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Stevie Nicks Fan Reviews of the House of Blues Show

House of Blues in Los Angeles - January 3, 2000

from GypsyGina From California
I had the utmost pleasure this evening, and that was to see Ms. Stevie Nicks live in concert at the House Of Blues in West Los Angeles, her first concert in the year 2000, January 3, 2000. She was awesome, she looked awesome, she sound awesome, and she smelled awesome (yes I was that close) lets face it she is awesome, for the minor set back that she broke her toe in Las Vegas the night before she apologized for not being able to dance. But the soldier that she is, she did do a few twirls, which were great!! I also missed seeing her trade mark tan platform boots ; ( She was wearing black tennis shoes. I also met Chris Nicks who was just as nice as could be, he held my Stevie Nicks coffee cup I purchased behind in counter till after the concert, I was worried I might break it, when I returned after the concert, he pulled it out and said I remember you and handed me my cup. I shook his hand an introduced myself and he introduced himself to me. The after party backstage was crowded and loud but was well worth the wait, she was kind and full of smiles. I have a sore throat from all the screaming I did. Stevie is my all time favorite sing and I had the time of my life!!!!

from Randi
This show was amazing. My ears are still ringing because I was Right up front. However, Stevie touched the persons hand next to me and not mine. Stevie was so cute, she apologized a few times because she broke her foot in Vegas and was hardly dancing. She had some funky black tennis shoes on with a small platform, she seemed upset that she couldnt wear her boots and dance around and kick. It was a great show, I've seen her about half a dozen times, including a show at Compton Terrace in AZ when she was still into drugs, but this show was the BEST. She still rocks!!

from Jackie from California
What can I say except WOW! I went to see Ms. Stevie Nicks on Jan.3, 2000 and I have seen her before but this show was unbelievable. I was two rows from the front and had a fantastic time. This was a gift from my husband, I felt bad for him cause I left him behind and made my way to the front. I had to, this was Stevie, and the only time I was so close to her. Stevie looks as beautiful as ever and she sounds even better. I have loved her since I was 13, I am 35 now. I am impressed with Stevie, she said she broke her foot in Las Vegas and still did her performance. My hat goes off to you Stevie! As for her brother, I went up to him and shook his hand. He is a very kind man to have stood there and listen to me go on about how much I love his sister. There was a line behind me, but he let me finish what I had to say, which was: If you do give your sister any messages from her fans can you please tell her she is the BEST and will always be my favorite. He was very patient and kind.

From the beginning of the show to the end I was in another world, I was in the world of Stevie. She held up well, she did a wonderful show despite her broken foot. I had these tickets for a couple of months, got all built up for the show, and now it is over. I only hope Stevie will continue to perform in smaller places so ALL of her fans can get to see her up close. I hope I can do this again, Please Stevie! I had the time of my life. Going to this show was one of the biggest highlights in my life. I can continue going on about this show, but I will end it here. Rock On Stevie!

from Faith Harding
I took the Greyhound from Oakland to Hollywood!!!!

I would like to thank the groovy dude, Matt, that I met and he helped me take the bus on the Sunset Strip to HOB!!! Man, that place is like the "House of the 7 Gables" lots of nooks and crannies.....many levels, it's really dark outside too....thank god, it's right across from the Comedy Store!!!

Upon entering, I had comp dinner for 2 via my brother, and since my husband didn't want to go with, I met this wonderful Stevie friend, Maria, who I turned her on to the dinner and we had a great time! We ordered champagne!!!! And she goes to school in Chico and lives in Orange Co. She was waiting for a table, and I proceeded to ask her to join me! JEANNIE!! I tried calling your cell phone but the recording said you were "out of area".....sorry sister. Anyway, I got there right at sound check time, which was awesome to walk in to that....Maria and I dined next to this woman who looked just like Stevie, she had it going on. The staff at the HOB were really nice, we got wristbands so we didn't have to stand in line later when the house opened. We had a wonderful dinner, couldn't eat it all!!!! Great convo about ourselves and of course, Stevie!!!

