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Old Trivia Questions

Question #1:

Here are 4 of Stevie's songs with the word "Angel" in the title. Can you name 4 of her songs (not counting these) that have "Angel" or "Angels" somewhere in the lyrics? (there are at least 8).

  • Angel
  • Sleeping Angel
  • Street Angel
  • Desert Angel


Any 4 of the following:

  • Whole Lotta Trouble
  • Ooh My Love
  • Ghosts
  • Jane
  • The Second Time
  • Wild Heart
  • God's Garden
  • Blue Lamp

Question #2:

What was Stevie wearing when she went to interview for the job with Fleetwood Mac?


Stevie first met Fleetwood Mac for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Stevie arrived wearing a flapper's outfit from her waitressing job at Clementine's, a roaring 20's theme cafe.

Source: Either of Mick Fleetwood's books. There are also various other sources.

Question #3:

Stevie's Grandfather was a Country Singer & Musician. He had great influence on Stevie while she was young and took her to bars with him to dance and sing while he played the guitar. What was Stevie's Grandfather's name?

Answer: Aaron Jess Nicks

Question #4:

Who is the famous actress whose first and last names were both titles of Stevie songs?

Answer: Greta Garbo
"Greta" was on the Street Angel album and "Garbo" was on the b-side of Stand Back.

Question #5:

How did Stevie come up with the title to "Edge of Seventeen"?

Tom petty's wife, Jane, was commenting to Stevie that she and Tom met when he was the "age of seventeen." Her heavy southern accent however caused Stevie to hear "edge of seventeen" instead!

Stevie talks about this is at least a couple of different interviews. Here's a quote from Stevie from the Robert W. Morgan interview in 1981. Stevie is talking about her conversation with Jane Petty:

'She was telling me about Tom, about when she met him, and she has an incredible Southern accent...and she said that she met him at the age of seventeen, but I thought she said "edge", and she said "no...age" and I said "Jane, forget it, it's got to be "edge". The "Edge of Seventeen" is perfect. I'm going to write a song, ok? And I'm going to give you credit." She didn't believe me, you know? She couldn't believe it when it came out on the album.'

Question #6:

What was the name of the first professional band that Stevie was in?

Stevie's first professional band was called Fritz. In the late sixtys Fritz was the opening act for such bands as Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company and Moby Grape. Lindsey Buckingham was also in the band.

Question #7:

Where did Stevie get the title for the song Silver Springs?

Silver Spring is a town in Maryland. While on the road during Fleetwood Mac's first tour, Stevie passed the road sign that said "Silver Spring". Stevie liked the name and decided to use it.

Question #8:

What university did Stevie attend shortly before she joined the band Fritz and what was her major?

Stevie attended San Jose State and studied Speech Communication.

Question #9:

What are the names of Stevie's dad, mom and brother?

  • Mother: Barbara
  • Father: Jess
  • Brother: Christopher

Question #10:

Stevie recorded a music video which featured scenes with her riding a horse in a Civil War setting. This video was later re-recorded with a different theme before being officially released. Name the song from the video.

The video was Stand Back.

Question #11:

Who was the song "Stand Back" inspired by?

The song was inspired by the artist formerly known as Prince. You can read about it in the Timespace CD booklet.

Question #12:

Leather and Lace is a duet sang by Stevie and Don Henley. Stevie originally wrote the song for another couple to sing, but they were breaking up when the song was finished. Who was this couple?

Answer: Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter

Question #13:

Most of Stevie Nicks' tours have followed the release of a solo album. Name the only solo Stevie Nicks tour which preceded an album release.

Answer: The Timespace tour....also known as the Whole Lotta Trouble tour.
The tour ended August 18, 1991 in Irvine California and the album was released in September.

Question #14:

What German artist's work was the inspiration for "The Wild Heart" album cover?

Answer: Sulamith Wulfing. Born in 1901 in Elberfeld, Germany, Sulamith Wulfing spent most of her life in the Wuppertal area. She had no art training until well into adolescence, but from the age of four painted what she saw, and in her life produced an individual style best represented by the unique blend of innocence and threat in her delicately wrought paintings. Her work has been a major source of inspiration for most of Stevie Nicks' visual presentation, including her wardrobe, makeup, and videos. This painting looks hauntingly familiar to the Wild Heart cover.

Question #15:

At what concert was the song Stand Back first performed?

Answer: The second US Festival.

There were two US Festivals, and Stevie played the second US Festival May 30, 1983. It was at the beginning of her Wild Heart Tour. The whole festival ran May 28-30, 1983. She played just before the headliner, David Bowie.

Fleetwood Mac headlined the first US Festival, which was Sept. 3-5, 1982. They played Sept. 5, kicking off their Mirage Tour.

Both US Festivals were held in San Bernardino in a rural community called Devore.

Question #16:

Christopher Nicks, Stevie's brother, played an instrument on one of Stevie's songs. Name the song and the instrument he played.

Answer: Christopher Nicks played harmonica on the song Greta, from the Street Angel album.

Question #17:

Where was the last place that Stevie Nicks performed live with Fleetwood Mac? (Note: This question was from 1996)

Answer: In Landover, MD (also known as Largo, MD) at the Capital Centre for Bill Clinton's pre-inaugural gala in January, 1993.

Question #18:

On the Stevie Nicks Live at Red Rocks video, there were two "special guests" who performed with Stevie. One of the guests was Mick Fleetwood. Who was the other one?

