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Women Who Rock
Winter 2002/2003
Review: The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac

fleetwoodmac_verybest_cover_small.jpg - 6970 Bytes I like to savor my Fleetwood Mac the same way I savor my Thanksgiving meal: one flavor at a time. There are so many different tastes and textures on one plate, and, if you ask me, mixing them can be a little strange. You wouldn't want cousin Jackie's creamed onions seeping over into Aunt Mabel's marshmallow yams, would you? It's the same with Fleetwood Mac: Christine McVie's radio friendly, pop-sensible tunes should be kept separate from Lindsey Buckingham's twangy banjo jangles at all costs. And Stevie Nicks in my opinion is and always will be the pumpkin pie of this band: Sure, the meal is delish, but it's that pie we're all waiting for. I can't think of any other band in rock history with as many strong and diverse writers as the Mac-- here, it's almost too much flavor for one record. I've always wondered why Fleetwood Mac's producers (past and present) never arranged the tracks by writer--I inevitably end up skipping 'round to different songs, depending on my tastes that day. But if you're one of those people who likes to mix your mashed taters with your corn, you'll enjoy this career-spanning collection of hits. In any case, no matter what's on the menu, Stevie's pie should ALWAYS be served as it's own extra-special course.

-Dianne Spoto Shattuck


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