article about her hair and clothing style in the August 2001 issue of AMERICAN SALON magazine.

  • The band Trick Pony performed Rhiannon as they opened for Leonard Skynyrd on July 18th in Lansing, MI.

  • The new Rolling Stone magazine (Issue 875 August 16, 2001) has the following readers letter in the section Correspondence, Love Letters & Advice:

    It's unfortunate Angelina didn't have the benefit of reading the Stevie Nicks interview in the same issue: "Being a little mysterious works better."

    The July 28th issue of Billboard has a photo of Stevie in the BackBeat column, with the quote:

    "I'm going to be singing Dreams and Rhiannon when I'm 75 - and that's just fine with me. I just hope my chiffon doesn't get tangled in my rocking chair."

  • The July 21st issue of Billboard Magazine has a full-page photo of Stevie in an ad for VH1's Hear Music First. See the ad.

  • The July 2001 issue of the free Borders Books magazine, "Inside Borders," has a nice one-page interview with Stevie and a full page TISL promo photo.

  • At the Xena Wrap convention at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium over the first weekend of May 2001, Lucy Lawless (star of Xena, Warrior Princess) did her impression of Stevie Nicks. (from the official magazine, "Xena, Warrior Princess" issue 22, Sept 2001)

  • There is a full page "Thank You/Congratulations" ad to Stevie from VH-1 in the July 21st issue of Billboard Magazine.

  • The July 22nd edition of the Charlotte Observer has a photo and a small article about Stevie's tour, entitled "The Gypsy Returns."

  • There is a large Stevie billboard on South Las Vegas Blvd, before Tropicana Blvd, when headed towards the Strip as you arrive in Las Vegas from Los Angeles. There are also posters and banners throughout the city, especially at Alladin.

  • On the UK show, Top of the Pops Plus, there was a phone vote between Destiny's Child and Atomic Kitten. Destiny's Child won with Bootylicious and they showed the video featuring Stevie.

  • In Charlotte, NC there are several large Stevie billboards downtown advertising the concert, featuring a picture of her and the date of the concert.
    - corner of 7th Street and College Street
    - 4th Street before the bus terminal
    - downtown heading west on Morehead Street before the I-77 interchange
    - Wilkinson Blvd. heading west just past Harlee Rd. before Little Rock Rd.
    - Northbound on Interstate 77 before Brookshire Freeway
    - on 3rd Street
    - Heading west on Independence Blvd. right before Eastway Drive

  • The September 2001 issue of Games Magazine features a crossword puzzle entitled "Tops of the Pops" and one of the clues (39 Down) is: "Plea from Stevie Nicks in '86: 3 words." Answer: "Talk to Me"

  • There is a Disney commercial for the new California Adventure theme park which includes a snippet of the song, Go Your Own Way.

  • The July 23, 2001 issue of US magazine has a small mention of Stevie in an article on celebrity diets (on page 29).

  • On July 16th, Live Daily had an interview with Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child and she talked about Stevie. When asked if Stevie had any advice for Destiny's Chils, the said:

    She gave us personalized CDs, and she wrote letters to all three of us. She was saying, "Stay like you are and don't change," and she basically let us know how not to get consumed in the business. "Even though you're in it, don't let it take away your life." She was telling us to stay prayerful--she's very spiritual. We got really good vibes from her.

  • In the new Movieline magazine there is a list of twenty activities Hollywood movie stars will be doing this summer. Number five is: "Rockers Stars Will Go See in Concert This Summer." Stevie is #3 after Madonna and Moby.

  • The current issue of America West magazine has a photo of Stevie in a promotion of her upcoming show at the Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas on August 25th.

  • On the July 14th episode of Boy Meets World there is a scene where a Fleetwood Mac Rumours album can be seen on a bookcase.

  • In the recently released movie, Josey and the Pussycats, there is the VH1 intro clip of various artists including Stevie in the Fleedwood Mac music video "Gypsy". It's a negative image of Stevie and it's only on for a second.

  • In a the village called Sackets Harbor, NY, there is a small antiques/jewelry shop called Bella Donna. The lettering and look of the shop's sign is very similar to that on the album.

  • The August issue of Jane Magazine had a poll for the Gutsiest and Wimpiest Women of 2001 (page 161). Stevie is listed in the section under Gutsiest Comaback.

  • On the Launch.com website there is an article stating that Billy Ray Cyrus received a special invitation to attend Stevie's kick-off concert in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. Cyrus said "I was blown away by the incredible show she put on," said Cyrus. "I'd recommend it to anyone. She's definitely making the best music she's every made, and I've been a fan for a long time."

  • The August 2001 issue of Food & Wine magazine has the followiing Stevie mention in the Taste Test ice cream section:
    "Haagen Dazs Vanilla - Stevie Nicks raves that it's her favorite comfort food."

  • There is a small piece about Stevie's new album and a photo (w/dog) in the July 5th issue of Boi, a local Chicago magazine.

  • At San Diego Padres home baseball games at Qualcomm Stadium, Talk to Me is played over the P.A. System when an opposing pitcher's coach comes out to the mound to talk to him.

  • At the July 7th concert in Cohasset, MA, Trisha Yearwood ended her show with Landslide.

  • On a recent episode of the soap opera, Passions, Stevie's Every Day was playing in the background of Sheridan and Theresa's bridal shower.

    In the July 19th issue of Rolling Stone, Stevie is included in the Loose Talk section. She was quoted as saying " I had no idea everyone had such a hard time."

  • The July 13 issue of Goldmine magazine, has an article on compiling discographies. Within the article different artists/bands are used as examples, including Fleetwood Mac. The article talks about the solo careers on the members of Fleetwood Mac, and mentions Stevie's contributions to soundtracks and guest appearances.

  • The July 2001 issue of the UK 'In Style' magazine has the following:

    Ditch: The handkerchief hem. Stevie Nicks wannabes should know that only genuine, Grammy-winning singer/songwriters can do peasant with panache. In real life, those points make you look like you've run away from the circus.

  • The July 2001 issue of Harper's Bazaar (pg. 62) has the following mention of Stevie:
    "The rigors of traveling between his three salons in San Diego and Las Vegas's $950 million Mandalay Bay resort haven't dampened Robert Cromeans's enthusiasm for cutting hair - including that of Stevie Nicks."

  • On the VH1 All Access special "The Struggling Singer/Songwriter," Stevie was mentioned as one of the minority of singer/songwriters who remain successful despite the influence of bubblegum pop.

  • The July/August issue of SOUND & VISION magazine has a review of Trouble in Shangri-La and two photos of Stevie.

  • In the new Hanson video, "At the Fillmore," Taylor Hanson is wearing a black Fleetwood Mac t-shirt.

  • The TV Guide website had a photo of Stevie will Bill Clinton at the R&R convention in their "Caught in the Act" section.

  • The July 2001 issue of Genre magazine is the annual music blowout issue and they interview 10 music stars. One of them is Chris Isaak, and under "Musical Role Models:" for Chris it says - "Stevie Nicks - but I knew I could never sing so high, so I had to go my own way."

  • The July 3rd issue of "The Advocate" has an interview with the writer of Mtv's "Spyder Games", He said if the show is a hit he'd like to "have Stevie Nicks record the theme song for next season"

  • On the MTV-UK show, Daily Edition, India Arie, mentioned that Stevie was one of her influences.

  • In the video Moving, by a UK group called Supergrass, one of the members wears a 'Fleetwood Mac' t-shirt.

  • The July 2001 issue of Interview magazine has a couple of letters about Stevie from readers and a new photo.

  • The Hard Rock Cafe website has a page with a pair of Stevie's platform boots shown.

  • In the June 2001 issue of NASCAR Winston Cup Illustrated, there is a section titled "getting personal", by Shirley Westfall. In this section, driver Ricky Craven lists his favorite musical group as "Stevie Nicks."

  • The July issue of Mode magazine, has a brief mention of Stevie's new album and tour on page 21, in the section entitled "Mode 8 - What makes our world go 'round this month," Live Concert: She Rocks!

  • Stevie Nicks was mentioned by Beyonce Knowles, on the MTV show "Destinys child live from New York." Beyonce said how she was listening to some tracks on a trip to Europe, and heard 'Stevie Nicks, sample Edge of Seventeen' and she thought it was really cool, and the word that came to her mind was 'Bootylicious'

  • Magyar Netlap, a Hungarian daily paper, did a list called "Az évszàzad legjobb dalai" -- Made in the USA -- it was a list of their top 80 favorite American songs. Number 80 was Dreams, by Stevie Nicks.

  • On the June 13th episode of MTV's TRL, someone requested Destiny's Child "Bootylicious." The reason for the request was the "jammin' guitar riff by Stevie Nicks."

  • There is a photo of Stevie with Tom Petty in the new People Magazine (George Cloony on the cover).

  • The June 15th edition of the Rolling Stone daily email newsletter started with the following quote:
    "I'm not a witch, I just like Halloween, and I thought that blondes look skinnier in black." -- STEVIE NICKS

  • "Claries" and other stores are selling nail polish in the color of "Bella Donna", which is a deep red. (OK..I know this is stretching it)

  • Many Target Stores are now carrying candles called "Belladonna."

  • In the new book Charmed: The Legacy of Merlin, based on the Warner Brothers TV series "Charmed", the following passage can be found on page 154:
    ...She wore a filmy mauve shawl around her shoulders, and a scarf of the same color around her neck....She's so theatrical, Phoebe thought! "What is with the Stevie Nicks look?" she whispered to Piper.....

  • On the Real.com website on June 12, there was a trivia quiz with the followiing question:
    "Sammy Hagar is to David Lee Roth like:"
    There was a list of answers including: "Bekka Bramlett is to Stevie Nicks."

  • On the June 10th episode of the new HBO show, Six Feet Under, there is a scene where the brother is eating hydroponically grown raspberries that were grown by a guy named Gunther who says he "knew" Stevie. Later, the teenage sister, Claire, comes in the kitchen where her mom is making pancakes, and says, "I don't feel like carbs for breakfast. Do we have any of those Stevie Nicks raspberries?"

  • The July 2001 issue of JALOUSE Magazine has an article about Stevie.

  • On the Rosie show on Monday, May 28th, Rosie had picked someone from the audience to have a makeover (it was Makeover Monday). The lady she picked had a huge head of hair, thick and feathered back and Rosie commented "I love your hair it's so thick, you look like Stevie Nicks.......in 1981"

  • The June 1st edition of the UK paper, the SUN, had a feature called The World's Biggest Pop Quiz which has the following on question #12:
    Who had a best-selling album called Rumours?

  • The June 5th Rolling Stone newsletter (email) included the following quote:
    "I've seen every one, from Motley Crue to John Denver, with tears running down my face. I had no idea everyone had such a hard time." -- STEVIE NICKS on "Behind the Music"

  • "On the June 4th episode of Freaks and Geeks on Fox Family, two girls were talking in the car about Fleetwood Mac. They said Fleetwood Mac was awesome and one said she heard Stevie Nicks was a witch. She said "I heard she cast a love spell on Lindsey Buckingham."

  • There was a small article about a Fleetwood Mac reunion in the June 1st issue of USA Today.

  • In the June 2001 issue of "Allure" magazine, on the last page, several celebrity's are asked the question "What was your most memorable fashion moment?" Supermodel Stephanie Seymour answered "I did the Stevie Nicks look for quite some time--lots of fringey-smingey clothes."

  • The Rolling Stone Website had the following Stevie mention on June 1st:

    STEVIE NICKS credits a 1995 conversation with TOM PETTY with starting the creative surge that resulted in her latest album, "Trouble in Shangri-La," according to the new issue of Us Weekly. Nicks said she asked Petty to collaborate with her on a song two years after the failure of her album, "Street Angel," because she was unable to write. "He said, 'Get over it. Go home and write. You're a writer. You're alive. Let's celebrate that,'" Nicks told the magazine. "I went home and wrote the first song on the album, 'Trouble in Shangri-La.'"

  • A May 27th article on CDNow.com about a Fleetwood Mac reunion, included the following quote from Stevie:
    "I've already given Lindsey 17 demos of songs from the last 30 years," she continues, "and some that are newer -- two that I pulled off of this record that I decided weren't right for this record, and were very much right for Fleetwood Mac. Mick and I have made it our mission to make it happen. So it will."

    In the 1995 movie, Casino, with Joe Oesci and Robert DeNiro, there is a scene where DeNiro and Pesci are talking in a parked car in a garage and DeNiro turns on the radio and "Go Your Own Way" is playing.

  • There is an ad for Stevie's new album and tour on page 98 of the June 2001 issue of In Style magazine.

  • There is a huge poster board of the Trouble in Shangri-La cover in the window of the Virgin Mega Store in Costa Mesa, California at Newport Blvd. and 19th.

  • There's an article about the upcoming Fleetwood Mac album in the "LIFE" Section of the June 1st issue of USA Today.

  • The June 11-18 issue of US Weekly has an article about Stevie.

  • The June issue of Q magazine has a review of Trouble in Shangri-La and a photo of Stevie.

  • On June 1st, Planets of the UNiverse was the MP3 of the day on RollingStone.com.

  • A clip of Stevie was shown on the Rosie O'Donnell show on May 30th for the "Best of the Year" episode. She was in the segment for best musical performances of the year.

  • The June 21, 2001 Issue of Rolling Stone magazine (issue #871) has a small article about Stevie's upcoming tour.

  • In the 1996 movie Love and Other Catastrophies, there is a scene where two roommates are getting ready for a party. While trying on dresses, and one puts on a purple dress and starts twirling around, the other shakes her head while drinking wine and says, "Stevie Nicks."

  • There's an article on Stevie in the latest issue of NYLON magazine.

  • In the May 2001 issue of Vogue Australia Stevie was mentioned in an article on female rock stars and their influence on current designer trends. It had a picture from the Belladonna era and stated that Balenciaga had based its latest look on her shawls, boots, and lace.

  • In a May 23rd MTV/VH1 article about Bob Dylan turhing 60, there were quotes from other artists about Mr Dylan including the following from Stevie:
    "His influence on me as a songwriter is mammoth. When you listen to Bob Dylan's words for many, many years, you really understand that if you want to be a true songwriter, you've got to stand up to him."

  • The MSNBC page had the following in a May 23rd article about the recent success of Warner/Reprise:
      Since the beginning of the year, Warner/Reprise has been scoring sales success with such artists as Linkin Park, Jaheim, Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks, Faith Hill, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Disturbed, Barenaked Ladies and Don Henley, among many others.

  • The May 21st episode of The Weakest Link, the celebrity episode had the following question:
    What Fleetwood Mac album gets its name from an animal? The contestant said "K-9" and of course the answer is "Tusk."

  • In the May 2001 issue of Maximum PC Magazine there is an article entitled "Test Your Geek Quotient" on pages 38-41 with the following question:

      Who is John Romero's girlfriend?
      a) Stevie Nicks
      b) Stevie Case
      c) Julie Strain
      d) Kate Archer
      Correct answer is b, Stevie Case.

  • In the June 7th issue of Rolling Stone (the Rock is on the cover - #870) there is a Stevie mention in the letters section titled "Papa John Phillips" which reads:
    "Having worked for her record company in the late Eighties, I fondly remember a touching story that Stevie Nicks told about the very first night that she and Lindsey Buckingham met. It was at a party in the Bay Area, and they broke the ice by going off to a corner together and harmonizing to "California Dreamin'". In a small way, then, we may have pop genius John Phillips to thank for both the Mamas and the Papas as well as the most commercial chapter of Fleetwood Mac. The music truly lives on. Gregory D. Rice Studio City, California"

  • In the recent Hawaiian Tropic Beauty Competition, one of the entertainment portions had all of the girls holding drum sticks and dancing to a version of "Tusk."

  • MuchMoreMusic (Canada) had an interview with Stevie on their show called "The Loop" on May 15.

  • The episode guide on HBO.com has the following description for episode 38 of The Sopranos:

    " We're like leather and lace..... Amour fou, Melfi replies. That's french for crazy love, she tells Tony--that's all consuming. But no matter whether you quote the French or Stevie Nicks, it boils down to one thing: Tony's got it bad... and it's about to get worse.........."

  • The June/July issue of Jane magazine has an article about Stevie and lots of photos.

  • Stevie did a phone interview on Phoenix Radio, The Mix 96.9, on May 15th.

  • The May 1st edition of American Way magazine had the following review and a photo of the Trouble in Shangri-La album: Amazing Artists: Stevie Nicks
    On her first solo studio record in 7 years, the Fleetwood Mac gypsy enlists help from heavy hitters such as Sheryl Crow, Macy Gray and Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines, none of whom, ironically, would be around if Nicks hadn't opened so many female-artist doors.

  • The USA Today website had a May 11th article on Summer Concerts with the following Stevie mention:

    For Stevie Nicks, heading out in late June, the stage is oxygen.
    "I'm like a circus person," she says. "If I don't do shows for a couple months, I start to twitch. I never wanted to be an actress, because you put in long hours of hard work and don't get that sparkling payoff at the end of the day. When I get in front of people and sing my songs, I'm totally happy."

  • The new issue of Frontiers magazine has an article about Stevie.

  • There are many mentions of Stevie's outstanding debut on the charts this week in articles and music news everywhere (too many to mention the all here).

  • VH1's countdown of the 100 Greatest Videos includes Stevie talking about several of the videos as they are counted, specifically numbers 25, 43, 73 and 79.

  • On the May 9th Edition of "Access Hollywood" , there was an interview with Stevie. She talked about Christina and Brittany being stars 20 years from now if they kept their mind to it. She stated that if the Mickey Mouse Club called her when she was 15 she would have been there with mouse ears on. They showed a clip of the "Everyday" video and mentioned her new album and also mentioned she would be working with "Destiny's Child" soon.

  • On May 9th, Sonicnet.com had the following:
    Fleetwood Mac singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks has the week's second-highest debut, landing at #5 with her first solo album in seven years, Trouble in Shangri-La.

  • On the May 9th episode of the Mitch Albom show on MSNBC, Mitch closed the show with a quick look at Trouble in Shangri-La, which he named his Pick of the Week. He played snippets of the various songs, generally giving it high marks.

  • On the May 9th episode of MTV's Total Request Live, there was a mention of Stevie and how Trouble in Shangri-La had debuted at #5 on Billboard's album chart, with very respectable numbers (over 100,000). They also mentioned Stevie'e Edge of Seventeen guitar licks in the Destiny's Child song, Bootylicious.

  • The May 14th issue of Time magazine has an ad for Trouble in Shangri-La.

  • The following mention was on the May 4th Wall of Sound feature Seven Days of Rock:
    On Tuesday, Stevie Nicks released her first solo album of new material in eight years. Trouble in Shangri-La features high-profile cameos from Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Macy Gray, and one of the Dixie Chicks. In spite of all that, it's still a good record. Meanwhile, Destiny's Child's new disc, Survivor, features a cut, "Bootylicious," built around a sample of Stevie's classic "Edge of Seventeen." Seven Days eagerly awaits Beyoncé and Co.'s "Gold Dust Woman" — maybe it'll finally erase the memory of Hole's cover from our mind.

  • The May 1st edition of the New York Daily News had a Stevie sighting and a small picture under the section "sonic boom." It mentions That Trouble in Shangri-La was released today, and also lists the site www.inherownwords.com.

  • The May 24th Issue of Rolling Stone has a half-page ad for Trouble in Shangri-La.

  • An article on Stevie Nicks appeared in the Thursday, May 3rd edition of the Richmond, VA Times Dispatch "Weekend" section. The title of the article is "Nicks back in game with a little help".

  • Trouble in Shangri-La is the "Album of the Week" in the May 7th issue of People magazine (George Clooney on the cover). It includes a picture of Stevie and Tom Petty.

  • There is a huge poster of the Shangri-La picture on the outside of the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. The "S" lights up on the poster.

  • The May 1st edition of the Miami Herald had a full page article on Stevie.

  • There is a review of Trouble in Shangri-la in the May 7 issue of People Magazine and the May 4th issue of Entertainment Weekly.

  • There is a large window poster of Trouble in Shangri-La in HMV records (Lexington Ave, NYC). There is also a huge poster in the most prominent position on the front of the Tower Records store in Greenwich Village, NYC at West 4th Street and Broadway.

  • On the Fox News Channel on April 30th, they were discussing women in Rock and were taking calls from viewers. A lady in Florida called and said that Stevie Nicks should be at the top of the list, is under-rated by critics and that she influenced this entire generation of new female rockers. The host of the program, Brigitt Quinn, agreed and said Stevie was one of her favorites.

  • The latest issue of Tower Records' free magazine, PULSE, has a full page ad for Trouble in Shangri-La with a photo of the album.

  • The April 30th issue of the New York Post had the following in the Page Six section:
    "Sheryl Crow (above) wants to play weekly New York club gigs while she records her upcoming alburm here, say sources. The rootsy rocker, who had a celeb-studded surprise concert at the Cutting Room a few weeks back, is playing tonight at Shine, were she'll be joined onstage by pal Kid Rock and Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks. Last week, Debbie Harry, uberflack Liz Rosenberg and dozens of tambourine-toting drag queens dressed as Nicks, converged at the annual "Night of a Thousand Stevies" party at Don Hills. The downtown rock club was draped in baby's breath, lace and faux white doves in honor of the rock goddess."

  • The April 29th edition of the Sunday Boston Globe,has a photo and article about Stevie on the first page of the Arts and Etc section titled Stevie Nicks goes it alone.

  • The May/June Issue of Barbie Bazaar Magazine had two Stevie Nicks Dolls as part of the Fashion Doll Make-Over Artist competition under the "Celebrity Category."

  • Bob Harris on BBC radio2 has been playing Too Far From Texas.

  • On the April 26th episode of Rock and Roll Jeopardy, they had a category Duet Line-Ups. The 400 point answer was “1981: Leather and Lace.” The contestant got it right with Stevie and Don Henley. Then the 500 point answer was “1978 Whenever I call You Friend.” The contestant got this right as well with Stevie and Kenny Loggins.

