KFOG Fan Reviews
December 9, 2001

Ron Emery Salinas, Ca
I got the pleasure of being able to take my mom with me to the concert, this being my 26th show and her fourth time seeing Stevie with Mac or solo. Mom and I had a great time. The setting was so intimate and the feeling that we were getting a special treat was there. We thought that the sound was so well balanced. They had such a small space they couldn't set up the TIS stage. I didn't miss it because I thought that the lighting was better then even at the big show, they had a lot of fog and it made for a surreal feel. The song set was almost exact ( A flaw I think in the way Stevie does her shows, at benefit shows at least she could do a rare song here or there! ) with the exception of Planets which did not get replaced by Bombay Sapphire which would have made it even a better show since it had been cut by the time she got to California. :( Naturally being that it was SF there was your share of 'special' guest. I thought that the guy in the purple Stevie dress and cape and the holy wreath was particularly in the spirit! The little bag with fairy dust that he would sprinkle on people was a nice touch. LOL! Stevie had the sprit in her for sure! She rocked! Mom and I both thought that her voice was as good as we had ever heard. She changed Sorcerer around a bit and toyed with the audience more with the lyrics which was a nice divergence from the 'by the book' shows that we have been getting from Stevie as of the last few tours. Getting to the stage was a synch in this small venue and this was the night that I finally got to hold Stevie's hands and look at her and say thanks! :) All in all I don't think that it could have gotten too much better. Stand Back and Rhiannon were the songs of the night, the crowd went so nuts on those songs. My favorite was still Fall From Grace. The song makes me go insane!! Man do I love it!

Allison Hager
On Sunday, December 9, I was lucky enough to get to go see Stevie Nicks in concert in San Francisco. I was a make-a-wisk kid. My wish was to meet Stevie and I got the oppertunity to on that night.This wasn't the first time I was suppose to meet her, there were other times, but I was sick and in the hospital. And then again this past August at her concert in Kansas City, MO, but she was sick that time. This time though everything worked out and my family and I flew to San Francisco. I live in a small town in central Missouri. I am 15 years old and have been a Stevie fan since I was 11 or 12. I have been to other concerts before, but nothing is like a Stevie concert.Her fans are the nicest people and just about everyone there dresses up in Stevie sytle. Her performance was great, she sounds exactly the same live as she does on her CD's. Every song was sounded good I just wish she would have done more. After the concert I went backstage and got to meet her. She is so nice and is everything you could imagine her to be. I got to talk to her for about half an hour and she is really the greatest. So many artists today don't seem to always enjoy what they are doing, but Stevie truly does. San Francisco is a nice town and everyone there is friendly.It is beautiful.She said San Francisco is one of her favorite cities and I can see why.I hope to see Stevie again someday in concert.

Heather Farquhar
No matter how many times I see Stevie in concert she just seems to get better and better! The Masonic Auditorium was no exception. It was a real treat to see her perform in such a small venue and to be a part of the incredible energy that burst forth from Stevie, the band and the audience that night. I just want to say thank you Stevie for playing nchanted, it has been one of my favorites since the first time I heard it. I also wanted to thank you for continuing your tour following the events in September because it shows what an incredible person you are. Not everyone could move past the unfolding scene and their own emotional turmoil to do that. As someone who attended both of the San Francisco area shows that had been rescheduled as well as this one, I just wanted to say that you have an incredible gift for taking people away from the here and now into your own special place. That was something that people needed during the last few months so i thank you for sharing that part of you with us. I wish you a very merry Christmas Stevie

another enchanted fan
Sunday afternoon my friend Blake arrived into San Francisco to see friends for the weekend. We didn't plan on seeing Stevie, although we badly wanted to, being college guys around the holidays the funds just weren't there. My first time seeing Stevie was with Blake at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood in December 1999, since it was standing room only, we were able to be all the way up against the the stage 5 feet from Stevie. I was a big fan of Stevie before that night, but I ganied a huge amount of respect for her, and was "Enchanted" by her amazing stage presence, energy, and voice. So needless to say we knew we only wanted to go if we could get good seats. We happily paid big for great seats to see her this summer in Irvine and at Shoreline. But Sunday afternoon we were driving across the bay bridge listening to a Fleetwood Mac Live CD looking at the SF skyline saying she's there somewhere and we were getting really bummed that we were gonna miss her. So we decided to go to Masonic auditorium that evening and see if maybe someone had tickets, or maybe will call had some extras. We set a limit on what we could afford (All the cash we had) and went in search. 10 minutes before the show we found tickets, but didn't know if they were good seats, but who cares we thought were going to Stevie!

