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  • In a Zap2it article "A to Z" star Cristin Milioti revealed her dream TV mom would be Stevie Nicks

  • Shailene Woodley wants to play Stevie Nicks in a movie according to recent articles.

  • Leighton Meester, the Gossip Girl actress, covers Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” . See the video.

  • Wasaga Beach singer Darlene Watters will perform as Stevie Nicks in in a tribute at the Gayety Theatre in Collingwood on April 4.

  • Miley Cyrus covered Landslide at her recent shows. See an article about it.

  • Stevie and Fleetwood Mac are mentioned in the blog about Kenny Loggins at 101.9 Lite FM.

  • Comedian Kathy Griffin mentioned Stevie during her Sept.7th, 2013 Las Vegas show. During her monologue about Taylor Swift and the duet of Rhiannon. She mentioned how "legit" a performer Stevie is and that she is a "good witch".

  • Eve's Burden has released a country version of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams. You can read an article about the cover.

  • The following quote about singer Lissie was found in a KRBC article:
    "Lissie's music is solidly grounded in her folk roots, though she also evokes a Stevie Nicks-like presence in her popular cover of Fleetwood Mac's Go Your Own Way."

  • On the July 8th episode of "Young and the Restless", Michael was talking to his wife Lauren in which he stated he missed hearing her imitation of Stevie Nicks in the shower every morning.

  • The Journal Sentinal has an article about the passing of a true fan, Joey Kruzel.

  • On a recent QVC programming, Jill Bauer (QVC Host) was asking Susan Graver (QVC Designer in women's clothing) if she was channeling Stevie Nicks as she was showing her new "batwing" top and twirling around? Susan Graver said "Stand Back" and kept dancing.

  • The Nicks Fix and Stevie were mentioned on a recent episode of Jeopardy. See it:[M4V format] [MOV Format]

  • On the February 14, 2013 episode of American Idol contestant Juliana Chahayed sang Landslide.

  • On the February 7, 2013 episode of American Idol contestant Jimmy Smith sang Landslide.

  • Stevie's Landslide was played during a Budweiser commercial during the Superbowl.

  • In the outtakes of the Oprah Winfrew show, there is a video of Stevie backstage with Oprah.

  • The 1/1/13 new episode of "Parenthood" on NBC featured Fleetwood Mac's "Honey Hi".

  • There is a an article in the January 3rd, 2013 Huffington Post which mentioned Stevie.

  • Swedish trio Simian Ghost performed a cover of Stevie's Wild Heart on their Best Fit US tour.

  • An October 9, 2012 article in the New York Times about Janis Joplin had the following Stevie quote:
    Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, after seeing Joplin perform, commented: “I knew that a little bit of my destiny had changed. I would search to find that connection that I had seen between Janis and her audience.”

  • Contestants Tara Simon and Jennel Garcia sang Landslide together on the October 4th episode of X-Factor. Watch the video. Simon did not like the song choice for these two.

  • On the September 24th episode of NBC's The Voice, contestant Suzanna Choffel from Austin, Texas sang Landslide. Adam and Blake turned around and she chose Blake as her coach. See the video.

  • Contestant Karise Eden sang Landslide on Australian's The Voice in her 2012 competition.

  • Stevie is mentioned in a Michael Montlack Huffington Post article titled "Divining Divas: Going Gertrude, Garbo and Gaga Over Powerful Women: How Stevie Nicks (and Another 'Stephanie') Unknowingly Propelled My Writing Career".

  • The May 2012 edition of the United Airlines on-board magazine, Hemisphere, has mention of Stevie in an article about Rufus Wainwright.

  • Stevie was mentioned during the May 14, 2012 episode of NPR's All Things Considered in a story on the passing of Duck Dunn. A clip of Stop Dragging My Heart Around was played.

  • Stevie is mentioned in an April 26, 2012 article in the Dallas Observer about the Starck Club.

  • On a recent version of ABC'S "Cougar Town" Courtney Cox went through her drawer and found an old Fleetwood Mac Cassette. She said, "Did you know Stevie Nicks actually married Fleetwood Mac?"

  • On the South Park episode entitled "Ass Burgers," "Landslide" is played towards the end of the episode, as Stan's parents decide to move back in together.

  • The March 21, 2012 pilot of NBC's new show BENT, included two Stevie songs including Silver Springs.

  • January 17, 2012 article in City Arts suggest "Soldier's Angel" as Song of the Year. Read the article.

  • On the November 17 episode of "Community," entitled "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux," Dean Pelton at one point says "This isn't Hollywood. If it was, these glasses would be tinted and I'd be friends with Stevie Nicks."

  • Stevie's song "For What It's Worth" was played during CSI Miami on Sunday 11/20/11.

  • The US Magazine has an August 17th article about Stevie.

  • The November 10 issue of Rolling Stone has coverage of the Clinton birthday and concert. On page 19, Stevie is quoted as saying of Bill, "He's very wise; he knows who to call in the music community." >p>
  • In the same issue (Nov 10 Rolling Stone), on page 24, an article about Best Coast in the studio says that the vocals on their upcoming album are inspired by Loretta Lynn, Dusty Springfield, and Stevie Nicks.

  • In the October, 2011 issue of "Redbook" magazine Stevie is mentioned and pictured on page 68 in the article entitled "The Best Hair of All Time". She is under the the Hall of Fame section of the article for "The Major Bang". The classic picture of her is from 1977 showing off her bangs.

  • In the book Desperate Fun by Joey Holland on page 114 under the chapter "A Weekend in the Country" the following sighting was found:

    "David walked in as Mary Ann was making her third lap around the room. He looked about half drunk, teetering there watching as the enchantress swirled around the room like a deranged, psychopathic Stevie Nicks."

  • There is a short clip of Stevie is tne CBS News coverage of Bill Clinton's birthday party.

  • On page 28 of the October edition of Men's Health, NBC Nightly News achor Brian Williams is asked for his top 5 relaxation songs. Number 2 is "Storms." A Mirage-era picture of Fleetwood Mac is included.

  • On the September 25th episode of The Family Guy, Peter won the lottery and his friends were helping him determine how to spend the money. Joe told him that Bonnie's birthday was coming up and he promised her that Stevie Nicks would come to his house and sing her 3 songs. Peter wrote him a check.

  • On the September 14, 2011 episode of the new show Up all Night on NBC, Reagan's boss mentioned that Stevie Nicks was having a BBQ and invited her to come and then walked off singing "just like the white winged dove".

  • Stevie was mentioned on the September 7th episode of The O'Reilly Factor for her service to our injured troops at Walter Reed. She was call a Patriot by Mr. O'Reilly.

  • The latest issue of the Irish publication Hot Press has a review of "In Your Dreams" where the album received a stellar 4/5. It included the following comment:
    "There are more than enough strong songs here to mark it out as some of her best work to date."

  • The Entertainment Weekly 'Best of Summer' issue has a mention of Stevie on page 61. Cat Deely Has Stevie's "Italian Summer" on her Must list.

  • The May 16th edition of The New Yorker contains a nice article on Stevie.

  • Stevie Nicks was mentioned several times by Bertie Blackman on the May 21st episode of the Australian show called RockKwiz.

  • On the May 18th episode of American Idol, contestant Haley Reinhart sang Rhiannon.

  • The May 2011 issue of Bazaar magazine has an article and a few photos of Stevie Nicks.

  • The April 17, 2011 Parade Magazine had the following question:
    "Will any of today’s female singers match the careers of legends like Madonna, Aretha Franklin, or Stevie Nicks?"

  • On actress Claudia Black’s commentary track to the episode “The Choice” on the recently re-released “Farscape: The Complete Season Three” compilation, she remarks “Here’s me in my Stevie Nicks dress.”

  • There is a youtube video of an acapella group called the Backbeats singing a version of 'Landslide' on the competition show 'The Sing Off.'

  • On the March 8th episode of Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others cast members, sang Landslide.

  • American Idol contestant John Wayne Schulz sang Landslide on the February 17 airing of the show.

  • Stevie made a surprise visit to a recent Glee taping.

  • There is a February 9th article on the MTV website about Miley Cyrus morphing into Stevie.

  • Articles from Hollywood Life and mention that Stevie's new album, In Your Dreams, was inspired by Twilight.

  • ContactMusic.com - short article about Dave Stewarts photos on Stevie's new album cover

  • WCVB TV's website (Boston) has a slideshow of Long Haired Female Stars Over 40, which includes Stevie.

  • Fleetwood Mac was mentioned in the November 23 episode of Glee on FOX.

  • In the Nov 12 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is an interview with Kid Rock. He lists Stevie as one of the female musicians he admires, then says, "I could tell you some stories about Stevie. Let's just say it ends with me in jail in Switzerland. Stevie calls me the rock & roll love child she never had."

  • The website mamasarollingstone.com has a page on "Style Icon: Stevie Nicks".

  • A part of Stevie's song "If I Were You", was played on the Today show Friday, November 12, at the beginning of the Kathie Lee & Hoda change lives segment of the show.

  • At GQ.com there is an online poll to vote for the sexiest rockstar. Stevie is now in second place behind Tina Turner, with voting still open as of Nov 1. [update - Stevie is in first place as of Feb 17]

  • There is a mention of Stevie in the November issue of Glamour in an article on Taylor Swift.It mentions their singing together at the Grammy's and has a photo of the two of them.

  • The Oxford Student News site Cherwell.org has a review of the Lissie Maurus debut album, Catching a Tiger with the following Stevie mention:
    "Lissie is a true Midwestern country girl, with mud on her jeans and grass in her hair. Illinois-born, she’s two parts Stevie Nicks to one part Sheryl Crowe, with a dash of Johnny Cash, and topped off with a smattering of freckles and a whole lot of tequila."

  • The Fashionista website had a September 19th fashion article titled "Topshop Unique Spring 2011: White Winged Doves" with the following: "Steve Nicks’ Edge of Seventeen provided the arc in Topshop Unique‘s Spring 2011 runway soundtrack. And it was wholly appropriate."

  • The Grazia Daily UK website had a September 26 MFW fashion article with the following sighting:
    "From Manhattan to Milan, the designers just can't get enough of Stevie Nicks. Leopard prints and fringed leather are, of course, the fabrics that decorate ..."

  • In the clothing catalog Newport News, they currently have a line called "Bella Donna".

  • On the GAC show The Collection: Little Big Town, Karen Fairchild mentioned that the dress she was wearing in the video for “Little White Church” was made of lace that was dyed by Stevie Nick’s dress maker.

  • In the movie Eat, Pray, Love "Dreams" is played in the background while Julia Roberts and Billy Crudup are riding in a car.

  • On the October 31st episode of the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo TV, Kate Hudson was with Rachael when Silver Springs played at the end of a Burberry fashion show and Kate Hudson started singing Silver Springs.

  • Stevie is listed as #8 on the Greatest Blondes of all Time Poll in an article on Contactmusic.com

  • UK singer Florence Welch lists Stevie as one of her icons in an interview in the Daily Mail.

  • In the July 2010 issue of Elle magazine, page 44 is entitled "Stevie's Wonder" and shows Stevie's influence on the upcoming Fall fashions!

  • Americas Got Talent contestant Debra Romer performed ""Dreams" on the July 27th episode of the NBC show.

  • On the website for the band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Grace mentions Stevie on the intro page in the statement: "I picture my adversary as a young Stevie Nicks, but with long black hair, who shows up, woos everybody and freaks me out, until I realize there is something I can do — then I step up and make my own magic."

  • Tracey Bloom, a contestant on Bravo's Top Chef competition mentions Stevie in her bio. It says ""She would have her last meal with Stevie Nicks and she would prepare Turkey salad sandwiches and homemade lemonade.""

  • In A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style by Tim Gunn on page 139 under the chapter "Let's Go: Shopping At Last!" the following sighting was found:
    "Never mind that you are an investment banker whose most daring piece is a slightly deeper than usual V-neck sweater and the store looks like Stevie Nicks's closet. You need those purple platform boots and the diaphanous maxi-dress and the beaded cape and the Mongolian lamb jacket ..."

  • On the show "Watch What Happens" the countess stated that she has enjoyed singing since she was young and listened to Stevie Nicks and Bonnie Raitt.

  • This morning (May 26) on Good Day L.A. with Steve Edwards, Jillian Reynolds & Dorthy Lucey, they wished Stevie a Happy 62nd Birthday!!! They played the Stop Draggin'My Heart Around clip with Tom Petty.

  • In the May-June 2010 issue of AARP Magazine Stevie is mentioned in the article,"Rock Icons Roll On". The article starts with "Longevity,baby. That was the subtext of the 52nd Grammy Awards in January. Whether it was a raspy Stevie Nicks outsinging Taylor Swift in their spunky off-key duet,or the fact that all five Best Solo Rock Vocal performance nominees -Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Prince, Neil Young,and winner Bruce Springsteen-were over 50--. "

  • In the March 2010 issue of O Magazine under music there is a photo of Stevie from 1981 and the title reads “what’s in Stevie Nicks Ear” She talks about the tour and her favorite artist right now.

  • On the April 20th episode of American Idol on Fox, Casey James sang "Don't Stop" while playing one of Lindsey's guitars.

  • In the IMAGE section of The Los Angeles Times dated Sunday, March 28, 2010, there’s a front page article titled, “Spring Fashion: Looking for Inspiration” (article about the ‘70s) & it features 2 pictures of Stevie from the ‘70s.

  • American Idol contestant Didi Benami sang Rhiannon on the March 9th episode of the show.

  • In one of the Season 3 episodes of Californication , Kathleen Turner's character - who runs a talent agency - indicates to her employee (named Charlie) that the metal straw through which she is snorting cocaine was given to her by a female member of Fleetwood Mac. Charlie asks "Stevie Nicks?"

  • On the February 1st episode of The View Elizabeth Hasselbeck was excited by the Grammy collaboration between Stevie Nicks and Taylor Swift and thought it was wonderful for Taylor Swift to have someone the caliber of Stevie singing on one of her songs.

  • In the March 1 Us Weekly there is an article of Kelly Osbourne where she mentions a possible future album to be a BonnieTyler/Stevie Nicks style...

  • American Idol contestant Lacey Brown performed Landslide in the February 23rd competition.

  • In an episode of HBO's "Big Love", entitled "Strange Bedfellows", "Dreams" is being played in the background of the character Margene's photo shoot for her jewelry line for the VSN (a home shopping channel).

  • The Cleveland Plains Dealer website has an August 22nd article about Keith Urban with the following:
    Earlier, he [Urban] set up shop on a small platform toward the rear of the venue for a set of ballads, including "Only You Can Love Me This Way" and "Once in a Lifetime." Urban revised the latter song with a few bars of the Stevie Nicks oldie "Edge of Seventeen."

  • The NY Daily News recently had an article about the Beatle’s album re-issues which had a section called "My favorite Beatlles song" with a photo of Stevie and the following: Stevie Nicks: "I'm Looking Through You" - Because it was one of the first songs I really learned to play on guitar.

  • Samantha Brown, from the Travel Channel, did a Q & A entitled Get Personal with Sam. She listed Stevie as one of her three people (dead or alive) she would have dinner with.

  • The Houston Chronical review of singer Cheyenne Kimball contained the following:
    “Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorite bands. Stevie Nicks is one of my biggest inspirations, said Kimball, 19."

  • In a review of Pictureplane, this sighting was found:
    "Within the album is a collection of 13 songs that bounce all over the musical solar system, Egedy channeling (and sampling) the spirit of Stevie Nicks..."

  • In a Dallas Examiner review of Lykke Li in concert, the following comparison was made:
    "...at times her vocals are reminiscent of a cross between M.I.A. or Santigold, fellow Swede Robyn, and Stevie Nicks..."

  • In a 9513 Country Music review of Gloriana's album Gloriana this was said:
    "It is inevitable that all dual-gender vocal harmony groups will be compared to Fleetwood Mac. Those comparisons, of course, are often fueled by the artists themselves–in interviews and bios they routinely cite the hippie-era pop group as a primary influence....Outside of that there is little that links Gloriana to the music of Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks and company."

  • In Billboard.com's review of Serena Ryder's "What I Wanna Know", this comparison was made:
    With an expressive, powerful voice that has been compared to Melissa Etheridge and Stevie Nicks, the singer-songwriter recorded "Is It O.K.," her Atlantic Records debut, in the same Los Angeles studio where Fleetwood Mac created 1977 classic "Rumours".

  • In the IndyStar.com review of The Decemberists, the following was found:
    "Stealing the show were guest vocalists Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond and Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond. Stark hit like Stevie Nicks with sexy, writhing gypsy dancing (she even wore a long veil)..."

  • The August 6th Ledger Dispatch had an article on the Amador County Fair with the sighting below:
    "Vocalist Karly Workman, 13, won the Amador Idol singing contest. She won over judges with a rendition of "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks, doing a version that was a hit for the Dixie Chicks."

  • Queen Latifah's recent single, "Cue the Rain," has samples of part of the chorus from "The Chain." Stevie is credited on the iTunes version.

  • The Ashland Daily Tidings has an article about Tai Babilonia with the following sighting:
    "Tai Babilonia wears a gold half-moon charm around her neck, given to her by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. The only time it ever came off was at the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid, New York; she will never take it off again."

  • There is a photo of Stevie Nicks w/ Michael Jackson & Bill Clinton in the latest Entertainment Weekly (Michael Jackson Edition).

  • In a Hour.ca review of the album Two Suns by Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) the following was found:
    "Numerous female singers have left their imprint on Khan's vocals (the most obvious are Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush and Björk). Despite such influences, the hauntingly eerie Khan is still able to carve out her own space in a most unique way."

  • The Examiner website has an article abotu the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa with the following sighting:
    Tons of other goodies will plaster the walls from Stevie Nicks, Slash, Aerosmith, Smashing Pumpkins to Beyonce.

  • The June 19th edition of Seattle Weekly had a review of the Portland band Autopilot Is for Lovers which had the following Stevie sighting:
    "Autopilot Is for Lovers is a Portland duo whose lead singer, Adrienne Hatkin, sounds more like Stevie Nicks than Stevie Nicks. However, it would be inaccurate to say Stevie Nicks sounds like Adrienne Hatkin because Hatkin wasn't even a fetus when Nicks began her crooning career."

  • In a June 21st online edition of The Times, there is a short review of Stevie's The Soundstage Sessions.

  • On June 8th on the season premiere of Bravo TV's "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List", Bette Midler and Kathy Griffin called Stevie on the telephone from Bette's suite in Las Vegas. Kathy told Stevie that she was trying to get her new comedy album/CD nominated for a Grammy award and asked Stevie to vote for her record. Stevie said "of course you have my vote...but I don't know if I am a voting member of the Grammy organization."
    Stevie said Kathy was her favorite Comedienne and that currently, she was rehearsing 5-days a week for the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour. Bette said she couldn't wait to see the show and Stevie said she would get Kathy and Bette front-row seats to the show

  • In  June 12th article in EW.com about John Mayer and Taylor Swift, the following was found:
    Back in March, he [Mayer] revealed via Twitter that he had finished a song called "Half of My Heart" that he hoped will be a duet with Swift. Not only that, he said "she would make a killer [Stevie] 'Nicks' in contrast to my [Tom] 'Petty' of a song.

  • In an interview on Women's Wear Daily with Sandra Bernhard titled "Stand Back: Sandra Bernhard Speaks Her Mind", Sandra says the following:
    "I’ve always been more drawn to Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell and Chrissie Hynde and Tina Turner and Nina Simone. You sat there and it was like you were watching theater because they were so committed."

  • The Examiner website has an article titled 'American Idol's fundamental flaws" with the following sighting:

    Let’s wander back in time.
    What if Stevie Nicks had been a contestant, way back when? Judges would have been upset because she doesn’t enunciate and would make cutting remarks about her dressing like a witch or gypsy.
    John Lennon and George Harrison would have been eliminated early. Ringo wouldn’t have gotten on the air.
    Mick Jagger? Forget about it.
    Ray Charles? Paula Abdul would have complained that he’s playing it safe by hiding behind a piano.

  • On the Brazilian television program "Tribos", the instrumental solo from "The Chain" was used during a competition segment on the show.

  • In the May 18th Entertainment Weekly Stevie is mentioned in an article about American Idol. It talks about a dream finale which includes "Kris Allen and Stevie Nicks performing Stop Draggin My Heart Around."

  • In the March '09 issue of the Oprah magazine there is a picture of Stevie and a 1/2 page on what music she is listening to right now.

  • The May issue of Delta's SKY MAGAZINE has a photo of Stevie with a small mention. Stevie is also one of the spotlights on Delta's international in-flight entertainment. Among the “tunes of the month” you can also hear 7 or 8 tracks from “The Soundstage Sessions CD [LIVE]”.

  • Stevie is mentioned in the liner notes of the newly released Janis Joplin CD.

    "Inside, a history of the group, and a partial history of Joplin and her career, are interspersed with reminiscences from prominent female musicians, such as Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac..."

  • In the April 17 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Stevie's new DVD/CD is No. 4 on "The Must List: The Top 10 Things We Love This Week." The blurb reads, "With covers (Crash Into Me) and classics (Rhiannon), this CD and DVD remind us why Nicks defines cool."

  • Fleetwood Mac is ranked 4th in the "Best Mixed-Gender Band...Ever!" list on Rankopedia.

