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Stevie Nicks Fan Reviews of the House of Blues Shows

House of Blues in Los Angeles - December 28, 1999

from Janice
I was there, and Stevie looked beautiful. Absolutely radiant! Her smile and her interaction with the fans was warm and friendly. She sounded GREAT! I would spend the money every time to see Stevie at a setting like HOB. It was very personal and intimate. PERFECT.

from StevNksLuvr
I have been a fan of Stevies' for 20 years and I finally got the opportunity to see her for the first time December 28th at the House of Blues, and what an excellent place to see her, very personal and intimate. We had dinner reservations and we were listening to Stevie do a sound check while we were having dinner, how cool is that??!! I was front/center stage about five feet away from her and Oh My Gawd she looked and sounded absolutely fabulous!! She had mentioned something about being nervous but she has no reason to be!! Her fans are loyal and love her unconditionally and they showed her their appreciation that night! I think that this is the best time in her life to see her perform. I was and am still starstruck! I still can't believe I was there! Thank you Stevie for an awesome evening!!

from Eric
I attended the show on Tuesday night. Stevie was in a very good mood and kidded around with the band. I have never seen her in a small palce like this. The House of Blues is the perfect place for a Stevie Nicks concert. Stevie's brother came out and announced the show. Stevie came out and she looked and sounded great!! My favorite song was "Whole Lotta Trouble". This is an excellent song for doing live. It filled the place with so much sound. The lead guitarist is great. My next favorite song was "I Need To Know". This is another excellent song to do live. Her band is sounding better than ever and the lighting was as good as I have seen it. On the drum solo, there was a new guy on bongos. He rocked! He did a cool bongo solo and then Land Richards did his solo. Land rocks too. They played well together. The backup singers looked and sounded great too. Mindy looks great but Sharon is my favorite and she always looks good. Stevie changed clothes a few times during the show and she looks as good as I ever remember. Her voice seems so strong and she really puts emotion into the songs. On "Edge of Seventeen" she was sooo intense. She came back for two encores. She finished the show with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything". It was an excellent show and if you get a chance go see it.

OK, one tip. We went upstairs to eat dinner before the show. This was good because we didn't have to wait in line outside. But the House of Blues is arranged so that the dinner tables are not really set up to see the stage. They are more for just eating. So eat dinner so you get in early and then when they open up the bottom floor, go down there to watch the show. I saw people who stayed at their upstairs tables during the show and I assumed they were there for the food and not for the show. :) The floor is general admission so you have to be ready when they open the floor and get there fast so you can get right up front. It's cool that they let people stand right up near the stage for the whole show. This is an excellent place for a concert.

from Josh
I worked a graveyard shift the night before i was to leave for the show, and i got home that morning a slept for a few hours, then woke up and headed for Phoenix....got to phoenix that night and crashed in a "crackton" style Comfort Inn, hint don't stay there...lol....ok so I woke early the next morning and headed for beautiful Southern California(my future home when i get this college thing done) and arived about 2 something at my hotel in Santa Monica, i was pleasently surprised...it was a nice place..=)...so monday night I took a cruise out to the beach watched the sunset and took a drive up through the hills and through Bel Air, Beverly, OJ town, etc...and i tried to find some happenin spots in Santa Monica and alas, santa monica was as dead as a polka dance for teenagers...so I just put a few down and crashed....

Then I awoke the next Morning...Time for Stevie.... I drove down to Hollywood that afternoon and had lunch and a big Hurricane drink at the Hard Rock in the Beverly Center... Then i drove back to my hotel, and once i walked in the door, the phone rang, I mean right when i walked in the door(Ledgie Karma???) it was Ken....called to see what the plan was...

So I got ready, dressed in my Lindsey dance all black clothes and headed to Hollywood once again....Like Ken said earlier we met up about 6...I got vallet parking on sunset and i walked to the HOB which was only a few steps away...

There i met Ken, who immediatly said hey are you Joshua??? and i said yep, and he said hi i am ken, we had met with no probs...it was great....very cool dood, totally....

