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No Questions Asked
- written by Stevie Nicks
- appears on Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits (1988)
- appears on The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac (2002)
- b-side to Hold Me (only released in U.K. February 1989)


When I see him --
I feel him.
There's an intenseness
In him --
In his eyes.

He wants me to be with him --
He wants me with him now.
She just seems to be missing. . .
How could that happen

So, how can you say,
Well, I don't know what love is?
You have it --
And you have no time for it.
You feel completely indifferent --
You feel pushed up against the wall --
Then, one day
It just almost goes away!

You spend lots of time alone --
Sometimes you spend years,
And you miss those arms that used to go around you.

Night after night,
No Questions Asked --
And, who gets the cold wind
Of it all everytime?

Well, it's hard to be civil
And it's real hard to be nice!
But you did it, my Love,
Everytime --

So, how can you say
Well, I can't see you,
Not now,
Not tomorrow,
Not until it's right
Not until --
Neither of us is pushed up against the wall.

I don't throw the cold wind
Of it at you anymore!

So today, she says,
Well, I've changed my mind.
That's a woman's right, they say.

Well, I -- (Well, I --)
Well, I'm frightened,
And I'm lost.
And I can't give you up.
Not now.
I need you now.
I'm broken hearted --
I broke down
Like a little girl.

Well, I need you now.
Well, I'm broken-hearted.
Well, I broke down like a little girl.

(I need you now)
No Questions Asked
Well, I broke down like a little girl.

(I need you now)
No Questions Asked
I broke down like a little girl.

Like a little girl.

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