Much to our excitement they were only 10 rows back! And it was a great venue most of the lower section were great seats. The show was THE BEST SHOW from the tour. It was the same setlist, but Stevie put so much energy into it, and sang all the growls and long parts, that are part the reason we love her so much! THAT VOICE! (She seemed to skip over these parts when she was sick at the Irvine show) We heard the intro to Edge of 17 and we ran down to the stage and were able to get against it to watch her do it, the crowd went wild especially when she gave out a long growl in the middle putting 110% energy into it. It was awesome.

The show ended with a magical performance of "Has anyone ever written anything for you". She donned the feathered hat with her hair pulled back and sang alone on a dark stage with a single spotlight...a beautiful moment! We were close enough to see her try to fight back a little smile twice, once when she sang the lyrics "And in your darkest hours have you ever heard me sing" and the crowd roared with hoots and hollers, and when she sang "has anyone ever given anything to you" and people were yelling "YOU!" It was a great choice to end the concerts on that song, the crowd really went wild for it and it was a great ending to a great show. Every song was amazingly performed. There wasn't one where we thought she could have done better. Stevie should have no doubt in her mind, she has definatley reclaimed her rightful place as the Queen of Rock and Roll, not with a show filled with dancers, lip synching, lights and elaborate sets, but with pure raw talent. We are stoked about Fleetwood Mac touring since we both have never seen a FM concert! (I'm only 25 and was born the year Rumors came out) Signed, another enchanted fan Marin County, Calif (birthplace of Rumors)

Yogi in San Francisco
Stevie's performance was spectacular! Her voice was enchanting, like the night-bird singing clear through a starry night! Wow, what a magical evening! Thank you Stevie, the band, Sharon and Mindy...I was so happy to be a part of the last performance this year! Happy Holidays and best wishes to all!

This concert was AMAZING! Stevie had an incredible amount of energy that night and really rocked out. Some of the amazing highlights were Rhiannon, which she sang with an intensity that was reminiscent of her early perfomances of this magical song, and Fall From Grace which she put an immense amount of energy into; I was in awe just watching her!

The concert was held in a smaller, more intimate venue, so nearly every seat was a good one. I don't think I've ever sat that close, and it was wonderful to really be able to see Stevie so clearly. I loved watching her get into her songs and watching her facial expressions.

I have to say that one of the biggest highlights of this concert was simply the amount of energy that Stevie put into it. One thing I just love about her is how she can really rock, and in this concert we truly got a good taste of that. In addition, she sounded FABULOUS. Being up close and in a small venue, I really noticed how strong her voice is. She sang GREAT. It was so neat too, in Sorcerer, she really got into the song and put some expression in the line "in your finery." She molded her voice in such a cool way. It was also very neat to see her just having fun with the music and getting really into it.

The most exciting moment of the night, however, was Edge of 17. Being such a small venue, I just walked right up to the edge of the stage. And there I was RIGHT at the stage! I could see her and all of the band members so clearly. And when she came around I was able to hold her hand and exchange some words with her. I hope that Stevie knows how much her fans appreciate these moments and especially her willingness to open herself up to her fans in this way.

This was definitely a very memorable concert. THANK YOU STEVIE!!

