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Stevie Nicks Fan Reviews of the House of Blues Show

House of Blues in Los Angeles - January 4, 2000

from Nancy in Orange County, CA
Last night's performance at the Hollywood House of Blues was simply magical! Firstly, the "HOB" is an awesome venue - the layout of the facility, the lighting, even waitresses bringing drinks down onto the floor in front of the stage and every seat or standing room offered a great view. Thank you, Stevie, for chosing such an intimate setting. Although I've seen Stevie about eight times around So. Cal., no show ever compared to this! The small venue really offered Stevie an opportunity to connect with the crowd - she seemed to really enjoy this and appreciate her fans. One thing that was interesting to me is that this performance somehow made Stevie "more approachable" - more human, like you and I! Not just this awesome, unreachable, stage persona, idol.

I had checked out the NICKSFIX days before the show I went to see and I'm so glad I did! I got a wealth of information on the HOB shows from the fan reviews - it was so helpful! For example, I knew from the NICKSFIX that Steve's brother, Chris, would be manning the merchandise booth. As soon as I entered the HOB, I went directly to the booth. I immediately recognized him (thanks again, NICKSFIX for the photo of Chris!). I went up to Chris and said "Are you Chris?". He said "Yes" and I stuck out my hand and said "Hi, I'm Nancy and I'm a huge fan of your sister." I think I caught him off-guard because I'm not sure he really wanted to shake my hand or not, but he did and he was very nice. I bought my tee-shirt and coffee mug from Chris and I was a happy camper having met Stevie's brother! It's the big news at my husband's office! :)

I ended up about eight rows from the stage and met some really great Stevie fans. I had printed out the song list of the show from the NICKSFIX and shared it with the people around me and everyone was interested in knowing about Stevie's website.

Stevie "finally" came on about 9:45 p.m. to "Outside the Rain". And from the moment she stepped on stage (with her broken toe and all!) to the moment she left - she transported us all into her magical world. Her voice was strong, beautiful, haunting, confident. She looked so beautiful, peaceful, radiant. It was obvious that she was really having a good time. And although I really missed Stevie dancing and twirling around the stage (I think she did too), it was a performance beyond comparison. That night Stevie became a "real person" to me. Somehow I felt connected to her - sister's in the world. I believe this occured due to the small, intimate setting the HOB provided. I'm excited this happened - because I'm her biggest fan, you know! Although I've been front row at her shows before, this feeling never occured before - probably because I've only seen her at huge venues. Believe me when I say that night if it seemed Stevie was looking right at you - she very well may have been! She could see us as individuals - not as this enormous blur of sea of faces in the crowd at the arenas and amphitheaters. It was truly incredible and I'm so very glad I was able to go. I'll never forget this experience.

A few moments that stick in my mind from the show: Stevie apologizing for her broken toe and the shoes she was wearing (tennis shoes). When introducing the band, she forgot the lead guitarist - she seemed a little embarrased but handled it nicely by saying "I'll never be forgiven for this!". Sharon and Mindy always moving in rhythm together. Mindy seemingly amused at the affection and cheering of the fans. The entire audience singing Landslide so LOUD that at the end where she sings "snooooooow covered hills". She had to stop singing because she kinda cracked up laughing at us. It was a great moment! Stevie dancing and laughing with the bass player - who was just having a ball up there playing for us. The only unfortunate thing I can say about last night is about this guy who was standing in front of me (white t-shirt, about 6'4"). I'm telling you I could not see a thing (I'm 5'4") nor anyone directly behind or beside me. There were about 7-8 people who were seriously bumming because this huge guy was blocking our view. This was before the show even started. I very nicely asked him if he could move over just a bit or let me in front of him so I could see. He turned and gave me a very dirty look and said NO! From then on, he would look back at me and see which was I was trying to see at from behind him and he would move and block my view with his body. He was a first class JERK and he had a lot of people around him uptight. Thank you to those around me who tried to help me throughout the show to see better - they were very cool.

Just real quickly before I sign off, I'd like to share why Stevie is so important to me. Growing up my dad always listened to Fleetwood Mac - our whole family loved the Mac. But it was when I was married to an abusive man (I tell you, I was lucky to get away from him alive...) - I listened to Bella Donna like there was no tomorrow (it was just out at the time). Stevie saw me through many a dark time in those days. Her voice, music, and oh, those lyrics, helped pull me through this devastating and dark period in my life. For this and other personal reasons, I'll always be thankful and love Stevie and her music. When Stevie asks "Has anyone ever written anything for you?" I feel I can honestly say YES. And when she sings "In your darkest hour, have you ever heard me sing?" Oh Stevie, if only you knew....if you only knew how you helped see me through.

