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The Best Buy Missing Roadie Reports
by Pamm

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Dallas & Houston, TX - July 17, 18, 1998
We had 3 days off in Dallas, TX. I love Texas. Two of my favorite bands are from Texas, David Garza and The Old 97's. I went down to Austin to visit a couple of friends. Austin is great. I would live there if I could, but I don't know if I could handle the heat. In Dallas we stayed at the Melrose Hotel. It was so beautiful. It had the 20's vibe to it. I love that era. Anyway when I came back from Austin, I checked in again and this time they gave me a Suite. It was so nice. It was like a little apartment without the kitchen, in fact it was almost as big as my 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment in LA. I didn't get to catch much night life on my days off. None of my favorite bands were playing and I had to recouperate from getting sick in Kansas City. Jen and I jumped into my rental and headed for Deep Ellum, I don't know how we finally got to Deep Ellum, but a U Turn here and a U Turn there and boom we were there. We checked out a couple of stores, but it was too early in the day and too HOT so we headed back to the hotel which wasn't an easy task. Again we did a couple of U Turns and somehow ended up at the hotel. I guess my California driving experience came in handy. We went to eat at this Vegitarian Restaurant (the Solar Cafe)that was litterally spitting distance from the hotel. It was so good. Steve McDonald (the guitar tech) found a Sushi joint nearby and for the 3 days off he ate sushi for lunch and dinner. I think it was called Sushi on McKinney. Jen and I decided to venture to the nearby Mall, I can't remember the name of it. The one thing I remember about the Mall that I thought was neat is that they have a big fountain that houses some ducks and some turtles. We then found a Whole Foods Market which was music to our ears. They have a chain in California so it was almost like being at home. We played at the Starplex Amphitheatre which is a familar venue to me. I've seen many a shows there. Dallas is Boz's home town so he had a lot of friends and family at the show. My friend Ken (he's in the Old 97's) and his fiance Heather came to the show. That's the nice thing about touring, you get to visit your friends for free. I didn't get to check out that much of the show just a few songs. I'm sure you can guess at least one. Next we are off to Houston, TX. When I think of Houston I think of "REALITY BITES". That's one of my favorite movies. You know, "You, Me, and five bucks". We go straight from Dallas to Houston, no hotels, we are showering at the gig. I wake up in Houston, TX. This is a Steve Lawler show, he's the Pace Representative. I met him last year when he was on tour with Fleetwood Mac. Two of Lawler's favorite sayings: "What's Happening?" and "I'm just drifting through life". He's funny and fun to work with. I go to the production office to find a note from my co-worker Lisa Hilton who is on the Chicago/Hall and Oates Tour. She had been in Houston the night before while I was in Dallas and now she's in Dallas while I'm in Houston. I felt bad that I wasn't thoughtful enough to leave her a note in Dallas. Oh well, next time. I got to climb the spot towers today, because the riggers did such a bad job of hanging my banners. It looked like they just kinda threw them up there. It makes me think of that saying, "If you want a job done right then you have to do it yourself." It was actually kinda fun. It's a combination of being scared and getting a rush from being so high up. Nancy Johnson from the Corporate Office came to the show. It's nice to meet people that you've coresponded with. I haven't met any of the other Road Warriors yet, I just seem to miss them. When we were leaving the venue I noticed that there was a Mall right next to it. I mean it was spitting distance and no one told me. That's the only bad thing about show days all you see is the venue. We are off to Denver. Till next time. Over and Out.

