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December 1990, Volume 1, Number 2



"Everything that's happened in my life, the good and the bad, happened because it was supposed to," says Stevie Nicks. "I believe in destiny, and I guess things work out the way they do because they are just supposed to. I wouldn't change most of it if I could," she muses. "But there's a few things--."

As a 16-year-old high school senior in Arizona, amateur singer and songwriter, she took the first step in her fantastic career. But she didn't know it at the time. It started so simple. She met a rock singer, and sang a song with him. Then just two years later she joined his band and was performing every weekend. Years later she met another rock singer at a party, Lindsey Buckingham, and for the next seven years they were lovers and bandmates. On New Year's Eve 1974, Stevie and Lindsey joined their destinies to Fleetwood Mac. Stevie was accepted conditionally, but now, sixteen years later, Stevie is the most famous member of the band. She has had four successful albums of her own, and her concerts (sell-outs) draw fans dressed in Stevie chiffons and velvets, boots and shawls. On her walls we saw the culmination of many of her dreams: album covers, gold and platinum records, and striking posters of Stevie in her yards of chiffon and lace.

Stevie admits to love affairs with some pretty important rock musicians and others in show biz, as well as some unknowns who were still "pretty all right guys." "I was even married for a pathetic three months, but that was a hell of a mistake. The best friend of my life, friends since I was 14, died of leukemia. She left a husband and a newborn baby. Kim (Kim Anderson), her husband and I went out of our minds. It was like losing part of my own life. Then, three months later we were married, to take care of little Matthew. I guess destiny had plans for me to make some pretty big mistakes, and this was about the worst. Three months later we were divorced, and I've never seen either one of them since. That was seven years ago."

None of Stevie's love affairs could survive her total devotion to her career. However much they may have loved Stevie, they couldn't take playing second fiddle to the real love of her life, her music. "It's sad to me that I can't share my life and my love with someone special. And I really do want a baby. That's up to destiny too, I guess." "I'm different," she admits. "Anymore now, sex seems to be the big selling point with entertainers. I wanted a mystique, just to be me. So I dress for performances in lots of chiffon, velvet and lace. I guess I'm different because I really want to be." Her "difference" may account for some of her great success, but a very real talent and love of her audiences is the main draw.

Recently, Mick Fleetwood wrote a book, which is due out anytime. In it he details among other things, a lot about Stevie's romances, which almost threatened to break up the band. But, Stevie's been writing her own book for the past fifteen years. According to her, it will be much better than his. "I'm writing mine more like a novel, with all the really neat stuff and lace it with the parts that were difficult." Where ever her "destiny" takes Stevie, her beauty and talent will keep her in the limelight for a long time. She is surely destined for many exciting achievements yet, and we hope that one will be the baby she so desperately wants.

thanks to Sylvia Priwo for sending this article
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