To those of you going to the Anaheim shows, you're in for a real treat! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I certainly hope Stevie performs at more of these smaller venues. The show was awesome! Stevie was awesome!

from Michael Walsh
Okay, so it seems no one is going to review the January 4th show... fair enough, I'll take on the job. I have seen Stevie many, many times. Monday's show (1/3/00) wasn't the best I have ever seen. I love her... without condition, I love her, but... from the moment she hit the stage I could tell something was up. She was tentative, holding back. I mean, we've all seen her tear into a show and it was clear from the beginning something was up. When she announced that she had "broken her foot" and was unable to dance about, it all made sense. Um, call me crazy, but wouldn't a broken foot require a cast? Anyway, nevermind...

The show was great... I have said it many times and have endless friends who will vouch, she could get up there and blow bubbles for 90 minutes straight and I would find some magic in it all. But I have to say, I was disappointed. I thought the sound wasn't great, and I could barely hear her voice at times. Mind you, I was at the very side of the stage (surrounded by a chunk of non-believers - which can be trying) and so I was left to make the most of it. Rest assured, I did.

The following night I was the one who showed up in a "tentative" mood. Had she lost it? Was she over it? Had the best come and gone? No. Not even close. I had great seats this time. Balcony table, front and center. I was ready. There were some interesting faces in the crowd... Martin Chambers of the Pretenders, Goo Goo Doll Drummer, Leif Garrett (oh my), Rebecca Alvarez and Brad Jeffries... the list went on... so what, right? It's only Los Angeles, you know?

Finally, the moment of truth... showtime. I must admit, there are songs that I have heard way too many times, songs that if she never played again I would never miss them (the woes of being a die-hard, I suppose) but I will say that "Outside The Rain" is not one of those songs. A battle call, a triumphant ceremony of announcement... Stevie is not far. I cringed... what if she was feeling even worse tonight? One minute onstage and the answer was clear. There she was! "Stebie!" No, not a typo. I have taken to calling her: Stebie. Don't ask, because I can't tell, even if I wanted to, I can't. I can't because there is no logic to it, none. You fall in love and you begin to invent pet names for people... I suppose its the same sort of thing. I digress. Creature worship, I suppose. Anyway, she was on. ON! ON! ON!

She ripped into her set with the madness I know and love her for. Those wild, high-register screeches, the cherished ad-lib's we all hang on edge waiting for... Stebie was in rare form. Now there was the girl I knew and loved and have followed for some 20 years. That's her! F**k, she's amazing, still, again, still! She was back. She was happy, she was electric. She was still wearing her platform tennis shoes but did not let them get in her way. I am seeing her on Sunday too. I have lit a candle for her foot... heal! I need to see some boot. Please God, gimme some of that boot, I'm begging!!!

Hey, how come no one has mentioned that she cut "Rooms On Fire" from her set both these past few nights? Thank God for me. Anyway, she cut "Rooms On Fire" from her set the past two nights, just in case you're counting. She was fabulous. What can I say? How many times, how many ways can I say it? She kicked butt. I am trying to remember choice moments but sometimes I am left with a big, gorgeous, blurry, high after Stebie. You know, like a great dream you wake up from? You know it was awesome but the details are only vague surges of great, warm emotion? That tends to be my Stevie experience.

I love this new line in "Edge of Seventeen" where she sings, "He says, deep within the night, I still think about you." It makes me think of something very personal I am going through right now and I clung to it like a last breathe. Her ad-lib's just, I don't know, they are often the most exciting part of the show to me. Okay, I am going on and on. Self-indulgence deluxe.

So, if you went on Monday she was good. On Tuesday she lit up and filled the room. Regardless, I will always love her... don't ask me why, it defies explanation. Then again, I am preaching to the converted, aren't I? Poet... priest of everything.

from Jim Pennington
Just so you get the feel of how everything went, we started out monday night from Miami FL, flew to Vegas, because the flights were so full we couldnt get in to LA. We arived in Vegas at 1:30 , (4:30 est!!), got up the next morning and flew from LAS to LAX. Ok now we are here, next mission, to find the house of blues!! I asked directions and was ther by 3:00pm. In fact, we were the first ones there. After a marathon trip like that i needed a beer, (or 4!!) We got to know the staff pretty well throughout the day, had dinner, (not very good), and just enjoyed all the excitement building up till 8:00pm when they let us in. We flew right down in front of the stage, and there we stood, mission accomplished.