  • There is a short interview preview of Stevie from The Chris Isaak Hour on the Biography.com site. Watch for the full interview on The Chris Isaak Hour on The Biography Channel on March 5 @ 10/9c.

  • On Tuesday (11/4) night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Dallas Austin mentioned that Stevie Nicks had recorded in his studio, which they showed for a few minutes.

  • On a recent episode of The Insider while talking about Jessica Alba there was a mention of Stevie and a photo from her early years was shown.

  • On October 9 Bingo America (on GSN), had the following question: "What singer is known for twirling onstage...Stevie Wonder or Stevie Nicks?" The contestant answered correctly.

  • In Vogue's Fall 2008 Supplement/Fashion Rocks Magazine under Books there is an article on Danny Goldberg's new book "Bumping into Geniuses; My Life Inside The Rock & Roll Business with the following:
    The book does have behind - the -scenes tidbits, like Stevie Nicks setting up her solo career, separate from Fleetwood Mac, without telling Lindsay Buckingham or then- boyfriend Mick Fleetwood.

  • In The Arizona Republic's review of the new Carrie Rodriguez album 'She Ain't Me', the reviewer states "She slips into Carly Simon-meets-Stevie Nicks territory for the title song, the first of several that focus on love that's in trouble or already gone."

  • In Vogue's Fall 2008 Supplement/Fashion Rocks Magazine the following sighting was found:

    Remix influences:
    And whom do the Rodarte sisters have in mind with their airy-fairy sweaters if not Stevie Nicks - unless those sweet girls have a secret crush on Johnny Rotten, who also favored the occasional crocheted pullover?

  • The Edge of Seventeen plays on the radio in a stolen car in the video game Grand Theft Auto.

  • In a Jambase.com review of the Bonnie "Prince" Billy CD titled "Lie Down in the Light", the following was found:
    "Duets with Ashley Webber bring a male/female interplay on such tracks as "So Everyone" and "You Want that Picture." Webber's deep alto offers a complement to Oldham's tones rather than contrasting. Her delicate voice brings in a Stevie Nicks-with-a-twang quality."

  • In a review of New Zealand artist Pip Brown, the following sighting was found:
    "She is not surprised that her look and sound is compared with Stevie Nicks. She has even been called a blonde, 2008 version of Joan Jett..."

  • An OC Register article on Stacy Clark had the following sighting:
    OCR: Who are some of your musical influences?
    Clark: John Lennon, well the Beatles, I wouldn't want the rest of them to feel left out, but mostly Lennon. Also: Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Jewel, Fiona Apple, and Stevie Nicks. Stevie is incredible, just her songs and the way she carries herself and I look at her career overall and the longevity of it and I really respect her. Her songs are eternal and that's why I put people like her, John Lennon, Tom Petty, James Taylor ad Bob Dylan on a pedestal because their songs are amazing and it's not manufactured. They worked on and wrote those songs themselves. I have such respect for actual, real artists.

  • Stevie appears in the new WoodStock Documentary which will be in the new Woodstock Museum.

  • Steve Martin's new autobiography, Born Standing Up, has the following sighting on page 156:

    "My dubious status as a headliner led me to a tiny pie slice of a folk club in Greenwich Village, the Metro. Now I had an opening act. Still no one showed up to see me and a new duo, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks."

  • On page 72 of the April 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Diablo Cody has an article on her YouTube obsessions. One of them is Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Springs--Live."

  • Stevie is mentioned on the cover of the May 2008 issue of Q magazine as part of a "Women in Music" special. Also there is a 9-page spread about Stevie from page 110 to page 119 with an interview and lots of pictures with her.

  • In an article on AllHeadlineNews.com about the American Idols, the idols were asked who they would like to sing with, if given the chance. Michael Johns said Stevie Nicks. This was also mentioned on People Magazine's website.

  • The Rolling Stone website has a mention of Stevie in a review of the Michael Jackson Thriller Deluxe Edition.

  • In Valerie Bertinelli's new book Losing It -And Gaining My Life Back On Pound at a Time, Stevie is mentioned at the top of page 115: "One night we stayed up till three or four in the morning singing "Leather and Lace." We weren't Stevie Nicks and Don Henley, but we entertained ourselves."

  • The Lancaster Eagle Gazette has an article on Pamela Kaylor, the new regional coordinator of women's studies and an instructor at Ohio University for nine years, which has the following:
    What's playing on your iPod? "...My first and most frequently played songs are by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. It just doesn't get any better."

  • The February 2008 issue of Family Fun magazine has a review of an electronic trivia game (page 84) called Smarty Pants and Stevie's name is shown in a trivia question "Which duet did Stevie Nicks perform in 1978? Two of the possible answers are Whenever I Call You Friend and Mohammed's Radio.

  • The Sinner.com website has an article about the meanest love songs, and it lists Go Your Own Way and has a photo of Fleetwood Mac.

  • On page 34 of the January 25 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is a blurb on surviving the writer's strike by loading your iPod with every Album of the Year Grammy Winner. Four albums are pictured, including Rumours.

  • According to the Arizona Republic Website Stevie Nicks rang in the New Year at Barcelona in north Scottsdale with a group of 12 family members and friends.

  • In an article on Vindy.com about singer/songwriter BJ O'Malley, the following was found:
    "As a child, O'Malley sang in the choir while at school, and to her records in her room at night. 'I wanted to be Loretta Lynn or Stevie Nicks,' she said."

  • The Bösendorfer website has Stevie listed as artist that plays Bösendorfer.

  • On a recent airing of the TV game show Temptation, the following question was asked to a contestant:
    "Which music video had a cameo by Stevie Nicks?
    Bootylicious by Destiny's Child or Fergalicious by Fergie?"
    The answer was Bootylicious.

  • In a Vanessa Carlton article/interview on Seattlepi.com, the following quotes about Stevie were found:

    "She helped me through these past few years and really helped me get to the finish line on this record," Carlton said.

    "How lucky I am to have someone so magical and earthy and lovely in my life," she said. "She's like my fairy godmother. She's looking out for me. And I really needed that. I really, really needed a mentor. And I found one in her. I'm so lucky."

  • In a November 8th article about comedian Kathleen Madigan the following sighting was found:

    She [Kathleen] has plenty of pictures around that are meaningful.
    "That's me and Stevie Nicks, my idol. And then that's me and Bob Hope where I look 40 but I'm only 25," Madigan points out.

  • In an interview on Live Daily with Vanessa Carlton, Stevie is mentioned a few times, including the following:

    What was it like to tour with Stevie Nicks? She must have given you some amazing advice.
    "She is my mentor. I actually just left her today. We were in Chicago rehearsing. She is an extraordinary woman. She's such a good person. I know she's Stevie Nicks and she's so magical on so many levels and larger than life. But she's this earthy, amazing person at the end of the day. She's such a good woman. I look up to her. Touring with her was just the best. Being near Stevie is such a gift. She keeps giving to me. She was a big part of this record. She sequenced the album. She sang on the record. She was there right from the beginning, when I didn't have a new deal yet and I didn't have the record written. She helped me through every step. Every stage of this record, Stevie was involved and there by my side. Stevie was encouraging me to move forward and take the next step. As scary as it is, you have to take the next step."

  • The book Rock Chicks - The Hottest Female Rockers from the 1960s to Now, currently published in Australia and New Zealand, has a chapter on Stevie Nicks.

  • The Showbuzz website had an article about Vanessa Carlton with the following:

      While her heart was breaking and her career was in tatters, Carlton relied on someone she'd toured with and befriended: Stevie Nicks, who appears on a song on the new CD.

      "When I met her and was touring with her I was really in fragile state of mind and very unsure about what my next move was going to be," she says. "She became my home. She put her chiffon wing around me. She told me, 'You are up for this fight. You have no choice. You have to continue.'

      "She thinks I'm this great songwriter. She said, 'You're one of those artists that need to get to their best-of record.' I just don't want to let her down," Carlton says. "And now I don't want to let myself down, either."

  • Vanessa Carlton was on TRL on October 19th and mentioned she has been touring with Stevie for the last few years and how amazing she is.

  • The Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers "Good Weekend" magazine had the Mick Brown interview with Stevie on the weekened of October 13th.

  • In a review of the new Vanessa Carlton album Heroes & Thieves on the InsidePulse website the following was found:
    "The One" is a special collaboration with the amazing gypsy goddess of music, Stevie Nicks, who has greatly mentored Carlton. Anything involving Stevie should be pushed to radio and this is just such a treat to hear.

  • Stevie is mentioned in the October 12th Denver Post in an article comparing the two cities, Denver and Phoenix for the Rockies and Diamondback baseball series. She is listed amoung the celebrities from Phoenix.

  • The Vanessa Carlton song Nolita Fairytale includes the following in the lyrics:

    Want a garden by the ocean tide
    Because I lose my way searching for stage lights
    Well, Stevie knows and I thank her so
    'Cause it's your seeds I sow
    And now I know

  • Stevie is mentioned in Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love a New York Times Best Seller published by Penguin Books. She mentions Stevie on page 103, She refers to her own style of dress as "Stevie Nicks Goes to Yoga Class in Her Pajamas."

  • On the Sept. 21 episode of "The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno," guest Hugh Laurie discussed how he was in a band that opened for Yes and Fleetwood Mac.

  • On the grand finale of the TV show "Last Comic Standing", the two final comedian contestants were led to the stage by the USC Trojan Marching Band playing "Tusk".

  • The September 22nd West Australian Newspaper has a 5 page spread on Stevie including an interview and photos from her Feb 28th Concert in Perth in 2007.

  • In an audio clip on the NPR website about Tower Records, you can hear Stevie's Stand Back playing int he background.

  • Wheel Of Fortune September 10, 2007 episode featured a Song Lyric puzzle, "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow " by Fleetwood Mac.

  • On September 8th the radio station Bob FM in Ottawa Canada had a segment called Cut Deep where they took a look back at Stevie's first album Bella Donna. It contained a brief overview of the album, the songs and the other artists that appeared on it. They played three songs from the album, Edge Of Seventeen, Bella Donna and Stop Dragging My Heart Around.

  • There are photos of Stevie and a mention of her fashion influence in "Fashion Rocks", a supplement to the September 2007 "Details" magazine.

  • The Silver Bee website has a note about the possible origin of the song Silver Springs.

  • The September 2007 issue of the UK's Mojo Magazine has a 6 page article about Stevie.

  • Stevie Nicks made a surprise performance at Vanessa Carlton’s Los Angeles Roxy show on July 24th when joined Carlton for her brand new track “The One” off her upcoming third album “Heroes and Thieves”.

  • Vanessa Carlton mentions Stevie in a recent interview with Nadine Cheung posted on AOL Music when asked " What happened in the last two years that gave you this clarity?
    Carlton: Touring with Stevie Nicks, buying my own house, getting my puppy and staying in one spot for more than a couple weeks. Making a life for myself in Nolita gave me peace and clarity. I lead a pretty enchanted life.

  • On a recent episode of the new HBO Flight Concords series...Brett mentions to his friend that he shouldn't date each others band mates, cause it could turn into a "Fleetwood Mac's love triangle.."

  • In a review of the Paloma Blanca Restaurant in San Antonio on 10best.com, the following was found:
    "Yes, the restaurant's name may make you hum "Just like the white winged dove..." but don't let that distract you from trying the place's upscale Mexican fare. Stevie Nicks would surely approve of zucchini-stuffed peppers with queso monterrey or shrimp and mushroom enchiladas in white wine sauce."

  • Cyndi Lauper's True Colors tour features The Misshapes. The New York DJ Collective plays Stevie's new "Dreams" remix during their onstage spin as the opening act.

  • The June 12th Chicago Sun-Times had the following in the Stella Foster column:
    EATIN' & GREETIN': STEVIE NICKS and members of her band, along with Chris Isaac and his band, celebrated Stevie's birthday at the popular RL eatery last week. Stevie was singing and the birthday carrot cake was sent over from Gibsons.

  • On the May 26th episode of ABC's "The Next Best Thing", the new show looking for celebrity impersonators, Michelle Tyler, the lead singer from the Stevie Nicks tribute band "Bella Donna", performed her Stevie impersonation.

  • The Chattanooga.com website had a review on JUne 9th of a concert by local artist Jennifer Daniels which had the following sighting:
    "Jennifer brought her band out for the next number, which I think was called “He Dances.” The song had the slightest strains of a variation on the Stevie Nicks anthem, “Rhiannon.” Daniels, a free spirit on stage, even reminded me a bit of Nicks who was often admired for her own stage drama, and power of presence."

  • On the myspace blog of recording artist Dilana the following was found:
    "Stevie Nicks n more....Her and Chris Isaak BOTH were phenominal and extremely inspiring to see and hear!! THANX AGAIN TO MY FANS WHO GOT ME 2 TKTS TO THE CONCERT!! Something I will never forget...after the show, I stood there still taking in the magic then I promised myself, that within 1 year, I will be on that same stage with MY show!!"

  • The May 26th episode of Entertainment Tonight had a piece on Stevie showing video and interview clips.

  • The May 31 issue of Rolling Stone has an article on the Ahmet Ertegun tribute. Stevie is mentioned as an attendee and that she got emotional while talking about him.

  • In a May 18th article on CNN.com titled "If you're a female singer, you'd better be sexy:, the following Stevie mention was found:
    Tina Turner's legs were part of her sex appeal, Olivia Newton-John was the lovely girl-next-door and Stevie Nicks rocked teenage boys with more than just her guitar.

  • A photo of Stevie Nicks is seen on the Friday May 11, 2007 episode of ABC News Nightline. The news special featured 40 years of Rolling Stone magazine. Anne Leibovitz's Rolling Stone cover photo of Fleetwood Mac was mentioned and shown.

  • In the May 7th issue of Us Weekly (page 29), there is a photograph of Mischa Barton wearing a vintage-looking Fleetwood Mac t-shirt which has a picture of the band and "Tour '78" on it.

  • In an April 29th article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the influences of Jamie Moyer, pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, the following was found:
    "Recording artist I play when my soul needs a lift: Stevie Nicks."

  • Stevie mentioned in article about Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People, read it here. (Baltimore Sun, April 23 2007).

  • Stevie does a three page Q&A in the newest issue of Blender (May 2007 Issue).

  • Stevie gets great comments in Ahmet Ertegun tribute story on FoxNews, read it here. (04/18/07).

  • Stevie ranked #2 front person, read it here.

  • Stevie played at the tribute event held in honor of Atlantic Records' Ahmet Ertegun on Tue April 17th, read it here.

  • Six degrees of Stephen Colbert, read it here.

  • In the movie "Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny" Jack Black and his friend break into the Rock and Roll Museum. To their left you can see a female mannequin wearing one of Stevie's dresses and a picture behind it showing Stevie wearing the dress.

  • In the February 15th episode of "Ugly Betty", Betty imagines she hears Amanda telling her to "throw Stevie Nicks in front of the train" in reference to Charlie, Henry's hippie girlfriend from Arizona.

  • On the February 5th Howard Stern show on Sirius, Howard was raving over Stevie's Super Bowl appearance--they played a clip of Stand Back and Howard repeated at least 3 times that "I just love her...always have."

  • On page 26 of Dwell magazine's March 2007 issue, a photo excerpt saying:
    "It is with a tear in our eye that we say goodbye to the old office on Osgood Alley. We will always hold dear our old digs. Loogie man, tattoo guy --- in the words of Stevie Nicks, "When you were good, baby, you were very good." Oh-so-good.

  • In the Feb. 8, 2007 issue of Rolling Stone Alec Ounsworth lists Fleetwood Mac's Tusk as what he is listening to right now. He says:
    "It's my favorite Fleetwood Mac album- you get a great feel for different sides of the band. It's sprawling, like the White Album, but somehow it all hangs together. The second track, 'The Ledge' is perfect."

  • On perezhilton.com, Perez is talking about Hiliary Duffs new album and sound. He says her song, "With Love" is likely to be a big hit. "We have already put on our Stevie Nicks shawl and danced around to it a few times."

  • In review of The Rosy Nolan Band on obscuresound.com the following was found:

    ‘Nobody’s Fool’ on the other hand, is more mellow and musically articulate. Though it lacks the excitement of the first two tracks, it will fill that certain desired emotional void of realistic romanticism that the other two tracks leave open. The song also sports a cleverly executed vocal resemblance that resembles Stevie Nicks, just enough to hold a grin.

  • In "The Old Farmer's Almanac," 2007 edition, there is an article under the "Amusement" section called "The Name Game." In that article, on page 165, under the subtitle "A Return to Roots," it says in the last paragraph: "They have that feeling of familiarity and also a romanticism that comes from Celtic mythology... For example, the name of the Welsh goddess Rhiannon is familiar to many because it's also the title of a Fleetwood Mac song."

  • In the WASHINGTON POST MAGAZINE for Sunday January 21, 2007, there is an article entitled "The Songs You Want to Hear" about radio stations researching their playlists. It features a prominent promo picture of Fleetwood Mac from the "Say You Will" album. Money quote:

    "The perfect '70s song, at least according to this night's test, was Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)," which sent the EKG lines straight up like nothing but a Beatles tune. Whatever Bill Clinton's real musical taste may be, his advisers certainly knew their music testing when they chose that tune as his 1992 campaign anthem."

  • In a January 15th article in the Ann Arbor News about Flying Sheep Yarn Shop, the following was found:
    When she originally created the yarn shop concept five years ago, Airey - a former Waldenbooks store manager - dreamed of a New Age feel, a look she says she hasn't quite yet achieved and called "kind of Stevie Nicks."

  • On the Dec 29th Today show durring a piece about women and men and who talked more, "Talk to Me" was played in the background.

  • On the January 4th NBC Today show there was a segment about telling lies, and in the backround the song Little Lies from Fleetwood Mac was playing.

  • On AOL's main page for New Years 2006-2007, a photo montage of famous events of New Years past is featured. One of the pictures was a 1970's Tusk era photo of Stevie and Lindsey onstage with the caption:
    "December 31, 1974: Fleetwood Mac invites Lindsey Buckingham to join the band. Buckingham accepts under the condition that his girlfriend, Stevie Nicks, can join too"

  • The December issue of Austin Magazine has a column called "Things I've Learned Living in Austin" which has the following in an interview with Charlie Jones, Prinicipal of Capital Sports and Entertainment:
    "I have one girl; she's 23 months. Her name is Stevie and she's named after Stevie Nicks. Her first song on the way home from the hospital was "Landslide."

  • The theme park 'Worlds of Fun' in Kansas City, MO has a "giant" record of Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits on the wall in the Stax of Wax performance building.

  • Various tabloids have mentioned that Lindsay Lohan wants the role as Stevie in a movie about the singer.

  • On a recent episode of "Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising" - a reality show on the LOGO Channel, twin brothers attempting to break into the recording industry discuss an upcoming video shoot to support their first single. Their manager lists "Stevie Nicks" as one of the examples of famous clients.

  • The Denver Daily News had a review of The Who's November 14th concert with the warm-up band The Pretenders. The article mentioned that at one point Chrissie Hynde pulled out a tambourine and said “I feel like Stevie Nicks."

  • In the November 9th episode of Smallville, titled “Rage,” Lois Lane has pictures of album covers on her walls, including the Rumours album.

  • The University of La Verne Campus Times had an article about Childhood in the Arts section on November 17th with the following:

    From days in the cradle, when only Stevie Nicks’ “ Beautiful Child” could calm us down to devilish high school years devoted to heavy metal, thick eyeliner and leather pants, our “ Momsy” has served as a hub of influence.

    Her rock ‘n’ roll tendencies, hippie spirit and gypsy style will forever impact our perspectives on life, music and everything in-between.

  • During the ending of the November 12th episode of "Cold Case" entitled "Fireflies", which regarded a case from 1975, the original Fleetwood Mac (white album) version of "Landslide" was played.

  • In a November 5th article on the San Francisco Chronicle about the Pet Shop Boys, the following was found:
    Chris [Lowe]would like to make a record with Randy Crawford, who is a great vocalist, and I'd [Neil Tennant] like to work with Stevie Nicks. I recently heard her song 'Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?' and her husky vocals really impressed me. So if you're reading this, Stevie, give us a call."

  • The Birmingham News website had an article on Nov 3 of what's on your Ipod, and 14 year old Emmy Wade has Planets of the Universe as the first on her playlist with the following comment:
    1. "Planets of the Universe," Stevie Nicks - "I think it's the best song she's done," says Emmy, whose iPod is loaded with Nicks and her old band Fleetwood Mac. "Her style is really unusual and really interesting. She has that gravelly voice - not pretty, but powerful. Her lyrics are intriguing and beautiful, like poetry. And they're cryptic. You can't always tell what they're talking about."

  • The Post-Gazette website had a review on November 2nd of the TV series Ghost Whisperer with the following sighting:
    "I think of "Ghost Whisperer" as being a sort of mix of "Murder She Wrote" and "Touched by an Angel" in which Jennifer Love Hewitt is a kind of down-pedaled Stevie Nicks (only in appearance; they seem to have similar taste in clothes) as she pokes around people's consciousness."

  • The Beckman Chronicle had an online review of the band Goldfrapp which had the following Stevie sighting:
    "If Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac and Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters had a daughter, and sent her to be taught by Madonna, the result would be the husky-voiced, disco queen Alison Goldfrapp, lead singer of British two-man band, Goldfrapp."