I went and picked up my tickets at Will Call, again compliments of my bro which he actually had to pay for, and I sold the other ticket. Maria already had hers and so I sold it to a desperate fan!! For like, $30!!! I bought my first and only Stevie shirt with that $$$$! So, we have a smoke and go into the theatre area.....we get a drink and find a spot to stand. It was like 8 pm. I called Sandy the night before to get the 411 on the Vegas show, so I knew that Stevie wouldn't be coming out til later like 9! Then I hear, "Faith, what's up?" and I was like, "Uh, omigod, who is here that knows me!" and it was our very own Gary!!!!!! So that was way cool....talked with him and he said that Stevie wouldn't be out til 9!!!!

So, Maria and I had a few drinks....and we kinda got separated a bit. We were standing stage right (that's to the performer's right) and I met this WILD sisters from Pasadena!!! We were all flirting with the security dude, he was hella nice. It was a lot of fun.......some dude that was wasted was trying to shove his way through, I proceeded to turn around and yell"Yo, buddy, I have platform boots on and I ain't afraid to shove 'em where the sun don't shine!!!" That got people laughing someone said I should be security....LOL!

Standing for so long in those friggin' boots makes one a little irritated, but for Stevie, hey!!! Anyway, she comes out and that's got to be the closest I have ever been to her.....she was just radiant....but I could tell something was up....she had told us after "Outside the Rain" and "Dreams" that she had broken her foot in Vegas....so, she had on the infamous "Platform tennies"...she exlclaimed that she felt bad that she couldn't rock out but that she was in her heart.....but the show was awesome, per usual!!!! Stand Back, I think was the highlight, it really got down!!!! I love this small intimate venue for her, it's the bomb!!! I like this much better than the big arena shows....she seems more real to me. Understand??? It was so damn crowed, one of the chicks that was standing with us was really wasted and got into a fight with another chick...she got thrown out. She had on a wig that was coming off, I thought "How Jerry Springer is this???" LOL!

I said hello to Chris Nicks twice and he is very friendly.....got a few pictures. Basically, nothing out of the ordinary, music wise, except I thought she came in late on "Whole Lotta Trouble" but I felt for her because, you could tell she wasn't felling well....so I felt blessed that she didn't cancel the show!!!!

I made a new friend, Maria, which Jill I would like to send her an invite to join Dreamers. Saw Gary.....

That Stevie look alike that we saw at dinner, she was right down in front of the stage and gave Stevie a beautiful purple cape that she had made herself. That was the only thing Stevie took, no flowers, just the cape. I was banging my tambourine around at first, and this chick came up and told me "You're really pretty but you're blowing it with the tambourine!" I had spoken to Sandy and she told me that in Vegas everyone was bangin' their tams, but I was the only one with mine. The security dude told me to keep it down....so I did! :(

Anyway, Maria gave me a ride to the LA bus station, the Hollywood one was closed, we headed out of HOB and crossed over to the Comedy Store, where we met Pauly Shore! And asked for directioins to the downtown LA station! LOL!!! So, that was the icing on the cake....he asked us what we were up to and told him we saw Stevie, and he was like "Wow! Maybe I'll go tomorrow night!" His Mother own the Comedy Store!!!! So, Maria took me and we said our goodbyes promising to hook up soon. My bus came at 1:30 am and I didn't get home til noon yesterday! YUCK! SUCK! But for Stevie, I went the distance!!!!!!

from Cory
The show on January 3rd was excellent, but as someone else said in an earlier review, "Stevie could sing the ABC song for two hours and I would say it was an excellent show" Stevie is such a special lady and what a privilege to see her at such a small venue. HOB is really a great place to meet people and enjoy a show.