Answer: Peter Frampton

Question #19:

In 1983, Stevie Nicks made an appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. What two songs did she perform, and who was the host of the show that night?

Answer: Stevie sang Stand Back and Nightbird. The host of the show was Flip Wilson.

Question #20:

How old was Stevie when she began taking guitar lessons and what kind of guitar was she taught on?

Stevie was 15 when she began lessons and she was taught on a Goya classical acoustic guitar. Here is a section of an interview with Stevie on this subject:

ROKRITR interview

Stevie On Songwriting & Songs

Q: Do you recall the first time you wrote a song?

SN: Yeah, I was taking flamenco guitar lessons from this guy when I was fifteen. He had this incredible Goya classical acoustic guitar. I loved this guitar. I loved this guy [laughs], and this guitar. I took lessons for like 2 mos.& then he decided to go to Spain & study but he couldn't afford to go. So behind my back he sold his guitar to my mom & dad, and they gave it to me for my sixteenth birthday. So on my sixteenth birthday, I sat down in my bedroom in Arcadia, California, & wrote the first song that I ever wrote. I was totally in tears sitting on my bed with lots of paper, my guitar and a pen, & I wrote this song about your basic sixteen-year-old love affair thing. When I played my own song that night, I knew from that second on that I was not going to do a lot of other people's songs. I had to write my own.

Question #21:

Mick Fleetwood heard a portion of a song in a recording studio that ultimately led to the hiring of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham as members of Fleetwood Mac. What was the name of that song?

Answer: "Frozen Love" from the Buckingham Nicks Album.

During a break in the "Heroes are Hard to Find" tour, Mick started to look for a studio to use to record the next album. While shopping for groceries, he ran into an acquaintance named Thomas Christian, who told Mick about a good studio called Sound City. Mick piled his two daughters and the groceries in the back of his old Cadillac and went to inspect the studio. The place was owned by an engineer named Keith Olsen. To demonstate the sound of the studio, he played "Frozen Love", which had been recorded there by Lindsey and Stevie. He was impressed with the guitar of Lindsey. He went back on the road, and when Bob Welch quit the band in December 1974, Mick called Sound City and told them he wanted the guitar player he'd heard. Mick was told that Lindsey and Stevie were a team and they didn't think Lindsey would join without Stevie. "Right," Mick said. "We'll take 'em both!"

Question #22:

Stevie's first solo album "Bella Donna" topped the charts in 1981. What two songs from her album made the "Top Ten Hits?

Leather and Lace
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

Question #23:

Name at least five movies that had a Stevie Nicks song on the soundtrack.

Answer: Any five of the following:

  • Heavy Metal - Blue Lamp
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Sleeping Angel
  • Against All Odds - Violet and Blue
  • Streets of Fire - Sorcerer
  • American Anthem - Battle of the Dragons
  • White Nights - Seperate Lives
  • Boys on the Side - Somebody Stand By Me
  • Twister - Twisted
  • Practical Magic - If You Ever Did Believe, Crystal

Question #24:

Name the songs that the following lyrics are from:

  1. Like a ghost through a fog...
  2. Love somebody, Save their soul
  3. Look in my eyes, touch my face
  4. There was a light that lighted the way to the chamber...
  5. Look at me with daggers, it won't do you any good...
  6. Was it a thorn in your side...something that you hide
  7. I know I could've loved you, but you would not let me..
  8. Waiting for the spring to turn into the fall
  9. And now it's gone...it doesn't matter anymore
  10. But the most important thing was, what was on her mind

  1. Angel
  2. Long Distance Winner
  3. Outside the Rain
  4. Ooh, My Love
  5. Freedom
  6. Sable on Blonde
  7. Silver Springs
  8. Enchanted or Destiny (two possible answers)
  9. Sara
  10. Rock a Little

Question #25:

Stevie met Lindsey for the first time at a party where they sang their very first song together. What is the name of the song?

Answer: California Dreaming
Stevie met Lindsey at a weeknight musical gathering for kids. Stevie walked in with her guitar and Lindsey was sitting at the piano playing California Dreaming. Stevie walked over and joined in, and sang a couple more songs with him. After that they went their separate ways and didn't see each other again for two years.

Question #26:

Name the songs that the following lyrics are from:

  1. How the faces of love have changed
  2. Is there anything left to say
  3. You fell in love when I was only ten
  4. Fingers find the ivory keys, and a song begins to begin
  5. I see myself remaining when all of you are gone
  6. Well it had to do with a dream come true
  7. And she'll go fast like a jet plane
  8. And you should know how much we love you
  9. I understand your position, I withdraw my decision
  10. I know that you'll go on forever...You're that good


  1. Crystal
  2. Storms
  3. Beautiful Child
  4. Straight Back
  5. Battle of the Dragon
  6. The Second Time
  7. Sister Honey
  8. Desert Angel
  9. Fire Burning
  10. Think About it

Question #27:

The song Whole Lotta Trouble was first recorded by Stevie in Michael Campbell's hotel room on a 4-track tape recorder with Stevie playing guitar. In what city did this take place?

Answer: Sydney, Australia

You can read about this in the booklet that came with the Timespace CD.

Question #28:

Name a movie in which the song Rhiannon was played in the background.