  • On the October 15th Australian Idol on the Ten network in Australia the final 7 in the top 10 contestants performed. Opening the show was contestant Bobby Flynn,who performed an acoustic version of Rhiannon. He accompanied himself on guitar and was backed by a full band , strings and 3 backing vocalists. He gave a blistering performance and was highly prised by the judges. Hosts James Mathieson and Andrew G commented that if you were a girl born in the mid-70's you were probably named after this Fleetwood Mac classic.

  • In amazon.com's "The Warner Music Collection," Stevie's "Trouble in Shangri-la" album is listed under "The Icons."

  • Sheryl Crow and Keith Urban performed Stop Draggin' My Heart Around on Oct. 8, 2006 at Sheryl Crow's Nashville stop on her tour.

  • On the iTunes celebrity playlist for Jon Heder, one of the songs he selected is Sara!

  • The October 3rd,2006 online edition of The Arizona Republic features an article with Kenny Loggins, he mentions Stevie and their 70's hit duet Whenever I call You Friend.

  • The October issue of Town And Country magazine has a picture and mention of Stevie giving a private concert at the Town And Country and the Couture Jewery Collection and Conference at the Wynn Las Vegas.

  • Fleetwood Mac's 1975 Album cover is on the wall at Legends Corner in Downtown Nashville TN.

  • In an article in the Goldstream Gazette about Bill Zaalberg, a Neil Diamond Tribute singer, the following Stevie mention was found:
    "This fervour towards perfection has made Zaalberg and his 11-piece band (and opening act Tusk, in which his daughter plays Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac) one of the hottest tickets on Vancouver Island."

  • On the September 27th episode of the David Letterman show, trumpet player Al Chez was playing the tambourine and David said "Al Chez...One of the great tambourine virtuosos of our time. He studied for years with Stevie Nicks."

  • On the September 20th episode of Jeopardy, one of the categories was “DUETS”. One of the answers was “1981 ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around’ was sung by Tom Petty and this singer” The question, of course, was Who is Stevie Nicks.

  • On Saturday September 23rd The Westwood One Radio Network aired a recording of the Tom Petty Ganesville Florida concert which included performances by Stevie Nicks.

  • There is a mention of Fleetwood Mac in an about the Hollywood sign on hollywoodsign.org.

  • On page 68 of the September 4, 2006 issue of TIME, in an article about new albums by Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, and Jessica Simpson, there is a Stevie Sighting. Concerning Jessica Simpson's album "A Public Affair, it says, "[her] narcissim might have been leavened by good songs, but most are content to rip off tunes from older, better hits. ("Walking Round in a Circle" is credited as containing 'interpolations from "Dreams",' written by Stevie Nicks. Interpolations?"

  • In episode 6 of the BRAVO reality series - Project Runway, Season 3 - fashion guru Michael Kors commented that a designer's outfit was more Stevie Nicks than Audrey Hepburn in its style... referring to the outfit's loose, flowing, fringed design.

  • In the current issue of "Paste Magazine" there is a mini review of the Bonnaroo Festival and they sort of rave about Stevie.

  • On the August 27th episode of "Saturday Night Live", with Antonio Banderas as guest host, there was a "Karaoke Tonight at the Rascals Lounge" skit where the RUMOURS album cover was prominently displayed on the wall during the skit.

  • In the new movie "Accepted", Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop is playing at a graduation party in one of the early scenes.

  • The Apple website has an article about how Deep Dish created the remix of Dreams on a Mac.

  • In Liz Smith's August 18th column the following was found:

    BETTE MIDLER does let grass grow under her feet! Now plans are firmed up for her Hulaween benefit at the Waldorf, making money for the New York Restoration Project! The Hulaween on Oct. 31 is the wackiest party of the year - costumes, carrying on and glorious fun.

    Bette has nabbed Stevie Nicks to perform, and one of her honorees is none other than the great Willie Nelson, with whom Her Divineness has already agreed to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings." Robert Isabel is doing the décor. Bette and the outspoken Joy Behar will auction off fabulous things having to do with revitalizing the city's parks. You can call (914) 579-1000 for tix.

  • Over at the Sirius Satellite radio website, they have an interview with each of the original MTV VJ's (all of whom have their own shows on Sirius on the 80's channel). Nina Blackwood was asked the following:

    Who were your favorite '80s artists?
    There are way too many to mention here are a few: U2, John Mellencamp, Stevie Nicks, The Pretenders, Depeche Mode, Paul Young, Bon Jovi and The Traveling Wilburys.

  • In issue 1007 of Rolling Stone (Christina Aguilera on the cover), there is a review of the new Outkast album 'Idlewild'(page 89) and the first paragraph of the review compares it to that of Fleetwood Mac's 'Tusk'.

  • Issue 1007 of Rolling Stone, has an article about Tom Petty's July 29th performance which included the following:
    Petty took a moment to introduce the Heartbreakers-and, almost as an afterthought, "honorary member" Stevie Nicks. Cue crowd going bananas. The lace-clad Nicks romped onstage for a killer "Stop Draggin My Heart Around," then took lead vocals for "I Need To Know." ("You haven't heard this song until you've heard Stevie do it," Petty said, and he was right.) The show's most thrilling moment, "Dont' Come Around Here No More," with Nicks on backing vocals and tambourine, ended in a crashing, surreally strobelit jam with both Petty and Nicks thrashing like teenagers. In that moment, their silky blond hair flying, flash-frozen in the strobe's white light, they seemed both timeless and immediate, classic and forever young.

  • In the August 14, 2006 Country Weekly there is an article about Billy Burnette. There are many mentions of FM and there is a picture of the band from the early 90's. (Billy is embarking on a new studio rockabilly album and has invited Mick to help with and play on the album!!)

  • Songwriter Kalli Scheffen listed Rumours as number 4 in a Journal & Courier article titled "My Top 5". Kalli said the following about Rumours:
    "4. Rumours, Fleetwood Mac (1977, Reprise) -- Stevie Nicks was my idol when I was in my early teens, and I think I owe my mom for getting me into this band. I saw some footage of Stevie going wild on stage, totally rockin' out, and she became a big inspiration to me."

  • On August 4, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around was playing in the background during a scene on the CBS soap opera, As The World Turns.

  • In the late summer edition of the mail-order catalog Soft Surroundings there is an item called the China Seas Robe. It is described as an "open-style silk robe with long fringe drips from the sleeves and hem". It is further described as "an exquisite find reminding us of Stevie Nicks and days gone by".

  • Tennis Player Jan-Michael Gambill lists Stevie Nicks as one of his favorite singers in an August 5th Press and Sun-Bulletin article.

  • In an August 6th Doug Clarke article in the The Chronicle-Telegram, the following was found:
    "I miss my MTV. Honest. But my MTV was one with cool storyline videos. (Think: Stevie Nicks dancing on a cliff, or “Thriller.”) Your MTV is the utterly charmless one with no music but lots of “Real Life” episodes about spoiled 19-year-olds living together."

  • On the August 3rd episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show on The Oh!Oxygen Channel whiletalking about Ellen's 30 year high school reunion the cover of the Fleetwood Mac White Album was shown.

  • Dilana, a contestant on the show "Rockstar: Supernova", lists the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac as one of her favorite songs in her audio player.

  • Marcallas, a contestant on the CBS Reality Show - "Big Brother", lists Fleetwood Mac in his BB online profile as one of his favorite bands.

  • In the June/July Special Collector's Issue of Paste magazine, Fleetwood Mac members Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Christine McVie are listed #83 (collectively as FM) in an article titled: "The 100 Best Living Songwriters". They list two songs as "must get": Dreams and Beautiful Child.

  • On QVC early morning on July 26th they were selling a long poncho and the model began twirling around and the host said, "We have Stevie Nicks right here" and "if you're planning on going on tour with Fleetwood Mac, buy this shawl"

  • On one of the commentary tracks of the DVD of the Kevin Smith movie "Jersey Girl", Kevin mentioned that Stevie actually saw the movie and that it was really sweet of her to give them the song "Landslide" to use in the film.

  • David Gates published an article called "The Boomer Files: A Fan's Notes" in the July 17th issue of Newsweek magazine. Stevie appears in the collage of musicians on page 53 and Fleetwood Mac is mentioned as a "guilty pleasure" in the article.

  • In a Billboard review of IIO's debut album titled Poetica the following was found:
    "Producer Markus Moser sets a stage of sensuous electronica for singer/lyricist Nadia Ali, who still sounds like an intergalactic Stevie Nicks."

  • On Friday, July 21st Stevie was mentioned on ABC's Good Morning America. After returning from a commercial break they were showing the end of a Stevie Wonder song being performed by American Idol Taylor Hicks. The male announcer said, "That's Taylor Hicks covering Stevie Nicks! No, not Stevie Nicks...Stevie Wonder."

  • On July 11, after MuchMoreMusic aired "Classic Albums: Rumours" hostess Traci Melchor mentioned Stevie's iPod donations to soldiers wounded in Iraq, wrapping up with a "Good for you Stevie!"

  • On VH1's I Love the 70s Part II, "Don't Stop" can be heard in the background while discussing the movie, Earthquake.

  • A VH1 commercial advertising the Midnight Special DVD collections shows Stevie, Lindsey, and Christine several times throughout from the performance of "Over My Head."

  • The July 3-10 New York magazine, has a small article about not fighting over what music to listen to while in the car with others. It contained the following:
    If your kids like Kelly Clarkson, and you like Stevie Nicks, you'll both probably like the band Rilo Kiley...

  • There is a video of Stevie and others giving birthday wishes to the founder, Claude Nobs, on the Montreux Jazz festival site. (Stevie is the 5th one, be patient)

  • In the July 13-27, 2006 issue of Rolling Stone magazine on page 74, there is a picture of Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty performing together on June 12th in Portsmouth, Va.

  • An interview on Ilikemusic.com with MYNC Project contained the following:
    Q: You’re current track ‘Something on my mind’ started out being called’ Edge of seventeen’ with a Stevie Nicks sample. Where did the idea for the track come from?
    A: We heard the track in the film 'School Of Rock' and instantly thought that it was an idea that could work. We got hold of the soundtrack and listened to the song over and over again, it was such an uplifting song yet the subject matter of 'Edge Of Seventeen' was very personal to Stevie Nicks as it was about the death of her uncle and John Lennon. We tried to keep the emotion of the original version, yet add elements that would work on a dancefloor today. We were pleased that clubbers and djs alike felt the version we did.
    See the track on Amazon.

  • An article on Elites TV about a Mocumentary of Dave Stewart and Erin Grace's band Platinum Weird contained the following:
    "Erin's behavior during the making of the album was unpredictable and eccentric. Prone to mood swings and emotional insecurity, she would often disappear for days, and then reappear as if nothing was unusual with a smile and couple of new songs. Perhaps because of her unconventional persona, men desired her and women emulated her. 'She was wispy and elusive,' Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, once said. 'I wasn't quite sure what she was about, but I kind of copied her look.'"

  • In a Review of the new album, Deeper Waters, by Laura Vecchione on Blogcritics.org, the following was found:
    "Laura Vecchione's dark, throaty voice and biting harmonies are reminiscent of Stevie Nicks, while the thoughtful tone of many of her original songs suggests Rosanne Cash."

  • Sandra Bernhard's playlist on iTunes lists Edge of Seventeen as a favorite song. She says "When an artist as distinctive as Stevie puts her mark on a song, it lasts forever. With the same initial emotion from the first time you hear it and then 20 years later."

  • The Nashville Scene website had the following Stevie mention on June 22:
    "Another highlight was the chance to catch some of TOM PETTY’s performance from a platform above the stage. The man is a hit factory—just when you thought he’d exhausted his catalog, out bounded another massive chart-topper. Watching over 60,000 people sing along to “American Girl” while STEVIE NICKS (who joined Petty for a few songs—we should have known when we saw the bejeweled mic stand) banged her guts out on the tambourine, caused us to pause and reflect on how few occasions we have in our culture for genuine community, and yet here it was."

  • On the 5:30 am News on Channel 5 Boston (WCVB), the traffic reporter mentioned that Stevie would be performing tonight at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield with Tom Petty. She was very excited because she is a huge Stevie fan.

  • The Delta Airlines inflight radio is playing Fleetwood Mac “Gypsy” on channel 11 (non stop Pop) on flights to and from Europe in June.

  • About 64 minutes through Jonathan Caouette's intriguing award-winning 2003 autobiographical documentary, culled from 20+ years of home movies and amazing experiences entitled "Tarnation", His mother is talking in front of the camera, and on the shelf behind her is Fleetwood Mac's four-disc Box Set "25 Years, The Chain".

  • The book titled Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner has the following on page 6:
    "Carol and Rob and their two sons lived in a Bettencourt and had a summer house in Nantucket, which I guess gave her the right to dress like she was going to a Stevie Nicks concert if she wanted to."

  • In a entertainmentwise.com article about Courtney Love's Memoirs the following Stevie mention was found:
    The book entitled ‘Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love’ was expected to contain salacious details of Love’s notorious past. However, that won’t be so she told BBC 6 Music: "It's not a kiss-and-tell, it's not an autobiography. I certainly don't give up a Tracey Emin-style 'sex list', 'cos if I did, as Stevie Nicks once told me, empires would crumble."

  • In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (#880/881 6/9/06) there is a music review of "Zero 7"'s new Cd. It mentions "they recall the 70's SoCal sound of Fleetwood Mac"

  • Jewel and Rob Thomas sang "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" on Good Morning America on June 2.

  • Stevie is in the video clip on platinumweird.com.

  • Stevie was mentioned on NBC4 (WRC TV Washington, DC) on a story about the USO. One of the soldiers who escorted Stevie around Walter Reed Army Hospital stated how warmed hearted Stevie is, and determined to visit every soldier. She was there from 1:30pm to 1:30 am, way past the two hours allowed. He also said it was one if the most memorable moments of his life. She filled the gap of a missing loved one, showed how much she cared. They said she was there for love and not publicity. (quoted from the fan who saw the show and sent the sighting)

  • On the May 25th Howard Stern Sirius radio show his guests were the Dixie Chicks. He announced that they would be "doing my favorite song, that Stevie Nicks song Landslide". After singing the song, Howard asked if they talked to Stevie about the song and Natalie said she had worked with her and what a great person she is. Howard said that he's sure Stevie has some stories to tell!!! Which led one of the Chicks to say that if she doesn't have a book out, she should!

  • On the season ending American Idol show, the male contestants performed Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop", and it was also played in a Ford commercial with the contestants.

  • The Living section of the May 18th Citizen Times (citizen-times.com) had the followiing in an Astrology article:

    Cancer (June 22-July 22): "Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions. I keep my visions to myself," said Gemini songstress Stevie Nicks. You, too, will be flooded with moments of sparkling intuition and almost psychic flashes of clarity in the coming weeks. You will also do well to follow Nicks' lead and keep your hunches under wraps for the time being, until you've had proper time to reflect and process.

  • In a May 18th article in the Fredrick News Post about a daughter's graduation, the following sighting was found:

    "I wasn't out of the parking lot before I howled like a mad dog, and I cried all the way home, clutching the steering wheel, playing a tape of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" over and over. Good thing it wasn't a long drive from Towson back to Frederick, or I might have run out of Kleenex."

  • On MTV's "Date MY Mom" a recent episode featured a girl contestant whose name was Stevie. Her date on the show asked if her mom was a Stevie Wonder fan. She was quick to inform him she was a Stevie Nicks fan, for whom she was named after.

  • In the May 2006 issue of Runner's World, on page 72 in an article about what music runners listen to when they're running, Vanessa Carlton (who runs marathons) puts "Edge of Seventeen" at the top of her list.

  • In a new article from the May 3rd issue of NME magazine about Courtney Love, while playing the interviewer one of her new demo's she says "You gotta think Fleetwood Mac! You gotta think 1976" referring to her new track "Pacific Coast Highway"

  • The UK Bilboard site had the following sighting regarding the UK release of Dreams: The highest new entry at No. 14 was a new club version of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" (Positiva) by Deep Dish featuring Stevie Nicks, for which she re-recorded new vocals.

  • In the latest issue of Country Weekly (May 8, 2006) there is a big article on Tim McGraw it lists a bunch of trivial facts about him. Among them he lists his favorite female singers, Faith Hill, Stevie Nicks and Tammy Wynette!!! There is a picture of Stevie as well.

  • In an April 20th article Canoe Network article on the rock treo Magneta Lane, the following was found:
    Valentine (who’s currently obsessed with Fleetwood Mac-era Stevie Nicks) admits even she was taken aback by how quickly her band found success.

  • In the Star Pulse News Blog on April 25th, the following was found:
    One of my favorite songs is ‘Dreams’ by that girl with the rough voice ... Stevie Nicks." Mary J. Blige is a fan of the Fleetwood Mac singer.

  • The "Bob & Tom Show" on WHEELZ 104.5 fm had an interview Tom Selleck on April 26th and while talking about his Ipod, he mentioned that he listened to Stevie and "Landslide."

  • There is an interview with the band Calexico in the June 2006 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine. In the article they mention one of their songs "Not Even Stevie Nicks".

  • The April 24th episode of the ABC show "What About Brian" had the following sighting:
    Richard: I'm writing but I'm blocked. What character name do you like? She's 30, single, lives in Montana and obcessed with fishing.
    Deena: I think you should name her Rhiannon, because her mother really liked that Fleetwood Mac album and she listened to it the whole time she was pregnant.

  • The Lifestyles secton of the April 21st Chicago-Sun Times had an article titled "Out of your closet" with the following Stevie mention:
    Bohemian dressers always look relaxed and a bit funky, adding offbeat accessories and plenty of denim and suede. Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, Joss Stone and Stevie Nicks are icons.

  • The PerezHilton.com website has a photo of Stevie next to Shakira with the caption "Seperated at Birth?"

  • On April 14, 2006 the country-rock group Little Big Town opened for the John Mellencamp concert in Cedar Rapid, IA. They did a rendition of the Stevie Nicks-Tom Petty duet Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.

  • On the April 12th show of David Letterman Show, the band played "Dreams" as Mandy Moore walked out.

  • In the April 14th issue (#872) of Entertainment Weekly, there is the ultimate trivia test. Stevie is a proposed answer for #53. The answer: Streisand.

  • On an April 8th episode of Saturday Night Live, with host Antonio Banderas and Mary J. Blige, in a sketch with Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler at a karaoke bar, there is a Rumours record on the wall behind them.

  • The April 20 issue of Rolling Stone, has an article about Tom Petty, in which it says that director Peter Bogdanovich will be shooting a documentary on the Heartbreakers and that he hopes to interview Stevie Nicks for it.

  • Stevie talks about Tom Petty in the March 25th issue of Billboard magazine (page 48).

  • The March 24, 2006 issue of Entertainment Weekly (issue #869) has a section in the music pages called "Wedding Bands" about groups who were inter-married. There is nice black and white 77' photo of John and Christine, and Lindsey and Stevie with an exerpt from "Go Your Own Way" and a therapist advising to "call a lawyer".

  • The April 3rd issue of In Touch Weekly has a photo of Stevie with the following mention in the "News At A Glance" section:

    This week in 1977: Fleetwood Mac's Rumours began a 31-week run at the top of the billboard charts.
    "There wasn't so much tenderness when the album was written. But I think its heartfelt now." -- Stevie Nicks reflects on the band's stormy relationships while recording the album.

  • In an article in the April 2006 issue of Car and Driver magazine called "Baubles and Bolt Ons", on page 121, there is a blurb about the virtues of DVD-Audio. The article is accompanied by a photo of the DVD-Audio of the FM Rumours disc.

  • The TV advertisement for Cosmeo.Com shows children singing Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop.

  • The February 2006 issue of Allure magazine (with Sheryl Crow on cover) has a picture of Sheryl wearing a leather fringed coat. (It appears to be the same one Stevie wore for a photo shoot with either People or US Weekly (don't remember which) a few years ago.) The caption says "The jacket is a jacket Stevie Nicks gave me, which she wore in the 70's. She's a dear friend. This thing weighs about 300 pounds, but it's really cool."

  • There is a mention of Stevie on the perexhilton.com website.

  • Teen People magazine online had a quizz posted that allows participants to find out which "American Idol" they are most like. One of the choices is, "Your favorite singers are Stevie Nicks and Avril Lavigne.

  • The March 2006 Issue of Backpacker Magazine The Crossword puzzle states : 22 ACROSS - Rock Goddess Nicks

  • On the Animal Planet show called "Lucky Travels LA" the host and her dog were receiving massages. The host asks the masseuse doing the puppy massage if he does any celebrities. The masseuse responds that he does Stevie Nicks' horses all the time! The hosts then responds "No way, I love Fleetwood Mac" and the host responds "So do I!"

  • On the 48th Grammy Awards they were Honoring Mo Ostin with a Lifetime Achievement Award and they showed a picture of him standing in the middle of a group of people. Stevie was standing next to him in the picture.

