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Mid-South Fan Party '99

One Enchanted Evening

(left to right) Top row: David, Jason, Tiffany, Susan
bottom row: Tony, Ashley, Neely

by Jason

Amid the rich musical culture of Beale Street, Memphis, TN, gathered a group of indivduals who love music and one musician in particular. The 1999 MidSouth Stevie Nicks Fan Party had finally come. Everyone was anticipating the gathering. We all wanted to be able to say, "Hey, you know that song where she...?" or "Man, don't you love it when she...?" As the huge main planner for this party, I arrived early and got to Beale Street to discover a huge block party. There were vendors selling African art and clothing. There was also lots of great-smelling food, but I controlled myself in anticipation for the Hard Rock Cafe. As the time drew near, I went to the Hard Rock Cafe to make sure our table was ready and waiting...needless to say, it wasn't ready yet! So, I waited patiently for the others to arrive and hoping I would recognize them when they did. I asked about our table again and it seemed to be ready when I was approached by someone. She asked if I was there for the party and I told her yes..what's funny is that we had been standing six feet from each other the whole time we were waiting for our table. The person turned out to be Susan along with Ashley and Tony. So, there were four of us now. We were seated and quickly began discussing our favorites..videos, songs, performances, etc.. Then, David joined us and he quickly established himself as a cool fan as well. He drove all the way from Texas to be at the party! We all ordered and talked about Stevie more and more..we also let on to our waitress, Janie, that we were big fans and that we were having a little fan party. She was really cool and lots of fun. She even talked about Talk To Me..she said that was HER favorite song! Later on, we were joined by natives Neely and Tiffany. They came in and quickly became one of us..laughing and having a great time! Neely and some others were kind of lost when we talked about "Forest of the Black Roses" or "Blue Water," but hopefully I will be able to fix that. We all exchanged emails and took our group pictures..and even ordered some dessert before we parted ways. The coolest part of the whole party was that our way cool waitress, Janie, got the Hard Rock Cafe to play "The Chain" and "Gypsy" while we were there...that meant so much to us and we all want to thank Janie and the HRC for all their help and for being way cool!!! The lunch was something I will never forget. Sharing stories and emotions we feel for Stevie over a great lunch...there is nothing better..except for the actual object of our affection!!! We had a BLAST, didn't we guys!!! Let's do it again, soon!!!

Thanks to all for this extraordinary event...and the connections that will last forever!!! Thank you to the Nicks Fix for posting the event and constantly being available for help!! Thanks to Janie for the group photo!!! She ROCKS!!!

And especially to Stevie, for giving us all a home among the clouds...where even castles of sand can be strong...and when the wind becomes crazy...we can still dream...

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