Answer: Slap Shot

Question #29:

What is the name of Stevie's poodle that she had during the tusk era, and how did it get the scar on its belly?

Answer: The poodle's name was Ginny and the scar was from a hysterectomy. You can read about Ginny in the Fleetwood Mac article in the February 7, 1980 edition of Rolling Stone (issue 310).

Question #30:

Name the songs that the following lyrics are from:

  1. In a place the Indians call...Paradise Valley
  2. Just like the moon that she loved
  3. She wonders how many more hours her heart will feel broken
  4. Special knowledge holds true
  5. Wild in the darkest places of your mind
  6. Some carry a stiletto in their garter, along with everything else
  7. You live for the danger... Like your passion and your anger
  8. For in these rooms she would live and die
  9. The people, they love her, and still they are the most cruel
  10. When you hang up that phone...well you cease to exist

    1. Desert Angel
    2. Bella Donna
    3. I Can't Wait
    4. Crystal
    5. Wild Heart
    6. Alice
    7. Twisted
    8. Affairs of the Heart
    9. Sister of the Moon
    10. Welcome to the Room....Sara

Question #31:

Stevie performed in concert July 4, 1996 in Tampa, as we all know. Twenty years ago she also performed in Tampa on July 4 with Fleetwood Mac. What was the name of the other band playing that day in 1976?

Answer: The Eagles

Question #32:

Name five artists with whom Stevie has recorded a duet. This is not to include songs recorded with Fleetwood Mac or songs where she sings background vocals only.

Acceptable Answers: Kenny Loggins, Don Henley, Tom Petty, Bruce Hornsby, Lindsey Buckingham, Robbie Patton, Sandy Stewart

Question #33:

What is the shape of Stevie Nicks' swimming pool?

Answer: It is shaped like a guitar.

Note: This was a rented house and is no longer Stevie's.

Question #34:

Who playes the harmonica on the new version of Free Fallin' that was recently re-recorded by Stevie?

Answer: Stevie Nicks

She plays harmonica and rhythm guitar on it.

Question #35:

Stevie Nicks once recorded a popular Christmas song. Can you answer the following four questions about it?

  1. What was the name of the song?
  2. What album/CD was it on?
  3. What year was it released?
  4. What refrain does she omit from the entire song?
  1. The song was Silent Night
  2. It was on the first edition of "A Very Special Christmas"
  3. Released in 1987
  4. "Christ the Savior is born" and "Jesus the Lord at thy birth" are omitted

Question #36:

What song originally written for Stevie Nicks was, instead, recorded by Heart and became a number one single?

Hint: It was written by Bernie Taupin.

Answer: These Dreams
You can read about it in the booklet of the Heart unplugged CD called The Road Home.

Question #37:

Stevie Nicks has never won a Grammy, but she has been nominated. How many Grammys has Stevie been nominated for? (Note: This question was from 1996)

Answer: Seven

  • 1981-Best Rock Vocal Performance Female - Edge Of Seventeen
  • 1981-Best Rock Performance Duo or Group - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
  • 1983-Best Rock Vocal Performance Female - Stand Back
  • 1984-Best Original Score for Motion Picture or TV (awarded to songwriter) Against All Odds
  • 1986-Best Rock Vocal Performance Female - Talk To Me
  • 1988-Best Performance Music Video - Stevie Nicks - Live At Red Rocks
  • 1989-Best Rock Vocal Performance Female - Whole Lotta Trouble

Question #38:

In the song Desert Angel, Stevie mentions something "in the shape of a great huge beast". What specifically is she referring to?

Answer: Camelback Mountain

This mountain in Paradise Valley, Arizona overlooks Stevie's home. It is shaped like the back of a camel (huge beast) with two humps.

Question #39:

What song by Warren Zevon features Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham on backing vocals?

Answer: Mohammed's Radio

Question #40:

What were Stevie's three "new" songs on the "TimeSpace" CD?

"Sometimes it's a Bitch"
"Love's a Hard Game to Play"
"Desert Angel"

Question #41:

Name two songs by a famous male artist that Stevie covers (either in performance or album).

Answer (any two):

  • "I Need to Know" - Tom Petty
  • "Free Fallin" - Tom Petty
  • "Just Like a Woman" - Bob Dylan
  • "I Still Miss Someone (Blue Eyes)" - Johnny Cash
  • "Sometimes It's a Bitch" - Jon Bon Jovi
  • "Love's A Hard Game to Play" - Bret Michaels

Question #42:

Which song that Stevie recorded was written by female pop artist, Sheryl Crow?

"Somebody Stand By Me" was written by Sheryl Crow and recorded by Stevie Nicks. It can be found on the "Boys on the Side" soundtrack.

Question #43:

What popular television show featured Stevie Nicks' version of "Free Fallin?"
**Bonus points if you can name the 2 characters who were on the TV while the song was playing.

The television show that featured Stevie Nicks' version of "Free Fallin" was "Party of Five."
The two characters on the TV while the song was playing were Julia and Sam.

Question #44

Stevie sang back up vocals on a tribute song recorded by a singer from "The Beatles." Name the singer and the song.

Stevie sang back up vocals on "Lay Down Your Arms" recorded by Ringo Starr. The song can be found on the album "For the Love of Harry - Everybody sings Nilsson."

Question #45

For the past two years Stevie has read a part in the play "A Christmas Carol." Which character has she played?