I drove from Phoenix on Monday and got to Hollywood about 4:00. I checked into my hotel and then decided to drive by the venue and then get something to eat, but when I drove by HOB I saw that there were people in line already, so I decided to blow off eating and get in line. By the time I found parking and got in line, it was 5:00 and I was about 20 people from the front of the line. I met some great fans (Barbara & Tom, and Tim -- thanks for making the time go quickly) and enjoyed their company for about the next 3 hours. Shelley and Chris came from Santa Fe and they hadn't eaten yet either, so I said bring me something and I'll hold your place in line. While they were gone they started letting people into the bar area upstairs, I got my wristband, went inside to check it out and then went back out to wait for Shelley and Chris to return, I waited until about 7 or 7:30, but I never saw them again ( I'm really sorry we didn't hook up again guys). Back inside I was pretty close to the stairs going down to the stage level. Met two other awesome people before we went down, Laura and Dan, and spent the rest of the evening with them. (Laura, I gave you the wrong email address, its BluGraEyes@ garbage.com instead of @garbagemail.com, I want to see your concert pictures!) We got to go down at 8:00, stood right behind Cheryl who was against the stage. She made a beautiful black velvet cape with purple satin lining for Stevie, I really hope Stevie will keep it. We stood crowded up against the stage for an hour and a half before Stevie came out, but it was a good time being among so many people who love Stevie. While we waited I got a beer spilled all down my front by a waitress who was trying to steer a tray of drinks through the crowd, no harm done, no hard feelings, after all Stevie was going to be coming out in a few minutes. Also during the wait a number of us in the crowd noticed David Spade was sitting at a table right up against the rail on the balconey having dinner, hey everybody loves Stevie. The object of everyones adoration took the stage at about 9:30 and treated us to a very personal, energetic show. Stevie is so beautiful and it was surreal to be so close to her. She was only about 10 to 12 feet away from me the whole show. As she sang I felt like I could literally see the words coming out of her mouth. I know the set list is on this site and its a good thing, because I really couldn't tell you what songs she sang. I mean, sure I could tell you a couple of them and its not like I don't know every song Stevie sings, its just that I was completely lost in this voice that I have loved for so long and trying to comprehend that I was just a few feet from it's source. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that I could see even the eyelashes of those beautiful brown eyes and the tiny lines of her hands as she brushed the hair away from her face, that I could actually see her chest rise and fall as she breathed to sing the words of her songs. Stevie told us that she had broken her foot in Las Vegas and that was why she didn't have on her beloved boots. She said she wanted to dance and rock so badly, but it hurt her foot and that she was dancing inside. She sounded so good during the whole show, I truly believe Stevie sounds better at this point in her life than she has sounded in her whole career. I don't know that her voice is any better, but she has so much more emotion and richness to her voice now. It is so great to see her really enjoying her music still after all these years, just think how many times she has sang the same songs for us. The lighting and sound were great for the show also. I was also blown away by the drum solo, both drummers were so tight, very excellent. Stevie finished with Has Anyone Ever and I just love that song. The crowd sang along with every song and you could tell everyone there had listened to all of Stevie's songs hundreds of times, hundreds of people perfectly together down to the phrasing and sustaining notes. She's only one woman, but I would love to see and hear Stevie every night. Can't wait for the new album and hopefully tour. It was definitely an epic evening. Thank you Stevie.

Review by Craig, Manhattan Beach, CA (Bloodhnd83@aol.com)
Rather than give everyone the standard narrative review, I thought I'd do something a little different. Here are some highlights for me.... I think that most who saw the show would agree ; ) Rock on Stevie!

Moment of the Evening: Landslide - audience sing along..... Wow! and with Stevie's help, it sounded like we could all sing!

Single Best Song Performance of the Evening: Gold Dust Woman.... incredible... start to finish, but especially the end! Can you say ...in the groove?

Dissappointment of the Evening: Rooms on Fire being dropped from the set list : (

Best Supporting Performance of the Evening: Lighting Design & Operation... Excellent!!! Enhanced the perfomance without drawing too much attention to itself.