  • On April 26, the home shopping channel, QVC, had Jenniefer Kirk present the Kirks Folly New Moon Necklace and said "This is something Stevie Nicks would wear....we're all big Stevie Nicks fans here!"

  • The new issue of Star magazine had the following Stevie mention:
    "Just Shoot Me and Joe Dirt star David Spade was like an excited kid when he wrangled his way into a Hollywood recording studio to hear Stevie Nicks perform. Spade pulled out his camera and asked her to pose for a photo."

  • On MTV on April 28th, Destiny's Child said on MTV today that their new song "Bootylicious" was inspired by a Stevie Nicks track.

  • There is an interview of Stevie in the May 2nd issue of In Newsweekly newspaper.

  • The May 7 issue of People magazine (George Cloony on cover) has a photo of Stevie and Tom Petty and a mention of Trouble in Shangri-La. One other thing; In every issue of People, they choose one CD, TV show, Movie etc. and put a star by it to indicate their "pick of the week" in each area. Stevie's new album was their music pick of the week.

  • The April 26 - May 3 issue (issue #292) of Time Out New York Magazine has an interview and photo of Stevie on the back page.

  • On the April 26th episode on the WB show, Charmed, a sample of Planets of the Universe was played during the credits.

  • On the April 26th episode of MTV2's Control Freak, Stevie's video "Talk To Me", was one of the three choices. It came in 2nd with 33% of the votes.

  • Stevie and the new album was mentioned on BBC Radio2 in the UK on the Bob Harris show on April 24th. He will be playing songs from Trouble in Shangri-La.

  • In the April 27th issue of Entertainment Weekly has the following mention on page 119:

    Stevie Nicks "Trouble in Shangri-La" (Reprise). The gypsy woman's first solo album since 1994 "Street Angel" features an impressive array of guests, including Sheryl Crow, Macy Gray, Sarah McLachlan, and Dixie Chick Natalie Maines.

    The May issue of Out magazine has an article about Stevie obsessions.

  • The CNN Website had the followiing Stevie mention on April 23rd:

    Be sure to tune into World Beat the weekend of May 19 for an in-depth look at the music and philosophy of Stevie Nicks. World Beat airs on CNN Saturdays 12:00 a.m. ET, and Sundays 3:30 p.m. ET.

  • On April 22nd Launch.com had a photo of Stevie on their main page and offers a download of Planets of the universe.

  • The FM Sound website has a nice review of the Sweet November movie soundtrack.

  • On April 19th at a local bar in Grand Rapids called Stooges, Tiffany sang Landslide to a crowd of 150 as a request from a fan. Tiffany noted that she was a huge fan of Stevie's.

  • KFOG Radio is auctioning an autographed Stevie Nicks tambourene as part of their Earth Day auction.

  • The April 18th edisode of VH1's Name that Video had a category of "Say It Again" and the phrase was "like a willow, I can bend". There was a clip of the Stand Back video played.

  • The latest issue of ICE magazine (issue #170) has the following sighting in the Ice Cubes sections:

    Destiny's Child returns with their sophomore record "Survivor" on May 1. The Columbia release includes a sample of Stevie Nicks' "Seventeen" on "Bootylicious."

    There is another mention of the Destiny's Child sample of Seventeen on the MTV webpage and in Rolling Stone.

  • The April 30, 2001 issue of US Weekly has a mention of Stevie at the Blockbuster awards and a photo of Stevie and Sheryl Crow.

  • There is an interview and a photo on the cover of the new issue of HX.

  • In the May issue of Jane magazine, there's a section where the Go-Gos say a line about a lot of the new albums. For Stevie's new album they say:
    Belinda Carlisle: She looks good.
    Jane Wiedlin: I love Stevie. This makes me realize how much Alanis Morissette got from her singing style.

  • On April 14th Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock did a small show at a lounge bar called "The Cutting Room" in New York City. Sheryl performed Stevie's new song, It's Only Love.

  • On the April 17th episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, there was the following question:
    In a 1977 song by Fleetwood Mac, they sing "Don't Stop Thinking About" what?
    The answer was, of course, "Tomorrow." Tha contestant answered it correctly.

  • The March 30th issue (Volume 15 Issue 737) of HITS Magazine had the following write-up on page 54 about Stevie's album:

    By now you've heard the Stevie Nicks song "Planets of the Universe." How 'bout I let a couple of programmers do the raving this time?
    WTTS PD Jim Ziegler: "I couldn't be more excited about playing Stevie in Indianapolis. We put the single on the air within minutes of it's arrival. "
    WXPN MD Helen Leicht (a long-time Stevie fanatic): "Listening to Stevie Nicks sing 'Planets of the Universe' gave me chills. New music and a tour! It doesn't get much better than that for Stevie fans"....

  • WBOS FM interviewed Stevie on the air on April 12th.

  • The current issue of W Magazine has an article about Stevie and a photo.

  • The Stand Back video was on the April 11th episode of VH1's Name That Video.

  • Many of the news websites (E!online, etc.) are posting data about the VH1 Hear Music First promotion with Stevie

  • A Charlotte, NC radio station had an interview with the 80's pop star, Tiffany. Tiffany was talking about growing up and said "At about 9 years old I discovered Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks and that was it. I wanted to be Stevie Nicks."

  • The back page of the April 11th Gotham edition of Daily Variety has an ad for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards thanking all who participated. Stevie is among those listed along with Chris Isaak and Tom Petty.

  • On the April 11th edisode of VH-1's Name that Video, one of the contestants was ask who they would like to meet and she said Stevie Nicks.

  • The April 14th issue of Billboard magazine has a nice recent candid photo of Stevie with her arm around Warner Brothers Records President Phil Quartararo.

  • The New York Radio Station, Q104.3, has a mention of Stevie and the Blockbuster Awards, the Chris Isaak show and the new video (www.q1043.com).

  • There is a full page ad for Trouble in Shangri-La in the new issue of the UK music magazine, UNCUT. It shows the UK release date of April 30th.

  • On April 2nd, the Australian quiz show Sale of the Century had the following question:
    Q. Which band had the hits Albatross, Go Your Own Way, and Rhiannon?
    It was answered correctly.

  • The May 2001 issue of Mademoiselle magazine has an article entitled Dream On about women who are pursuing or who want to pursue their dreams. There is a small pic of Stevie singing in the upper left hand corner of the article's starting page (page 100).

  • The DotMusic.com website has an interview with Mick Fleetwood.

  • The April 7th issue of Billboard magazine has a full page color ad for Stevie's album, Trouble in Shangri-La on the back cover. The ad mentions that Stevie is VH1's Artist of the Month for May and lists the following upcoming TV appearances:

    Blockbuster Awards - April 11
    David Letterman - May 01
    Rosie O'Donell - May 04
    Today Show - no date

  • The new issue of TV Guide has a full page ad for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Stevie's name is listed first.

  • The April 3rd episode of Entertainmant Tonight mentioned that Stevie will perform with Sheryl Crow at the Tuesday 3rd of April. Entertainment Tonight Stevie Nicks will perform with Sheryl Crow at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

  • On April 2nd, Iwon.com had the following Notable Quote:

    "Every time it's a different bunch of people that are in the band and in the audience, it makes the songs different. It brings different things out of the songs every time, otherwise I could never still be doing "Dreams" and "Gold Dust Woman" and (be) totally enjoying it."
    ~Stevie Nicks, on performing her old Fleetwood Mac hits.

  • Stevie was sighted coming out of a jewelry store on Rodeo Drive on March 23.

  • The May issue of Q Magazine has an interview feature with Stevie, including new photos.

  • Salt Lake Radio station B98.7 played "Everyday" on March 28 during their "hit or miss" segment. The segment, like many others around the country, asks listeners to phone in and declare new songs "hits" or "misses". Not only was "Everyday" declared a hit, but the DJ said that it was the first time in the stations history that a song won with 100% of the listener's votes.

  • WTTS radio in Indiana has a nightly "cage match" where they pit two new songs against each other and the winner continues the next night against another song. Stevie's Planets of the Universe was the winner for five nights in a row.

  • On March 26th, KTVU TV in San Francisco had a fashion expert on Mornings on 2 who was reviewing the Oscars, which was the nigh before. While talking about Kate Hudson's dress, she said that she looked more like she was related to Stevie Nicks than Goldie Hawn (that's a compliment).

  • The Hard Rock cafe in Denver has a pair of Stevie's boots on display.

  • The April 2001 issue of MORE magazine has a photo of Stevie and this paragraph in an article entitles "Rock On":
    Once they proved you didn't have to be a guy to jam; now these boomer artists are showing you don't have to be 21 to rock. Also mentioned are Heart, The Go Go's, The Bangles and Cyndi Lauper.
    Stevie Nicks
    Then: After Fleetwood Mac fame, she went solo - and multi-platinum.
    Now: Nicks, 52, just released Trouble In Shangri-La [Reprise Records]. "The way I write my songs is the same as when I wrote my first at sixteen," says Nicks. "It's all about a vibe. Then I write a poem, and then I go to the guitar or the piano."

  • John Frusciante, the guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has been doing Landslide on hos solo tour. See a video clip.

  • On the March 22nd episode of E!, the "Celebrity Homes" portion had Marla Sokoloff, the young girl from The Practice, showing her new first home. In the living room, above the couch, she had two sconces and she referred to them as "Stevie Nicksish".

  • The March 22nd edition of the Hartford Courant's had the following mention in the "Sound Check" (music news) section:
    "Fleetwood Mack plans to record at the end of the year, following Stevie Nicks' tour to promote her upcoming solo album."

  • Stevie was seen several times in the audience during VH1's broadcast of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame awards.

  • The March 22nd issue of Time Out New York magazine has a sections called "Rag Dolls", with the following:
    "The goddess Venus meets Bella Donna Stevie Nicks in this season's wistful, tattered frocks. From the ballyhooed Balenciaga to tyro Rebecca Taylor, fashion's arbiters are dipping into the Roman Empire with as much enthusiasm as Ridley Scott. Yes, the look is virginal - but only in a Madonna (Ciccone) sense. If a shredded gauzy white dress is too much for you, toss on a breezy blouse with a pair of tight designer denims and let yourself hang loose."

  • The December 2000 issue of CMJ New Music Monthly has a section called "In My Room", where the featured Rey Oropeza, the frontman for Downset, a California rap-metal group starting in the 80s. They choose a few things in his room to mention. One is:
    Fleetwood Mac's 'Greatest Hits' on cassette-
    "I'm a child of the '70s, bro, know what I'm saying? Stevie Nicks' voice, it's beautiful to me. And as a band they rock, they're fly."

  • The following mention of a Fleetwood Mac Reunion was in the March 26, 2001 issue of US Magazine:

    It's no rumor: Those whispers that FLEETWOOD MAC may reunite for an album and tour are true. The veteran rockers are in talks to go into the studio next year and record their first new album since 1997's THE DANCE. Their biggest challenge is persuading singer CHRISTINE McVIE. "We have been waiting for three years to do it, because Chris is hesitant about it," STEVIE NICKS tells Hot Stuff.

  • The March 20th edition of USA Today had an article about Jaguar's Tribute to Style. In the article, while discussing Cindy Crawford, the following Stevie mention was found:

    Crawford, accompanied by husband Rande Gerber, paired her Cavalli frock with ultra-pointy-toe, high-heeled cowboy boots. "It's my Stevie Nicks tribute," she said.

  • On the March 19th episode of the VH1 show Name that Video, the contestants were asked what was their favorite bands. One contestant said Fleetwood Mac, and the song Go Your Own Way.

  • Stevie was spotted at the Hall of Fame induction dinner on March 19.

  • Fleetwood Mac's "Go your own Way" was #295 on CNN's Entertainment's "Songs of the Century".

  • In the DVD New Line Platinum collectors edition of the movie, Boogie Nights, director P.T. Anderson gives commentary on several deleted scenes. In one deleted scene the the song Tusk in playing. Anderson says it is his favorite Fleetwood Mac song and that it has a good beat, and that he hopes to use Tusk in other films.

  • In the March 26, 2001 issue of People magazine, the "Picks and Pans" section for albums has the following:
    For a review of the new Kristin Hersh album the reviewer says the following: "Hersh has developed into an engaging singer with a slightly husky voice and quiet, understated style that at times evokes the softer side of Stevie Nicks."

  • At the Matchbox Twenty concert at Madison Square Garden on March 16th, Rob Thomas mentioned that he always listened to the radio as a kid when it was cool because they always played Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty. The audience cheered loudly.

  • On the Unofficial Dixie Chicks website, the duet with Stevie and Natalie is mentioned.

  • In an article about Chris Isaak in the March 12 issue of the Hartford Courant Stevie was mentions as a musical guest on his show.

  • The new DVD release of Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous (released 3/13), features several Rolling Stone articles, including the March 24, 1977 article on Fleetwood Mac: The True Confessions of Fleetwood Mac.

  • Stevie was mentioned several times during a March 15th airing of TV Guide's Insider interview with Chris Isaak. Chris states that Stevie appears in his upcoming show with a crystal ball. He further says that he can't devulge anything further about Stevie's appearance on the show lest Stevie cast a spell on him!

  • On the March 15th episode of Cribs on MTV, they were touring the house of the drummer of No Doubt. They went to his game room where the ceiling is "wall papered" with album covers. At a quick glance, one of the albums the camera caught on the ceiling was the Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood Mac album cover (the "White Album").

  • WLAV radio station, in Grand Rapids Michigan, has a banner on the top of their website with a collage of different artists, including Stevie, Christine and Lindsey.

  • On the March 13th episode of the VH1' show, Name That Video, one of the challenge clips was Gypsy. The female contestant first named the video as Rhiannon, but then quickly changed her answer.

  • On March 14th, Eonline had the following Stevie sighting in the Fashion Police section:

    "Gypsy Woman"
    Stand back, stand back! Kirsten Dunst wins the Steve Nicks look-alike contest at the Get Over It premiere with her auburn '70s shag redo, Rick Owens slouchy top, hippy-dippy crocheted belt, swirly skirt and black boots. In fact, we say she takes it by a landslide.

  • Stevie was spotted at the Chris Isaak Show Premier party at Paramount Studios on March 8th.

  • On the March 9th episode of Good Day New York Stevie new album was mentioned and the Stand Back video and a clip from Stevie at the Grammy's in 1997 were played.

  • The March 4th Sunday edition of the New York Post had a full page article about Chris Isaak's upcoming cable show and made a the following mention of Stevie in the listing of the guest appearances:
    "Further rock 'n' roll verisimilitude comes from Isaak's charmingly neurotic manager (played by Kristin Dattilo) and cameos from the likes of Joe Walsh, Shawn Colvin, Stevie Nicks (mocking her New Age image), and model Bai Ling (playing herself as a hypersensitive diva prone to tears and flirtation)."

  • On the March 9th episode of VH1's "Music News" segment, during a story about the current trend among music artists to record with guest artists, Stevie's Trouble in Shangri-La is mentioned as an example.

  • On the March 6th Hollywood Squares show, Brad Garrett was asked "What are chuck, rump and shank" and he replied jokingly "members of Fleetwood Mac".

  • During the March 7th episode of the television show, Ed, in a shower-like scene the song "Magnet and Steel" (with Stevie) can be heard clearly.

  • Showtime is airing commercials for the new Chris Isaak show and Stevie is shown singing.

  • The Leisure section of the February 25th Sunday Republican (a Massachusetts newspaper), has an article on classic albums that have not yet made it to CD. Buckingham Nicks is ranked 3rd, and it says the following:
    ICE Magazine's Pete Howard calls this the" America's Most Wanted" CD based on the countless inquiries he's had about it from his readers through the years. Recorded before the couple joined Fleetwood Mac, it's filled with Buckingham's incendiary guitar work, plenty of solid songs, and sublime harmonies. The Mac later adapted a few of the cuts for their own use, but no one could adapt the provocative cover photo, which is still coveted by Nicks' cult-like following. Depending on the condition, this regularly sells for $30-$50 on Ebay. Buckingham retained the rights to the recording and obviously hasn't been in a hurry to issue it on CD.

  • A review of the Destiny's Child new album, Survivor, on Yahoo News includes the following:
    As for the forthcoming Survivor album, it seems to be something of a love letter to the Seventies, as the trio covers the Bee Gees' "Emotion," which is earmarked as the album's third single, as well as slipping a sample of Stevie Nicks' "The Edge of Seventeen" in the rollicking "Bootylicious."

  • VH1 has published a book of the poular TV show, The List. It has many Stevie and Fleetwood Mac sightings throughout the book.

  • There is an advertisement on UK Television about a new compilation album called "The Power of Love." There is a clip of Stevie singing Rooms on Fire, as the album contains that song.

  • On February 28th, Dallas radio station 102.9 FM interviewed the singer Tiffany. Tiffany was asked what famous woman she would like to spend time. She said Stevie Nicks.

  • On the group Journey's version of VH1's Behind the Music, at one point they are showing the billboard chart with their album at number one, and Stevie's Bella Donna album can be seen at number 2.

  • The April 2001 issue of Bird Talk magazine a veterinarian writes the following in an article about birn malnutrition:
    Recently my wife, Kelly, called my office concerned that "Stevie Nicks " (our Umbrella Cockatoo) was not doing well. My first question was to ask Stevie's weight. Kelly put her on the scale, and I could immediately tell her not to worry, because Stevie's weight was 530 grams - normal for Stevie.

  • On February 28, 2001 the USA Today website had an article about duets with the following Stevie mention:
    Sometimes duets not only make artists available to an entirely new audience, but they also bring two amazing musicians together, producing something that will surely knock your pants off. Carly Simon and James Taylor on Mockingbird. Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty on Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.

  • In the March 2 issue of Entertainment Weekly, in addition to the article about Stevie's fashion influence, there was the following mention under Departments on page 5:
    "Conservative looks prevailing during New York's Fashion Week; Non-models hit the runway; Stevie Nicks wannabe's."

  • The February 13th edition of the Los Angeles Times has an article about Geocaching in the Southern California Living section with the following Stevie mention:
    Geocaching, which is also called an "adventure game" and even a "sport," was invented thanks to an adjustment in satelliet signals that sharpened the accuracy of GPS units. Worldwide, thousands of geocachers are using the saatellite-based navigation systems to hide or seek plastic containers or metal boxes filled with freebies, such as a cell phone with caller ID, glow-in-the-dark watch or Stevie Nicks CD.

  • Stevie's new album was mentioned on the February 18th episode of the show The Loop, on Canada's Much Music station, in an interview with Sheryl Crow.

  • Showtime has been airing commercial clips for Chris Isaak's upcoming shows. If you don't blink, you might catch Stevie standing next to him in one of the clips.

  • The March 2001 issue of Ice Magazine mentiones Stevie's new album in their CD Newsletter. It has a couple of photos and the track listing.

  • On MTV News a new artist was discussed, Shannon McNally, as sounding similar to Stevie.

  • There is a small photo of Stevie as part of a collage by Kevyn Aucoin in the mail section (page 48) of the new Allure magazine.

  • For members of the Faith Hill Fan Club, Faith writes a letter to her fans telling them what's going on in her life. She mentioned that she and her Husband, Tim McGraw added a new member to their family. A dog they named "Fleetwood McGraw".

  • In the Chuck Norris movie, Silent Rage, the Buckingham/Nicks album can be seen in the front of a stack of albums leaning against the wall in one of the love scenes.

  • The February 2001 issue of Vanity Fair has a small mention of Stevie's new album release.

  • The February 19, 2001 edition of the New York Daily News had this Stevie mention in their "This day in celeb history" section:
    In 1977, Fleetwood Mac released "Rumours" just as the band's two couples - John and Christine McVie & Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks - were breaking up. The album remained at No. 1 for 31 weeks and sold more than 10 million copies.

  • In an article on Chris Isaak in the Feb 19 San Francisco Chronicle (page D8), by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith, Stevie was mentioned as a guest on his upcoming show.

  • In the Beauty Talk section of the March 2001 issue of In Style Magazine, Meg Ryan's new "do" is described as having "more of a rocker feel...like Stevie Nicks." --stylist Sally Hershberger

  • On the February 17th episode of Northern Exposure on A&E, there is a scene where Shelly and her friend Cindy are having a conversation and "Love is a Hard Game to Play" is playing on the radio. The episode is entitled "Oy Wilderness."

  • Stand Back was played at the start of the Betsy Johnson Fall 2001 fashion show.

  • The March issue of Q Magazine in the UK has a small article and photo of Fleetwood Mac at the White House for Bill Clintons farewell staff party.

  • Sandra Bernhard's new comedy show on HBO mentions Stevie and Christine. Sandra jokes that Christine was hit in the eye with one of the beads from a shawl. She encourages Stevie to go on with her witchy ways.

  • The March issue of Elle magazine has an article called "Lost and Found" about designers working old clothes into new ones. It includes the following: "The design duo uses old fabrics, such as seventeenth century embroideries and 1970s Stevie Nicks style lace, from Scott's extensive archive to create modern, one of a kind dresses, suits and coats.

    The Mick Farren bookDarklost, a vampire novel published Jan 2001, has references to a character who looks like Stevie Nicks, including the following: "In the muted light Julia was momentarily convinced she was looking at Stevie Nicks."

  • On the February 4th episode of The Sopranos, on HBO, Rhiannon was heard playing in the background of one of the scenes.

  • The March 2001 issue of Yahoo Internet Life magazine has a cover story called "Sites We Love" which lists the favorite sites of the magazine's producers. The Nicks Fix was chosen as a favorite site of executive editor David Thomas. (thanks Dave)

  • National Car Rental is running ads which end with the music of Go Your Own Way.

  • In the movie Flashblack, with Keifer Sutherland and Dennis Hopper, the Rumours album can be seen hanging from the rafters in their old hippie hangout (barn).

  • On the January 28th episode of Third Watch on NBC, officer Sullivan's apartment was ransacked. As the camera scanned the room there were albums on the floor and the Rumours album was clearly visible.

