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Las Vegas shows - May 2005 - Fan Reviews


from Wendy Cato
One word, MAGICAL! My husband and I flew in from North Carolina for Stevie’s Tuesday show. She looked so beautiful and happy. The highlights of the show for me were “Beauty And The Beast” which made me cry like a baby and “How Still My Love”. I’m still a little jet-lagged and dazed so I won’t try to detail all the songs in order but she did all the classics, a fantastic performance of “If Anyone Falls”, and rocked on “Sorcerer” and “Fall From Grace” from TISL. To me, every single song was awesome. We had great seats in the 6th row and were surrounded by such friendly people. Stevie fans are the best! We stood for the entire show, danced and sang along, it was great. Some lucky fans even got to kiss Stevie on the cheek during the "Edge Of Seventeen" walk. Her voice was so beautiful and she looked like she was really having a good time up there! I’ve seen Stevie solo 5 times throughout the years and this show was definitely one of my favorites. Thank you Stevie for all of the music, memories, and magic you have brought to my life for the past 20 years.


from Pamela Williams
I don't think I'll be able to describe Stevie's opening night in Vegas.All I can say is "THANK YOU!!, Stevie".My sister and I actually flew in from North Carolina just for the show.We arrived in Vegas around 4p.m. and left around 12:30a.m.It was well worth it!!Stevie's voice sounded so strong and she was BEAUTIFUL!!!The only disappointment was that the show had to end."Beauty and the Beast" was so moving!I'm hoping Stevie and Don Henly will have a show locally but I really don't think I'll ever see a show to top this one.
Special note to David and Grayson---nice meeting you and hope you had a safe trip back to Carolina!!

from Dennis Tommasulo
The Stevie Nicks "Dreams" show arrived at Caesars Palace for 4 nights beginning on May 10th. Stevie is performing in the room usually occupied by Celine Dion and her "A New Day" show. The room is one of the most excellent acoustical arenas in the nation with its 4100 seats all in close proximity to the stage. The show preparations started and the lights began to dim as "Bootylicous" (with the stolen riff from Edge of Seventeen) by Destiny's Child booming through the room... as the lights went dark, a cover of "Dreams" by Wilson-Phillips [*this is actually Stevie, not Wilson-Phillips] was heard as the band was seen in the dark taking the stage.

Stevie looked wonderful and relaxed as the hit the first notes of "Enchanted". One could see that being off the road for some time did wonders for her energy level and her voice. She had at one point 11 people on stage with her including many veterans of solo Stevie Nicks tours including Carlos Rios on Guitar, Brett Tuggle on Keyboards and guitars. Al Ortiz on bass, Scott Plunkett on Piano, Waddy Watchtel on lead guitar, Sharona Celani, Jana Anderson, and on 3 or 4 songs for the first time in over a decade Lori Perry Nicks on backup vocals.

Stevie Said hello to the crowd after a rousing version of "Enchanted" and broke into her usual solo show opener "Outside The Rain into Dreams". Other numbers performed included "Stand Back" a staple of both her solo sets and Fleetwood Mac shows, Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon, (with a beautiful intro by Scott Plunket on piano) Sorcerer, and All the Kings Horses [*actually "Fall from Grace"]. Stevie mentioned that she wanted to do a few songs she hadn't done in a while and one of those gems was "If Anyone Falls" a song not heard live in a long time.

For Stevie's hit duet "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" Waddy Watchtel ably took the male vocal made famous by Tom Petty, but I do believe the song was in a different key than the original. Another gem not heard in a while was "How Still My Love" which sounded wonderful with the 3 Lady Backup Singers. Stevie also sang a most beautiful version of "Landslide" with harmony from the ladies. It was interesting to note during "Landslide" that a song that Lindsay Buckingham usually performs alone acoustically required both Brett Tuggle and Waddy Watchtel to cover the part usually handled by Lindsay. A clear testament to the talent Buckingham has that is rarely mentioned. The harmony on this song was extraordinary, to say the least.

As is her custom, a long drum/percussion solo preceeded the finale "Edge Of Seventeen" with the crowd filling in the front of the stage for what has become Stevie's Traditional slow trek across the stage shaking hands and accepting gifts and flowers from her adoring fans. For her encore Stevie sang a cover of Tom Petty's "I Need To Know" which has floated in and out of her set for years, and the finale "Beauty and the Beast" was by far the most moving song I've ever seen Stevie sing. Her voice was amazingly strong, her emotion clearly seen and heard, and the audience totally quiet and mesmerized by this incredible display of her raw emotion. I've seen Stevie Live now for the 36th time and I was moved to tears, it was that strong a performance .

The show also included a large high quality screen behind the band that showed old clips, psychedelic colors and occasionally live video footage of the band. One thing of note old black and white clips of the movie version of "Beauty and the Beast" during her finale, but for me personally, other than a fleeting glance I was too mesmerized by Stevies performance to watch some old movie clips.

Stevie May be approaching her 57th Birthday in a few weeks but this old lady can still rock, and she proved that she can still sing with anyone, I look forward to not only the 2nd Las Vegas show I am attending on Friday, but also the 2 nights I'm scheduled to see her this summer on her tour with Don Henley.

from Jim O in Lincoln, Ne
Flying by the seat of my pants, missed flight, no time to pack, I was able to hit the Vegas show by 8:30 (with a $20.00 tip for a ride that exceeded 90 miles an hour for most of the short trip from the airport). For one SHINING concert. Stevie Glowed as well as her band! A short one nite stay proved well worth the 'lite' traveling. I owe an apology for ever bad mouthing Ceasars for their venue. This concert measured up to any of Stevies, if not better. With a heavy heart I boarded a plane out Thursday. Wishing I could have stayed longer....for another taste of Stevie Nicks Magic on stage.

Carly Pryor in LaGrange, GA
Viva Las Vegas! My first trip to Vegas was full of friends, fun, and magical moments. Stevie was breathtaking as usual. Her performance was literally astounding and as an admirer of the extraordinary performances, "Beauty & the Beast" was my favorite. Her prescence was captivating. Lori's return was noticeable. The girls' voices in combination with Stevie's reached brilliant harmonies. The band was playful & charismatic. The fascinating stream of graphics, videos & images of the past were a nice added touch to the entire presentation. It was a fabulous show by Stevie that was made more fabulous by the fact I shared it with my fabulous friends in fabulous Vegas.

Rhonda Gould in Texas City Texas
We traveled from Texas to see all four of Stevie's shows and each night was magical. Stevie had so much energy and her voice was so powerful as it filled the palace. I was one of the lucky ones that got to hug Stevie and kiss her on the cheek as she came to greet us at the front of the stage each night.

