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The Concert for Artist Rights - Fan Reviews
February 26, 2002

ticket stub

from Claudia
As one of the lucky people who were able to snatch the pricey tickets for this mega concert, I can honestly say that Stevie stole the show. All the performers were wonderful, from Don Henley's opening words to the last song performed by the Eagles. However, Stevie's fans will agree that our favorite singer received one of the loudest and most enthusiastics welcomes on the night. Sheryl Crow nicely opened the concert singing both her most popular hits and news songs from her upcoming album, then she invited Natalie Maines on stage and sang with her. Crow's electric performance was followed by a wonderful set of classic songs by John Fogerty. Right after Fortunate Son was over, we saw Stevie's trademark fringed microphone be placed in the middle of the stage and we knew she would be next. Surprisingly, it was actor Tom Hanks who appeared and told the frenzied audience that he had been given the task of presenting the woman that most men wanted to be with and most women wanted to be. In the midsts of thunderous applause Stevie came on stage and Photo from the RAC sang Gold Dust Woman and Dreams back to back. She was accompanied by her Trouble in Shangri-La band and both Sharon and Mindi singing backup. After singing her opening songs, Stevie invited Sheryl Crow on stage and they both sang Fall from Grace beautifully. After Stand Back, Stevie announced that a good friend of hers, one she had no sung with in many years would join her and lo and behold Tom Petty appeared on stage, the crowd went wild. The lights turned red and they sang Stop Draging My Heart Aroung. As if that was not enough, she told us the story of the origins of Leather and Lace, making reference to the late Waylon Jennings and started singing it. On came Don Henley and sang this incredibly beautiful song with her to close Stevie's performance. Well, people were not going to let her just go, they clapped and clapped, so Stevie came back with Tom Petty and they sang the classic Heartbreakers' tune I Want To Know with her. It was amazing. Of course, so were Billy Joel and the Eagles who played their biggest hits and delighted everyone, but to her fans, it was still Stevie's night.


from Terry O.
The Concert for Artists Rights was absolutely AMAZING! Stevie Nicks was as beautiful and spectacular as always. Tom Hanks came out to center stage and introduced Stevie by saying:

“…It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a woman, who every man has loved for at least half their life and who every woman has wanted to be for their entire life. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to introduce to you, the incomparable, Stevie Nicks!"

Stevie then took stage for a set that was nothing less then outstanding firing up the crowd with some of her best songs and with guests Sheryl Crow and Don Henley. Stevie really surprised the audience when she brought out Tom Petty to play with her for two songs. For me, her set was by far the most energetic and riling set of the entire night! My voice is still horse!  


Photo from Feb 26 show

from Coral Anderson
I went to The Concert for Artists Rights last night at the Forum and just wanted to say that it was incredible... The whole concert was wonderful but I think Stevie Nicks stole the show by just rocking out the whole arena...Tom Hanks introduced her and then she was joined by Tom Petty to sing I need to know and stop draggin my heart around, Don Henley- leather and lace and Sheryl Crow-Fall from Grace. Plus she did lots of other songs on her own. It was absolutly fabulous; When Stevie performs she seems to always make a deep impact on her fans. It is in your heart so you can never forget it. Stevie Rocks!!!!!!


from anonymous
I flew out from Boston,Mass!~ to support Stevie, Sheryl and Don Henley all whom were amazing !! THIS SHOW ROCKED BIG TIME!!!

Don came out and told us a few things about ROC Sheryl crow was amazing however Stevie once again touched my heart and my soul I was truly captured.

The show was amazing Stevie looked beautiful as usual and Don Henley was amazing and as handsome as ever.

Thank you Stevie, Don and Sheryl and The Dixie Chicks for supporting this event for those of us not there on the other side yet we commend you!!!!!

Leave us in Shangir-la Stevie!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Don put together some beautiful and magical touches for this event and again it was great to see them all together!!! Peace Out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


from anonymous
What a great show!!!!!
The adrenaline was up! This show was the most phenomenal show I have seen yet It even surpassed anything you can imagine!! If you went to the AH1 benefit you should have been here!! I didn't think anything could be better than that show!!!

And once again Stevie rocked!!!! So great to see her and Don again. They told us how important this cause was and how much it ment for them to see us there supporting there cause they thanked us for coning out there and then they Rocked and I mean ROCKED!!!!!


from John Seger
I attended the "concert to benefit artists rights" last night at the Great Western Forum .


It started at around 7:30pm, and ended well past midnight.