As we waited in line we talked about Fleetwood Mac, our favourite Stevie Album (Bella Donna, with RAL a close second), and Lindsey with his new Solo/Mac album...

There were two cute chics behind us (the blondes Ken, Remember?? hehe) and they were talking to Chris Nicks, about a dog and some after show parties that weren't gonna happen...As we stood in line we talked to other people about how we all love stevie and how i was from New Mexico and why she doesn't come here (cuz it sucks was my answer...lol)

Then on to about 8 pm, when the line started moving, and they let us in in groups of about 10? and were the first of our group, maybe we were the 3rd or 4th group.....i can't remember...

I was thirsting for a brew by this time and we got in, checked my ID and tore my ticket, got wristbanded (I still got it!!) and proceeded into the club....very awesome at this point....

We got in the club and I headed for the shirt table..oh look Chris was sellin the shirts too, multi purpose guy Chris is...got me a groovy Stevie Shirt with the VERY SPECIAL dates on the back, ours being the most special cuz we was first!!! Rock on!!!!...=) i took this oppurtunity to quench my thirst of a cold draft beer....

So then we headed down to the floor, we were a few ppl back but not far at all....we stood and stood and stood and stood some more....and then according to LA Standard Time (at least a half hour late) Stevie's guys came on and started with Outside the Rain....she looked magnificent....I have neve seen Stevie this close in person....She was HOT guys, believe me ..whhhheeeeeeeeewwwww.......i think I mentioned this to Silvr and Rhaps a few times the night...lol...so into the enchanted set we went, i loved every minute, she cut the acoustic set and exchanged it with Rooms on Fire....was really lookin foward to Glitter and Garden, but hey it was Stevie, did I mention how good she looked, oh my...oh my...... I rocked out to Enchanted and Stand Back, oh my Gold and Braid, so so so awesome....Landslide was awesome as ever, poor Ken didn't like the sing a long, but who could blame him, he was next to the old drunk guy who was talkin crap about waitin and didn't know the words and didn't know what a "key" was....not to mention that chic behind us huh Ken???LOL.......I did an immitation of them for Silvr and Rhaps later that night....i don't know what she said Ken, but to all that were singin with her, she made us hold the snow covered hilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllssssssssssssssss note forever, it was awesome....she was so awesome that night...so close so candid, gave us a little talk about how she was nervous, but it was great to have that feeling becuz that meant something special was in the air.....I am sorry none of this is in any particular order just as it comes to me....the kick in Stand Back seemed to be moved to the middle of the song i think, from what i remember of the Enchanted show it was at the end, but the memory fades from 2 summers ago....she talked to everyone, tried to ward off the evil germs that her guitar player had...lol...this was funny....she was very interactive with her band and the crowd, I have never seen her like this, she was shakin hands and wavin and lookin at everyone in the crowd, this may sound nuts, but as I was singin along to every song I swore she looked directly at me a few times, but Ken thought she was lookin at him...lol...hey we all got our storries....and ya it was the Mick himself...picked him out I did, told Ken, hey look up there, and he agreed as we studied his manurisms we have all become aware of after the Behind the Musics...that was while we were waitin.....I need to know Rocked like nobodys business, and she ended with Has Any...with the and when she asked about the men in her life, they were poets, priests, legends...and ya Ken, was it seigfried or Roy?? i swear it was one of them, he was gettin tossed around a bit....the guitar player looked a tad concerned...i thought there was gonna be a riot at a Stevie show, and yes he scared the heck outa me too....but most of those types do.....remember when he asked us why we didn't bring anything and i told him "Stevie has enuff stuff"?...she does....lol.....she didn't seem to take the flowers or pictures or poetry, she did take a doll someone gave her....it was a great show and I wish it was a little longer since i did drive 12 hours for an hour and a half of music and it was 100 dollars, which is a lot a lot of money to me...but i have no regrets, I have never seen her that close before, it was like wow, she was just there you know?? well Ken and Rhaps and Silvr know...=) I saw her first in Phoenix, and as you recall the floor seats ranged from 1000 to 250 a pop, but as i have said before i got some killer seats for 65, my feet were on the floor and I was everybit as close as the 500 seats.....

