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April 28, 1998
SOUND BITES: Album Review Package

By Gary Graff

DETROIT (Reuters) - A quick look at some of what's new in the record racks. Albums are rated according to the following scale:

5 stars....Buy it now
4 stars....Buy it at your leisure
3 stars....Borrow a friend's copy first
2 stars....Only for devotees
1 star.....Barely worth a first listen
No stars...Read a book instead

Stevie Nicks

``Enchanted: The Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks''


3.5 stars

With six solo albums outside of her work with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks might seem a dubious choice for a three-disc boxed set. But ``Enchanted'' makes a strong case for its existence as it showcases the bewitching quality of Nicks' songs that's made her the Big Mac with fans. The first two discs draw from the albums, but it's the third that truly wins us over with its combination of outtakes, soundtrack songs, duets and a haunting solo version of the Mac hit ``Rhiannon.'' Will she ever win? She already has.

Thanks to Christine Kilger for sending this interview to The Nicks Fix.
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