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Cow Palace Review

Cow Palace in San Francisco - February 11, 2000

Stevie performed at a private concert on February 11 for the NBA and NBC. Also performing were Jewel and Al Green. Here is a summary of the show from someone who attended:


from Melody Fellows
I was a Warner Brothers guest at last nights (Feb 11) private party at the Cow Palace. It began with a 4 hour tent hosted cocktail hour. Dana Carvey hosted the event. Stevie was only added to the show this last Tuesday. Stevie opened at 9:15 and played 5 songs beginning with Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, Landslide (she and Waddy), Standback and closed with Rhiannon (piano and rock version). Landslide and Gold Dust had some twists on lyrics. She also told of a story about she and Lindsey practiced recording their first album (Buckingham/Nicks) in a warehouse one block away from the cow palace which Lindsey's Dad owned and that after all the employees left the building they would play all night until they returned. And said "I just thought you would like to know that".

The weather was horrid. Many guests never made it in. Scheduled performers Kid Rock and Anthony Kiedis' flights never made it so they changed the show a bit. Jewel played two songs and Al Green played 7 with a bit of feeling like we were all "going to church" for the last 3. Jewel commented that she was eating sushi in the afternoon here locally. Apparently she was humming when the server said "you sing"? Jewel replied something like "she tries". The server said "you have teeth just like Jewel." Jewel then said out to the audience "you all probably noticed I have crooked teeth" and something about at least they're really white. Backstage Jewel introduced herself to Al Green and he proceeded to hug just about everyone within shouting distance. I guess that's it.

PS: Stevie dedicated Landslide to Isaiha (sp?).

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