The highlight for me, was "Beauty and the Beast", Stevie entered the stage like a graceful Queen with all her elegance and beauty of form. Her graceful manner of movement and the emotion in her voice carried me to tears as she slowly danced and flowed with grace and favor. It had a visual effect and feel as if she had royalty bestowed upon her. I have never see anything as beautiful as this performance. Her black velvet robe was so fitting for the song, Stevie looked beautiful and full of class. Stevie was everything these four nights, she was a Rock legend, she was class, and she was full of beauty and style, but most importantly she sounded awesome and strong, and had a blast on stage. She really appreciated all our enthusiasm as we we on our feet dancing with her. She gave her fans, and Caesars four fantastic shows. I would have to say, it was four of the most exciting nights of my life.

I was also able to meet Sharon and Carlos before one of the shows at Caesars. They both were so kind and posed with us for a photo. It added another memory to the Nicks-Vegas adventure. Sharon was so sweet and beautiful, no wonder Stevie loves her!! And Carlos, what a wonderful guitarist!

After returning home this week, I have to say WOW,but i'm also a little sad that its all over. Seeing Stevie for four nights was so upbeat and now I miss it. But I have some great memories of the event and trip to Vegas. But most of all, out of four-thousand plus people I got to hug Stevie and say to her up close...STEVIE YOU ROCK AND I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! , and she smiled her beautiful smile.

Steve Baeck in Los Angeles, California
This was my 11th time seeing Stevie. I've seen her in all sorts of venues, and I have to say I really enjoyed this experience. It wasn't as intimate as, let's say, House of Blues, but the Colosseum at Caesar's was an excellent venue: not a bad seat in the house and good sound.

For me, the highlights were definitely the songs I hadn't heard live before: How Still My Love, Beauty and the Beast, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.

What really strikes me is that her voice is in better shape than it's ever been. How many people are better singers in their 50s than they were in their 20s? I'm really impressed. She uses her lower register a lot and hits those notes dead-on; and she belts more than she ever has (but tastefully, not just to be flashy). I've never really thought of her as a belter.

She's also such an incredibly gracious performer. She can't say "Thank you" enough; and it comes off as so genuine.

Mick was in the audience with what looked like a dozen children, grandchildren, and godchildren, and it just seemed so supportive and nice.

I flew in from L.A. with my ex. We've been seeing her together since Fleetwood Mac's Behind the Mask tour. As long as she keeps performing, we'll keep attending!

Leigh Barrett in Eugene, OR
Friday: After I had sorted out my Luxor reservation foul-ups (one would think they could get it right, oh well...), I wandered down the Strip around midnight to Caesars to check it out. Walking past the bar close to the Colosseum, I saw this little lady, long blonde hair, gorgeous shawl, and thought, "oh that just has to be her!" I walked into the bar and stood 2 inches away from her. Now, you have to understand, my mother brought me up to never be rude and interrupt a conversation, and our little rock diva was deep in animated conversation with some guy. I stood next to her for a moment or two, wondering what to do, hoping she'd turn and see me, but that conversation she was in must have been fascinating.... so I turned and walked away, missing my one chance in life (probably!) to meet the wonderful lady.... gee, thanks mom!

I believe Mick was in the audience, and it would have been great to meet him – I’m putting a radio special (I volunteer on a public station in Oregon) together on the history of the Mac and each one’s personal journey from the very beginning – would have been great to connect and perhaps add some new stuff.

Apart from that, Saturday's concert was amazing - she seems to have rediscovered her passion and her energy, and the past 2 times I've seen her where she seemed to be singing off the prompter are duly forgotten.

My one constructively critical note is that so little effort was made with the visual side: the stage could have been decorated, and also, having chatted her way through the Landslide intro -talking about how she had gone through hours and hours of videos and home movies - to then show nothing, was disappointing. Maybe next time, Stevie will hire a director to take care of the visuals.... and the merchandising – sorry, just not worth spending $20 on that.

Overall, I can't wait to hear that show again, and I hope she releases a DVD of the event - it's been a long time!

Well, I saw Stevie on the Friday night show and it was AWESOME! I sat in orchestra 2, which was near Sharon, Jana, Lori and Brett. I feel a chill go through me on songs like Landslide, Dreams and Rhiannon where the audience knows every word to the songs. It's awesome being surrounded by fans who admire and respect Stevie as much as you do. I thought the props and screen images added to the show and it was a beautiful show. The last time I saw Stevie solo, she did Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?, but now she closed the show with Beauty and the Beast. WOW! I loved her black costume and she looked gorgeous. But, I will never forget the vocals she did on stage! Even though her voice and cahnged over the years, she kicks butt on that song. She still has a powerful and beautiful voice and it made the closing song very powerful. All I can say is WOW! Waddy was awesome as he always is and I'm glad he's been with Stevie all of these years. All of the band did great during their own solos while Stevie changed clothes. All I can say is that I hope Stevie makes "Playing Vegas" a new part of her life, because I will always go see her. I hope she can work out something with Caesars to play while Celine Dion takes a vacation, because a few shows at a time would really work for her. A spectacular night for Stevie fans!

Mack Hicks
Hey Everyone- I saw Stevie both nights and she is still mesmerizing. The first time I saw her was September 27th 1977 at the Philadelphia Spectrum ( Rumours Tour), and I have to say I was more impressed with her voice, impeccable timing and performance at the Caesar’s Colosseum “ Dreams” show. I went with friends who were not sure they wanted to go. They said they were shocked at how “ perfectly” she performed. The new additions are “If Anyone Falls”, and “How Still My Love”. “Beauty and the Beast”- how the show ends, show Stevies’ soulful voice with a video of the film Beauty and the Beast. This footage along with her hair that is put up with one pin ( like in the Tusk Tour days), is bone chilling and nerve tingiling. I hope this is being filmed because I have never seen anything like it. It’s as if Stevie is in the film. I don’t understand how she is so timeless. She is in a Black velvet cape and just full of truth. Her innocence is once again with her. She is one of the all time great performers whose mysticism and intensity is not easily matched. So go to two voices and bring friends- they will remember!!

Laura S. in Portland, Oregon
The show was absolutely exquisite and so was Stevie! Normally I don't fly to see a show without a really good reason, like a front row seat. Being the big fan that I am and with all the talk about hauling out the old songs, I broke down and made some rather last minute plans. It was well worth it, particularly the last song of the evening (Beauty and the Beast.) I'm not a public crier... not at movies, not at weddings, nothing... but the performance of this song had me literally choking up AND breathless, wiping away BIG tears. WOW is right. There ARE no words to describe. The entire evening, Stevie's performance was flawless, vocal perfection. Her outfits were so beautiful. She was radiant. I'm glad I broke down and made the trip to see this show, even if my seat was waaaay up at the top, I am very grateful for having witnessed it in person. The graphics and videos really enhanced the feel of the show. It was even more spectacular seeing it from a bird's eye view. My only complaint is that time flies when you're having fun and it went waaay too quickly!! Brava!!

