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Sheryl Crow in Phoenix with Stevie Nicks as a Special Guest
March 30, 1999
By Debbi Radford
Eagle Eye Cherry was the opening act, and a surprisingly strong one at that. The lead singer definately has stage presence and I predict he will be big one day. They saved their hit "Save Tonight" for the last song, but all the other songs were good as well. Sheryl came out with a burst of energy in long black bell bottom pants slit up the side and a short black midruff shirt. Around the second song she invited the crowd to stand up and dance and come to the stage's edge where they remained for the rest of the show. Her show consisted of dazzling lights and images with sort of a kalidoscope effect. I like "The Globe Sessions" CD, but this performance made me want to listen to it again and again. Sheryl was energetic and very into her performance and it showed. It was about this time my friend discovered his camera or film was faulty. He tried to fix what he could and took some photos, but we are not optimistic. If the film should turn out, the photos would be good ones. Stevie did not appear until the encore when Sheryl introduced her "good friend". She was in a long brown velvet like coat dress outfit with those gorgeous tan boots. She looked just great! They embraced and the crowd went wild! I mean the house was coming down. My friend and I had previously speculated that this younger crowd might not be as appreciative of Stevie as we would like. Man, were we off base! Shery and Stevie dueted on "Strong Enough" to a standing ovation. The crowd cheered and roared between every verse and chorus of the song. Stevie seemed quite touched by the outpouring of love. Stevie said "Thank you" and left the stage. We knew she was not coming back after all these years of observing Stevie, but the crowd did not. They continued to yell for Stevie until Sheryl launched into "Mississippi". We went downstairs for "Everyday is a Winding Road" and left then because of the way I was parked. I can not swear that Stevie did not make a final appearance; hey, she could have come out and sung "Stand Back" as I expected, but we were not there for it. No review in this morning's paper, but I am hoping for one tommorrow to see if we missed anything. All in all, a great concert!

from Jodi Selko
Stevie showed and looked as beautiful as ever. She was wearing a burgondy color outfit (like the color of the outfit she wore on Enchanted for her acoustic set). But it was like that soft velvety material. The crowd went completely nuts when she came out.

She came out for the first enchore and sang Strong Enough. Beautiful it sounded. Then she was off. I saw stevie sit on the right side of the stage but that was it. i waited out by the backdoor and Stevie came out. Chris Nicks was there to drive her home in his big four wheeler rodeo. She talked for a few seconds out back then climbed in the truck on the passenger side in the front. She stood on the edge of the truck and hung onto the door. Then she got in to leave. As they drove out Stevie had her window down and leaned out and waved to us (we were about 25 feet away) and yelled out to us- Bye you guys and waved. Very cute and sweet. She continued to lean out the window and wave to all the fans as they drove out of the parking lot. Enchanting as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from Jeffrey Lansing
There really isn't much I can add to Debbi's review except for the fact that Stevie did not return to the stage after her duet with Sheryl on "Strong Enough". She did look wonderful as always. She did offer Sheryl the little bow of adoration that Stevie gives people when she came out I do remember. All she said was "Thank you" at the end and that was it.

I returned to Union Hall after the show but Stevie had all ready left and the people there said she just came out and didn't greet anyone or sign anything.

I went to Union Hall after Wednesday's show and Stevio didn't even appear at that performance.

So, I was lucky enough to get last minute tickets to Tuesday's show where Stevie did perform. And the fact that it was my birthday made it even more special. What a great present seeing Stevie and Sheryl perform together.

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