Victoria McLean
Once again I found myself dressed in black chiffon, velvet and platform boots awaiting the appearance of my idol Stevie Nicks. My fellow sister of the moon, Cheryl, was also decked out in her Stevie finery as were many other fans. It was really nice to see so many people dressed up; when we saw her at Shoreline in September people were wearing shorts and casual wear. Granted, it was 100 degrees out, but for Stevie a true fan must wear her lace and boots (all summer long)! The Masonic Hall was the perfect venue and our seats were outstanding. We talked with some friends from previous Stevie parties and concerts (hello to Kim, my Wherehouse friend!) We talked to Christopher Nicks and he was sad that it was the last show of the tour. He is such a great guy! When the lights dimmed and Stevie came onstage, it was a very special moment. She was SO close and looked more beautiful than ever. Her voice was strong, she seemed very healthy and happy to be performing her last concert of the tour in San Francisco. She did her big kick during Stand Back and some really cool poses at the end of some of the songs. My personal favorite was Gold Dust Woman - she really gets into that one and takes us with her. We of course rushed the stage for EO17 and were in awe at how close she was. I loved being able to see the detail on her black dress, the rhinestones affixed to the front of her sneakers, her long red nails and cool jewelry. It was so great to once again touch that oh so soft hand and look into those beautiful sweet eyes. Lots of love there for sure. I must say it would have really been awesome if she had worn her trademark platform boots for the last show, but after dancing and walking around in my boots all night, I realize why she left them at home (ouch!) Once again, Miss Nicks rocked. She made it a special night for all of us, a very enchanted evening that I will never forget.


The show was a masterpiece, from start to finish! I had never seen Stevie before & was really impressed by her positive energy & angelic voice. Her band is extremely tight & her new drummer is great. A highlight for me was when she graciously touched hands with practically everyone in the front few rows! I wanted to be among the lucky ones too, but we were on the balcony, so unfortunately this was not possible!

John Mayer is an extremly talented singer & songwriter and I have a strong feeling that we'll be seeing & hearing lots more from him & his great band! I bought his CD at Wherehouse Music last week (for a bargain at $9.95) & I've already listened to it many times. It came with a bonus CD which has 2 great tracks on it: Stevie Ray Voughn's "Lenny" & Jimi Hendrix's "The Wind Cries Mary". I feel very fortunate to have seen the last show of the tour. Also I'm extremely grateful to have such a fabulous radio station, like KFOG, to promote this incredible musical talent! Thanks KFOG!

posting a review is so difficult. everyone has a different opinion, but i will do my best =)

upon arriving to the masonic center in san francisco, the lobby was full of men and women dressed in their finest stevie regalia. i walked right over to what appeared to be a booth with stevie merchandise, only to see that it was the same stuff from the tour. (i might point out that it was all way cheaper than at the concerts!!!) they accepted cash only...ofcourse, as it was the final night of all performances. as i was soaking this all up, who should be standing at the booth, than christopher nicks. i exchanged looks, and then finally wished him a happy holiday, and strolled off to find my friends.

getting to my seat, i was proud to say, that they were 12 rows back. i had no such luck in getting the "gold" seating. but last year, i graduated in that very auditorium and my seats were 1 over from where i sat to accept my college degree. the rows there aren't like at a larger venue, they are compact and virtually put you in the lap of whomever you are there to see. 12 rows back might as well have been 5 rows stadium seating. very excellent. starting off the evening was john mayer, whom was easy on the eye, but let's face it folks, we were there to see stevie. exit john mayer, a 30 minute intermission, and the goddess of song took to the stage!


between songs, there was typical stevie banter. she was real sweet and sincere about her roots to the bay area, and how it all began for her here. "and i'm not just saying that;" were her words, and it made the audience go nuts with hollers of endearment. it always surprises me what a loyal crowd shows up for her. in introducing her band, she totally skipped over carlos, but explained how sad she was because it was really the last night of a tour, and that she was really nervous, hence the error. also, she mentioned that though she wasn't on-stage with her; stevie's love and praise for "lori" went out to her for all of her support throughout the tour, and in general. i assumed that stevie could mean no other "lori" than her sister in law & ex backup singer.