  • The February 3, 2000 edition of the Eureka, CA Times Standard had a cartoon by Jeff Stahler. It depicts bums rummaging through White House trash cans after the Clintons left and finding a Fleetwood Mac boxed set.
    View the cartoon.

  • In the new movie Head Over Heels, starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Monica Potter, there is a Stevie mention. In one scene Monica Potter's character says "I look like Stevie Nicks".

  • The album The Gift of Game, by the rap/rock band Crazytown, has a track called Players (Only Love You When They're Playing). The chorus begins with "Players only love you when they're playing, women they will come and they will go."

  • The the February 2001 issue of Glamour (page 202) there is a letter in the adult sections that begins with: "In acting school in New York I met a gril who looked like Stevie Nicks and who was a champion gymnist."

  • On country artist Georgia Middleman's website, she says that Rumours was the first album she bought.

    The January 28, 2001 edition of the Charlotte Observer, has an article on feminism which mentions Stevie as a role model for strong women.

  • The February 2001 issue of Interview Magazine (page 109) has an interview with Pink. In the interview Pink says "I'd like to work with some of my idols, like Steven Tyler, Stevie Nicks, or Linda Perry from 4 Non Blondes."

  • Rolling Stone news had the following Stevie sighting in a January 18th article with Lindsey Buckingham:

    FLEETWOOD MAC singer/guitarist LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM is not sure whether he will contribute his latest batch of songs to a new FLEETWOOD MAC album, save them for his first solo album since 1992's "From the Cradle," or put them on a Buckingham/Nicks album. "The music I have right now is some of the best I've ever done," Buckingham told Rolling Stone. In the event of a Fleetwood Mac reunion, however, CHRISTINE McVIE is not likely to participate. "She sold her house in L.A. and is just residing in England," Buckingham said. "God knows what she's doing."

  • On the weekend of January 13th on the Great American Country Music channel, they were interviewing the new hit country band Trick Pony. The band described themselves as the Fleetwood Mac of country music. The host stated that the female singer needed more black lace and shawls. The singer replied "I think I should put scarves on my mic stand."

  • In the January 2001 issue of the Sydney, Australia based monthly magazine called LOTL ( Issue 133, Vol 12 No 1) the artist PINK was asked: "If you had a chance to do a song with anyone, who would it be?" She replied: "Stevie Nicks."

  • On the January 15, 2001 episode of Good Morning America Jack Ford mentioned how dumbfounded he was when he learned that the band Nirvana was ranked so high on VH1's "Top 100 albums". Diane Sawyer asked him the albums he would have ranked "at the top". His reply was "Bruce Springsteen's 'Born to Run' and Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours".

  • The February 2001 issue of Vanity Fair (Keanu Reeves on cover), mentions Stevie in a section called: FANFAIR. It reads: "Trouble in Shangri-La is the much-anticipated solo album from Stevie Nicks, her first in seven years."

  • In the Alloy catalog spring preview 2001 there is a long black sweater (also called a duster) that the model is wearing with jeans (a similar look to the long sweater and jeans that Stevie wore in the Rumours tourbook). The sweater in the catalog is named "Stevie Duster". See the photo.

  • On the January 10, 2001 episode of the UK Quiz Show 15 to 1, the presenter asked the question:
    Which rock band had hit records with Tango in the Night , Tusk, and Rumours?
    The contestant answered correctly.

  • The January 9, 2001 edition of the New York Daily News made two mentions of Stevie; one in the gossip column and the other in the entertainment section. Both were about Fleetwood Mac's farewell gig for Bill Clinton.

  • Stevie is mentioned in the January 7, 2001 edition of the Arizona Republic in an article about 2001 major music tours.

  • Stevie was spotted in Washington DC on January 6th.


  • The latest issue of Jane magazine has a photo of Stevie and a paragraph about www.rockandrollgypsy.com.

  • National Car Rentals has been playing a studio band version of Go Your Own Way at the end of their commercials.

  • There is a commercial running on Dallas radio (WFAA) for Verizon wireless which plays the song, Go Your Own Way.

  • Radio station 92.9 has a billboard in Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta, with the Rumours cover taking up most of the billboard.

  • The December 2000 issue of Q Magazine, in the UK, has an article with a photo of Fleetwood Mac. The article describes this version of Fleetwood Mac as the "Stevie Nicks Enhanced Lineup." There is also a review of the Eileen Rose CD, Shine like it does. Eileen is described as pitched between Stevie Nicks, Patti Smith and Michelle Shocked.

  • The networks are currently (Dec 2000) running a commerical spot for Tom Petty's 2-CD Anthology, and Stevie's "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" is one of the songs included in the set. They show a brief clip of the two in the studio singing with the overdub of "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" playing, but the clip is actually from the "Insider" video.

  • In the December 25/Jan 1 edition of People Magazine, celebrities were choosing their favorite albums. Darren Hayes, Savage Garden's lead singer, said "Madonna's Music is one of my favorite albums of all time. I'll put it up there with U2's Achtung Baby and Fleetwood Mac's Rumours."

  • In the December 21, 2000 issue of US Weekly (issue 307, with Sandra Bullock on the cover) there is a small picture of Stevie, Sheryl Crow, and Chelsea Clinton at the Special Olympics benefit, "A Very Special Christmas."

  • In the January 2001 issue of Allure magazine (with Jennifer Lopez on the cover) there is a small picture of Stevie with makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin.

  • On the Fox special in which the Clinton's gave a tour of the White House, President Clinton gave a tour of the music room. He pointed to a group of 5 framed gold records and said that "Fleetwood Mac sent me their gold records for 'Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow' which was my campaign song."

  • In the December 17, 2000 edition of the New York Daily News (page 22) there is a picture of Stevie, Chelsea Clinton, and Sheryl Crow. The caption reads: "Chelsea Clinton seemed right at home between rock divas Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow at the after-party for TNT's "A Very Special Christmas" at the White House last week."

  • On the December 15 episode of Good Morning America they were talking about what's in and out in the White House and they showed a clip of Stevie singing at the Inaugeration.

  • On the December 13, 2000 episode of the Sally Jesse Raphael there was a 16 year old girl who wanted to meet her favorite singers, Mandy Moore and Pink. When the girl was talking to the singers she asked them who their favorite singers were. Pink said her favorites were Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks

  • In the December 29, 2000 issue of Goldmine (issue #533, Rob Halford on the cover), Stevie is mentioned in an article about preserving your old records. The article is about software you can get to do this. The section regarding Stevie reads:

    "I tried the half speed 45 mastering technique on another record in my collection, Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)." There were no warps or mispressings on this copy - I just wanted to see if the program would convert a 33 rpm playing of this 45 back to it's original 45 format. By the way, Stevie Nicks may have a fantastic voice on a 45 rpm single, but play that same record at 33 1/3 rpm and she sounds like the lead singer of the Atlanta Rhythm Section. (So I ran the program and) once again the conversion sped the recording up too fast, and Stevie Nicks now sounds like Cyndi Lauper."

  • Stevie is on the list of short celebrities on the Useless Knowledge webpage.

  • The December 14-21, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone magazine (issue #856/857) mentions Stevie in an article about musicians performing at coorporate gigs.

  • The November 29th episode of VH1's 20 to 1 show listed Stop Draggin' My Heart Around as #14 as they counted down the best duets.

  • There is an ad in the November 27th People magazine for the Christmas album, A Very Special Christmas. The ad lists Stevie's name, as contributed Silent Night to this 1987 album.

  • On the Nov. 27th episode of VH1's "The List", the category was 'Best All-Time Band'. Fleetwood Mac was a choice of one of the guests.

  • On the MSN One Hit Wonders Quiz, Stevie is mentioned in a question about the City of Hope benefit in 1998.

  • In the B-52's song, Dance This Mess Around, they describe the wacky dances they like doing, such as:
    "Do the escalator"
    "Do the shy tuna"
    Etc., etc...
    In the live version, they ad-libbed alot, and one of the 'new' dances was:
    "Do the Stevie Nicks-ing"

  • The December 7th issue of Rolling Stone magazine has an article about the 100 Greatest Pop Songs. Go Your Own Way is
    on the list. The article contains some quotes from Lindsey where Stevie is mentined several times. Stevie is also listed under Prince's "Little Red Corvette."

  • On the November 21st broadcast of Win Ben Stein's Money on Comedy Central, one of the questions was: "This band made Rumours, which sold 15 million copies and became one of the best selling albums of all time." Answer: Fleetwood Mac. Follow up question: "Name either of the two ladies in Fleetwood Mac." Answer: Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie.
    Side note: it was Weird Al Yankovic who answered both of those questions. Weird Al, Matthew Sweet, and C.C. were all on the show trying to win Ben Stein's money for charity.

  • The November 22nd episode of VH1's "The List", had the catagory "Best Band Story". Guest Vicki Peterson chose Fleetwood Mac for her second choice. They showed a video clip of 'Seven Wonders', and Stevie was mentioned several times.

  • In the Cameron Tuttle book, Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want, Stevie is mentioned on a list of "Bad Girls Making Music."

  • North American Relocation Service has a brochure on packing. In the section on packing records, the Bella Donna album is on top of the stack.

  • On November 8th, BoxerJam's Crosswire Puzzle Game featured Stevie Nicks in the High Wire Round under the category, "Women of Rock".

  • The December 7th issue of Rolling Stone magazine has an article about the 100 Greatest Pop Songs. Go Your Own Way is # 6. The article contains some quotes from Lindsey where Stevie is mentined several times.

  • [Subtle Sighting] The first single from PJ Harvey's new album, Stories from the city, Stories From The Sea, contains the following lyrics at the end of the song, Good Fortune:

    So I take my Good fortune
    And I fantasize
    Of our leaving
    Like some modern-day Gypsy landslide . . .

  • On November 8, BoxerJam.com's Crosswire Puzzle Game featured Stevie Nicks in the High Wire Round under the category, "Women of Rock".

  • The November 5th CBS This Morning show had a report about songs that have been made into political anthems. Among them was Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop. A full-screen view of Rumours was shown. The reporter referred to the Fleetwood Mac hit as a "cultural artifact".

  • The November 2000 issue of Vogue magazine includes the two Stevie sightings below:

    In an article about bat wing sleeves titled Tracing a Trend: Turn at Bat:
    "But from what cave have these looks come into the light of day? Well, designers from Paris to New York have the bat girls of the seventies and eighties - Stevie Nicks, Raquel Welch, and the two Graces (Jones and Slick) to thank.
    (The article includes a picture of Stevie in black chiffon and a tight crochet cap.)

    Also in an article about a woman's rights about shopping in Canada:
    "Nearby, a stack of Chloe stuff that the girls of the WB would have staged a royal catfight over: Stevie Nicks blouses and trousers with embroidered horseheads nipping at the hips."

  • In the November 23, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone magazine (issue 854 with Drew Barrymore on the cover) there is an article about Drew Barrymore and Tom Green. In the article, the following can be found:

    We end up in a karaoke bar...Drew's selection, "Gold Dust Woman", comes up first. She stands by the balcony and belts it out; Green repeats the lyrics in a wry talking voice after she has sung them.

  • The October 25th episode of VH1's The List had the topic of best voice. Stevie was the second choice of one of the guests.

  • In make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin's latest book "Face Forward" there is a collage of pictures on the back page which includes a photo of Stevie.

  • In the 1985 novel "Less Than Zero" by Bret Easton Ellis Fleetwood Mac is mentioned a couple of times, including the following:
    When I was fifteen and first learned how to drive, in Palm Springs, I'd take my father's car while my parents were asleep and my sisters and I would drive around the desert, in the middle of the night, Fleetwood Mac or Eagles on, loud, top down, hot winds blowing, making the palm trees bend, silent.

  • In an interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Nascar.com, Dale talks about music. The interview includes the following:

    "I can remember being 5 years old, riding around in my mom's '78 Monte Carlo, listening to Fleetwood Mac. I guess that's how I was hooked. Ever since then, I have had music turned on and turned up loud."

  • In a Star Tribune review of the October 18th Sarah Brightman concert, the following sightiing was found:

    The show was built around Brightman's current CD, "La Luna," an oddly eclectic collection of pop-meets-opera songs with lunar themes. Dressed in outfits whose various components could have been taken from the wardrobe chests of Stevie Nicks, Xena the Warrior Princess, Madonna and Cher, Brightman, 39, tried to come across as the woman in the moon.

  • Don Henley mentioned Stevie when he performed at the Arizona State Fair on October 14th.

  • On October 19th, the UK version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire had the following £8000 question:
    What band is Stevie Nicks associated with? The question was correctly answered as Fleetwood Mac.

  • On the October 18th episode of The West Wing, there was a talk radio party where two DJs were talking with C.J. about classic rock stations. One of the DJs mentioned that one station played Fleetwood Mac.

  • In the November 2000 issue (#84) of UK magazine Mojo, Mick Fleetwood is interviewed in an article about Eva Cassidy. The interview includes the following Stevie mention:
    " When I first saw Stevie Nicks in the studio I knew she was playing from the heart."

  • The DVD version of the movie, Boogie Nights, contains a deleted scene which plays much of the song, Tusk.

  • On October 10, 2000, VH1's "Top 20 Rock and Roll Feuds" listed Nicks vs Buckingham at #9. The show used great concert and interviews clips to demonstrate the loving, yet equally volatile, relationship between Stevie and Lindsay.

  • On the new CBS show, That's Life, Lydia was shopping for something to wear to go out with a guitar player. She held up a skirt and her friend said "What's with the Stevie Nicks skirt?"

  • Fleetwood Mac's song, Little Lies, appears on the new album, Women & Song. The album releases October 17th.

  • On the October 12th morning edition of Alvin and the Chipmunks, on the Cartoon Network, the Chipmunks sang "Talk to Me".

  • On the October 10th episode of the TV show Freaks and Geeks, there were two girls having a conversation about Stevie and Fleetwood Mac.

  • Artnet.com reports that the Rotunda Gallery, in Brooklyn, is showing "Wunderkammer-Wonderworks," a group show based on the historical wunderkammer, or cabinets of curiosity, featuring personal collections such as Ralph M. Bourque's anthology of Stevie Nicks memorabilia. Bourque fills a wall with press clippings, photos, tickets and even a poster featuring a poem written to him by the ex-lead vocalist of Fleetwood Mac in silver ink.

  • In the October 2000 issue of Mode magazine, in the monthly article, "Off the Cuff", The guest writer, actress Ann Magnuson, describes her many pairs of boots (titled "These Boots are Made for Walkin'"), and how she uses footwear to get into character in her acting. As she describes her closet and her collection, the very first pair she mentions she says "There are the pink suede Stevie Nicks platform boots from my glam-rock hippie-chick days."

  • On the October 5th episode of the O'Reilly Factor, on Fox News, Bill O'Reilly was interviewing Ralph Nader. At the end of the interview Bill jokingly said "OK...we're going to see you back on here with Fleetwood Mac and all of that after the election."

  • The October 3rd episode of VH1's Rock & Roll Jeopardy had the following answer under the category "Raising Arizona":
    "This shawl-draped Rock Goddess was born in Phoenix as Stephanie."

  • In the current issue of Rolling Stone, there is a story regarding the new Cameron Crowe movie, "Almost Famous". It has a short interview with Stevie and Mick regarding their experiences with Cameron on the road with Fleetwood Mac on the 70's.

  • In an online chat with Tim McGraw, hosted by Bud Lite, the following question was found:

    Question from John_Wertz : You sing the Steve Miller Band song, "the Joker" and Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" on the Soul2Soul tour, did you have influences from outside country music when you began your career?

    tim.mcgraw: Absolutely. I'm a big fan of a lot of rock music. I'm a huge Fleetwood Mac fanand I think Stevie Nicks is one of the greatest singers we ever had.

  • On the September 15th episode of the CBS show Big Brother, George said the following while talking to Jamie:
    "I remember one time, Hollywood, seeing Fleetwood Mac with the original Stevie Nicks, when they first started playing," George said. "Aw, they were awesome; you never heard a band like that. That Stevie Nicks could sing. Still can." Before he could sing "Landslide," Josh appeared in the yard.

  • On the September 15th episode of the CBS show Big Brother, the house guests had a challenge to write the lyrics to the show's theme song. Josh compared the group to Fleetwood Mac. George chimed in and told Jamie that she could be their Stevie Nicks.

  • Stevie is mentioned in Metrosource Magazine's 10th anniversary issue under the Top 10 CD's for the Top 10 Moods List as:
    Mysterious - The Wild Heart Stevie Nicks
    "When i call you, will you walk gently through my shadow"

  • The September 13, 2000 episode of "Jeopardy" had the following Stevie sighting:
    Topic: "The Music Fabric Store"
    "Leather and..." sung with Don Henley helped make Stevie Nicks' "Bella Donna" a smash hit.

  • On the September 11, 2000 Rosie O'Donnell show, the Corrs were guests and were asked about their musical influences. One of them said "Fleetwood Mac."

  • On the September 7, 2000 episode of the WB show "Blind Date", the date asked "Am I dressed appropriately?" and the Cartoon Bubble says: "Appropriately if you're Stevie Nicks."
    (She was wearing a black strappy dress with a black sparkly chiffon overcoat and black platform boots)

  • The Sept 11, 2000 issue of New York magazine has a Stevie mention (page 221) in an article about an exibition by the Rotunda Gallery in Brooklyn.

  • On the September 2, 2000 Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert in Pittsburgh, PA the last song of their show was Go Your Own Way.

  • The August 26th issue of the UK's OK magazine has a photo of David Beckham, husband of Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) and football palyer for Manchester United. In the photo David is wearing a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt.

    The August 31st episode of VH1 Live had an interview with The Corrs which mentioned Fleetwood Mac when talking of cover songs.

  • On the Leeza Gibbons Top 20 Show of August 27th, Leeza played the live version of Landslide from "The Dance" and stated "That was Stevie Nicks with Landslide, which is definitely one of my favorite songs of all time."

  • On the Fox program, That 70's Show, there is a Fleetwood Mac poster on the wall to the right of the outdoor entrance to the basement of Red's house.

  • The October 2000 issue of Bird Talk Magazine has an article on Cockatoos (page 42) with the following Stevie mention:
    Avian Practice, owns a 2-year old Umbrella Cockatoo named Stevie (after singer Stevie Nicks). The best characteristics of his Cockatoo are that she is sweet and cuddly.

  • The August 21, 2000 edition of Footwear News has a mention of a Footwear conference in Vegas where Stevie performed a private show recently. Two photos are included.

  • The Rolling Stone website has a review of the CD Ghost Stories, by Amanda Ghost, which had the following Stevie mention:

    "A Londoner of Indian and Spanish heritage, blessed with a husky vibrato from the house of Stevie Nicks, Amanda Ghost revels in classic singer-songwriter introspection, drama, melody and tough lyricism."

  • Stevie was mentioned on the Leeza Gibbons Top 20 Countdown on the week of August 20th. Before she played Don Henley's new hit, Leeza mentioned that Don was one of the friends joining Stevie for the benefit concert in Arizona. She said that Stevie is a big supporter in the fight against heart disease and that both her mother and father suffer from the condition.

  • On the August 23, 2000 episode of Alvin & the Chipmunks, on The Cartoon Network, the Chipmunks did a version of Talk to Me.

  • In the movie "Fire In the Sky", about a logger abducted by aliens, one of the logger's friends is wearing a Fleetwood Mac T-shirt.

  • On VH1's Where Are They Now? Viewer's Choice there was a segment on Kenny Loggins. In it they showed a few clips of Stevie as it relates to Whenever I Call You Friend.

  • The independent artist Kaia has an album with a cover that is a recreation of the Bella Donna cover.

  • The latest issue of Movie Gallery Magazine has an article called "Day Dream Believers" where thirty of today's top stars picked their top choices for a dream date.

    Kevin Costner's #3 pick was Stevie Nicks.
    "If Stevie Nicks ever considers slowing down I would enjoy getting to know her. I don't play the guitar or sing but, I could learn."

    Michael Bergin #2 pick was Stevie Nicks.
    "I have always be a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac and when I was in school I had dreams of meeting Stevie Nicks. Those dreams surfaced again when I saw the band a few years ago and does she look great or what!"

  • An article about Tiffany on Billboard.com, had the following Stevie mention:

    The making of "The Color Of Silence" began more than 12 months ago, when Tiffany, who lists Stevie Nicks and Teena Marie as major influences, went to Nashville to work on her songwriting.

  • In the 1988 movie, Sweet Hearts Dance, Stevie's version of Silent Night is heard playing in one of the scenes.

  • In an August 10th Dallas Observer interview with Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks, the following Stevie mention from Emily was included:

    "So when you have someone we love as much as Sheryl Crow or Stevie Nicks, people who are themselves icons in music, you know there's a little bit of a star factor, but that's just really cool that they respect us as musical peers...I think about that when I go to bed at night. It's what keeps you going."

  • In an interview on chartattack.com Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty said the following:

    "I like the fact that I did something with Carlos and I'd love to stay in that vein, like with Stevie Nicks... I'd love to just write with classic writers. So that's the only time I'd wanna do collaborations."

  • The September 2000 issue of Marie Claire magazine has an article about Ivana Trump's wardrobe and they mention Stevie as the designer. Read the article.

  • In the Hanson concert being shown on Direct TV this month, Taylor Hanson is wearing a Fleetwood Mac T-shirt.

  • The August 31, 2000 issue (#848) of Rolling Stone magazine had a one line mention in the Rock & Roll News section (page 28) about Stevie contunuing her work on the new album.

  • A Press Enterprise review of the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim CA stated: "And the big grand finale? Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way. Again, Hill's vocals can't match the rasp of Stevie Nicks, but McGraw did a great Lindsey Buckingham."

  • The August 4, 2000 edition of the Sun Newspaper (in The UK) had the following clue in the Name Game Quiz for the mystery person:
    Stevie, who left Fleetwood Mac to sing Rooms on Fire (first two letters of surname).

  • On August 1, 2000, VH1's 100 Greatest Rock & Roll Moments on TV

    included a clip with Garth Brooks about his live stage show and his influence's as a musician. He said "My influences are a product of the late 70's stuff. I went to see bands like REO, Styx and Fleetwood Mac.