Sheryl Crow started the show, and played abut 30 minutes. She looked and sounded excellent, only HALF the arena was empty still so I kinda felt sorry for her as she was great! I think they should have given people more time to arrive. During her set,Natalie Mains, from the Dixie Chicks sang a song with her too.

After Sheryl's set,it took about 30 minutes until the stage was ready for the next act,which is how it was all night.

Don Fogarty was the next act(Lead singer of Clearance Clearwater Revival) and he was actually pretty good! He did my FAVORITE CCR song,"Have you ever seen the rain". He played about 30 minutes.

When we saw the stage setting up for the next act, we knew it was STEVIE NICKS as her microphone stand with ribbons all over it ere there! LOL!

Tom Hanks came out(WOW) and introduced STEVIE NICKS!

It was so cool!
As the lights went dim, an acoustic sounding version of the chorus of "Trouble in Shangri La" played, sounding almost like a chant! SO COOL!

Stevie took to the stage and I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES! SHE LOST ALL HER WEIGHT! SERIOUSLY! She must be a size 3 again! I HAVEN"T SEEN HER THIS TRIM IN YEARS! I am NOT exaggerating! She looks WASPY and SEXY! Her set began with "Gold Dust woman", wearing a sexy black laced dress with a slit in it to reveal her slender legs when she walked or kicked(LOL), black platform boots(natch) and a gold shawl which she removed to SWIVEL around her waist to reveal her waspy figure.

She then sang "Dreams", and then Sheryl Crow came out to sing my FAVE song on Stevie's new cd,"Fall from Grace." AMAZING! Sounded better than the cd!

Then Stevie announced she had another old friend she wanted to introduce and WOW WOW WOW, out walks TOM PETTY! The entire arena ROARED! They sang "Stop Draggin' my heart around", and "I need to know"!!!! AWESOME! They sounded so awesome and their chemistry is still as fresh as it was 20 years ago!

Then Stevie introduced another old friend,DON HENLEY,and they sang "Leather and lace"!!!! During Don's part,Stevie went behind him and wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his arm..

And if all this wasn't ENOUGH,she then started twirling around madly and sang "Stand Back" with a VENGENCE! Her entire set lasted about 45 minutes! ANd I can defiantly say,her little set was the BEST of any of the acts,including "The Eagles. People went nuts and were screaming her name and guys kept whistling at her. I swear, I don't know how she did it, but she is TINY! Like she used to be. Not even the SLIGHTEST bit chunky. SEXY!

Next Billy Joel played and to be honest,he bored me. Some of his songs are good,but he is boring to watch perform.

The Eagles came on last,and played a very great,if not predictable, set that was pretty much a shortened version of their reunion tour they did a few years back. They are always great, but nothing surprising or new.

In short,Stevie delivered the most amazing and surprising set of the entire event. So many surprises,and in top voice and energy level,Stevie defiantly generated the most energy from the 25,000 sold out crowd!


from Tina Leahy
The Forum was ROCKIN into the wee hours of the morning...what a great concert.

Altho Stevie was third to play, I will start with her performance.

Stevie was introduced by Tom Hanks who said that he had the honor of introducing a women who was loved by him and all the men in the Forum for half their lives and she was a women that all the women have wanted to be for half their lives.

Stevie was ON.............as she was about to come on stage the background intro of "Trouble in Shangri-la" was playing and then she when walked on she went right into "Gold Dust Women" and just rocked the entire place. "Dreams" was next. Stevie mentioned what wonderful memories she had of the Forum. Stevie was then joined by Sheryl Crow for "Fall from Grace" which was great. Sheryl then left the stage and Stevie went into a perfect newer version of "Rhiannon". Stevie then introduced Tom Petty who performed "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" with her and the crowd went crazy. Tom Petty then left the stage and Stevie talked about how she had written "Leather and Lace" for Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter, but that they had split up before she gave it to them and decided not to give it to them, but did it herself and went into the song and was joined (of course) by Don Henley and again the crowd went wild. Don Henley then left the stage and Stevie performed "Stand-Back" and closed by calling Tom Petty back on stage and they did "I Need to Know" together and of course the crowd was wild. Stevie was really on, she was dancing, kicking and having a GREAT time. She really got the whole place up and dancing and rocking. She remains the reining "Queen of Rock & Roll".

The concert was scheduled to begin at 7:30p.m. and at 7:35p.m. the lights went down. At 7:45p.m. Don Henley came on stage and gave a brief intro to the concert and said the they were their to support all artists rights and that we could pick up the newest "Rolling Stone" and read the whole article that he wrote. He then introduced Sheryl Crow.