It was 9:45 before she came out, almost 2 hours standing there without air, no drinks, people getting very pushy, and finally there she was. As usuall, it was electifying, simply magicall. Stevie has such an "aura" about her, theres no way you could get mad at her. She sang the same set, minus rooms on fire, majorly stumbled on the words to Whole Lotta Trouble, and smiled uncontrolably on Landslide, when she says "I'm getting older too" the crowd went wild and she obviously had to stop to collect her thoughts. She wasnt very talkative, and seemed like there was something bothering her, could have been her foot, although she jumped and kicked around like a trooper. I've seen her many times throught the years, this was a great show, but all in all, I have seen her perform better.

The highlight of this whole thing was, My wife and I had so much fun in Vegas we decided to go back the next day, and who do you think came rolling up in a wheelchair? Yes, none other than Stevie, She hobbled to a seat and waited to board the flight. I was just about to die, i wanted so bad to go over and say hi, but she looked so peaceful, and i didnt want to draw any attention to her, so i simply cherished that moment all to myself, as i could hardly be contained. That made everything worthwhile! Thank you Stevie for all the wonderfull memories!

from Leslie and Don
This review is for you...Poets and Priest/esses and lost lovers of truth.
And for the Goddess.
Stevie as The Muse summoned us in a dream. So we made the dream real and witnessed our first S.N. concert.

While our musician husbands sought a space near the mixing board on the floor, a similarly height-challenged friend and I found a spot stage right, almost on top of the stage, two steps up from the SRO crowd. In addition to feeling the intense electricity, we could actually see! We had a clear view of Stevie (I swear she looked me in the eye at least twice), the band, the shawl changes. We were so close we nearly cried in sympathy for the flashes of pain we saw in Stevie's face and eyes from the broken foot bone. (I experienced that same grueling pain once myself, when I fractured my foot in an aerobics class, wearing the wrong shoes). But she didn't let it stop the show. At one point Stevie shook her head and formed the words "No, I can't," with her lips when Carlos entreated her to dance. But the show must go on. She gathered strength from the invisible and danced a few steps in her huge black tennis shoes. Breaking into a smile, she turned to face the audience and the glitter marking the spot between her eyebrows threw lights back into the room.

What makes this rock singer so unique?
Is it her voice? (Pure and haunting).
Or is it her material? (Stands alone for all time).
Is it her communication with the audience? (Caring and genuine).
Yes, it's all of the above but wait...what's the secret ingredient?
Can it be the rare courage that she shows, to voice the truth of her feelings in song?

In this harsh world many people feel unsafe to reveal true feelings. We protect ourselves by keeping hidden the truth of feelings deep within our hearts. Deep beneath the sea of compromise. How inspiring then, these rock-poem-stories of love and pain and joy and hope; all based on the truth of one person's life and of those she knows. Magnificent, unforgettable evening!

The band was tight, the light show fabulous, Stevie's vocals were mesmerising, the crowd loved every minute. So did we.

At the end of the show in a truly remarkable gesture, the star put her hands together as if in prayer and bowed before the audience. Thank you Stevie Nicks, Rock and Roll Poet. Goddess of ......