  • The Times Herald website had a column about the Top 10 singer/songwriters titled "These girls can sing (and write)". Stevie was #1 on the survey and it included the following comment:

    1) Stevie Nicks - This list was hard to compile, until now. The top spot was never in doubt. I've been willingly haunted by this enchanting spirit since the first time I heard a Fleetwood Mac song (a looooong time ago). And it'll be that way until "the landslide brings it down." Best Song: "Landslide'

  • The Salt Lake Tribune has an article about college gymnast Katie Omann with the following mention:

    "What do you make of a gymnast that counts golf as her second favorite hobby, frightened her gymnastics coaches by daring to run track and cross country in school and cites Fleetwood Mac as her favorite band, one she loves to listen to on her record player, no less?"

  • Vanessa Carlton was on a recent episode of MTV's "Cribs" In the show Vanessa mentioned Stevie a couple of times. She showed her Sulamith Wulfing book that Stevie gave her and mentioned a poem Stevie had written in for her, as well as mentioning her tour dress.

  • On Vh1's Greatest Artist of Hard Rock countdown, #48 was Janis Joplin and Stevie was shown talking about her.

  • On Vh1's Celebrity Fit Club, Gunner Nelson was wearing a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt during his interview with the psychologist.

  • Stevie was mentioned on a recent episode of "Project Runway". One of the contestants had designed and made a dress and when another of the contestants saw the dress she said, "That looks like Stevie Nicks!" The young contestant who had made the dress replied, "Who is Stevie Nicks?"

  • Stevie was sighted with Mick Fleetwood at Fahrenheit in Georgetown on November 30th. See the clip in the Dec 2 Washington Post.

  • On the Today Show segment "Saving Your Life A Look Inside Your Heart," Stop Draggin' My Heart Around was playing during Matt Lauer's heart CT scan.

  • Fleetwood Mac was featured on AOL Music's 11 Greatest Album Covers of All Time for "Rumours", joining The Beatles "Sgt. Peppers...", Madonna's "Like A Virgin", Led Zepplin "Led Zepplin" and Johnny Cash "Live at Folsom Prison".

  • Lyndsay Lohan sang "Edge of Seventeen" on the American Music Awards.

  • In an article in the San Francisco Guardian about Kiki Smith the following was found:

    Kiki Smith, you could say, is the Stevie Nicks of the contemporary art world – and I mean that as high praise. Both artists have endearingly an eccentric public persona and a highly identifiable aesthetic that leans toward the Gothic and mythological. The combination of attributes has developed ardent admirers for them both.

  • Rob Thomas has been covering "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" on his recent tour- first with Cassidy from Antigone Rising and now with Anna Nalick.

  • On the LAist.com websit, in an article on last minute Halloween costumes, the following was found:
    That 70s Look
    If you have tailored 70s shirts, boot cut or bellbottom jeans, and a pair of tinted John Lennon glasses, you're well on your way to becoming a hippy. If not, a trip to Aaardvark's on Melrose will suffice.
    Customizing the costume:
    Ladies, find your inner welsh goddess and add a chiffon wrap and top hat to the mix. It hides a multitude of sins and everyone will get the Stevie Nicks reference.

  • Stevie was spotted at the Sheryl Crow concert at the Hollywod Bowl on October 23rd.

  • Amy Ray (1/2 of the Indigo Girls) played Bloomington, Indiana on Oct 22 with her band the Volunteers. Towards the end of the show, a fan yelled out, " Play a Stevie Nicks song!" The guitarist grinned and started the opening riff from "Edge of 17", the bass chimed in, Amy attempted a little then ended quickly with "Oh my God, its karaoke night!"

  • On MTV in Brazil on Oct 19, there was a short documentary about Stevie with videos and interview clips.

  • Entertainmentmsn.com had the following sighting:
    "In related news, Jessica Simpson's forthcoming album, which she has described as a mix of Billie Holiday, Patsy Cline and Stevie Nicks (somewhere, fans of all three artists sob uncontrollably), has been bumped from its November release..."

  • The Jeopardy show had the following on October 4th: Answer: This was the only number one hit single by Fleetwood Mac. Question "What is Dreams?"

  • The October 8th Star Tribune had an article titled "Two Minnesota soldiers meet their commander in chief" which had the following sighting:
    Jeremy Wolfsteller's many visitors read like an award-show guest list -- Drew Carey, Shaquille O'Neal, John Elway, Stevie Nicks an the guy who does the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants.... But his mother says nothing compares to meeting the person Wolfsteller calls his "overall boss" -- President Bush.

  • The October 2005 Issue of Blender Magazine has "The Greastest Songs Since You Were Born" 1980-Present. "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" is #213, and "Edge of Seventeen" is #229.

  • In a review of the series Serenity inthe HeraldToday.com, the following was found:
    "They're smuggling this girl, River (Summer Glau), a psychic with a Phoenix name and a Stevie Nicks wardrobe."

  • At the MIX FEST at the Boston Pavilion on September 24 The Pat McGee Band opened the show with Fleetwood Mac's The Chain.

  • The latest People magazine (October 3rd, 2005 vol. 64 no.14) has a crossword puzzles clue of "Fleetwood." The answer is "Mac."

  • The following question was on CMT's 100 Greatest Duets during a lead-in to a commercial:
    For what couple did Stevie Nicks originally write the duet "Leather and Lace"?
    answer) Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter

  • The latest People magazine has a mention of Stevie. People asks Sheryl Crow what she likes to listen to while she's on the road and one of the songs is "Landslide: I look at the world differently when I hear stevie nicks sing. The colors change."

  • The 9/4/05 Sunday edition of USA WEEKEND had a special 20 year anniversary remembering 1985 with this Stevie Nicks mention in a fashion flashback quiz for question #9: "Which makeup artist could've been inspired by Boy George while piling black eyeliner on Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks and members of Kiss and the Bangles?" The answer is Paula Dorf: "Although Dorf now is known for her subtle shades and clever lip liners, back then she used art-supply paintbrushes so makeup would'nt run under intense lights."

  • On page 119 of the September 8 issue of Rolling Stone, there is a review of Tom Petty's Irvine show in which the reviewer says Petty did "arms-akimbo spins that would do Stevie Nicks proud."

  • On page 30 of the September 2 issue of Entertainment Weekly, the Stevie Nicks/Don Henley tour is listed as Pollstar's Number 7 top grossing tour for the period May 8 to August 8. The per-city average gross was $445,438.

  • The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine (Hendrix on cover) mentions Stevie under Cheaper Tickets for the summer.

  • On the August 5 episode of The View, Stevie was mentioned as one of Faith Hill's daughter's favorite artists.

  • The Rolling Stone website has the following blurb on July 29th:

    Finally, the timeless Stevie Nicks rolled through L.A. recently for a gig at Gibson Ampitheater, and the singer was feeling especially chatty onstage. "This is my hometown -- I have to make some dedications," she said, before sending out "Landslide" to her goddaughters. She also sang the praises of fellow icon Bonnie Raitt before covering Raitt's "Circle Dance": "She's always been one of my heroes and inspirations." Nicks, meanwhile, remains the inspiration of her fervent fans. Our favorite crowd sign: "57 and Foxy."

  • The Houston Chronicle has the following after the concert there on July 16:
    Rocker Stevie Nicks' visit to Houston for her stint onstage at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion sent Maxine and Bubba Silberstein, prez of the Silberstein Group, over the moon. And not necessarily because she is their fave songbird.

    The Silbersteins' daughter, Steffani, is Nicks' massage therapist and follows the former Fleetwood Mac singer on tour. That family connection earned Mom and Dad VIP treatment and prime seats at the pavilion.

    Bubba reports that toward the end of the show Nicks shared with the audience how special Steffani was to her and to her entire crew and that Steffani's parents were in the audience. Nicks then dedicated the song Landslide to Maxine.

    The dedication was especially meaningful because Landslide was one of the first tunes that Maxine had danced to when she began her professional dance career several decades ago. Maxine performed with Joan Karff's New Dance Company and Contemporary Dance Collectives. And for more than 30 years she has been director of the Jewish Community Center's dance department.

    Bubba e-mailed, "After the show, we had a wonderful, long visit with Stevie, who was most warm and gracious."

  • In the August issue of Interview magazine there is an article "Interview introduces the best of the new" (musicians). Two of the musicians list Landslide as their list of songs they cant stop listening to.

  • Stevie is on the front page of the July 28th San Francisco Examiner with a small photo, regarding bringing Vegas show to the Bay area. Inside there s a blurb about the concert at the Chronicle Pavilion, and her taking this tour to Australia and performing and recording with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

  • The LA Weekly website had a mention of Stevie in the Music Pick of the Week section of the Calendar for July 26..

  • The movie "Edge of Seventeen" has been in regular rotation on the Logo channel.

  • A Washington DC radio station (94.7 classic rock) had an interview with Stevie on July 10 at 5:15.

  • The August issue of Lucky Magazine has a dress that is described as being "Stevie Nick-ish" (page 49).

  • The July 8 Arizona Republic had a full page ad of the Arizine Heart benefit and a small article. See the ad.

    In the July 4 - 9issue of Entertainment Weekly (#829, 7/15/05), in the music section, there is a mention in the "Short Takes" section about Deep Dish's new album. It states " A newly recorded version of the Stevie Nicks classic "Dreams".

  • MuchMoreMusic (Canada)'s Uncovered -"RETRO COOL" had a mention of Stevie. While discussing artists who sample other artists material, Destiny's Child' Bootylicious was mentioned and the members talked about how they met Stevie and invited her to be part of the video etc. while showing bits of old video footage including the Stand Back video, Sometimes Its A Bitch video, and live footage from the early 80s.

  • On the VH1 Documentary "Teen Idols of the 80's", pop star Tiffany states that she had no idea how to prepare for stardom being that she "used to dance around in my room with the streamers in my hair pretending that I was Stevie Nicks."

  • The June/July edition of Teen Vogue has an article (page 72) called Girls of Summer, which has a section about a girl named Sophia Topley. In it, it says she loves hippie chic clothes and her fashion icon is Stevie Nicks.

  • The July/August 2005 issue of the AARP, the Magazine lists Stevie as one of the 50 Sexiest People over 50.

  • The May 26th Arizona Republic had a photo of Stevie and a mention of her birthday.

  • In an article in the Arizona Republic website about a charity guitar auction, the following was found:
    "They had to get done because they have exams," school publicist Joan C. Risley said. Technically, local rocker Stevie Nicks, one of 21 celebrities decorating guitars, finished her entry first, said Brian Hassett, president of Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

  • The website for Astrologer Ray Sette has a monthly Celebrity Profile. The celebrity profiled in May is Stevie Nicks.

  • The may 9th episode of Jeopardy had the following answer:
    Stevie Nicks: Edge of ___

  • The April 17th online edition of the New York Post had an article about Anna Nalick with the following sighting:
    "Nalick's voice has a velvet edge that works with the mid-tempo ballads, and her whispery voice recalls slow-twirl crooner Stevie Nicks."

  • On Canadian video station MUCH MORE MUSIC's Best Rocker Chicks, Stevie was ranked #4, which was just behind Janis Joplin at # 3, Heart at #2 and Tina Turner ranked # 1.

  • Stevie can be seen making comments about rock music on the All We Are Saying website.

  • Actress and singer Scarlett Pomers, who stars as Reba McEntire’s daughter on the WB’s comedy REBA, has the following Stevie mention on her website:

    “I’ve always loved classic Rock and my favorite artist is Stevie Nicks, but I listen to everything from Metallica to Patsy Cline to Pachelbel and it all influences me in some way."

  • The book Sean Penn: His Life and Times by Richard T. Kelly has the following on page 92:

    SEAN PENN: I met Cameron Crowe early on, and he took me to my first Hollywood party -- sort of. It was for Fleetwood Mac. This is where I said to Stevie Nicks, 'You look so much more...' -- and I couldn't find the word 'angular' -- '...so much more pitch-faced than I thought.' And as it came out, I thought, 'Oh God...' But it was all that came to mind. Was I being Jeff or Sean? It felt like there was no Sean. I was immersed.

  • The April 7th issue of Rolling Stone magazine has a photo os Stevie with Chrissie Hynde at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony dinner.

  • On VH1’s “My Coolest Years: Summer Vacation”, Henry Rollins discussed going out with this one girl for several summers in the late 70’s. Later he realized she was “into Stevie Nicks”, and he was into Anarchy in the UK, and knew it wouldn’t work out. They showed a brief clip of the “Stand Back” video.

  • On Sunday March 20's episode of Cold Case, a flashback to a murder in 1982 showed a character who was sporting a very 1976-era Stevie Nicks wig. Right before she went psycho and shot her friend she asked, while fingering her hairpiece, "Like it? It's my Stevie Nicks thing."

  • On QVC there is a jewelery designer named Ann King. In her fairy tale collection she features "Bella Donna" Earrings.

  • The March 22, 2005 edition of the New York Daily News had the following:

    We've followed MTV's blueprint for three decades. Here's our formula for musical fashion that always pops. From Stevie Nicks' gauzy gypsy skirts to the Grateful Dead's tie-dyed T-shirts, music has always had a huge impact on fashion. But when MTV arrived, pop-influenced style exploded.

  • On March 17th two radio stations in Vegas broadcast interviews with Stevie:

    97.1 The Point (Classic Hits): In this interview Stevie mentioned that she likes American Idol and would definitely try out if she was a young aspiring singer. She also said that a back-up singer who had not performed with her for a long time would likely sing with her at the Vegas shows.

    Star 102.7 (80s Music): Stevie said the Vegas shows would have to be much bigger and flamboyant than a normal show, something that would be too much to take on the road. She talked about seeing both Celine and Elton at the Colosseum and being amazed at the massive size of the stage. She also discussed how she will pick songs for the show (lots of discussion with input from her associates) and said that she will be bringing out a lot of her old costumes that she hasn't worn in years. She also promised lots of spinning (the DJ wanted to make sure that would be part of the show).

  • The New York Daily News is doing a special 6-day series "MTV week in the Daily News". In the Sunday edition, the NYDN interviews original DJ Nina Blackwood and current TRL co-host Damien Fahey. When asked to name their favorite video, Nina Blackwood said: "Fleetwood Mac's 'Gypsy'. I thought it was so pretty. Martha(Quinn) would make fun of me and say, 'It's so airy fairy!'"

  • At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction Ceremony on March 14th the Pretenders were inducted and when they performed their first song Chrissie Hynde said "like Stevie Nicks" at one point during the song.

  • On the March 18th re-run of the STYLE network TV show How Do I Look? Gina, a pastors wife, gets a makeover from her Renaissance clothing. Several pictures of Stevie are shown as a comparison to Gina and her style.

  • Stevie and her brother Chris were sighted in the audience at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on March 14th.

  • In an article on nbc4tv.com about an Army Ranger's dog the following sighting was found:
    "Sara Poet of the Heart is the canine companion of Army Ranger Nick Lozano, who shattered his spine during a training jump.
    The dog, whose name was inspired by the Fleetwood Mac song, escaped Feb. 5 from the Best Western Oxnard Inn on Oxnard Boulevard. The lost dog was found Tuesday after she was struck by a car."

  • In an article about artist Alexandra Nechita, the following sighting was found:
    "Her talent and service have also been recognized by a number of celebrities. David Letterman, Stevie Nicks and former President Clinton, have all purchased Nechita's paintings."

  • The STYLE network had a pre-Oscar show while watching those on the red carpet, hosted by Finola Hughes. She interviewed several guests, one being "Ant," a comedian, who were making comments as the stars walked by. When Gwenyth Paltrow arrived, Ant made the comment that she must have borrowed her earrings from Stevie Nicks (they were absolutely beautiful!).

  • The San Francisco Chronicle's website had a January 31st article about crucial albums that have not been released on CD. It included the following:

    "The outstanding debut album by Stevie Nicks and partner Lindsey Buckingham paved the way to their joining Fleetwood Mac and sounds more like "Rumours" than any of Mac's previous records.. "

  • On February 23rd a re-run of a BBC comedy show called "THE MIGHTY BOOSH" there was a Fleetwood Mac mention. There was a guy with headphones on and his boss was trying to talk to him and the conversation was:
    The Boss; "Are you listening to me?"
    Headphones Guy: "I'm listening to Fleetwood Mac"
    The Boss: "Arr... Rumours"
    Headphones Guy: "Tusk"

  • There is a Merrill Lynch commercial which is airing across the US which contains snippets of the Fleetwood Mac song, The Chain.

  • In a Washington Times article about Rolling Stone's keyboardist Chuck Leavell, the following was found:
    What would Neil Young's "Southern Man" be without Nils Lofgren's chugging piano chords? The Beatles' "Get Back" without Mr. Preston's electric piano solo? John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" and the Who's "Getting in Tune" without Mr. Hopkins' gentle tunefulness? The Stones' "Brown Sugar" without Bobby Keys' wonderfully sloppy saxophone solo? Or Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen" without Waddy Wachtel's propulsive staccato guitar riff?

  • An article about Sandra Bernhard on MSNBC's website had the following:
    Q: Okay, on a totally different note, I’ve seen you perform twice, and both times you’ve waxed poetic about Stevie Nicks. One time about visiting her house and finding scarves draped all over. So tell me — how well do you really know her?
    A: I have a medium relationship with Steve Nicks. I’ve hung out with her. I interviewed her for MTV. I see her whenever she’s around. I love her and she knows I love her. I always throw something about Stevie in all my shows.

  • On the ESPN Web site page "The Hook UP", Dale Earnhardt, JR is featured and he says he listened to Fleetwood Mac growing up.

  • In the book “The 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”, by Steven Jay Schneider, on page 681, Stevie Nicks is credited as supplying music for the film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.

  • In the February 2005 Issue of Northwest Airlines Magazine (NWA World Traveler), there is a picture of Stevie and the Fleetwood Mac Song "Say You Love Me" on one of the playlists.

  • In a review of the Ashley Simpson Album, LaLa, on top40-charts.com the writer, Jenny, says "I'm a big fan of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. I like every song Stevie has ever sang and even sing songs like, "Stand Back" while I make some breakfast in the famous nook in the morning."

  • The January 30th issue of The NY Daily News has a Life magazine section which has a picture puzzle feature was about a recent rock and roll memorabilia auction at Christie's in NY. It had several items and you had to guess what the items sold for. There is a picture of a white Stevie Nicks "Rhiannon" dress that was auctioned off for $11,950.00.

  • This week's People magazine (Jan 29) has a Crest ad that shows events from the 1950's to the 2000s It lists major events in movies, tv, fads, music etc. In the music section for the 70's it lists the Rumours album.

  • On VH1's "I Love the 90's" part deux 1998 Stevie's appears in the "Everyday" video.

  • In an article from the January 11, 2005 "Floridian" newspaper entitled, "Go Your Own Way" there is a small picture of Stevie and Lindsey along with the following paragraph:
    "On a recent visit with family in Nashville, we [author of the article, Gina Vivinetto] drove past gigantic homes owned by country music greats George Jones, Dolly Parton and honeybuns Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. We saw landmarks, such as the famed Bluebird Cafe where Vince Gill got his start. But the most stirring musical moment of the trip came via the television when my uncle slipped Fleetwood Mac's 1997 live concert disc "The Dance" into the DVD player. The song was "Silver Springs". Aunt Shirley leaned into the TV with a mischievous grin, "Watch this," she told us. "You're not going to believe it." We watched as Stevie Nicks sang lyrics aimed at her ex-lover and bandmate standing beside her, Lindsey Buckingham, all about a new love of his. Then she lowers the boom with a musical curse: "I'll follow you down 'til the sound of my voice will haunt you - you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you." Nicks erupts. She turns to Buckingham, screaming: "You'll never get away, never get away!" We paused the DVD, and all exhaled. Wow. How long ago did those two break up? Can you imagine being in a band with someone who broke your heart? Going through that kind of emotion, singing songs about each other? Reliving the agony? Stevie and Lindsey split in 1977, and she still looked furious after 20 years. Why would anyone put themselves through that? Wouldn't you have to be crazy?

  • Stevie was spotted on the 10th row at the Joe Cocker show at the Maui Cultural Arts Center on Sunday, January 9, 2005.

  • The Alice Echols book about Janis Joplin titled Scares of Sweet Paradise mentions Stevie being influenced by Janis on page 310.

  • The TV commercial for Halifax, Nova Scotia's 96.5 Easy Listening/Classic Rock radio station, includes the song "Don't Stop" and a picture of Mick and Stevie on the cover of Rumours.

  • In an article on eye.com about artist Katherine Bernhardt the following was found in reference to the title of one of her art shows:
    Her new show at Greener Pastures is called "Women of the Forest," a title that seems particularly self-referential given Bernhardt's "primitivist" style, which recalls Kirchner, Picasso, Basquiat and Baselitz in alternately hostile and jokey ways. "Women of the Forest" could also work as the title of a Stevie Nicks song.

  • In the booklet of the cd Arival by Alannah Myles (release date March 24, 1998) she states that Fleetwood Mac is one of her influences and inspiration for her album.

  • In a year-end review of 2004 concerts in Green Bay, WI., the site at www.greenbaypressgazette.com has a quote from Mick Fleetwood, and also had Landslide listed as a stand-out song.

  • On the new documentary, Patsy Cline's daughter states that she considers it an honor for her mother's records to hold legendary standing with such artists as The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac & Elvis Presley, all whom she grew up listening to as a fan.