OK i think i got the whole show thing covered....very groovy, totally freakin awesome really.....

from TheKahunaMan
I saw the HOB dec 28 show in Los Angeles. It was my first time seeing Stevie live. The venue was amazing, small enough that everyone could see her well. I was up against the stage in front of her. She was surrounded by very very loud screaming, and clapping the moment she started walking onstage. She looked fabulous in a black dress, signature black boots, and similar looking hair like from the "if you ever did believe" video.

If you were there you know MICK FLEETWOOD was eating dinner with and unknown person at a table on the balcony above the stage. The crowd below saw him and yelled and clapped, and he returned the favor by leaning over and waving to everyone. He was also seeing shaking hands with all seated at the tables around him. He looked great too, and very happy and nice.

Stevie changed shawls many times, and all were stunning! Sharon Celani was dressed in all black in a tight short mini skirt, and looked stunning as well. Ms. Celani got a roaring ovation when Stevie introduced her.

Stevies voice sounded perfect, this lady enchanted the house of blues that night and had us all under a lovely spell. This was no short concert, Stevie gave the crowd a great show, and her band kept up with her on every note. The crowd got a little Stevie trivia unveiled directly from Stevie when she explained that in the song ENCHANTED the part when she sings "I hope you make it" Stevie revealed that "Of course that means the exact opposite".

A interesting thing Stevie said too was "YOu know I don't care about that" referring to the bootleg copies of her rare stuff, which she said with a smile and was taken by a laugh from the audience. Another highlight was during STAND BACK when Stevie does the Solo "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" She did it beautifully and caused the crowd to go wild.

Speaking of the crowd, I have never seen such a passionate crowd of people. The clapping and yelling after each song was deafening. Stevie seemed shocked at how much the crowd adored her. She also commented how fun it is to do a few shows rather than a whole tour, and that she loved the HOB. Stevie finished with a Tom Petty song introducing it by saying "I like the way he says things (in his songs)" After the last song Stevie leaned down (as she did throughout the show) and touched hands with the crowd. I got to hold her hand, and they were soft as silk.

Like I said at the beginning it was my first time seeing her live, and she is simply magical, enchanting, and lovely. I paid $150.00 for my ticket, and they were being scalped out front I heard for $300.00/ticket. The show was worth every penny if not much more. The crowd left very satisfied, and mobbed the T Shirt booth on the way out.

from Don Sullivan
I drove up from San Diego to see Stevie perform at The House of Blues in West Hollywood on Dec 28th. My friend and I had dinner upstairs and after we ate, we were the first in line to go down to the concert floor. After the stairs were opened, we dashed down the stairs and grabbed two of the twenty or so bar stools and waited for the show to begin. While waiting, we spotted Mick Fleetwood sitting upstairs. Stevie rocked, as usual. She has several new band members and played for about an hour and a half. Tee shirts were $25.00, cofffee mugs $15.00 and sweat shirts $55.00, all items were being sold by her brother Chris.

