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Stevie Nicks Fan Reviews of the House of Blues Shows

House of Blues in Los Angeles - December 29, 1999

from Tina Leahy
that is the only word which can describe the show.

Stevie looked .....awesome
Stevie sounded......awesome
Stevie's aura.....awesome
Stevie's energy.....awesome

When Stevie performs she touches your head, your heart and without a doubt your soul. She remains, as always, The Queen of Rock and Roll.

A devoted fan since I saw her with Fleetwood Mac, as an opening act in 1975.

from an "Enchanted" fan
I attended the Wednesday evening concert. It was spectacular. It was worth the long agonizing wait outside before the doors opened at 8:00 p.m. - and the additional 1.5 hour wait inside. She looked amazing in a black low cut slim bodice, free-flowing skirt. The dress had velvet sparkle circular patches on the skirt. Many shawl changes. Her hair was long and beautiful, eyes full of expression, and those gorgeous red trademark lips. She seemed genuinely appreciative of the fans. She sang all the favorites, and mixed with some of her newer songs. All songs sounded great. She is truly blessed with an amazing voice. It was so cool to see her up-close. She is more beautiful in person than any video or photo. Definately a way cool experience. Stevie Rocks!

from Keith Hoffman
I won't get into the details of the concert as I'm sure many others will. But I will say I saw Stevie the second night at HOB and was very surprised. I've seen almost every concert tour she's ever done and have never seen her this relaxed (even though she said she was nervous). She was so completely present and seemed to really enjoy interacting with the crowd. She wasn't doing a stage persona as much as hanging out and having fun with the audience. I have a feeling she will move towards doing smaller more intimate venues like this in the future because you could tell she enjoyed the connection. I've watched Stevie change throughout the years (as many of us have) and seen her through the tough times. It's so great to see her at a place where it seems like she doesn't feel she has to prove anything anymore, that she is secure in her place in music history and just wants to enjoy connecting with her fans. She seems like someone who has truly come to appreciate life and her place in it and is, as always, an inspirational woman to many of us. Rock on Gold Dust Woman. Thanks for another magical night.

from Brian Motta
12-29-99. Arrived at the House of Blues at 8:10pm. The line was flowing in the place quickly. Inside the fairly small club style venue was the stage straight ahead. Set up similiar to the Enchanted Tour just a little more compact. The crowd was starting to grow and everyone seemed so excited and anxious for Stevie. Nice people in the crowd except for 1 obnoxious middle aged women who was eventually removed. During the wait "Hypnotized" was played on the sound system. At 9:40pm the band came on stage to a very load aplause. A couple of new faces..an additional keyboard player and a new percussionist. As they started with Outside the Rain our Stevie came out. The crowd was screaming loader than the band. It seamed so sureal, like we were so much a part of the show. I was about 20 feet from stage center. Some spot lighting on the balacony. Stage lighting was very good. Stevie looked beautiful and so happy. After Dreams she even said something about this is not a tour I call it the Holiday shows. Then she laughed and said yes we even practiced. After Dreams came Enchanted followed by Gold Dust Women. The traditional costume changes. My favorite Gold + Braid was next. Stevie left the Stage and some instrumentals started into Rooms on Fire. Next was a very electric fast paced Stand Back. The crowd was going nuts by this point. I couldn't stop dancing if I tried. Next was Rhiannon. For the first time in a while I saw Stevie singing with the passion of yesteryears. Very into it. Next was the band intros...she noted that it usually takes her much longer to do the intros..maybe a joke to the 80's were sometimes she would stumble and or forget someone. Next came Whole lotta trouble. Stevie mentioned Jimmy Iovine and some other producer friends were at the show. I believe they were in the balcony/restaurant section were Mick Fleetwood was reported to be the day before. Landslide was a crowd pleaser with everyone singing along. Next came an excellent drum solo from both percussionist. This lead into Edge of Seventeen. At the end of this song Stevie shook many hands and collected some gifts. After a stage leave the band returned for I need to know. Performance reminded me of earlier tours 82, 84. Stevie was so good in this small venue setting, and of course us fans loved it. Stevie concluded with Has anyone written anything for you. The band played for about 90 minutes which felt like 15 minutes. This show ranks near the top of all the shows I've seen of Stevie. Rock on Gold Dust Women!

from Daniel in San Francisco
The mini-tour has a name! Well, kinda... Stevie said that these are the "Holiday Shows." She went into an explanation but I still don't know what she was really talking about...lol, something about being really nervous.

I thought Wednesday night's show was a little better than Tuesday night's. The crowd vibe seemed a little different too...tho rowdier, more vocal, and really drunk (at least where I was standing). But Stevie's onstage energy was generally good. Overall, another solid performance. Stevie was very animated and connecting extremely well the crowd (when doesn't she?). Everytime she made the slightest movement toward the crowd, everyone went NUTS and screamed out something... The one that struck me as funny was a request for "Wild Heart," which you *know* she'll never sing again.

Seeing this second show gave me a chance to notice the aesthetic things I may have missed on the first night, like the lighting... Give that man or woman a millennium bonus! The lighting effects really complimented the performance...lots of cool reds, blues & whites. They looked great on the velvet curtains too, bringing out spectacular purple and burgundy shades. Some really bright (almost blinding) white lights were shone on the audience during Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen which were really cool. You could see everybody in the house when those lights were shining!

