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Wild Heart Affair reviews
May 26, 2002

Greetings Everyone!

Allow for me to offer my Review of Wild Heart Affair II ~ 25 May 2002,

This year was my first to attend, and, I must say that plans are already in the works to attend next years' event! The evening/weekend went by all too quickly!

First off, allow me to both commend and thank Daniel, the events organizer. Your diligent hard work and months of planning paid off, the evening was a huge success! Excellent planning, food.. drink, entertainment, And, to Erica, the Mistress of the Evening, whom did an excellent job of meeting, and mingling with everyone as well as overseeing the evening's festivities ran smoothly.

Many thanks to the band, "Rumours, A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac", their sound is fantastic. They were stupendous!!!

Many thanks to the Regency who allowed us the room to hold our event there for the evening. The rooms' ambience, design, history was spectacular and all added to the evenings mystic feel. And, many thanks to those whom worked the event, from the booths, to the drink servers.

This evening was truly wondrous and magickal for me,

I met so many wonderful, down to earth people this evening! Susan, and her husband, Tom, traveled all the way from Boston, Mass!! (makes my seven hour drive seem like a blink of an eye! heh heh!!!) Susan is such a doll! And her husband too for attending such an important event for her/us Wildhearts! Connie and her daughter, Amy. It was my pleasure to have met both of you well, Let's do keep in touch! And, John, whom asked me to dance to Landslide, many thanks for that lovely dance! That meant a great deal to me!

There were a few that I missed seeing there that night, however... if you are reading this... be rest assured, I was not that fearful wallflower! heh heh!!!

The initial dance was to naturally, Rhiannon, (thank you Sue for encouraging me to get up and dance!) Where I danced and flowed on that dance floor,although.. I must admit, in that I was quite nervous! The band proceeded to perform many songs throughout the evening. Sounding wonderful!

I purchased a beautiful black, beaded chiffon full-length shawl by "Sisters of The Moon". Their work is exquisite! Their website just does not do their work justice! Simply gorgeous!!! www.sistersofthemoon.com

However, as the evening progressed I proceeded to dance the night away,the band then performed my signature song, Sisters Of The Moon, This, was indeed my highlight of the night,where I felt freest, My feet were guiding me all over that dance floor, dancing, flowing, losing myself completely and becoming a part of the song! Many thanks also to Bear for creating the lovely Rhiannon dress for me... it was beautiful!

There were raffles held throughout the evening, came close a few times... but that's alright, Those that won were very excited! Each of us were given an excellent CD, entitled Dreams and Chains... I listened to this CD several times on the drive home! Thank you for this gift!

There was Stevie karaoke,Stevie best look-alike contest, Again, upon Sue's recommendation, I entered, which was a lot of fun! Thanks for the loner of your hat Sue, Congrats to the gal that won, you looked great! Incidentally, she and two other gals actually did sing, live! Great job!

Then,just as quickly as the day arrived, the evening was over, seemingly like an instant.

Daniel was indeed the most splendid, gracious host ensuring everyone was having an enjoyable time. Thank you Denise for helping with corning both Erica, and Daniel for pictures for me! I pray that they come out!! Thank you also to Daniel's assistant whom was video taping the entire event (Apologies, as your name escapes me at the moment) Great job of working the room! And yes, Stevie will be sent a copy of the video! The evening was complete with Stevie birthday cake in honour of her 54th birthday! Happy Birthday Stevie!

Again, it was wonderful to finally meet with some of you, whose posts I have been reading for quite sometime now. Also met another gentleman by the name of Daniel as well, very nice indeed!

The people of San Francisco are the friendliest people around! To the city that never sleeps! Although the drive was long, it was worth traveling every mile! Next year I will plan a few extra days for additional site seeing.

This much is certain... this lady enjoyed herself immensely! The evening... time spent in San Francisco was truly magickal for me. Those memories shall remain with me for an eternity.

It was wonderful to get together with everyone, and Daniel, I very much look forward to attending next years event was well!

Safe travels to those on your way home...

... black moons in those eyes of hers made more sense to me... she was dark at the top of the stairs and she called to me... Sisters Of The Moon

Walk In Light

The Wild Heart Affair Fan Party was so much fun! This was my first time so I really didn't know what to expect, but it exceeded my wildest expectations. I think Stevie would have been proud to know that her fans were throwing this party for her. It was a first-class affair with all the pretty flowers, great food (even a birthday cake for Stevie!!!), the Rumours cover band(they really rocked!!) and all the beautiful brothers and sisters of the moon dancing in their Stevie finery. They also had a big picture screen to show all of Stevie videos, some of which I have never seen before. This was the perfect place to have her party. The room was absolutely magnificent, very "Stevie". Erica, the "Mistress of Ceremonies" was saying how much history the place had and that it was even haunted! All I can say for that night is that the gorgeous place was only haunted by Stevie spirit! There were lots of prizes given away. I had really wanted the framed Bella Donna poster from the concert video, but I did win a concert t-shirt so that was nice. Daniel was so cute running around making sure we all got the prizes. He was wearing these black platform shoes just like Stevie did on the Trouble in Shangri-La tour. I think they looked better on him than on Stevie, LOL!! I had a wonderful time. Thank you everyone who put this together. It was a lovely night. I was beaming through the next day.

Love & Much Stevieness,
Wendy Shorenstein

Wow! What can I say? First of all, thank you Stevie for the music that has the power to bring all of these wonderful people together. If not for you, I wouldn't have so many wonderful friends with the love of your music in common. And a very Happy Birthday to our Queen of Rock and Roll! Daniel, you are a marvel! To have the insight, vision and pure stamina to bring such a wonderful evening together is amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work, and for making memories that will last a lifetime~ you rock, and I will never forget what you have done for Stevie fans everywhere! Erica, your vibrancy as Mistress of Ceremonies was wonderful and it was so great to see you again~ you add a special sparkle to the evening. Nightbird and Tony and all of the other special people who helped Daniel with the evening, thank you so much. The vendors were wonderful, and had so many lovely things to sell. I love my new shawl, which my beautiful generous daughter, Amy purchased for me, and my miniature top hat is adorable. The tribute band Rumours did a great job~ I think we must have been their best audience ever! Sue Wade~ meeting you in person with your fantastic husband Tom was the highlight of my evening. You are just as sweet as I knew you would be, and looked beautiful "in your finery!" Sisters forever! Nan, I am so happy that I met you and that you were at our table. Faith, you make me laugh and are always fun. Lisa, love that gorgeous red hair~ keep rockin! To everyone I met, let's do it again next year! All the ladies in their beautiful "Stevie clothes" were amazing. The food was great and the music of course, couldn't have been better. All of the prize winners were so happy with their goodies~ thank you once again, Daniel for your generosity and talent. I am already looking forward to The Wild Heart Affair 2003.

Ancient Queen ~


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