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Stevie Scrapbook

Stevie's Birthday Scrapbook

Laura Braswell put together a scrapbook for Stevie's Birthday made up of pages sent to her by many Stevie fans. Laura sent the scrapbook to Ginny Kamano, who will deliver it to Stevie. Here's the message from Ginny to Laura after she received it:


Scrapbook Photo Hi Laura!

As you asked, I opened the package and looked at the book. What a great gift this is for Stevie. I know it was a lot of work to put it together and I thank you for taking time to do so. From the cover art to the scraps of fabric, photos, stickers, children's art and the letter from the atypical 65 year old woman, it is a wonderful tribute to my friend and boss.

You now have a bit of insight as to what it has been like for me to be the link in the chain from Stevie to her fans for the past 18 years. Mine is a unique and awesome responsibility which I take very seriously. Stevie is so different from most stars. She really, really loves all her fans and cares enough to argue with her advisors who tell her it is un-necessary to have anyone answer her fan mail. She knows how important it is to let you all know she respects and appreciates you.

I am honored to be the "messenger" for this book, a very special gift for Stevie. If this scrapbook is any indication as to the quality of feelings and art put into the quilt, she will treasure it.

As you know, she has asked that people NOT send her gifts any more. She needs nothing and really is very serious about wanting her fans to now send even the price of a card to one of the charities listed on my webpage rather than send things to her. This exception will provide her with wonderful bedtime reading and something to treasure for a long time.

Thanks to you, Laura as well as to all the contributors, for giving me the honor of presenting this gift. I will let you know when we do get together, hopefully one day next week.

Sincerely yours,

Ginny Kamano

A follow-up letter from Ginny regarding the scrapbook (June 29, 1999):

Hi Laura,

Stevie was quite taken with the scrapbook. She said she will put it aside and look at it page by page before bedtime.

Good job....You guys made her very happy!

She still wants me to REMIND everyone no gift makes her as happy as the notifications from her charities when a donation has been made in her honor...or Robin's.

Take good care and have a good summer.

All the very best,
Ginny Kamano

And now a lil note from your sponsor..giggle... again I want to thank all of the people who sent a page for the scrapbook as well as those who sent squares to Joy...this was a very special project for me! Thank you all so very much!

~Laura Braswell~

For a list of Charities that Stevie supports here is the link to Ginny's page...there is no time like the present to give to someone who is less fortunate than ourselves.


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