[The Nicks Fix]

- written by r. vito
- background vocals - Stevie Nicks
- appears on King of Hearts - Rick Vito (1992)


I can hold you in my arms
If I'm a thousand miles away
And I can know what's on your mind
Without you having a word to say
Oh, don't turn back now
Oh, don't try and figure how
It's stronger now than me or you
Clearer than we ever knew

Intuition, I trust that it's right
Intuition, has me loving you tonight
Intuition, says that it's true
Intuition, I know you're feeling it too
(There) ain't no need for suspicion (ain't no act
of contrition)
I trust this intuition

It might be hard to understand
Not an easy thing to say
I never felt like this before
Or loved in such a powerful way
Oh, there's no turning aside
Oh no, no reason to hide
Everything will be all right
If we only hold on tight

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