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Reviews of the Private Show in LA
March 31, 2001
Billboard - April 14, 2001

Rockin' in Shangri-La.

Photo Stevie Nicks, left, recently previewed material from her forthcoming Reprise collection, Trouble in Shangri-La, at a showcase at SIR Studios in Los Angeles. The project shows the venerable rocker collaborating with such luminaries as Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Maines of Dixie Chicks, and Macy Gray. Due May 1, the set is previewed by the singles "Planets of the Universe" and "Every Day." Nicks is expected to tour in support of the album this summer. Pictured with Nicks is Warner Bros. President Phil Quartararo.

Stevie performed a private show in Los Angeles on March 31st. This was the first time she had performed any of her new songs from Trouble in Shangri-La. You can read the newswire article, and the fan reviews below:


from Jason and Meredith

Last night in a Hollywood rehearsal hall, Stevie Nicks performed a showcase promoting her new record, "Trouble In Shangri-La". We were lucky enough to attend and experienced an evening that was charmed from beginning to end. The intimate venue was decked out with giant posters of the cover art, and the requisite buffet, open bar and flower arrangements. After mingling and getting drinks, my friend Meredith and I made our way to the performance hall and walked right up to the stage. The stage was a good size - maybe 30' x 14' deep. It was low - about 30". There was a great silk parachute drape at the back, lit up in pinks and purples. We met a few people who had come from New York - one who had never seen Stevie live. There was an electric feeling in the air. In addition to the industry people, we could tell there were true fans there who were completely on edge waiting for the show. The setting was beautiful - giant palm trees lit up around us, prints of the cover art on either wall. The stage was all set and we knew we were in for something very special. Stevie took to the stage right around 8pm. She was introduced first by a Warner Bros. exec, and then by her brother Chris. The show started out with the traditional "Outside The Rain/Dreams" combo. Stevie looked radiant and happy. She was wearing her now trademark outfit from the last tours, accented with the long dripping chiffon sleeves. Mindy and Sharon were there on vocals, and Waddy Wachtel was back on guitar, wailing away and adding his own touches. The first new song was "Everyday" - and much of the audience seemed to know it. Waddy actually laughed at Meredith and me as we sang along with the chorus. Of course we already knew the words ! The reaction to the new song was great, it was met with a roar at the end. Next, Sheryl Crow was introduced by Stevie as "My very, very close friend who saved this record". Sheryl was a knockout, dressed in a cream colored vintage dress and funky cowboy boots. She played guitar and sang on "Sorcerer". Their harmonies were beautiful. Their voices blend together perfectly . Stevie and Sheryl faced each other through most of the whole song - belting out the choruses. They also did the new ballad "It's Only Love". That song promises to be a staple of all the shows this tour. Stevie talked about Sheryl coming to her house with her guitar and playing it for her in her dining room. The two of them seemed to recall it a bit differently and got a big laugh of it. The highlight of the show for me was "Fall From Grace". Again Sheryl came out, after Stevie was saying "Where's Sheryl?". She bounded out from backstage and said "I'm fired" and they launched into a flawless version of the song . They blew the roof off - Stevie nailed the last high notes of the song perfectly. It is a great addition to the set and I hope it remains for the entire tour. "Stand Back" and "Landslide" followed. "Stand Back" was complete with high kick and Stevie wore the red shawl - no Stand Back shawl ! She dedicated "Landslide" to the people at Warner Bros. and thanked them for standing by her during the record. She pointed out that was not "kissing up to them", but that they really helped her during the scary process of making the record. Lenny Castro started "Edge" with a fantastic drum solo, and Waddy's guitar was thunderous - like only he can play it. Stevie's howl during the bridge was unreal. It seemed to go on forever. In all the years we have seen her I have to say this howl was the ultimate. Her voice was in excellent form. "Has Anyone Ever..." closed the show and Stevie thanked everyone who came, calling us all her "Poets...Priests of Nothing...Legends ". The show, all in all, was simply electrifying. We kept looking at each other throughout, like "Is this really happening ???" Meredith and I were so thrilled. It was a night that will go down in history for us. Afterwards, we were able to speak at length with Chris, Lori and Waddy about the tour, the album and what a great time we had. Best of all, we spent some time with Stevie, got autographs, and have many pictures of us together. Stevie was completely gracious, and was thrilled that we like the album so much. It was surreal, and could not have been more perfect. I cannot say how wonderful it was to be able to thank her for all of her music, to tell her how proud of her we are, and let her know how important she is to all of us. It was truly "An Evening in Shangri-la".

The set list was as follows:

  • Outside The Rain
  • Dreams
  • Gold Dust Woman
  • Everyday
  • Sorcerer
  • Rhiannon
  • Fall From Grace
  • It's Only Love
  • Stand Back
  • Landslide
  • Edge of 17
  • Has Anyone Ever...

Pictures still to come !

I wish you all could have been there with us.

Dear Stevie fans,

I had the most enchanted night of my life this past Saturday! I went to Stevie's private concert for industry and radio people around the country. It was at S.I. R. (Studio instrument rental) in Hollywood.