Stevie played the part of the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Question #46

What was the name of the first band that Stevie joined?

The first band Stevie joined was called "The Changing Times." She joined the band in 1965.

Question #47

Which one of Stevie's songs did a woman claim to have written, and therefore sued Stevie for the rights to the song?

A woman claimed she had written the song "Sara," and therefore sued Stevie for the rights to the song.

Question #48

What is the name of the movie that features Hole's cover of "Gold Dust Woman."

The name of the movie that features Hole's cover of "Gold Dust Woman" is The Crow II: City of Angels.

Question #49

On the cover of the album "Bella Donna," Stevie is holding a bird. Whose bird was that and what was the bird's name?

The bird belongs to Stevie's brother, Christopher Nicks, and the bird's name is Maxwelton or Max.

[As a little girl] I dreamed only about giving a little fairy tale to people. That's what the outfit is on my album cover [Bella Donna], that's what that bird is. That bird belongs to my brother, that's the only reason I could work with a wild animal. That's Max on the front.
~from High Times, 1982

Question #50

Stevie performed at a benefit in Phoenix in 1997 that was "hosted" by Don Henley. Another male singer performed at the benefit with whom Stevie had previously recorded a duet. Name the singer and the duet. (Note: they did not sing this duet at the benefit.)

The name of the singer who performed at the benefit was Bruce Hornsby. Stevie and he recorded the duet "Two Kinds of Love" which can be found on The Other Side of the Mirror album.

Question #51

What name (first name and last name) did Stevie use when she checked into the Betty Ford Center?

Stevie used the name Sara Anderson.

Question #52

Which two songs from the Enchanted box set can only be found on the box set and on cassette b-sides? On which cassette singles are the songs b-sides?

The two songs are "Garbo" which can be found on the b-side of single "Stand Back" and "One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star" which can be found on the b-side of single "Talk To Me."

Question #53

What was the name of the silent film star who Stevie's pink Hollywood House was originally built for?
Note: Stevie does not live there anymore.

Vilma Banke

from the Enchanted boxed set:

"...She was living in a pink Hollywood house on a street called El Contento. It was originally built for silent film star Vilma Banke."

- Danny Goldberg
Question #54

Which title to one of Stevie's solo albums is not the title to one of her songs, and in what song is the title of the album found?


The solo album which is not a song is The Other Side of the Mirror, and that album title is found in the song Alice.

"Alright," said Alice..."I'm going back...
To the other side of the mirror...I'm going back..."

Question #55

Who makes Stevie's clothing?


Margi Kent makes Stevie's clothing.

from the Yahoo Chat:
Stevie Nicks Fan : Who makes your clothing?

Stevie Nicks says, "Margi Kent... She's been making my clothing since 1977.
She works out of L.A."

Question #56

Name three of Stevie's solo songs that hit the Pop Music charts Top Five.


Stand Back (#5 on Pop charts)
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (#3 on Pop charts)
Talk to Me (#4 on Pop charts)

The ratings can be confirmed in the Enchanted boxed set booklet.

Question #57

Name five back-up singers that have toured with Stevie in her solo career.


  • Sharon Celani
  • Lori Perry-Nicks
  • Mindy Stein
  • Sara Fleetwood
  • Liza Jane Edwards
  • Eliscia Wright
  • Marilyn Martin
  • Sandy Stewart
  • Carolyn Brooks
  • Lynn Mabry
  • Maria Vidal

Question #58:

Stevie occasionally shares a line or two of her lyrics between two different songs. Can you name at least three instances where this happens (three pairs of songs [six songs])?

The lyrics may be from either her solo songs or her Fleetwood Mac songs.


1) Thousand Days and Whole Lotta Trouble

"You're not my friend, you're not my love
And this is something that we really don't discuss"

2) Enchanted and Destiny

"Crying in the morning...trying to be strong
Waiting for the spring to turn into the fall
Love don't mean what it says at all
And destiny says that I'm destined to fall..."

3) Blue Lamp and Welcome to the Room, Sara

"Downstairs the big old house is mine
Upstairs where the stars still laugh and they shine"

4) The Nightmare and Storms

"I'd like to leave you with something warm.."

5) Edge of Seventeen and Nightbird

"..like the white winged dove.."

6) Sweet Girl and Angel

"Track a ghost through the fog"

7) If You Ever Did Believe and Forest of the Black Roses

"And the days go by,
Doing nothing about them,
How much time will I have to stand?"

8) The Chain and Gold Dust Woman (from The Dance)

"Runnin' in the shadows..."

Question #59:

How many times has Stevie appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine?


Stevie has appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine five times - three times with Fleetwood Mac; one time solo; one time with Mick Fleetwood.

Click here to see the covers.

Question #60:

Stevie appeared in a 1998 calendar to benefit abandoned animals.
What was the calendar called?


The calendar was called "Calendar of Angels."

Question #61:

Stevie performed two songs on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1991.
Name one of the songs.


Stevie performed "Love's a Hard Game to Play" and "Stand Back" on the show.

Question #62:

At which two concert benefits did Stevie sing the classic Etta James' song "At Last?"


Stevie sang the song "At Last" at the Stormy Weather benefit on April 16, 1998 and the Andre Agassi benefit on September 26, 1998.

Stormy Weather was a benefit for the Walden Woods project and the Thoreau Institue at Walden Pond. The Andre Agassi event was a benefit to help underprivileged children.