Richard & Henry (next generation fan)
This was my 30+something concert of Stevie Nicks (between solo shows and with Fleetwood Mac). My first time was in Boston, 1979 for the Tusk Tour...and now "Dreams" at Caesars Palace. The special part of this whirlwind Las Vegas trip from my New York home was that I brought my 7 year old son to the show (after a trip to Disneyland)....

This was my son's first professional concert (other than Broadway shows) and watching him during the show tells a thousand stellar reviews. He was transfixed on Stevie, the stage, and the videos. He has been a Stevie fan (how could he not be in my household) for years and said that the concert was great. I thought so too.

It was very interesting to see the Stevie die-hard fans mix it up with the Vegas regulars...I overheard some woman state that she thought that Stevie used to be in 'Heart', however, she was corrected by a woman wearing a black chiffon ensemble...Overall, it was nice to attend a concert in a comfortable venue. The acoustics were great and the seats were very roomy for this tall guy...and the bar service was great, too. The show was similar to the Enchanted tour, but Stevie's voice seems stronger today. I expected the show to be slightly longer...but the huge stage and video props make up for the seemingly shorter set. Stevie's wardrobe was superior and excellent. I especially loved the final song's wardrobe and hair style: Stevie looked like a really glamorous star when she wore her hair up. She, of course, is a classy and talented artist! I am grateful that I was able to share Stevie with my son last Friday night. It will be a night we both remember for a long time.

Susanna Stevens
I just wanted to say to you:Thank you Stevie!
For the wonderful concert on Friday the 13th of May. This was well worth the trip to Caesars Palace in Vegas. I really wanted to stay again for her last show on Saturday the 14th of May, but for all of us Nicks fans you know we can never get enough of her music. I to also cried twice when Stevie dedicated Landslide to her Mother who flew in just to see her daughter performance Friday night. I think that was great! That was truly the most beautiful part of the show. The background screen feature Videos with Stevie dancing, IF ANYONE FALLS IN LOVE Along with the very first version movie clips of Beauty & The Beast. This was just enchanted When Stevie sang Beauty & The Beast. Everyone that wrote in about the reviews from this show being magical they were all right. A Special Thanks is in order to, Caesars Palace for Making Dreams come to life & for being a wonderful Host to all her fans for this special event Dreams. Commendations of Hotel & seating arrangements were just great in their Pkg deal. I would also like to end this letter with a special thanks to all the new friends, that I made before & after the show that were truly Stevie fans like myself. We all share story's along with great moments about Stevie Nicks. I believe this was a magical night for all of us and that we will never forget the Fairytale that Stevie gave us.

Kim Marsh
First of all, two thumbs up to Dennis on his great review. I could not of said it better myself. My friend Steph and I also attended the same show. We flew in from Maryland and stayed right at Caesar's. This was my first Stevie solo concert, although we saw The Mac several times on their last tour. Words cannot describe what I felt at this show. It was magical, emotional and awesome, all rolled into one. I was so happy that she opened up with "Enchanted", which is one of my favorite songs. It was great to hear songs like "Outside the Rain", "I Need to Know" and "Sorcerer". I thought that the back-up singers blended beautifully on all songs, especially "If Anyone Falls". (Welcome back Lori!) "Beauty and the Beast" was so moving that it left me teary-eyed. I'm looking forward to the Stevie and Don Henly show in Hershey. Thank you Stevie for a perfect evening. You are Timeless!

Hunter Sinuhe inOakland, CA.
My friend Shauna and I were on the final leg of our cross-country Stevie Nickstravaganza---California to New York for ‘Night of a Thousand Stevies’, then New York to Vegas for Stevie’s performance at Celine Castle---so we were understandably jet-lagged and exhausted by May 11th. But after donning our chiffon (again) and platform-booting it to Caesars Palace, Stevie’s performance made the sleep deprivation, death-defying cab rides and toe blisters well worth it, and then some. This was the 11th or 12th time I’d seen The Divine Miss N since the Bella Donna tour, but it was by far one of the very best shows I've ever experienced. Her voice was incredible, she looked gorgeous, and when was the last time she sang “How Still My Love”? I think I was like 13! Every song was sung perfectly, and for those of us who have seen her many times before and think we know what sort of ad-libs she’s gonna do, she changed it up and hit some notes that we didn’t even see coming. She was just fabulous. And I can’t say enough about the show-closing “Beauty and the Beast”. I still cry when I hear that song on my 22 year-old ‘Wild Heart’ record that cracks and pops, but to hear it live after all these years and hear it sung with such deep, heart-wrenching emotion---I was so fa-klempt I thought I was gonna rupture something. Luckily, tear stains barely show up on black chiffon, ‘cause I was a weeping mess. But isn’t that why Stevie Nicks is our favorite artist ever? Who else can touch you like that? One minute we’re bouncing around to “If Anyone Falls”, next minute we’re stock-still and contemplating our lives while singing along to “Landslide”. We really are hopelessly enchanted, aren’t we? Indeed we are. So the Nickstravaganza was a huge success, and was absolutely the most fulfilling Stevie–inspired vacation I’ve ever taken. Next morning, Shauna and I, very blissed out (and a tad hungover), gathered up our ribbons and our bows and got back out on the road again…

Joyce Mayer
I just got back from the last Vegas show and I loved it. I have seen her perform many times but tonight was different, I thought she sounded the best I have ever heard her, plus she was friendly and funny, she has always been my favorite singer but for awhile in the 90's she lost that spark and was sort of numb, but tonight she was back even better than ever, this is why I first fell in love with her music in the first place, I think she is onto a new phase in her career that will show her vocals and stage presence better than ever before. I live in Vegas and hope she will be a regular here.

This show is the very best of Stevie! I came all the way from Ohio just to see her and i was not disappointed! Her vocals are cripser then ever, she sounded perfect. The song arraingments were a nice change, and she rocked out several times making the crowd go wild! Stevie looked amazing as well, I swear she is looking better and better everytime! She had several beautiful outfit changes with the usual shawl for her signature songs. She really looked beautiful for the finally when she sang Beaty and the Beast. Talk about blow you away! She seemed very excited to be in Las Vegas and all most giddy when she would talk to the crowd. It was the best experiance I could ask for!