First Performer
Sheryl came on stage and opened with "All I wanna Do" the crowd was very receptive but alot of people had not yet arrived. Sheryl then did a new song from her upcoming CD "C'Mon, C"Mon" which is due to be released in early April. The new song was "Soak up the Sun" which was a great song. Sheryl then brought on Natalie Maines to do another new song with her called "Abilene", which also was a great song. Natalie Maines then left because she was on her way to perform with the Dixie Chicks at Universal Amp.. Sheryl then performed brilliantly "If it makes you Happy" and closed with "Everyday is a Winding Road".

Second Performer
John Fogerty really got the crowd goin and most everyone had arrived by that time. He opened with "Born on the Bayou" and everyone was dancing. He then changed guitars and picked up a guitar which looked like a baseball bat and did "Centerfield" with the entire crowd singing along with him. He then did "Have you Ever Seen Rain" and "Who will stop the Rain". After those two songs which were a bit more mellow then the opener, he rocked the crowd again with "Bad Moon" and closed with "Fortunate Son".

Third Performer
Stevie Nicks - (1st review)

Fourth Performer
Billy Joel
Billy opened with "Scene from an Italian Restaurant" and then went into "Movin Out". The crowd really came alive when he did the all time favorite "My Life". He then did "Go to Extremes" but the crowd really rocked when he went into "You May Be Right" and he closed with "Only the Good Die Young".

Fifth and last to perform were The Eagles.
It was a sell out crowd and we were all their to the very end. The Eagles were awesome. They opened with an a cappella "Seven Bridges" and then the crowd rocked with them for great versions of "Long Road", "Peaceful Easy Feelin", "I can't Tell you Why", "Take It to the Limit","In the City", "Boys of Summer", "I know where your goin", "Heartbreak Tonight", "Life in the Fast Lane" then they left the stage, but returned shortly for a wonderful encore of "Hotel California", "Rocky Mountain Way"and closed with "Take It Easy"......................

Although the tickets were expensive, they were worth every penny............the concert ended at 11:45pm. A night everyone will remember.


From Jacqueline
I fell into Stevies graces! Fall From Grace was amazing and I cried through the whole thing~~ Sometimes I do think she fought this long and this hard so that maybe we would all survive. Stevie Rocks and saves life's at the same time Dreams was awesome! Her Gold Shawl shimmered! Her face caught all the light in the room! I never expected to see Tom Petty but nothing beats Stevie's performance she amazes me everytime! I got there early met the nicest people and sat once again in total forfillment of Stevie's beautiful voice. I am glad Tom Hanks introduced her it is important that all the stars get involved in this. Don Henely is way too cool looking. Sheryl is just beautiful and keeps getting better and better everytime I see her. Stevie and Sheryl shared a hug but it was just great being in the presence of so many people who cared about this movement. I hope they win this in Washington.


from Kelly
what an amazing show! i just can't beleive what a joy it was to be present there and to be able to see such LEGENDS! i am at such a loss for words, i absolutely love stevie and flew to san diego to meet a fellow stevie nut and we drove to l.a. together for the show.

if you read the reviews for the AHI benefit concert then maybe you remember a review from coral about how she and i met each other at the pre-show, discovered we were both young and KAH-RAY-ZEE fans of stevie's and that we just happened to be sitting next to each other. well, now we've become friends and concert buddies and i am so greatful for that ~ thanks stevie! as for the concert, what an amazing show! it was 5 1/2 hrs. long and we danced in the isles for 5 of those hours, it was an incredible experience i met some really cool people. i wish it never ended, but it did~ as all things must.

sheryl went first and i have to say i was a little disappointed with the sound quality, but from john forth the sound was amazing. tom hanks, TOM PETTY!~ can you beleive it! i thought that i had missed out on seeing one of the most incredible musicians of all time and he was there!!!!!! billy~ amazing,"THE PIANO MAN" and his piano playing rear! the eagles~ exquisite.

save the best for last you say? absolutely!!!!!!!
MISS STEPHANIE LYNN NICKS~ i have been fortunate to discover her through the music of fleetwood mac ( the 97 reunion) and to fall in love with her. this is the third time in less than a year that i have seen her, and she just keeps getting better. i only wish i was around when she got started. she is an inspiration and my favorite person i don't know, except for through her music and that will have to be enough~ for now.

the concert for artis's rights ROCKED LA LAST NIGHT! i will never forget the experience and i am looking forward to the FM tour.


from Joe Hiraga
Let's get to the good part.