Question #63:

What is the name of the unreleased Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty duet which can now be found on the Tom Petty boxed set?


The name of the unreleased duet is "The Apartment Song."

Question #64:

List Stevie's solo albums and each album's highest RIAA Certification (i.e. Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum)


  1. Bella Donna - Multi-Platinum (Quadruple)
  2. The Wild Heart - Multi-Platinum (Double)
  3. Rock A Little - Platinum
  4. The Other Side of the Mirror - Platinum
  5. Timespace - Platinum
  6. Street Angel - Gold
  7. Enchanted - not RIAA certified as of yet

Question #65:

Who were the two special guests at the Phoenix, AZ Enchanted concert?

The two special guests were Mick Fleetwood and Don Henley.

Question #66:

What is the name of the Stevie song that features Kenny G on sax?

Kenny G played soprano saxophone on "Two Kinds of Love" and played tenor saxophone on "Alice." Both songs are from Stevie's album "The Other Side of the Mirror."

Question #67:

What was the name of the book from which Stevie got the name "Rhiannon" to use for her song?


The name of the book was "Triad," a novel by Mary Leader.

Stevie states in "Songs in the Rough" by Stephen Bishop, 1996

I got the name [Rhiannon] from a novel, I think I bought in an airport just before a long flight; it was called Triad, and it was about a girl named Rhiannon and her sister and mother, or something like that. I just thought the name was so pretty that I wanted to write something about a girl named Rhiannon.

Question #68:

What was the name of the 1996 catalog that featured Rock and Roll personalities, including Stevie Nicks?

Stevie appeared in the Kenneth Cole fall preview '96 catalog. The catalog featured Rock and Roll personalities including Janis Joplin, Yoko Ono, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Chuck Berry. There is a nice black and white photo of Stevie from 1981 with a quote below that says "Everyone needs a little gypsy in their sole". Kenneth Cole sells shoes and accessories.

Question #69:

To whom is the album Buckingham Nicks dedicated?

Buckingham Nicks is dedicated to Stevie's Grandfather, A.J. Nicks, "The Grandfather of Country Music."

Question #70:

In the Enchanted tourbook, what is the error on the February page?

The month February is misspelled. It is spelled as "Febuary" in the tourbook.

Question #71:

Stevie performed a concert at Wembley Arena in London on Nov 27th & 28th, 1989. Who was the special guest playing at the concert?

The special guest was Richard Marx. There is a poster advertising the event on the June page of the Enchanted tourbook.

Question #72:

At which city and venue did Stevie perform approximately a week before the "official" beginning of the Street Angel tour?

Stevie played at the Roxbury in Los Angeles, CA on July 14, 1994 before "officially" beginning the Street Angel tour.

Question #73:

What three songs on the Buckingham Nicks album can be found on other Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac albums?


  1. "Crystal" can be found on Buckingham Nicks, Fleetwood Mac "White" Album, The Chain, and the Practical Magic soundtrack.
  2. "Don't Let Me Down Again" can be found on Buckingham Nicks and Fleetwood Mac Live.
  3. "Long Distance Winner" can be found on Buckingham Nicks and Enchanted boxed set.

Question #74:

What song did Stevie Nicks write on her wedding day?

Stevie wrote the song "Stand Back" on her wedding day. You can read about it on the liner notes of Timespace.

Question #75:

What are the full names of Stevie's two dogs?

Stevie's dogs are named Sara Belladonna and Sulamith India Grace. You can see pictures of them on Ginny's page.

Question #76:

On which song from The Wild Heart album did Mick Fleetwood play drums?

Mick Fleetwood played drums on the song "Sable on Blond" from The Wild Heart album.

Question #77:

How many weeks was Stevie's album Bella Donna #1 on the Billboard Charts?

The album Bella Donna was #1 on the Billboard Charts for one week.

Question #78:

In the 1990's Stevie was interviewed by what two famous female rock artists? The interviews were featured in magazines.

The two female rock artists who interviewed Stevie were Sarah McLachlan (interview can be found in Interview - March 1995) and Courtney Love (interview can be found in Spin Magazine - October, 1997).

Question #79:

Name the duet that Stevie recorded with one of her guitarists who played on the Street Angel tour. The song appears on the guitarist's solo album.

Stevie recorded the duet "Desiree" with Rick Vito (who played guitar on the Street Angel tour). The duet can be found on Rick's King of Hearts album released in 1992.

Question #80:

What Fleetwood Mac album contains a live version of "Stand Back"?

Fleetwood Mac's boxed set The Chain contains a live version of "Stand Back."

Question #81:

What 1994 movie has "Listen to the Rain" playing in the background in one scene?

The movie Renaissance Man has "Listen to the Rain" playing as background music when Danny DeVito is sitting at the bar.

Unfortunately, the song does not appear on the soundtrack.

Question #82:

After which tour was Ginny Kamano hired to start answering Stevie's fan mail?

Ginny Kamano was hired to answer fan mail after the "Bella Donna" tour a.ka. "White Winged Dove" tour.

Question #83:

What song was Billboard's #25 Hot Adult Contemporary Single/Track of 1998?

Fleetwood Mac's The Dance version of "Landslide" was Billboard's #25 Hot Adult Contemporary Single/Track of 1998.