Christine Garcia, Albuquerque
There aren't enough adjectives in the English language to describe Stevie's May 11 show at Caesars......suffice to say WOW!!!!!! The moment tickets went on sale, my best friend Carol and I anxiously awaited the day we would actually see and hear Stevie again! All of our expectations were greatly exceeded from the instant the lights went down to the last vision of Stevie strolling regally across the stage, then sadly, out of view. Each song held meaning. Die-hard fans knew every lyric and sang right along. Sharon, Jana, and Lori perfectly complimented Stevie's mesmerizing voice. Landslide, a favorite for me, brought tears to my eyes and will remain a lasting memory. The entire evening was magical and again.....WOW!!!!

Rebecca (B'ham, AL)
I went to Vegas against Dr's orders to see Stevie. I am 35 and have breast cancer. I had emailed on the site to her a couple of weeks ago to let her know how excited I was to see her. We sat in anticipation........and there SHE appeared in all her glory. I was on the phone with a friend back home and hung up on her. The show was AMAZING, MAGICAL, MYSTICAL, and since this was the 1st time I had ever seen Stevie live, I was blown away by her voice and how she sounded so much like her CD's. There was a screen that I wish they would have shown her on more. I had one gripe about the show. Having heard how personal Stevie can be with her fans, I was surprised that camera's weren't allowed, or so Caerars said. Well, as the show started, all of these flash bulbs went off and low and behold, the manager said Stevie said not to take cameras if they were brought, just to ask people to turn off the flashes. I was devastated to find that I didn't know I could bring the camera. Hopefully she will be coming to B'ham, Alabama where I live and I can see her again and take some pictures. I did write her a note and give her a heart shaped amethysts. They assured me they would give it to her. It was well worth the trip to see her and I would do it all over again, with my camera of course, lol. The show was all and more than I expected. Thank you Stevie for a beautiful show.

Michelle Tyler
The anticipation was high for the Tuesday opening night Stevie Nicks' debut at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I, like many other Nicks' devotees, made the trek from cities near and far to be part of this special engagement. It did not disappoint.

When the house lights finally came down, the crowd was ready to go. Stevie made her entrance to a standing ovation. The adoration of this rock and roll legend was evident in the 4000-plus seat venue.

Stevie was in good form, with her vocals clear and strong. it was obvious that she was there to have a good time and several times told the crowd "thank you" for coming. Her trademark twirls missing, she did 'float' around the stage to the estactic applause of the crowd anytime she made a gesture.

The wardrobe was beautiful and Stevie was able to make quick changes while the band either did a keyboard solo, drum or percussion break.

The set list was mostly made up of 'greatest hits', with the few rare songs like Sorcerer, Fall from Grace, If Anyone Falls, among others tossed in for great effect.

The band was superb and under the skilled and tastefully restrained Waddy Wachtel, provided the fabric on which Stevie was to paint a glorious masterpiece for the 100 minute show.

At the beginning of Edge of Seventeen, a few of us were allowed down to the stage. I was one of those lucky few. Stevie was escorted across the massive stage close enough for some of us (me included) to get a hug, a hand shake or even a kiss!

I had come to the show with my manager (I'm a musician) and he had never seen Stevie live. Although I knew what to expect, he really did not. After the first couple of songs he was won over and at the conclusion of the evening, with the dramatic and moving, Beauty and The Beast, he was almost in tears. Now, that is a testimony!

Laura in Fremont,CA
Myself and two of my friends saw the Saturday night show and it was amazing...It was the best i have ever heard her sound (dont get me wrong she always sounds beautiful)..i'm so glad i went...when she sang edge of seventeen it got a little out of control.... i thought i was going to be in the newspaper the next day "girl gets trampled to death at stevie nicks concert" but luckily i came out alive... People were getting crazy pushing and shoving doing anything they could to touch her.. I cant imagine stevie approving of such behavior....Speaking of behavior...the best part of the whole night was when stevie sang "beauty and the beast" it was beautiful i cant even find words to describe how that song made me feel....it was like there was nobody else in the room all i could see and hear was stevie...and then a drunk woman started yelling "stevie youre the beauty" and kept yelling it.. I could tell stevie was getting annoyed...it was such an emotional song for her and a trashy drunk woman was screaming througout the whole song..I felt stevie was pouring her heart out to the audience during that song and the "drunk woman" had no respect for her and it makes me very angry...I could go on and on about the drunk woman but i'm sure others who were there heard her and she knows who she is..so i'll leave it at that....I just have to say Stevie Nicks is one amazing lady....she was sent straight from heaven.

From Christie and Jan
Friday night...
Our whirlwind Vegas trip started out Thursday night as I drove 3hrs from B'ham to Atlanta. We left Atlanta Fri morning, flying to Vegas, with a layover in Phoenix (kinda symbolic stopping in Stevie's hometown on our way to see Stevie). Anyway, got to Vegas around 2:30pm then headed to our hotel -- the Flamingo, across the street from Caesar's. For those who have never been to Vegas...."Well, it is something to see!!!!" For sure!!!!!

Got ready then headed across the street. Had a little difficulty finding our way around...we definetly looked like tourists walking around in circles!!!! Ran into a friend of our's, we've seen at many shows, Tori and had dinner with her. We were first in line at the venue doors....ready for them to open!!!! 7pm doors open, we did our usual "before concert" ritual: bathroom and water trips. Then on to our seats. We didn't think we were going to have a good view of Stevie

as our seats were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over in the corner (section 6), but how it angled to the side of the stage, there were no seats in front of us, even though we were in 5th row. We saw our friend, Mike, and talked with him for a while. then headed to our seats for the start of the show. Lights dimmed, crowd to their feet, fast-beat "Dreams" intro and Bootylicious played, then here came Stevie!!!!

She looked amazing!!!! I won't go down the setlist, I'll just write about the highlights I noticed.

Stevie was very energetic during "StandBack"...alot of twirls, not just at the end but even in the middle of the song. She'd twirl toward Carlos then she'd twirl back to Waddy. She was truly having a great time....and so was the crowd. Except for a few people behind who told security to get us to sit down so they could see. Well needless to say security left us alone after Jan told them to tell those people they could see better if they stood up because we weren't sitting. LOL Sit at a Stevie concert.....I don't think so...NOT US!!!!!!

Stevie dedicated "Landslide" to her mom. She said that usually her dad is at the show, but this time he couldn't make it, "so Mom, this is your night". She also mentioned that Barbara won $50 at the slots...and she laughed. We later saw Barbara and Chris (after the show) and mentioned what Stevie had said. Barbara paused a moment then said "Well, it was more like $42". And she just laughed.