which brings me to a close...after the show ended, we sat around...hoping for a glimmer of something (you never know) and i dealt with k-fog security (i'll say nothing, since it wouldn't be nice anyway.)after making my way to the garage and getting out onto the main road, a woman was trying to cross in front of me. she instead stopped and went back to her limo. with no pedestrians, i began looking the other way, and almost hit a lady with my car. the same woman opted to try and cross again. who was the woman????to my surprise, it was lori perry-nicks; with extremely short hair! she has a new do, and looks fabulous. i couldn't believe it (there's a way to meet your idol huh...hit her sister in law). i tried to get her attention, but there was traffic behind me. i turned out of the parking garage, and tried to double park to get out and maybe get a picture. just as i was realizing this, apparently half a dozen other fans were realizing who the woman was. lori was not stopping for anyone. granted, it looked like she was packing a limo for an airport run, and she was smiling, but she didn't give one person the time of day. i sure hope i read on the nicksfix, that something other than that happened.

so that's my report. typically long, but it was a great show. it was a first for me to have been at the first or last show of stevie's and either way, there is something special about them. i am blessed to have been able to go.


"Happy Holidays" to all....This is Zack...I had a BLAST at the KFOG show last night.I was celebrating my 30`th time seeing Stevies shows.We had 4`th row CENTER.What a wonderful intimate setting.It was like we had Stevie ALL to our-selfs,for her last show of the year.Before the show,all her Loyals...(friends&fans),were out-side talking over how great the tour was this year and trying to TOP each other with our Stevie stories!I even manadged to get a little chat in with Cris(stevies bro.),about how I wish there were some T-shirts there for sale to remember the night!Back in side,Stevie sounded and looked AMAZING!It was hard to believe she had just sung her heart out two night earlier in Arizona at the Heart Benefit.The very first note brought back all those wonderful 30 shows that I had seen!She played to each and every fan with those EYES!When it came time to "go to the stage",She came by and shook every- bodys hand,she grabbed mine from NO-WHERE,I didnt se IT comming!..I looked up into those wonderful eyes and all I could get out was a heart felt"Thank you"..She smiled at me and leaned over and said"You are SO welcome" and brushed my right cheek with her hand!..That was IT,I was recked for the rest of the evening!!!..And that, is my Stevie storie from this year!....See ya at the MAC tour...PEACE,Zachary (strz2001@msn.com)

Christopher Phelan San Francisco, CA
Finally a Stevie nicks concert that I could take a cab to. This was my twenty first time seeing Stevie live. And once again the tour ended in style. The stage at the intimate Masonic Auditorium was very plane. Only the over head lighting was brought in from the TISL tour shows. John Mayer, the opening act, deleted the crowed. Specially when he sang "Your body is a Wonderland". He Rocked and was very chatty with the crowd. I think we will be seeing and hearing more from him. During the intermission I was impressed by the amount of Stevie look a likes. Cloaks, Shawls and big blonde hair could be seen everywhere. Much excitement was in the air when the stage hands brought out the microphone sand draped in ribbons of red white and blue. Patriotism Stevie style. The show started just as it had on the tour (Bootylicios/vocal sequence/Stop Dragen My Heart Around...). Stevie played the same set from the tour but dropped Planets and Bombay. Wile talking about Sorcerer she reminisced that San Francisco was ware her music carrier started and she note that her band at the time had played at the Fillmore and a few other places that I didn't know of. She did her famous kick in Stand Back which as usual had everyone up and dancing. The band added a few notes and bars here and there on some of the songs as did Stevie changing and adding a lyric or two. Right before introducing the band she said that this was really the last night of the TISL tour, although she admitted that there had been several other last nights of the tour. This was really it. And she vowed to keep it together and not get emotional. When the Drum solo started the rush for the sage was on. Thankfully, security and ushers made a point of not getting in the way. Many of the Stevie first timers didn't get what was going on. A woman complained to me that she had a front row seat and now we where all blocking her view. I kindly explained the ritual. At the end of Edge of Seventeen she did her thing and touched all the hands that she could reach. And for anyone that doesn't already know, she never signs things during a concert, so don't ask. There are always a few people that try to hand her a pen. Don't do this! At the end of the show she said "We will do this again". About a half hour after the show, I saw Waddy, Sharon, Mindy, John Mayer and others from both bands exiting the building. They were all in good spirits and where friendly to the groupies. Stevie, However was never seen.

Cheryl Fonseca
I had just seen Stevie perform a couple of months ago at the Shoreline, so I didn't think I deserved to go to another concert until next year. But when I found out about this performance, I couldn't resist.

