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Q104.3 Radio in New York - Interview
May 7, 2001

This is a transcription of the interview with Stevie on Q104.3 Radio in New York on May 7, 2001 with host Bob Buchmann.

First, Bob Buchmann played "All I Wanna Do" and "Refugee". He said that Sheryl Crow and Tom Petty were both influences on Stevie's new album. Then he introduced Stevie and they talked for about a minute about the story behind "That Made Me Stronger."

Next, Bob said that Stevie was going to make the announcement about when the "Cue to Call" for the Harley Days of May (a contest where you can win a motorcycle) would be.

Bob Buchmann: You ever been on a bike?

Stevie Nicks: Yes.

Bob: That's the answer I expected, with the laugh I expected afterwards.

Stevie: Didn't we go all the way to Anaheim on a Harley Davidson to see a Bob Dylan concert from the ... kind of ... Santa Monica Pacific Palisades? All my friends really did the Harley Davidson thing for a long time, and, uh, a couple of them got really hurt. And that was . . . everybody kind of drew back after that. Cause it was a couple of really serious close shaves.

Bob: It's the other drivers.

Stevie: It's the other drivers, right.

Bob: Rarely is it you.

Stevie: It's everybody else.

Bob: That's really true.

Stevie: I mean, what is more fun, really, than being on the back of a Harley Davidson, driving down the freeway towards a Bob Dylan concert? But I remember saying, "It's very far down . . . this is a long trip, this is taking a long time."

Bob: I want to get to a song from your new album. There are so many that we want to play. Do you want to start out with the first release? We got the entire collection of songs.

Stevie: Sure, sure. Whatever you want to do, I'm here for you.

Bob: Planets of the Universe

Stevie: Okay.

(Planets of the Universe plays.)

Bob: It's 7:15 in the morning, and Stevie Nicks, right there, and after that, Jimi Hendrix and Purple Haze. We . . . Stevie Nicks, our very special guest this morning . . . we were just talking in the studio about The Purple One, which the Hendrix kind of brought on and . . . you know, Prince still these days in the news.

Stevie: You wanna hear a story about Prince? One time we played New York and he came and picked me up . . . he wanted to take me out to his house. Of course none of my people wanted to just let me go. Nine-thirty in the morning. We get in Prince's purple car. He was in his purple clothes too. Swear to God. I had halfway gotten out of my stage clothes, but I still had the skirt on, and tennis shoes . . . I get in his car, and we're, I kid you not, in Minnesota. We went down the freeway at 150 miles an hour. And I am, like, "We're gonna get pulled over. This is gonna look so bad. We're gonna get pulled over, Prince. We're going 150 miles an hour." So I went out and spent the day at his purple house. We kind of played around with a song for a little while, in his recording studio a little bit, and then he took me back to be at the Fleetwood Mac plane at, like, three o'clock in the afternoon. I made it back on time to take off and go to the next gig. But I swore we were gonna be pulled over. And how are we gonna . . . looking like we look . . . how are we going to get out of this one? What are we gonna say? We were, you know, we were just casually cruising out to your house, you know . . . at 150 miles an hour. Prince, we're gonna go to jail, both of us. He didn't care. He kept going.

Bob: (laughing) It's 7:20. Stevie Nicks, you were really great on Rosie . . . Thursday, Friday? . . . and great with your buddy Dave as well . . .

(Bob plays a clip from Letterman -- not the show with Stevie, but a joke about Bill Clinton. Stevie is heard laughing before a co-host gives the traffic report.)

Bob: Q104, your classic rock station. The new Stevie Nicks album now in stores -- Trouble in Shangri-La. She's our special guest this morning. Sheryl Crow . . . who we actually began this hour with, a few minutes before seven o'clock . . . she's responsible for, what, five tracks on this new album?

Stevie: She's . . . you know . . . half the record, really. And for the songs she didn't produce, she was there. That's the great thing about Sheryl. The other producer who produced the other half of the record, John Shanks, the two of them, by the time we got to the end of the record, it's like they were both at both . . . Sheryl sang on Fall From Grace because even though it was John Shanks' production, she just was there. Because . . . it became, you know, everybody really cared about this record. Everybody pitched in, even on everybody else's work, you know.

