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My Little Saviour
- written by Jesse Camp
- appears on Jesse and the Eighth Street Kidz (1999)
- Duet with Stevie Nicks
- Sharon Celani sings background vocals


You're my little saviour
You're the one I sleep with at night
You take me in and promise me I'll be alright
You're my little angel down from the heaven above
I can't ask for much anymore,
But you still smile and give me your love
So if you fall asleep tomorrow,
Then I know we can make it through this night
But if you fall asleep as I hold you tight,
You'll have moved on,
Your love will be gone

You're my little saviour,
Hold me close and stare up into the stars
Let me know if you think that there's someone up there
Who still believes in us
After I've lost all their trust,
Just need someone to believe us
So please just fall asleep tomorrow,
'Cause sugar I know we can make it through the night
Cause if you fall asleep as I hold you tight
You'll have moved on, your love will be gone
You were my little saviour,
I was supposed to hold you through the night
But I guess I let you down inside...
You're my little saviour
I loved you

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