Question #84:

What three songs made up the medley that Fleetwood Mac played at the 1998 Grammy Awards Show?

The medley was made up of "Rhiannon", "Go Your Own Way" and "Don't Stop."

Question #85:

What Warren Zevon song did Stevie sing on stage with Sharon Celani in Hawaii when they first met?

Stevie Nicks joined Sharon onstage to sing the song "Poor Poor Pitiful Me".

Question #86:

What two songs did Stevie Nicks write in Aspen, Colorado in 1974?

Stevie Nicks wrote "Rhiannon" and "Landslide" in Aspen, Colorado in 1974.

Question #87:

Stevie's song, "Jane", is a tribute to whom?

The song "Jane" is a tribute to Dr. Jane Goodall, the anthropologist who studies chimpanzees.

Question #88:

What is the first and last name of the fan who interviewed Stevie on MTV Fanatic?

The name of the fan who interviewed Stevie on MTV Fanatic is Elena Bernal.

Question #89:

What song did Stevie and Don Henley duet at the 1998 "One Night of Wonders" benefit?

Stevie sang "It Takes Two" as a duet with Don Henley. This benefit was the City of Hope "One Night of Wonders" benefit on November 4, 1998.

Question #90:

What solo Stevie song entered the Billboard country chart on June 19, 1982 and remained on the chart for five weeks, peaking at #70?

The song was "After The Glitter Fades"

Question #91:

Stevie's letter to the Gulf War Troops appeared in a publication in 1991. What was the name of the publication?

Stevie's letter appeared in a military publication called "The Stars and Stripes."

Question #92:

What was Stevie's opening song of her concert set at the US Festival in 1983?

Stevie opened with the song "Gold Dust Woman" at the US Festival.

Question #93:

Stevie received a guitar for her 16th birthday and that day she wrote her first song. What was the name of the song?

The song was called "I've Loved and I've Lost".

~from Behind the Music~
Narrator: When she turned 16 her parents bought Stevie her own guitar. That very day she wrote her first song, "I've Loved and I've Lost". It would mark the beginning of a career for a songwriter who would become famous, expressing her joy and her pain through her music.

Stevie: From that minute it was very clear to me that this was what I was gonna do.

Question #94:

Which three songs were included in the "acoustic/electric" set of Stevie's Enchanted concert tour?

The three songs were "After the Glitter Fades", "Garbo" and "Rose Garden".

Question #95:

What band did Stevie perform a song with on New Years Eve in 1995?

New Years Eve 1995 Stevie performed "Feelin' Alright" with the Freddy Jones Band at Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix, AZ.

Question #96:

Which two songs written by Stevie were winners at the 1999 BMI Pop Awards?

Stevie was a double winner at the 1999 BMI Pop Awards for "Landslide" and "Silver Springs".

Question #97:

Name the two songs on the Japanese import of the Street Angel CD that are not on the U.S. release.

The two songs included on the Japanese import are "Inspiration" and "God's Garden."

Question #98:

In whose studio did Stevie write the song "Dreams?"

Stevie wrote "Dreams" in Sly Stone's Studio.
You can read the story from the Storytellers transcript.

Question #99:

Name Stevie's backup singers who are in the "If Anyone Falls" video.

Backup singers Sharon Celani, Lori Perry-Nicks and Carolyn Brooks appear in the video. Sandy Stewart also appears at the beginning of the video.

Question #100:

What Stevie song did Weird Al Yankovic cover and what did he name his remake of the song?

Weird Al Yankovic covered "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" and called his remake "Stop Draggin My Car Around."

Question #101:

The b-side of the U.S. single "Edge of Seventeen" is a live version of "Edge of Seventeen" that was recorded during a concert. In what city and what date was this recorded?

This live version of "Edge of Seventeen" was recorded on tour December 13, 1981 at the Wilshire Fox Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

Question #102:

During the Wild Heart tour, who joined Stevie as a special guest at the Radio City Music Hall (in New York) performance?

The special guest was Tom Petty.

Question #103:

In the 1st quarter of 1997 which Stevie song was added to United Airlines in-flight audio programming?

United Airlines added "Edge of Seventeen" to their in-flight audio programming. It was mentioned in the March 1997 issue of the United Airlines Hemispheres magazine
(page 167).

Question #104:

What award was Stevie nominated for at the 1999 VH1 Fashion Awards?

Stevie was nominated for the award "Most Fashionable Artist." Other answer accepted: Best Dressed Artist

Question #105:

Before recording with Fleetwood Mac in 1975, Buckingham Nicks performed a farewell show. In what city and state was the concert?

Buckingham Nicks performed a farewell show in Birmingham, Alabama.

Question #106:

Which 1998 Enchanted concert was broadcast live over the internet?

Stevie's performance on August 14, 1998 "A Day at the Garden," Woodstock '98, in New York was broadcast live over the internet.

Question #107:

In the song "Edge of Seventeen," Stevie sings about the white-winged dove. What state does the white-winged dove come from? (Stevie has mentioned this)

Stevie mentions in her Storytellers episode that the white-winged dove comes from Arizona and nests in the Saguro cactus.

Question #108:

Which Fleetwood Mac single (one of Stevie's songs) was certified Gold?

The single "Dreams" was certified as Gold.

Question #109:

The song "Reconsider Me" was originally an outtake from which Stevie album? c Reconsider Me was originally an outtake from Rock A Little.
See the Promo CD.

