[The Nicks Fix]

I Miss You
- words by Stevie Nicks, music by Rick Nowels
- appears on Trouble in Shangri-La released May 1, 2001
Produced by Rick Nowels
Pro Tools Engineered and additional Engineering by Wayne Rodrigues
Additional Engineering by Dominique Grand and Pierre Marchand
Drums: Gary Ferguson
Guitars: Rusty Anderson and Tim Pierce
Acoustic Guitar: Rick Nowels
Additional Guitar: Lindsey Buckingham
Drum Programming: Wayne Rodrigues Keyboards: Charled Judge
Background vocals: Sharon Celani, Lori Nicks and Rick Nowels



When I think about you
I think about how much I
Miss you when you're not around
When I think about you
I think about how much I
Can't wait to hear the sound
Of your laughter
Time and distance never matter

Well I miss you now
I have so many questions
About love and about pain
About strained relationships
About fame as only he could explain it to me

Seems like yesterday
I think about how much I
Wish that you were here with me now
The invisible girl that was my name
She walks in and walks out
And I'm sorry now
I'm sorry now


Paris to Rome, London to Paris
Always goodbye, I nearly couldn't bear it
Her heart settles down
She's back on that staircase
On the way up to her place



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