I absolutely loved "If Anyone Falls". 6 huge pillars dropped from the ceiling. And the screen showed Stevie and Brad's ballet dance, but an ocean was the backdrop so it appeared they were dancing across the sea. Toward the end of the song, Stevie and the backup singers did an acupella verse. It was AWESOME!!!! Lori Nicks was radiant onstage...since Jan and I were "late bloomers", we've never seen Lori perform with Stevie. So that was a special treat!!!!!

"How Still My Love" was another special surprise. I love this song LIVE!!!!!

As soon as that song ended, people from the back of the venue started flying past us, so we headed toward the stage, too. We made it, but we were like 4 people deep, so we knew chances of shaking Stevie's hand was slim. And we were right. But that was OK. As many times as we've been on front row, shaken Stevie's hands, and have even met her twice....we were not disappointed...we were just happy to be there!!!!

She rocked on "I Need to Know". Then they started setting the stage for "Beauty and the Beast". Stevie's blue and gold "Timespace" cape was draped across Scott's piano along with a 4 light candlealbra. Flowing curtains were also dropped from the ceiling. Then out walked Stevie in this beautiful black coat with a high collar....her hair was pulled up. She was breathtaking!!!! As the song started, the screen behind her started playing the old "Beauty and Beast" video that Stevie has so many times talked about. Stevie did alot of hand gestures and different poses during this song...making it a true emotional "performance". The crowd was mesmerized!!!!!

After the show, we met up with Mike and his friend Peter. And we all hung out on the steps of the venue talking. Paul Stanley from KISS came out -- it was kinda shocking to see him leaving a Stevie Nicks concert -- and he was standing just a few feet away from me. Alot of people noticed him and quickly ran up to him for pictures and autographs....we didn't.

Band members and road crew finally started to leave. We waved to Sharon, Carlos, and Jana and told them "Great show". Brett walked out and since we've talked to him soooo many times before, we quickly ran up to him and he gave us both hugs and just stood around and talked. He said there would be 10 shows with Henley then Stevie would do a few solo shows. We hugged and said goodbyes to him. Cory Buckingham and Steve Rinkov came out and we talked with them for several minutes. Cory wanted to clear up that the rumor of Lindsey being at any of the shows were simply untrue, but did tell us that Mick would be at the Sat show. She got a kick out of us asking her if she's ate any funnel cakes lately. LOL

We hung out with Mike and Peter til wee hours of the night....morning. Then went back to our hotel and took a "nap". LOL Saturday was our only "full day" in Vegas so we thought we'd make the best of it. We went back to Caesar's to eat breakfast...stood in line forever just to get inside the buffet restaurant. Since it was sooooooooo HOT, we definitely did not want to walk the strip, so we got the car and drove up and down the strip snapping pictures. We went back to the hotel to take a nap before the show.

To be continued....

Patty Markle - Dallas, TX
When I learned Stevie was doing some special shows in Vegas, I called my fun friend, the one who would say, "Okay" when I said, "Hey, let's go to Vegas and see Stevie Nicks". Up until this trip, you could call my friend a "Casual Stevie Fan" After this trip, you can call her a "Totally Swept Away Hardcore in Love Stevie Fan", just like me.

We arrived on Friday and since our tickets were for Saturday we went straight to Ceasers to check the place out. I kept thinking as we were walking through this visually stunning hotel, how appropriate it was that our lady who rises only once in a million years was playing here. The architecture, the statues of Gods and Goddesses, the beautiful water fountains, ripe for wishing, the art and ambiance were perfect for a classy Stevie Nicks concert. The Coliseum was simply gorgeous and the acoustics were unlike anything I've ever heard before. Everything was dripping with class and style.

I've got to mention that Ticketmaster (formally known as Ticketmonster) was uncharacteristically kind when they upgraded my 1st balcony tickets for sixth row tickets when they became available several weeks later. We were two rows closer than Mick Fleetwood and his family, but he was one aisle over from us, putting him right in the center. Oh how I wanted to ask him for his autograph. Two things prevented me from asking. 1. Everybody else was and I felt sorry for him. 2. All I carried with me in case I met someone I could get an autograph from was my "Enchanted" set. I thought and thought about it and just couldn't come up with an appropriate page to ask him to sign. Brief eye contact with my hands in a prayerful position and a briefly bowed head showed him my respect without bugging him, I hope.

The concert was everything people have already said and so much more. Stevie's voice was absolutely gorgeous. Her time off the road and spent focusing on pulling off this Vegas gig served her well. She hit notes she hasn't hit in years. Her voice was lush, filled with passion and she gave it her all. Given the short amount of time she had to prepare for this event, I can see why some things were different than what she had discussed in an earlier interview. She demonstrated that she could pack a Vegas venue, fill up the stage with her band and leave fans with the feeling that they had just experienced something very special and magical. I enjoyed the visual effects on the screen behind her. My favorite song and visual effect was the whole "Beauty and the Beast" presentation. I wanted to watch the movie but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. My God she was so beautiful and her heart and soul were literally poured out for all of us to grab a piece of, shower it with our own love and then give it back to her. I felt honored that she trusted us enough to do that. This woman took a risk to do that song and it paid off in spades. I also enjoyed Landslide with the harmony added. It was a very nice touch and something I've never heard from Stevie before.

I'm not sure if this is one for the history books or not, but Waddy Wachtel was wearing a jacket, at least during the first part of the show. I love Waddy so much and when I see him, I expect to see the denim vest that he has worn for the past 30 years. He was wearing a beautiful jacket on Saturday night. I enjoyed seeing all the same faces with Stevie's band. Brett, Carlos, Al, and Scott were simply wonderful and I appreciate their continued support of Stevie. I was sad to hear that Scott was spending the summer with another touring band, the audience booed to show they didn't like the news either and then gave him a great round of applause. The drummers were fantastic and I look forward to learning more about them as Stevie tours this summer. I found it more fascinating to watch Mick Fleetwood during drum solos though. I just kept wondering what was going through his head.

And now for my favorite part about this show. Lori Nicks. You could have picked me up off the floor and placed me back in Dallas in 1984 watching the Wild Heart Tour and I wouldn't have known the difference. That sound that comes from only Lori and Sharon together is so perfect. You could hear it the most on "If Anyone Falls" and "Beauty and the Beast". Concerts never sound like albums but these songs did. Jana has a beautiful voice too and I don't want to discount her at all, but when Lori took the stage, I couldn't stop watching her and Sharon. Lori was beautiful, her voice was in perfect shape and clearly this woman has spent some time working out because she was stunning. Somehow I find it incredibly comforting that Lori and Sharon have never left Stevie's side. I hope they know how much the fans appreciate their dedication over all these years and that we honestly do love them as much as we do Stevie. I've missed Lori touring and am praying that maybe, just maybe she will join Stevie on a few shows this summer, (like in Dallas - where it all began!). Lori, if you are reading this, I have a 14 year old daughter as well and trust me, a little break would be fantastic for both of you. I KNOW you need it. I'm sure Jessi does as well.