Denver, CO - July 21, 1998
We flew into Denver from Houston. Again we didn't have much time to sleep, but Jennifer and I made sure that we had a wake up call and that the alarm was set so that we wouldn't have a situation like when we left Florida for home. It was nice we all checked in as a group. Trying to get 20 people together and on time is a task. That's Jennifer's job, Thank God it's not mine. We all rode on the plane together, but none of us sat by each other. Everyone pretty much wanted window seats. I like it because I have something to lay my head against to sleep instead of someone's shoulder that you don't even know. Although I didn't get much sleep due to crying babies and a kid that kept kicking the back of my seat. We had a couple of days off. As soon as we checked in Paul and I walked down to 16th St (which, I guess is the main strip downtown) to Starbucks to get a Power Frap. We stubbled into this cool candle store right next to it which was convienent since I needed to stock up on some candles for Stevie's dressing room. The girls that worked there were so nice. The store is called Breaking The Mold and they even make their own candles. I picked up Rain and Playground scented candles among other things. I have some friends here so I spent my days off hanging out with them. My friend Matthew and his new wife Naomi and her kid Shiloh came down to visit me. They are expecting a new member to the family also. We were walking out of the lobby at around 4:30 pm when I saw our bus drivers walk in to my surprise. They drove all the way from Houston to Denver in record time. I went to a punk rock show at the 15th St. Tavern with my friend John and Vinnie. John's from Ft. Collins and he's in a band called the Armchair Martians. They've been compared to Husker Du. I really like them. When we were walking to the show on Curtis St. we walked past these vents in the sidewalk. And each time we would walk by one there would be a different sound coming from them. One of them had a Lion's roar coming from it. So if you're ever in Denver walk down Curtis St. and check it out. Vinnie said that they always change the sounds, so it's different every time. This was the first time that it has actually rained during the show. We had to postpone the show a little bit before the acoustic set because we lost a little bit of power. Stevie kept her cool and talked to the crowd while they were fixing the problem. The crowd just cheered and cheered and cheered. Like I said before we have a great crew and they had the power up and running in no time, 5 minutes to be exact. Stevie started into "Gold and Braid" (which I'm beginning to love). She told the crowd that she wrote "After the Glitter Fades" so that hopefully it would get her through the bad times. The rain stopped by the time she started into "Rose Garden" and I stayed to watch "Sleeping Angel". There are four songs that I definately try to watch every night, of course "Landslide" and now "Gold and Braid", "Rose Garden" and "Sleeping Angel". I was amazed again by how dedicated her fans are. The rain did not matter to them. This was a open venue so there was no cover even if you had seats. Well, we are off to Phoenix. It's going to be a long ride. See Ya. Pamm
Phoenix, AZ - July 23, 1998
The drive to Phoenix was long, around 14 hrs. A few people from our bus flew cause they needed to be in Phoenix before us. But the funny thing was that we arrived at the Hotel about 30 minutes after them. I actually prefer driving as opposed to flying because it seems like you get a better and a longer rest. There was a Mall within walking distance so of course I had to check it out. I ran into Bruce our drum tech and Richard, Oscar, and Lisa from Boz's band on the way there. I also ran into Scott and Kiki (from Boz's band). The show in Phoenix was the best so far. It was a benefit for the Heart Foundation and it was a sold out show. We played at the America West Arena which is home of the Phoenix Suns. They were having a basketball camp for kids, but I didn't get to see any of the team players. Bummer. This is Stevie's hometown so she had a lot of family and friends there. I watched "Landslide" and she dedicated it to her parents. At the end I swear she had a tear in her eye, which was very moving to me. The crowd got a bit of a treat cause Mick Fleetwood appeared on stage during Land and Lenny's drum and percussion solo right before the "Edge of Seventeen". I think it's amazing to see them jam and it was even more amazing when Mick joined them. The crowd went wild. Another big surprise was that Don Henley joined Stevie for "Leather and Lace" . It was so amazing to see these musicians get together and do their thing, it gave me chills. WOW, that's about all I can say. Two of my volunteers from Boston showed up and gave me a present, which I thought was very nice. Thank You Girls!!! Well, we are off to Vegas. Good Night! PAMM
Las Vegas, NV - July 25, 1998
