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R&R Convention - 2001
June 14-16, 2001
Nicks, Lynne Deliver Early Bird Performances


Former President Bill Clinton, a self-proclaimed Fleetwood Mac fan, served as Stevie Nicks' opening act Friday morning at R&R Convention 2001. Nicks admitted that she rarely performs live at 11am, but Island recording artist Shelby Lynne had an even earlier show time, at 9am. Regardless of the hour, Nicks and Lynne each delivered strong performances. Nicks' four-song set included material from her new album, Trouble in Shangri-La, including the current single, "Every Day." Nicks also appealed to Fleetwood Mac fans with the band's classic "Dreams." Lynne, who won a Best New Artist prize at this year's Grammys, performed material from her breakthrough album, I Am Shelby Lynne, and previewed new songs backed by a band that included ace guitarists Sonny Landreth and Michael Landau, and Little Feat keyboardist Bill Payne.

Clinton Amused By Double-Entendre

Stevie and Bill When R&R Publisher/CEO Erica Farber led a Q&A with former President Bill Clinton following his keynote address and before Stevie Nicks' performance Friday, Farber noted that Clinton was a big Fleetwood Mac fan and asked, "When were you first exposed to Stevie Nicks?" After laughs from Clinton and the audience, Clinton replied, "I've never been exposed to Stevie Nicks!" The comment was received with wild applause.







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