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Omaha Civic Auditorium
November 19, 1999
Stevie performed a private corporate show at the Omaha Civic Auditorium in Omaha Nebraska on November 19th for First Data. Here is a review of the show from someone who attended.


from Debi
I attended the First Data private show where Stevie performed and was one of about 15 employees to meet her after the show. The show was outstanding as always and she looked beautiful. She played for 1 1/2 hours. She talked to the audience more than I have ever heard her do although my family and I were standing directly in front of her on the floor below the stage so I couldn' t hear what she was saying. (People were screaming Stevie too loud all around me!) The only thing I heard her say was at the end. She said "I know you don't have many people come and do shows for you, thank you for asking me."

I was surprised at how many dedicated fans were at this private show. First Data has done a show like this every year for the last three years and we have never seen so much enthusiasm about the performer. I can't say for sure but even Stevie looked a little surprised at the reaction of the crowd for this private event.

After the show, my husband Mark, my son Brian, my daughter Rhiannon and I all got to meet Stevie. We went back to her dressing room where all of her band and some others were with her. We were the first people to meet her and we didn't have the right kind of marker for autographs. (Can you believe we forgot it?!) We gave her a pen and she said we needed to find a pen that would work better. She sent someone off to get one. I said I'm sorry we forgot it and she said "oh no it's OUR job to make sure we have the right kind of pen". She signed the cover of a Rumors tour book I had kept since 1977 for my son Brian. Then I introduced her to my daughter Rhiannon who is 15. She asked Rhiannon if she liked her name and Rhiannon said yes. Stevie said "I love that name too" . Stevie asked Rhiannon if people at school say things to her like "you ring like a bell through the night". Rhiannon said yes and Stevie said "well I don't know if that's a good thing" with a smile. Rhiannon said she thought it was a very good thing. Stevie then signed the cover of Rock A Little "Rhiannon you ring like a bell though the night Love Stevie Nicks." Then for me she signed the cover of the Buckingham Nicks album and joked with me about being the mother of Rhiannon but she wouldn't put that on the autograph. Mark told her that I had met her mom a couple of years ago in Payson and we talked about that for a second. Mark asked if we could get a picture and she said "I don't usually do pictures but I will tonight". We posed for a picture but I wasn't ready and not looking when the photographer snapped the photo so she said "wait we weren't ready" and told him to take another one. Before he could take the second one she grabbed Brian's hand and is holding it in the photograph. She was SO nice and sweet to us. So many people have asked me what it was like to meet her. It was like talking to someone I've always known and loved.

I have loved Stevie's music since I was 16 years old (that's about 25 years!). You can imagine what a night this was for me. I have worked at First Data for 23 years so many people I know there know I love Stevie. I even have a picture of her hanging in my office! So many people asked me if I had anything to do with choosing her to do the annual corporate event. I say "I didn't really -- except that my prayers were answered!"

Note: I am not the official spokesperson for First Data.

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