So we're in Las Vegas, a city of lights, a city that never sleeps and a place that you can practically smoke anywhere, in the lobby, in the restaurants, and even in the elevators. I like to have a cigarette every now and then, but that was a little out of hand. Especially when there's no ventilation. We stayed at the MGM Grand since we were playing at their Garden Arena. When we stepped off the bus to go to the lobby and check in, OH MY GOD was that a walk. It was such a treck and a maze to get to the lobby. I was dying since I was probably carrying twice my weight (or so it seemed). We walked by all these slot machines, they're everywhere! I restrained myself from stopping and throwing some money in. It's always tempting especially when you hear all the slot machines going off and spitting out coins. My room was cool, it had the Wizard of Oz theme going on. Which happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. Jen and I went to eat dinner at the Rainbow Cafe, it sorta had a Disney kinda vibe to it. We ran into Wheel, PI, and Bruce and then Jen and I parted ways. I went to check out New York New York and try my luck at some slots. I quickly lost about $20 bucks and decided that was enough. The show in Vegas was great. Chris Isaak was there. He was so nice and down to earth and not to mention very handsome. He gave Mindy a sharpie tattoo and he sang a song to Chris Nicks little girl. I was helping Sharon tape the handle on her suitcase back together with some black gaff tape and Chris Isaak was telling us a story about how his dad always asks him to bring some gaff tape home when he's out on tour because his dad just loves using that tape. Fanatic was there also. It's a show on MTV where they get a fan to interview their favorite artist or actor and etc. Towards the end of the show I went to take one of my banners down that was at one of the entrances and I decided to try my luck at some slots since I had 3 dollars on me. I quickly made 30 bucks and called it quits. On my way back, I saw David Spade (you know the comedian) and his date. After we were all done Paul, Jill (she took Janine's place, Janine got a job on a movie and left us), and I were out having a cigarette by the bus when this guy came up to us asking about Stevie of course. Well, we all started talking and he was telling us how he wanted to come to the show tonight but was unable to because he had to work. I think he works at New York, New York in the magic shop.( He wrote his name down for me, but unfortunately like everything else I've seem to misplace it.) So, of course we asked him to show us some tricks. He did the basic tricks, you know with the scarf going in one hand and then pulling it out of his mouth. The thimble going from one hand to the next. You know the hand is quicker than the eye. He did this amazing trick, it was actually hilarious. The stage manager from the Garden Arena came up to us and the magician asked him if he could help him out with this trick, so of course he said yes. It's this trick where he somehow took the guys watch off of his wrist without him even knowing it. I can't explain it, it's one of those "you have to see it for yourself" kinda things. The funny thing was when he told the guy that he would give him a consolation prize for helping him out with the trick. He showed him two watches on his wrist and told him to pick one. The guy picked the second one and the magician said, "Are you sure you want that one?, I think you should take the other one". It took him a couple of times before he realized that the watch that he didn't pick in the beginning was actually his watch. The magician was slick, (I wish I could remember his name!!). I happened to have a signed poster from Stevie on the bus so I gave it to him for his entertainment. Thank You!! That's it for Vegas. See you in Cali. PAMM
Los Angeles, CA - July 27, 1998
I'm going back to CALI, CALI, CALI. I'm going back to CALI. Yeah, we had a week in California. It's good to be home. It was nice to go home and unload all the stuff that I have acquired in the last few weeks. We kicked off the first show in Cali at Universal Amphitheater which is right down the street from where I live. Whenever you do a show in LA you know it's going to be a zoo. Being at Universal was like being at home, because I've worked a lot of shows there. Scott Tinkelman and Matt Mohi from Best Buy came to the show. Matt was on the Michael Bolton/Wynonna Tour. Universal Amphitheater is inside the theme park and all three of us had talked about trying to sneak away and go on one of the rides, but that never happened. Bummer. The show was SOLD OUT!! The fans got a bit of a surprise when Mick Fleetwood joined Stevie again for Edge of Seventeen. I didn't see him, but I heard Dennis Miller was at the show. Earlier in the night I was walking by the entrance to the dressing rooms when I saw Mick Fleetwood being detained by the security guard because he didn't have a pass. Apparently the guard didn't recognize him or just didn't know who he was. Mick looked at me (I guess he remembered me from either the show in Phoenix or from when I worked the Fleetwood rehearsals last year) and I had to rescue him, his wife, and his assistant. The security there was the weirdest. When I was out walking around with Scott and Matt we ran into Marty (the Tour Mgr) and we were all trying to get into the front gate, but this security guard wouldn't let us in because she didn't see us leave. We all had passes on and it was apparent that we were working the show. I swear it took about 15 minutes before we could find someone to vouch for us and let us in. She almost made us walk all the way around to the back which is a pretty far walk. Thank God we didn't have to do that. That's it for LA. See ya later. Pamm
