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Sheryl Crow's Storytellers Reviews

Stevie appeared in Sheryl Crow's Storytellers. Here are the reviews:

from Mike Sarzo
Seeing Stevie and Sheryl Crow perform Strong Enough during Sheryl Crow's Storytellers episode on VH1 was sheer magic! Sheryl began by mentioning some of the ways artists appealed to young fans before there ever was an MTV or a VH1. She then told the audience how lucky she was to have worked with some of the people she idolized, and then introduced Stevie Nicks!

Stevie came out and looked absolutely radiant. Sheryl and Stevie hugged, then Sheryl asked Stevie to tell the story of their conversation about Strong Enough. Stevie told the audience about the first time she ever heard Strong Enough and how she thought it said a lot about meeting a nice guy and thinking "is he the one who can handle our 'extreme' career choice?"

The magical part of the night was yet to come. When the two women sang, the chemistry between the two was easily apparent. Plus, Stevie looked like she truly felt the song, putting her fist in the air during "when I'm throwing punches in the air." After the performance, the fans who came to see Sheryl cheered so wildly for Stevie, she said "thank you very much!" Sheryl and Stevie hugged again after the song.

That Storytellers episode may be enough to dispel the notion of a so-called generation gap!

from D. Tighe
Just had to say that stevie's appearance with sheryl crow was absolutely mesmerizing and inspiring. It was as if there truly is a soul connection between the two of them...especially with relationships with men. Stevie gave a little look of recognition to Sheryl when starting to sing Are You Strong Enough? as if to say...ok. remember what we've talked about and what I've told you. I definitely got the feeling that Stevie had taken Sheryl under her motherly wing in an effort to help guide her and to relate her own experiences with the roads she has chosen. I was spellbound for the entire song! The two of them really connected emotionally and sounded just great together...can't wait to see stevie on her storyteller show!

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