from Yve
Hello I am Yve from Miami, FL and we (my hubby and I) flew to LA to see Stevie Tuesday night. What a show! What a night to remember. So many fans have done a great job of writing a review so I won't repeat the details. I had dinner reservations. Food was good but what was even better was that Stevie was doing a sound check right when we sat down to eat. I spoke to some other fans that were sitting right by me, Marcy and her daughter Angie. They we the greatest. I went with Marcy to see Stevie singing (we went by the bar where there was like an open window where the waiters get the drinks) It was amazing to see her in hair rollers and no makeup! I loved it. What a sight. She looked so cute. After eating, my hubby and I got in line by the bar upstairs and before 8:00 they let us go down to the stage. I was right in front of the microphone with the strings hanging. WOW!!!!!! The people around me, including myself we were making sure no one took our spot. When I tell you right in front, I mean the railing that is by the stage was right in front of me, center stage. I knew I had to do all in my power to get that close to her since I traveled so far to see her. All those hours on a plane, about six 'cause we had to stop in Cleveland, was totally worth it. I could not believe how close she was to me. I saw all of her rings, earrings, mannerisms, features, from sooooo close. Her dress was very similar to the one she wore in the Central Park special. At one point during GDW, when she said, "and then you pray" she also added, "pray for me" and I shouted "I DO STEVIE, I DO!!!!" Then the people around me screamed. That was cool, 'cause I always pray for her and that was my chance to let her know that. The girl that was right next to me was the one the guitarist chose for Stevie to dedicate "Landslide" I believe her name was Leeanne. Of course I screamed and screamed but he chose someone else. That was fine with me. When Stevie was reaching down to touch the hands of the fans, my hand just brushed hers when she touched someone else's. That was just fine for me, too. Actually, being in the same room with her is enough for me. I just feel very fortunate to have been so close to her. My feet are still thumping from the pain, but it's worth it. Mick was there and he waved to our section, 'cause we screamed out his name. That was nice. I spoke to Chris Nicks. He was selling the T-shirts at the end of the show. I told him that I came from Miami to see Stevie, and he said, "That is really great!" I bought a T-shirt and a mug. I love both items! I am and will be eternally grateful to my hubby, Angel, who really is an "angel," for standing so long and making my wish come true. He likes Stevie but I am the true hardcore fan. He loved the show, though. We are still constantly talking about it. She looked great, beautiful skin, and gorgeous soft flowing hair! She is just the Queen! Rock on Stevie! I will forever treasure that 28th day of December, 1999.

Well, that is more than enough talk. Thanks for sticking around this long!!!! God Bless you all and may He give Stevie many more years of health so we can all see again and again and again.

I attended the HOB show on December 28. Its a night I will never forget. I'm still floating. By far one of the greatest nights of my life. We arrived around 5:00 thinking we had to stand in line outside. I went inside to use the bathroom and I could hear Stevie singing. I asked the hostess and they said it was a tape and it was only a sound check. Yah, right! Your not going to tell a hardcore Stevie fan its a tape. We know the real thing when we hear it! Anyway, I peaked behind the curtain and I saw her with curlers in her hair and she was as beautiful as ever. Just then I let out a little scream and a few more girls came to look and then security scooted us away. I immediatly ran outside to get my girlfriend because we had to eat dinner so we could listen. We got right in and we got to eat dinner and have drinks listening to her rehearse Landslide, and Standback and talk about the music! It was amazing. I couldnt even eat. (But I did manage to drink.) Our waiter told us to get in line at the upstairs bar at 7:30 but I know Stevie fans. I got in line about 6:50. I was about forth in line. But there was another line forming on the other side. Everybody wanted to be in the front.They opened the line about 7:50 and everyone ran downstairs. I passed up everyone and got front row center. Directly in front of her mic! I was able to rest my drink of the stage!!!!!! Stevie didnt come out until about 9:40 but it was well worth the wait. To be so close to her was incredible. I felt like I was in a dream. While waiting we met alot of great people. HELLO to the awesome couple next to us from Texas, thanks for holding Tina's spot while she went to the bathroom. Stevie sounded and looked incredible. I cryed when she came out. Then she did Landslide and I cryed. THEN I GOT TO SHAKE HER HAND. OH MY GOD!!!! I felt lightening go threw my body. Then I got to shake her hand a second time and felt like the luckiest girl alive. I got to tell her she looked beautiful and she told me THANK YOU!!!!. She was very personable. She seemed very happy. During Rhiannon I was singing so loud that she looked down at me and winked. I almost melted. The woman next to me started hugging me and telling me don't ever forget that moment. I never will. Before the concert started we spotted Mick upstairs eating and we all yelled 1-2-3 HI MICK!!!!!! He gave us a wave and a 'Peace sign'. What an awesome night. I will never forget it. Stevie brings her fans such joy. I was moved to tears. Rock On Stevie!!! The poet in my heart!!!!

Set List sent by Daniel
Outside the Rain
Gold Dust Woman
Gold and Braid
Rooms on Fire (w/ interlude)
Stand Back
Rhiannon (w/ piano intro)
Band Introductions
Whole Lotta Trouble
Landslide (w/ dedication)
Drum Solo
Edge of Seventeen
I Need to Know (encore)
Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You (encore)


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