  • There was a photo and little blurb about Stevie and Fleetwood Mac in the July 29th Charlotte Observer. The article discussed the resurrgence of classic rockers and their music.

  • The July 23rd edition of the Orlando Sentinel, in the TV Times Q&A section, had a question about Stevie's marital status.

  • The current issue of American Way Travel Magazine has a photo of Stevie and an article about the AHI benefit.

  • In the September 2000 issue of Jump! Magazine, Stevie Nicks was mentioned as one of rock's "16 Most Brilliant Babes."

  • KMXP 96.9 Radio in Phoenix has been airing commercials for the Stevie Nicks and Friends concert.

  • On the July 28th episode of VH1's The List, Stevie Nicks was one of the guests' pick for the "Greatest Living Legend."

  • On July 25th, onne of the Fm stations in Tucson aired details of the AHI benefit.

  • The July 23, 2000 issue of The Orlando Sentinel had a question and answer about Stevie in the Chatter section. It also includes a concert photo.

  • On the July 25 episode of VH1's The List, Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits album was chosen as the second best "desert island disc". In the internet poll it was voted number 1.

  • The August 2000 issue of ELLE Magazine (page 132) mentions Stevie in an article with make-up artist Paula Dorf.

  • On the July 19, 00 episode of the HBO show The Sopranos, there is a scene in a pizza parlor where the song Rhiannon is playing on the juke box.

  • Stevie can be seen on VH1's Where Are They Now? - Viewer's Choice. Kenny Loggins is one of the featured artists and when they play "Whenever I Call You Friend" they show some pictures of Stevie from those days.

  • On July 16th there was a high school photo of Stevie on the website, Classmates.com.

  • The July 14th edition of the Arizona Republic has an article about the AHI benefit titled "Nicks, Pals Sing for a Cause". There is also a small photo of Stevie.

  • The July 13th VH1.com's news report had some of their staff's picks on the greatest songs of all time. Here's one of them:
    Greg Efird, Senior Producer: "Fleetwood Mac's 'Sara' (Nicks). This overlooked pop 'love song' maintains a solid rhythm and bass line. Its arrangement slowly winds you up tighter than a clock spring, then cuts you loose, to fall abruptly back to where it first found you. After a couple of these cycles, its tight, lush arrangement strategically falls to pieces at the end. Its lyrics take you on a scenic route to nowhere. Just like 'love.' Listen to it with headphones sometime. You may hear something new."

  • The July 13th episode of the gameshow "Hollywood Showdown" had the following question:

    "Donna Summer, Stevie Nicksor Cyndi Lauper: Which artist recorded the album "Bella Donna"?"

  • The new special 70's edition of People Magazine has a photo and a mention of Fleetwood Mac. View the Photo.

  • The August 2000 issue of Q magazine (Robbie Williams on cover) has an article about recent rock revivals which mentions Fleetwood Mac and has a large picture them from 1976. It discusses Courtney Loves transition from punk to her newest album 'made in conscious homage to Fleetwood Mac' and how she ended the decade doing joint interviews with Stevie Nicks. View the Photo.

  • The June 2000 issue of "Ocean Drive" magazine has a photo of Stevie with hairdresser Jose Eber (page 174).

  • In the July 2 edition of the Denver Rocky Mountain News in the Spotlight of music section, columnist Mark Brown discusses how lossing band members can often enhance a band. It contains the following Stevie mention: "Were it not for the euphemism 'musical and creative differences' there would have been no room for Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac..."

  • The August 2000 issue of ebay Magazine had a Fleetwood Mac mention. On the last page of the book, they pit two familiar yet unrelated auction items in a fight based on the number of ebay auctions they are presently in at press time. The following was the Fleetwood Mac results:

    Fleetwood Mac versus Cadillac Fleetwood: No tuneup will help the luxury car overtake the former pop-chart toppers. It's Stevie Nicks and company by several laps, 570 to 39. Winner: Fleetwood Mac
    (View the clip)

  • In the June 27th New York Post, there was an article about Marc Salem, a mind reader. The following was from Erika Martinez, who reviewed and participated in his show:

    "Though my suspicions were beginning to fade, I still wasn't totally convinced. It took three words to close the deal for me : "Gold Dust Woman." After several minutes of concentration, Salem was able to tell me the Fleetwood Mac song that was running through my head."

  • Time Out New York has an article (page 70) about Jackie 60 closing on June 29th. In the article, Johnny Dynell, one of the owners, says "And then there's Gypsy 83, the Night of 1000 Stevies movie."

  • The June 30/July 7 issue of Entertainment Weekly includes the following quote from "Popular" star Sara Rue, about her role in the upcoming movie Gypsy 83:
    "I play this girl obsessed with Stevie Nicks."

  • On the June 20th episode of VH1's The List, Stevie's Landslide was the second choice of one of the guests for Best Song From a Female artist. It came in third in the audience voting, but was #1 in the online polls.

  • In the June 14th program guide for the Pine Knob Music Theater, Auburn Hills, Michigan there is an article about Don Henley's "Inside Job" Tour. In the third paragraph the reporter states "Henley's first brush with solo success came in the form of a duet with Stevie Nicks, "Leather and Lace."

  • WMGK FM, in Philadelphia had a Rockline interview with Yes on June 14th where a caller asked the band if the song "Love Will Find A Way" was written for Stevie Nicks since he had that as a rumor. The band members stated that it was written for her to sing and offered to her, but she had declined it. They ended up recording the song themselves.

  • Jon Bon Jovi was interviewed on the Z-100 Morning Show in New Jersey on June 13. His interview included the following Stevie mention when asked who are some of the people he feels made a difference in Rock and Rock:
    "... Everyone was in love with Stevie Nicks, Hell, everyone is still in love with Stevie. She's someone who I think has made a huge impact on the rock scene and not just for women. She and I worked together about 10 years ago and I learned then that she is who she says she is and needs no help being exactly that....."

  • On the June 13th episode of The Real World, one of the cast members, Julie, is playing a guitar and suddenly begins singing Landslide.

  • The June 12th episode of the sitcom "King of Queens" had a flashback to the 80's when the couple met. In the men's apartment was a poster for Tango In the Night.

  • On the June 13th episode of Blind Date (Drew and Rachel), Rachel, attired in a sparkly black outfit complete with back boots, asks Drew if she is appropriately attired. Drew's "thoughts" appear written across the screen: "Yes, if you're Stevie Nicks..."

  • On page 20 of the summer/spring 2000 addition of Grammy Magazine there was the following stevie mention:
       Rock Fashion has always had an affect on an artists ability to identify with their fans. It's impossible to think of the country grace of early Southern California folk-rockers like the Flying Burrito Brothers without imagining them in flashy nudie cohen cowboy suits, or to think of Stevie Nicks twirling around on stage and conjuring up witchy spirits without her platform boots and ethereal, flowing dresses. It goes on to say designer Margi Kent, who's outfitted Stevie with her distinctive Gypsy garb since the Rumours tour of 1977, has costumed television stage and film actors, as well as musicians, and how she's seen first hand how personal style affects how someone is perceived regardless of the medium they work in.

  • At the June 9th Don Henley concert in Holmdel, NJ, after receiving many flowers from female fans, Don said that he "felt like Stevie Nicks".

  • The Denver Rocky Mountain News has a feature called "Wacky Question", in which readers write in their questions and the staff tries to answer them. On May 29, 2000, that feature read as follows:
    Q: Was Jim Henson's muppet Animal based on the looks and actions of Mick Fleetwood, the drummer with Fleetwood Mac?
    A: As far as we can determine, no. But for what it's worth, we hear that The Muppets is one of Stevie Nicks' favorite shows.

  • In the book Scars Of Sweet Paradise, by Alice Echols, a biography of Janis Joplin, the following Stevie mention is found on page 310:
    "Today everyone from Joan Osborne to Stevie Nicks and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth cite her influence."

  • On June 5th the VH1 show, Fan Club, had an interview with a private investigator who ran security for numerous rock tours. He was in charge of Stevie's Enchanted tour security and mentioned a threat to Stevie at her Denver Enchanted show. A short video clip of Stevie and Lindsey at the Hall of Fame inductions was shown.

  • The June 12, 2000 issue of People magazine mentions Stevie (page 107) in an article that talks about the Atkin's diet.

  • The June 2nd issue of Entertainment Weekly (page 46) mentioned that producer Rodney Jerkins would be working with Stevie.

  • In the Mercedes Lackey book, Jinx High, Stevie is mentioned several times. Her music is played and there is a character in the book said to look just like Stevie with her hair up.

  • On VH1's 50 Greatest Soundtracks, there is the following Stevie mention:

    Album #28 is The Crow: City of Angels:
    Courtney Love pays tribute to a trailblazer for women in rock, Stevie Nicks (shows picture), by covering her Fleetwood Mac signature tune Gold Dust Woman.

  • The May 30th episode of the Donny Marie show had guests Melissa Joan Hart and Soliel Moon Frye who mentioned that they attended a Stevie Nicks concert. They said they love Stevie and her music and seemed excited to be talking about it. Soleil said she cried when Stevie sang "Landslide".

  • In the June 2000 issue of Allure magazine, Stevie is mentioned in an article called "Beauty and the Beat."

  • The May 2000 issue of Texas Monthly magazine had an article on Lloyd and Natalie Maines (page 164) with the followiing Stevie mention:
    "Natalie thinks he [her father, Lloyd Maines] undersells himself. 'I just did a session in Los Angeles with the Pretenders and Stevie Nicks,' she reports, 'and they didn't know who he is!'"

  • Stevie's birthday was mentioned on radio stations across the country today (May 26), including a mention on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition". It was also mentioned in newspapers everywhere, including Britain's 'The Times'.

  • On the May 26th episode of Jeopardy the following answer was given: "On today's date this I Can't Wait singer was born? Answer, Stevie Nicks. Included was a nice photo of Stevie.

  • The May 20-26 2000 TV Guide has short article about Don Henley's new album, and it mentions that he has sung with everyone "from Stevie Nicks to Kermit the Frog."

  • The Washington Post website has an article about the city, Silver Spring, which includes the following Stevie mention:

    Stevie Nicks, a singer for the group Fleetwood Mac, wrote a song called "Silver Springs." The title, she said, came from when she was riding on the Beltway and the sign for the next exit said "Silver Spring." The name, she said, "sounded like a pretty fabulous place to me."

  • On the May 22nd Rosie O'Donnel show, Rosie was in her van driving to meet with Tom Cruise, to interview him. She had the radio on and was singing along with Edge of Seventeen. She said "I Love Stevie Nicks!"

  • The June 8th 2000 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (Issue 842) mentions Stevie while rating the VH1 Storytellers CD It gives good reviews of Stevie and Sheryl's duet and mentions Stevie as a "highlight" of the CD.

  • There is a CD in Israel of rock poetry in Hebrew called "Trexts" which has some Stevie lyrics in a poem called "Extra Terrestrial".

  • There are multiple Stevie sightings in the VH1 Behind the Music 1977.

  • On May 14 2000, Saturday Night Live - 25 showed a clip of Stevies SNL performance of Stand Back from 1983.

  • In the May 2000 issue if the UK magazine The Net, Stevie's birthday is listed on the calendar of events.

  • On the May 12th episode of VH1's The List - Best R & B song, one of the panelists was Dallas Austin. When he was introduced the host mentioned that he was curently working with the "creative Stevie Nicks".
  • There is a poster of Stevie's Rock a Little Album hanging in a music store window in the movie "The Deliberate Strange" from 1986. The movie was played on Sunday, 5/7/00 from 3-7 p.m. on Lifetime.

  • The May 9th episode of Australia's version of "Who wants to be a millionaire?"had the following question:

    What is the name of Fleetwood Mac's hit album of 1977?
    The contestant got the answer right and said it was the first album he ever bought.

  • On VH1's Pop Up Video - Metal Mania II, Lita Ford's video, Kiss Me Deadly,has a bubble that states "Some of video shots were made to imitate what other video?" The pop up answer was Stevie Nick's Stand Back. It shows Stevie in the bubble in the Stand back video.

  • On the May 10th Rosie O'Donnell show, Rosie showed photos from her 20th high school reunion and in the background they played "Whenever I call You Friend."

  • Stevie was seen on Vh1 new commercial for the Storytellers CD. She was singing Edge of Seventeen.

  • Stevie's name is listed under May birthdays on page 18 of the May 25th issue (issue #841) of Rolling Stone magazine.

  • The June 2000 issue of Redbook magazine has an article about country singer Faith Hill. While Faith is talking about her husband, Tim McGraw, and one of her daughters, Gracie who is 3, she says the following:

    "Gracie has started to sing. Tim says her voice is so raspy that she's going to have to sing like Stevie Nicks. So he teaches her all of Stevie's songs, and she goes around singing "I never thought I'd make it here in Hollywood."

  • On the May 1st episode of the new NBC movie, "The 70s", Landslide and The Chain were each played during parts the movie.

  • On the 26th episode of NBC's "Later", with Cynthia Garrett, there was an interview with The Practice's Marla Sokoloff. When asked what music she liked to listen to she said, "Well, Joni Mitchell, and I love Stevie Nicks, Fiona Apple, and Led Zeppelin."

  • Stevie was the featured artist on April 26 on the Wall of Sound (wallofsound.go.com).

  • Stevie is mentioned in two rock fashion books:
    Rock Style (Tommy Hilfiger): November 17, 1999
    Rock Fashion (Joshua Sims): September 1, 1999

  • In the May 8th issue of People Magazine (page 242) there is a crossword puzzle called "Rock On Puzzler". The 18 across clue is "Don't Stop Band (two words)". There is also a photo of the band from the 80s at the bottom of the page.

  • Trisha Yearwood opened her new tour in St. Louis on April 25th. She wore a flowing, sheer blue top over a pair of jeans and while onstage she said "Stevie Nicks is probably looking for her clothes."

  • The April 25th episode of the game show Jepordy had the following answer under the pop/rock catagory.
    "Stevie Nicks' hit Stop Draggin my Heart Around was sung with him."

  • Stevie can be seen in the audience on Don Henley's VH1 Storytellers. Watch for her right after Sheryl Crow asks a question about backup singers.

  • The April 25th Access Hollywood mentioned Stevie when talking about the release of the new Storytellers CD.

  • The April 25th episode of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" had the following question:
    "Stevie Nicks was in what famous rock band?"

  • In an April 25th interview with Don Henley about his VH1 Storytellers, the follwoing Stevie mention was found as he was speaking of being nervous:
    "Having Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks in the audience to cheer me on was a help."

  • On the April 17th episode of "Ladies Man" there was a rich man who had an estate named "Bella Donna".

  • The liner notes of the Melissa Manchester Greatest hits CD mentions Stevie as Melissa talks about the song she wrote with Kenny Loggins; "Whenever I call you Friend".

  • The May 2000 issue of Guitar World Magazine has an article about the new Heavy Metal movie, "Heavy Metal 2000". In the article the original Heavy Metal movie and soundtrack were discussed and Stevie's name is mentioned as one of the performers on it.

  • The new issue of US Weekly, has an article about Shania Twain, which includes a reference to the "Rumours" album when listing the 10 best-selling albums of all time.

  • In the April 13th edition of XLent, in the Austin American-Statesman, there's a review by Chris Riemenschneider of No Doubt's new album, "Return to Saturn." He wrote:
    ..."throughout the disc, what with Stefani's much-publicized relationships within the band and outside it, the 30-year-old singer comes off like a modern-day Stevie Nicks. She's vulnerable, lovelorn, sensitive and, by golly, people like her."

  • In the April 13th edition of the Washington Post, the Style section featured a critique of the new No Doubt CD "Return to Saturn" with the following Stevie mention:
    ". . .Her [Gwen Stefani] thievery is far less successful on "Magic's in the Makeup, " a bland imitation of Stevie Nicks during her "Rhiannon" phase."

  • In the beginning of the movie Sugar Town (just released to video) one of the title characters is deciding who she would go with to the Grammys. She decides on Stevie Nicks.

  • On the April 10th Rosie show, Joni Mitchell was a guest and she briefly mentioned Stevie when talking about the Stormy Weather concert.

  • Lewis Shiner's fictional rock-bio novel, 'Say Goodbye,' has the following Stevie mention on page 206:
    "I mean, I can see the two of you on the cover of 'Rolling Stone,' like Buckingham and Nicks or something."

  • The April 5th, 2:00am, episode of VH1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy hd the following answer under the category "Same Name, Different Song":
    "Fleetwood Mac sang about her in 1980, Starship in 1986" The question was " Who is Sara?"

  • On April 2nd, CNN's Late Edition ran the spot "I'm watching you CNN" with Stevie.

  • On the March 2nd episode of Extreme Cuisine on the Food Channel there was a segment on the famous hot dog eatery in Los Angeles, Pinks Hot Dogs. During one shot of the obligatory wall of signed celebrity customer photos at Pinks, a signed photo of Stevie was seen.

  • In John Cusack's new movie "High Fidelity," his character reorganizes his massive album collection by his relationships. In explaining the reasoning behind doing so, he holds up the Fleetwood Mac white album and says that if he wants to listen to 'Landslide', all he has to do is remember is that he bought it for this girl in the fall of '83. He said he never gave the album to that girl for "personal reasons."

  • In the April 27th issue of ROLLING STONE, there is an article about Macy Gray with the following:
    "She [Macy] is also giving something back to the decade that influenced her: the Seventies. 'I wrote a song called SMITTEN for Stevie Nicks,' she says. 'I want to get [Queen's] Brian May to play on it. I'm going into the studio with Stevie, but I don't know if I'm gonna sing. If I do, it won't be a duet, I'll be doing backups."

  • On an April 1st episode of VH1's Rock 'n' Roll Jeopardy the follwoing question question was under the "They quit their days jobs" category:
    "Back when she was a waitress, you may have ordered coffee from this Phoenix born member of Fleetwood Mac." The answer, of course, was "Who is Stevie Nicks."

  • In the Sept 99 issue of PULSE Magazine, there was an article about the Dixie Chicks with the following Stevie mention:
    [Regarding what Emily Robison was wearing at the Lilith Fair show in San Diego]
    "As for the Oldham "Lilith" costumes, they're...well...different. Emily looks like a strange cross between Stevie Nicks and a hula dancer, dressed in a vividly multi-hued frock that's full length but slit to the hip on one side....."

  • The Special Collectors Edition of ROCK Magazine (March 14th) had a brief mention of Stevie in the "Where are they now" section.

  • The March 24th episode of VH1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy marathon had the following Stevie question: The category was: "Hey Girl". The clue was: "She and Lindsey Buckingham recorded an album together before they even joined Fleetwood Mac". The response was: "Who is Stevie Nicks?"

  • On the March 22nd episode on MTV's WebRiot, as they were coming back from a commercial, Ahmet Zappa jokingly said "Welcome back to WebRiot, the only online gameshow thats sung back up for both Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar."

  • On the March 23rd episode of VH1's The List, Jean Claude VanDam selected Stevie as his #1 pick for best artist who went solo.

  • Stevie is mentioned in the April 2000 special anniversay issue of Spin Magazine, entitled "15 Years of Revolutionary Music - Classic Interviews and Embarassing Photos". Portions of the October 1997 article with Stevie and Courtney Love are referenced.

  • On a recent episode of the show "Tracy Takes On..." the topic was music. Tracy's rock-star character, Erin McCall, reunites briefly with her old band. After leaving their meeting, she comments to her assistant about a former bandmate's current wardrobe: "Did you see her clothes? She's buyin' stuff at a Stevie Nicks garage sale."

  • The april 2000 issue of She magazine had a review of the Sheryl Crow and Friends show with the following:

    "Fans say Crow is never better than when she's on stage. With this effort, joined by Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde, the Dixie Chicks and Eric Clapton, she rocks with impassioned versions of her hits - making you wish you'd been there too."

  • In the March 17-23 issue of The Boston Phoenix (Boston's largest weekly) the cover story is about local popsters "Papa Fritas" and it includes various Fleetwood Mac/Stevie mentions. You can read the article on the Boston Phoenix website.

  • Stevie was seen at the taping of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young VH1 Storytellers.

  • On the March 8th episode of Politically Incorrect, Bill Maher, speaking of the ban on gay marriages, said: I don't understand why people can't accept if you're gay, straight, polygymist or whatever Fleetwood Mac was doing in the 70's....

  • Stevie was spotted in the audience at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on March 6th.

  • On the March 4th episode of Saturday Night Live, Darrell Hamond was doing an Al Gore bit and was trying to convince America to vote for him. He mentioned that Clinton had the campaign song "Don't Stop" by the Fleetwood Mac, but he was an easy-listening guy and his song would be one of Kenny J's.

  • Stevie was recently spotted at the taping of Don Henley's Storytellers.

  • The April 2000 issue of ebay Magazine (Vol 2, No.4) had a Fleetwood Mac mention. On the last page of the book, they pit two familiar yet unrelated items in a fight based on the number of ebay auctions they are presently in at press time. The following was the Fleetwood Mac results:

    Round 3 - Fleetwood Mac vs Big Mac: Rock dinosaurs chew up the all-American burger and spit it out 509 auctions to 98. Winner: Fleetwood Mac

  • On the February 27th episode of the TV show The Sopranos, the song Rhiannon was playing while the character Christopher was in the pizza place with the movie people.

  • On the February 26th episode of One World on NBC, a girl was handed a tambourine, and she replied, "Do you expect me to now put on a hat and twirl around?"

  • On the February 23rd episode of VH1's "The List", the topic was "Best Comeback Band" with guest Chuck Negron. Chuck voted Fleetwood Mac as his #1 choice.

  • In the book "Magnificent Corpses" by Anneli Rufus (Marlowe and Co., 1999), a book about European holy relics, Stevie is mentioned on page 66:

    Holy cards and pamphlets on a table in the church, invitations to join groups of pilgrims dedicated to [St.] Chiara, depict the saint with downcast eyes, like Stevie Nicks.

