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People Magazine

May 18, 1998

Reviewed by Jeremy Helligar

As one-fifth of Fleetwood Mac, the chiffon-wearing, tamborine-banging Nicks seemed to specialize in singing songs about dreams, gypsies, and gold dust women. This three disc set documents her more earthbound solo output (from '81 to '94). Though padded at times, with lesser known cuts off her five albums, Enchanted may be a revelation for those familiar with only Nicks's hits. "Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)" and "I Sing for the things" posess a delicate beauty, while "Wild Heart" and "Ooh My Love" throb with passion. And few '80's classics have aged as nicely as "Leather and Lace." Bottom Line: An often etheral collection of soft-rock oldies.

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