Again, I dressed up in my velvet, boots, and shawl and left my family in Rohnert Park for another enchanted night. I picked up my Sister of the Moon all decked out in her Stevie wear too and we jammed to the city.

I had so much fun at the last concert that I didn't think anything could top that night. Guess what? Stevie did it again, she was awesome. The Masonic Center was so small and quaint - all seats were great. (Stevie made it a point to give extra waves to the people in the balconies, because they weren't as close) She is so thoughtful.

Now I've been a fan for 20 years and I never could even imagine seeing her so close, she's my idol of course. It is customary to rush the stage, I usually get too timid to get close to the stage. I decided to give it my all, this could be my last chance, you never know...... To my surprise I made it to the center, touching the stage and looking right up at Stevie 9 feet away from me. I was frozen with awe looking at my hero so close. So beautiful. So giving. THANK YOU STEVIE! She made her rounds to shake hands - I did not expect to shake her hand ever. (I met another woman who was very sweet, she was hoping I'd get to shake her hand - hi Michelle!) I stretched out my hands as far as I could and she shook my hand. I think I held on to tight and too long, I couldn't help it. I realized I was being selfish and let go. But I did NOT want to. She is sticking her neck out by doing that, I admire her even more now, she could get hurt.

The crowd was fun, so many familiar fans, and so many new ones that we met. A definite good vibe following Stevie.

I think my voice is still course from screaming and singing at the top of my lungs.

what a night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the theatre was so small compared to the ampitheatre show that i last saw her in, i think the masonic audiotorium only seated no more than 2000, i had 6th row center floor, it felt like our own private party with stevie, the whole band was there playing in this almost highschool sized audiotorium, she was so beautyful, and she was having so much fun with the show!, i think gold dust was soooooooooooooo amazing,,, then during edge, i got up to the front near the stage, i stood on a chair, ( i aploligized to the person for getting in thier way and they were cool with it) and she made her way over to our side of the stage, and then the queen touched my hand, and looked right into my eyes for a short moment, her energy was something un describable!! i will never forget this evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for such an awsome show!

Stevie put on another great show. It started a little slow....she seemed nervous at first. Gold Dust Woman and Sorcerer were a little flat (It had a mundane feel to it). Stevie (and the band) were apparently still gettin' warmed up. All of a sudden, something happened. The next song (I think) Rhiannon....amazed me. She really got behind it. You can feel how she got into it and really started singing from the heart. Maybe it was the audience or something. That was it...from thereon, the show just got better. Fall From Grace...amazing...Too far from Texas...fantastic...Edge of Seventeen....superb. After the third or fourth song,...the band was Rockin' and Stevie was just really gettin' into it. The howl at the end of Rhianon, during Seventeen, and Fall from Grace....she hit 'em all. The Voice...bounced back from her ilness and is stronger than ever. I'm happy to say...too...that she wasn't straining her voice either. She sang hard and from the heart...but she didn't pull or strain. She hit it just right. Then, it was time for the encore. Has Anyone Written Anything for You? Her voice just stands out in that song. It really puts the focus on her Voice. Even though I've heard that song so many times...it didn't matter. They way she sang it...with such conviction...like it was the first time she sang it. It was wierd, like the first time I'd ever heard it. Then towards the middle of the song, I got really sad...the meaning of the song started sinking in and the way she was singing it and all. Well, it's the first time anyone has sang me to a tear. What more can I say. Nobody does it quite like she does. I think the only way it could get better is if she added a more songs! On my wish list....Dessert Angel....gosh I love that song....Love Is....gosh I love that song...Beauty and Beast....gosh it would be Awesome to hear her do that one too! Well, I guess it is back to hibernation for a year or two. Gonna be interestin' to hear the latest version of Fleetwood Mac. Better start savin' my money now for that concert ASAP. Good seats are going to be expensive.

Thank you Stevie....Thank you for singing your heart out and doing the very best you can. Hope to see you again sometime soon.