  • In the Feb 28th issue of People in the "Scoop" section under ON THE BLOCK there is a picture of Dean Torrence's home for sale with the following caption:

    Though a bit pricey for a little old lady from Pasadena, Dean Torrence's Hollywood Hills home, on sale for $1.1 million, should attract a buyer seeking showbiz glamour. Torrence, half of the '60's surf music duo Jan & Dean, says the property's gardens, drawbridges and waterfalls once served as backdrops for a Fleetwood Mac photo shoot.

  • The February 20th edition of the LA Times had an article in the Living Section on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Rock Style" Exhibition, which includes a dress of Stevie's. The article mentioned the influence that musicians have on each other's style and included the following:

    "A Margi Kent black chiffon and silk panne velvet ensemble worn by Stevie Nicks on the cover of the 1977 album 'Rumours' is paired with a black velvet dress with flowering beading designed by Linda Gravenites for Janis Joplin (Nicks has often cited Joplin as the source of her ethereal style). 'Rock and Roll artists make timeless statements,' L.A. designer Kent said, 'In 1999 or '98, Anna Sui and a lot of designers did Stevie Nicks looks, which they said were inspired by her.'"

  • On the February 20th episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the following question was used:

    A song by which rock band was used in Bill Clinton's 1992 Campaign:
    Answer: Fleetwood Mac

  • On the Valentine's Day episode of "Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahar", while going to and coming back from commercial they played "Stop Draggin' my Heart Around."

  • In the Feb 14th episode of the TV show, King of Queens, there was a Tango in the Night poster on a bedroom door.

  • The February 6th edition of the Arizona Republic had the following Stevie mention:

    Singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks was born in Phoenix on May 26, 1948. Her first band, formed with future Fleetwood peer Lindsay Buckingham and two other musicians, was named Fritz.

  • In the December 1999 Vogue magazine, there's an article about the VH1 Fashion Music Awards. Gwen Stefani, of No Doubt, won for most stylish video, and spoke about her style on the stage:

    "Nor does Stefani's current stage wear exactly bespeak modest. Lilith Fair naturalism: diamond-studded top in "Barbie-doll" pink, pink-striped black pants, hot-pink boots, and, er, wings. 'They're butterfly/fairy wings,' Stefani explains. 'Only with diamonds on them. They're like something Stevie Nicks would wear.'"

  • In the book called The Top 10 of Everything 2000, by Russell Ash, there are numerous mentions of Fleetwood Mac, including the ones in the following top 10 lists:

    Top 10 groups of the 70's
    #10 Fleetwood Mac

    Top ten albums of all time
    #5 Rumours, FM

    Top 10 slowest US album chart rises to #1
    #5 Fleetwood mac, FM

    Top 10 US albums with the most consecutive weeks at #1
    #6 Rumours, FM

    Top 10 albums of each year
    1977- Rumours - FM

    Top 10 albums of all time by groups in US
    #3 Rumours, FM

    Top 10 Fleetwood Mac albums in the US
    #1 Rumours
    #2 Fleetwood Mac
    #3 The Dance
    #4 Greatest hits
    #5 Tango in the night
    #6 Mirage
    #7 Bare Trees
    #8 Tusk
    #9 Behind the mask
    #10 Mystery to Me

    Top 10 groups with the most platinum albums in the US
    #7 Fleetwood Mac

  • On the webpage Platform-shoes.com, the following sighting was found:
    "Every time I wear the black boots, I want to start singing Stevie Nicks songs."

  • On the February 2nd episode of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", the following question was asked during the fast finger contest:
    Put these singers in order of their first Top 40 solo hit starting with the earliest: (A) Cyndi Lauper, (B) Stevie Nicks, (C) Joni Mitchell, (D)Tracey Chapman
    Answer :
    (C) Joni Mitchell, (B) Stevie Nicks, (A) Cyndi Lauper, (D) Tracey Chapman

  • Stevie is mentioned in the January 27th USA Today (page 3D). An article on Jimmy Iovine and his new Productions mentions that he was once Stevie Nick's producer.

  • The January 25th episode of The Australian TV game show Flashback had the following question: "Who was the lead singer of the band the Heartbreakers seen singing Stop Draggin' My Heart Around with Stevie Nicks. The answer, of course, was Tom Petty.

  • The January 22nd episode of VH1's "The List", concerning the best comeback bands, showed a clip of Stevie in her Stand Back video.

  • The January 21st episode of VH1's "The List", concerning the best songs of Rock & Roll, had a viewer's email read on the air by Meatloaf. The email message said "Vh1 is sucking a little bit for leaving out Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks from their Greatest Song Of All Time List...That is just shocking!!...The Chain...Go Your Own Way...Rhiannon.... Dreams...all excellent songs...not to mention Edge Of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks...Jeezzz what's wrong with you people!" (Meatloaf misquoted it by saying Edge of Dreams in stead of 17).

  • The new Millennium version of Trivial Pursuit has the following question under Arts and Entertainment:

    "What member of Fleetwood Mac has had the most commercially successful solo career?"
    Answer: STEVIE NICKS

  • The January 24 issue of People magazine has a letter written by a reader saying she agrees with Stevie that Dr. Atkins is "a god among men."

  • The 14th issue of 'The Official Van Halen Magazine', THE INSIDE, has a photo of David Lee Roth with Stevie and Bonnie Raitt (page 11). The picture is said to be taken in 1978 at the Body Shop in L.A. where Van Halen was presented with gold and platinum album awards.

  • The December 16-23, 1999 issue of Rolling Stone (special photo issue), has a small picture of Fleetwood Mac on page 120.

  • The Calendar section of the January 11, 2000 issue of the L.A. Times has an article about VH1's Behind the Music which mentions Stevie and has a photo of her.

  • On the January 12 edition of MTV News they were talking about Dallas Austin and his work on Trouble in Shangri-La with Stevie Nicks.

  • Stevie had the following mention in a January 11th article on CNN's webpage about producer Dallas Austin:

    "I've been able to work with the idols of my time," he says. "I grew up on Madonna, Michael Jackson, Stevie Nicks. Most of the time, by the time producers get successful, most of the people they idolize are dead. So, that's the cool part about it."

  • The January 9th Washington Post mentioned Stevie in an article about Rock Documentaries. It included the following:

    More than anything, that's what I love: Stevie Nicks in seclusion, trying to lose those darned 10 pounds. And doing it. And touring again. And getting back with Lindsay. It's beautiful.

  • On the January 2, 2000 episode of The Simpsons, Bart was forced to take medication to control his antisocial behavior. The end result of the drugging was that he stole a tank from the local army base, and went on a rampage through town. One scene showed his head sticking out of the top of the tank, and he started singing, "Don't stop ... thinking about tomorrow ... Don't stop..."

  • In the December/January issue of "Talk" Magazine there is a section called "Great Parties of the Decade" (page 48), which includes a photo from the 1993 presidential inaugural gala. If you look closely, you can see Stevie standing behind the President.

  • Stevie was sighted at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on December 28th.

  • Stevie is listed as the Greatest Woman of Rock on the Woman's Voice magazine webpage.

  • In the January 2000 issue of Allure magazine under the section "The Good, The Bad, and the In-Between" which lists what's in and out in the fashion world, the following Stevie mention can be found:

    "IN" - Knee and Midcalf-length hemlines
    "OUT" - Floor and Ankle-length Hemlines....UNLESS you answer to the name Stevie Nicks.

  • The November '99 Guitar World magazine has an ad for Top Hat amplifiers which listed all of the famous musicians who used their amps. Stevie was included on the list.

  • The December 20th Arizona Republic had the following Stevie mention:

    In Las vegas, the Valley's very own Stevie Nicks is playing the House of Blues and learning to play something new after the show. "I'm going to teach her Blackjack" said Stevie's Valley-based mom, Barbara Nicks. "She's never played."


  • The December 31st issue of People Magazine, The 29 Most Intriguing People of '99, has a story about Dr. Robert Atkins and the Atkins Diet. Dr Atkins said that Stevie Nicks called him "A god among men".

  • Dreams, written by Stevie Nicks, was on BMI's list of the 100 most recorded songs of the century. It was #80.

  • In the video Smile by country band Lonestar, the Tusk LP can be seen laying on the coffee table. The video has been playing on CMT.

  • On the December 16th episode of "The Young & The Restless" in Toronto, Stevie was mentioned twice in the first five minutes by Jack Abbott while he is talking to his half-brother about the school dance.

  • ELLE magazine online had the following Stevie mention while talking about Gothic fashion:

    "What makes this medieval mode so modern? Perhaps the dark and romantic styling of rocker Stevie Nicks...."

  • The latest issue of ELLE magazine has a cover headline and feature fashion spread called "Leather and Lace". The article features models dressed in Leather and Lace.

  • The song Magnet & Steel by Walter Egan is on the soundtrack to the Rob Schneider movie, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Stevie sings backup on this song.

  • The Sunday, December 5th edition of the New York Daily News had an article about the upcoming "Rock Style" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC with the following Stevie mention:

    "Madonna has lent a half-dozen costumes, including her Like a Virgin wedding gown. But the clothes from the Material Girl and divas Cher, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Donna Summer and Stevie Nicks are the least jarring samples in the Rock Style exhibit."

  • Stevie was mentioned in an article in Women's Wire as a client of Dr. Christmas, a Christmas decorator of the stars.

  • The December 1999 issue of Maxim magazine has an article about lingerie called "Upgrading Her Software". While referring to a lace teddy,the article says "All girls love the lace teddy look - romantic Stevie Nicks types and tomboys looking to show they're women."

  • The 1999 Winter Special issue the UK magazine, Classic Rock has a five page article (with pictures) about "The story behind Rumours". The article includes lots of mentions and quotes from Stevie.

  • On the November 24th Rosie O'Donnell show, Faith Hill was the guest and Rosie asked Faith if her daughter, Gracie, will go into the entertainment business. Faith said "Yeah, she goes around the house singing all the time, but her voice is sort of scratchy like Stevie Nicks, so Tim (her husband) says that if she's going to sing, she would have to sing a Stevie Nicks song. Now Gracie goes around singing Well I never thought I'd make it here in Hollywood....it's very cute."
    (Faith Hill said almost the same thing in an interview in the Dec 10, 1999 Entertainment Weekly)

  • On the November 26th episode of the French TV show "Lescopines d'abord" (a talk show for women), the topic was women in rock. They talked about Janis Joplin and the kind of life she had. The host said : "Janis is just on example of women in rock, I could have picked Stevie Nicks or Pat Benetar cuz they too had an interesting life"

  • In the December 16-23 issue of Rolling Stone there is a mention of Fleetwood Mac and a picture of the band backstage in 1976.

  • On the November 22 episode of VH1's 'The List' Stevie was a runner up for the Greatest Female Rock Star of all time. She came in second to Janis Joplin.

  • On the November 19th episode of the VH1 program, The List, Stevie is the 2nd pick for one of the guests as Best Front Woman in a band of all time.

  • On the November 14th episode of the Simpsons, after Homer bowled a perfect three hundred game he took out a list of things that he wanted to accomplish in his life. One of the things was to bowl a 300, which he checked off. The last thing on the list was "Seeing Stevie Nicks naked", which had been checked off three times.

  • The November issue of George magazine has a page of photos from the 'Sheryl Crow and Friends' concert. Included is a photo Stevie and Chrissie Hynde together on stage. The caption reads "Ladies of the night: Classic Rockers Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde."

  • The October '99 issue of "Vibe" magazine (with puff daddy on the cover) has a list of the century's greatest albums, alphabetically. Rumours was listed with the following description:

    "Anger, jealousy, heartbreak and spite. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were on the rocks. John and Christine Mcvie were on the outs. Mick Fleetwood was on the drums. And nearly everybody was on loads of cocaine. The result? One of the best pop records of the '70s..."

  • The November '99 issue of In Pulse! magazine (of Tower Records) says the following about Buckingham/Nicks:

    "The 1973 album by pre-Fleetwood Mac members Lindsey Buckingham and StevieNicks wasn't a hit and never made it onto compact disc (in the United States, anyway). The rights to Buckingham Nicks, originally issued by Polydor, have apparently reverted to the artists, so it will be up to them whether it ever makes it onto CD."

  • There is an article about Stevie's new album in the November 5th Entertainment Weekly (Regis on the cover).

  • In a September '99 episode of the TV series Honey I Shrunk the Kids, there were three witches who are tormenting the family, In the middle of doing a ritual the youngest witch says "Are we done yet? Can I go watch VH1? They're having a special on Stevie Nicks."

  • On the October 17th edition of MTV's Uncensored they showed a blooper of Stevie making an ad for MTV News.

  • In the Simplicity fabric pattern catalog there is a Halloween costume (pattern #8750) which seems to be a Stevie Nicks outfit. It is an similar to what Stevie would wear and it has the words "Go Your Own Way" over the photo. You can view the photo on the Simplicity page.

  • In the October 15th edition of The Australian there was an article called, 'Joined at the Hip' which discussed Tommy Hilfiger's sponsorship of 'Rock Style' - an exhibition at the Costume Institute of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. The article included the following:

    "The exhibition casts a wide net, catching everything from the the haute bohemian style of Janis Joplin to the gross costumes of Elvis Presley and the high-camp style of 80s stars such as Cher and Elton John. Also on display are epoch-defining fashions by trendsetting performers, including Stevie Nicks, Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Grace Jones, and the Beatles".

  • In the September '99 issue of Harper's Bazaar, there is an article aboutthe latest fashions. Near the end of the article it says, "Rock chicks have been popping up just about every season lately--Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks, and Cher."

  • In the October '99 issue of InStyle magazine there is a spread of fashions throughout the decades and the stars that best fit them. In the 70's Stevie was mentioned.

  • In the movie "Sugar Town" there is a scene where a young girl, who wants to be a famous pop star, is making a list ofthings to do in her notebook to be successful. (she reads them out loud)The last entry is "Attend MTV music Awards with Tony Bennett.....no, Tony Curtis....no, some cool old guy.....NO Wait! Attend with Stevie Nicks!"

  • On the October 11th edisode of the VH1 show "The List", Pat Oswald mentioned Stevie as his number 1 choice for sexiest female singer.

  • The October 1999 issue of Gym magazine has anarticle (page 47) about former VH1 host AJ Hammer in which Mitch Rustad wrote:

    "I also find out he's big on some of my favorites including Sinead O'Connor and Stevie Nicks."

  • The October 9-15 issue of TV Guide has two Stevie mentions in the Cheers and Jeers section.

  • MTV News 1515 had a brief interview with MELISSA JOANHART (from SABRINA) and they showed Melissa inside her car on her way to work, one early morning. She mentioned she always listens to music on her way to work, so she raised the volume on her car radio and the song "DREAMS" was playing. Melissa was singing along..... "Thunder only happens when it's raining..."

  • Stevie was spotted backstage at the Tom Petty concert September 24th.

  • On the Saturday Night Live 25th Anniversary Special on September 26th, clips were shown of past musical guests. A clip of Stevie performing "Stand Back" from 1983 was shown.

  • The September 26th Green Bay Press-Gazette has an article regarding how fashion has changed over this century. It had a sidebar highlighting each decade. Here was the one from the 1980's:

    "1980's: Princess Diana rekindled interest in hats, and Nancy Reagan ruled the White House in her tailored dresses. The MTV generation copied Stevie Nicks' flowing skirts, ruffled blouses and hats."

  • On the September 22nd Rush Limbaugh show, while talking about the upcoming presidential elections and the various candidates, Rush played "Whole Lotta Trouble."

  • In an interview with NASCAR drivers on nascar.com, they ask drivers what music they like. Mark Martin says he listens to all types of music, including Stevie Nicks, whom he calls the "greatest of all time."

  • In the December '99 issue of METAL EDGE magazine (pg. 103) there is a section where they ask different musicians questions. The following question is there:
    Question: "Who would leave you starstruck?"
    Answer: "Stevie Nicks. I want her to sing on my next album." MIKE HARTMAN

  • There is an article in the latest Billboard Magazine in the "they're playing my song" section" about the group Venice and their recording of LANDSLIDE. They are speak well of Stevie's writing and Fleetwood Mac.

  • On the September 22nd morning show of Y103 FM (out of Youngstown, Ohio) the dj asked the listeners to call in and "tell who you would want to keep you warm on such a chilly morning". He later gave the results and said he "had quite a few calls for Stevie Nicks".

  • In the October 5, 1999 issue of Country Weekly (with Tim McGraw & Faith Hill on the cover), Stevie is mentioned in the Q&A section. A reader from New York writes in to ask:

    "In one of Country Weekly's Q&A columns, you included Stevie Nicks in a list of rock stars who had unexpected country hits. What song was it and how well did it do?"

    The answer: "The song was "After The Glitter Fades", which entered the Billboard country chart on June 19, 1982 and remained on the chart for five weeks, peaking at #70. The single spent four weeks on the pop chart, reaching #32. Stevie also dipped her toe into country music when she recorded a version of "Leather & Lace" with Don Henley that became a pop top ten. Stevie originally wrote the song as the title track for a 1981 album by Waylon Jennings and his wife, Jessi Colter."

  • Stevie is mentioned in the September 16th issue of Time Out New York in an interview with fashion designer Bob Mackie:

    TONY: Did you ever design clothes for Stevie Nicks?
    BM: Never did. Actually, she used to live up the street from me, and I never even knew her.
    TONY: What did you think of her style?
    BM: I thought it was okay. It was certainly consistent--all those whirly-twirly things. I was never that interested in her particularly. But I used to see her...
    TONY: Dancing and spinning down the driveway?
    BM: [cracks up] Yeah, just about half a block up the street.

  • On the September 18th edisode of VH1's Rock & Roll Jeopardy, there was a category called "They Quit Their Day Jobs." One of the descriptions was: "When she was a waitress, you may have ordered coffee in Phoenix from this member of Fleetwood Mac." The answer was, of course, Who is Stevie Nicks?

  • The October '99 issue of Mademoiselle magazine has an article in which guys discuss the decorations of women's bedrooms. There is one bedroom that has a guitar, lots of candles, sheer drapes and is decorated with leopard-print bedding. Mademoiselle asked the guys if "She might be a wild chick?," to which one guy answered, "I'm not reading wild here. It's too clean for wild." Then the magazine asked, "You're not feeling a little Stevie Nicks?" and then the guy replied, "There're no tchotchkes. There's not a commitment to twirliness. It's a gesture. It's not a commitment."

  • In the movie Jack Frost, starring Michael Keaton, the entire version of Landslide, from The Dance, is played during the long scene as he builds a snowman.

  • On the FOX-5 (New York) 10 o'clock news, there was a report on the Sheryl Crow And Friends concert where they showed a lot of concertgoers. They included a guy who said he couldn't wait to see Stevie...and a few young women holding up a "Stevie Nicks Rocks" bumper sticker.

  • As a fan from Manhattan opened the window today (Sept 13), Stevie was heard in the distance singing. This was during the soundcheck for the Sheryl Crow and Friends show at Central Park. The song heard was Gold Dust Woman.

  • The September 9th issue of the Harrisburg PA Patriot News had a color picture (4x6) of Stevie on the front page of the Living section. The article is about "Style Confessions of a Concertgoer". Under Stevie's picture the caption reads "Stevie Nicks, who favors lace and chiffon dresses, fringed shawls and platform boots, knows how to dress for rock success and is among the stars who inspire their fans to do likewise.

  • Stevie was mentioned on th Australian TV show called the Mick Malloy Show. One of the members of the show was in Montreal for the comedy festival and she mentioned that she thought the house she was staying in was owned by Stevie Nicks because of how it was decorated. She said "It's very gypsy-like."

  • Ads for the Sheryl Crow and Friends concert are appearing on TV, radio and in newspapers all over the East Coast.

  • On the September 7th episode of The Late Show with David Letterman, the following Stevie sighting appeared while Sheryl Crow was a guest:

    Dave: "Who all is going to be there [Central Park Concert]with ya on the show?"
    Sheryl: "Eric Clapton, and Stevie Nicks" [Everyone claps and Sheryl gives this excited little clap as well with a HUGE smile on her face] "and, uh, it's gonna be alot of fun. The last I heard, Jerry Seinfeld was gonna host it...........alot of surprise guests......Sarah McLachlan"
    Later, after some small talk....
    Dave: "Give my best to Stevie Nicks. You know, we were married three times."
    Sheryl: "I know that. i was gonna ask you about that. She's hoping you'll be there."

  • On Jerry Lewis's MDA telethon on September 6th, Cynthia Garret of Vh1 was talking about the different shows on Vh1 and showing short clips of them. As the clip of the pop up video ended and she said, "Some things can't fit into bubbles. You can't hear Stevie Nicks talk about what really broke up Fleetwood Mac. This is the place for Behind the Music."

  • On the September 7th episode of VH1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy had two sightings under the category "DUETS":

    The first answer was Leather and Lace (Who are Stevie Nicks and Don Henley?)

    The second answer was Whenever I Call You Friend (Who are Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks?)

  • Stevie was spotted at a trendy hair salon in midtown Atlanta on September 2nd.

  • On August 28th, VH1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy had a category called "Good Acoustics." The answer was "On their 1997 The Dance album, Fleetwood Mac did an acoustic version of this song, referring to "snow covered hills." The answer was Landslide.

  • Ann Wilson of Heart says the following when responding to a question about Heart collaborating with Stevie Nicks:

    "I don't know what Stevie is up to at the moment, but I do think our three voices would sound beautiful together. Maybe some day..." (found on annandnancy.com)

  • Stevie was mentioned on the VH1 Fashion awards on August 19th. She was nominated for best dressed artist. When they announced Stevie's name, they played a clip of Stevie singing Landslide during The Dance concert. They also showed a clip of Stevie wearing the Gold Dust Woman cape. (Madonna won the award)

  • During Much Music's broadcast of highlights from Woodstock'99, there was an interview with Courtney Love where she said the following:

    "I grew up with the music of Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks inspired me to go out there and live, to dream, to be something. Stevie Nicks will always be an idol to me."