from Ronni
I had attended 3 yes THREE Stevie shows at the wonderful House of Blues. I had went there the day before the first show to get a glimpse of the place and Oh My Gawd! I was VERY excited about attending the show. Small.. so very small venue. You walk into the place and just get this sense of comfort. (I wanted to move in right away!) The House of Blues is just excellent. On top of the great atmosphere ... having the opportunity to see the Mighty Stevie Nicks there, just made my millennium. It was absolutely perfect. It fit Stevie and all that she stands for. I have been a fan of Stevie's since I was twelve. My mom is a Fleetwood Mac fan. I am just a mom following in mom's footsteps. I have 3 babies.. and play Stevie's music for them. They LOVE Stevie too!! My daughter (who is only 3) does the Stevie spin. I would have loved to bring at least one of the kids to see her because it was SO up close and personal. I got right in front. I had made Stevie a little fan with purple and pink streamers on it to give to her after Edge of Seventeen.. it actually caught her attention. When she got to me she took hold of it and asked "Is this for me?" Gawd I almost died! I told her yes of course and she took it and gave it to the guy that was escorting her then came back to me took my hand in both of hers and said "Thank you ... thank you so much" I just couldn't believe it. Then as she left.. she looked at me and waved and said good-bye. To me ... this was just awesome. I was able to see her most awesome performance on top of all of this. I left very happy. It was the perfect evening ... in the most perfect setting ... with Stevie Nicks. Then getting to meet her brother and get my T-shirt from him was quite the treat also :0) I would recommend seeing your favorite artist at The House of Blues. I have seen Stevie in the big Amphitheater's and Arena's and they just didn't come close to this show at the H.O.B. I will never forget it. By the way.... they had taken all the flowers from the stage at the end of the show... and left my fan. So..... I took it and it is up on my wall now hanging next to my framed vinyl copy of Rumors :0) I LOVE YOU STEVIE!! All of the shows I attended were wonderful. Dec. 28 &29 also Jan 4th. She put on a great performance despite her broken foot. She still pulled off the KICK! Stevie has a lot of heart! Rock on Sister of the Moon! Her performances get better and better everytime I see her. She has definately been blessed. And so have I :0)

from Kelly A. Conroy (Chandler, AZ)
January 4th, 2000, is a day that will not escape me. Rattled and torn, I jumped three planes - across 3,000 miles. My exhausted body stood only for the vision that awaited me. I arrived into Ontario, CA, 45 minutes late - leaving only 45 minutes to make our 5:30 pm dinner reservation at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. The twenty-minute reservation hold allowed us only one hour and 5 minutes to get to the Sunset Strip. In all my determination, I held no fear. When the clock hit 6pm and we were still lost, not even a wince crossed my face. There was no need. And when we strolled in at 6:45pm, I approached the host and simply affirmed I had been told our reservation would be honored - and it was.

As we waited for our dinner, Denise Brown (Nicole Brown-Simpson's sister) and a friend came in and sat 4 tables away. Two tables away was the little ditsy actress on NBC's "Jesse".

As we scarfed down our 1/2-cooked half chicken, and the clock approached 8pm, I grabbed my waiter, Dan, by the arm and asked him to take the card and ring our bill as we ate. We HAD to be at the staircase entrance at 8pm to get up close to the stage. As I approached the balcony overlooking the stage, I saw that everyone had already been let in. Luckily, the staircase led to the corner of the stage - performer's Stage Right. My brother, his fiance, and I promptly grabbed a position on the landing & three steps leading down to the floor. Perfect positioning to see over everyone's heads and see Stevie. I could wait forever for that moment and it seemed as though we did! To distract our anticipation as we waited, I headed over to the merchandise stand to buy my shirt. Chris Nicks was standing in front of the table, eating a chicken dinner. I said hello and he said hello back. I asked ' So how's the baby? Well, I guess she isn't quite a baby anymore, is she?" His mouth full, he gestured with his hand that she was as tall as his chest. I think he said she was in second grade now. I asked if they were living in Phoenix or in CA. He said Phoenix. Then I told him something like "Tell Lori we said hello and that we all miss her very much!". With that I said goodbye and made my way back to our spot.

Standing there, my brother tired and became anxious as I let out hollers in the hopes Rhiannon herself would appear. An hour and a half later, a few musicians took their places on the stage and the crowd exploded.

Sauntering on the stage came Chris Nicks and I knew the moment had arrived.

Chris: "This is the fifth show…Let's make it the best. Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Stevie Nicks."

With that, Stevie entered from behind the curtains of Performers Stage Left. She gracefully made her way around the soundboard, past Sharon and Mindy and to the ribbon-draped microphone. She was shawlless - wearing a black layered handkerchief skirt and black low-cut tight shortcoat. Her long blond hair flowed and her bangs overhung a jewel situated in the middle of her forehead. She appeared to have glitter above her eyebrows. She smiled shyly and was simply stunning.

The first thing I looked for was her platform boos and, after hearing earlier whispers of such, I knew it was true that she had broken her foot. Moon-like black platform Reebok-type shoes had replaced her traditional platform boots. I was so captured by what she looked like, standing in front of me - RIGHT in front of me - that I barely noticed that I was singing along with her to "Outside the Rain" - a song that I had just recently become fond of. I knew my brother, Glenn, probably didn't even know the song (He knows the Fleetwood Mac & solo commercial hits), but as I glanced back to him - he was rocking and for a split moment I realized that he would finally see what I've been proclaiming for years. And I saw it in his eyes the whole night - It was awe.

