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The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund's Annual New York Dinner - Fan Reviews
March 6, 2002

from Michelle
I was at that Sheryl Crow show last night. It was such a great show and a cause close to my heart! Here is the setlist:

Winding Road
A Change
Steve McQueen (new song)
Lucky Kid (new song)
Favorite Mistake
You're An Original (new song sung with Lenny Kravitz on the cd)
Strong Enough ( in the middle, Stevie joined in)
Sorcerer, with Stevie
C'mon C'mon, with Stevie (new song sung with Stevie on the cd)
If it Makes You Happy
Difficult Kind, with Stevie
Midnight Rider, with Stevie (Allman Brothers song)
Soak Up the Sun (new song sung with Liz Phair on the cd)
All I wanna Do

It's So Easy (new song sung with Don Henley on the cd)
Safe and Sound
Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin song)

Well... that was the setlist! What can I say... it was an awesome show!! When I first got there I had a problem with the stupid MTV guy who was running the thing... because he spelled my last name wrong on his list and it wasn't the same as what I was telling him. Finally, after waiting outside for 2 hours with a bunch of other people who had similar problems with him, they let us in. The place was pretty crowded. I met some really nice Sheryl fans from her message board. I also saw one of my Stevie buddies standing right in the front... so naturally I worked my way to him and his friend and stood there the entire night. Above us in the balcony seats were VIP people like Ellen Barkin, Julianne Moore, the lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls and some guys from that TV show Third Watch.

The show was really great. Sheryl looked nice and she sounded great too. I was very anxious waiting for Stevie... finally after about 8 songs or so, Sheryl starts singing Strong Enough and introduces Stevie. The crowd went crazy!! As usual.. Stevie got the biggest applause every time she came back on the stage! After that song, Stevie did Sorcerer.. she even did that little hand motion that she did for that "all around black ink darkness" part. She wore the usual black dress...black platform boots.. her hair looked the same .. long and straight.. to me she also looked thinner than when I last saw her back in October. Sheryl then said that Stevie was going to sing this next song with her from her new cd called C'mon C'mon... really cool song! Stevie sounded very strong on all of the songs. She left the stage for one song and then she came back out with a hat on that kind of looked like a beret! She sang Difficult Kind with Sheryl and they went straight into Midnight Rider. It was actually pretty funny because throughout the night Sheryl was having sound problems. They had to redo Difficult Kind and Midnight Rider about 3 times.. first I think Sheryl messed up... the second time Stevie messed up and laughed about it, but knew it was her and also Sheryl forgot a verse to Difficult Kind...they finally got it right the third time! Everyone broke into applause! It was pretty funny! It was a great show.. Stevie looked and sounded awesome. I am so glad I got to go see this show!

One more note.. all of the new songs that Sheryl sang were really good. It sounds like the cd will be pretty popular.

It will be broadcasted on VH1 April 6th!!!

from Lisa
I was front row (actually right in front of Stevie) at the benefit concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom last night in NY. Stevie rocked, she joined Sheryl on Strong Enough, The difficult kind/midnight rider (which they did 3 times) and Sorcerer. I have never been that close at a concert before and to have it be for Stevie and Sheryl was a dream.

Just wanted to let you know, she was , once again, fabulous!


from Al Lovelace
These are the moments that we live for - two nights ago Sheryl Crow played a benefit concert for Breast Cancer Research that was absolutely the most amazing concert experience of my life. I stood against the stage as the wondrously talented Sheryl strutted through a 2 hour, 45+ minute show of old and new material, sometimes accompanied by the AWESOME Stevie Nicks. Sheryl's band was rocking and tight (I won't go song by song since reviews have already been posted). My new friend T.J. had a setlist so when I heard the opening chords to Strong Enough, I knew Stevie was on her way. Stevie appeared in her classic black dress and platform boots. She looks more beautiful, thinner, and healthier than I've seen in ages. Sheryl, by the way, is way hot although her Indian garb was a little too country-western and the green thing she was wearing at the end made me fear for me lucky charms! However, their voices are angelic together as they harmonized perfectly through each song. After Strong Enough was Stevie's Sorcerer - the best live version I've heard EVER. Stevie was very into it...hand motions, dancing, and swishing around in her finery (hey, hey). Next Stevie sang back up to the title track from Sheryl's new album C'mon C'mon. This song drew me in and I can't wait to get the new album - destined to be a classic if it sounds half as good as the new songs did live. When Stevie wasn't singing, she was mouthing the words - so she definitely is into Sheryl's new music. Then Stevie left and Sheryl announced that she would return later. Stevie came back, wearing a black beret, to do multiple takes of The Difficult Kind which faded into Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers), which was too cool. At one point, Stevie missed a verse and very endearingly covered her ears and apologized. I could've listened for hours. In between takes Sheryl left but Stevie stayed on stage sipping a beverage through a straw from a red plastic cup. At some point they were also bantering about being the new Everly Sisters and what it was like flying around in private jets after 9-11. This show was the best night of rock-n-roll I have ever experienced. I can't wait to see it air on VH-1 on April 6. Thanks to the fan forum at www.sherylcrow.com for providing fans with the opportunity to get access to this show. My wife (a casual fan of both Stevie & Sheryl) pointed out that Stevie always conducts herself with such class and grace. I couldn't have said it better myself!


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