    In San Diego, the University Avenue on-ramp to I-805 South has an oversized billboard advertising 103.7 FM "The Planet", a classic rock station. This billboard includes a very large copy of the Rumours album cover, which can be seen for several blocks.

  • On VH1's Behind the Music for Melissa Etheridge, you can hear Melissa singing After the Glitter Fades (a Stevie song) in the background while telling of her early days in clubs.

  • In VH-1's Metal Mania Pop Up Video of Lita Ford's Kiss Me Deadly, it said that parts of the video were intended to mock Stevie's Stand Back video. They showed a clip of Stand Back.

  • There are several articles lately which criticize the artists chosen by VH1 for the 100 Greatest Women of Rock and Roll. However, it seems that noone questions that Stevie should be included on the list. Here are some examples from a few articles:

    Jackson Michigan TV Guide - July 26 - 21, 1999
    "Nevertheless, many of the women of rock - real rock - are on the list, including Madonna, Carole King, Janet Jackson, the women of ABBA and Hole, Martha & the Vandellas, Etta James, Patti Smith, Tina Weymouth, Stevie Nicks, Debbie Harry, and Sheryl Crow."

    The Arizona Republic - July 29
    "I can understand Stevie Nicks being in here - She actually had a productive solo career."

    Chicago Tribune's TV Program
    "When you're talking rock and roll, you're talking Pat Benatar, Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, and Chrissie Hynde. But when has Barbra streisand ever made you rock out?"

  • On the July 28th, episode of VH-1's 100 Greatest Women during the Sheryl Crow (#44) portion, there was a brief clip of Stevie saying the following about Sheryl:
    "She's a good friend of mine and I think she's really, really talented."

  • On the July 28th Roseanne show, Sheryl Crow appeared as a guest. During the show they played a clip of Stevie singing with Sheryl on Strong Enough (with the caption "Sheryl singing with her Idol Stevie Nicks") and had the following conversation about Stevie:

    Roseanne: Sheryl, How cool was that, singing with your idol?
    Sheryl: It was great! She is just great to work with, you must interview her!
    Roseanne: "I will... So, do you think you are at that point?
    Sheryl: No......no I don't think I ever will be... I don't think she ever did either...she (Stevie) is just doing what she loves..."

  • The October '99 issue of Metal Edge magazine has a review of Jesse Camp's CD which included the following Stevie mention:

    "... and a bevy of helping hands including sax players, a mandolinist, percussionists, background voices galore and even Super Babe Stevie Nicks... "

  • The July 25th edition of the Mexican newspaper, El Mercurio, had the following Stevie mention:

    " On Internet exist the possibility to vote for who the people thinks are the 100 greatest Woman of Rock and Roll. There the list changes a lot, (because of the different votes that they have everyday) leaving in first place the vocalist of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, followed for Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey, Tori Amos and, well, other 95 singers..."

  • The July 26th Boston Herald had an article about VH1's "100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll" with the following Stevie mention:

    "The highlight of these very entertaining shows are the testimonials from artists on performers whom you'd never imagine them appreciating. So while you may expect Courtney Love (No. 68) praising Stevie Nicks (No. 14) or Mary Chapin Carpenter waxing poetic about Loretta Lynn (No. 65), there are plenty of surprises."

  • The September '99 issue of Penthouse has a small mention of Stevie in an interview with Jesse Camp.

  • From the July 23rd Wall Street Journal:

    If you have ever belted out the blues along with Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin or sung along with Barbara Streisand, Stevie Nicks, or even Exene Cervenka (from the punk group X) in your living room, car, or shower, this five-night special is for you. ...

  • In the July 27 edition of the Village Voice, author Frank Kogan, while reviewing Sophie B. Hawkins new cd, writes this about Sophie:

    "...she doesn't have the Teena Marie ability to swoop her voice and personality all over everywhere, or the Stevie Nicks ability to have her femininity soak through her music..."

  • The July 19th edition of USA Today had a mention of Stevie in the money section. She was listed as one of many artists who recently signed with Artistdirect.

  • The summer 99 Hana Hou magazine (the magazine for Hawaiian Airlines) has a photo of Stevie on page 72 (Vol 2, number 3).

  • There is a photo of Stevie, along with a short article about the Vh1 100 Greatest Women in Rock&Roll in Weekend Cover Story, a Tuesday insert in many newspapers (page 4). The article said that there would be "fresh interviews with the honorees".

  • In the July 13th Washington Post there is an review of the Cher concert Sunday night at the Nissan Pavillon. It said "For her opening numbers, Cher appeared with waist-length red hair and a flowing red dress -- think Stevie Nicks in "Carmen" -- exuding a healthy glow and radiant energy."

  • The daily NEARLY FAMOUS BARRY YOUNG SHOW on radio station KFYI 910 am (Phoenix) begins, ends and goes to breaks with a snippet of "Talk to me".

  • On the July 12th episode of VH1's Women First, they were talking about Sheryl Crow and the host, Madison Michele, said "Sheryl Crow is really getting around, she's producing the new Stevie Nicks album..."

  • Lately, snippets of Stevie's songs have been used as "bridges" during the Dr. Laura Schlessinger show (DrLaura.com). Just recently the following songs were heard:

    -Love's a Hard Game to Play
    -Stand By Me
    -Reconsider Me.

  • The Aug. 1999 issue of JANE magazine (page 40) has a short article about singer Macy Gray and her debut record, "On How Life Is." She says about her variety of musical influences: "I went to boarding school. You'd hear Stevie Nicks at parties and also listen to the Sugar Hill Gang."

  • On the July 6th episode of VH1's Rock Across America they were playing 9 Easy Pieces, where two people pick a piece of a celebritie's photo out of a bag and guess who it is. The first lady picked a piece with an eye on it and she guessed Stevie Nicks. The correct guess was Barbara Streisand.

  • On the June 27th episode of a LIFETIME CHANNEL program called Intimate Portrait the feature was Melissa Etheridge. Melissa was talking about how in the late 80s she was having trouble getting her music played on the radio. She jokingly said the Disc Jockeys told her they could not play her music because they were already playing Stevie Nicks.

  • Stevie was spotted in the audience at the June 16 Cher concert in Phoenix.

  • In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (Nicole Kidman on cover) there is an interview with Tom Petty with the following Stevie mention:

    " When your life is out there a little bit, everyone has their opinion of what you're doing in your private life, or what you should do. I mean, phony stories about who I was dating - they'd just make up stuff. They had me living with Stevie Nicks for a while; they had a picture of me and my daughter Kim somewhere and they labeled it "his mystery girl."

  • The June 12-18 TV Guide (large cable version) has a photo of Stevie in the ad for VH1's Behind the Music. View the ad.

  • Stevie was spotted having dinner in the New Orleans French Quarter on June 7th.

  • On the June 10th Letterman show, Paul Shaffer and the band were playing Go Your Own Way as the show was going to commercial. When it came back, Dave said something about Fleetwood Mac and Go Your Own Way, and then asked Paul, "Was it you or me that was married to Stevie Nicks in the seventies?", and Paul answered "First you, then me." Dave responded with "Oh yeah, I remember seeing you in court...".

  • The June 9, 1999 Philadelphia Inquirer had a photo of Stevie along with Amy Grant, Robin Williams and Andre Agassi with the following caption in the Newsmakers section:

    "Andre Agassi, with Stevie Nicks, Amy Grant and Robin WIlliams, wore a Grand Slam smile after his foundation's 1998 fund-raising concert. Agassi, who just added the French Open to his Slam titles, has raised $10 million for children at risk."

  • The cover of the new Rolling Stone has a photo of Star Wars Jar Jar Binks reading a Rolling Stone magazine. The issue he is reading is from August 1977 with the original Star Wars crew, and in the upper right corner there is a banner that says "Fleetwood Mac Rocks Madison Garden!"
    See the cover on the Rolling Stone page.

  • An interview on CDNow with Sheryl Crow, included the following Stevie mention:

    Talk about the album you're co-producing for Stevie Nicks. Is this a bit of a reclamation project?
    I don't know if it's that so much as ... I think the thing she has suffered in the last few years is when she goes into the studio, there's always a male producer that wants to make her into something that is maybe not as intimate as what she sees her music as being. I guess my role is to try and create what she feels is an accurate picture of who she is. It's really challenging just being around her, and trying to get that on tape is going to be the real trick.
    Will the two of you tour together at some point?
    We're always talking about that. I mean, you can't believe the stuff we've come up with. We're driving our managers crazy; "O.K., now we need to get a private plane so we can just tour together for all the months of August, September, and October, and we're gonna go out and play three-hour sets." It's over the top, but it's really fun. You just get fired up when you have this connection with somebody, and she is a person that, when you're around her, you feel like you've known her your whole life.

  • The June 1st episode of "Access Hollywood" had a behind-the-scenes segment about "Will & Grace." They showed a table reading, during which Sean Hayes's lines included singing "Edge of Seventeen." (Sean Hayes plays "Jack.")

  • The June 99 issue of Allure magazine had an interview with designer Anna Sui called "How I got that look" with the following Stevie sighting:

    " Enchanted"
    "I had never really been into Fleetwood Mac, but a few seasons ago, I thought the way Stevie Nicks dressed was perfection. Stevie called and invited me to see the band in concert. Talking to her backstage, I was just dazzled because she's so animated, and she wore a beautiful hologram in the center of her forehead. I didn't know where to look."

  • In the May 29th issue of Billboard magazine there is an article on "The 100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll (voted on by female entertainers, writers, photographers, industry executives and politicians). The top 20 women are named in alphabetical order and Stevie, of course, is listed.

  • Many radio stations across the country mentioned Stevie on her birthday.

  • On the MTV claymation animated show "Celebrity Deathmatch" between Bill Gates and Michael Flatley, Bill is dressed "nerdy looking" while Michael has this beautiful tie died flamboyant costume on including a pinkish-purple scarf he has tied around his head like a head band. When they get into the ring Bill grabs the scarf off of Michael's head and throws it into the pit. Announcer #1 says "Oh No! There goes the headband!" Announcer #2 says "Yes, and I really liked it. It gave him a kind of Stevie Nicks look"

  • The Entertainment Weekly special issue (May 28) on the 100 Greatest Moments in rock has the following sightings:
    - Greatest Moment #67: Rumours marks its 31st week at #1
    - Rumours was one of the top 100 album covers of all time.

  • On May 21st here was a Stevie mention on the WPLJ (New York) radio morning show. Apparently one of the crew can't spell and he always spells the New York Knicks "New York Nicks" so the dj's Scott and Todd got on his case really bad. They went on to say he is confusing them with "the singer Stevie Nicks. The Knicks spell their team name K-N-I-C-K-S and Stevie spells her name N-I-C-K-S". Later on in the broadcast when they gave the sports updates they said " in basketball playoffs they are now 2-0 as the N.Y. Stevie Nicks beat the Atlanta Hawks..."

  • In Rolling Stone Magazine's review of Jessie Camp's album (*Issue 814*June10, 1999) the following Stevie mention appeared:

    "While the tender love ballad 'My Little Savior' features none other than Stevie Nicks, who can never again be accused of lacking a sense of humor."

  • On the May 17 episode of Celebrity Jeopary, there was a category called "Look Out Bell-ow" with the following answer:

    It is a plant commonly called the Deadly Nightshade or a Stevie Nicks album.

    Gil Bellows (from Ally McBeal) answered: What is Bella Donna?

    Then...on the last question, for a British mystery writer who won an award in 1954. Two celebrities got it correct....but the other girl said "Who is Stevie Nicks?" It was, of course, wrong.

  • On the May 14th episode of Boy Meets World Annette O'Toole was a guest and her name on the show was Rhiannon.

  • In the May 15th, 1999 Arizona Republic had the following in Eileen Bailey's column:

    "NICKS' ANTIQUES: Barbara Nicks, Stevie Nicks' mom, is renovating the former "As Is" boutique in downtown Scottsdale into what appears to be a lovely, upscale antique store. Seems as if everyone has rediscovered downtown Scottsdale."

  • The following Stevie mention was in the Arizona Rebublic on Mother's Day '99:

    Barbara Nicks has the right perspective on her daughter Stevie Nicks’ success. “Its wonderful,” said the Valley resident, who will have a special dinner with Stevie for Mother’s Day today. “But basically, she’s just my little girl. I’m not really impressed by the fame and fortune. It’s just family.”

  • The May 9th New York Daily News had a Jim Farber article about upcoming movies with 1980s theme's. The following was said about Edge of 17:

    According to Todd Stephens, the 31-year-old writer of "Edge of Seventeen" (named for a 1981 Stevie Nicks song) the film makers' age explains the boomlet. "We're all in our early to mid-30s, the right time to begin looking back, to reassess our coming of age."

  • The April 20, 1999 edition of the Star Tribune (Minnesota) had an article about Sheryl Crow being a hard worker. It had her schedule listed, which included the following:
    - She'll spend May producing a new album for Stevie Nicks.

  • There's a photo of Stevie in the May 11, 1999 issue of the magazine The Advocate in an article about Reprise Records president Howie Klein.

  • On the April 30, 1999 episode of VH1's "Women First" the following question was asked:
    Who was first asked to record "Call Me"? Was it Diana Ross, Donna Summer or Stevie Nicks? The answer was Stevie Nicks. Stevie declined the offer to record the song and it was given to the group Blondie.

  • Stevie made an appearance at the Kentucky Derby's annual Barnstable Brown Gala on April 30th. See the photo.

  • The new People magazine special collector's edition, "25 Years Of Covers", shows all the covers in the magazines in the last 25 years. Included is the November 26, 1979 Fleetwood Mac issue. Unfortunately, it was listed as the worst selling issue that year.

  • Stevie was mentioned in an April 27th interview with Jesse Camp on the Johnny Dare & Murphy show on 98.9, The Rock, in Kansas City. Jesse mentioned the duet with Stevie.

  • Stevie was mentioned a few times in an interview with Sheryl Crow on WTMX radio in Chicago on April 22.

  • The April 24th episode of VH1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy had a Fleetwood Mac category.

  • On the April 13th episode of News Radio,Matthew got beat up by a bunch of teenagers at a Natalie Merchant concert, so Joe offered to teach him his own little brand of self defense called "Joe Jitsu." Max (played by Jon Lovitz) said he'd like to learn it, too, because he "once had a little scrape at a Stevie Nicks concert."

  • In the March 27th issue of New Music Express (a British paper) in an article titled Respect Overdue!: Yesterday's obscure classics revisited was the following sighting:

    This week: Fleetwood Mac - Live: The band sound, almost humbled by their experiences, Lindsey Buckingham's 'Never Going Back Again' a choking, heartfelt whisper from a burnt-out basement. And nowhere else was Stevie Nicks' unique vocal caught with such sensitivity as on this take of 'Landslide', hushed and resonant from moment to moment."

  • In the 1996 movie Overnight Delivery, the song Magnet and Steel is played. Stevie sings backup on this song.

  • In the May 99 issue of Celebrity Style magazine, they picked 20 music stars considered to have real style. Stevie is one of the 20. There is a photo of Stevie and the following paragraph:

    "This ethereal gypsy still radiates cool. While many of this Bella Donna's generation have busily updated and conformed their style to the fickle times, Nicks continues to go her own way in flowing witchy woman skirts, platform heels, and even the occasional leg warmer. Even when Fleetwood Mac split, Nicks remained true to herself and her fans with her one-of-a-kind throaty vocals and personal style that has withstood the test of time."

  • The March issue of McCall's Magazine had the following letter in the Readers Letters section regarding the January Stevie article:

    Stevie: Don't Stop!

    I was so happy to see "Stevie Wonder," your profile about Stevie Nicks. It brought back a lot of memories. Nicks has a style all her own that nobody will ever be able to achieve again. She has grace, talent and beauty. I'm glad she's back, and I look forward to enjoying her music for years to come.

    Mary Schibler
    Fair Grove, MO

  • The April 12th and April 19th issues of People Magazine each have a large pay-per-view ad for the movie Practical Magic that mentions Stevie on the soundtrack. View the ad.

  • The Sunday (April 4) San Francisco Chronicle has a Q&A with Sheryl Crow (page 36) with the following Stevie mention:

    Q: You had some time off for the first time in five years. Did you enjoy being a couch potato?
    A: To be perfectly honest, I've never been able to sit at home. One of the reasons I was really looking forward to getting back on the road was so I could get some rest. I find when I'm home and I'm supposed to be on quote-unquote off-time, my life is much busier with work stuff. The amount of decision-macking is incredible. Putting this tour together took up all my time. I've also been working with Stevie Nicks in the studio, so I don't feel like I've had any time off. So being on the road is really like a vacation.

  • On the Wall of Sound web page (wallofsound.com) there is an article by Gary Graff about Sheryl Crow and Lilith Fair. In the article is the following Stevie mention:

    Lilith is just one of a number of projects Crow has going for the remainder of the years. She's co-producing Stevie Nicks' next album, with four songs completed and more work slated for May and June. The two musicians are talking about going on tour together later in the summer, and Crow is also contemplating some solo acoustic dates as well.

  • The March/April issue of Gear magazine (page 86) has the following:

    Blonde on Blonde
    How the best-selling flaxen-haired songsters line up, in total domestic album sales:
    (among others) Stevie Nicks - 9.5 million

  • In the April 99 issue of Genre Magazine, under Music Reviews, the following Stevie sighting was found in the review of Shelby Starner's new CD:

    SHELBY STARNER: From In the Shadows (Warner Bros.). It just doesn't seem possible for Starner to really be 15 years old. From the raw, Stevie Nicks-like tremor of her voice to the intense, often painful lilt of her lyrics, Starner moves through her impressive first recording like an old soul who has truly seen it all.

  • The April issue of Attitude Magazine has a one page article about Stevie and a photograph.

  • The March 26th Music Boulevard Allstar Music News had an interview with Sheryl Crow with the following Stevie sighting:

    She (Sheryl) played the Campaign for a Landmine- Free World benefit concert in Washington D.C. alongside Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, and Steve Earle. She popped up at a Neil Finn show. She contributed music to the Gram Parsons tribute album, signed on to perform at the upcoming Johnny Cash tribute concert, and even took on the producer role for Stevie Nicks' next disc.

  • In the March 24th Chicago Tribune (Woman's section) the following Stevie mention appeared:

    Stevie Nicks: Nobody twirls in chiffon like Stevie Nicks. She decided a long time ago that she was going to have a mystical presence. "I made my clothes, my boots, my hair, and whole being go with that," she once told Interview magazine. It was in the angel-like images created with shawls and the hanky-hemmed skirts where Anna Sui found inspiration a few seasons back.

  • On the March 23rd episode of VH1's Rock Candy there was a girl named Wendy who wanted to be a rock star. While showing her getting ready there was a Blue Lamp Stevie picture and a couple of Stevie posters on the wall in her room.

  • In the intro to the "This Month's Big Discovery" section of the April 1999 issue of Interview magazine the following Stevie sighting was found as they are talking about a photo shoot with fifteen-year-old singer Shelby Starner:
    When we met at the photo shoot for this story, Starner, a giddy punk rocker at heart, pulled out a Sex Pistols T-shirt she had hoped to wear. When the shoot was completed, she swapped the fancy dresses for her own crimson goth frock, looking equal parts punk rock-era Courtney Love and witchy Stevie Nicks--like one to be reconed with and one ready to take flight.

  • The March 1999 issue of Harper's Bazaar has an article about new shoe designers. One of the designers mentions his "Dream Feet" as Stevie Nicks'.

  • On the March 16 episode of Loveline on MTV, an audience member stood up to ask a question and Adam and Dr. Drew commented that she looked like Stevie Nicks around 1978.

  • At Alice Cooper's new sports/rock themed restaurant in Phoenix named Cooper'stown there is a guitar on display autographed by Stevie (and other members of Fleetwood Mac).

  • The April 1, 1999 issues of Rolling Stone (issue 809) has a review of Cree Summer's Sweet Faerie (page 103). The review contains the following Stevie sighting:

    Summer, like solo-period Stevie Nicks, will write an entire song about a dying leaf ("Fall")-and Kravitz, with his highbrow command of acoustics, will insist that a well-considered series of new rock epiphanies accompany it. Because Summer (like Nicks) can whip her raspy voice around music with the authority and power of a great matador, you forgive a lot of her pretensions. Street Faerie, to cite one accurately titled tune, is "Deliciously Down. -James Hunter

  • On MTV's Loveline (3/16/99) Adam Corolla mentioned that a young woman he was questioning "looks kind of like Stevie Nicks back in 1978". The girl, named Brandi, asked "is that a compliment?", and Adam and Dr. Drew answer immediatly "OH YEAH!!! AND YES!!!!!" (She had long krimped hair and wore a slinky black dress, she really did look like Stevie did in that era).

  • From the MSNBC review of the movie The Rage: Carrie 2:

    When we first meet her, Rachel is marking time with the latest in a long line of foster parents. She spends most of her after-school hours alone in a bedroom bedecked with posters of Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. (“Rage” is the sort of movie in which the production designer must provide a significant amount of expository detail.) Indeed, Rachel has only one close friend, Lisa (Mena Suvari), a winsome Stevie Nicks dress-alike who gets the plot rolling by taking a swan dive off the roof of the school.

  • On March 9 on the VH1 Show called Rock Candy, they took a poll on which rock star would make a good personal assistant. 18% of people thought Stevie Nicks would.

  • In the movie Party Girl, with actress Parker Posey, Stevie is mentioned as the 'theme' for a night at a night-club.

  • Stevie's song Listen to the Rain is playing in the movie Renaissance Man when Danny DeVito is sitting at the bar.

  • In the People Magazine 25th anniversary issue (on newsstands now), various celebrities are asked to pick their vote for favorite film, book, movie, song, or album since 1974. Rosie O'Donnell says the following: "Fleetwood Mac's Rumours defined high school for me. It was my own choice, not my parents', from a rock group that didn't scare me. The music is timeless."

