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Sun Theatre in Anaheim, CA - January 8, 2000

from Amy
I just got back from the concert at Sun Theater. Stevie sounded fabulous....even better than the Enchanted tour..and she sure sounded great during the Enchanted tour! The set list was the same as the previous shows except she did not sing "Rooms On Fire." I hope she does it tomorrow. "Whole Lotta Trouble" was totally awesome, and "Landslide" was soooo good....I think the best version I have ever heard Stevie sing. She dedicated Landslide to Robin (who was in the audience); then she mentioned that it was also for her Robin. Another treat was the bongo/drum solo. Daniel de Reyes is a great bongo player and he really got the crowd rockin with his solo! Looking forward to it tomorrow!

I'm pretty sure Stevie was wearing her boots. She mentioned her foot to us...said she wasn't looking for sympathy, but she felt she had to explain...she said she'd still dance though. She rocked on "Stand Back" ...she was dancing all over the place and A LOT..it was so cool, and the crowd loved it!! She really seemed to be enjoying herself during the show!!! Stevie also said she was putting a lot of tambourine back into her show.

I can't wait for tomorrow! I have a better seat...and since it's the last show, it'll be great!

From Melissa
Ok, so I just got back from the Jan. 8th Stevie show. In one word, AWESOME!!! I am only 17 so this was my first concert ever, so I wanted to leave early so my dad and I left at 5:00. We live in Hemet, CA which is about an hour and a half away from the Sun Theatre. So we finally find it and it is even amazing outside. There are spotlights and a huge picture of Stevie. There was no line because they had already let people in so they checked us for cameras and let us right in. We walked in and I immediately bought a T-shirt. Then we find our seats and we were so close. And our seats were considered bad seats. We were the fourth tier but we were only about 60 feet away from Stevie. She was supposed to come on at 8:00 but didn't go on until 9:00 which had alot of people talking. So finally the band starts to go to their places and then Chris Nicks comes out and says,"This will be a night you will never forget, ladies and gentlemen, Stevie Nicks." The crowd goes wild and she waves to everyone and waves to all her bandmates. Then they go right into Outside the Rain which fades into Dreams which got a huge applause, then she told us,"Hello everyone, thank you all for coming, and I'm not looking for sympathy but I have to explain, I broke my foot so I have to wear these god awful shoes but I will dance, so thank you all for coming and you know how much this pleases me, thank you." Then the band ripped into Enchanted which was amazing and Stevie brought out the tambourine for this one. Then she walked off and then the band started Gold Dust Woman and Stevie walked out with the infamous gold shawl and the lights went yellow and she didn't do the huge scream like on the Dance but it was even better the way she did it. Then she went off again and came back out and did Gold and Braid which I thought was one of the best songs of the night. It was better then the Enchanted version. She walked off again and her piano player did a beautiful beginning to Rhiannon and the crowd was going wild because they knew what was about to come. Then at the end of the song she brought this lacy part of her dress over like sleeves like a cape and twirled around and the place was going wild. She said thank you and then she joked about how she had to introduce her band and, "They keep me going, on this long and hard two week tour," then she laughed and introduced everyone and I think she forgot Mindy Steins name because she sort of paused and then apologized to Mindy and started cracking up and then introduced Sharon "Sharona" Celani. Then they went into Whole Lotta Trouble which kicked major @ss and then the band left the stage except Stevie and Frank the guitar player. Then Stevie motioned to Frank and smiled telling him to pick someone to dedicate the song to so he went to the right side of the stage and picked a girl named Robin, then he went back to Stevie and told her that the girls name was Robin and then Stevie said," Your name is Robin, I think my Robin is here to, I know you are there Robin (looking up and pointing to heaven) I'm sorry I got lost there for a moment, okay this is for all the Robins." You could tell that hearing the name Robin got to Stevie and she sort of took a moment for herself and that is why she said she got lost. Landslide was absolutely beautiful and then she bowed to Frank and thanked all of us. And she even smiled during certain parts of the songs when she wasn't singing because all of the guys were yelling out "I love you Stevie." Then she left the stage and the drum solo went on which was pretty cool and the crowd got into that then they went into Edge of Seventeen which was absolutely amazing, and she yells "I know what it sounds like" about 6 times and then they end it. At some point in the show Stevie said," When I play with Fleetwood Mac, I play tambourine 2/3 of the time so now that I play all by myself I'm going to try and work it into the act and then everyone laughed. Then everyone left and everyone was screaming for the encores. Then they all walked out together and played I Need To Know. This song had to be the best song of the night, at least on the dancing side of things, she yelled and ripped into that song like nothing else. Then she sang Has Anyone ever Written Anything for You which was absolutely beautiful and she said the whole part about when they ask her about the men in her life then the song was over and she bowed and everyone gave her a standing ovation and she said,"We are moving along into the year 2000 and I know it will be good and clinched her fist like she was sure that it would all be okay and then thanked all of us for coming and that she felt blessed and then bowed with the band and waved as she walked off stage. I didn't take my eyes off of her the whole hour and half. I didn't even look at anything else except during the drum solo. She looked so beautiful and I swear to God her voice sounded absolutely amazing. I actually looked through some binoculars to see if she was lip synching because it sounded perfect and she was in great spirits and laughed and joked with us and I will never forget this night and one day I will tell my kids about the night I saw the Queen of Rock and Roll.
Thank you Stevie.

from Letty
I just had to give my two cents about the stevie show. I arrived at 4:30 and waited in line outside with a few other early-birds. We got to see all the band members drive up. When Sharon drove up she got out of her car right by us, but we were all to scared to say Hi. Then when Stevie's limo drove by we were excited even though we couldn't see her or anything. I blew her a kiss though, hope she got it!! It was only the third time i've seen stevie, but definitely the best one because i got to be in the very front. It was amazing to be able to exactly see the expressions on her face, like she'd kind of smile and glance at her bass player if she made a little mistake. I could see her tennis shoes close up and it was so cute, because she had rhinestones glued to the front of them. Her voice sounded great maybe not quite as strong as usual, but that's ok, she's human. No twirling, but she did get down a couple times. My favorite song of the night was "Enchanted" it's so upbeat, I love it. Then the highlight of my evening was during "Edge of Seventeen" when she goes down the stage reaching out to audience members. I was able to touch her hands several times. I almost passed out!!! Her hands are very soft and lotiony (new word I invented). I'm just glad that Stevie is still performing after all these years, I'm only 22 and have only been able to get myself to concerts for the past few years and am so happy that she's still rockin'. Anyways it was a magical night that I'll never forget. Stevie, Thanks SO Much.


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