  • On December 28, John Rooney, on the national radio broadcast of the Iowa State vs. Miami of Ohio Independence Bowl, inadvertently called Iowa State running back Stevie Hicks, Stevie Nicks. He later, toward the end of the game, added that he had tried all night to avoid calling him Stevie Nicks, but that it was terribly difficult not to do so. Stevie Hicks, by the way, led all players in rushing in the game, which Iowa State

  • The 10:00 broadcast of the January 1st Fox 5 News (NY Metro area) had a 2004 Recap where the song "Trouble in Shangri La" was used as background music during the segment recapping Martha Stewart's trial.

  • According to the Dec 28th Hawaii Midweek, Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood were guests at a 50th birthday celebration at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea last week.

  • In a Dec 26th article about Christmas with the Troops in the Press Herald, the following was found:
    There was nonstop music: Bruce Springsteen's "Merry Christmas, Baby," Stevie Nicks' "Silent Night," Sting's "Gloria."

  • In an article from VOA News, The following was found in the Facts from the Past section:

    12/31/74 - Drummer Mick Fleetwood invited Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham to join Fleetwood Mac. After the two accepted, Nicks was quoted as saying, "He called us up, sight unseen. We could have been the two biggest jerks he'd ever seen."

  • In the Dec. 11th episode of Saturday Night Live, featuring Colin Farrel and the Scissor Sisters, a skit featuring Colin Farrell where every verb spoken ended in "ack" included him holding up a "shellacked plaque of Fleetwood Mac."

  • On the GAC (Great American Country) Channel this month they are featuring an hour concert special by Trick Pony. The second to last song is a nice cover of "Rhiannon."

  • The Butler University website had an article about the Make-A-Wish sponsored event Karaoke for the Kids which had the following:
    "After the tallies were in for the contest winners, Kelli courageously sang “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac on the stage, complete with hand and arm motions, generating a standing ovation."

  • The Omaha radio station CD 105.9 has Fleetwood Mac listed as a current favorite band. (Omaha area Stevie fans love this station)

  • At the Kiss My Brass Bette Midler concert in Phoenix on Saturday, November 27 Bette said "I never do this, but there's someone special in the audience tonight. I never do this, but she's such a great musician, a great singer, really, the voice of her generation. Everybody, Stevie Nicks is in the audience. Can we get a spotlight on her? I don't know where she's sitting." After a moment, Bette jokingly said, "Oh, she's left for her car already."

  • In a November 30th article on the Arizona Republic website about Phoenix the following was found:
    "It's such a low-key, livable place that native Stevie Nicks still calls it home, Paula Abdul just bought a place here, and the boom in hip shops and hotels makes this former frontier town feel downright civilized..."

  • In a Press & Sun Bulletin article about Kenny Loggin's career, the following was found:
    "Loggins' solo career hit new heights, thanks to this catchy duet with Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks..."

  • The Nov 27 to Dec 3 edition of Canada's TV Guide had the following:
    Fleetwood Mac - Destiny Rules - Warner
    Aside from offering behind-the-scenes footage of two of the best songwriters of our generation, it also reveals the politics of the music business as the band debates how to make a marketable album and stay true to their art.

  • On the TV Guide website in a blurb about Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model the following was found: "...Then Carmen Electra walks out in her best Stevie Nicks "Stand Back" dress ..."

  • In a PBS interview with Chris Isaak about his Christmas album the following sighting was found:
    "Aside from his longtime collaborators Kenney Dale Johnson (drums, vocals), Rowland Salley (bass, vocals) and Hershel Yatovitz (guitar, vocals), Chris was joined for the recording studio festivities by Stevie Nicks. "She was amazing," says Chris. "She has the same vocal quality as Buck Owens. No matter how softly she sings, you can still hear her voice. And while she was singing, she kept time by slapping her leg with her hand. She added her own percussion and we kept that on the record."

  • The Dec. 6 issue of People Magazine has the following mention of one of Stevie's old dresses to be auctioned off at Christie's on Dec 17:
    Stevie's Goddess Gown
    "This sequined, two-piece costume was worn by Stevie Nicks during a performance of "Rhiannon" in the 1970s. The hit song was about a mythological goddess."

  • In the linear notes for Vanessa Carlton's new CD, Harmonium, it reads...."Stevie Nicks- I keep your words close."

  • In the current special issue of Rolling Stone (#963) there is a list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Song #119 is “Go Your Own Way”, with a picture of Stevie Nicks under the caption: “Quintessential Fleetwood Mac: “I very much resented him telling the world that ‘packing up, shacking up’ with different men was all I wanted to do,” said Stevie Nicks of this Buckingham kiss-off.”

    “Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)” is listed at #488 with a picture of the record single. The caption reads “The Legend of Rhiannon is about the song of the birds that take away pain,” Nicks said in 1980. “That’s what music is to me. I don’t want any pain.” After reading about the Welsh witch Rhiannon, Nicks wrote this song for her, saying “If I didn’t know she was a mythological character, I would think she lived down the street.”

  • In a November 17th article in the Times-Picayune about New Orleans night life, the following sighting is found after a mention of Peter Green:
    "Of course, this was in the days before Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham took Fleetwood Mac from playing converted cotton warehouses to football stadiums..."

  • A recent VH1 special “Retrosexual: Sex in the 1980s” hour 3 called “Taboos” included the song “Little Lies” when discussing the affairs of political figures and evangelists.

  • On the Nov 16 Yahoo online games crossword puzzle, "Stevie" was the answer to #49 Down "Singer Nicks of Fleetwood Mac". The name of the crossword puzzle is "Wow".

  • On "A Prairie Home Companion," a public radio program from Minnesota Public Radio, The following was heard: A sketch about a man talking to a distraught hair cutter, the woman said, "I made men look like Stevie Nicks and women look like Jon Bon Jovi..."

  • In an interview on the Hour website, Jonas was asked what inspired him to record Stevie Nicks' classic Edge of Seventeen. "We wanted to do a combination of original songs and other people's songs - not covers," Jonas explains. "Then we had [space for] an extra song and decided to throw in a cover. Edge of Seventeen was written from the perspective of a woman. So we decided to turn it around, make it from a man's point of view. Plus I love Stevie and Fleetwood Mac. Doing Edge of Seventeen was a tribute to my old club life at [now-defunct legendary afterhours dance club] Sona after 6 a.m."

  • In a Florida Today article about the Space Coast State Fair in Cocoa the following was found: "A few feet away, a band played a near-note-for-note version of Fleetwood Mac's classic song, "Dreams," enhancing the bar-like mood of the tent with the song's haunting lyrics about a relationship gone sour."

  • The Chambersburg, PA branch of Harley Davidson has on their in-store videos the Live In Boston version of "Stand Back."

  • In a review of the Butchies' Make Yr Life on afterellen.com the following sighting was found:
    "Trouble” rocks out like something the Wilson sisters of Heart would use as an encore. It has a quality reminiscent of those earlier rock ladies like Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde."

  • In a review of Rachel Fuller's new album on blogs.com, the following was found:
    "If you like music of Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Paula Cole or melodic sensibility of Stevie Nicks, you will love Rachel Fuller "Cigarettes & Housework" new album."

  • During the bottom of the 7th inning at the World Series on Oct 23, after returning from a commerical break, FOX Sports showed a montage of plays by the Red Sox from the previous innings to the music of "Stand Back."

  • On CMT's "20 Really Embarrassing Video Moments" the Dixie Chicks remake of "Landslide" is #19. IN addition to clips of the video, shots of Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and Christine McVie are included.

  • On the website for DL Brown's Girl Detective has a recomendations page which lists Trouble in Shangi-La with the caption: "And they said she would never fly again! Magical, mystical and moody-everything I always liked about Stevie. I wish she'd try her hand at a couple of Gaelic songs (seriously!)" See the Girl Detective website.

  • While talking about the strength and power of Highway 101's lead singer, Paulette Carlson, country singer Patti Loveless stated in a CMT interview that Paulette was Country Music's version of Stevie Nicks.

  • In "Fashion Rocks," a supplement to "Lucky October 2004" in the article "Wild Ones - Pivotal moments in rock fashion" by Carol Leggett the following was found:

    American splendor
    The Moment: Around 10 p.m. on August 16, 1969, day two of Woodstock, Janis Joplin materialized onstage in full tie-dyed regalia — an armful of bangles, her long loose hair flying in the wind — and mesmerized the audience with her cosmic style.
    The Look: Vintage! Obsessed with keeping her style unique, she scoured thrift shops and friends' closets, locating special pieces, customizing them with embroidery and beading and piling on the accessories (she like the jangle of jewelry.)
    The Legacy: The gypsy boho look adopted by Janis was seconded by Jimi Hendrix. David Crosby and Neil Young courted the American cowboy variety: buckskins, sideburns and boots. Jim Morrison took it down to the fundamentals — leather pants, snakeskin, heavy belts and black from head to toe — while Grace Slick pioneered early Goth; later Stevie Nicks made witchy-hippie leather and lace mandatory for all style icons of all generations including Amy Lee of Evanescence.

  • The discount superstore, Costco, in Los Angeles areas, shows the video of "Landslide" (entire song) from the "Live in Boston," DVD on their widescreen HD TV's on display in stores. It is in regular rotation, and shows on all the display TV's at the same time.

  • An article about aging in the September 22nd Asbury Park Press the followiing sighting was found:

    To top it all off that same weekend I attended a Fleetwood Mac concert with about 5,000 other former hot-little numbers, many dressed to emulate the sultry Stevie Nicks.

    I was fascinated by the timing of it all when Stevie, another middle-age plus of her former hot-little-number self, helped me put my quandary to rest when she sang:

    Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?
    Can I handle the seasons of my life?
    I don't know
    Well, I've been afraid of changing
    but time makes you bolder
    even children get older
    and I'm getting older, too.

    Ironically, Stevie was only 27 years old when she first recorded "Landslide" in 1975.

  • The following sighting was found in a article about Sandra Bernhard in Redlands Daily Facts:
    "Bernhard became interested in music as a child through her older brothers and says her favorites range from Stevie Nicks to Joan Jett and moody music ..."

  • At their September 19 performance of “Kiki and Herb Will Die for You” at Carnegie Hall, Kiki and Herb did a beautiful rendition of “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.”

  • The September 19, 2004 CBS News Sunday Morning had a preview for a fashion story (video of models on the runway) which featured the song Dreams for the audio track.

  • The song "Thrown Down" plays on rotation at Outback Steakhouses in South Jersey

  • This week's crossword puzzle on billboard.com features Stevie. The clue for 52 across says "Nicks on Stage" and the answer is "Stevie."

  • On September 19th the show Cold Case ended with Stevie's song Leather and Lace.

  • The Howard Stern show on September 17th had some comments on Stevie and Lindsey. Howard saw the Live in Boston PBS special and said that without a doubt Lindsey is the most underrated guitar player. He also said how good the concert was and how Stevie and Lindsey after all of these years still had chemistry. He talked how Stevie dedicated Lanslide to him and how she was massaging Lindsey's neck during the song. He thought it was a real life Soap Opera.

  • At the Don Henley concert on September 18th in Tulsa, OK, Don mentioned Stevie when introducing the song "Witchy Woman."

  • There is an article about Fleetwood Mac with quotes from Stevie and Lindsey in the current issue of Rolling Stone. The issue is celebrating "Covers" and the cover photo is of Fleetwood Mac in bed together.

  • The song “The Chain” was in a promo for a new 10 part series on HBO called “Family Bonds.”

  • Fleetwood Mac is mentioned in articles about Christine McVie's new album in the New York Post and New York Daily News on September 14th.

  • There is a 4 page article about Stevie's Phoenix home in Sept. 13th, 2004 issue of In Touch Weekly magazine.
  • In the August 2004 issue of Blender magazine (page 42) there is an interview with Joe Perry of Aerosmith and he is asked "Best rumor about yourself ?" Answer: "Stevie Nicks was carrying my baby".

  • The current American Way inflight magazine (Aug 1, 2004 issue) had Stevie Nick's "Bella Donna" album listed in the entertainment section as a listening choice along with a brief description and photo of the album cover.

  • The August 27th episode of Guiding Light had Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" playing in one of the scenes.

  • The book by Susan Sizemore titled I Thirst For You mentions Stevie singing about sorcerers and sapphires.

  • The Carly Simon Anthology has the following in the liner notes by Jack Mauro:

    "I was now a (shaving) boy with a purpose in the record palaces, circumventing life-size displays of Fleetwood Mac and cardboard cutouts of The Eagles with the surefootedness of a square dancer. The Fleetwood Mac wasn't easy, either, what with the extra width of a Stevie Nicks cape to bypass. . . in no time at all I had adopted the adroit trademark of the Carly Simon seeker at the record stores. . ."

  • In the recent issue of Q Magazine, The Chain and Rhiannon were among the 101 greatest songs on their list.

  • "Thrown Down", "Say You Will", and "Steal Your Heart Away" are in heavy rotation at Payless supermarkets in Southwest Virginia.

  • In an article about Style in the August 16th Chicago-Sun Times the following sighting was found:

    Inspiration: Mockers of mainstream culture of the '60s. No prissy separates for this group. These free-spirited folks loosen up with oversized shapes, brightly colored separates and scarves. Think Stevie Nicks crooning "Sara" and "Rhiannon" and you're there.

  • A review of Del Castillo Live from the Aug 9, 2004 Des Moines Register included the following:

    "...The dual guitars of brothers Rick and Mark del Castillo provided the instrumental virtuosity, while hyperkinetic frontman Alex Ruiz supplied the rock star flash, twirling like a Chicano Stevie Nicks."

  • At the "Trick Pony" Concert in St. Joseph, Mi., during their annual Venetian Festival, the lead singer of the group, (Heidi Newfield), perfoemed a cool version of Rhiannon.

  • The Windy City Times website had an article which had the following sighting when referring to the band Scissor Sisters:

    "The lead singer Jake Shears sounds like a mix of a young Elton John and the Bee Gees, while the other lead vocalist Ana Matronic is clearly inspired by Stevie Nicks."

  • The July 2004 edition of Classic Rock magazine has a section on "100 Greatest Frontmen." Stevie is #50.

  • In the book, The Lifestory of MaryKate and Ashley Olsen Collectors Edition, on page 80, there's an article w/ Ashlee and Jessica Simpson. Ashlee says that she listens to 70's and 80's rock bands such as The Pretenders and Stevie Nicks.

  • In a July 30th article on Boston.com about singer Angela McCluskey the followiing was found:

    "When McCluskey sings on tracks such as the drowsy, blues-inspired 'Sleep on It,' her voice hovers in the air as a passionate and smoky croon. It's rich and velvety, and has been described as Stevie Nicks meets Macy Gray meets Billie Holiday."

  • YM magazine had a style section with chiffon and lace in their September 2004 issue which had the following caption:

    "A true Stevie Nicks wannabe would also have a tambourine."

  • Stevie is mentioned, and her picture shown a couple of times on the E! True Hollywood Story: Young Divas (features Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavine, etc.) Which premiered on Sunday 7-18-04. They mention that she was one of the divas of the 70's that paved the path for the those of today.

  • In an article on lucire.com about fashion designer Cynthia Steffe, the following Stevie mention is found:
    "She seemed to be evoking that Stevie Nicks–Gypsy feeling with her evening pieces, especially apparent in her strapless gold velvet slip dress, and her black velvet–venise cutaway dress with lace side insets."

  • In an article on lucire.com about fashion designer Raika D., the following Stevie mention is found:
    "Other stand-out pieces in the collection include... her ode to Stevie Nicks, the queen of the Gypsies (a bohemian print high–low skirt paired with a mohair print sweater)..."

  • In Ottawa, Canada the local Classic Radio station CHEZ 106 has a TV Ad for the station which shows a video clip of Stevie and Tom Petty singing Stop Dragging My Heart Around.

  • The Boston Globe has an article about young overachievers which includes the following:
    "...Romanian-born Alexandra Nechita, who began drawing at age 2, moved on to acrylics and oils by 7, and had a one-girl show at 8 at a Los Angeles library. Nechita is now all of 18 and has been dubbed the "Petite Picasso" -- she's an abstract cubist -- and her work is collected by Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman as well as by former president Bill Clinton and witchy woman Stevie Nicks."

  • The August issue of Lucky magazine has a gypsy-inspired fashion page which includes a pair of velvet boots that are noted as being "very Stevie Nicks."

  • In an interview with the Valley Independent, singer Danielle Barbe of the band Eye C Snakes said:
    "A lot of people say that I sound kind of like Stevie Nicks, but I don't know, it's just me, I think it's unique."

  • On their tour, Berlin does a cover of "Dreams" in a medley with their song "No More Words." Teri Nunn of Berlin has stated Stevie Nicks is her favorite singer.

  • The MSN website had the following mention below a photo of Alicia Silverstone:
    When Lace Attacks: Look, we know it's gotta be tough for Alicia Silverstone to find clothes that conform to her very strict animal-friendly policy, but that doesn't mean she should wear cast-offs seemingly picked up at Stevie Nicks' garage sale. The "Miss Match" star is a disgrace in black lace and achieves new heights of cluelessness with those grotesque, dangling sleeves that look more itchy than witchy.

  • The June issue of Attitude magazine has are two Stevie Sightings:

    On page 50 in an article/interview with the Scissor Sisters the article reads:
    "In some deranged, gender-reversed, groovy evocation of peak era Fleetwood Mac, its as if Jake and Ana are playing the Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham roles"

    On page 38 in an interview with Carrie Fisher, a question reads:
    "In your novels you're constantly mentioning songs on the radio - from Stevie Nicks to Cole Porter. Is this reflective of the Fisher CD track?"

  • For Monday June 21, Fleetwood Mac is featured on the AOL homepage. There are links to photos, a discography, a biography, and performance clips. The homepage headline reads "Get Caught in the Landslide."

  • The June 17th Jackson Clarion Ledger had an article about the passing of publisher Bill Hunsberger. The article begins with "Three weeks ago, Bill Hunsberger drove six hours in the pouring rain to see singer Stevie Nicks perform in Nashville, Tenn."

  • Fleetwood Mac is listed as #28 on Forbes top 100 celebrity power list. There is a picture of Stevie with the list.

  • The June 2004 episode of SPIN magazine has the following three sightings:
    1.Pg. 29
    Lollapoalooza 2004: Two-Dollar Bill, Y'all!
    To destinguish the 9th Lollapalooza, the summer festival of rock and oddities will take place over 2 days instead of one. "In honor of Thomas Jefferson, the man whose face is graces the 2 dollar bill, Lollapalooza presents Americas first traveling 'two day bill,' " says tour founder Perry Ferrel. The lineup includes Morrissey, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth, the Flaming Lips, and the Polyphonic Spree. To facilitate an extra day of "mischeif," Ferrel promises lower ticket prices and the "sprit of the gypsy." Somewhere, Stevie Nicks is very confused.

    2. Pg. 32
    HEAVY ROTATION- What's blasting from the SPIN offices this month.
    FLEETWOOD MAC (Warner Bros.) This 1976 supergem remains an overlooked masterpiece (probably because it sold "only" 5 million copies, roughly 14 million fewer than 1977's Rumours). "Blue Letter" is still the best coke fueled pop song ever written about reading the mail. (Chuck Klosterman, senior writer)

    3. Pg.52
    THE SPIN 20 06,O4
    The following records have not yet been remixed with Jay-z's black album... Abba's Waterloo and Fleetwood Macs Tusk

  • In issue 951 of Rolling Stone, they list the 50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll. For the moments between 1976/1977 on page 136, "Fleetwood Mac's ultimate Seventies rock album" Rumours is listed. There is a group picture of the band circa 1977, and a smaller photo of Stevie Nicks singing, with the caption "Everyone was so stoned," says Stevie Nicks. "But in a good way."

  • In the June 3, 2004 edition of Phoenix’s Echo Magazine (www.echomag.com), there is an interview w/ singer Tiffany which contains the following quote:

    “The singer-songwriter Tiffany looks up to for inspiration on longevity, grace, and style is the Valley’s own Stevie Nicks. ‘Of all female musicians she is the one I admire most,’ Tiffany said. ‘For men it would have to be Sting.’”

  • On page 78 of the June 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Fleetwood Mac's Soundstage special is written up in the "What To Watch" section

  • Stevie is mentioned in the following books:

    If She should Die
    by Carlene Thompson
    Exerpt from book:
    "... I put in a compact disc and the song "Rhiannon;" by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, cut through the warm, quiet night. She'd chosen the newer version with the lilting piano introduction. It was Dara's favorite new song with it's haunting melody and lyrics and she played it endlessly. ..."

    Running with Scissors: A Memoir
    by Augusten Burroughs (Paperback )
    Excerpt from page 175 "... we practiced upstairs in Natalie's room by singing along to Stevie Nicks albums. The problem was, Stevie was sometimes hard to understand ..."

    Dry: A Memoir
    by Augusten Burroughs (Hardcover )
    • Excerpt from page 131 "I never would have pegged you for a Stevie Nicks fan." I glare at him."

    Detour: My Bipolar Road Trip in 4-D
    by Lizzie Simon
    Author thanks many people amoung them is Stevie Nicks. Here is the quote:
    "Thank you Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks. Thank you ..."

  • Fleetwood Mac was on the cover of the June issue of Hartford magazine. Read the cover story.

