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I was at the Letterman Taping

My friend Joe and I were on CBS' guest list and got VIP seating. We were the third set of people to be ushered into the lobby/waiting area. The doors to the soundstage were right in front of us and we could hear Stevie rehearsing through them. She was singing "Has anyone Ever Written Anything For You" - she rehearsed this song three times, then did "Rhiannon". As the stagehands went in and out of the soundstage I was able to peek in -- she had BIG rollers in her hair and was singing her heart out! We caught a glimpse of her as she was leaving the stage as we were ushered to our seats. Our seats were in the first row of the balcony -- PERFECT SEATING because the floor seating is obstructed by all of the cameramen and technicians running about - we had a bird's eye view! David Duchovny was the first guest and his interview was fluff. Then the moment I was awaiting - our beloved STEVIE!! They led her out to the stage during the commercial so she was already standing at her mike when Letterman introduced her. She was dancing and twirling along with the Late Show band as they performed during the break. She performed "Has Anyone Ever Written" - it was an INCREDIBLE performance! She looks SO thin and lovely and her voice is in excellent form!! After she sang they broke for a commercial and Stevie and co. launched right into Rhiannon for the studio audience. When that was done Stevie was led to her interview chair on the podium and a stagehand ran over and gave her a quick makeup adjustment. Stevie and Dave chatted for a few brief seconds -- they brought up the tour buses AGAIN and they bantered playfully back and forth that they used to be married and that Dave would be joining Stevie on the rest of her tour and would wait for her in her hotel room every night! Stevie played right along with his goofiness and was in excellent humor. Stevie promised to return again before the tour is over -- we will have to wait and see!!!!

Al Giobbie


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