  • The April 99 issue of Musician Magazine had a mention of Stevie in an interview with Sheryl Crow. Read the article.

  • In the March 9, 1999 issue of Country Weekly the following is in the Q&A section:

    Q: I think it's great that acts like LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill and Shania Twain have had so much success on the pop charts. I was wondering what non-country acts have had unexpected success on the country charts?

    A: Big Crosby and the Andrews Sisters were the most successful. Others include The Bee Gees, Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond, The Beach Boys, Pat Boone, Debby Boone, The Pointer Sisters, Nancy Sinatra, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Bobby Darin, The Carpenters, Wayne Newton, STEVIE NICKS and Dean Martin.

  • The February 99 issue of Detour magazine has a fashion tribute to the Rumours album cover with models representing Stevie and Mick.

  • The February 27th episode of VH1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy had a Stevie sighting. Under the category Hey Girl and the following clue was found:

    "She recorded an album with Lindsey Buckingham even before they joined Fleetwood Mac" . Answer: Stevie Nicks.

  • On the February 24th Rosie O'Donnell show, Stevie was mentioned during Sheryl Crow's appearance.

  • The movie Deliberate Stranger, the true story of serial killer Ted Bundy, has a scene where he is stalking a victim who was standing by a record store. The window display in the store had two Stevie Nicks' Rock a Little album covers on it. The movie was supposed to take place in the mid-70s, but Rock-a- Little didn't come out until 1985.

  • In the latest issue (Feb 20-26) of TV Guide, there is a section called Rock & Roll Fantasy where celebrities tell theirs. Terry Farrel, from Becker (formerly Dax from Deep Space Nine), had the following fantasy:

    "I wanted to join Fleetwood Mac. Rumours was everything to me when I was a kid. I wanted to dress just like Stevie Nicks, but that worked better in my mind than it did on my body."

  • In the February 22nd issue of People Magazine there is a review of country singer Kelly Willis' cd "What I Deserve". The review (page 40) contains the following Stevie sighting:

    "When the Hollywood powers that be finally get around to making the inevitable movie about the tribulations of Fleetwood Mac, Willis would be a good choice to play the early Stevie Nicks. She has the proper look (blonde and striking); she has potential as an actress, judging by some brief turns before the camera; and she has a tremolo~tinged, emotionally potent voice that's as musical in her country idiom as Nick's is in rock."

  • On February 12th, the MTV's Video Cliches on "wind" included a clip from the Stand Back video.

  • The February 11th episode of TNN's Crook & Chase reviewed the movie, Practical Magic. They played a portion of the video, If You Ever Did Believe. They said the music in the movie was great.

  • There is a promotion running on the Rosie O'Donnell show for the Grammys. Stevie and Fleetwood Mac are shown in a clip bowing after their performance at last years Grammy show.

  • "The Great Rock 'N' Roll Quote Book", edited by Merrit Malloy, published in 1995 has a couple of Stevie quotes in it. The first one, under the catagory "Performing Live" (pg. 94):

    "I'll go on any tour. I got to sing "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" with Bob [Dylan] and Tom [Petty] ! I'll never forget in my life walking out to perform, and having Bob Dylan turn and do a little bow. It made everything all right -- all the pain, all the trouble, all the hassles that come along with this kind of life in rock 'n' roll. They all went away at that moment."
    And Stevie gets the very last quote of the book, under the catagory "Writing" (pg. 149):

    "I realized right away I could write songs, because I could have experiences without even having them."

  • The February 8th episode of the X-Files had one scene that was said to take place in Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • The March '99 issue of Playboy had the following Stevie sighting in an article titled The Year in Music:

    "Our favorite moments this year range far and wide, from Ginger Spice remade into Geri Halliwell, UN goodwill ambassador, to Jay-Z's Annie sample, Hard Knock Life. We watched Joni Mitchell get her propers and Bob Dylan become a concert draw. Metallica played a few tunes at a party at the Mansion and glam rock had a revival at the movies and onstage. We rediscovered Stevie Nicks on VH1 and bought her new album. We laughed at Mick Jagger's serious hour on A&E's Biography..."

  • Stevie was mentioned in a segment on NBC's "Extra- Weekend Edition" on February 6, 1999. Her picture and a video clip was shown several times and "Stand Back" and later "Talk to Me" were played in the background. It was a fashion segment where the designer was going over which styles would be hot this spring and summer. He mentioned that the Stevie Nicks look would be displayed by many stars (including Courtney Love and Shania Twain) during the upcoming seasons and that her look was hot.

  • Sheryl Crow was on the February 5th episode of The Roseanne Show which included the following Stevie sighting:

    A clip of Stevie singing "Strong Enough" with Sheryl was shown. Below the clip it said: Sheryl Crow sings with her idol, Stevie Nicks.
    After the clip, Roseanne talked to Sheryl about it:
    R:"How cool was it to be able to work with her? She is your idol right?"
    S:"She is so great, you have to interview her..."
    R:"Oh, I would love to.."
    S:"She is..., she is who I wanted to be when I was a kid...'cause you know, she is beautiful and she is.."
    R:"How close are you, are you there do you think, at that point...feeling like you made it?"
    S:"Oh, I don't feel like that, I don't think anyone does, you know... feel like they are there... they've reached it. Otherwise they would quit...and I don't think she ever felt like that either. I think she just loved what she was doing and was into it. That's where I am at"

  • On the February 5th episode of the soap opera, Another World,the character of Paulina was telling a young man, who is pretending to be her long lost son, that she used to listen to Fleetwood Mac at his age. When he rolls his eyes, she says something like "Wait..I thought Stevie Nicks was cool again" and the son said "She is! She is! I don't mean that"

  • The Feb. 3, 1999 Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel (an various other papers), in an article about VH1's "Behind the Music" series, comments on the program's effect on artists' catalog sales:

    "It's a trend that has helped many others, including Def Leppard (whose sales of its greatest hits collection doubled in a week), Meat Loaf (ditto for Bat Out of Hell and its sequel) and Stevie Nicks (whose box set, Enchanted, went from 491 copies sold to 2,864 copies sold in one week)."

  • On the Superbowl pre-game show on FOX, during a segment about the two coaches, Reeves & Shanahan, Silver Springs was played in the background.

  • The February 1999 issue of Dish Entertainment Magazine has a section titled Love Looks Good On TV "Things are always better on television" where the following Stevie sigting occurs:

    Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining: Twenty years since their breakup and after 20 years of singing songs together about their breakup, luminous Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham still look lovingly at each other during MTV's The Dance.

  • The February 12th issue of Goldmine magazine, has a small photo of Stevie on page 117. The photo is in an ad for Backstage. This may be a photo you haven't seen before.

  • Casey Kasem's Countdown on Sunday, Jan. 24 had a Stevie sighting. He talked of how when Stevie was young she loved to dance so much that she paid her brother, Chris, 50 cents a week to be her dancing partner. They played Edge of Seventeen.

  • In the February '99 edition of In Style magazine in the "Objects of Desire" section (with a picture of earrings):

    Pearl Gem, These tiny, 14kt-gold earrings perfectly pair gem-stones with freshwater pearls: a pink pearl and a garnet; a gray with iolite; and a cream with smoky quartz. By Los Angeles jewelry-maker Talluleh (Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Stevie Nicks wear the companys designs); $125.00 at Jennifer Kaufman, 310-854-1058.

  • There was a brief mention of Stevie in an article on expressnews.com about living in the city of Phoenix. It said:

    Plenty of celebrities call Phoenix home and are occasionally spotted about town: Shock-rocker Alice Cooper, who lent his name to the new AliceCooperstown rib joint near Bank One Ballpark; Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks; singer Glen Campbell, Cooper's golfing buddy; broadcaster Paul Harvey; actor Leslie Nielsen; basketball's Charles Barkley; "Family Circus" cartoonist Bil Keane, and baseball Hall of Famers Robin Yount, Harmon Killebrew and Joe Garagiola.

  • There was a mention of Stevie on the E special World of Awards with Joan Rivers. On this special they lump all the award shows of the year together and discuss everyones clothes. Comments on Stevie were very favorable. Leon hall said she looks fabulous. Joan said the only thing she would change would be the length of her hair at 'her age'.

  • The November 1998 issue of Music Choice magazine (found at Barnes & Noble), has an interview with the Cardigans. In the interview, Nina Persson (the band's lead singer) says "I'm fortunate to be the only one of my sex in this band. I'd like to talk to Stevie Nicks about that. What did [she and Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac] do!"

  • In the liner notes of the new Lone Justice CD This World is not my Home, Chris Morris says the following about their second band lineup release of the song Shelter:

    This unit recorded Shelter with co-producers Iovine and Little Steven:
    Besides the lush, Stevie Nicks-styled title track and the sanctified stomper "I Found Love", this collection includes the touching ballad Dixie Storms.....

  • On January 16th during the Senate Hearing on CNN, there was a commercial which included Stevie saying: "We're watching you CNN".

  • On the January 13th episode of the Daily Show on Comedy Central, host Jon Stewart was chatting with Tracy Ullman. He mentioned something about the bathrobe she used to wear at the end of her show. Tracy says to John, "Oh really, do you like what I'm wearing now, it's kind of Stevie Nicks." (She was wearing a long black dress)

  • In the 1995 movie, Empire Records, there is a Stevie poster (Street Angel) hanging by the radio that is used.

  • On the January 9th episode of VH1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy they had a category called Hey Girl. The first clue was She put out an album with Lindsey Buckingham before they both joined Fleetwood Mac. I forget the answer.

  • In the January '99 Columbia House guide they have "TuneTriv" in the corner of some of the pages. On page 13, there is a very small photo of Stevie and the following question:

    Can you name the song and the artist?
    "I've been afraid of changing 'cause I built my life around you."
    The answer on page 15 is, of course, Fleetwood Mac: Landslide.

  • The January 8, 1999 Daily Mail (in the UK) had a review of Practical Magic. The review included the following:

    The crucial songs are two new Stevie Nicks recordings, produced by Sheryl Crow, which cement the position of both women as champions of rambling American Country-rock.

  • On MTV's Top 15 Video Cliches Of All Time, a clip of the Gypsy video was shown when referring to rain as a cliche.

  • The January 7, 1999 Hartford Courant has a review of Sandra Bernhard's album "I'm Still Here...Damn It!" The review has the following Stevie mention:

    Bernhard helped bring Stevie Nicks out of obscurity by conjuring her up a reverie on her last album; here she finds herself amid the whirlwind of Courtney Love, and serenaded by "that other woman in Fleetwood Mac," Christine McVie, now a waitress at an LA coffee shop in another bit.

  • The January 2, 1999 Detroit News has an article called "Check your closet: Here's what's in and out for fashion in '99". In the article is the following Stevie mention:

    Seasoned rockers like Stevie Nicks and Cher are hot, while the reign of schizo-style troopers like Madonna and Dennis Rodman has passed.

  • The December 27th edition of the Boston Globe had an article on "BEST POP MUSIC OF 1998" where it listed the best concerts. It included the following:

    Other fine shows this year included the techno-rocking Garbage at Avalon; the sweet-voiced Stevie Nicks and James Taylor at Great Woods;


  • In the Dec 28th/Jan4th People Double Issue, in the Best Of Song 1998, there is a "High notes" box with the following blurb:

    Thought by many to be over-the-hill, '70's divas Linda Ronstadt, Phoebe Snow, and STEVIE NICKS come back with bright new CDs that prove that all their blasts aren't past.

  • The New York Times re-reviewed the Enchanted Boxed set review in the December 13th edition. The review was, of course, favorable.

  • The December 11th ABC World News showed a clip of Stevie performing while mentioning that Fleetwood Mac was a top money maker. This was part of a report on the influence baby-boomers have on the music industry due to their continuing purchase of the Rock and Roll music of their youth.

  • In the new special issue of US magazine, The Fashion Police are making note of Eyrkah Badu. They have the following to say:

    "When looks collide. Turban by the Fugees, bag by Lilith Fair, braclets by Mr. T., dress by Scary Spice, boots by Stevie Nicks." (the boots are camoflage platforms).

  • On the December 10th Comedy Central Show called Win Ben Stein's Money, there was a category for Fleetwood Mac. The category was called Give me a shake, fries, and two Fleetwood Macs.

  • The new Courtney Love biography called Courtney Love: The Real Story has the following Stevie mention on page 233:

    In May, Hole was invited to watch Fleetwood Mac rehearse for MTV Unplugged. Courtney was thrilled --the band, especially Stevie Nicks, represented everything she loved about the glitter spangled, tacky-glamorous world of pop music. That was why she chose to cover "Gold Dust Woman" on the soundtrack of the Crow: City of Angels --to her Stevie Nicks was the Gold Dust Woman.

  • VH1's Rock & Roll Jeopardy on November 21st, had an entire category of Fleetwood Mac. See Stevie on TV for reruns.

  • Sandra Bernhard's one-woman show "I'm Still Here Damn It" on Broadway was filled with Stevie mentions. Here are a few:

    - The entire stage was done up Stevie-esque (i.e. Plush Red Velvet, Candles, Incense, and every microphone had several scarves draped around it.
    - At one point, Sandra was singing Stevie-like with a scarve-draped tambourine.
    - At another point she did this skit about Christine McVie ("the other girl in Fleetwood Mac" as Sandra referred to her) as a struggling waitress singing for tips in a diner.
    - She joked about Stevie as a possible future sitcom star.
    - She joked that she (Sandra) overdid it so much when she went on a globe-trotting shopping spree (Morocco, India), that even Stevie Nicks, after an impromptu visit to her house, thought that the decor was "too busy."
    - Sandra also mentioned her delight at watching Stevie cascading across the stage at the FM Dance Concert at Madison Square Garden.

  • On VH1's Pop-Up Video of Heart's These Dreams, they mention how the song was originally offered to Stevie Nicks. When she refused, it was done by Heart.

  • In the book The Most Wanted by Jacuelyn Mitchard the following is on page 93 (hardcover):

    "I'm in a variety show with her," Elena said. "I ...tried out. And I got in the Stevie Nicks number and the West Side Story number. Brin is in both of those too. So we're together."

  • From Rolling Stone Issue 800, November 26, 1998:
    On the back page charts, Hole's Celebrity Skin is #1. Underneath it, there is a quote taken from Rolling Stone Issue 796. It says:

    Even Hole's rough songs, like "Celebrity Skin," "Awful" and "Playing Your Song" - as close as the new album gets to the terse ferocity of 1994's Live Through This - have a sweet California-car-radio gleam, as if punk rock had been born of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours instead of in opposition to it.

  • In the latest Circle Magazine there is an article about Courtney Love, which includes the following:

    "Aside from her occasionally long drawnout biting words, Love embodies the pleading delicate vocals of her idol Stevie Nicks"

  • Stevie is mentioned in a few paragraphs from an article featuring Sheryl Crow in online News Entertainment Headlines October 29

    Breaking with her whirlwind schedule of the past, Crow has put off touring at least until February. In the meantime, she is preparing to produce an album for Stevie Nicks, with whom she collaborated on songs for the soundtrack to the movie "Practical Magic."

    "The nice thing about working with Stevie was that we've enjoyed a similar career. My fame and notoriety didn't hit until I was 29, and that's when she joined Fleetwood Mac," Crow said.

    "She's been prolific and fruitful all the way through her career and life, and she's 50 now," added Crow, who said she hopes to follow in Nicks' footsteps.

  • There is a small photograph of Stevie and mention of Stevie's clothes designer, Margi Kent, on page 42 of the November issue of In Style Magazine.

  • In the November 2nd issue of People Magazine there is an article of celebrity makeovers. A caption (under a few Madonna photos) reads Whether it's Bardot babe, Stevie Nicks chic or a look at her darker side, Madonna's style "comes from her heart", says her stylist Arianne Phillips, "from who she is."

  • On VH1's Before They Were Rock Stars IV, on the segment "Working Stiffs" they asked what Stevie's job was. The choices were assistant yoga instructor, hairdresser, and waitress. Clips of The Dance and a photo of Stevie as prom queen were shown, along with a clip of Stevie telling about being a waitress. See the Stevie on TV box for repeat dates (main page).

  • In the Sunday, October 25th edition of the Chicago Tribune the "Cryptograph" was a quote by Stevie Nicks. There was a drawing of her & the quote that had to be deciphered was:

    "If you offered me a passionate love affair or the high-priestess role in a castle above a cliff, I'm going for the high priestess".

  • On the October 26th episode of "Suddenly Susan", Susan had a Halloween costume party. She dressed as Botacelli's Birth of Venus, a "famous painting." The outfit looked like a mermaid with really long curly blond hair and a seashell attached to her back. One of her guests commented on her "mermaid" outfit, and Susan got upset. Her grandma told the guest not to feel bad, she had thought she was dressed as Stevie Nicks! Later another guest asked her if she was Stevie Nicks at a clambake. Finally, Susan attached a sign to herself that read "I am not a mermaid or Stevie Nicks!"

  • in the October 30th issue of Entertainment Weekly Stevie is mentioned in reference to the movie, Practical Magic. The paragraph reads:

    Tori Amos, Cybill Shepherd, and Stevie Nicks speak openly about goddesses and mysticism , and while that doesn't qualify them as card-carrying Wiccans, a sign of mainstream acceptance may be close at hand.

  • In the November '98 issue of Sport magazine there is an article on sports personnel who are giving back to the community and Andre Agassi is one of the stars profiled. The article includes the following:

    For his annual benefit, Agassi uses his celebrity clout to enlist the services of entertainers - Elton John (a regular from the gala's fledgling seasons), Stevie Nicks, Lionel Richie, Robin Williams, Dennis Miller, Luther Vandross. The event has become a time-consuming second career for the tennis star.

  • During the Padres-Yankees world series game 4 on October 22nd, Talk to Me was heard being played on the stadium loudspeakers.

  • Stevie was mentioned in an article with Sheryl Crow (posted on Dotmusic Talent (www.dotmusic.com)). It states "Sheryl Crow clearly likes to keep herself active. Last Saturday, before flying in to London for a week of promotion, she produced two tracks for Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks for the Practical Magic forthcoming film soundtrack – the first time she had produced another big-name artist. 'It was a blast, I'd like to do more,' says Crow, adding that she now hopes to produce tracks on Nicks' forthcoming solo album planned for next year."

  • Stevie was mentioned in the October 22, 1998 Austin American-Statesman, in the XLent section. The article, written by Deborah J. Wolfinsohn, is about boots. It states: "Styles ranged from ultrasleek/urban (Steve Madden's fannybucks seem designed to blend with black tights and create a mile-long leg effect) to Rock Chick/'70's Frye style (MIA's chunky brown toughies are a dream with old jeans - or long dresses for a Stevie Nicks tribute)"

  • December's Guitar One magazine had an interview with Jonny Lang which included this Stevie sighting:

    Guitar One: Would you do acoustic versions of songs that you normally play electric, or would they be different songs?
    Jonny Lang: I have about 15 songs that totally don't fit what people think is the genre that I am in. They're more like a folk/blues/pop kind of thing, like Keb' Mo'. Well, maybe not that cool [laughs]. But they would be really different, with a lot of vocals, somewhat similar to Stevie Nicks.
    GO: Stevie Nicks?
    JL: Yes, the tonality sometimes reminds me of her, but just by accident.

  • Aerosoles makes a shoe with a thick crepe heel and they call this shoe Stevie Thicks.

  • On October 19th Stevie was on VH1's Pop-up video with Stand Back.

  • In the Movie called Sweetheart's Dance, (recently on A&E) with Don Johnson and Susan Sarandon, they played Stevie's version of Silent Night during a Xmas morning scene.

  • From Billboard's Music Update:

    With all the attention given to the Lilith Fair, it was bound to happen: a scaled-down, male version of the all-woman outing. And so with a nod and a wink, singer/songwriter Steve Poltz has created the Frasier Fair -- named after the insufferable title character on NBC comedy "Frasier" who, incidentally, is married to a woman named Lilith on the show. The 27-date Frasier Fair kicked off Oct. 13 in San Diego, with Poltz, John Doe, ex-Toad The Wet Sprocket member Glen Phillips, and Pete Droge on board. Poltz plans to turn the event into a biannual outing. With tongue firmly in cheek, he claims, "I'd like to see guys from groups come out and play solo. My goal is to make this grow. I'm even going to talk to female artists with male names, like Rickie Lee Jones or Stevie Nicks."

  • The October 17th Saturday Night Live had a skit called Stevie Nicks Fajita Roundup. It had Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) portraying Stevie promoting her Tex-Mex Resturant. She sang spin-offs of "Dreams" ("Burrito Dreams"), "Landslide" ("Rice and Beans"), and "Gold Dust Woman". Candles were everywhere.

  • In the October 98 issue of In Style magazine, in a section called Great Footwear Moments they list types of shoes and who made them famous. Under Platform Boots, of course, they credit Stevie Nicks.

  • On the October 14th edisode of VH1's Women First it was mentioned that Stevie's new solo album will be released early next year.

  • During an October 13th interview on WPLJ Radio in New York with Sheryl Crow, Stevie's name was mentioned several times.

    In the October '98 issue of Mojo Magazine there is a short interview with Sheryl Crow. Stevie is mentioned in the following:

    Interviewer: You look tired.
    Sheryl: I've just had three days with three hours sleep producing two tracks for Stevie Nicks. I've never produced anyone else before. She's great to work with...always present. If I was there at 4:30 AM, she was too.

  • In the back of each issue of Movieline magazine (available at Blockbuster Video) is a page called the X and Y files. Each month they take several famous people and pair them together to produce offspring with a similar resemblance (who are also famous people). In the November issue one of the pairings was Tom Jones and Stevie Nicks. Their child was Courtney Love! View the photo.

  • During the Padres-Astros baseball game on October 4th, Talk to Me was heard being played between batters on the stadium loudspeakers.

  • In the October issue of Interview Magazine there is an interview with Sheryl Crow. In the question "Do you ever worry about getting older in an image-oriented intrustry"? Sheryl answers:
    "As far as the whole celebrity thing and getting older, there have been plenty of women, like Stevie Nicks and Tina Turner, who have aged gracefully and who inspire me."