  • The Daily Herald had an interview with Billy Corgan by Neuqua Valley High School music students who asked about his dream band. He listed the following: Jimi Hendrix on lead guitar, Smashing Pumpkins' Jimmy Chamberlin on drums, Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones on bass, Stevie Nicks on tambourine and Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes on keyboards.

  • The May 27th edition (weekend edition) of the Journal News had the following:
    You can never break the chain If you'd taken a survey a few years back and asked people what band was most likely to make it out of the '70s alive, NO ONE would have picked Fleetwood Mac. But here they are, still trucking along in support of the remastered release of "Rumors"(and still just as cantankerous as ever — did you see that VH1 special? They just SCREAM at each other), and although Christine McVie is way missed, we always did like Stevie Nicks better. Still can't get our hair to do that, though. Her hair is something special.

  • Stevie was mentioned on the May 26th Fox and Friends. Juliette Huddy was interviewing Pat Benatar and made the following comment: "You were in a league of your own with women in rock. You and Stevie Nicks were the original female rock stars and it is amazing that both of you continue to bring the house down when you preform."

  • On May 26th, the Channel 2 Weatherman in New York City, Dave Price, wished a happy 56th birthday to Stevie Nicks.

  • In a review for Over the Rhine's (http://www.overtherhine.com) new double album "Ohio", POP MATTERS writes "They've made their TUSK and it's perfect!".

  • The song, Leather and Lace, was played at the last few minutes of the show Cold Case which aired 5/23/04.

  • Pulsetc.com has an article on The Violettes who says the follwoing about lead singer Sarah Khan: "The law student/vocalist grew up musically influenced equally by her Pakistani father (a fan of both The Bee Gees and Indian pop), her love of Karen Carpenter's and Stevie Nicks' throaty pipes..."

  • The May 15th episode of Saturday Night Live had a skit about Pat and Patti's Backpack Shack. In the skit the Pat and Patti sold backpacks to celebrities that rhymed with "Backpack Shack." The celebrities included Jack Black and Fleetwood Mac.

  • In a Sioux City Journal review of the movie 'VAN Helsing', the following Stevie mention was found: "... movie gives us werewolves, Frankenstein's monster, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, some Stevie Nicks-like muses and the pods from Alien."

  • Michael Sneed's column in the Thursday, May 13th edition of the Chicago Sun-Times had the following: "Singer Stevie Nicks was spotted at RL Tuesday night eating a filet and drinking iced tea."

  • Fleetwood Mac's 1975 album was featured on the UK Radio 2 station on May 8th. You can hear a repeat of the show on the radio2 website.

  • The May 9th San Francisco Chonicle mentions Stevie in the Datebook section in film critic Mick LaSalle's weekly Q&A. "When I was a teenager, the cultural impact of film stars paled next to that of people like Elton John, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Pete Townshend, Stevie Nicks..."

  • Goodbye Baby played at the very end of the Dateline (Katie Couric and Matt Lauer) "Friends - The Final Farewell" special on NBC on May 5th.

  • May 3rd issue of People magazine has a mention of Stevie in reference to the movie "Gypsy83."

  • In a recent episode of "King of Queens" Doug and Carrie remember the night they first met, and in Doug's apartment there is a poster with the Fleetwood Mac "Tango in the Night" artwork on one of the walls.

  • In an article about the Scissor Sisters in The Sydney Morning Herald the following was found regarding their cover of a Pink Floyd song:
    "...Comfortably Numb has a memorable, pulsing intro. It sounds like the riff from Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, or from Stevie Nicks's classic." Edge of Seventeen.

  • In Rolling Stone Issue #948, there is a Q&A with the Darkness' Justin Hawkins. He mentions that he grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac. There is another mention on page 38 in an ad promoting Blimpie's Summer of Live, that includes the best concerts of last summer on interactive CD lids. One of the bands featured is Fleetwood Mac.

  • Fleetwood mac is mentioned a couple of times on the University of Southern California website regarding their participation in Tusk.

  • On the April 28th Live with Regis & Kelly show actress Christine Lathi came out from back stage as they played Edge of Seventeen.

  • In an interview with Darkness member Justin Hawkins on Rollingstone.com, the following question was asked:

    Who, in your opinion, has been the most important member of Fleetwood Mac?
    JH: "I think Lindsey Buckingham's guitar playing is genius, and Stevie Nicks' voice is really unusual. If you could have the head of Stevie and the body of Lindsey, that would be the most important member. "

  • The May 2004 issue of Spin (The Ultimate List Issue) has the following two mentions:

    1. Rumours is listed as the #7 best selling album of all time (19 million) with the caption (Page 74): "Baby boomers did a lot of coke in the 80’s"

    2. In the category Six Misguided Attempts to Falsify Rock History, #1 is "Gypsy Lyric: So I’m back to the velvet underground. Fact: Stevie was never a member of the velvet underground."

  • The latest issue of Columbia House Music catalog features the Fleetwood Mac Say You Will album. There is a photo of the band and and ad that says: "Reunion Album! Say You Will - 100+ million CDs sold! Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham unite on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honoree's first all-original album featuring both stars since '87 - and first album in 6 years. Peacekeeper; Steal Your Heart Away and guest Sheryl Crow prove they still make hits that define moments."

  • In a paid programming for a new cd called "Legends: The Sounds of the 70s", one of several CD cases had Stevie Nicks' face on its cover among others. The Legends CD contains "Go Your Own Way".

  • Rooms on Fire, the club version, is on the April playlist at Abercrombie and Fitch stores.

  • Chili's Restaurants in Texas, Virginia and other states are playing the song "Thrown Down" in regular rotation.

  • This April 2004 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has a review for the Playstation 2 game Drakengard with a graphic which contains the caption: "Stevie Nicks said it best: In the Battle of the Dragon, Noone walks away." See the graphic.

  • In Rolling Stone Issue 947, there is a section on upcoming albums (In the Studio, page 24). Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore says that their politically charge track "Peace Attack" 'sounds like Fleetwood Mac's Rumours...

  • On the April 10th episode of NPR's "Wait, Wait - Don't Tell Me" show panelists were asked to guess the correct (true) Stevie "story". Included were a story about a new Special Edition Stevie Nicks mini-van complete with moons and stars back seat divider, crystal ball on the gearshift and much, more; a Stevie Nicks worshipping cult with 50 members complete with tamborines; a website with art by Johanna Pieterman where one can have one's picture painted "with" Stevie. The correct story was Johanna's Art.

  • The Applebee's Restaurant in Royal Palm Beach, FL. has a photo of Stevie holding and her bird on the wall.

  • On pages 73-74 of the April 9 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is a write-up on VH-1 that includes a lengthy mention of Fleetwood Mac: Destiny Rules. The writer refers to the special as "remarkable" and suggests that viewers email VH-1 requesting them to rerun it. There is also a small photo of Stevie.

  • In the new Rolling Stone magazine (issue #946), there is a 4 page ad for Best Buy featuring models with band names written on their face and hands. One of the female models (on page 80) has Fleetwood Mac written on her left hand. The ad refers to the "digital music revolution."

  • Stevie was seen at the Prince concert at the Staples Center in LA and said a few words to the media about Prince. It was covered on "On Air with Ryan Seacrest," "E! Network," "MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olberman."

  • The April 4, 2004 issue of "In Touch Weekly" magazine has a small photo of Fleetwood Mac and the following mention:
    "Flashback: This week in 1977: Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart and stayed in the stop spot for 31 weeks…."

  • There is an interview with singer/songwriter Grace Millo in the January 2004 issue of She Magazine. When asked "If you could record a duet with anyone, who would it be?", her answer was Stevie Nicks! See the article.

  • The April 2004 issue of Playboy has a fashion section with models posing as various album covers. Rumours is one of the covers done, but it's called "Bloomers" by "FLeetwood Mac Daddy." (sorry, the models are wearing clothes)

  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website has a March 27th article on Spring fashion whi included the follwoing sighting:
    "Femininity is in, folks. The stores will be filled with ruffles and gossamer or, as The New York Times proclaimed, there is flou (pronounced flu). It's a 'Stevie Nicks-Aphrodite-Isadora Duncan, in a torn-butterfly Empress Josephine sort of way,' the paper said."

  • The April 2 issue of Entertainment Weekly (page 66), has is a write-up about the reissue of Rumours.

  • The book The Radioactive Boy Scout, by Ken Silverstein, is the true story of a Boy Scout who builds a nuclear reactor in his backyard in the mid-90's. On p. 104, Silverstein writes about the Boy Scout (David) and his first car:
    "David had picked up a taste for pop music from his mother, and he cruised through the suburbs with Heather, listening to Laura Branigan, Stevie Nicks, and local Detroit heroes Diana Ross and Madonna."

  • The song Landslide is played in the Liv Tyler movie Jersey Girl.

  • Volume 06 of the ski magazine, Freeze, had an ad for Power Gel which claimed "...if you apply it to your skin you'll immediately grow hair on your eyelids and begin reciting Stevie Nicks songs backward and in the nude."

  • In the latest issue of Rolling Stone (issue 945) there is a review of the reissues of Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, and Tusk. There is a picture of the band dating from 1976, with the caption: BIG MACS; Lindsey Buckingham's 3 great albums--"Fleetwood Mac," "Rumours," and "Tusk"--get a deluxe issue. Fleetwood Mac received 4.5 stars, Rumours got 5, and Tusk got 4 out of 5 stars.

  • In the E-online "Fashion Police" section, there is a picture of Lisa Marie Presley and the commentary states:

    "Lisa Marie Presley pulls a Stevie Nicks at the Fusion of Fashion and Music Rocks Melbourne bash. She tunes out in an ethereal waistline-masking black silk-and-chiffon frock and spike heels with, wait...are those attached leg warmers? Hope she's flipping that finger at her stylist. And is that a baby in her grocery basket, or just a late-night snack or six? Stand back, Stand back!"

  • In the April 2004 issue of Interview magazine there is an interview with Courtney Love where Ingrid Sischy asks Courtney: "Sounds romantic, like "Hold On to Me," your latest. Do you get a lot of people saying it evokes Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac?

  • In an article in Dallas Voice about the pop-punk rockers The Butchies, singer and guitarist Kaia Wilson was asked the question: "Which musicians did you admire when you decided that you wanted to be a rock star? I never decided I wanted to be a rock star — until right now, actually. But here’s a few that inspired me along the way: Stevie Nicks, Siouxsie and the Banshees..."

  • In a review of the School of Rock DVD on Up and Coming Magazine the following is found: "But what would a rock movie be without Hendrix, Zeppelin and Stevie Nicks?"

  • On March 22, Pete Bouchard, a meterologist @ WHDH Channel 7 in Boston, Mass said, when refering to the warm weather coming this week, "Stand Back, as Stevie Nicks would say, it's going to get warmer."

  • The band Jackpot has a song titled When We Get Together which has the following in the lyrics:
    "Well I'm sittin' here at work, wishin' I could sing like Stevie Nicks"

  • In "Uncle John's Unstoppable Bathroom Reader 16th Edition", there is a Stevie trivia question at the bottom pf pages 257&258. The question is: Q: Where does singer and songwriter Stevie Nicks do most of her writing? A: Where else? In the bathroom.

  • In the March 9th issue of USA Today, in the Pop Candy article in the Life section, columnist Whitney Matheson lists the top ten songs she's like to hear American Idol contestants sing. Her list included the following:
    6. Dreams or Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac. I'm still waiting for a Stevie Nicks wannabe to make it on Idol — on the current season, plain ol' Amy Adams might sound interesting if paired with lyrics like, "take your silver spoon/and dig your grave."
    * Tip for performers: Avoid Simon's gaze while singing the "rulers make bad lovers" verse. One glance and he might think it's a come-on.

  • There is a Mahjongg Solitaire game named "Rhiannon's Realm" is available for the Macintosh on the Apple download site.

  • In the Kevyn Aucoin book titled Face Forward there is a photo of Stevie on the back page.

  • In the March issue of Interview magazine, there is an interview with Deborah Harry and two other members of Blondie. The author writes that the band has a "fresh rash of Fleetwood Macish rumors to face down."

  • Issue 944 of Rolling Stone (Outkast on the cover) has the third annuel Rock's Rich List. Out of 50 of the biggest moneymakers of the year, Fleetwood Mac ranked 12th with $32.5 million, and with the caption:
    Fleetwood Mac drew a reported $750,000 a night guarantee for their 2003 tour. But after weak ticket sales in some markets, the band reportedly gave promoter Artist Entertainment Group twenty more dates than it had planned to do, to help the company make up any lost profits. Fleetwood Mac ended up playing to more than 800,000 people and grossing $69 million in the U.S. alone.

  • On the February 27th episode of the CBS show Joan of Arcadia, God asked Joan to join band at school and play drums. On her first day of band practice, they hand her sheet music that says "Tusk - Fleetwood Mac," and they start playing a terrible version of Tusk. Joan breaks a drumstick.

  • There is an article about Fleetwood Mac on the University of Wisconsin website

  • There is a five page article about Stevie in the March 2004 issue of Australian Women's Weekly magazine. The article titled Confessions of a Rock Chic, by Gavin Martin, has photos, including one full page photo.

  • Stevie was mentioned on page 109 of the The (Sydney) Magazine March 04, in the "box office" section under the heading Fleetwood Mac. There was also a color photo of Fleetwood Mac.

  • On the most recent "No Strings" show on The Tennis Channel, Jan-Michael Gambil is profiled. Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac are mentioned as musical favorites of his. He states that Stevie is "one of the few people in the world" that he would be nervous to meet.

  • On this week's broadcast of the syndicated radio show "Retro Pop Reunion" they were spotlighting artists who broke away from their groups to embark on solo careers. "Trouble" and "Stand Back" were played back-to-back; host Joe Cortez mentioned that Fleetwood Mac is going to be doing more U.S. shows starting in May; and they played a clip of Stevie comparing being in the studio to performing live.

  • For about the last three weeks Sean Hannity has been using music from Say You Will as lead in from the half hour and hour breaks in his nationally syndicated radio show.

  • In an article in USA Today, American Idol contestant Marisa Joy lists Fleetwood Mac as one of the artists she loves.

  • Stevie and Fleetwood Mac are mentioned in an article about Lindsey in the Sydney Morning Herald

  • In the book Still Waters, by author Jennifer Lauck, the following sightings were found:
    page 328:
    In the kitchen, I wait for the water to run from a rust color to clear at the sink, and Steve takes a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator. On the radio, a station plays the whole Rumors album of Fleetwood Mac, which Steve turns up because he spent a good share of his adolescence fantasizing about Stevie Nicks.

    page 329
    On the radio is a song I've never heard before, just a voice and a piano and the words "For you, there will be no more crying. For you, the sun will be shining."

  • Fry's Marketplace in Phoenix at 27th avenue and Bell has been playing Fleetwood Mac's Tango in the Night concert nonstop some days on their display TVs.

  • In a Reuters concert review of Evanescence, the following was found:
    "... In her wispy, flowing black skirt, constantly whipping long black hair and comfortable shoes, Lee is like Stevie Nicks reincarnated as a punk-goth whirling ..."

  • There's a two-page review of the upcoming Fleetwood Mac reissues in the March 2004 issue of Maxim Blender magazine (Jessica Simpson on the cover). There's also a nice B&W picture of the group, ca. 1975.

  • MSN.com had a story about the best and worst of the Grammy's and wrote the following:
    "Best hip-hop nod to Fleetwood Mac: Andre 3000's hiring of the USC Trojan Marching Band to back him on Hey Ya!"

  • The new issue of Uncut Magazine (Keith Richards on front), has the top 60 picks for Uncut Albums of the Year. Fleetwood Mac's Say You Will was number 20.

  • The February 9th issue of Encore (The Sunday Mail) has a cover photo and an article about Stevie.

  • The January 22, 2004 issue of the Christian Science Monitor (page 12) has the following reference to Fleetwood Mac in an article about 70/80's bands that are making comebacks:
    "Critics frown on the increasingly shallow talent pool of recent comeback kids. Fleetwood Mac and Heart have merit where, perhaps, Wilson Phillips and Camper Van Beethoven may not."

  • Abercrombie & Fitch stores will be playing the Stand Back remix from Linus Love over the next several weeks.

  • On the January 27th episode of Gilmore Girls, the character Lane was talking with her bandmates and says that she has always enjoyed Fleetwood Mac.

  • On the January 26th episode of The Sharon Osbourne show, Sheryl crow was talking about her musical influences. Mentioning Stevie's name got an ovation, and Sheryl went on to say that Stevie had been one of her major influences and described her as "soulful." Sharon then told the audience a story about Stevie. She said that when Ozzie had his accident, Stevie called her and offered to do anything for them, even take care of her little dog Minnie.

  • In a recent issue of Star magazine, there is a picture of Stevie on pg 92 (How Stars $pend). It shows Stevie under the heading "Stevie's Great Style" and the earrings she purchased for $2000.

  • On the September 27th morning show on KLBJ radio (Austin), filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Til Dawn, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Spy Kids, etc.) was being interviewed. He mentioned that his wife is pregnant and if they have a girl, they're thinking of naming her Rhiannon. One of the DJ's sang, "Rhiaaaaaanon," and said he thought that was a cool name, "very Fleetwood Mac-y."

  • MSN Entertainment online has a photo of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis with the following in the caption regarding Vanessa's attire:
    "...what to make of girlfriend Vanessa Paradis' flower child attire? Did the French actress get mugged and made over by Stevie Nicks?"

  • In an article about Wilson Phillips on USA Today, it is mentioned that they will cover a Fleetwood Mac song on their upcoming album Pacific Coast Highway.

  • In a review of a Sarah Brightman performance on the Star Telegram website on January 14th, the following Stevie sighting was found:

    "... She was elevated above the stage on a 15-foot hydraulic column, and wind machines made the layers of her gossamer capes billow, making her look like a cross between Stevie Nicks and one of Wagner's Rhinemaidens.

  • "The Hotpress Annual 2004", a music magazine printed in Ireland has a picture of Stevie (pg. 5) and a four page article about Mick entitled "2 Sticks and a Drum" starting on page 109. There are also photos of Fleetwood Mac from 1977 and 2003.

  • In the concert souvenir program for the current Bette Midler tour Stevie is mentioned.
    There is a humorous section written about one of Midler's on-stage characters, the mermaid Delores de Lago, a has-been singing star, and it states:
    However, she loved to party and according to close friend Stevie Nicks, "...if there was a vodka and an aquarium - Delores was there."

  • On the January 6th episode of Good Morning America the new Mercedes special commision model was shown and one of the back seat TVs in the headrest had Stevie singing on The Dance video.

  • During CBS' Rose Bowl Parade coverage, when they showed the USC Trojan marching band, Jann Carl mentioned that they had been presented with platinum album awards for their work on both Fleetwood Mac's Tusk and Dance albums.

  • Chrysalis, a charity for domestic abuse victims, offers a cookbook of recipies from Arizona celebrities, such as Stevie Nicks.

  • In a TV commercial for the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim the staff of Adult Swim were showing what artists were currently in their CD players. One of the staff members had Stevie Nicks in his.

  • The October, 2003 issue of Backpacker Magazine (page 93) has an ad for Say You Will. It is listed as being music that would appeal to outdoor adventurists.

  • In the 12/26/03 edition of the New York Daily News, music critic Jim Farber had his review in music 2003 and among the top concerts in the NY area he mentioned Fleetwood Mac's concert in Atlantic City.

  • The January 2004 issue of Q Magazine has a lengthy review of the November 10th Fleetwood Mac concert in Berlin. There are also photos of the band and fans.

  • Kohl's Department Stores has recently included various songs from Fleetwood Mac's Say You Will in their in-store music.

  • In an article from AOL Entertainment about 2003 tour revenues, Fleetwood Mac was listed as the fourth highest grossing tour this year with $69 million from 71 shows.

  • On the MTV show Cribs, Arron Carter was shown in his living room shuffling through what he said were "must have" albums. As he's going through the albums, the last one seen is Stevie's "Wild Heart" LP.

  • Stevie's name is on the members list at the Recording Artists Coalition website.

  • A recent commercial for Rhapsody shows a number of artists' posters being attached to a pole and wall. One of Stevie's posters is the last one on the pole after Neil Young's.

  • The biography for the Travel Channel's Samantha Brown includes the following:
    Q: If you could have dinner with any three people (living or nonliving), who would you like at your table?
    Christiane Amanpour, the CNN war correspondent, Stevie Nicks and one of my girlfriends (so we could freak out together about who we just had dinner with).

  • Stevie is mentioned in the book "When Character Was King: A Story of Ronald Reagan" by Peggy Noonan. Peggy describes President Reagan's daughter Patti Davis in this paragraph:

    "She is approaching middle age now, but doesn't look it. She was famous at twenty. It's more than two decades since, and she's different, of course, more mature, not the rebellious young woman. She is bright, aware, theatrical--I see her in my imagination as a kind of Stevie Nicks, in a shawl, twirling."

  • The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac album is the featured selection in the latest BMG Music mailing.

  • The January 2004 issue of Glamour magazine (page 160) has a photo of Stevie with the following:
    "DON'T wear a chiffon handkerchief dress to work. (Stevie Nicks, you're the exception here -- but the ONLY exception)."