This was the third show I had seen on the TISL tour, and, without a doubt, it was amazing! The Masonic Auditorium was intimate and lovely. Stevie's voice was beautiful, as usual. The only disappointment was that she cut out Planets of the Universe, but that didn't really matter. Stevie is an incredible performer with an amazing band. I finally made it to the front for Edge of Seventeen for the first time ever, and was struck by the care and kindness that Stevie shows towards her fans. She touched as many hands as she could (including mine!) and was so genuine toward each person. (I had always thought that, but I had never seen it so close before.) One person thanked her and told her a brief story, and she must have thanked Stevie, because Stevie looked right in her eyes, held her hands, and said "You're welcome." What a class act. Also, the crowd at the front of the stage was very courteous and kind, especially considering that all of us were trying to get as close to Stevie as possible. When she sang "Has Anyone Ever Written...", the woman next to me started sobbing. I was just in shock. Stevie is so amazing. Thank you for an incredible, moving show. What a great way to end her best tour yet.

Erin Healea
Okay. I can die happy now. I sat front row at a Stevie Nicks concert...not only a Stevie Nicks concert...a benefit for a GREAT organization....not only that....I SHOOK STEVIE'S HAND!! I never thought I'd ever be rich and persistent enough to score a perfect ticket like the one I had last night. But apparently, SOMEONE was on my side. Someone has been on my side for a while. I was lucky enough to attend TISL in Concord...and then this awesome place atop Nob Hill in SF. I've read the two reviews that have already come in, and I know exactly how they both feel! I met a fellow Nightbird, Lisa who was so nice to drive, and we made it just in time to the auditorium. The place was so intimate and it just felt like we were all old friends. John Mayer was great too, I'd never really heard of him but he was really good. Stevie was/IS beautiful! Of course, no one expected any less....

I still don't know how the woman does it. She amazes me, always has, always will. I sat there stunned as I listened to her and Sharon and Mindy sing. I got to sit right below Waddy which was way cool....but Stevie. Stevie is AWESOME. I think there is just this love that her fans have for her....she's different than most artists in this respect. I really think, (I say this alllll the time!) that Stevie's fans truly care about not only her music, but HER....her heart, you know? And being in this small space, sharing the triumph of the last night of touring for a while...we all felt a little more of that love. VERY COOL.

Edge of Seventeen. The bongos began. Everyone rushed to the stage. I couldn't believe I was there. With MY hands on the stage. In all my 20 years I have never felt this total and complete gratitude, just to be in this place....in this moment. Stevie belted out Edge of Seventeen....it was amazing, Sharon and Mindy were awesome too. Then it was time to touch her audience. I was over by Waddy where she began....and people were reaching over me and trying to reach for contact. When Stevie got to me, she bent down and took both my hands, recognizing I would soon be on the floor beneath the sea of people!!!! She looked me in the eye and smiled....how COOL - I never thought I'd be in that place. When she finished her stage sweep she left....only to return for I Need to Know and Has Anyone Written.....I cried. The guy next to me (are you reading this???) reached over and patted my back...it was sweet. I didn't stop crying for the rest of the encore....it was amazing. I felt so lucky. Stevie finished u

Thank you KFOG....thank you Masonic Auditorium....thank you Lisa!....thank you STEVIE! It all seems like a dream now....but gosh....a dream come true. Love to everyone!, Erin Healea ehealea@yahoo.com

Michelle Payne
Where do I begin to say how excellent the show was? As always, Stevie brought me to tears several times during her enchanting performance! From the moment she walked onto the stage, I noticed all of the fans had so much happiness on their faces. Stevie has a special way of making everyone feel happy and to feel that we are just as much a part of her as she is to us. The band was just fabulous, and I have to make special mention of Sharon and Mindy. The girls are so unique! They have all put so much hard work and dedication into this tour. I was fortunate enough to catch all three Bay Area performances this year and just when you think she couldn't top a performance, she does it again! Stevie is a very special person that is close to my heart and has played a major role in my life since I was 3 years old. Sunday was my fourth time getting to touch Stevie's hands during Edge Of Seventeen. Each time it has happened it gets more and more magical to me. Stevie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only your music, but for the person you are too. We, the fans all have a lot in common with our love for Stevie. I think her fans are the sweetest people around. I had the pleasure of meeting a great person that works for a local radio station, I felt like I have known him for years because we share a special person in our lives, Stevie. I also met a few other fans that are just so kind. In closing, I feel this concert not only was a benefit for the precious children, but also a benefit of bringing us together in what has been a very rough time for us fellow Americans. Thank you to everyone involved! All my love, Michelle Payne from San Lorenzo, CA

