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Review of Private Concert for the World Shoe Association
August 8, 2000

from anonymous
Stevie and her band played for the World Shoe Association on August 8 in Las Vegas (at the Hard Rock Hotel). I was fortunate to attend. The set list was the same as the Holiday shows at Christmas/New Years. She sounded great and appeared to be having a great time. She talked about how Gold Dust Woman and Rhiannon were unique each time she performed them, and that they had a different meaning or story each time. She mentioned that her plane had been delayed, but that she made it to the concert for everyone despite that. She also mentioned that she loved shoes!

The audience was extremely receptive and supportive. I thought I would be the only 'die-hard' fan there, but the crowd was very supportive. Everyone sang along to Landslide and Stevie seemed to enjoy that. As always, it was an honor to see her live in concert.

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