San Diego, CA - July 28, 1998
San Diego was a cool show. The weather was nice. The sun was out and there was a cool breeze that was blowing so I didn't sweat that much when I was out hanging banners. This was the first show that Boz Skaggs didn't open up for Stevie. Instead we had AJ Croce opening up. He was cool, his sound was sort of a blues sound. My friend Johnny Law came to the show. He's an entertainment lawyer in San Diego. I bought my first guitar. The guys from the band (Bret and Carlos) hooked me up with Taylor Guitar and I got a Baby Taylor so I can start learning how to play. Steve McDonald (our Guitar Tech) got oil spotted. Oil spotting is when you leave someone. Steve ran in to use the phone and didn't tell anyone so when the bus driver got there we had all been waiting for a while and just assumed everyone was on the bus. We were a little bit down the road when I went up to the front of the bus to get a drink. I noticed that there was only four people in the front lounge and when I went to the back of the bus I counted the people in the back. I only counted 9 total and we were suppose to have 10. I mentioned it to everyone and told them that I didn't see Steve and they said that he was probably in the bathroom. So we just never thought about it after that. Until 30 minutes later when Paul got a phone call from Steve, he was still at the gig. So we had to pull over and the other crew bus went to pick him up. Later he said he saw us pulling out and tried to run after us, but couldn't get our attention. He thought we were winding him up. You know since everyone on this tour is into that. Oh well. The lesson learned, if you have to make a phone call or run to the bathroom right before the bus is ready to pull out you had better let someone know. That's all for now. GOODNIGHT!!!!! PAMM
Irvine, CA - July 31, 1998
We did a show at Irvine Meadows, again this is a familar venue to me. The front gate of Irvine Meadows seems like a mile away so I was very Thankful that they let me use a golf cart. The one they gave could hold probably 10 people. It looked almost like an open ice cream truck with fringes hanging off the roof. I felt like I was a tour guide at Disney World or something, but I'm not one to complain. It was just hilarious to me. Michael McDonald opened up for Stevie instead of Boz Skaggs. This was the second show without him and his crew. I miss seeing those guys, they are so nice. I do have to admit though that Michael McDonald was great!! He did a lot of songs that I grew up on. I grabbed a song list from his road mgr. Mark, but like everything else I've seem to misplace it. Jill (the Wardrobe Asst.) told me that some guy jumped over a fence and landed right in front of her while she was steaming Stevie's clothes. He fell onto these bread trays got up and mumbled that he was in the wrong place and climbed back up the way he came, he was gone by the time she got security. I went out to watch "Landslide" again and everyone had already rushed the stage. I stood beside Stevie's bodyguard Dave and joked with him about me wanting to stage dive. He said he would let me, but I didn't have enough nerve to go through with it. Maybe if it was a punk rock show I'd do it. Oh, Madonna called our production office today. Not to talk to Stevie, but to talk to Chris Lantz (he mixes monitors for Stevie). I guess they are pretty good friends. His son Kyle has been on the road with us since Nashville and has been helping me out a lot. He's 13 and tonight it was easy to bribe him into helping me since I had a golf cart, I let him drive. Anyway, we were out collecting banners when this guy came up to me and asked me if I was Pamm or if I new her. Of course I said I was me and he gave me a card. He explained to me that it was a thankyou card for all of the road reports that I have written. It was probably the sweetest card that I have ever gotten. So I would like to say Thank You to Greg Hunter for being so nice, you made my day!!!! I'm sending you something in the mail. Well, that's it for now we are off to San Fran. Goodnight!!! Pamm
Mountain View, CA - August 1, 1998
So we just got done doing a show at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, just right outside of San Francisco. This was our second show out of three in a row. The venue was so nice, it reminded me more like a theme park than a venue. Backstage they had three Sony Play Stations and a Basketball Game. There were also these monuments to Bill Graham. I guess on New Year's Eve he liked to dress up and at his shows he would come out of these huge objects dressed as Father Time. There was a big Mushroom, a Skull and Roses, and a big World. All three of them have these plaques in front of them that tell you about them. Out in the venue there is this huge Totem Pole called the Healing Pole. It was carved by this Polynesian Native and was dedicated to Bill Graham. The Healing Pole tells a story, although I don't know exacting what. I just know it is amazing to see. I was out on Stage Right watching "Landslide" again with Don and Carlos when someone threw a T-Shirt on