  • The 2003 book 'Autobiography of a Fat Bride; True Tales of a Pretend Adulthood' by Laurie Notaro has the following sighting on page 87:
    The main character borrows her mother's old car, a 1984 300ZX. "I hate that car...I feel like a midget because it's so low to the ground, and I basically have to roll out of it. And, worst of all, when I'm driving it, I feel like Stevie Nicks. I constantly find the words "Stand back, stand back," "Chain, keep us together," and "TUSK!" running through my head, and on more than one occasion, I've had to look into the rearview mirror to convince myself that I'm not wearing a gauze dress, or have something tied around my head or silver sprinkly things on my face."

  • The following Dublin Traffic Report was in the Irish Times Newspaper: "Fleetwood Mac play in Point Theatre, November 19th & 20th, 8 p.m. Big attendance expected so traffic heavier along the North Quays, East Wall Rd and northbound at Eastlink Tollbridge."

  • Fleetwood Mac songs were played during the break before and after the opening act at Shania Twain's concerts this tour.

  • The November 26th edition of the Colorado Springs Gazette's crossword featured "Fleetwood Mac hit" for a clue. The answer was the song "Sara".

  • In Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time (issue # 937), "Rumours" is No. 25 and "Fleetwood Mac" is No. 183. There are short paragraphs about each of the albums.

  • The October 2003 issue of Lifetime magazine has a list of things to do on the weekend, which includes the following:
    "Start wig hunting now to dress up like Stevie Nicks for Halloween."

  • In an interview with Launch, drummer Paul Doucette of Matchbox Twenty, also nominated for Best Rock Group, said he feels Fleetwood Mac deserves to win the AMA award: "To put us in a category with Fleetwood Mac, I mean, Fleetwood Mac's, they're huge. They're Fleetwood Mac, man, give it to them. They've been around longer, they deserve it."

  • The latest UK edition of Classic Rock magazine has a full page photo of Stevie (and her dog) from 1975 on the "Fleetwood Mac' Tour. The photographer says that she was the hottest thing in music at the time and his job was to get as many photos as he could but she wouldn't put the dog down!

  • The latest issue of Mojo magazine in the UK has a six page article about the Tusk album and tour.

  • The November 15th issue of Billboard Magazine has a two-page ad for the BMI Country award Winners which features Landslide as song of the year.

  • Roger Ebert (movie critic) has a syndicated column called "The Answer Man." People write in with movie questions and comments. The most recent column had the following:

    Your "School of Rock" review needs a fix.
    Hearing, at your age, can play tricks.
    Joan Cusack, when drunk,
    mimicked not who you thunk.
    Change "Grace Slick into "Stevie Nicks."
    --Mike Spearns, Newfoundland.

    Roger replies:
    Your correction is gladly received
    In a poem as immortal as "Trees."
    I meant to say Nickster
    but wrote down the Slickster,
    So I'll waive all my usual fees.

  • The November 2003 issue of In Style magazine (with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover), has is a section titled, "Heads of State". It mentions that Stevie is a famous person from Arizona.

  • The November issue of the UK mag UnCut has two Stevie mentions. There is a brief mention in an article on Warren Zevon (page 36), and on page 168 there's a quarter-page ad for Fleetwood Mac's upcoming U.K. tour.

  • In a Salon.com interview, columnist Camille Paglia comments on Stevie's reaction to Madonna's kiss:
    "Great stars have to learn to age gracefully. I loved it when Stevie Nicks--who's a true artist--zinged Madonna for 'kissing girls half her age.' She was right."

  • The Fleetwood Mac song Say You Will is a featured album on US Airways flights.

  • The song "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac is played in the background on the VH1 show I Love The 80's - Flashback of 1987 during a discussion of the board game Scrupples.

  • The November issue of In Style magazine has a map of the U.S. (page 414) showing Celebrities who call different states their home. There is a picture of Stevie on the state of Arizona.

  • The song Edge of Seventeen is on the playlist on recent Aloha Airlines flights to the mainland.

  • On the VH1 show called the 40 Greatest Celebrity Feuds, fued #12 is Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding. While they are talking about the feud and the controversy surrounding them, the song Little Lies is played.

  • On page 65 of the October 30 issue of Rolling Stone, Sheryl Crow discusses her influence Linda Ronstadt. She says that she could see herself in Linda's place, whereas "to put on a pair of platforms and a shawl and pull off the whole Stevie Nicks thing--that seemed so much more mystical, and maybe impossible."

  • The October 17 issue of Entertainment Weekly has two sightings. On page 33, in the article on Jack Black and "School of Rock," it is mentioned that screenwriter Mike White dropped his favorite Fleetwood Mac song, "Never Going Back Again," from the movie after Joan Cusack decided she wanted to sing along to "Edge of Seventeen" for her big drunk scene. On page 24 of the special "Listen to This" section, there is a list of the Top 10 grossing tours, and Fleetwood Mac is No. 8 with a per-show average gross of $1,107,502.

  • The book Famous Builder by Paul Lisicky has the following quote (page 169):

    '...I bite my lower lip. "I'm making a record."
    "And I'm Stevie Nicks," Todd says
    Fletcher sings "Rhiannon through his nostrils,
    pushing it up toward earsplitting range...'

  • The October 13th edition of the Arizona Republic had a photo of Stevie with a quote about the Madonna/Britney kiss.

  • In the new issue of Blender Magazine, 1001 Songs to Download Right Now, musicians list songs to download. Liz Phair listed "Bleed To Love Her" on her list at #9, Mandy Moore listed "Dreams" at #8, and The Used's Will McCracken listed "Edge Of 17" at #15 (there was a photo of him beside his list holding the single's jacket-case of "Edge of 17").

  • On the October 6th Regis & Kelly, Sara Rue described her Vegas wedding. She got married in the same chapel Kelly did, but her mom wouldn't let her have an Elvis perform the ceremony. Instead, they used a woman with "crazy white hair and a long blue robe. She looked just like Stevie Nicks."

  • On the October 9th Good Day LA, Dorothy Lucy & Steve Edwards were discussing the Recall voting results and they were saying how ARNOLD won by a "landslide." Jillian interrupted by declaring that it wasn't the "Stevie Nicks" song "Landslide."

  • On VH1's 40 Greatest Celebrity Feuds, while discussing Tonya Harding vs Nancy Kerigan, a portion of the song "Little Lies" was played.

  • The October 2003 issue of the UK magazine Uncut has an advertisement with a picture for the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour dates in the UK. (page 163)

  • The September 2003 issue of the UK magazine Classic Rock has a full page photo and caption/paragraph of Stevie circa 1975. (page 30)

  • The October 3rd issue of Entertainment Weekly had an article about the movie The School of Rock with the following Stevie mention:

    "Joan Cusack is pinpoint funny as the uptright principal with a secret jones for Stevie Nicks..."

  • The book "Getting Over Jack Wagner" by Elise Juska has several mentions of Fleetwood Mac.

  • In The School of Rock website, there is a blackboard tracing the history of rock and roll. Under "Pop-Rock" Fleetwood Mac is listed.

  • In the September 27 MSNBC online crossword puzzle, the clue for 65 down was Fleetwood_____.

  • The Herald Sun had an article about Stevie's comments on the Britney/Madonna kiss.

  • On the HBO website, the summary for episode# 38 of the Sopranos titled "Amour Fou", has the following Stevie mention:

    We're like leather and lace."

    That's how Tony's describes his relationship with Gloria to Dr. Melfi. He tells her that Gloria is dark and dangerous and quite possibly a "full-blown loopty-loo," he just can't stay away from her.
    "Amour fou," Melfi replies. That's French for "crazy love," she tells Tony - love that'all-consuming. But no matter whether you quote the French or Stevie Nicks, it all boiling down to one thing: Tony's got it bad...and it's about to get worse.

  • Stevie was shown on CMT's "Inside Fame" about Sheryl Crow. They showed a picture of her at Sheryl's central park concert and mentioned her being there. There was a brief interview with Stevie and a clip was shown of the "If You Ever Did Believe" video. They also mentioned Stevie's album "Trouble In Shangri-La."

  • The September 26 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a feature on playlists you can create for your own CDs. On page 54, their list of Great Album Closers includes "Gold Dust Woman."

  • The Sept 13 issue of the NY Times, has an obituary for Johnny Cash, who has died at the age of 71. Within the article, Stevie is mentioned as one of the younger artists who had covered some of Cash's songs over the years.

  • In the "Harriet Carter" catalog of unique gifts there is an album protector/hanger which has the Rumours album in it as an example.

  • The September 14th's Denver Post sports section, has an article about how the residents of Boulder and Denver are not doing a good job of supporting the CU Buffaloes football team. The headline reads, "Want to fill Folsom Field? Bring in Fleetwood Mac to Play." It states that in 1977 Fleetwood Mac attracted 61,500 visitors, the largest crowd in the history of Folsom Field.

  • On the VH1 show VH1 Goes Inside the American Music Awards, Stevie in shown in the audience at the 1984 awards.

  • Say You Will and Seven Wonders are on the playlists for all Godiva Chocolatier stores this month (Sept).

  • On the September 9th episode of "One Life to Live" there was one scene where one of the characters put a CD in her stereo and played Goodbye Baby.

  • In the Entertainment section of the September 8th issue of USA Today there is a list of artists who are taking September 11th off in remembrance of the events of that day. Fleetwood Mac is included on the list.

  • On the September 7th "Entertainment Tonight on VH1" They had a report on the film "School of Rock" with Jack Black, and they showed the clip of him and Joan Cusack in a bar and the song "Edge of Seventeen" comes on. Joan says "I love this song! It's Stevie Nicks!"

  • On the September 7th episode of the BBC programme "Fame Academy", one of the contestants performed Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac and one of the judges commented she was "very brave to attempt any song by Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks".

  • The September 5th issue of Entertainment Weekly, has a list of the Top 10 grossing tours this summer, and Fleetwood Mac is listed at No. 4 with per-show average gross of $1,170,483.

  • Songs from Behind the Mask has been heard in between segments on the syndicated radio show "Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory.

  • An August 24th article in the NY Daily News listed Fleetwood Mac as #4 on the Top 15 concerts of 2003.

  • In the Jack Black movie "School of Rock" the tough principal of the school is a huge Stevie Nicks fan, and in one scene Edge of Seventeen is played on the juke box.

  • The September 4 issue of Rolling Stone (with the Olsen twins on the cover) has the following mention on page 60:
    Frank Sinatra, Fleetwood Mac, and Rod Stewart could be getting the remix treatment, a la Elvis, for a new album due out at Christmas.

  • In an interview with former Pop Teen Artist Tiffany on VH1's Bubblegum Babylon, Tiffany said that she used to dress and dance in front of her mirror like Stevie Nicks.

  • On VH1's I Love the 70's: 1977 (episode 6), Stevie was featured as a Foxy Lady of that year, and Lindsey as a Macho Man!

  • VH1's "I Love the 70's: Foxy Ladies" photo gallery includes a photo of Stevie.

  • The website for MIX magazine has an interview with Lindsey Buckingham on the mixing of songs on Say You Will.

  • A full page picture of Fleetwood Mac and a full channel of Fleetwood Mac music are listed in the Northwest airlines World Traveler In-flight magazine. They also show VH1's Storytellers on international flights for August.

  • Fleetwood Mac is on the cover of the German free magazine "Musix." It has all the German Tourdates in it and a small article about FLeetwood Mac.

  • In the new Movie, Freaky Friday, the daughter (in the mother's body), buys a really hip, flowing dress, and the mother (in the daughter's body) claims she looks like Stevie Nicks!

  • In Parade, the newspaper insert mini-mag, from Sunday 7-27-03, Stevie is mentioned in a Q&A comparing her to singer Jennifer Hanson.

  • The Baltimore edition of The Sunhas an article about Michele Branch's new CD with the following:
    "The most distinctive moments seem borrowed, such as 'Love Me Like That' --- a duet with Sheryl Crow that could be a Stevie Nicks song, right down to the Lindsey Buckingham--like guitar figure and gypsy references."

  • The July 26th issue of Billboard has an article called Hit & Miss Market which talks about the Fleetwood Mac tour and other Classic Rock Bands There is a photo of the Fleetwood Mac on page TQ15.

  • The game Trivial Pursuit: 20th Anniversary Edition has the following question:
    Q: What Fleetwood Mac member offered the words of wisdom: "One should not live without dimmers. Life is all about lighting." A: Stevie Nicks.

  • The July 28th issue of the Arizona Republic had a the following mention of the benefit party, along with a photo:
    Many of the 264 vip concertgoers turned out for the post-party at Kinkaid's Steak Chop and fFsh house. Art and Nancy Sckwalm, Meredith Rohner and Jim Moss were among those who waited until midnight for the chance to meet Stevie Nicks, who was flanked by Mick Fleetwood, John Mcvie, Lindsey Buckingham and her Parents, Jess And Barbara Nicks. Each partygoer had a few seconds to pose with the band, then they were whisked away by the bodyguards. The concert benefited Arizona Heart Institute.

  • The September 2003 issue of The Faux Finisher has an article by Faux artist Lisa Carrier where Lisa talks about working with Stevie Nicks.

  • The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (Angelina Jolie on cover, #928) lists the Top-selling tours this year and Fleetwood Mac is at number 7 with 27 dates and grossing $28.2 million so far.

  • The Suzanne Vega album, Retrospective:The best of Suzanne Vega, has the following in the liner notes: "She once joined a band with Fleetwood Mac aspirations who wanted her to be Stevie Nicks,but it didn't work out."

  • There is a mention of Fleetwood Mac in the August 2003 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine under the category of "'70's comeback band." It lists Fleetwood Mac as "Hot."

  • The August 8th issue (# 601) of Goldmine magazine has a review of "Say You Will".

  • On July 20th CMT aired special on Shania Twian and while showing her UP video, they showed questions across the screen that fans sent in. One of the questions was "What CD do you have in your CD player in your car?" Shania's reply was "Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits."

  • On the July 23rd episode of TRL on MTV, during the news segment John Norris said that Sean P. Diddy Combs was looking to buy some "Nicks". They then showed some pictures of "Nicks" which included Nick of the Backstreet Boys, Nick of 98 Degrees, and a picture of Stevie from the Bootylicious video. John Norris then went on to say that P. Diddy actually wanted to buy a part of the New York Knicks.

  • The July issue of America West magazine has a couple of sightings. The inflight audio lists the single "Say You Will" on the America West FM station and "Leather and Lace" on the City Lights station. There is also a 2-page July calendar for events in Las Vegas - on July 5th, it says, "An evening with Fleetwood Mac tonight only at the MGM Grand. Allow Stevie Nicks to put a spell on you one more time."

  • The Julianne Moore film "Safe" has a scene in which at a party people start dancing to "Whenever I Call You Friend"

  • The July 18th edition of the Arizona Republic has an ad for their Sunday edition interview with Stevie. View the Ad.

  • The current issue of Classic Rock magazine (Led Zeppelin is on the cover), has a good article about Fleetwood Mac with several vintage photos.

  • The WZLX Radio website posted contest winners which included photos with Fleetwood Mac. See the photos on the WZLX website.

  • A New Zealand website, www.nzoom.com has a review of the album, "Simply the Best Songwriters 2" and the following Stevie mention:
    Track 14 Disc 1: "Love Is" by Stevie Nicks . Speaking of unique voices, Nicks' nasal tones are probably even recognisable to tribesmen in the Sudanese hinterland. This is a typically moody, storm-beneath-the-surface ballad from one fifth of Fleetwood Mac, and, aside from her obvious talents, is a great track too.

  • The Arizona Republic had an article about Stevie's parents on their website at azcentral.com on July 10th.

  • Fleetwood Mac and Stevie are mentioned in an interview with Nancy Wilson from Heart on the Heart website.

  • On page 82 of the August issue of Redbook, Fleetwood Mac is mentioned as one of the summer's can't-miss concerts. The quote reads, "See Stevie in all her radiance and raspiness."

  • The June 20th issue of Hits magazine has an article called "Summer Tours: Who's Hot. Who's Not" about the poor business that concerts are doing this year. Fleetwood Mac was mentioned as one of the only concerts that has done consistently well and doing "phenomenal" business."

  • The July 3 crossword puzzle on msnbc.com had the clue "Musical Nicks."

  • United Airlines has Peacekeeper on its July music rotation, and lists it in Hemispheres magazine.

  • The August issue of Lucky magazine has a spread on page 180 entitled "Lady Rock," and it features some Stevie inspired clothing, such as suede boots, a webby crocheted shawl, and a lace skirt.

  • In the June 7th issue of Forbes magazine there is a picture of Stevie (page 80) and a mention of Fleetwood Mac's income per show.

  • Best Buy stores have the Peacekeeper video playing in rotation through all the TV and home entertainment systems.

  • The July 4th 2003 episode of Extra, there was a run down of the hottest concerts this summer. Fleetwood Mac was mentioned, they showed a quick clip of Steve singing "Dreams" and a clip of Stevie saying "This is the real thing.".

  • Circuit City has the video for Peacekeeper playing in stores in regular rotation for the month of June.

  • This short review of Say You Will appeared in the June 19th issue of the South African magazine called "You":

    "After all these years Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham still don't have writers block - and they aren't over each other either, judging by their lyrics. It's an album of neat tunes and words, finely polished into a disc that sounds modern without losing that old Mac feel. One or two tracks even gave me goosebumps."

  • The ASK LAURA section of www.laurabraniganonline.com has a question where Laura is asked to choose three artists that she listens to.
    Her answers are TLC, Stevie Nicks and Barry White.

  • On the June 22nd episode of Kasey Kasem's American Top 40, Peacekeeper, now at #17, was discussed.

  • The June 2003 issue of Lucky magazine, has a section (page 177) about winning $1000 worth of Joey O shoes and one pair os shoes shown is the "Stevie Nicks."

  • American Juniors contestant Chantel Kohl lists Fleetwood Mac as one of her favorite singers.

  • The June 27/July 4 double issue of Entertainment Weekly has a review of the new Michelle Branch CD, in which Michelle's duet with Sheryl Crow is likened to Buckingham/Nicks.

  • On June 18th Fleetwood Mac was featured on the AOL Welcome page as one of the top 10 AOL Sessions There was a photo of Stevie between Leanne Rhimes and Lisa Marie Presley. Fleetwood Mac was #7.

  • Peacekeeper is part of the bumper music rotation on the radio show Coast to Coast AM.

  • In commercials for the Toyota Sienna, Walter Egan's "Magnet & Steel" is mentioned as children in the back seat of the vehicle put on headphones to block out the parent's favorite song (M&S).

  • The June 13th New York Post's front page headline is "Stevie Nixed: NY Mets Tells GM [Steve Phillips] to Go Your Own Way."

  • Bill O'Reilly's Fox-TV news show called "The Pulse" had a commentary about music styles of today & yesterday on June 12th. Bill said that in 10 yrs rap music will be a forgotten thing. He said he recently went to see Fleetwood Mac in concert, that they are 50+ year old musicians & still going strong! His comment is that some performers today will "have a short shelf life" but "Stevie Nicks is Forever!"
    (Photos were shown of Stevie from The Dance)

  • The June 25th issue of USA Today had an article about a new clothing line called Rock & Republic, which names it's jeans after Rock Stars. The line includes a pair of jeans named after Stevie Nicks.

  • The following Stevie mention was in a June 8th Reuters article on Songwriter Rankings:
    Stevie Nicks was back on the Hot 100 as a songwriter this year, thanks to the Dixie Chicks remake of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide." The success of the No. 7 peaking track results in a No. 7 Hot 100 ranking for Nicks in our Music Publishing Spotlight.

  • On the Mike Bullard Show on CTV, Brett Michaels from Poison was a guest. Mike asked Brett what his biggest accomplishment was in his career and he said it was writing and producing Love's A Hard Game To Play for Stevie Nicks.

  • On VH1 Classic, recent airomgs of "All Star Jams" were began with Fleetwood Mac's "Seven Wonders."

  • Stevie's is the lyric line at the bottom of page 24 in the June/July issue of Blender magazine.

  • Fleetwood Mac's East Rutherford, New Jersey show is reviewed in the June 26th issue of Rolling Stone.

  • Philadelphia Daily News that on Sunday, May 18th Stevie and Mick were dining in The Palm.

  • Northwest Airlines' June Onboard Worldtraveler Magazine features a photo of Stevie with tracks listed for listening during flight.

  • There is a article about Fleetwood Mac in the June 3rd Austin American Statesman.

  • The June 10, 2003 issue of Woman's World magazine has an article about Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan named Erica Knight. It tells of how she chatted online regularly with other fans. Then her house and belongings were destroyed during a tornado. And how after her online friends found out, they sent her a computer, monitor, CDs, memorabilia, etc.

  • The NHL has been using the Fleetwood Mac song Destiny Rules in their commercial (Cup Crazy) promoting the Stanley Cup Finals.

  • In the Harlan Coben mystery Darkest Fear, the hero notes "On the radio, Stevie sang out about a landslide coming down. Oh yeah."

  • The May 25th Boston Sunday Globe had the following sightings:
    Critics' Picks:
    "Fleetwood Mac - at the Worcester Centrum Centre Tuesday and Wednesday. Rock's longest-running soap opera is a lot more musical - and less soapy - these days. The one constant is that Stevie Nicks still sings like a gypsy goddess." Steve Morse

  • The June/July issue of Nylon magazine,has an article on Michelle Branch. Stevie is mentioned as being Michelle's idol and she mentions her recent photo shoot with Steve with In Style magazine.