Karen Baetz Sonoma County
What can I say but WOW! Twice this year Stevie Nicks has brought me an hour and half of peace within and no anxiety. She rocks, but we all knew that. The benefit went well, LOTS of toys for tots! The crowd was at a peak, as well as Stevie. We had the BEST time, thank you Stevie and crew, you really can take a person away.
Lisa Noeltner San Jose, CA
There is no other way to say it but "Stevie rocked the house all night long last night!". She was warm, elegant, powerful, sensitive, didn't miss a beat and as always..a wonderful female vocalist! She is an artist and a poet! I attend Stevie Nick's concerts each and every time she comes in town. Last night though was a very intimate setting and allowed the entire audience to get close to Stevie and feel her warmth and passion. It is almost impossible to believe that Stevie is over 50 now?? I look up and see and hear a young, vibrant woman who can't be a day over 30. I believe her passion keeps her young and her talent just continues to memorize me and the people around her. Hats off to Stevie Nicks. Well done!

Ryan Clary
I was fortunate enough to be given a last chance to see Stevie this year at the KFOG benefit. I had excellent seats for the TISL concert in Concord back in October, but was unable to go due to a death in my family. While I was debating whether or not to fly to Phoenix for the Stevie and Friends show, I found out about the San Francisco show. Thank you, Stevie, for giving me another opportunity.

Enough about me. It was such a thrill to see Stevie in an intimate environment like the Masonic Auditorium. What can I say except her performance was just as powerful as all the reviews I’ve read of her TISL tour.

I knew from all the reviews that Bootylicious was the signal she was ready to start. The band took the stage to the remixed Trouble In Shangri-La and she came on dancing to Stop Dragging My Heart Around I remember after seeing Stevie at the House of Blues in 1999 that I wished she would open her show with something besides Outside The Rain. Not that I don't love that song, but it's nice to have something different.

The set list: Stop Dragging My Heart Around/Enchanted/Dreams/Gold Dust Woman/Everyday/Sorceror/Rhiannon/Stand Back/Too Far From Texas/Fall From Grace/Edge of Seventeen/I Need To Know/HAEWAFY

I think Stevie chose an excellent group of songs, new and old, Fleetwood Mac and solo. I would have loved to hear more from TISL, and sorry she took Planets of the Universe and Bombay Sapphires off the list, but I’ll take what I can get.

The highlights for me: a very strong Sorceror and Fall From Grace, seeing bootless Stevie for the first time, a multi-spin during Gold Dust Woman, and a high- kick at the end of Stand Back.

It is so clear that Stevie is having a wonderful time at this time in her career. At a time when so many people are afraid of performing and traveling, bless her for doing benefits and giving us a reason to get out and enjoy ourselves.

Erica Spence Modesto
Hello! my name is Erica. I must say last nights concert was the best i had ever been too. We had 5th row tickets. They were great! During the break in edge of seventeen we were right at the stage. I had never been that close before. So excited that i got to touch her hand.There was a little girl there with her mom. This little girl adored stevie and knew more about her than her mother. So i thought it would only be right to give this girl the greatest memory of her life. We squeezed her through the crowd and I sat her on the stage so that when stevie came around she would be able to touch her hand. And that she did. Her eyes were shining when stevie came around. We stayed there for 2 more songs as stevie closed up the show. I kept pointing to her everytime stevie looked our way hoping that she would take notice. it must of paid off because as the band left the stage the drummer came up to her and handed her his drum sticks. It was the best. She has the greatest band. This little girl will have that night for the rest of her life. Her name was Jocelynn (?) and she went all the way from Santa Cruz Ca to SF just to see stevie. Thank you Stevie and your band!