stage. Bruce Jacoby (our drum tech) went out and grabbed the T-Shirt, he came back and showed it to me. It was a Best Buy T-Shirt that said on the back of it, "Stevie, Store #120 Loves You", way to represent!!!! Don mentioned to me also that it was amazing to be in San Francisco since this is where Stevie wrote most of her songs. I was taking my banners down while the crowd was leaving and I heard someone yell out "I love you Stevie", as if she could hear them. It's funny what some people do, it just made me think of that commercial, you know the one where the guy says "I love you Man!!". Stevie had a big Meet N Greet and Jill and I were waiting for her to leave so that we could pack everything up. Stevie's Manager Sheryl was there and she was playing basketball with Stevie's dog Sara. It was so cute to watch little Sara go after this huge basketball that was twice her size. She loved it!!! Anyway that's it for San Fran, we are off to Concord!!!! Pamm
Reno, NV - August 5, 1998
We had a couple of days off in Reno, NV. It's like a mini Las Vegas. When I stepped off the bus I thought we were in Vegas. Since we had a couple of days off, Jen and I decided to hop on a plane and go see the Beastie Boys in Salt Lake City. It was only an hour flight. Kiki's boyfriend (she plays keyboards for Boz) runs the monitors for them and he was hooking us up with passes. I tried booking a rent-a-car for us before we left, but I had no luck. The entire city of Salt Lake was sold out of cars. We just decided to try and wing it. We didn't know how we were gonna get to the show or where we were staying. So when we landed we went searching for a car, luckily I found one which was a miracle considering that every car place I called was sold out. The Car Rental place was in the city and right next to some hotels so it was convenient for us to find a place to stay. We saw all these tour buses at the hotel we stayed at and was wondering what tour they were on. It turns out that it was Janet Jackson's Tour which is a Best Buy Tour, she was playing at the same venue as the Beastie Boys. Not the same day of course, the day after. I didn't find out about that until it was too late, it would have been nice to meet one of my co-workers. Anyway, so we get to the show only to find out that the passes that Steve (Kiki's boyfriend) had left us was already given to someone else. The person at the box office majorly messed up. So we had to wait for about an hour before they cleared everything up. We missed a Tribe Called Quest, but got out passes in time to see the Beastie Boys. What a great show!!!!!! And what a way to spend your day off, I was in heaven. We flew back to Reno the next day which was a show day for us. We got to the venue in time for load-in. The venue basically looked like someone just threw a stage and some chairs right in the middle of a parking lot. The weather was sooooo hot, almost unbearable. I felt like I was gonna pass out again due to the heat when I was out hanging banners. You might think that I have an easy job, but it really isn't all that simple. A lot of times I have no help at all and it's a real struggle to hang the banners up by yourself. I look back and laugh at some of the things I've had to do to hang banners. It's really hard when you don't have the height like me. My Aunt came to the show in Reno, she just loves Stevie. The show was amazing as usual. After the show they set off all these fire works. It was like the Fourth of July. I really enjoyed the fireworks since we didn't get to see any because we were in Florida on the Fourth and they had all those fires going on. My Aunt got to meet Stevie this time, boy was she so happy. I thought she was gonna cry. Again I have gained so much respect for Stevie and for her music since I've been out on this Tour. She is so nice when she meets people, she is definitely a classy lady. Oh, I did try my luck at the slot machines again but no luck. Our truck driver Wayne won about $1,500 in Vegas and he won another $500 in Reno. Some people have all the luck, I'm jealous, wish it could have been me. Well that's it for Reno. Only two more shows!!!! God Bless!!!! PAMM
Seattle, WA - August 7, 1998
We had a day off in Washington, instead of staying in a hotel Jen and Paul thought it would be a fun idea for all of us to camp out. We were gonna camp out at The Gorge (which is where we were playing), but instead Jen found this place about 20 minutes away called NO WAKE LAKE. I heard on our drive in from Reno we crossed paths with Janet Jackson's people again. They were on their way to Canada after playing Salt Lake. When we pulled up to NO WAKE LAKE it was nothing what I expected. I was thinking trees, lots of greenery and forest and a huge lake. Instead we pulled up to a dirt road, with not that much greenery and a lake that looked more like a pond to me than anything else. First Impressions can be deceiving though. It turned out to be the funniest most relaxing day off that we had ever spent. We had a two bedroom house overlooking the lake with a pool table and a washer and dryer. We pulled our buses in and parked them, since the house could only sleep 8 and there was about 20 of us. We had a catered lunch and dinner that was just excellant. And the people that own NO WAKE LAKE