With the beginning notes of each song, I easily predicted what would come next. It was all so magical. And I took special note to many of the changes she made in her songs. Here are some of those highlights:

Outside the Rain:

"And you know I've been changin' and" (aggressively pointing) "You're WRONG!!"

"And I say 'Stevie, This is just one more link in the chain.'"

"Well look in my eyes, touch my face, see baby there's noone in this whole wide world" (REALLY fast here) "that can ever replace ME!"
"Take it away"

"Love is a word and some entertain it, if you find it you have wooooooooooon the game."


(I knew my companions knew this song because I had given them "The Dance" for Glenn's birthday this year)

"It's only right that you play it" (she motions here with her hands like she's playing the piano) "the way you feel it."

After "Dreams", Stevie greets the audience:

Stevie: "Hello. {Pause} I've gone back and forth tonight..uh..tonight about whether or not to…to say anything about the fact that I broke my foot the day before yesterday. Cuz I did last night and I thought, 'You know what? A true professional does not go on stage AND complain.' So I was not going to tell you, but I just wanted to because that's the reason I'm wearing these shoes." {She sticks out her right foot and models her funky shoes, laughing.} "So, anyway…if I'm not…you know…If I'm not really…you know…"{couldn't hear a few words here} " but I love you and I'm rocking harder!"

They break into "Enchanted".

At the end of 'Enchanted', Stevie made her way to the side of Stage Left where someone put the Gold Shawl on her. As with many, I clearly judged the sequence of songs based on what shawl was being put on her.

Gold Dust Woman: Thump, ding. Thump, ding.

"Rock on Ancient Queen, follow those who pale in your shadow. Rulers make bad lovers, you better put your kingdom up for sale. Well, you better sell it…sell it nooooooow"

"Is it over now and do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home? Go home, Go home, Go hoooooooooome (deep, aggressive, drawn out and better than ever!).

Stevie ends this song differently than I've ever heard - by using the following lines:

"Shadows…someone says something 'bout
Someone says something 'bout
Someone says something about it…Gold Dust
Gold Dust….Gold Dust…" (and it drowns out here.)

Gold & Braid

"There are so very few stars left" {Stevie puts her arms up and out to the sides and she rolls her eyes up and smiles here}

"In a dream I said to you 'Baby, I'll always love you'."

Stand Back - The classic "polka dot' shawl.
During this song, she tried to jam with the guitarist (in place) while looking somewhat annoyed that she couldn't get closer to him.

"Taaaaaaaaake me home."
"Stand back" {During the pause here, the drum kicks ass and Stevie feigns hitting some drums and then, broken foot and all, up came her leg and she did a kick to Left Stage. All my brother could say was "This chick rocks'}

Rhiannon - This version is performed much like "The Dance" version except it takes out the text at the beginning where she says "Don't leave me…Don't leave me nooooow"

I must say, my brother called this song before I recognized what it was and I was, oh, so proud of him! It's his favorite.

Stevie wore a white shawl for this performance. In my opinion, this song was a little more subdued than her traditional live performances of it but incredible nonetheless!

(Highlight) "Would you even try" [and she says, toughly here] "I THINK YOU DO!!"

Band Introduction:

Stevie: "Thank you. {Pause} "I want to introduce you to my band. What is a girl without a rock band? My band. Right here on the side, my musical director. My dear friend, Mr. Carlos Rios" {I can't see Carlos because he's all the way on Performers Right Stage - too far to the right for me to see} "Right over behind Carlos, on keyboard, my friend from Phoenix Arizona - Mr. Ken Stoehller {sp?}. Right here next to me - my anchor, my rock - my beautiful, beautiful bass player, Mr Don Boyer {sp?}. Right up behind Don {can't hear her words here}. On percussion, Mr. Danny Reyes. Over here on keyboards, someone who also went with us on the Fleetwood Mac tours, The Bomb", {laughing & kind of flustered - possibly over her slang} - Brett Tuttle. Right over here is my dearest friends - a fabulous blond - Miss Mindy Stein. My friend Sharon, who I've known since 1978 when I met her in Hawaii. Her name is Sharon Celani, but we call her "Shaaarona'."