I will not forget this night. Stevie was electrifying. The band was explosive. This concert was unlike any other Stevie Nicks show I have ever seen. I was lucky enough to see her 2 other times this year, but neither of those shows hold a candle to the show last night.

To begin with, it was a very cold, but very clear night. My friend Scott and I arrived early. We met lots of people, and lots of people were dressed in Stevie garb as I was. I wore a burgundy velvet tuxedo jacket with tails, and three different handkerchief hemlined skirts layered one over the other. Lots of people dressed like Stevie...women and men both! (Well, you know, this IS San Francisco, after all!) The energy and mood was really powerful as we were all waiting in the lobby. Scott and I wandered around, and we went in to see where our seats were. We had excellent seats...close to the stage and very near center...I was so excited I could hardly maintain my composure! This venue is so small and intimate, and we just couldn't wait to see Stevie in this setting.

It was still pretty early, so we decided to go back outside. We were standing (without knowing it) right by the backstage door...just talking to some people we had met, when all of a sudden I looked up, and there was Lenny Castro, walking towards the backstage door! Trying not to be a huge geek, I walked over to him, and said hello...and then I asked him if he would sign my ticket stub. He did...and under his signature, he drew bongo drums! It was SO cool. He was an incredibly gracious and nice guy. Unsolicited, he told us that he spoke to Lindsey a few days ago, and Lindsey had asked him if he's busy for the next year or two, as I suppose they want Lenny to tour with Fleetwood Mac when the new album comes out. WOW! It was so amazing that he shared that with us. I was truly excited, and that brief, but amazing encounter really set the mood for the evening for me. It was truly magical from start to finish.

The opening band was VERY talented. John Mayer has an incredible voice...his music is quite similar to Dave Matthews, and I really, really liked him. He's a really mellow, and very funny and witty guy. I liked his music, as well as him as a person. During intermission, both Scott and I bought his CD in the lobby. I hope he does well.

Then, it was Stevie's turn! The show started in the same way as during the tour- Bootylicious played, and then the pre-recorded Trouble In Shangri-La medley. And then, the opening notes to Stop Draggin' My Heart Around began, and we all knew it was just moments until our Enchantress came out to cast her spell over us all. She appeared...I screamed...WOW. Nothing is like that moment when Stevie first comes out on stage. She is like an old friend that you can only see once a year. She was wearing one of those jewel things on her forehead, which I LOVE...it just sort of goes along with the whole mystical personna of Stevie.

There are no words to describe how she sounded, how beautiful she was, or how tight the band was. HER VOICE...it blew me away. I thought that I'd never see a better performance than I did a few months ago when I saw her, but it could not compare. She was so in-the moment last night. She did new ad-libs during her songs that I have NEVER heard before. It was the very best performance I have EVER seen. Just when I thought I had heard every version and ad-lib ever done during Rhiannon...well, I'm telling you - Rhiannon rocked unlike any other time I have ever heard her sing it live. It was absolutely THE BEST performance I have ever heard. I stood there absolutely mesmerized and hypnotized by her. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was all too good to be true, just like a dream. She was just so alive and vibrant and every single song was perfect. Fall From Grace was awesome. Mindy sounded great doing the back-up vocals for that song. The tempo was slowed down noticeably as well, which I preferred to the album version. Also, in Too Far From Texas, I thought that Sharon would sing the second verse - the verse that Natalie Mains sings on the album...but to my happy surprise, Stevie sang both verses herself. It was cool to hear her sing those words after being used to the album recording.

The setlist was almost identical as the tour, minus a few songs. Scott thought that perhaps she would sing "Silent Night", but no such luck. In Stevie's mind, THIS was the actual last night of the tour. I guess that the show that she did in Arizona, and the other one in San Diego - well, I guess that to her, they weren't "extra" shows, but rather part of the "Trouble" tour...and she said a couple of times that she was thrilled that the last show of the tour was in San Francisco, as this is where her musical career began. She never, ever forgets to remind us how important and special this area is to her.

I felt very fortunate to see her again this year. This show came up suddenly and unexpectedly...and it was a wonderful Christmas gift to receive. Thank you, Stevie - for so much. I will not forget this night. Happy Holidays!


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