were so nice. They had two jet skis for us to play with, a boat so that we could ski, and a little motorcycle to ride. It was like summer camp. They also had 5 of the sweetest dogs there. I went riding with Mel (he's one of the lighting guys) on one of the jet skis. He promised me that he wouldn't flip it over, but he did. It was hilarious. Everyone said they saw a big splash, then there was silence and then came the laughter. We had to get rescued cause we got water in the engine and we had to get towed in. It was so much fun. I also learned how to ski for the first time. I was pretty proud of myself, I got up on the first try. To end the festivities we had a big bon fire. And then off to bed everyone went. All of us sleep in the buses except Jill. She was the only one that sleep in the house. She was the smart one. So the next morning we had a small breakfast and I went into the orchard and picked some fresh peaches and apples for our juicer. We were all sad that we had to go back to work and wished that we could stay another day. It was a fun ending for the tour. It was a chance for us to all hang out and do things together as a family, because that's basically what we are. The Gorge was just beautiful, it overlooks the Colombia River. I missed the most beautiful sunset unfortunately. The Gorge sorta has a little mascot, her name is Willow and she's a German Shepard mix. She was a funny dog, she liked to chase the light from a flashlight. Boz Skaggs joined us again!! It was great to see those guys again, I missed them!! Kiki told me that she walked down to the river which looked like an amazing hike. She said it took her about an hour or so and that there was a little water fall just a 20 minute hike away. I wanted to check it out, but was unable to tear myself away from work. It was the next to the last show and I had to do some cleaning and organizing. Jen and I went to check out (you guessed it) "Landslide" and OH MY GOD was the house just packed!!!!! I looked out at the crowd and could see the banners that I had hung and thought to myself "A job well done!". Well, we are off to Portland. Pamm
Portland, OR - August 8, 1998
We were only in Portland for the show day, so I didn't get to see any of the city just the venue. We played at the Rose Garden Arena, which Stevie has a song called "Rose Garden" also and it's one of my favorites. I'm amazed everyday at how the truck drivers are able to squeeze those big rigs into tight spaces. I'm very impressed with Kelly, she's the only lady driver out on our tour. I don't know how they back those trucks in and out, I just know I wouldn't be able to do it. Which reminds me that I always forget to mention that pretty much at every venue there are always some lady stagehands. I think it's great that women are given the opportunity in this male dominated business. YOU go Girls!!!:-) This wasn't a Best Buy city so I had some extra tickets and Jen and I went up front to give them away. People just can't believe that I just want to give tickets away for free no strings attached!! I had the same problem with some Stevie posters that I had left over. I went out in the concourse to give them away. A lot of people turned me down I think because they thought I was selling them or something, I mean they couldn't believe that I was just giving them away for nothing. But as soon as one person caught on it became a feeding frenzy and the posters were gone within seconds. One of my jobs that I had accumilated on tour was to put stuff in Stevie dressing room for her to autograph. Since this was our last show I had a ton of stuff for her to sign which I felt bad about, but Stevie is a Pro and a Trooper and she signed them all. I made it a point to watch all of my favorite songs that Stevie does (I'm sure you can guess which ones) since this was the last show for me. A lot of the crew still had Woodstock and VH-1 ahead of them, but this was the end of the line for me. Bummer. Boz came into the Production Office to say Bye to us which I thought was very nice!!! I'm gonna miss him, his band and his crew!!!! They are so nice, I love them all. Jen and I were in the Production Office when we heard the start of "Landslide", it was a mad dash for us to get to the stage!!! We made it within seconds. Instead of watching from the side of the stage like we always do we decided to join the crowd in the front row. It was so amazing to be in the energy of the crowd and to see Stevie sing "Landslide" one last time!!! Every night Stevie and the Band take a bow on stage, but in Portland Stevie asked the whole crew to join her on stage and take a bow. It was so cool to stand on stage and see all the people clap and scream for her. She even brought little Sara Bella on stage. I was very sad to have to say goodbye to my family for the last 3 months. Everyone on that tour was so great and very helpful to me!! I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE!!!!!!!! It's been a long hard road and part of me is sad that it's over with and then another part of me is glad to go home and try to pursue my acting career. Wish me luck!!!! You can write me if you like at pammriddle@hotmail.com. TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! PAMMY
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