She walks off stage for about 30 seconds, to perhaps change her shawl, and hurries back to the mike and says {really fast and anxious} "I'm NEVER going to be forgiven for this! I'm SO sorry, Frank. You were just blending into the velvet of the curtain. On lead guitar, Mr. Frank Stein." {She apparently forgot to introduce Frank and when she hurried back she was so flustered and kind of laughing out of embarrassment}.

Appropriately enough, they break into "Whole Lotta Trouble":

"Stop for a minute, think for a second… Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Not guilty," {and with open hand raised out over the mike, she grabs the air and closes her hand into a fist and strongly says "Have Mercy!" {I loved her expression for this part.} Landslide: This was my favorite part of the night.
Stevie: "Tonight we'd like to dedicate this song, Landslide, to a really good friend of mine because it's her birthday and her name is Sandra. But, that DOESN"T mean it's not also for EVERY one of you."

Through this whole song, you can hear the entire crowd singing in unison. She has a particular grin on her face when she says "I'm getting older too." At one point, the crowd is singing so loud she sounds drowned out. During the following line, the crowd sang in such unison, loud, and hold the note so long that we get a particularly interesting reaction from Stevie:

"If    you    see    my    reflection    in    the     SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW" {She turns away from the mike, steps back and laughingly looks at Frank who, alone, is playing behind her similarly to how Lindsey played behind her on "The Dance".

She laughs at the crowd and says: "The sound of music!"
She continues with "Covered hills" and finishes the song, as usual.

At this point, Stevie and the band go off stage. Reyes plays a bongo solo while everyone else is offstage. He is incredible. I have to say to Mick: "Sorry, but your 'World Turning' pales in comparison.' Reyes is quite attractive as well, so I couldn't take my eyes off him. The rest of the band saunters onstage as they break into "Edge of Seventeen". It's funny, I always expect to hear Sharon go "Who…Who..Who" (like an owl) just like the demo version I have - ha ha!

Stevie returns to the stage in a white shawl.

Edge of Seventeen
At the end of this song, Stevie repeats a line three times that I've never heard:

"Even in the night, he says, 'I still think about you' ". I simply love the way she sings this.

At the end of Edge of Seventeen, Stevie walked up to the very edge of the stage to do her usual handshakes, etc. I must say, I was REALLY worried for her. I know she does this all the time, but she was REALLY close to the edge of the stage. I was afraid she'd fall off. I didn't see any shawls given to her this night. I only saw someone trying to give her what appeared to be a handmade bracelet and several bouquets of flowers. All this while, I was trying to hold up my Buckingham Nicks album in the hopes she would see it and realize how many of us out here listen to it and would like it on CD!! (Throughout the show, people kept asking to look at the record. I don't think they had ever seen it before, but they all had the same comment. "She is so incredibly beautiful!")

Stevie said something like "Thank you for coming out", etc. and they left the stage. The crowd roared for an encore.

I Need To Know & Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

Stevie & the band returned for "I Need to Know" and after that, Stevie came back on stage with one of the most beautiful white/cream shawl on! It had beautiful sequins and I believe it was scalloped. It was so beautiful. She closed the perfect evening with a touching version of "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You. She ended the song so beautifully with:

"And when they ask her about the men in her life... She would say they were poets...and they were priests of nothing... and they were legends."

Then the band and Stevie lined up and took a bow. She's so gracious. I think that's the best way to describe her. "Gracious".

Well, on a side note, I did get 3 photos which I haven't developed yet. I used a disposable and, to my shock, I didn't realize it had an automatic flash. Usually they have flashes that you must activate and I had no intention of flashing into Stevie's eyes. But someone later told me that my flash WAS going off even though I hadn't prompted it to. So I got one during "Gold Dust Woman" and two more during "HAEWAFY". I thought, well, if I can't have it on tape, then I HAD to have a picture of it!!

I was also surprised by how much Frank (the guitarist) looked like Lindsey - even down to the unbuttoned black shirt! I had to look twice because I thought it WAS Lindsey at first! LOL! :)

Well, to wrap it up, the evening was incredible and I wish each and every one of you could have been there with me to share it. Hopefully, those of you who couldn't make it, can feel a little closer by reading this. Start saving for the 2000 tour! I love being here in Phoenix, because I know that I can attend the surrounding shows - Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, perhaps shows in New Mexico and Utah. YAAAAAHHHHOOOOO! 2000 here we come!!

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