[The Nicks Fix]

April 1994

Review of Street Angel

Kleenex ahoy! The most endearingly scratchy voice in middle-of-the-road rock is back, and she is coming to tweak your heartstrings. From any other artist this would be shamelessly manipulative, but there`s something sweet about Stevie-she`s so honest about her disappointments, so romantic in her hopes. Only she could write a song about a homeless person and call it "Street Angel." Her lace shawls and folk maidenly songs gave the 70`s group Fleetwood Mac their charm. But she`s not playing the gypsy mystic anymore-the songs here deal with simple things like rain, faded blue jeans and especially love. This time around there aren`t any smash hits like "Leather and Lace," though songs like "Maybe love" and "Blue Denim" are yearning and catchy enough to ensure they`ll be coming to a radio near you. With it`s smooth harmonies, burbling guitars and high fructose ballads, Street Angel is very easy on the ear, but the lyrics are so sad they should carry a public health warning. On "Rose Garden," Stevie looks at her colonial house and bulging bank account and sighs, I`ve got all these things but a small gold band on my finger...on my left hand."

-Caren Myers


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