Finally, while I have had the honor of meeting Stevie before, I have never been able to make it to the right spot during Edge of 17 to shake her hand or give her a gift. I did make it on Saturday night and it felt wonderful to touch her hand and look her square in the eye to tell her that I loved her. Security told us to toss gifts on the stage, so I tossed a pink envelope with cards for everyone inside. She was gracious as always and really tried to reach every hand she possibly could. She loves us too and never takes us for granted. Thank you for that Stevie. Thank you for that and so much more.

From Jon and HB (UK)
We Left london Heathrow early Wednesday morning, Boarding a jet to San Francisco. We needed to drink in all of the atmosphere before the concert on Saturday night, leaving San Francisco we made our way to the Great Yosemite National Park then on to Death Valley (very hot).

The next day on to Las Vegas, The city was pumping, down onto the Strip to find a hotel hoping to stay in Caesars palace no joy the place was full, managed to find a room close by, time for a quick swim then change for the Concert, My friend looked great.

We found our seats, drunk some Wine and waited like little children then there She was Stevie Nicks someone I had waited 25 years to see, From the very beginning the journey was worth it, Stevie moved like the wind dancing trough my hair and sounding just like the angels you hear in the in your dreams.

We watched and listened to every word, taken back by the pure Poetry and beauty of this person, was I watching something very special? I think so, Stevie can make time stand still, this will not happen for me again.

Finishing with Beauty and the Beast, I could feel myself crying inside, the words and power of this song are so very BEAUTIFUL! and yet so very SAD! I was moved, touched and so very full of all the emotions only PURE LOVE can help you see.

Leaving the concert we retired to our hotel room, watching the lights of Las Vegas from the 24th floor of our hotel room this finished a perfect day for us, we talked for hours about what we had just experienced I was touched in such a profound way, thank you to the person standing next to me Su and thank you Stevie.

Back into the car for a very long drive up to San Francisco and the flight back to the UK, once again thank you so very much.

Scott Ellison, San Diego, California
May 14, 2005
Ceasar's Palace
The idea had intrigued me since learning of the shows. Having never been to Las Vegas, this seemed to afford the perfect opportunity. I found that the notion of a show in 'Vegas', although not completly incongruous, carried an interesting duality. Failing to account for the city's centennial made for a long drive from San Diego,as I encountered an almost endless line of vehicles from San Bernadino right up to the front door of the Alexi's Villas. It would have taken much more than congested traffic to dampen the anticipation with which I awaited the show.

The Forum at Ceasar's Palace, was as intimate as a well appointed high school gym.Every seat in every section was a 'good' seat. with two short 'orchestra' sections, and a balcony that put the audience in a suberb sightline, I could see that this was a well planned venue.

As the soundtrack drew to it's end,down house lights,fade the music to silence,a band assembled quietly,then,the band picked up the opening for "Enchanted', and we were off ! Spotlight up!; on a most stately young lady, as she strode confidently to center stage, to her mic, and greeted us with her vocal magicianship.Leading into 'Outside The Rain', band and singer flowed like a musical river.

Ms. Nicks then took us along the musical path she had forged for the evening. We followed her to familiar respites that spoke of where we've been, with classic visits to 'Rhiannon", Gold Dust Woman'; and following, more attentively now, stopped by places although newer, seemingly familiar, with 'Sorcerer'. For myself, it was a retrospective moment, as the two acoustic guitars sang along faithfully, and carried through the late spring evening.

'Stand Back' had us stand up, in the restless throes of our rock&roll beginnings,dancing in place, but wild with energy,and, suddenly, around the campfire, wondering about this gifted woman, and the uncertainty all of us face, with 'Landslide'.

'If Anyone Falls' would have been a great musical 'old friend' to revisit on it's own merit, but we were in fact joined by a sorely missed friend, for it's rendering, in the person of Ms. Lori Nicks. I don't give in to emotion readily, but i will admit that i felt like, the family is whole again. the energy was just electric, yet beyond that.For that magical moment, i would have crawled on broken glass from San Diego,in a traffic jam.

Ms. Nicks vocals were sharp, and clear. She has not,in my opinion, recieved enough attention from 'critics' [i've been keeping on the high road here, so i won't go into what i think of critics, except to allude to an old adage about 'those who can do.......'], as a premiere vocal interpreter. so i will. She can take you along with her on the strength of how she tells the story, an attibute that sets all the great singers above the others.she will let you feel the music, as most others are content to let you hear the music. This was demonstrated by her beautiful offering of 'Beauty And The Beast'.It closed the evening on such a note as is given by a fine wooden instument.the tone lingers far after the final note is struck.

The band is superb, again, driven by Waddy Watchel. He is a consumate musical director, and knows how to get the sound that Ms. Nicks expects.with Carlos Rios adding his considerable skill, as he did with the 'Say You Will' tour, Brett Tuggle 'takin' us to church' with the sweet Hammond organ, as well as journeyman work on guitar, and the talented Al Ortiz on bass, the upcoming tour will be one of the best. I had the chance to speak with Mr. Rios, and Mr. Ortiz[i really meant what i said about your very fine work on the demos, thanks again] after the show, and i feel secure in knowing the caliber of talent that Ms. Nicks has in support. there is also the energy of another artist, and the support he may have , that will put this band on a new level of excellence.

Thank you, Ms. Nicks, for so much great music. Selfishly, i hope to hear some of the very fine material contained in the 'Street Angel' collection, live sometime, but, I am not the selector. And i will enjoy whichever journey we take, at the next gathering.

Also, 'hi' to Joe, and his beautiful wife, new friends from New Jersey, and fellow homestaters. I know you will have a safe trip home, "by the time you climb the mountain, and turn around", she will be in your town. Best of everything to you both.

Larry in San Diego
The Caesars Palace "Dreams" event was a gift from Stevie to her fans. We flew in from San Diego and caught the Saturday and Sunday shows. Both were phenomenal! The crowd was an enthusiastic mix of the young and the young at heart. It is great to see that Stevie continues to draw fans of all ages... especially the younger generation. Stevie fans are among the friendliest and most respectful around. The warmth,compassion, and positive energy one feels attending her shows is truly amazing.

From the opening song through the final notes of the second encore, the show was a food for the soul. Stevie has always been a rocker and the Caesars Palace event clearly illustrates why she is considered the reigning Queen of Rock & Roll. The lighting was dramatic. The props (from lace chandeliers to giant columns) were used sparingly and always enhanced the mood created by select songs. The giant video screen served as a backdrop and was utilized to full effect.