Bob: There's a shot of all of you, together, on the . . .

Stevie: That's why I did that picture.

Bob: It's a beautiful picture.

Stevie: Thank you.

Bob: It creates the camaraderie and the family . . . the sense of family. Sheryl is right in the center, next to you. Is that your sister?

Stevie: That's my sister-in-law, Lori. That's one of my . . .

Bob: She's great.

Stevie: She's been singing back-up for me since 19 . . . gosh, 78.

Bob: Was it The Cutting Room downtown that you played with Sheryl at during her show . . . with Keith Richards . . . or was that . . . you were there, weren't you?

Stevie: You mean the thing last week? Because I'm going, "Are you talking about 1975?"

Bob: No, no . . .

Stevie: Oh, I did that last week!

Bob: Sheryl did a show . . . Keith Richards was there.

Stevie: Sheryl's . . . she's doing these shows because they're fun. She has a little place here, you know, so . . . she's here, she's kind of here right now. She has a beautiful home in Los Angeles, but she's, like, hanging out here and she's doing these shows. Sometimes we have to go out and just do some funky fun shows because we have to do that. We need to be back in 1975.

Bob: It's got to be intimate. The air's a little warmer.

Stevie: It's very different. It's very different, very close.

Bob: Did you get up on stage?

Stevie: I did.

Bob: And how did it feel . . . to be . . .

Stevie: In a club? It's fun, it's totally fun. It's . . . I mean, I've played in many many many clubs, so it's like . . . kind of like a dčja vu. You almost feel like you've been there before. And Kid Rock was there. And he's a trip. He's totally trippy.

Bob: Everybody likes him.

Stevie: I really didn't want to go up there. He's sitting behind me, saying, "You have to sing that song. I came all the way from Florida to hear you sing Too Far From Texas." I'm going, "But I don't really know the song! I don't know it!" It was, you know, in club atmospheres those are the kinds of things that happen.

Bob: Well, I had a friend who said that you were fantastic and very well received.

Stevie: Let's send your friend some roses.

Bob: Let's get your Q-traffic on the air.

(More traffic announcements. After the commercial break, Bob talks about Paul McCartney on the show for Scott Muny's (sp?) birthday.)

Bob: Paul and Scott go back so far. And . . . Stevie Nicks . . . Shawn, hit the record button . . . Tracy, you're closer to it . . . Stevie, do an ID for Scott, just take care of that for us.

Stevie: Hey, Scott Muny, happy birthday. This is Stevie Nicks. Happy, happy, happy birthday.

Bob: Wonderful.

Stevie: Happy birthday to Scott . . . (Stevie sings Happy Birthday).

Bob: Perfect. Stevie Nicks, our special guest. It's the Q Morning Show from Q104.3. And here's your other band . . . Fleetwood Mac, on Q.

(The Chain from The Dance plays.)

Stevie: I already have three singles. Not that I could have written three singles, anyway, but . . . I wanted you to maybe be able to put it on at the beginning, listen to it all the way through, and know that that's the ending, you know . . . a beginning, a middle, and an ending. A little bit of an experience or a creative world that you can come into with me for a while and then go back to your own life and say that maybe you got something out of it.

Bob: Is there a song . . . is there one that you want us to play?

Stevie: Since this is a rock station . . . Fall From Grace.

Bob: Good. Great one. Fall From Grace. Here we go.

Stevie: Thank you.

Bob: We'll see you at PNC and . . .

Stevie: Jones Beach.

(Fall From Grace plays.)

Bob: A rocker on the new Stevie Nicks album, Trouble in Shangri-La, in record stores this past Tuesday. Thanks, Stevie, for stopping by this morning . . . we heard some Dance music from Fleetwood Mac before that and it was nice to hear that Fleetwood Mac absolutely is getting back once her whole Trouble in Shangri-La project is over. Although . . . without Christine McVie . . . but still Fleetwood Mac. We'll take it and we'll look forward to that.

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