Question #110:

What additional song is included on the Japanese import of The Other Side of the Mirror?

The additional song on the import if "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You".

Question #111:

What was Stevie's first single released from her first solo album?

Stevie's first single released from her first solo album was "Stop Draggin My Heart Around".

Question #112:

In the early 1980's which of Stevie's videos battled The Police's video "Every Breath You Take" on MTV's Video Fights?

Stevie's video "Stand Back" battled The Police's video "Every Breath You Take".

Question #113:

What 1999 Judy Blume book contains several mentions of Stevie?

In Judy Blume's book, Summer Sisters, Stevie's name is mentioned 3 times:

When the slimeball and his girlfriend came home in a huff that afternoon and found Caitlin and Vix still cleaning up, listening to Stevie Nicks on the tape deck, he exploded.
(part 2, chapter 17, page 152)

It would happen later, after dark, with stars overhead and Stevie Nicks singing.
(part 2, chapter 19, page 167)

Finally, she nods and says, "Love's a hard game to play, my darlings. Play it well." "Stevie Nicks," Vix says. "Who?" the countess asks. "It's the title of a song I used to like." "Stevie knew what he was talking about." Vix didn't tell the countess that Stevie is a she.
(part 5, chapter 45, page 381)

Question #114:

What was the "theme/slogan" of Stevie's Millennium concerts?

The "theme/slogan" of Stevie's Millennium concerts was "Pondering the Millennium."

Question #115:

Which song that was written by Stevie was on BMI's list of the 100 most recorded songs of the century?

Dreams, written by Stevie Nicks, was on BMI's list of the 100 most recorded songs of the century. It was #80.

Question #116:

Which song recorded by Stevie was written by a member of the rock group Poison?

Love's a Hard Game to Play was written by Bret Michaels from the group Poison.

Question #117:

A famous dress that Stevie wore was displayed in an exhibit called "Rock Style" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. What album cover was the dress from?

The dress was from the cover of the Rumours album.

Question #118:

What year did Stevie write the song "Rose Garden?"

Stevie wrote the song "Rose Garden" in 1965.
See Street Angel CD insert

Question #119:

What magazine named Stevie as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People for the year?

Stevie appeared in the May 11, 1998 issue of People Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People.
View the photo and article.

Question #120:

What song did Stevie perform an 8-minute version of at the Bob Welch and Friends concert?

The song was Gold Dust Woman.

Question #121:

What was the name of the movie that played the song "Landslide" in its preview? (Note: the song did not appear on the soundtrack)

The movie "One True Thing" played "Landslide" in its preview.

Question #122:

What is the name of the song that Stevie sang with a popular MTV VJ?

Stevie sang the song "My Little Saviour" with popular MTV VJ Jesse Camp.

Question #123:

In Billboard's Year End Issue for 1998, a critic rated the Top 10 albums of 1998. Stevie's "Enchanted" tied with another album for #5. Which singer and album was it?

Stevie's "Enchanted" tied with "Spyboy" Emmylou Harris. See the magazine clipping here.

Question #124:

What song (sung by Stevie) plays in the background of the movie "Sweet Hearts Dance?"

Stevie's version of "Silent Night" plays in the background of the movie "Sweet Hearts Dance."

Question #125:

A license plate appears in one of Stevie's tourbooks. What does the license plate say?

The license plate reads NICKSROX. It is a New York plate and appears in the Enchanted tourbook.

Question #126:

To whom is the album Street Angel dedicated?

The album is dedicated to Stevie's niece, Jessica James Nicks. (See the cd cover insert of Street Angel)

Question #127:

On VH1's Pop Up Video - Metal Mania II, Lita Ford's video, Kiss Me Deadly, has a bubble that states "Some of video shots were made to imitate what other video?" What Stevie video is it?

Stand Back

Question #128:

In the "Timespace" linear notes, Stevie dedicates the song "Beauty and the Beast" to "Vincent and Catherine." Who are these people?

The two characters from the 80's television series Beauty & The Beast (Ron Pearlman, and Linda Hamlton)

Question #129:

Name the movie soundtrack that "Sorcerer" is on and the singer who did the lead vocal on it.

Soundtrack: Streets of Fire
Singer: Marilyn Martin

Question #130:

Who is Stevie referring to in the following quote?

"But they could have broken your fingers-your beautiful fingers that write all those beautiful songs. Are you crazy? We need you to write songs. We don't need you to be in jail."


Jackson Browne, after learning he had gone to the Diablo Canyon nuclear protest.

Source: Playboy Magazine interview – July 1982

Question #131:

Who is Stevie talking to in the following quote?

"If I were in fact, that strange fairy godmother that eveyone thinks I am, I should wish you all home this very minute."


The troops of Operation Desert Storm.

Question #132:

"I think this is probably the nicest and most really true to my heart interview that I have ever really done and I really appreciate it." - Who did Stevie say this to at the end of their interview ?


Molly Meldrum - Australian TV Host. The interview took place in 1986 while Stevie was tagging along w/ Tom Petty and Bob Dylan on their Australian tour.

Question #133:

On VH1's Storytellers with Stevie, when Stevie is answering the question about the blue lamp, where does she say she was flying from/to with the lamp?

From Phoenix to LA.