The images ranged from still shots to 70's psychedelic to animated digital art to movie clips.

During many of the harder rock songs, they combined live images of Stevie with psychedelic patterns for a true "flashback" to those classic 70's rock group performances. Fans loved every minute of it.

My highlights of the evening... "If Anyone Falls In Love", "Sorcerer", "Fall From Grace", "Outside The Rain", and the Tom Petty classic "I Need To Know".

Sadly missing (I know she can't sing everything) were "Rooms On Fire" and "I Can't Wait" - two Stevie classics... and a few more from Trouble In Shangri-La. The best album ever produced (in my book). Hopefully she will add to the mix while planning her tour with Don Henley. We can't get enough of her, can we!

Her costume changes were minimal and always tasteful. I did notice what appeared to be the beautiful gold and blue long coat from the Operation Desert Storm-era photo shoots draped across the piano.

The three gifted back-up singers were flawless. Many arrangements enable the four voices to soar in harmonies so tight you would swear you were hearing angels sing. There really is no group dynamac quite like it in the music industry today. The talented musicians were at their peak performance. Kudos to the crew!

Stevie's mother was in the audience on Friday night... as noted with the dedication of "Landslide". At Saturday's performance she dedicated the song to Caesars Palace for enabling the "Dreams" event to become a reality. Now that is class! I was lucky enough to hold Stevie's hand for a few brief seconds during the traditional "Edge of Seventeen" meet and greet... and for fans everywhere, I thanked her for sharing her gift of music with us. We are truly blessed.

From Christie and Jan
Saturday show
After a 3hr nap, we got ready to head to the venue. Our feet were sooo tired from all the walking, it was almost like we were dreading walking over to the show. But we mustered up the strength and off we went!!! That night we had 7th row in Section 3 (we were almost in the center)...so we knew we had a great view!!!!! We chatted with Mike and several other fans then headed back to our seats. Where we realized Kiki and her husband were sitting in the seats next to us...we haven't seen Kiki since last year's Madison show...so it was a real treat to see her!!!! She took us to see Deb and her husband....again 2 more people we haven't seen in a year. What a treat!!!!! Anyway, back to our seats. We were just sitting down when we looked up to see Mick Fleetwood, his wife, and their twin daughters being seated in the Section next to us....they had 7th row, too. Some people rushed over to Mick for autographs/pictures, but security had them leave.....Mick was there with his family, not as a celebrity. He was very attentive to the twins. When then realized Jessi Nicks was sitting just a few seats away from Mick and at one time, the twins were sitting in Jessi and her friend's laps.

Show starts. Crowd literally went WILD!!!!!! There were alot of FANS at this show!!!! Stevie and the band seemed to realize that as well. And they gave it up!!!!! Every song Stevie just poured it all out!!!! Several times we looked over at Jessi and she was just singing along and watching every move her aunt made.

"Stand Back" ROCKED the house!!!!! Stevie even did a high kick at the end of the song....YES folks we got a high kick....something we haven't seen since TISL. At the end of the song, the crowd literally gave Stevie a standing ovation...she seemed taken back by it. The clapping went on for several minutes, Stevie just had to stand there, it was soo loud, she couldn't go on with the show.

Again, "If Anyone Falls", the song, the backdrop, the video, the acupella verse...that song has become high on my list now!!!!!!

We noticed when Lori walked out onstage, Jessi was crying. We've come to the conclusion this must have been the first time Jessi has ever seen her mom onstage. A very emotional moment. When Stevie introduced the band, before she got to Lori, she looked out across the crowd, and said "Miss Jessica Nicks, I want you to take a look at what your mom gave up to have you". Jessi was definitely crying then and her friend gave her a big hug. Lori was a little shaken, too.

As soon as "How Still My Love" started.....we RAN to the stage. Nobody was going to stop us!!!! We planted ourselves at the bottom of the steps. There was a huge crowd around us....security seemed to be taken back by the mass crowd as the sat on the steps in front of us. And what a blast from the past as we noticed Blair and Sally (whom we met a few years ago) were standing beside us at the stage. Sally told us it was Blair's 17th birthday -- so what a thrill for her to be on the "edge of seventeen" standing at the edge of the stage during "Edge of 17". LOL When Stevie got close to us, of course there were about 1000 hands flapping all around in the air, Stevie reached out and grabbed my hand with her right hand and held it as her left hand reached across the rest of the crowd, touching others. Stevie then gave Blair a big hug. What a nice birthday present!!!!! I had hoped we would have met a mutual friend, since Sally and Blair were there....but I didn't ask but realized probably she didn't go to Vegas. We were surprised by a little pink floral note at last year's Atlanta show, so I was hoping maybe Vegas. But bummer. Maybe one day that chance meeting will happen. *** fingers crossed ***

"Beauty and the Beast" was more stunning that the night before. We got a closer look this time....Stevie was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She gave an awesome performance...it was a true "performance". Raw emotion in every word!!!!!!

It was really sad to see the show end. We hung out with Kiki and Deb (and their husbands) outside the venue. Just literally had a blast with them all night!!!!

We talked with Sharon and Brett....but there was a mob of people around them so we made sure it was short and sweet...seeing how we've done this sooo many times before. Al and his girlfriend walked out and next thing we notice Al is taking pictures of Kiki and Deb in front of Stevie's poster. We then told Kiki "Your suppose to ask Al if you can take HIS picture not him take YOUR picture"....everyone just laughed, including Al and his girlfriend, who then took the camera and told us all to get in close and she take our picture with Al. They were both truly sweet and very friendly...we talked for several minutes. Al even asked what other shows we'd be at, so he could look for us. He told us he had 2 days off then Tuesday they would be back in L.A. for rehearsals for the Stevie/Don tour. They gave us hugs and kisses and off they went. His girlfriend looks alot like LeeAnn Rhines. Lori finally came out, she appeared to be in a hurry, so we didn't ask for autographs or pictures....we did mention that we noticed Jessi crying when she walked out onstage and she said she saw her too and had to look away or she would have lost it...we then told her how much we've missed her and hope she'll perform with Stevie again.

We continued to hang out with Kiki and Deb, but it was getting extremely late and we had an early flight, so we hugged and said our goodbyes, then took the trek to our hotel. We slept maybe 2hrs then off we were to the airport. I think we added up we slept maybe 10 hours in 3 days. We were exhausted!!!!!! And after we landed in Atlanta, I still had a 3hr drive home. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! But we always agree: No matter how many sleepless nights or how many miles traveled.....Stevie is worth it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as Stevie continues to perform....we'll continue to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Til next time....