  • In the Sept. 25 edition of the Boston Herald, Larry Katz's column has a review of Sheryl Crow's new album The Globe Sessions. In the review is the following mention of Stevie:

    "The sound is different this time, too. Crow opts for a somewhat basic roots-rock approach, but spruces it up with judiciously applied violins, horns, loops and what-have-you, evoking thoughts of singer/songwriters ranging from Stevie Nicks to Aimee Mann along the way."

  • In an article about Janis Joplin on the Harmony House web site (www.harmonyhouse.com), the following quote from Stevie about Janis was included:

    "She was extraordinary. She had a connection with the audience that I had not seen before . . . I would search to find that connection that I had seen between Janis and her audience. In a blink of an eye she changed my life . . ."

  • In the book, Getting It On - The Clothing of Rock 'n' Roll, by Mablen Jones, Stevie is mentioned and there is a B&W photo of her from 1983. The following is from page 82:

    "While neither Slick nor Joplin would have identified herself as Athena, the later soft-rock post-hippie heir of the 1970s, Stevie Nicks (formerly with Fleetwood Mac), created the stage role of another goddess, Rhiannon, from Celtic mythology. Nicks even called herself a good witch. In an interview, she told the story of the mythological goddess who surrendered her kingdom in the sky in order to marry a mortal. Although forfeiting her power, Rhiannon retained the ability to predict the future. Nicks chose layers of chiffon, lace, diaphanous scarves and shawls, suede boots, silk hats, and flecks of glitter on her cheeks and hair to portray her character. She developed her fairy-tale image in the mid seventies, changing from her previous outfits of bell-bottom jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters -- the "costume" of her audience. Her soft femininity contrasted with the previous hard-edged imagery of the late sixties goddesses of warfare -- indeed, it signaled the end of that era."

  • In the September 19th issue of TV Guide, Stevie is mentioned in the "Star Style" section in an article entitled "Who's That Girl?" about Roseanne's fashion sense.

    "Margi Kent, who has also designed clothes for Roseanne's personal as well as professional wardrobe (she also works with Teri Hatcher and Stevie Nicks), says the 45-year old star 'has evolved.'"

  • On September 15th on the VH1 show Women First, Stevie briefly talked about her and Sheryl Crow singing together.

  • In the September 25, 1998 issue of Entertainment Weekly on page 46 in an article with Shery Crow, Sheryl mentions Stevie. Her quote reads:

    "You know, I'm 36. The other night, Stevie Nicks showed me an interview she did for VH1, talking about the choices she'd made, how she'd always wanted to be a better songwriter, and that being married and having children was not anything she ever put at the forefront..."

  • On September 16th the Annual KDKB Rock Auction was held to benefit the Phoenix Metro Boys & Girls Clubs. Among the items auctioned was a Stevie Nicks autographed tambourine and a Fleetwood Mac CD catalog.

  • In a review of Courtney Love's new album on The Irish Times, the following Stevie mention appeared:

    Courtney may snarl like Patti Smith on the title track, but Malibu finds her fulfilling her stated ambition to become the new Stevie Nicks.

  • In the October 98 Details magazine on page 147 in an interview with Pamela Lee, Stevie is mentioned when Pamela recounts when she and Tommy Lee first broke up. It reads:

    Five months later after her first son, Brandon Thomas, was born, she filed for divorce, fed up with Tommy's partying ways. Ten days after that, in a scene straight from Stevie Nick's imagination, he rode up to their Malibu beach house on a white horse to beg her forgiveness. They reconciled.

  • In the booklet of the new Hole CD, Celebrity Skin, Stevie is listed second in Courtney's "Thank You" section.

  • There is a Stevie mention on page 127 of the September 98 Details Magazine.
    It is a review of Hole's Celebrity Skin:

    "On the rest of celebrity skin, she sings about the Selling of Courtney Love and the way commodification killed Cobain, even as she repackages herself as Stevie Nicks having a bad-hair day."

  • In Judy Blume's new book, Summer Sisters, Stevie's name is mentioned 3 times:

    When the slimeball and his girlfriend came home in a huff that afternoon and found Caitlin and Vix still cleaning up, listening to Stevie Nicks on the tape deck, he exploded.
    (part 2, chapter 17, page 152)

    It would happen later, after dark, with stars overhead and Stevie Nicks singing.
    (part 2, chapter 19, page 167)

    Finally, she nods and says, "Love's a hard game to play, my darlings. Play it well."
    "Stevie Nicks," Vix says.
    "Who?" the countess asks.
    "It's the title of a song I used to like."
    "Stevie knew what he was talking about."
    Vix didn't tell the countess that Stevie is a she.
    (part 5, chapter 45, page 381)

  • Sheryl Crow filled out a questionnaire while backstage at The Top of Pops in England. Stevie was mentioned twice in her questionnaire. View the questionnaire.

  • Landslide was played during the previews of the movie, One True Thing, even though the song is not in the movie or on the soundtrack.

  • From the September 17 edition of Rolling Stone we find the following three sightings:

    In an article about Hole's (Courtney Love) new album "Celebrity Skin":
    "Love herself is a combination of Los Angeles messiness and London obliqueness, a mix of the ungovernable expressiveness of Stevie Nicks and the...."

    On page 65, View From A Couch:
    VH1- Sheryl Crow takes the stage for Storytellers, and Behind The Music will chronicle the ups and downs of (among others) Blondie and Stevie Nicks.

    Also, on page 63, there is an ad for VH1 that features a picture of Stevie from the Bella Donna era. The caption reads "Stevie Nicks: Behind the Music"

  • On the August 22nd episode of Vh1's Rock and Roll Jeopardy, under the category of "Fashionable Music" for $400, the following question was asked:

    In 1982 Stevie Nicks and Don Hendley combined forces and voices on 'Leather and____'.
    (The answer was "Lace")

  • The January 98 issue of Harper's Bazaar had several letters from readers regarding the Stevie article in the previous issue. The letter included the following one:

    In 1977, as a high-school senior, I wondered why I couldn't find a flowing chiffon dress to wear to the prom. I wanted to dress in the Stevie style. Now Stevie's incredible look has influenced fashion from the runway to the Victoria's Secret catalog. It's about time. Twenty years after that prom, I'll wear my platform boots and chiffon dress to the corporate Christmas party. - Debi Sorenson, Omaha

  • In the RENT book, Kristen Lee Kelly, a member of the ensemble, states the following in her bio:

    "In high school, I wanted to be Stevie Nicks more than anything in the world, so I would perm and frost my hair. I used to write her lyrics down on rainbow stationary and put them on my wall. I thought I was being really deep!"

  • On the August 13 Late Show with David Letterman, one of the guests was Pete Townshend, who was talking about A Day In The Garden. When Dave asked him who was performing at the festival, Pete said the first day of performances would include "Stevie Nicks... (long pause) and some others..." Dave says, "You know, I was married to Stevie Nicks!" at the same time that the audience is laughing because Pete couldn't remember who else was playing. Pete looks at the audience after they stop laughing and says "Well, I happen to like Stevie Nicks" and proceeds to wave his arms around as if to imitate Stevie's twirl.

  • From Rolling Stone, Sept. 1, 1998

    . . . . .Does Madonna's attempt to pull off this Stevie Nicks vibe in the past year prove that she is a master of marketing herself or a master of recycling?

  • On the August 10th episode of Melrose Place, Dave Koz was a guest on the show. He was playing in the Jazz Club and he played "Let Me Count the Ways". They actually played the recorded version that features Stevie in the background.

  • On the August 4th episode of VH1's My Generation, the category was "Band's that reached the height of their popularity in 1982. The question, "What do these videos have in common"?
    1.Christine McVie-"Got a Hold On Me"
    2.Stevie Nicks-"Stand Back"
    3.Lindsey Buckingham-"Go Insane"
    Answer: Their all members of Fleetwood Mac (She got it right!)

  • On July 30th episide of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno was doing his bit where he goes out on the street and asks people simple questions about a certain subject, and he shows the people that don't know the answers. Last night the subject was the weather, and he asked a girl what does a lightning rod does. This girl had long, curly brown hair and a gold crescent moon necklace. She replied " I don't know. Do you have any questions about Stevie Nicks? I'd probably know it."

  • On July 25th, Fleetwood Mac was voted "Legend of the Year" by VH-1 viewers.

  • Stevie is mentioned and pictured in the August 1998 issue of ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN. In the quarterly supplement "JAM" of EM, page 90, Stevie is pictured with the following caption:

    "Vocalist Stevie Nicks took speech lessons in the 1970s to protect her voice while talking as well as singing on tour."

    The article she's attached to, written by Joanna Cazden, is entitled "Planes, Trains, and Vocal Fatigue". It is a short article discussing vocal health and being on the road.

  • On the July 21st Rosie O'Donnell, Tom Hanks was on and said, "Well, I was actually a bellboy once at a hotel. One time I opened the door, and there was Fleetwood Mac. I was like, 'Wow, this is Stevie Nicks!'"

  • On July 17ths Wheel of Fortune: Category - Showbiz, Answer - Fleetwood Mac's Reunion Tour

  • In the August 1998 issue of Spin Magazine in an interview with Christina Ricci (page 84), the interviewer is with Christina in a car and says - "Soon we are driving back across the George Washington Bridge. The radio is on. She sings fragments of Sublime, Foo Fighters, Talking Heads, Joan Jett.... She finds a Stevie Nicks Song."

  • The July issue of Playboy has an article about 'Rock's Book of Love' by Gavin Edwards. The subject is "Everything We Needed to Know About Love, Sex and Girls We Learned from Rock-and-Roll Lyrics". Many bands lyrics are listed here, but among them, in the category called Dating Tips Watch Out For, the tip is: "Rulers Make Bad Lovers" -Fleetwood Mac, "Gold Dust Woman".

  • In Stephen King's book, Desperation, on page 24 one paragraph reads:
    "Peter felt Mary's hand tugging at his sleeve. He
    took her hand, this time folding his fingers over hers.
    All at once he could see Deidre's pale, pretty face
    floating just behind his eyes. Her blond hair, which
    still fell to her shoulders in natural Stevie Nicks
    ringlets. Her eyes, which were always a bit confused."

  • The July 2 edisode of VH1's My Generation had the following question:

    Category: I am Woman
    Question: Who was the gypsy who had a hit in 1986 with "Talk to me"?
    Answer: Stevie Nicks

  • On the July 1st episode of Jeopardy had the following:

    Category: Top Albums for $500
    Answer: Bella Donna
    Question: Who is Stevie Nicks?

  • In the liner notes to the previously unreleased album JANIS JOPLIN "Live at Winterland '68 featuring Joplin and the Big Brother & the Holding Company blues-rock band, Stevie talks about the jolt of seeing Joplin in concert for the first time some three decades ago. "She was extraordinary," Nicks recalls. "She had a connection with the audience that I had not seen before. . . . In the blink of an eye, she changed my life."

  • From the June 12th Boston Herald (Inside Track): "Rumour(s) has it that Stevie Nicks and three pals packed in the protein the other night at The Palm and otherwise made Palm GM Damien Palladino's day. When Stevie heard that Damien had a charcoal sketch of her hanging in his office, she agreed to sign it for him. Well, wasn't that nice..."

  • In the movie Sid and Nancy, they are walking in an English street and Nancy looks at herself in a store window and says, "Oh my god, I look like Stevie Nicks!!!!!"

  • The May 1998 issue of Games World of Puzzles magazine has a cryptoquote on page 46 by Stevie. When solved, the quote says, "I'm not as cosmic as people probably think I am, but I do love beautiful fabrics and beautifully made things, whether it's a dress or a skirt or a set of drapes." There's also a drawing of Stevie next to her quote.

  • On the May 20th episode of Beverly Hills 90210, Kelly and Brandon were asked what music would they take if they were stuck on a desert island. Kelly responded "Anything by Fleetwood Mac, they are so classic." Brandon said " Oh how retro you are."

  • The following quote from Stevie was in the April 29 issue of The Gazette:

    Singer Stevie Nicks explains herself:

    "If I got a call from the love of my life and a call from Fleetwood Mac, each saying 'you have to be here in 20 minutes,' I'd still probably go to Fleetwood Mac. That's sad, but it's true."

  • Stevie was mentioned on Dateline on April 28th. The mentioned her as being one of People Magazine's Fifty Most Beautiful people.

  • In the April 30th issue of Rolling Stone, with Sarah McLaughlan on the cover, Sarah states in her interview that "her look is designer flower child--Stevie Nicks with an eye on the fashion runways...."

  • There's a short article and a photo of Stevie in the May issue of Swing magazine.

  • On MTV on April 16, there was a segment called 12 Angry VJ's where they choose the best videos of all time. Nina Blackwood picked Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy" video. It won for the night. Nina said that all little girls wanted to be Stevie.

  • Stevie was mentioned in the movie, "Mr. Wrong". A private detective, hired by Ellen Degeneres' character to check out Bill Pullman's past and ex-fiance (named Inga), stated about her; "This Inga once tried to assassinate the rock temptress Stevie Nicks".

  • Howard Becker Automotive Design has Stevie on their customer list in their brochure.

  • Fleetwood Mac was mentioned on the March 31st episode of "Mad About You". Jamie and Paul had a "prophetic" coin and were asking it questions then tossing it, heads meaning yes, tails no. Jamie flipped the coin and asked Paul " Is it true you bought the Fleetwood Mac laser disc when you already have the boxed set?". The coin responded yes and Paul was caught in a lie.

  • VH-1 aired a rerun of the 80's TV show, Solid Gold, on March 31. It featured a live performance of Stand Back from Stevie.

  • On page 36 of the April 1998 issue of Games magazine, Stevie appears as the answer to a clue in the game "Double Cross". The clue is: "She sang on 1977's top-selling album: 2 wds."

  • The April 2nd edition of the UK magazine NOW has a small photo of Stevie in an article on l'Occitane products. It mentions that Stevie recently purchased masses of their scented candles.

  • The March 21 VH-1 "My Generation" gameshow had a mention of Stevie. A question required a contestant to spell "Stevie Nicks" - the contestant got it right.

  • Stevie and Chris Isaak were spotted having dinner at a trendy San Francisco restaurant, over the weekend of March 16.

  • Stevie was spotted at the Grammys on February 25.

  • The March 10 episode of VH1's "My Generation" gameshow has a mention of Stevie. Under the subject of "Pretzel Logic", you must find the common thread of three videos that were played. The videos were Stevie Wonder, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Stevie Nick's (Stop Draggin'). The correct answer was "The are all Stevie".

  • The February 9 issue of People Magazine has a letter in the mail section about the previous interview.

  • On the January 25 and 27 showing of the HBO show, Tracy Takes On, there was a poster of The Dance on Francheska's bedroom wall in one of the scenes.

  • Fleetwood Mac is mentioned in the January 23, 1998 (#415) issue of Entertainment Weekly. In cartoon titled "Rejected Ideas For The Super Bowl Halftime Show" one of the "ideas" is "The Budweiser frogs' tribute to Fleetwood Mac". The cartoon then shows the three frogs "singing" Rhi... An... Non.

  • The VH-1 Behind the Music, with Sonny and Cher has a clip of Stevie and Tom Petty singing "Needles and Pins", an old Sonny and Cher song.

  • The December 31, 1997 issue of the Arizona Republic had a mention of Stevie in their "97 Moments From '97" feature. It said: "Stevie Nicks gives a haunting performance of the lost classic Silver Springs on MTV's Fleetwood Mac reunion concert, THE DANCE."

  • Stevie is mentioned in Gavin Edwards' book "When a Man Loves a Walnut...and even more Misheard Lyrics". She has three songs with misquoted lyrics, of which include "The clowns never expect it when it rains". A very amusing book.

  • The January 98 edition of In Style magazine has a small photo of Stevie and a paragraph about her eye make-up.

  • The November 21 Wheel of Fortune with Pat and Vanna had "Fleetwood Mac Reunion Tour" as the second puzzle (category Show-Biz).

  • Stevie was quoted in the December 97 US Magazine:
    "I believe there is a certain amount of mysticism that all women should have, that you should never tell everybody all about you. I never have."

  • Stevie's photo was on the front page of the October 21 Arizona Republic with the header "Who Is Stevie Nicks' Biggest Fan?". In the LIFE section there is a big picture of the band playing on stage, & an inset of Stevie with her Dad & Mom. There is a long article about how her Mom is her Biggest Fan, etc.

  • On the television show Dharma and Greg (Oct 15) they had a great Fleetwood Mac reference/Stevie Nicks tie in. Dharma's mom walked into a room wearing this great burgundy chiffon dress with the "winged" sleeves, and Dharma told her mom (they are real 60/70's hippie types) "Thunder only happens when it's raining" and then they both proceeded to do this Stevie Dance with the whirling and the twirling.

  • In the November issue of US magazine, Stevie is mentioned in the interview with Courtney Love.

  • The September 16 issue of Country Weekly has an article on Brenda Lee and her 40 years in the music business. In the article it says: "Several stars have told Brenda she inspired them to get into the business. "Tanya (Tucker) has told me that, and Dolly (Parton), and Barbara Mandrell and Stevie Nicks." says Brenda"

  • Entertainment Weekly has an article about Dave Letterman's billboard in New York. Jay Leno has one stating that his Tonight Show is #1. CBS has put one up that boasts that Dave is #3. The article then goes on to list other third placers:

    • Third most popular male movie star: Tom Cruise
    • Third most popular male TV star: Michael Richards of Seinfeld
    • Third highest rated sitcom last season: Friends
    • Third highest rated TV series ever: Gunsmoke tied with I Love Lucy
    • Third highest grossing film of all time: Jurassic Park ($357 million)
    • Third most attended 1996 concert tour: Kiss
    • Third rock from the sun: Earth
    Dave is in good company!!

  • Stevie was mentioned in the June 26, 1998 Austin American-Statesman, in the XLent section. The article, written by Deborah J. Wolfinsohn, is about crochet. It says: "Lacily looped to entice like lingerie, crochet is now being used in modest staples like cardigans and cropped jackets. The effect is as if Stevie Nicks hired the house of Chanel to design costumes for a concert tour".

  • VH-1 aired a special called The History of Music Videos, A - Z on July 5. They showed the following videos: Sara, Hold Me, Gypsy, Little Lies, If Anyone Falls, Stand Back and Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.

  • Fleetwood Mac was on ET on the weekend of June 14/15. They showed some clips from the MTV special.

  • During the May 28 episode of "Ellen" there is a picture of Stevie on a wall of the "backstage comedy club" set. This was a recent photo of Stevie with straight hair and is right behind the actress who plays Audrey during a scene where she is talking to her stand up comic boyfriend. You can clearly see the picture and see it for a good minute.

  • There is a photo of Stevie and a small article about the MTV special in the May 26 USA Today.

  • There is a photo and a mention of Stevie in the June issue of Mademoiselle.

  • There was a small article about Stevie in the February issue of BAM.

  • Liz Smith's newspaper column had a mention of Fleetwood Mac and Courtney Love.

  • The May 16 edition of the Athens Daily News (Athens, Ga.) has a small article about the Fleetwood Mac reunion.

  • The June issue of Money magazine has a photo of Stevie and an article about her tax problems.

  • The Life section of the May 15 USA Today has an article about the Fleetwood Mac reunion.

  • The May 12 edition of the Baltimore Son has a small article about the Fleetwood Mac reunion in Liz Smith's column.

  • The May 9th issue of Entertainment Weekly lists the new Mac album as being released on Aug 12. It says:
    "Joining Mick Fleetwood and John McVie are reunited frontpeople Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks, who each contribute a new tune to the hits mix on this live package. (Aug 12)"

  • Fleetwood Mac appeared on CNN Thursday, May 1st to talk about the reunion.

  • The May 3 edition of Billboard magazine has a small article and recent photo of Fleetwood Mac announcing that they have reunited. Interestingly enough, the article reads that it's "the first release under the new signing," implying that there may be more Fleetwood Mac CDs in the future.

  • The May 15, 1997 issue of Rolling Stone lists the Definitive Library of The 200 Best Albums Ever Made, sorted by decades. To no surprise Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is listed as one of the best albums of the 70's.

  • There is an article in PRNewswire about the Fleetwood Mac reunion.

  • Fleetwood Mac was mentioned on the USA Channel on Thursday, April 24. It was brief but they showed the band during a Mask concert and said they're working on a new album and a tour, and Lindsey said "the magic is still there".

  • American Journal had the members of Fleetwood Mac on April 22. It was mostly Stevie talking about the reunion.

  • The members of Fleetwood Mac (the '97 lineup) were on MTV News on April 22. Lindsey and Christine were talking about the reunion. The rehersal on April 19 was taped. MTV said the album will be out in the fall.

  • Fleetwood Mac was on Entertainment Tonight on Monday, April 21 talking about the reunion.

  • There was an interview with all of the members of FM on Access Hollywood on April 21. They also showed them doing a little bit of Dreams for the MTV special.

  • The Midnight Special with Fleetwood Mac aired again on Wednesday, April 16 on VH-1.

  • On the April 15th ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW, singer-songwriter AMANDA MARSHALL, when asked by ROSIE who her musical influences were, listed STEVIE NICKS, Tina Turner and Ella Fitzgerald. She said, "I was a BIG Stevie Nicks fan". Incidentally, Ms. Marshall was of course on the bill of the Boston concert in which Stevie performed on October 12, 1996.

  • Stevie was featured on CNN in the Celeberty Taxes segment on Showbiz on April 15. It was about how she tried to write off her clothing, hair and makeup as business expenses. They showed her singing "A Whole Lotta Trouble" and even played on her name saying "if you try this you could get nicked".

  • The April 9 edition of The Arizona Republic mentions a Stevie sighting.

  • Courtney Love has a photo of Stevie taped to her guitar. See the photo on page 84 of the April '97 issue of Spin.

  • Stevie is mentioned in the March 6 issue of Rolling Stone.

    You can also view the most recent Stevie Sightings.

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