I read about it online, but never dreamed I'd actually get to go! I was working in the Hollywood Hills nearby painting. I went out for dinner, and drove by SIR. I saw lots of cars lined up at the valet. I thought, what the hell, and parked my car on Wilcox. I looked gross! Paint in my hair, and on my hands. I changed out of my painty pants and put on sweats, then threw on a black sweater.

Anyway, I just walked right in, and not one person said a word to me. It was the most fabulous, surreal night of my life. (I wish you could have been there. I never thought I'd get to go, it was like walking into a sublime dream.)

There was a bar, and great hors de oeuvre's in the lobby. Then, finally, we were ushered into the concert hall. I couldn't believe my good fortune! My heart was beating so hard in anticipation. I chatted with a couple people around me. (all industry types, Stevie's friends, and the various radio folk from around the country.) Someone asked me where I was from. Detroit, WRIF 101, I lied. An exec from WB came onstage first and said a few words about Stevie, and her magnificent ability to touch an audience. Then Christopher came onstage and introduced her. Said something like, "If you're having Trouble in Shangri-La, she'll show you the way back home."

"Outside the rain", "Dreams", "Gold Dust". (All fab. She is at the top of her game. Looks happy and healthy, and sounds WONDERFUL!) She talked a little here, said she was nervous. Then did "Every Day." Reminded me a bit of "Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind." Then, Sheryl Crow came onstage and sat down on a stool. Stevie started talking about how she wrote the song "Sorcerer" in the early seventies, about the time they shot that infamous Buckingham Nicks cover. She said she didn't want to be just another beautiful blond in Hollywood, and needed to distinguish herself. She mentioned some venue (forgot name) which was her last recollection of singing the song. Anyway, it was a monster jam! Let me tell you, it was really rockin! It was soooo good to hear that song live. Then, she put on some beautiful black chiffon, and did a tour de force rendition of "Rhiannon". (slow piano intro, before the rockin' version) After "Rhiannon", Stevie was getting ready for the next song, but something wasn't quite right. "Where's Miss Crow?" she said. Then Sheryl came out, and scurried over to her place. Stevie launched into "Fall From Grace" from the new CD. This for me was the climax of the evening. The song rocks, and Stevie was really putting a lot of energy into it! Then came the song Sheryl wrote for Stevie, called "It's Only Love." Stevie talked about the song a little. She said that Sheryl came over one night to her house and said basically, that after listening to all Stevie's stories for the past three years about her wild and crazy life, that this is the song she wrote about all those stories. They were sitting in Stevie's dining room, and Sheryl asked Stevie if she could play if for her. And Stevie said, "Yeah, and I was like, whatever." Then Sheryl goes, "That's not what she said at the time. She said, Oh really? I can't wait to hear it!"

Anyway, it's a very good, acoustic song. Will probably be in the Trouble in Shangri-La tour. Boom, then "Stand Back"! She didn't wear the usual Stand Back shawl, this time it was kind of a beautiful, red, shimmery shawl. One high kick, which got everybody even more roused! Then came "Landslide", which she dedicated to Warner Bros. "And it's not that I'm (kissing noises) kissing up to Warner Bros., which of course I am, but they have been so good to me. I was really terrified making this album, and they made me feel so safe." It was gorgeous, as always. Did I mention Waddy Wachtel was her guitarist? I haven't seen Waddy guitar for Stevie since the Rock A Little tour. Lastly, "Edge of Seventeen", then "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"? Stevie's wardwrobe girl was dutifully holding the beautiful white lacey shawl for her at the side of the stage, but Stevie must have forgot about it, and didn't go get it.

Afterwards, Stevie thanked everyone profusely for being there. (As if. She is the one who should be thanked, for creating such a magical experience in that intimate venue.) "Thank you so much! Thank you for giving me my first good experience with the new songs. You are all my poets, and my priests of nothing, and my legends. I love you all! Good night!"

I was stunned speechless, and still couldn't believe I was actually there. Later, the bars in the lobby opened again, and there was more food being passed around. Then, Stevie actually walked out into the lobby, and formed a receiving line, where she could meet and greet the radio people from out of town. Naturally, I got in line! It moved very slow, and I never thought I'd actually get up to meet her. But I did! At one point Sheryl Crow, David Spade and Kid Rock were chit chatting with Stevie at the front of the line, which held things up a bit. Then some people in front of me started singing "Too Far From Texas" acapella, and Stevie joined in!!

I finally got to meet her. Her PR people asked where I was from. Detroit, I told them. They introduced me to Stevie. She was amazingly charming and gracious! Especially after just performing a concert, then meeting all those people for so long. Honestly, I don't know how she put up with it. But she was all smiles and charm, doing her duty to promote Trouble in Shangri-La. They took a picture of me and Stevie, as they did with all the other "radio" people. She looked so good! Her hair is like fine golden silk. Then I had to leave, as there was still a long line behind me.

I left in a state of euphoria, happier than I'd been in a long time. Can't wait for the release of Trouble in Shangri-La, and really can't wait for the tour! (Begins June 29th)


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