January 20, 2009

I wrote this poem last February while I was in Chicago editing my PBS soundstage film. For two months I watched the race for the Democratic nomination in his City and decided in my heart that he was the one. I went to bed one night and had this dream about the Kennedy Brothers and Martin Luther King. I sent this poem off to Senator Kennedy when I heard he was ill~ I wanted him to have it. People have asked me “what is this dream about~?” My answer has always been “something about Barack Obama made me feel the hope and love I felt from the Kennedy’s and from Dr. King. My subconscious mind created this amazing dream. The dream hands the torch to Mr. Obama.
“Do not forget what we were fighting for!”
I believe he will not forget.

And so, as a poet and a writer of songs~ I dedicate this poem that was inspired by him~
to him~
Our brave new

John and Bobby and Martin
Would be so proud~

With Love,
Stevie Nicks



        The Kennedy’s

I had a fragile dream
In a great house in the Hamptons
I’d been there before
Singing songs ~ doing benefits
I was in a room alone
Putting on my make-up
Like so many things have come to me,
The dress ~ came across the Persian carpet~
As I fell into the dress
A thought came to me
Into my heart~
“I have a dream”
And a door opened~
It’s time now~ they’re waiting
I turned around to face the music (the dreamers)
“I’m ready for the Kennedy’s~”

I don’t know if it was 1960 or 1963
Everything was timeless ~ even me
I wasn’t old~ I wasn’t young~
I was just ~ part of the dream.
A shadow walked with me ~ down the hall
It was Martin Luther King~
All in shadow ~ all before me
Overwhelmed by destiny
Someone said, “sing us a song”
“There’s the piano..
And handed me a drink~
The room was full of hope~
A song would set them free…

I sat at the piano
I stared at the shadows
I sang the words “I have a dream”
He wasn’t my old friend John ~ I didn’t know him…then
But he smiled at me
And I sang these words
“What ever it takes to be free”
I didn’t know these men~
But they knew me~

It was all symbolic,
Nothing was as it seemed.
They all left us in a single shot~
But they didn’t take the dream.
They were there in that house,
Discussing the future~
Drinking champagne.
I was just the piano player~
The voice ~ part of their dream.
I was 35 ~ or maybe I was 15~
It was just a night in the presence
Of Martin Luther King~
I was just a dreamer;
I was ready for the Kennedys…

I got up from the piano
I bowed my head
As I walked thru the room
They touched my hands
Write about hope and a change of plan~
Light up the world if you can~

Light the fire ~ start it over
Tell the world about the dream
Change the world ~ begin again
Start it up ~ make it real~
Back in the room where it all began
My heart began to hurt~

I remember the beauty of the Hamptons
The shadows playing in the sun
And a voice said “The dream is not over~”
“The dream has just begun~”
I spun around to another shadow
Slipping through the door~
My eyes opened ~ wide …
What is all this for?
The shadows said ~ “Don’t forget ~”
“What we were fighting for…”

      Stevie Nicks
      Thursday night Feb. 2008
       Sugar Grove, IL



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