Stevie comes on after sets by Sheryl crow (great outfit!) and John Fogerty (great set -playing with Rick vito and Bob Glaub).

Stevie is backed by her touring band. Set starting off with Gold Dust Woman and moving on to Dreams. Classic Stevie. She brings Sheryl out to sing on Fall from Grace. Then comes Rhiannon.

I see the roadies with a beautiful Fender guitar and realize we are in for a treat. There is someone with his back to the crowd, and I can't quite make him out. Stevie introduces an old friend, Tom Petty. Petty looks great in a black open shirt and brown 'leather' pants and jacket with fringe (ala Neil Young). His hair is almost shoulder length and his beard has some grey. But he's there on stage, amazing!

They sing Stop draggin my heart around. Of course, when Stevie tours and Waddy is in her band he usually sings Petty's part (very good) but here's Petty in the flesh singing the classic song from Bella Donna. He's having a grand time, his smile is ear to ear. The forum erupted. Stevie and Petty were in great form.

Petty leaves, but Stevie hints he will be back later. She tells the story of writing Leather and lace for Waylon Jennings and dedicates it to him. Of course, Henley comes out for his part of the song. Again the forum erupts. Henley looks so good. All in black. (a bit of a paunch, but we're all getting older). Fabulous rendition.

Stevie follows with Stand back. Due to time restaints she is unable to go backstage to change so some changes are done on the side of the stage.

Sure enough Petty returns with the band for the encore. It seems that they actually discuss what they will play. Is the choice not obvious? I need to know . Classic Petty and the heartbreakers. Stevie has been singing this song since her first bella donna solo shows ("talk round town that I might go solo") Petty is in great form. Unfortunately the song seems so short. Waddy and Petty are having a ball. Petty tries to say something before leaving but the mike is off.

Great show! I've seen Stevie solo and with the Mac so many times so many places, L.A. Phoenix, Oakland, Boston (hi Carole!) and this was truly a special show. I have seen stop draggin my heart done countless times but this is the first time with Petty. I don't believe they have done it together many times. Thank you , Tom Thanks, Stevie. Thanks, Grahame.


from amonymous
I just returned from what had to be the best Stevie concert in years. I flew in from New Jersey, and it was better than I could have imagined. I was lucky enough to see the band arrive. Waddy arrived with Mindy, and Lenny was such a sweetheart again. Sharon was nice enough to take a picture even though she was on her cell phone. I arrived at the venue at 11 that morning and security was nice enough to let me in for sound check. Just to see Stevie with the rollers in her hair singing Leather and Lace would have been worth the trip alone. I am hoping that the pictures I took came out. I was also lucky enough to sit across from Tom Hanks and his wife, Goldie Hawn arrive with them also. They were very polite. Courtney Cox and Mathew Perry were also there as were Angelica Houston. The set list was already mentioned so I will not repeat. I did also get take pictures of her beach house after searching for 6 hours. After the concert I drove to Phoenix and did get to see the new items at the Hard Rock Cafe which is across the street from the America West Arena. I feel truely bleesed having seen Tom Petty and Stevie on stage again, it has been 15 long years since I saw them together at Radio City in New york. Cant wait for the new tour. I already am planning on taking a month off.


from Eva and Hana
The Concert for Artists’ Rights benefiting the Recording Artists Coalition was an incredible show. I brought my sister with me to the show. We were there specifically to see Stevie, but thoroughly enjoyed the other artists. Sheryl Crow opened the show with a good set of her familiar songs. John Fogerty really gave a great performance, and if you were there, you may have recognized Rick Vito playing guitar….he played with Fleetwood Mac after Lindsey left the band in the late 80s-early 90’s.

After the set change and the lights dimmed… now was the moment we had been waiting for. After the chorus of “Trouble in Shangri-La”, I heard the familiar cow bell and bass drum. I knew Gold Dust Woman would be the first song. From that moment on, the show was *fantastic* !!!!

Stevie looked absolutely beautiful. She and the band were obviously having a great time, and it showed. We had what we thought were the best seats in the house, and we could see their faces very clearly. Everyone including Stevie was smiling and really rocking the house.

By the third song, Fall From Grace (with Sheryl), everyone was on their feet. There’s so much energy in that song. After attending several TISL tour shows, I was really looking forward to Scott Plunkett’s Rhiannon solo. Because of the time constraints and fewer songs in the set, I guess it got passed up, but watching Scott play on I Need to Know (with Tom Petty) almost made up for it.....