Question #134:

Whose "house" does Stevie thank in the liner notes of the Bella Donna album:

Bill Cosby

Question #135:

Who sings the additional background vocals on "If Anyone Falls" and "Beauty and the Beast," besides Stevie, Sharon and Lori?

Carolyn Brooks

Question #136:

What are the longest and shortest tours that Stevie has done (solo or with Fleetwood Mac)?

Longest - Tusk (October 1979 - September 1980)
Shortest - Bella Donna (November 27, 1981 - December 13, 1981)

Question #137

Who recently said the following about Stevie? (Hint, it wasn't Sheryl Crow):

"Stevie could have been an excellent actress. She certainly has the emotion and the flair and a style and the looks and the brains. In person, she's quite a commanding personality. You know she's in the room. I'd love to see her act."

Ken Caillat, recording engineer/producter of Rumours, Tusk, and many other artists.

Question #138

Throughout the TISL tour, during the band introductions, Stevie has introduced Sharon and Mindy many times by referring to them as....? (fill in the blanks).

"The beautiful blond lady, Miss Mindy Stein, and the beautiful dark lady, Miss Sharona Celani."

Question #139

Question: How many times has Stevie been on The Late Show with David Letterman and what song did she sing on each appearance?

Stevie has been on Letterman 5 times:
8/2/94 Blue Denim
1/12/98 Landslide (w/ Lindsey)
1/13/98 Big Love (w/ Lindsey)
6/16/98 Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You
5/3/01 Every Day

Question #140

Where was Stevie during Christmas when she recalled saying the following to herself?

"There's no Santa, there's no presents, there's no Dad, there's nothing here."

London, during the recording for The Other Side of the Mirror. Stevie vowed never to be away from home again during Christmas.

Question #141

Name the only Stevie Nicks song on the standard set list that was done by Bekka Bramlett during the Fleetwood Mac Time Tour in 1994 and 1995.

Gold Dust Woman

Question #142

In the early 80's, a friend of Stevie's gave her a diamond "3" pendant. What did the "3" signify?
The pendant was for three million copies of the Bella Donna album being sold.

Question #143

Fill in the blank of the following Stevie quote:

"When I played them for _____________, it was just amazing that I met somebody that could take the ball and run with it and finish the record for me. When you take somebody on to do more than one or two songs you really are bringing them into your life, they are becoming a real serious part of your music."
Hint: The answer is NOT Sheryl Crow, Lindsey Buckingham or Jimmy Iovine.

Answer: John Shanks

Question #144

How long did the Wild Heart album remain in the US top 10 (Billboard Charts)?

Answer: 11 weeks

Question #145

After Silver Springs got bumped off the Rumours album, which song, also written by Stevie, took its place?

answer: "I Don't Wanna Know"

Question #146

Who said the following about Stevie?

"She captures the mystery and sexuality and innocence of rock & roll. You feel that she's always hanging on by a thread, but is much stronger than she lets on. Bella Donna's a classic."

Answer: Sandra Bernhard
Source: August 2002 issue of Maxim Blender

Question #147

At which monumental occasion did Stevie say the following?

"Thank you for believing in crystal visions -- dreams really do come true."

Answer: Fleetwood Mac receiving a star on Hollywood Blvd/Fleetwood Mac Day in Hollywood, CA.

Question #148

Fill in the blank of the following Stevie quote regarding dressing up for Halloween:

"I didn't want to be a ______________ or a box of Kleenex...I wanted to be a witch."

Answer: hot dog
Source: MTV interview while promoting Behind the Mask

Question #149

What did Stevie give figure skater Tai Babilonia for good luck?

Answer: A 24-karat gold moon charm
Source: The forward Stevie wrote for Tai and Randy's new book

Question #150

Which Stevie song contains the lyric "some Christmas angel?" Answer:
Blue Lamp

Question #151

What TV show is Stevie talking about in the following quote?

"When everything’s closing in on me, I can go to my living room at home, put on my surround sound, and the whole room sounds like we're flying."

Answer: Star Trek

Question #152

Fill in the blank of the following Stevie quote:

"When my little friend, ______________ won all those Grammys - I'm going, my God, her life is gonna change."

answer: Norah Jones

Question #153

Q. Fill in the blank of the following Stevie quote:

"I don't remember exactly how it happened, but we drove up to Hana, where ________________ lived, and we hung out with him for about three days. We stayed in his guest cottage and we sat around and wrote. I don't think anything really came out of the writing session, but we had a great time."

answer: George Harrison

Source: Performing Songwriter magazine

Question #154 Q: What did Sheryl Crow once say that Stevie needed more of?

Answer: Water

Source: Interview magazine

Question #155 Fill in the blanks of the following Stevie quote:

"I don't know anything about _____ _____, so I can't write about it."

Answer: The Day

Question #155 Who is Stevie talking about in the following quote?

"I learned so much from listening to her. In fact, I probably wouldn't be doing this if it hadn't been for her. It was her music that showed me I could say everything I wanted to and push it into one sentence and sing it well."

Answer: Joni Mitchell

Question #156 In a 1994 interview, what song did Stevie say she puts on every tape she makes to go out on the road?

Answer: "Green Shirt," by Elvis Costello


Question #157 In a 1994 interview, what song did Stevie say she puts on every tape she makes to go out on the road?

Answer: "Green Shirt," by Elvis Costello

Question #158 What was the name of the band Stevie was in while she was in high school?

Answer: Changing Times

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