Best Individual Performance of the Evening: ..... now who did you think I'd say? Stevie sounded better than I can remember, singing the high notes and the tough-on-the- vocal-cords parts that she'd left out in recent years! She was all around awesome... her voice sweeter than honey! Gives me chills!

Best Band Member Performance of the Evening: Frank Simes on Guitar! Tight!

Nicest Personal Touch of the Evening: Chris Nicks at the Souvenier table! cool! what a guy!

Best 'Stevie' Moment of the Evening: Smiles all through the show! : )

Biggest Bummer of the Evening: The end of the show : ( ~ But there's always next time! I hope to see you all there!

from Brett Vollus from Sydney Australia
I was lucky enough to fly up to L.A. and get to be in the front row for Stevie's 03 Jan show at the H.O.B. What an awseome experience! I work as a Flight Attendant for Qantas the Australian Airway, so I bidded on seniority to be in L.A. for Stevie's shows. Imagine my horror when I got my roster and Qantas were sending me to Johannessburg South Africa instead of L.A.! Anyhow sanity prevailed and I managed to get an L.A. trip which had me in L.A. for the 03 jan show at the H.O.B. Ticketmaster also kindly gave me my money back on the tickets for the shows I couldn't be at. Whew! I don't mind spending bucks on Stevie but I at least want to be there! I had dinner before the show at the H.O.B. and what a bonus Stevie and the band performed the sound check whilst I was dining! Stevie performed Enchanted, Outside The Rain/Dreams and Landslide! Awesome! Stevie commented after singing Enchanted, that she could hear too much bass in her left ear, and that she had experienced this during the Vegas show. Other than that there wasn't much conversation.I also got to meet Chris Nicks at the T.Shirt stand, and told him that I had flown up from Australia for the show, and reminded him that we had met in Sydney when Stevie toured in 1986 for the Rock A Little Tour. Chris commented that they always had a great time in Australia, and that he had actually learnt to hang glide in Sydney.

I have been lucky enough to see Fleetwood Mac and Stevie live many times over the years both in Australia and the U.S. The first time I saw Fleetwood Mac was in Sydney in 1977 when I was 16.They headlined as part of the Rockarena spectacular with Santana and Little River Band.Next I saw them in Sydney in 1980 for the Tusk tour.Next Sydney again in 1990 for the Behind The Mask Tour.As a bonus I was able to fly to the U.S. for the last two shows of that tour in San Francisco and L.A. I was fortunate enough to meet the band back-stage in L.A. after the show. I always remember how tired and sad Stevie looked backstage.I then got to fly to the U.S again to see The Dance Tour at the Hollywood Bowl and in Vegas! Stevie certainly was not tired at any of these shows! I then got to see the Enchanted tour in L.A at the Universal Amphitheatre. I always felt that I would get to see Stevie again, and there I was front row at the H.O.B.

I always believe that dreams do come true.As a 16 year old I always dreamt of one day flying to the U.S and seeing Stevie live and meeting her backstage. In 1990 that dream came true! To me Stevie has always been a source of inspiration.I don't know why this is, maybe it's her music , maybe it's her style, but I know that Stevie still continues to weave her magic around the world! I can't wait for Stevie's new album, and I asked Chris Nicks when will it be released. He laughed and said if it ever gets finished! Probably in spring 2000.

The show on Jan 04 left me with some wonderful memories,and some great photos thanks to my Cannon-Elph (smaller is better!) Stand Back is always fantastic live, and Stevie didn't dissapoint! As Stevie touched my hand during Edge Of Seventeen, I was reminded of my most precious Stevie memento.I sent Stevie a Birthday Card when I was 17, whilst they were recording Tusk. I couldn't beleive my eyes when I received a signed Thank-You letter from Stevie! That letter still takes pride of place on my wall!

Thank you Stevie for all the years of wonderful music and performances! Yet again I feel that I will get to see Stevie perform live again, she just weaves that kind of mystical magic! Rock On Stevie!!


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