  • On page 20 of the June 12 issue of Rolling Stone, there is a list of the Top 10 Album Downloads at iTunes. Fleetwood Mac's "Greatest Hits" is No. 4 and "Say You Will" is No. 7.

  • The May 30 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Andrew W.K. from the Warped Tour mentions Stevie as one of the best-dressed rock stars in history (page 52). Also, on page 55, Fleetwood Mac is mentioned in a run-down of summer tours.

  • The June 2003 issue of Interview Magazine ( w/ Rene Zellweiger on cover) has an article about Fleetwood Mac which includes an interview with each member of the band.

  • The June issue of Allure magazine has an article called "Beauty And The Beat" which lists 15 sample questions for the twentieth-anniversary edition of Trival Pursuit. One question is:
    Which Fleetwood Mac member offered the words of wisdom, "One should not live without dimmers. Life is all about lighting." The answer is Stevie Nicks.

  • The New Weekly magazine in Australia (the May 31 issue) has a picture of Liz Hurley in a flowing purple dress with a caption that reads "If Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks was a little less hippie, and a touch more vampy, she'd be dead chuffed to burst out of a frock like this."

  • The May 21st edition of the NY Daily News has a picture of Stevie in the Celebrity profile section, and small paragraph about her horoscope.

  • The song, Whenever I Call You Friend (duet with Stevie), was played on Saturday Night Live on May 17th during a Versace skit.

  • During the Daytime Emmy Awards, telecast on Friday, May 16th, two Fleetwood Mac songs were heard playing in the background as they showed various types of "soap clips": "What's the World Coming To" was in one clip and the guitar riff of "World Turning" was heard during another set of clips.

  • In B.D. Wong's newly published book "Following Foo", Stevie is mentioned a couple of times, including: "Ritchie still says he now knows more about Stevie Nicks than anyone in their right mind would want to know."

  • On the May 16th episode of "Friend Or Foe" on the Game Show Network, one of the questions was:
    At which president's inauguration did Fleetwood Mac perform "Don't Stop."

  • Fleetwood Mac is on the cover of the May 16th At the Shore, an Atlantic City weekend magazine. There is an article with photos of Stevie and Lindsey.

  • The April 2003 issue of Record Collector magazine has an article about DVD-A's which mentions that the "sound of Fleetwood Mac" is ideal for this audio venue. It has a large b&w pic of the band. The magazine also has a full review of the "Rumours" DVD-A.

  • On May 8th, the TV Guide Channel's Music News they had a small interview with Fleetwood Mac.

  • On the May 5 episode of the Discovery Channel's "Surprised by Design", the hosts Robert and Rebecca were talking about that day's finished room (a bedroom decked out in vibrant swathes of clothing and Christmas lights) and Robert said "this could be Stevie Nicks' guest room, just add some tambourines".

  • The Fleetwood Mac song Bleed To Love Her was played in the background on the ABC show "Alias" on May 4th

  • On the May 1st episode of "One Life to Live", Landslide was played.

  • The May 15 issue of Rolling Stone (issue No. 922) has a Q&A with Lindsey Buckingham in which Stevie is mentioned.

  • When Apple computer launched the iTunes music store, they used Landslide as the example of how to purchase a song.

  • The May 5th issue of People Magazine has an interview with Stevie and a photo.

  • The new fiction/literature novel by Greg Herren called "Bourbon Street Blues" has two Stevie Nicks mentions:
    Page 23: "I put a Stevie Nicks CD on before trying to read them. For some reason, Stevie's beautiful, hoarse voice always seems to help me channel the goddess through the cards. I love Stevie. I have all of her recordings..... As I flipped the cards, Stevie was wailing about rooms being on fire..."
    Page 206: "The song playing was a remix of Planets of the Universe, a great song to dance to."

  • The April 19th edition of the Arizona Republic had a photo of Stevie and a mention of the new Fleetwood Mac album release.

  • The Fleetwood Mac song Thrown Down was played on the April 24th episode of Friends.

  • The Fleetwood Mac album debuting at #3 was mentioned on the front page of the Drudge Report on April 23. There was also a photo of Stevie.

  • The May 2003 edition of UK Vogue magazine has a small photo of Stevie and the following mention:

    Stevie Nicks: Nicks' ethereal way with antique lace, shawls and gauzy layers inspired a generation of women to dress like Californian hippies.

  • The April 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly has a two-page review of "Say You Will" and a large picture of the band. There is also a look back at some of the other Fleetwood Mac albums.

  • The April 12 issue of Billboard magazine has a full page color ad for Say You Will on the back cover.

  • The April 2003 issue of Classic Rock has a small blurb about what was going on with Fleetwood Mac in April 1990 with the release of "Behind the Mask," as well as a small, older live photo of Stevie. It also lists the Top 10 Albums in the UK and US, and "Behind the Mask" was No. 1 in the UK. Also on page 100 there is a review of "Say You Will" with 4/5 stars, and a promo photo of the band.

  • The March/April 2003 issue of Women Who Rock has a small mention of Stevie and Fleetwood Mac in the section called "Buzzworthy! 10 Women to Watch in 2003." It also includes a photo of Stevie.

  • The April 10 issue of People magazine has a review of Say You Will.

  • The new issue of US Weekly, has a couple of photos of Stevie and a mini Q&A.

  • The April 21st issue of In Touch Magazine has two mentions of Stevie/Fleetwood Mac. One about the Fleetwood Mac appearence on TV, the other about Stevie & Lindsey's relationship.

  • There is a 4-page article entitled "33 Things You Should Know About Fleetwood Mac" as well as a review of "Say You Will" in the May 2003 issue of Blender Magazine.

  • The Entertainment section of the April 6 Indianapolis Star Newspaper has a full-page ad for the upcoming Indianapolis Fleetwood Mac concert. Featured is a picture of the band and the album cover for Say You Will.

  • The new US Weekly has Stevie's letter to the troops.

  • The Six Feet Under trivia game on HBO includes the following question: Nate's raspberries are associated with whom?
    The correct answer: Stevie Nicks

  • The May issue of Uncut Magazine has a review of Say You Will and an article about Fleetwood Mac.

  • The April 7th issue of People magazine has the following Stevie mention:

    "David Spade and his girlfriend, Ed's Julie Bowen, work 3,000 miles apart (Ed shoots in New Jersey, while Just Shoot Me is done in L.A.), but they still have a special relationship. How special? Well, Bowen's favorite song is Stevie Nicks's Fleetwood Mac tune "Landslide," which these days is a hit for the Dixie Chicks. So for Bowen's 34th birthday March 3, Spade called Nicks, whom he's gotten to know from hanging out at her concerts, and asked her if she wouldn't mind calling Bowen to sing the tune to her. Nicks happily obliged and left an a capella version of the 1975 song, which, not so coincidentally, is about getting older, on her cell phone voice mail."

  • The latest issue (N0.59) of Guitar World Acoustic magazine has a cover story on Lindsey Buckingham, which talks about the new Fleetwood Mac album. The magazine also has the sheet music for Gold Dust Woman (for guitars).

  • On the March 27 episode of Comedy Central's Insomniac, there was a picture of Fleetwood Mac/Stevie on the wall of a famous groupie Sweet Connie's home in Little Rock.

  • On NBC in southern Alabama they aired a Support Our Troops commercial with Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You as the music being played while the American flag is shown.

  • There's a paragraph on "Say You Will" in the May 2003 issue of Marie Claire magazine in the must-listen-to albums section.

  • In the movie "Life as a House", the neighbor (played by Mary Steenburgen) wears a Fleetwood Mac jersey while helping to build the house.

  • On VH1's Where Are They Now? Superheroes Michael Gray who played Shazam now owns a florist shop in Beverly Hills called Casabella. He said he has many celebrity clients, including Stevie. They showed a quick photo of her from the Mirage era (with flowers on her microphone stand).

  • The April 3, 2003 issue of Rolling Stone, has two Fleetwood Mac mentions. On page 24, the upcoming tour is mentioned, and on page 59 they are mentioned when talking about the price of private shows.

  • The March 14th USA Today had a full=page ad for the new Fleetwood Mac album.

  • Landslide was performed by Tori Amos in a concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on March 6th.

  • Stevie is in a poll on the main page of Women Who Rock website

  • The March 7th Hollywood Squares was giving away as their secret square prize a trip to see the Say You Will tour reherseal.

  • The April 2003 Marie Claire has an advertising insert called Mad About Shoes which shows a pair of shoes by Joey O, called Stevie Nicks.

  • The March 3, 2003 issue of People magazine has a review for Jennifer Hanson's new album with the following:
    "Warm, rich and sensous, capable of ranging from bluesy rock to intimate ballads, Jennifer Hanson's voice at times brings to mind Stevie Nicks or a young Linda Rondstadt's."

  • In the back page of the liner notes on Kid Rock's new CD he thanks Stevie.

  • There is a small photo of Stevie in the Celebrity Section of the February 27th Boston Herald. She is the answer to the previous day's trivia question: What singer reunited with Tom Petty on "Needles and Pins" in 1986?

  • The March 3rd issue of People Magazine has a review of Jennifer Hansons new album which states: "Warm, rich and sensuous, capable of ranging from bluesy rock to intimate ballads, Jennifer Hanson's voice at times brings to mind Stevie Nicks's or the young Linda Ronstadt's."

  • At the Grammys on February 23rd, Queen Latifah introduced Landslide (performed by the Dixie Chicks) as being written by "my girl Stevie Nicks".

  • The February 18th edition of the Honolulu Advertiser had the following in the Entertainment Section:

    Title: "Fleetwood Mac's Nicks offer 'Ulalena cast high praise"

    Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac was so touched when she took in the "'Ulalena" multimedia show last month on Maui that she wrote the cast an earnest note of appreciation, praising their energy and talent. She treasured her autographed copy of the show program, she said, and she hoped the cast's mana'o (Hawaiian word for spirit) will be with her when she makes future stage appearances..."

  • The Dixie Chicks will perform Landslide at the Grammys.

  • In the The Denver Post "Arts & Entertainment" Section dated Sunday, February 16. 2003 on page 7F there is a large picture of Stevie with a mention of the upcoming album and tour.

  • The Scottish newspaper The Guardian has an article about Tori Amos with the following:
    Tori Amos sashays on in a peculiar two-sided outfit. One side has purple flowing sleeves; the other is a green, leafy affair. If she turns one way, she looks like Stevie Nicks, the other and she might be skipping around your garden.

  • The alt-country group Calexcio has a song called Not Even Stevie Nicks on their new album Feast of Wire. (sample available on the artist's website)

  • The Feb 21st issue of Entertainment Weekly has a small column on page 18, written by Noah Robischon, entitled "Obsessive Site of the Week with the following:

    Tell velvet Elvis the news--Stevie Nicks is rock art's true muse. For about $350, illustrator Johanna Pieterman (johannas-art.com) will render your portrait alongside the former Fleetwood Mac songstress. So far, the service has struck a chord with Nicks' fans, says Pieterman, who has more than a dozen of her Rhiannon da Vincis on her site (not to mention online Stevie jigsaw puzzles). The paintings fit "into the magical and romantic atmosphere surrounding her music," she adds. And what better way to saaay that you love her?

  • Rolling Stone online's 20 songs for famous valentines, included this one:
    Brian Wilson
    Circa late Seventies
    Inspired by Stevie Nicks?

    Brother Dennis had a romantic dalliance with Christine McVie, but he may not have been the only Wilson boy with a thing for a Fleetwood Mac beauty. It's been speculated that this Wilson solo outtake was written in admiration of Stevie Nicks. Full of vintage Brian romanticism -- "I have adored you for so long/And the vibrations are so strong" -- "Stevie" finds Wilson typically wearing his boyish infatuation on his sleeve. We may never know the song's true origin, but Nicks seems like just the kind of California girl Brian would dream about.

  • The novel Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs has the followiing two Stevie references:
    Page 175: (The author talks about he and his friend's being aspiring singers as children):
    It was our goal to become an international singing sensation, on a par with Peeches 'N Herb or the Captain and Tenille....we practiced upstairs in Natalie's room by singing along to Stevie Nicks albums. The problem was, Stevie was sometimes hard to understand and Natalie had long since lost the liner notes to the album. So I would lie on the floor with my head next to the speaker and Natalie would stand with her finger poised over the needle. "Wait, I can't understand that--play it again," I'd say, scribbling furiously to keep up. "is she singing 'just like a wine-ringed love' or 'white winged dove'?
    On page 176: Sometimes we would drag the fan upstairs. This would create a sort of Stevie-Nicks-in-a-wind-tunnel look that we especially loved.

  • Stevie could be heard while "C'mon, C'mon was played in the background of a scene on The February 14th episode of ER.

  • In recent Zigfried & Roy magic shows in Las Vegas, Roy rides out on an elephant while "Tusk" is playing.

  • The March 2003 issue of In Style magazine has the following two quotes from Stevie about Sheryl in a Sheryl Crow article:

    ...adds friend Stevie Nicks "She has a wonderful ability to make words work, to phrase, to really build a song." Crow even plays on two songs on the forthcoming Fleetwood Mac album, making her the only guest the group invited to appear on its first new studio album in 15 years.

    On Sheryl wanting to have a family, Stevie says " I think she would like to have a child, and I think she will- she'll find a way. She went through a real panic stage about it, and we all told her to stay calm; she's in a great place and she can do anything she wants, it's not too late. We'll all be there for her."

  • The March 2003 issue of Jane magazine shows some of Johanna Pieterman's artwork with Stevie and her fans!

  • In the Feb. issue of AVN Online magazine, there was an interview with Penthouse Pet Aimee Sweet. AVNO interviewer Tripp Daniels asks... What rock star would you like to hang out with? Aimee answers... Stevie Nicks, because she's so rad. Her voice and her songs are amazing. She's cool. She's a witchy woman and I like it.

  • Tori Amos mentions Fleetwood Mac in a February 7th CNN article about her new album.

  • At the Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders concert, Feb. 7th, at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, a fan gave Chrissy a present. After looking at the gift and putting it away, she chuckled and said, "I feel like Stevie Nicks, getting gifts on stage."

  • The February 2003 issue of Rolling Stone has a brief article about Michelle Branch, whose album is due out this May. The article states "Sheryl Crow joins her on "Love Me Like That, " which Branch describes as 'Fleetwood Mac-y".

  • The February 2nd SUN HERALD, in Sydney had a list of the 100 'best' songs and Gypsy was #63.

  • The February 6th Indianapolis Star had the following in the "Indiana Living" section, along with a small photo of Stevie:

    Fashion: In Brief
    Delia's knows what's hip, hot for teenagers
    Here's what your favorite teen-age hipster is probably wearing this winter, according to popular retailer Delia's:
    Stevie Nicks' castoffs: Velvet, lace, satin and brocade are big, as are little prints. Tops and coats are worn close to the body, but skirts flow freely for maximum twirlability.

  • Newsbreaking media journalist Matt Drudge featured a link to the USA Today article, "Fleetwood Mack Back on Track...," on his highly popular news website, www.drudgereport.com.

  • On the February 5th episode of the ESPN show "Around The Horn" the question was posed, "Who is the greatest woman in rock?" Both Christine McVie and Stevie were mentioned by separate panelists as the greatest woman in rock.

  • On the MTV episode of Kate Hudson's "Diary", Stevie was mentioned when Kate tried on a low cut, long flowing black dress.

  • On VH1's "Bubblegum Babylon" pop star Tiffany said she used to dance around and pretend she was Stevie Nicks.

  • On the February 3rd WWE "Monday Night Raw" on TNT, Molly Holly came down to the ring wearing a light blue bell bottom sleeve blouse, and Jerry "the king" Lawler remarked that "Molly Holly looks liked she is going to a Fleetwood Mac concert" and J.R. Ross remarked that "she does have on her Stevie Nicks outfit".

  • American Idol contestant Julia DeMato's profile contains the following:
    What is in your CD player right now?
    Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits.

    Favorite album?
    Right now, this is probably a shock, Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits.

  • The February 7th issue of Entertainmant Weekly has an article about four covers of "Landslide", and whether they did the song justice. The bands are the Dixie Chicks, Joey McIntyre, Venice and the Smashing Pumpkins.

  • Tim McGraw mentioned in his online chat that he and Faith Hill are big Fleetwood Mac fans and would like to work with Stevie.

  • On January 26th Fox News Sunday played "Go Your Own Way" and showed pictures of French and German leaders who are not planning on backing the U.S. in a possible war against Iraq.

  • Continental Airlines has Stevie's I Miss You as a featured selection on their in-flight easy listening channel.

  • The January 23rd TV Guide has an article about Terri Nunn's hair styles, of the group Berlin, which has the following quote by Nunn:
    "When I was teasing my hair up to make it look big, that wasn't so good," she recalls, groaning. "I'd get through one song in the show, and then it'd be completely flat again. It was very Farrah. I was trying to make my hair big like Stevie Nicks's," she adds, "but it didn't work."

  • On George Noory's Coast To Coast AM Radio Program, Fleetwood Mac's Little Lies is played occasionally to cue in the intros after the commercials.

  • The February 3rd edition of People magazine has the following quote from Stevie in an article about the Dixie Chicks:

    "The Chicks are my favorite singing group," says Stevie Nicks, whose 1975 Fleetwood Mac hit "Landslide" is covered on the trio's recent CD Home. "If I were younger, I would at this minute be convincing them that I should be the fourth Dixie Chick.'"

  • On the January 21st premier of American Idol 2 on Fox, Nikki McKibbin was shown singing Silver Springs in a Karaoke Bar.

  • The January 21st issue of the Filipino magazine "Mr. and Ms.", has an interview with teen singer Mandy Moore, in which she was asked the following:
    If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
    Mandy: "Bette Midler, Stevie Nicks, or Karen Carpenter."

  • In the hilarious newspaper-satire publication "The Onion" (16-22 January 2003 issue), an op-ed piece entitled "One Look at my Music Collection Will Show You How Much I Respect Women" mentions Stevie. The faux writer, "Randy Hollins," is bragging about his evolved sense of musical taste (Tori Amos, k.d. lang, etc.). He continues: "Lest you think I've forgotten the women who blazed the trails for the Joan Osbornes and Sheryl Crows of today, I have a broad selection of music by older female artists. Let's see, I've got Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, and, of course, Fleetwood Mac. Okay, so there were also men in Fleetwood Mac, but the band was defined by the incomparable Stevie Nicks, a woman who was a huge influence on many of today's brave female artists."

  • In Shania Twain's video for "Up!", Shania is hanging pictures up on a wall and one of the pictures on the wall is the Rumours album cover.

  • February's In Style magazinehad the following in the "special delivery" section (readers' letters):

    High Steppers
    Re: "Booty-licious" (December). What, no Stevie Nicks? You left out the queen of boots. Janet Bernichon Shirley, N.Y.

  • Stevie was mentioned on the January 14th Howard Stern radio show, during a discussion of the Dixie Chicks' version of Landslide. Howard said he thought Stevie's original version of Landslide was so good, there's no point to anyone else remaking the song.

  • The January 13, 2003 issue of US Weekly (Britney on the cover) has a list of "Hollywood Hobbits" which includes Stevie. It lists her as being 5'1".

  • In the January 2003 issue of Oprah Magazine, contributor Annie Gottlieb said she was inspired to take stock of her emotional energy after interviewing a psychotherapist for an article. Dancing gives her that charge. "...I could be bankrupt or in deep mourning and if I just put on Stevie Nicks and cut loose, I'm soaring," she says.

  • In the book Prozac Nation, by Elizabeth Wurtzel, the main character is a younger woman, and in one part she claims that "she is different from all the other women she knows, they all wear these colorful clothes, while she looks like Stevie Nicks with long black dresses, boots, and braided blonde hair."

  • In the latest Columbia House Music Club mailing (Jan 2003), Stevie's pic is on the front of the envelope and on page 4 of the magazine, as this month's "Savings Spotlight."

  • On VH1's show "Inside: American Music Awards", Stevie can be seen sitting in the audience.

  • On the show 'Rock n' Moms' on the Women's Entertainment Channel, Chynna Phillips of Wilson Phillips was talking about how the group began and said that she went in and proceeded to sing the line from 'The Wild Heart' "Dare my wild heart..."

  • The January 23, 2003 issue of Rolling Stone magazine (Issue 914) mentions Fleetwood Mac in the "From The Vault" section, as having been on the cover of the January 12th, 1978 issue. Included is a photo of the cover and the following:
    Number One Album: Rumours, Fleetwood Mac
    about the cover:
    "Everybody's real interested in the fact that when we walk on stage, all these people look like they're going to a different place. There's no continuity in the five people whatsoever, except the spirit." -Stevie Nicks

  • In the documentary about rap stars Tu Pac and Notorious B.I.G. called Biggie and Tupac there is a scene where the film-maker finds a major break on who murdered Notorious B.I.G. and takes it to the LAPD detective most knowledgable about the case. The detective is watching Stevie Nicks live on video when they enter his office and he tells the film maker it is Stevie he is watching.

  • On the VH1 show, 20 Women Who Rock, Stevie appeares on the Dixie Chicks segment.

  • On January 1st the CMT Crossroads show with Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. showed a photo with Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks.

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