[The Nicks Fix]

Rolling Stone
March 30, 2000, Issue 837
The following clip is from the article about celebrity fan websites:

"It figures that Stevie Nicks inspires some of the most cosmic Web worship: If you see her reflection in the blue glowing screen, a download brings it down. The Web is a place for fans to let their freak flags fly, and nobody freaks up the fans quite like Stevie. The Nicks Fix [nicksfix.com] offers breaking news, such as the fact that Phish played an instrumental version of 'Landslide' in Providence a couple of months ago. Other burnt offerings include Sisters of the Moon: The Magic of Stevie Nicks [hometown.aol.com/WildestHrt/index.html] and That Rock & Roll Gypsy Look! [geocities.com/FashionAvenue/5171], a useful and erudite guide to Stevie's evolving fashion sense: 'During the Rumours tour, Stevie began wearing two different feathered headdresses. They were crocheted caps (one was cream and one was black) with long strands of feathers dangling down her back and mixing with her hair. These headdresses would later reappear in the Bella Donna era.' Needless to say, visual links are provided."

Another Stevie mention follows the article:

"You can scoff at the supplicants who worship at these grottoes, offering libations for our John Taylors and Stevie Nickses, racking up the mouse clicks like so many rosary beads."

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