Andre Barron - Studio City, CA

I was in Las Vegas for the Opening of "Dreams" at Ceasars Palace. I was so thrilled as I am a Vegas Native traveling from Los Angeles back to my home town to support Stevie.I was excited after hearing the Jim Ladd Interview that she was going all out in this Venue to create an evening never seen before.In the Interview she spoke of "pulling out old songs never or rarely performed live"..maybe Storms..maybe Sisters Of The Moon..maybe Highwayman..old Video Clips playing behind her...vintage costumes from past tours..and major production..taking full advantage of the huge IMAX Screens used currently by Celine & Elton. There were also several Interviews Stevie gave to local radio stations saying that "Talk To Me is my favorite Video and I intend to open the show with it." Unfortunately none of the above occured. Stevie was wonderful as always! She was in good voice despite dodging many high notes. The set was brief..and there were really no surprises for anyone who follows her solo set lists. The Highlights were If Anyone Falls..were she used a brief ballet clip from the video and her Finale of Beauty & The Beast..(her best performance of the evening).She had a cool opening clip from I Can't Wait Video..(breaking through the wall). Other than that 90% of the show was her usual set list. She was only shown once on the large screen towards the end..which I found odd..I would have preferred to see her than the psycadelic projections behind her through most of the show. She did not spin at all..not even on Stand Back..not one. No Boots.And she never even mentioned anything about being in Las Vegas.There were no new or old costumes. Only black. Lori looked and sounded amazing as did the whole band!!! It was great to see Waddy Wachtel up there again! I have seen every Stevie solo & FM show..I love, admire and respect her tremendously and always will. It seemed thrown together very fast. What was promised and what was delivered were two different things.

from Nancy
Attending a concert in what I would call, an acoustically perfect theater, is a treat if the musicians and singer can hit the mark. Stevie Nicks vocally/ visually; a bulls eye.

Stevie vocally; clear and pristine as she could be. It is difficult for performers to recreate a clear and great "studio sound", but this band had no problems except with what appeared to be a key change or rhythm change for just a moment. Visually the show was so enjoyable with costume changes and a backdrop of lights colors and fantasy. Just great !!! I got a sense that Stevie was pleased to be in her own skin and happy within herself. It read clear and this is not a theater you could cheat in. You can see Stevie, you are beautiful inside and out. I felt a deep sense of gratitude for her fans and a deep appreciation for the audience and their enjoyment. You could feel it and it showed.

I have seen /experienced many concerts and I must say I walked away with an overall since of, "WOW !!!". I must say at the beginning & a few chords of Landslide I started to cry and as I looked over to my sister and brother,( brother who treated us both for Mothers Day gifts), who were also enjoying the concert; my sis handed me a Kleenex as she had already begun to tear up too Another highlight of the evening was the Edge OF Seventeen, not only vocally but the guitar work was just off the charts. Great musicians and great music. Stevie,thank you and look me up when you are back in Scottsdale. I would love to just do girl talk and be friends. Let's go to Bucks and chat.

from Mike
I can't tell you how sorry I was to see it end. I live in Las Vegas, so I had the great pleasure of attending all 4 nights. I have been a Stevie fan since I was 12 years old (and I'm now 36), and just when I think Ms. Nicks can't top herself, somehow she does. The performances were unbelievable. First off, the set list was as follows:

Outside the Rain
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (this followed Enchanted on the first night)
Stand Back
Gold Dust Woman
If Anyone Falls
Fall From Grace
How Still My Love
Edge of Seventeen
I Need to Know
Beauty and the Beast

She put in all the required hits, but slipped in some oldies-but-goodies too. I was very happy with the song selection. She was absolutely beautiful (and for those who are concerned about it, very slim and trim too). Vocally, she was amazing, and I can't remember when her voice has sounded so powerful. Anyone who thought she might be have been losing range on the Say You Will tour should have seen this. The way she carried "snoooooooow" at the end of "Landslide" was unbelievable.....like I have never heard her do it before. On the first night, when "Beauty and the Beast" started, my main thought was that it was an appropriate song for a final encore and a nice change from "Has Anyone Ever Written" which I love but which has become a somewhat predictable ending. Well, once she sang "Beauty" you could have knocked me over with a feather. I've seen Stevie perform too many times to count, but the power in her voice for this was something I never expected. I know we all love Stevie, but if you didn't see these shows, and this song.....you need to upgrade your love and respect about 100%. As I watched these performances, I couldn't help but wonder if she deliberately holds back when she is with the Mac because nothing I have seen her do with them could hold a candle this incredible performance.

I suppose my favorite moment was getting to touch Stevie during "Edge of 17" on Friday night. As she reached for my hand I yelled "Hi Stevie" and she looked right at me and said "Hello." Just as with all the other times I have touched her, I was completely amazed by how silky soft her hands are. The other highlights are too numerous to mention.....the video effects on the giant backdrop were great (dueling unicorns during "Rhiannon," giant flying doves during "Edge," and the timeless clips of Stevie herself). "Stand Back" rocked as always. "If Anyone Falls" is truly a lost treasure, and I loved how they sang one chorus acapella at the end. It was great having Lori back, although she only performed on a few of the numbers. Stevie's mom was in the audience on Friday and Saturday. I saw her brother on Saturday, and I know Jessie was in the audience Saturday because Stevie said she wanted her to see what her mother gave up. I could go on and on but I have to stop myself somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised if Caesar's asked her back....the city really seemed to get excited about this gig, and it was very well received by everyone I was aware of. That other singer they have in the Colosseum (what's her name again.....LOL) ought to be jealous.

Tracy in Scottsdale
This has been the most incredible week of my life. I saw Stevie Nicks in LAS VEGAS!! I will try to describe the show but I'm not sure there are words that will do justice. I arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday for Wednesday's show. I immediately took pictures of the billboard outside of Caesars and in front of the Colosseum. If ever there was a city Stevie was meant to play in, it's Vegas. She's larger than life and so is the city. As I entered the Colosseum I bought a really cool T-shirt and was led to my seat. I was 5 rows back!! I could reach out and touch her!! When she took the stage it was as if the audience was transported into a world of magic and wonder of Stevie's own making. She looked beautiful!! Her hair was the color of an angels. Her voice was the best I've ever heard it, perfect on every song. The band was the best it has ever been!! She sang my favorite song How Still My Love!! When everyone went to the stage during Edge of Seventeen, I wanted to go, but was afraid. I decided to go for it and I am so glad I did. That was the most incredible experience of my life!! I was about two feet away from her!! Words cannot describe how beautiful Stevie is up close. When she smiled at all of us it was like the sun on a perfect summers day. I will NEVER forget that night.

This was the 4th time I've seen her and it was as good as the first!! Thank you Stevie for giving me the most incredible memory in my life of 42 years!!

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