The other songs in the set included Dreams, Stop Dragging My Heart Around (with Tom Petty), Leather and Lace (with Don Henley), and Stand Back. Every song had so much energy that just illuminated off the stage and filled the entire arena as no one but Stevie can do.

Seeing Don Henley and Tom Petty (an unannounced surprise special guest) sing with Stevie were definitely highlights of the evening. We enjoyed experiencing the power and the magic of those songs. Leather and Lace was dedicated to the late Waylon Jennings. The song was originally written for Waylon and his wife, Jessi Coulter.

Following Stevie were Billy Joel and the Eagles, who both did a great set and kept the audience rocking late into the evening.

Seeing Stevie in concert is like trying to describe the Grand Canyon. We can write about it, or show a picture, but it’s difficult to imagine the enormity of it and how magnificent it feels until you are actually there and see it for yourself. I feel so incredibly lucky every time we have the opportunity to see Stevie!


from Dustin D.
The entire concert was very exciting! Tickets were only expensive if you got the expensive seats. We got the cheapest tickets ($40) because it didn't matter where I sat for this concert, just as long as I was there!

I had never been to The Forum before, and I thought it was all right. The set up isn't too complicated. The merchandise they were selling were: two little posters with all the artists' names that played at that venue (one was just black and white, and the other had some red in it), little square pins with the logo on it, a baby-doll T-shirt with the RAC logo, two shirts that followed the trend of the posters, and a RAC logo cap. I was disappointed about there being no programs!

Sheryl Crow started her set at around 8 p.m., maybe just a little before. A lot of people had not shown up yet, but I knew that the show had NOT sold out. She probably got the least amount of reactions from the crowd. Once she finished, she said that John Fogerty was up next. Then it took a long time to take her equipment off the stage and to bring on John equipment. It was a VERY long wait between ALL the musicians' sets.

John then took the stage and he got a huge reaction from the crowd with each song he played. I was beginning to think that maybe most of the crowd was there to see him, much to my surprise! But after the show I realized it was because a lot of people know his (CCR) songs. When he finished, he didn't say who was up next. So then my mind started contemplating who it was going to be, knowing that they would strategically arrange the show.

Then I see a man coming onto the stage through my binoculars...it was Tom Hanks! He then went into saying something about how this next artist is a woman who everyone woman wanted to be, and the woman every man wanted.....it was Stevie Nicks, of course! The crowd got very excited! By that time I had realized that a lot of people were there to see Stevie. The young couple to the left of us, the woman behind us, and these younger guys to the right of me (I was shocked about that). I think most of the audience was especially there to see Stevie and/or The Eagles.

Anyway, then the "Trouble in Shangri-La" voice track thing played over the audience. She has opened all her shows since the start of the "Trouble in Shangri-La" tour last year. It helps build up energy from the crowd!

Stevie's set was great! She was VERY happy on stage, smiling the whole time. Usually you can tell she's (rightfully so) extremely nervous at first. But I did not notice it this time! I think it might be because all her closest friends were there (Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty, Don Henley, and Natalie Maines was there, who, of course, she did a duet with on "Too Far From Texas").

I had noticed that the concert advertisements had included "...and friends." So I was thinking who all these "friends" could be! Well, one of them was obviously Natalie Maines, because she joined Sheryl Crow on stage. But once they finished that song, she didn't leave for a long time. She stood to the side of the stage and watched the rest of Sheryl's set on the video screen.

A couple of songs into her set I remembered to look to see if she was wearing THE BOOTS....and she was, for the first time in a while! That was kind of like an added bonus. The hard-core Stevie fans appreciate and recognized the significance of this little piece of information.

Anyway, for Stevie's set, I was hoping that Don would come out and do "Leather and Lace" with her, and I thought Tom Petty should show up as well. Sure enough, he did! Just before the band went into "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," Stevie began introducing a friend that she had not sang with for a few years...then Tom Petty walked onto the stage! The crowd just roared for him! I have heard Waddy sing Tom's parts of the song before, and didn't think he was good for it at all. So I was extremely happy to witness Tom and Stevie do it together, live...it was truly special. He also came back and sang with Stevie on "I Need To Know," which was the last song of her set.