Stevie came out at 9:30 (same for Tuesday night) and kicked into the Enchanted set, sans the acoustic portion and Twisted. The first five songs (OTR/Dreams, Enchanted, Gold Dust Woman, Gold and Braid) were total crowd pleasers, of course. The front floor section was really moving!

Something REALLY funny happened during Dreams... Stevie got lost in the lyrics! Towards the end of the song, she was supposed to repeat the chorus...but instead of repeating "Thunder only happens..." she sang "you'll know" thinking she was still in the middle of the song. At that point, someone screamed out "refrain!!" (at least from what I made out). The band, especially Sharon and Mindy, had this REALLY confused looked on their faces that read something like "Stevie honey, what you are doing?" Stevie totally knew she screwed up but was sooo cute trying to figure out where she was in the song, lip-synching the words, and trying to stay with the rhythm. She did finally come back in with the chorus after a while... So we were treated to the "extended" version of Dreams :)

Rooms on Fire was back in the set again, less expressive than the previous night's take, but still great... Stevie was wearing that beautiful red shawl too...red is the perfect color for her. While black is a very cool, slimming color, I would love to see Stevie in red outfits again.

Next was Stand Back which rocked the room as usual. Stevie totally busted out the moves, dancing playfully with Don (Boyette) and Carlos (Rios). Oh, she was so fierce :D The best part came at the end where she did a MASSIVE high kick to the audience right (good thing her guitarist wasn't standing there!). I knew Stevie was limber, but I've never seen a kick that high before! You could totally see her black stockings as her skirt flew up. :O

Rhiannon with piano intro was solid, but without any surprises. It's Stevie's trademark song, but I'm actually starting to tire of it. Band intros, then a great performance of Whole Lotta Trouble! I was really surprised because Stevie usually mixes up the lyrics on this one. But she nailed all of them and stayed true to the album original. This song must be Mindy Stein's favorite because she was singing louder than Stevie! :O

Another really funny thing happened, this time, just before Landslide. The Y2K monster crept in and generated this really horrible noise (sound feedback) from one of the amps. Stevie had this excruciating look of horror on her face and then staggered to the side of the stage as if she had been electrocuted. And the crowd was totally unphased, continuing to scream out "Stevie! Stevie!" There were sound problems on Stevie's end all throughout the show. Stevie gestured often to the sound guys, appearing a little irritated a few times, that the levels on stage were too low.

Landslide was dedicated to Russ Thyran (sp) and Howie Pine... "because those guys have always been there for me and even if I was not talented and I was just like a cleaning lady or something, they would still give me a job. And I appreciate that, you guys, so much. So thank you."

The drum solo got shortened! :D 6 minutes, compared to Tuesday's 10 minute bongo fest.

Edge of Seventeen bought the crowd back and rocked the house in typical fashion. Stevie added a line at end that I've never heard before... "Deep in the middle of the night, I still think about you."

And of course, Stevie stuck to her Enchanted encores, her bread-n-butter, a fierce I Need to Know and dramatic Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You with the closing ode to the men of her life.

Stevie made several references to industry people over the two nights. I'm not sure if they were actually in the audience but several in crowd noted seeing Mick Fleetwood, Tom Petty, Herbert Worthington, and Jimmy Iovine on the balcony, which was closed off to the public.

Tour merchandise was the same, though one of the t-shirt sizes was sold out (not sure which one). Mugs were selling well Wednesday night too!

from Bobbie Jo Beeman
Hello! I attended the Dec. 29th show at the HOB. This was my very first Stevie Nicks concert, so I was very excited. I made it to the second row!!! The House of Blues was the ideal place for this event. Real fans could get a real good view of the beautiful Ms. Nicks. She sounded just amazing and looked more lovely than any photograph can ever depict. I felt like I was truly in a special place and time. Stevie seemed to just beam as all the fans sang along with her. It was like a choir! For any fan, this was a dream event. I jumped up and down, I cried, I smiled. The band was fantastic, Stevie is entering her second prime, if you ask me. I met some really great fans who had traveled from many places and gone to many lengths to see Stevie. There was a lot of emotion in this evening. And Stevie seemed to glow with happiness and her own special brand of mystique. At one point, she shook hands with the girl next to me. I just looked at her in awe as she leaned down, beautiful hair floating around her face. If you haven't seen her live, you've a whole new thing to discover. Thank you, Stevie, for planning this event. It means so much to me and everyone else that was there. We know that you love us as much as we love you!!!

I went to the Stevie Nicks HOB concert a couple of nights ago and what a show it was. I got to stand within feet of in my opinion the most amazing BREATHTAKING woman in the world (Even at 52 she can still put on a show like no other and totaly mesmorize a crowd) gazing in her eyes for an hour and a half as she sang in that most beautiful verbrado voice that only she can (I was even able to lock eyes with her for an intense look during one song). As for how she looked Stevie was her typical gorgeous self more so up close than even in pictures or t.v. Stevie in all performed 13 songs including my favorite (GOLDANDBRAID!) and two encores,a better sounding version of I NEED TO KNOW than the Tom Petty version and a very heartfelt HAS ANYONE EVER WRITTEN ANYTHING FOR YOU. For me I would have to say so far that it was one of the most important moments in my life just to be there in the prescence of my idol, my GUARDIAN ANGEL and to me the only true LEGEND. In ending I have to say that I was very surprised to see that I was the youngest person at the concert (I'M ONLY 20) but very pleased to be their just to support my girl Stevie and to show her my dedication. ROCK ON SISTER OF THE MOON YOU'RE A LEGEND!

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