Also, before her band went into "Leather and Lace," Stevie talked a bit. She explained the background story to the song, about how she had originally written it for Waylon Jennings and his wife at the time to sing together, but it never happened. She dedicated it to him due to him recently passing on. She sings her part of the song, and then Don came on stage just as his part came up. The crowd really liked that too. He came out with his sunglasses on, looking all cool. I felt this was a really special moment in the show as well. I had never seen these two do this song, even though they do it from time to time. I was glad to have witnessed this duet as well.

Naturally Sheryl came out and sang with Stevie on "Fall From Grace." I went to the Jingle Ball in December in San Diego, so I had seen Stevie do this song already, but it was kind of cool to witness her do it with Sheryl. This song has a lot of energy to it, on the album, but especially LIVE...its a true rocker.

Stevie also performed the staples "Gold Dust Woman," "Dreams," "Rhiannon" and "Stand Back." This type of audience really enjoyed these songs because almost everyone knows them! Stevie was truly a favorite of the night, and she deserves to be. She sounded great (the back ups weren't overpowering her voice), she looked great, she was VERY happy, and just totally rocked out the entire time! This was my third time seeing Stevie, and it was definitely the best performance of the three.

After Stevie we wanted what felt live forever for Billy Joel to take the stage. Suddenly after Stevie's set, I got extremely tired. Billy's set just about killed me. I didn't know any of the songs. I simply was not there to see him, so I found him to be incredibly boring, but at least I saw another legendary figure live!

Last to take the stage that night was, of course, The Eagles. I knew they would go last, even though I was hoping they wouldn't. I was excited to see them, but again, I was very, very tired with a headache. We stayed for the first 4 songs of their set, and then left at about 12:20 a.m. I think they were on stage until just after 1:00 a.m.

I was very happy to have been able to see this concert! A lot of big names and legendary musicians in one crazy, long night, and for a good cause. My hope is that this concert will be released on video. Through the night I got this sneaky suspicion that they were filming it to be released. All the bands were very tight. The camera shots shown on the video screens were works of art through the entire night! I was very impressed with the footage. It was nice and tight as well. Plus the fact that Stevie wore her signature platform boots for the first time in a long time also gave me that sneaky suspicion!

THANKS to RAC and everyone who performed that night, the show was great! See you on the next tour Stevie.


from Mikey


From a fan in LA
Stevie you were wonderful!!! I must say I went to the concert to see the EAGLES. Since I had never seen them play Live before. The moment the tickets went on sale I had 2. I never paid that much for concerts tickets before . I I didn't care I just knew it was going to be great. Cheryl crow I loved your outfit. ( WISH I COULD BARROW IT) HAHA!! . BUT STEVIE YOU STOLE THE SHOW. YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE. YOU GAVE SO MUCH LOVE TO YOUR MUSIC AND JOY TO MY HEART. Don't ever stop . May the colors in your rainbow always be bright!


from Britt Holman
It was awesome to see Tom Hanks announce Stevie. Everyone was cheering so loud, that we could barely hear him say how every man wanted to be with her and how every woman grew up wanting to be her! Stevie looked so wholesome and radiant. I think it's because she's back with her old gang, Fleetwood Mac, putting together their new album. I just bet she gets energized and fulfilled musically working with her band. She seemed like she was really enjoying herself. I just wish her band would play softer so I could hear her hit her high notes. I love her high vibrato high notes. Anyway, her physique looked so cute and her bright, shiney gold shawl looked marvelous as it accents her black dresses. I loved the red, white and blue fringe on her microphone too; it was a relief to see her mic. set up on stage because that told me she was on next. She's the only reason why I pay to go to these concerts! Thank you again Stevie for a great show. I wish the crowd would calm down when you speak, so I can hear what you're saying. I barely caught the part where Stevie explained to the crowd how she wrote Leather and Lace for Waylen Jennings and someone he was with at the time. (a wife/girlfriend?) Then he broke up with her so Stevie ended up singing the song. I'm so glad she did. That gave me more of an opportunity to hear her voice! Thank you Stevie for continuing to be my number one, ultimate favorite singer. You did inspire me to compose my first song which is now professionally, musically arranged. Your music has made me so very happy, and I will never be able to thank you enough for making me smile and for lifting my spirits many times when I have needed it. Please don't ever stop making your music; I am so thrilled to have you as my mentor. :O) For everywhere I go, there's no question as to whom my favorite singer is. All a person has to do is listen to Rhiannon playing on my stereo over and over, or Sarah, or Gypsy, or Talk to Me, or Whenever I Call you Friend, or Smiling Islands, or, etc. .......


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